Prof René-Louis Vallée Synergetic theory

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Prof René-Louis Vallée Synergetic theory

Unread postby StevenO » Wed May 14, 2008 4:17 am

Prof René-Louis Vallée Synergetic was a plasma researcher in a French tokamak in Fontenay aux Roses.

He describes a 1973 experiment in which, by sending a 5V (300kA) discharge through a plasma, the plasma emitted Beta radiation with energy levels of >6MeV. He describes that there was no theory or compute power available to explain the result and assumes the results must be nuclear, caused by impurities in the plasma.

Based on these and other observations he developed his "Synergetic theory" that states that all forces are finally ElectroMagnetic in nature and that space itself is filled with a very high energy density that can be captured with the described nuclear effects (tapping zero-point energy as others would describe it). Both statements are in line with shared opinions on this forum.

I have always felt unable to judge this work since I miss the knowledge of the plasma behaviour and the nuclear reactions he describes. Also most of the work is in French and I might not understand the precise language statements. I was hoping that the forum could help to understand the mechanism and whether it can be explained by our common plasma knowledge.

A two page outline of Synergetic theory is given here:

Experiments were done by J.L Naudin for energy harvesting through the transmutation of carbon, however not with a decisive result. I have all the equipment needed to repeat these experiments and would appreciate suggestions to improve the experiments as described by Jean-Louis.

I found this simplified description of his "Proton-Electron Fusion " process (please note this is not from Prof. Vallee but from a student):

1. An orbiting electron

2. An co-aligned electric and magnetic field compensate the electron EM energy

3. A gamma ray will compensate the electrons kinetic energy

4. As a result the electron will merge with the nucleus

5. Forming an unstable atom of lower atomic number

6. The transmutation back releases an energetic electron by absorption of an anti-neutrino (== diffuse energy from vacuum)

Please don't judge the process on this simple description. A more detailed technical explanation by prof. Vallee is given here:

Here are the webpages and experiments from J.L. Naudin:

This is a website maintained by his family to retain the legacy:

Anybody able give a professional judgement or ask the right questions?
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Re: Prof René-Louis Vallée Synergetic theory

Unread postby florentis » Fri May 16, 2008 8:36 pm

As I discovered the existence of EU, a few month ago, and as I discovered the plasma behaviour (althought It's still very enigmatic for me, information are difficult to find), so began I to remember this theory of RL Vallee.
In this paper, he explains that an accident occured in a Tokamac, in France, in a tore-like vaccum chamber. Belong to him, he thinks it's because an electron had fallen on a atom, then producing an isotope atom, which had produced back a stable atom by beta radioactivity.
So in this paper he imagines the way to do it with carbone (a such reaction will be less explosive). So he explain here the principle of it : In order to make the electron "fall" on the atom, electrical field and magnetic field have to be parallel and then we'll have to throw a gamma photon on it to push the electron on the atom. The electron is captured by the a proton. Then it should produce an isotope unstable, which, by beta radioactivity, should get back to the initial carbone element, releasing energy.

When JLNaudin tested it, he used a big coil arround a carbon rod to enforce parrallelity of magnetic and electric field. But he missed it, maybe beacause the current he send throught the rod cause the magnitic field to be perpendiculaire.

I remeber this, when, studying different kinds of plasma, I saw that in space, the very low density plasma have this particularity : electrical field and magnetic field are parallel together !
It was coherent whith this Tore-like vacuum chamber phenomena that is rapported here.

Immediately, I thought to an experiment : "A plasma under very low pressure, with some carbon dust bombarded by gamma ray".

The only problem is that I have no money to test it, and it's not sure to work ! But if Los alamos laboratry invite me to test it, why not ?

Seriously, In fact, we cannot know if this can work, it has been tested twice (in the 80's and by JL Naudin), without success. So this theory is consider "falsified". Maybe it's because it has been tested only throught metal "circuits", and not in vacuum. Who knows ?
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