Strange "shooting star" formation

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Strange "shooting star" formation

Unread postby Lims Tims » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:17 am

Hello strangers,

forgive me my bad english first, i am from germany and some days ago there was a strange formation of shooting stars (i call it that way) at the sky, i want to share it with you.

I like to watch shooting stars and some years ago i was lucky to see a big meteor shower.
I never seen before something similar to this thing i call "shooting star" formation at such angle falling down.
I never had seen such a zigzag anywhere at the sky before.
I made a basic drawing out of it and hand on heart, it's precise like it could be, from my point of view.
It was visible for 3-5sec. max and the "falling speed" was slower - related to other shooting stars.
It had same light intensity like lightning, but stayed there for a much longer time and all vanished at once.
I painted it, because i made a google search to find something related to it, but without "too much" phantasy included, i can not find anything about it.
Has someone an answer for me, what i had seen there?
Greetings :)

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