Big questions about the past, but what about the future?

What is a human being? What is life? Can science give us reliable answers to such questions? The electricity of life. The meaning of human consciousness. Are we alone? Are the traditional contests between science and religion still relevant? Does the word "spirit" still hold meaning today?

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Big questions about the past, but what about the future?

Unread postby PVir » Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:14 pm

I am still digging through all the videos and other materials about EU.
As I am digesting various researchers and scientist presentations, podcasts, comments I often kinda try to connect the dots. Like in kids drawing books there are pictures that are made from dots that kids need to connect the correct way and colour them in the end. Sometime dots are with numbers and it is easy to connect them in correct order to create nice image. Sometimes those dots do not have numbers and there are many of them.

So the dots I have connected so far and what little image I think I am seeing:
- Earth was a satellite of dwarf star, orbiting inside that star with ideal conditions to live and thrive and develop over ( if the numbers are correct) millions of years
- Humanity have developed up to age of precise stone shaping and creating megalithic structures
- Great disturbance occurred that torn out Earth from this "paradise" (Eden?)
- Humanity went through great hardships and lots of knowledge was lost but we did our best and end up today without erasing ourselves from face of this world in atomic war (so far so good)
Those dots ware numbered so easy to connect.
As I am watching more and more vids on YouTube about EU I have stumbeled across a particular dot - Rupert Sheldrake podcast and him mentioning some kind of telepathy.
If I make a simplification by stating that what we essentially are is bunch of electric signals in our brain (no matter if the brain keeps our "I" or is just antenna to some kind of memory field or conciousness field) with shell to supply the brain with electricity and building materials to maintain its functions.

I base on principle that enthropy (do that even apply to the EU model?) is generally stable or rising but locally can go down in certain pursuit if outcome entropy will be bigger than if this event did not occur. I invoke double slit experiment - how nature would know the outcome to allow local lowering enthropy? I have no ide, just like we have no idea why double slit experiment (and its more advanced forms) give result they give.

So I want to make a connection to that dot.

We know that communication in space with light is extremely inefficient. Telepathy could be the solution to this.
yet we are not able to use it (if we have it) or we did not developed it.

So what if we ware torn out from our womb prematurely? What if natural way is for civilizations to mature inside the star until developing telepathy and telekinesis, etc, so practically "transcending" and using freely powers hidden behind electricity and magnetism and travelling to different worlds with a speed of thought (instant) and communicating with everybody in universal non verbal way in a perfect way? Or even become part of the universe itself (so no need to travel completely).

When you go to youtube and watch many materials about ancient cultures that may existed before the cataclysm - they seem to had superb knowledge about stoneshaping hard to grasp for us even with all our current most advanced technology. There is very little of written or other text from that far past. The oldest texts are from before 5000 years b.c. So what if humanity already was partially fluent in telepathy and telekinesis but because of cataclysm - we mostly lost this as we had to adapt to different environment (different frequency? no more "Ommmmmm"?).
The Babylon tower myth is widely known - the humanity wanted to be too close to God and was punished by him with mixing languages so everybody spoke different one and thus preventing them from making any agreement or plans.
If you think about it in that way - once everybody understand everybody else without saying one word, and suddenly no telepathy, just a bunch of people making weird noises with their mouths. No way to communicate with written language as everybody had recollection to all their memories and could share those memories and so much more through thoughts. How do one even write down a thought? Make a line with knots connecting to different lines? Create little images that represents objects and events?

So from that perspective I deduct (not claiming that this is by any means correct) that humanity may be older than those 10k years. 100k? Million? ...and we may had powers we now only dream of (or maybe we just miss the times we could use it as we recollect those good times from our collective , genetic?, memory).

Who knows... Maybe one day we will tune in and gain that ability (once again?).

Do you have any interesting dots that could make this image more complete or that could change it completely?
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Re: Big questions about the past, but what about the future?

Unread postby Webbman » Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:10 am

you should only expect destruction and enslavement if were going to be honest about it.
The secret to the universe is a rubber band.
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Re: Big questions about the past, but what about the future?

Unread postby moses » Wed Nov 29, 2017 5:55 pm

Hello PVir,
I think that you are right about the telepathy, and throw in levitation too. You are suggesting a telepathy without words but that seems unnecessary. There seems to be evidence of one language initially and other languages being natural variation from that. Telepathy would tend to generate one language.

Like most regulars here I have a theory that is somewhat different to the standard theory of dwarf star. Your ability to think will probably produce your own theory. For the future we must be sure that what happened in the past does not repeat. For instance a huge electrical discharge in the core of our galaxy may repeat regularly.

I would be careful about timing events. We naturally think in terms of large time periods due to the theoretical long distances between stars which only depends on light not bending. Stars could easily be orders of magnitude closer and be only as big as Mercury, or even smaller, being lit by galactic electrical currents.

Yogis and such can develop kundalini and report telepathy and other siddhis today. It may be just a matter of recovering from the effects of the cataclysms that occurred.

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Re: Big questions about the past, but what about the future?

Unread postby PVir » Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:21 pm

From logic perspective - what for? Pets maybe? By who?
So one language... Hmm.
Words with telepathic support? Like words being initializers or just keywords with multiple meanings and telepathic connection shaped them into full specific meaning.
Then written language could be like now only way of storage but to convey full meaning one would have to read it to other (like being in proximity and convey words and telepathically shape their meaning). Then the other could read those words on his own with proper understanding. Such conveyed words would have bigger impact than simple words.
As I have spend some time reading and watching vids with many different points of view and theories that could be more probable and way less complicated from technical background i would move away from full telepathic connection and levitation, telekinesis, etc towards more discreet, but still present abilities.

But still big question stands. What is conciousness? From my limited point of view it is completely unnecessary for nature, so why it is present?
If so then what is left is one of two things - a side effect or the goal.

I believe that what we fantasize or theorize in premise of what we know or might discover is rooted in how the world works or is heading towards.
For example - once sun was seen as a god by majority of CC (collective conciousness). It was not the truth about the sun so "displacement" between this explanation and truth grew and this displacement created "force" in CC to seek better explanation. As CC gains knowledge about itself, its drive to truths grows. So for example belief that sun was a god could last for several thousands years. The next explanation that came and in the end was adopted (closer to truth) nullified the displacement (reset the circuit?) but becomes less willing to wait so long.

What I try to say is that Big Bang model was closer to truth than whatever previous explanation was.Timer was reset and started again, displacement between truth and explanation grew and now this force is so strong that it will by any means make itself provide better explanation. The thing is that previous explanation is not completely wrong, its basis however unrefined should be covered by next explanation.
For example sun from god to celestial being to star, to nuclear furnace to electric entity, etc....

I am not trying to say that we have no free will. I believe we do have it but beside basic motors (like need to reproduce and eat and drink and seek shelter etc) that drive our existence, there might be another one that is very strongly correlated with collective conciousness.
I theorize that if there was some kind of global event where 99.99% of humanity would die and some primitive tribes that has no contact with modern world would survive - CC would influence them to develop sufficiently to create better explanation about the world than one they hold now.
That is why I think there is problem with population dropping in developed parts of the world and rising in undeveloped. CC "decided" that explanation given and expanded by our world is straying too far from truth and easier is to go back to previous one and wait for more accurate.
Naturally EU movement that is growing may be such next explanation. The question is - will it stand a trial of time?

I have strong feeling that force demanding better explanation is so strong and the current explanation is so far from truth that it may be for CC easier to go back a step. If the worlds current geopolitical situation can be unwind in that premise then we desperately need it.

...yeah I know. Above text is hard to understand. Its mainly my unrefined stream of thoughts. I hope my English is sufficient for you to understand what my thoughts are...
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Re: Big questions about the past, but what about the future?

Unread postby moses » Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:04 pm

Hi PVir,
You seem to think that there can be no structured language without storage. And you find no evidence of an ancient written world-wide language. Well most things would have been utterly destroyed except for those big stone buildings or temples. But perhaps one can find some symbols as writing.

The big stones are evidence of levitation. Some people can levitate. Search for kundalini, siddhis in the videos. Siddhis are in the very earliest of writings.

You are referring to consciousness as experiencing, as seeing, scent, colour, etc. Rather than as mind as the generator of thought, which has advantages in nature whereas experiencing seems to have no such advantages. Experiencing is neither a side effect nor a goal.

The Sun may have experiencing just as we have experiencing, we do not know, and that experiencing may be much more god-like. You have the view of growth or evolution whereas experiencing may not involve this at all.

It is not that primitive tribes have survived but that the humanity that survived was extremely stressed. Humanity lost abilities and memories. Accurate portrayal of the past can help heal humanity, and EU can help unravel the past.

Your English does require some rereading but all is good.
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Re: Big questions about the past, but what about the future?

Unread postby Younger Dryas » Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:29 pm

"I decided to believe, as you might decide to take
an aspirin: It can't hurt, and you might get better."
-- Umberto Eco Foucault's Pendulum (1988)

Some of us are trying to get back to the future :) Personally I've breached the birth canal and at Christmas I'll make my way back to the North. Our ancestors stepped backwards into the future with their eyes fixed firmly on the past for good reason. What if we are the Gods now? What if we could re-create our own Golden Age? What if we already have?
Where we go from here, is entirely up to you. The future may have already happened.
Civilization is better described as Religious Fanaticism.
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