Electrosensitivity - Can you feel it?

What is a human being? What is life? Can science give us reliable answers to such questions? The electricity of life. The meaning of human consciousness. Are we alone? Are the traditional contests between science and religion still relevant? Does the word "spirit" still hold meaning today?

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Electrosensitivity - Can you feel it?

Unread postby BirdyNumNums » Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:01 am

Developing electrosensitivity has led me on a journey of discovery which has included finding EU theory.
I appreciate this site for discussing electricity outside of the world of circuits and wires etc but also for exposing the power struggle that occurs within science.

My experience is that certain types of electromagnetic energies hurt like hell while others are a nuisance. The worst for me are Bluetooth, wifi and mobile phones while to a lesser extent power in buildings and areas that are a soup of various fields can cause discomfort.
I have read a wide and varied amount of info on the health effects of unnatural EMF as well as whatever i can find about the role of natural fields and life. I've also studied building biology, the effects of modern toxins in the built environment.

I am curious to know how many others in the world of the EU experience similar or are aware of the effects of both unnatural and natural EMF on human biology. Please let me know your thoughts and experiences
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Re: Electrosensitivity - Can you feel it?

Unread postby vector3 » Sun Sep 11, 2016 10:51 am

I have ES to along with M.E. and Chemical Sensitivity. Pretty isolating stuff. I find wifi the hardest to deal with as it makes me very hyper and I find it hard to think clearly. I had it on for 2-3 years when I thought I was avoiding it. Now I know that mostly you have to disable the wifi. I've not recovered to where I was before those 2-3 years as it has left me feeling punched in the solar plexus 24/7. Pretty sure I know what it is but that's another story. Stuff is death for sure. Known, supposedly, to promote tumour growth. Of all the obstacles during my healing journey wifi has been the worst experience. Much worse than mercury amalgam etc.

Supposedly microwaves speed up evolution and make folk live longer. I kind of recovered a couple of times but never set it in stone before over doing it. Hopefully I'll get to that point again as living out the rest of my life like this would be hard work to say the very very least. Peace~

That anything to do with the group Birdy Nam Nam?
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Re: Electrosensitivity - Can you feel it?

Unread postby BirdyNumNums » Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:17 am

That sounds like a classic EHS experience.
M.E., chemical sensitivities and a slow recovery.

My experience is more moderate as far as most cases go but that can still see me hiding on the couch when it gets too much. I have also experienced sensitivity at times to all manner of things such as air quality, smells, sounds, water taste and even places but the EHS is the most consistent .

In regard to the whole Thunderbolts Project being electrosensitive makes it very real for me, beyond ideas and theory. It is a daily experience that all seems linked together in ways i can never truly explain. Things i've read about electromagnetics and the body or consciousness seem so very real and true much more than any view of existence I've had before.

Birdy num nums is reference to the Peter Sellers movie The Party.
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Re: Electrosensitivity - Can you feel it?

Unread postby Zyxzevn » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:53 am

I can feel it..
I'm electrosensitive too, but not to the extend that it hurts or burns.
Wifi and celltowers are terrible. I can't stand them for long.
It seems that I am more sensitive to the (alternating) magnetic part of the radiation.

I am also educated in Electromagnetism on the university. So it actually something
I have learned a lot about EM-radiation and circuits.

Official fake scientific research
The official scientific theory on this topic is rather stupid. They model the radiation as heat.
And the biological body as a container of water. So it is clear that nothing comes out of that model.

A lot of publications are on:
Here we can see that often the researchers find some problems with the radiation,
but have no clue.
Also some researchers do bad research and place the test-group next to the exposed
group, so they measure no differences at all.
Only a few researchers keep their tests totally radiation free.

Real scientific research:

There was a very interesting old book in the university about Biology and Magnetism.
They could find that a lot of biological systems were sensitive to magnetism.
The problem was that most molecules in biology are not very sensitive to magnetism at all.
And because biology is considered as chemical only, the science around it stopped.
Sadly, I could not find the book back after a few years.

The new findings in "quantum biology" are very interesting. They show that biology uses special
tricks to increase the sensitivity to magnetism. Birds are probably using such tricks to navigate.

I think that these quantum tricks are going one step further. I think that biology is not only sensitive to
magnetism, but also to electromagnetic radiation. And I think that these are used in all kinds of
biological processes.

My own simple model:

Even without going into biological quantum trickery, we can see that certain components in the body
might be antenna like.
For radiation to be effective one needs:
1. Some kind of antenna. Something that is receptive to the EM-radiation.
2. A resonator. Something that resonates with the frequency of the EM-radiation and is affected by it.
3. Minimal damping or even amplification of the vibration.
4. Some kind of reaction to this vibration.

->1. Possible antennas:
a) the nerve system
b) the microtubules system
c) the DNA

->2. resonators:
a) the ions in the nerves (K+).
b) the ions in the microtubules.
c) the DNA itself. Probably more sensitive during cell-division.

->3. Damping/amplification factors.
a) neurons amplify the signals, and use all kinds of feed-back loops.
b) certain reaction cycles within the cell might amplify the signal.
damping unknown.
c) damping minimal: DNA might be superconductor
amplification: DNA-copying might use certain frequencies.

->4. Reaction.
a) stress, concentration changes, memory problems.
(These have all been observed in test-subjects).
Can also give burning sensations.
b) all kinds of problems within cells.
c) DNA-breakage, or failures during copying.
(causes the observed increase in certain cancers).

So with my own simple model, I have already identified the problems that might occur with
EM-radiation. And indeed we can see that they do occur.

But it is very hard to break the mainstream foolishness on this subject.
Many scientists also prefer to hold on to the chemical model of the human body,
which is clearly incomplete, and false in this case.
A lot of scientists are not sensitive to EM-radiation at all. That is probably because you
need to be a sensitive person to begin with.
Within the test-group of people that do yoga and/or mediations I find that half of them
are sensitive to some form of EM-radiation.
More ** from zyxzevn at: Paradigm change and C@
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Re: Electrosensitivity - Can you feel it?

Unread postby BirdyNumNums » Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:47 am

You certainly have been busy. There is plenty to digest there.
I know not to trust the mainstream science on electricity and the body. It appears they want to discover it magically heals while not finding ill effects from cell phone use, etc.

I have found plenty of books on the subject online as PDFs. I have an ever growing collection.

I do talk to people about electrical sensitivity and it is interesting how many people will tell a little story about it either a personal experience or some other fact that ties it all together.

I would say 30% of people are not confident that wireless tech is safe and many more have never heard about it. Only about 10% are fiercely protective of the "scientific consensus".

It's crazy that so many people see technology as a way to solve the problems of the world while public relations and political lobbying is smoothing over their mistakes.
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