North & south pole research

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North & south pole research

Unread postby IgorTesla » Tue Apr 12, 2016 4:23 am

Last week there was an announcement on the dutch television that a team of scientists will be assigned to investigate the effects of climate changes that could cause the sea level to rise.
Since most of the country is below sealevel it's nescessity to get clear answers will be obvious to anyone.
Therefor a group of people is being gathered and send to the north & south pole for a long term investigation.
Undoubtingly they will stumble on strange and unexpected facts that will not fit their theories so i am looking forward on how this will develop.
This might be a break through for the electric universe. On the other hand, knowing the psyche of the mainstream science, it is also possible they will come up with some new inventions like 'dark ice' or something like that. (sarcastic)
Anyhow, we should be receiving new and different kinds of telemetry over the next few decades and hopefully the facts will clear the fog that blinds mainstream science for so long now.
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