Halton Arp - Intrinsic Redshift Lecture

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Halton Arp - Intrinsic Redshift Lecture

Unread postby Zyxzevn » Fri Mar 21, 2014 8:31 am


Gepubliceerd op 20 mrt. 2014

Halton Arp lectures about intrinsic redshift and a new cosmology that replacing the "Big Bang". Arp marshaled unequivocal evidence for a negation of the redshift=recessional velocity as a cornerstone of modern cosmology.

Arp's lecture will change most everything you think you know about how the physical universe works:
Observations showing that extragalactic redshifts are NOT caused by an expanding universe;
An empirical picture of the birth and evolution of quasars and galaxies;
Accounts of crucial observations ignored and suppressed.

Halton C. Arp (1927-2013) received his Bachelors degree from Harvard College in 1949 and his Ph.D. from California Institute of Technology in 1953, both cum laude. He was a professional astronomer who, earlier in his career, conducted Edwin Hubble's nova search in M31. He earned the Helen B.Warner prize, the Newcomb Cleveland award and the Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award. For 28 years he was staff astronomer at the Mt. Palomar and Mt. Wilson observatories. While there, he produced his well known catalog of "Peculiar Galaxies" that are disturbed or irregular in appearance.

Arp discovered, from photographs and spectra with the big telescopes, that many pairs of quasars ("quasi-stellar objects") which have extremely high redshift z values (and are therefore thought to be receding from us very rapidly - and thus must be located at a great distance from us) are physically connected to galaxies that have low redshift and are known to be relatively close by. Because of Arp's observations, the assumption that high red shift objects have to be very far away - on which the "Big Bang" theory and all of "accepted cosmology" is based - has to be fundamentally reexamined!

More ** from zyxzevn at: Paradigm change and C@
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Re: Halton Arp - Intrinsic Redshift Lecture

Unread postby dougettinger » Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:04 am

I read one of Halton Arp's papers which seems very convincing. So perhaps quasars should not be used in overall redshift studies since their redshift determinations are based on the velocities of polar ejecta from very active galaxies.

However, what refutes the claim for the redshift phenomena or hypothesis of regular galaxies?

Doug Ettinger
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Re: Halton Arp - Intrinsic Redshift Lecture

Unread postby Solar » Sat Jun 21, 2014 6:25 pm

Zyxzevn wrote:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyREfCOr-Y0

Gepubliceerd op 20 mrt. 2014

Halton Arp lectures about intrinsic redshift and a new cosmology that replacing the "Big Bang". Arp marshaled unequivocal evidence for a negation of the redshift=recessional velocity as a cornerstone of modern cosmology.

Thank you for posting this. I've not seen it before.
"Our laws of force tend to be applied in the Newtonian sense in that for every action there is an equal reaction, and yet, in the real world, where many-body gravitational effects or electrodynamic actions prevail, we do not have every action paired with an equal reaction." — Harold Aspden
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Re: Halton Arp - Intrinsic Redshift Lecture

Unread postby Armand » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:10 pm

Wonderful video... (a joy to watch)

Interesting, the way Arp explains the process of the ejected quasar particles 'gaining mass' as they 'communicate with the rest of the universe'.

Evolution of Ejected Quasars into Normal Galaxies...

Reminded me of the north/south magnetic particles that Ed Leekskalnin (of Coral Castle) describes in his 'Magnetic Currents' book.

Magnetic Currents

How all matter is made up of these magnetic particles (like the skin on soap bubbles), and how these magnetic particles cause matter to pull to the ground (i.e. exhibit gravity) and pull together (i.e. exhibit adhesion or hardness).

Basically, how they give matter it's mass...

Girl Blowing Soap Bubbles

Could it be that Ed/L found a way to reverse the 'gaining mass' process which Arp describes in his quasar/galaxy model?

M87 Jet (in xray wavelength) - Cosmic Soap Bubbles?

M87 Jet (in visible light) - Dispersing Over Time?

And was that how the Pyramid Builders made stone 'soft as clay, lite as cork'?
(i.e. when Ed/L speaks of removing some of the magnetic particles in matter)...

The Baalbek Monolith (1,200 tons)

And could there be a connection with the Egyptian story of the 'Birth of the Atum' and the Dendera Light?

The Dendera Light (aka the Snake Tube)

Something to ponder... (Thank you Halton)

"If you want to understand the Lost Technology of Ancient Egypt, study
(Electrical) Storms, Soap Bubbles and Solitons."
- Cashus the Giant
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Re: Halton Arp - Intrinsic Redshift Lecture

Unread postby seasmith » Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:19 pm


Excellent !
Particularly convincing is his commitment to "common sense arguments" . A model of galaxy generation, and/ or re-generation, via 'quasars';
as evidenced by intrinsic and stepped ("quantizations") redshift just seems to be reinforced with each new generation of observations.
Very intriguing is the bi-directional flow of magnetic flux at both of the birthing galaxy's poles (min 59);
also the illustration of (ejected electron) "masses communicating with more and more of the universe and their mass grew", and "gaining mass from their environment" (min 48).
y><y impulse and recoil ?

Another binary association naturally comes to mind, being that of nebula and pulsar,
perhaps an alternate mode of galaxial regeneration?

A terrestrial-scale simile could be apomixis and parthenogenesis ?

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