Touch the sky

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Touch the sky

Unread postby Spektralscavenger » Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:16 am ... -ground-3/

Mythological stories are so confusing because Earth events, atmospheric events and events thousands or millions of kms past the atmosphere are freely intermixed. Apparently the sky looked like a real ocean (of water or mud) with real land or lands within. It was like an extension of the "normal" ground and sea.

Heaven and Earth close together are referred as if were our sky and Earth. The ancient concept of sky fits with a crescent shine, sometimes understood a sickle, scimitar, smile,... Zecharia Sitchin believes that the "sky" was the asteroids belt. Could these myths regard a "shine" very close to the "solid ground above" (Mars?) oppressing (or feeding) the "peoples of the sky" _ie, auroral displays?
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Re: Touch the sky

Unread postby Sparky » Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:55 am

it consists of an edible, oily substance and served the people for food.

Could it have been reflective? :? Described as a solid.. :? Well, it was a solid if it was edible and hanging from above. :?

Could it have been an artificial covering, protecting Earth from cosmic hazards, or keeping the Earth warm? :?

So many questions. ;) few answers.... :cry:
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Re: Touch the sky

Unread postby Spektralscavenger » Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:18 am

Thick sweet haze?

I wonder if these stories involve not our ordinary continuum but the astro plane, which not in vain is called the "astro" plane. That would mean time ago humans were ethereal beings, before solidify into flesh and losing plain access to the subtle fields. Hardcore materialists will kill me :lol:

As for the astro plane can see the few relevant minutes of these videos (of course, there may be much better videos I donĀ“t know of): (Between 14:35 and 15: 20)
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Re: Touch the sky

Unread postby Paul » Thu Sep 17, 2015 4:08 pm

When I look at mountains and see the striations and topsy-turvy layering it reminds me of the banding on Jupiter. I'm wondering if Jupiter's banding goes all the way to the surface as one band or if there are layers as one sees in the mountains. If the idea of a z-pinch in a Birkeland current is that it is compressing mass into matter, doesn't it hold true at all scales. All the heavier elements would be precipitating out to form a solid core inside the gas giant. Over time with different substances stacking up on the core the striations would form. As the heavier stuff began to settle out of the system the lighter elements would be left. If some how a living being were on the core of this planet, the sky would literally be on the ground. As things began to clear the sky would seem to lift higher from the surface. And who knows, if the conditions were right to allow the being to come to life, the possibility exists that manna could be a part of the conversion process. You know, like a big cotton candy machine! :roll:
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