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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:20 pm


3-D printed objects connect to WiFi without electronics

Lyft puts driverless cars to work in Boston

Solar power advances possible with new 'double-glazing' device

Tech titans ramp up tools to win over children [as in exploit them?]


Lightning sparks mid-air nuclear reaction, first time recorded phenomenon

Gold, water and platinum: Australians lead the way towards asteroid mining boom

Bronze Age Elite Forged All Their Best Weapons and Jewelry From Meteorites

Bizarre, Enormous 16th-Century Map Assembled for First Time

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Zips Off To Collect Asteroid Sample

Engine of climate change: Thousands, and possibly millions, of underwater volcanoes remain undiscovered

Just how will humanity react to evidence of alien life? Psychologists predict answers

Impact-related microspherules in Late Pleistocene Yukon and Alaskan 'muck' deposits indicate recurrent episodes of catastrophic emplacement

Light reveals secrets of supercooled water

Astronomers discover new stellar stream in Milky Way galaxy halo

Planetary collisions are responsible for large amounts of Earth's minerals

Galaxy pair contain dark matter halo at least 1 trillion times the sun's mass

Scientists capture Earth's vibrational 'hum' on ocean floor

'Magnetic Monopole' phenomenon found in old chemistry experiments

NASA can't save us; it missed asteroid as it skimmed by Earth

Physicists confirmed new form of matter 'Excitonium'

University of Arizona must disclose 'hockey stick' climate change emails

Newly discovered duck-like dinosaur

Warm and Wet Ancient Mars? Maybe Not

That interstellar asteroid could be a shard of a shredded planet

Protoplanetary disc around HD 169142

A microlensing event seen from three positions in space

Astronomer's map reveals location of mysterious fast-moving gas

Researchers measure the spin rates of bodies thought to be either planets or tiny 'failed' stars

Meteorite analysis shows reduced salt is key in Earth's new recipe

Clay minerals on Mars may have formed in primordial steam bath

New research bridges scaling gap between astrophysics and cosmology

Herschel data links mysterious quasar winds to furious starbursts

Black holes' magnetism surprisingly wimpy [like black hole theory]

Galaxy orbits map in the local supercluster

Archaeologists revise chronology of the last hunter-gatherers in the Near East

The common ancestor for everyone on the planet today lived approximately 3,600 years ago

Scientists map ancient rock art in Venezuela

Adornments tell about culture of Paleolithic people

A Network of Ancient Caves [Tunnels] Was Just Discovered Under Montreal

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:00 am

(See recent news above.)

Thruster Failure Shows Error in Physics re Lorentz force
The Nassikas Lorentz force thruster fails the helium test
[The original simple design worked, but not the newer designs -- this explains why] ... lium-test/

(The following is a followup to a previous message from April 2016 at ... #msg298776 )

Posted by: Paul LaViolette
October 6, 2017
In August we carried out a helium test on version II and III of the Nassikas thruster at SuperPower Corp. in Schenectady, NY.  We fixed the coil in a liquid helium dewar with its axis pointed in a horizontal direction.  The dewar in turn was suspended from a ceiling beam so that it could move from side to side.  Any side deflection of the dewar, due to any internally developed force, would have been measured on an electronic scale which was in mechanical contact with the wall of the dewar.  The scale would have been able to register a force as small as 20 grams (0.7 ounce). However, the coil showed no evidence of axial thrust even when the current to it was increased to 175 amps.  So we have concluded that this invention is impractical.  This does not apply to version I, which instead uses a conical YBCO casting with an attached permanent magnet.  That version still has potential application.
In my opinion, the reason why the test failed has to do with a flaw in physical theory.  Conventional thinking is that due to the self interaction of its magnetic field and current a coil develops Lorentz forces which try to expand the coil diameter.  But physicists have ignored that there is another force which can strain coils and cause them to expand which is called the Ampere force.  Both forces increase according to the square of coil current.  The difference is that the Ampere force causes a longitudinal tension, along the length of the wire, whereas the Lorentz force would cause a transverse force, perpendicular to the coil windings.  If the Lorentz force were the predominant force causing tension in a coil, we should have seen an axial propulsion in our experiment.  Since our experiment showed no force, we must conclude that the Lorentz force is essentially absent as a self acting force in coils and that instead the coil expanding force is due to the Ampere force.  Since the Ampere force acts along the length of the coil windings, an axial force component would be unable to develop in a conically shaped coil.  So I believe that all we have accomplished with this experiment is to point out a flaw in physical theory.  The reason why our Finite Element Analysis simulations showed that an axial force should have been developed is because that program assumed that coils develop Lorentz forces when energized.  If physical theory was correct, we should have seen a propulsion, just as the simulations showed.  But Nature does not always behave as we might think or like.
4 Responses to The Nassikas Lorentz force thruster fails the helium test
November 10, 2017 at 12:17 pm
thanks for the update, please let your public know whether a theoretical explanation for the failure of the latest trials should emerge.
Paul LaViolette
November 14, 2017 at 5:22 pm
I gave a theoretical explanation in the posting. Namely, that the force is due to the Ampere force and not to the Lorentz force. Our experiment seems to prove this.
November 7, 2017 at 9:36 am
Dr LaViolette, thanks for sharing this valuable information as well for the efforts in this type of research. May I ask whether there are plans for further development of Version I ? I believe the use of tape multilayer superconductors introduced in Version II and III may have introduced further effects or phenomena which eventually led to a suppression of the effect.
Paul LaViolette
November 8, 2017 at 5:52 pm
The matter is now in the hands of Dr. Nassikas to decide how he wants to proceed. The version I thruster needs repair before testing can continue. There is more to do on his first version to improve the amount of the thrust. I will help him if he needs further help, but there are no plans in the works right now.
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Dec 17, 2017 5:00 pm


Thruster Failure means need to change a law of physics

Discovery clears way for human body to work as robust communication network for electronic devices

In first, SpaceX launches recycled rocket and spaceship (Update)

Or is SpaceX a scam?

Volumetric 3-D printing builds on need for speed

Artificial intelligence and supercomputers to help alleviate urban traffic problems

Climate conditions affect solar cell performance more than expected

Microbes help turn Greek yogurt waste into fuel

Micro-grippers may be able to navigate unstructured environments

Anode battery material with superfast charging and stable operation

Daimler delivers its first all-electric trucks in Europe


Will a Superwave Arrive in 2017?
_kathie December 30, 2016 at 4:39 am, Dear Dr. Laviolette; Please note that He3 is causing magnetosphere compression like the waves on the ocean. This is coming in ahead of He4. There are two brown dwarfs which recently entered our outer SS from the S.S/E and originated in Sag.
_Paul LaViolette January 1, 2017 at 7:33 pm, For a body that far away, it is almost impossible to predict that it will pass close enough to affect the Earth. The chance is very small. The chance that such a body will enter the solar system is small to begin with. On the other hand, with superwaves we know from the ice core record that they occur quite frequently. Small events occur about every 500 years. Larger events about every 11,000 years. This is millions of times more probable than the collision or near passage of a planet.

Study finds solar amplification mechanism by which climate is controlled by the level of solar activity & cosmic rays

Study claims chemical tipping point of magma determines explosive potential of volcanoes

Scotland: Geologists discover 60-million-year-old meteorite strike and new mineral forms

Researchers identify new mechanism that helps explain why meteors explode in the atmosphere (Charles Chandler explained better several years ago)

New 'blob' of hot, rising rock detected below part of the U.S. Northeast

The sun is blank, NASA data shows dimming continues

Watching this newborn island erode could tell us a lot about Mars

Chemists Find New Evidence That Life Might Have Started in Space

Interstellar ice may hold the secret to life

Unravelling the mysteries of extragalactic jets

Juno probes the depths of Jupiter's great red spot, finds hydrogen, oxygen and sulfur ions moving at almost light speed

Chandra reveals the elementary nature of Cassiopeia A

Stellar nursery blooms into view

Bright areas on Ceres suggest geologic activity

Energetic electrons in Earth's inner radiation belt are created by cosmic rays from supernovas

New discovery finds starving white dwarfs are binge eaters

Dark energy survey offers new view of dark matter halos

Dawn of a galactic collision

A better way to weigh millions of solitary stars

‘Ram Setu’ exists, is man-made, between India and Sri Lanka

Archaeologists unearth record of ancient Assyria’s demise

Evidence of early humans found in the jungles of Borneo

Indonesian island found to be unusually rich in cave paintings
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:59 pm


Gilding technique inspired by ancient Egyptians may spark better fuel cells for tomorrow’s electric cars

Computational method improves the resolution of time-of-flight depth sensors 1,000-fold

Memristors power quick-learning neural network

Boeing to unveil secret plane that will 'change future air power'

New type of self-healing glass

Russia's hi-speed rail boom: Manufactured locally and set to traverse the world (VIDEO)

Russia's new luxury car


Arecibo radar returns with asteroid phaethon images

Conflict of Interest in Scientific Research And Our Own Personal Bias

Scientists can now create air transmissible Ebola and other lethal viruses

Quantum droplets are the most dilute liquids

A new approach for detecting planets in Alpha Centauri

A new kind of spiral wave that embraces disorder is discovered (VIDEO)

Brain imaging bias: Whose brain represents the average?

Cosmic rays trigger [trivial] climate change on Earth by increasing cloud cover

Scientists now think Mars' water is locked in its rocks

Saturn's Rings

Space Skull returns: 'Halloween asteroid' to pass by Earth in 2018

Heidelberg uni physicists find evidence of an exotic state of matter


Mysterious alien cigar ‘asteroid’ is actually an interstellar lump of ice (not a space ship)

Ancient fossil microorganisms indicate that life in the universe is common

The 25 [very doubtful] Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2017

Alien object 'Oumuama was a natural body visiting from another solar system

Orbital mayhem around a red dwarf

NASA solves how a Jupiter jet stream shifts into reverse

A new twist in the dark matter [fairy] tale

Radio observations point to likely explanation for neutron-star merger phenomena

Giant bubbles on red giant star's surface

Astronomers shed [dark] light on formation of black holes and galaxies

Cosmic filament probes our galaxy's giant [non-] black hole

New study finds 'winking' star may be devouring wrecked planets

Scientists describe how solar system could have formed in bubble around giant star

Megamarsupials: the migration of Australia’s extinct megafauna

What Do You Do When You Find a Mammoth on Your Farm?

Who built the Indus Valley civilisation?

The discovery of an ancient mastodon ignited debate over humans’ arrival in North America
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Dec 31, 2017 4:57 pm

(Science reporters were lazy this week.)


Twitter + Citizen Science + AI = improved flood data collection

Alaskan microgrids offer energy resilience and independence

At-a-distance device charging

Driverless taxis became a reality in 2017 and hardly anyone noticed

New dating app based on link between DNA and pheromones to play matchmaker

Sizing up new car-safety technology

Self-driving vehicle proving ground tests cars before they hit open road


Bizarre whirlpool phenomenon observed in southern seas

Jupiter's UV Aurora

The Sun is cooling faster than anyone suspected - and lowering Earth's temperature along with it

Potentially hazardous, near-Earth asteroid, larger than thought

Multiwavelength image of the 'Toothbrush' galaxy cluster

Hubble captures planetary nebula NGC 6326

Researchers discover a chemically primitive dwarf star in the galactic halo

These are the greatest unsolved mysteries of 2017

Ancient Axes, Spear Points May Reveal When Early Humans Left Africa

Experts bowled over by ancient urn found on bed of Lake Biwako

Did Prehistoric Middle Eastern Culture Visit Europe, Spawn Artistic Culture, and Leave?

130 million-year-old nest of perfectly preserved dinosaur eggs discovered in China
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:19 pm



Standardizing Perovskite solar cells aging measurements

Race for 'smart' hits fever pitch at electronics show

What's on center stage at the CES tech show? Your voice

Russian scientists develop experimental underwater breathing technique - aimed at rescuing submarine crews

First batch of Russian 5th generation Su-57 fighter jets to be put in service 'very soon'

Low-effort, high-tech ways to clean your house

PrePeat rewritable printer

Fast Car Window De-icing

Ancient Mauryan technology brings water, hope to dry Magadh in Bihar


Scan technique reveals secret writing in mummy cases

Speed breeding technique sows seeds of new green revolution

NASA asteroid hunter spies Earth from far, far away


500,000yo hunter-gatherer 'paradise' discovered near busy Israeli roadway

Unknown Native American population revealed by DNA study

Did comet impacts kill lots of animals in Alaska?

Study predicts next phase of solar cycle will bring on 'Mini Ice Age' as early as 2020

Earth's thermostat discovered in rocks: Regulates planet and helps recover from ice ages

New study traces electric currents that flow along Earth's magnetic field

Large ancient impact event discovered in Southeast Asia

Four-dimensional physics now studied in two dimensions

Researchers cool object beyond limits of known physics

New largest prime number discovered

How quantised inertia gets rid of dark matter

New method of examining teeth reveals ancient people lived much longer than currently believed

How randomness is a key in the spread of disease, other 'evil'

Mysterious Meteorite in Australia Points to Huge Undiscovered Asteroid

The geometry of nuclear black hole accretion disks [or something]

Researchers measure the inner structure of distant suns from their pulsations

Library of galaxy histories reconstructed from motions of stars

Weighing massive stars in nearby galaxy reveals excess of heavyweights

Tools near Mumbai beach trace human settlements to Middle Stone Age

Study may shed new light on dispersal of early modern humans


Everything We Learned in One Year About Thousands of Years of Human Evolution
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:58 pm


Wind output in Denmark last year was a record-setter

New technique eases production, customization of soft robotics

'Holostream' allows high-quality wireless 3-D video communications

Ten year runtime from coin cell battery is CES talking point in smart home chip

Organic solar cells as an alternative to conventional solar cells

Harnessing the power of algae—new, greener fuel cells move step closer to reality

GM seeks US approval for car with no steering wheel

Surprising discovery could lead to better batteries

Top takeaways from Consumers Electronics Show

Fossil fuels blown away by wind in cost terms


Peru’s Alpine Herders Revive Ancient Technologies to Face the Future

Hypatia stone a meteorite of unique unEarthly composition

Proof of fourth dimension?

Astronomers are honing in on the source of puzzling fast radio bursts

Massive subsurface ice sheets offer potential water source for future explorers of Mars

Astronomers catch supermassive black hole myth emitting gas

Little-known 2012 volcanic eruption was actually the largest in over a century

Milky Way's stellar 'rainbow' captured in stunning Hubble image

Comet 41P record-breaking slowdown could cause it to break up or change direction

Exoplanets discovered rotating at "perfect fifth" intervals

Ingredients for life revealed in meteorites that fell to Earth

Special star is a Rosetta Stone for understanding the sun's variability and climate effect

Researchers study complex morphology of the protoplanetary disc around star MWC 758

Gravitational waves [?] measure the universe

Saturn's moon Titan sports Earth-like features

Meteorites reveal story of Martian climate

Astronomers detect 'whirlpool' movement in earliest galaxies

New stellar streams confirm 'melting pot' history of the galaxy

Swarm of hydrogen clouds flying away from center of our galaxy

New SOFIA observations help unravel mysteries of the birth of colossal suns

Hubble finds substellar objects in the Orion Nebula

NASA study shows disk patterns in space can self-generate

'Aromatic' interstellar chemistry

Possible lava tube skylights discovered near the North Pole of the Moon

Citizen scientists discover five-planet system

Magnetic coil springs accelerate particles on the Sun [not electric double layers?]

Hubble and Spitzer team up to find magnified and stretched out image of distant galaxy

Nature article turns theory of stellar evolution upside-down

Ancient rock drawing could be oldest image of a supernova

Rajahmundry: Excavations reveal tools, crystal beads

Ancient DNA sheds light on the mysterious origins of the first Scandinavians


Lucky find gives archeologists glimpse into early hunting technology in Yukon

Swiss archaeologist discovers the earliest tomb of a Scythian prince
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:34 pm



Researchers in Japan are showing way to decode thoughts

Novel 3-D printing technique yields high-performance composites

Researchers develop more efficient conversion method for solar energy

3-D printing equipment in the field

Biodegradable sensor monitors pressure in the body then disappears

Miniaturized origami-inspired robot combines micrometer precision with high speed

Using crumpled graphene balls to make better batteries

Could AI compromise better than humans?

Foldable wheels save space

Aquatic robots deployed to monitor water pollution without disturbing surroundings

Spectacles that prevent faces being captured on camera


New research must be better reported—the future of society depends on it

Complex engineering and metal-work discovered beneath ancient Greek ‘pyramid’ (4500 BP)

Turkish Professor Claims Koran Flood Story Tells of Muslim Noah Calling Son on Cell-Phone

The asteroids most likely to hit Earth

Life Is Common in the Universe, New Analysis of Meteorites Suggests

Spitzer and Hubble Telescopes Provide 3D Journey through Magnificent Orion Nebula


New research challenges existing models of black holes

Meteorites recovered from Michigan meteor explosion

Where can you find chunks of the meteor that blew up over Michigan?

Russia, Canada, Northern European countries identified as prime targets for Earth-bound meteorites

Infrared photometric observations reveal insights into the nature of the dwarf nova V2051 Ophiuchi

How massive can neutron stars be? [Not massive enough to exist]

Astronomers conduct detailed chemical analysis of eleven globular clusters

Hubble weighs in on mass of three million billion suns

Lonely black hole [or black dragon] hiding in giant star cluster

Meteorites brought water to Earth

Meteoritic stardust unlocks timing of supernova dust formation

NASA team studies middle-aged Sun by tracking motion of Mercury

Possible nova in southern Constellation Musca

NASA warns another giant asteroid will hurtle past earth in early February

UN climate change predictions challenged by mainstream study

Trees etc that need and miss the mammoths etc

Rocket launch over Japan appears similar to California UFO reports

The stories behind Aboriginal star names now recognised by the world’s astronomical body

DNA solves the mystery of how these mummies were related

Divers Found The World’s Largest Underwater Cave, And It’s Full of Maya Secrets

Georgetown in northern Queensland once part of North America
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:10 pm



Baking soda dries superglue fast and strengthens it - good for mechanics etc

The world’s most powerful acoustic tractor beam could pave the way for levitating humans

E-skin for manipulating virtual objects without touching them

New metal-mesh membrane could solve longstanding battery problems and lead to inexpensive power storage

3-D printing improves cell adhesion and strength of PDMS polymer

Inverse-design approach leads to metadevices

Depth sensing capabilities via Intel cameras

Drones learn to navigate autonomously by imitating cars and bicycles

Adding graphene girders to silicon electrodes could double the life of lithium batteries

New sensor for measuring electric field strength

Nature-inspired soft millirobot for tight spaces

3-D printing with titanium

Saildrone to provide valuable ocean data

Driverless police vehicles

New 3D image technique could make 'holograms' commonplace

New laser system renders full-color 3-D images in thin air

'Conductive concrete' found to shield electronics from EMP attack

Drones to lengthen life of satellites in orbit


Norwegian houses reused for over 1000 years during Stone Age

Triple whammy of lunar treats on January 31

Neuroscientists Track Thought's Trip through Brain

Seven new remote clusters of galaxies discovered

Fake News: Scientists find oxidized iron deep within Earth's mantle [The deepest bore hole is 12 km, way short of 550 km]

A virus-like protein is important for cognition and memory

Scientists viewing neutron star collision don't understand why X-ray glow keeps getting brighter

Ships on the Ocean shape clouds above

Synthetic incompatibility process prevents GMO species from breeding with natural species

Mars basin 'favorable' to life

[Useless] Axion particle theory

Asteroid 2002 AJ129 to fly safely past Earth February 4

Researchers discover a blazar-like narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy [Blazars are ionized ring stars]

Puzzling finding about atmospheric physics of giant planets

Winds outside black holes [or something]

Dust storms linked to gas escape from Martian atmosphere

Chasing dark matter [& wild geese]

The structure of an active galactic nucleus

Europa and other planetary bodies may have extremely low-density surfaces

Research shows first jet from massive young star detected outside our galaxy

Scientists say humans could have left Africa up to 70,000 years earlier than had been thought

‘First Face of America’ explores how humans reached the New World

Glacial archaeology on the roof of Norway

Ethiopia could be sitting on one of world’s great untapped gold deposits

The Evolution of Round Brains Ushered in the ‘Human Revolution’

Ancient Human Genomes Reveal Complicated Split into Europeans and Asians

Archaeologists Find Oldest Human Remains Out of Africa, From Nearly 200,000 Years Ago
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:25 am

Weekly update coming in a couple hours.
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:30 pm



Tiny hygrobots need no batteries—they are powered by water

Americans are spending more time at home, and it's saving a lot of energy

Mazda has fine ambitions for future gasoline engine

Scientists demonstrate remarkable stability in perovskite solar cells

Smart furniture transforms spaces in tiny apartments

Engineers develop flexible lithium battery for wearable electronics

3-D printing of living cells

Extra dimension creates stronger, safer concrete

Robot makes coffee at new cafe in Japan's capital

Tesla, Australia to turn 50,000 homes into power generators
- I Don't Believe in Elon Musk

Novel metal-oxide magnesium battery for high-density energy storage

Automating materials design

Majority of Americans 'not comfortable' with self-driving cars


Mysterious 'pyramids' are spotted on the ocean floor [few months old news]

An unbiased approach for sifting through big data

Rare find of bus-size dinosaur in Egypt

Unexpected find of missing detritus by robots exploring undersea volcanic eruption means need to rewrite rock record

A major earthquake in California is long overdue

The strange properties of metallic hydrogen

Researchers discover new phenomena when splitting a crystal in two [like ionization]

Early humans witnessed global cooling, warming, and massive fires from comet debris impacts says major study

Mars Rover Curiosity snaps selfie and takes stunning panorama of Red Planet
- Mars rovers really on Earth?

Local networks run the world

Planets discovered in another galaxy for the first time

Researchers study interstellar medium in the galaxy NGC 3665

Astrochemists reveal the magnetic secrets of methanol

The unexpected matter found in hostile black hole winds

Stellar embryos in nearby dwarf galaxy contain surprisingly complex organic molecules

First 883-gigahertz global ice-cloud map

IllustrisTNG, the most advanced universe model of its kind

Distant galaxy group contradicts common cosmological models, simulations

Natural telescope sets new magnification record

Stellar winds behaving unexpectedly

A Recent Ice Age Was Triggered by a Firestorm Bigger Than The One That Killed The Dinosaurs

10,000-year-old Middle Stone Age ‘crayon’ used to paint animal skin discovered in England

Northern European population history revealed by ancient human genomes

Did Ancient Greeks Sail to Canada?

Genome Study Uncovers Origin of Farming in Europe

Ancient tools found in India undermine the “out of Africa” hypothesis

4,300-Year-Old Tomb of Royal Female Official Found in Egypt
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:14 pm



Cockroach-inspired Ambulatory MicroRobot is speedy, resilient and versatile

Cities of the future may be built with locally available volcanic ash

New process could make wood as strong as titanium alloys but lighter and cheaper

Engineers develop a new method of keeping the lights on if the world turns to 100% clean, renewable energy

New '4-D goggles' allow wearers to be 'touched' by approaching objects

Robots can go all the way to Mars, but they can't pick up the groceries

Your gadget's next power supply? Your body

100k times narrower than paper: Indian scientists say they created 'world's thinnest nanosheets'


Neanderthals used fire to fashion tools

Ground-breaking DNA results on 10,000-year-old fossil reveals Brits

'Superionic ice' found on Uranus and Neptune

Jupiter & Saturn - Gas Giants?

Princeton physicist William Happer states the obvious: Climate models 'don't work'

Ancient virus could be the reason humans developed the ability to think

Astronomers have discovered swarms of tiny comets orbiting an alien sun

Plants have consciousness, new study suggests [just like robots or rocks?]

Sci-Hub, The pirate queen of science [U.S. government is the real pirate]

Sunspots are not from Solar Interior

Neurons are even more complex than we thought

Stellar winds behaving unexpectedly

New studies of clay formation provide clues about early Martian climate

Three new millisecond pulsars discovered in Terzan 5 globular cluster

Widespread galactic cannibalism in Stephan's Quintet revealed by CFHT

Reduced energy from the sun might occur by mid-century—now, scientists know by how much

Toward a better prediction of solar eruptions

Astrophysicists settle cosmic debate on magnetism of planets and stars

New Horizons captures record-breaking images in the Kuiper Belt

Scientists find massive reserves of mercury hidden in permafrost

Newly discovered buildings reveal clues to ancient Egyptian dynasties

Chinese Archeologists Find 9,000-Year-Old Wells in Central China

Dinosaur-killing asteroid caused molten rock to burst from ocean floor

Mysterious sand mounds in Australia are Aboriginal burial sites dating back millennia

Discovery of Windsor Neolithic monument
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:15 pm



New method for waking up small electronic devices

Researchers discover new lead-free perovskite material for solar cells

Boston Dynamics robot has claw-arm to turn handle and hold door open

All-terrain microbot moves by tumbling over complex topography

New chip reduces neural networks' power consumption by up to 95 percent

Teaching robots to climb walls by mimicking the cockroach headbutt

Cross an airplane with a submarine

Neural network used to detect earthquakes

System draws power from daily temperature swings

Accelerates snow melt with 'Melt Mat'

Lithium-ion batteries can be charged five times faster

Penn drones navigate on their own, could save people from harm


Massive lava dome lurks underneath Japan's Ōsumi Islands

Enriched uranium found floating above Alaska

Yellowstone super volcano under strain from pressure in magma chamber [it exploded during the Great Flood cataclysm & is not a threat now IMO]

The paradox of Earth's core - it shouldn't exist

Sunspot explodes for more than 6 hours, hurls giant solar flare at earth

Storm on Neptune is mysteriously fading away

More about the mystery of the origin of gold

Solar minimum is upon us and 20 years of data shows other stars are exhibiting similar signs

*New form of light created in the lab

Did ancient ozone holes sterilize forests 252 million years ago?

Retrocausality may explain how the future can change what happens now - as in a quantum time machine [or it may not exist]

*Layer of "slime" could leave areas more vulnerable to submarine landslides

Kikai volcano set to erupt and could kill 100 million people (1% chance in 100 years around Japan) [risk may be lower since prior eruption likely occurred during last global cataclysm]

Oumuamua asteroid had a violent past and has been tumbling around for billions of years

New models give insight into the heart of the Rosette Nebula

Researchers conduct chemical analysis of three chemically peculiar stars

Rotating gaseous donut around an active supermassive [superelectric] black hole

Scientists directly observe electron dynamics of the Northern Lights

Andromeda galaxy was formed in 'recent' star crash

Milky Way ties with Andromeda in size

Kepler scientists discover almost 100 new exoplanets

Supermassive [no, superelectric] black holes are outgrowing their galaxies

Long-lived Mars rover Opportunity keeps finding surprises

Discovery of Windsor Neolithic monument excites archaeologists

Cheddar Man changes the way we think about our ancestors

Is the mummy with the agonising death face Ramses III’s murderous son Prince Pentewere?

What ancient footprints can tell us

Clay tablets from the cradle of civilisation provide new insight to the history of medicine

Ancient 34,000-year-old lavish burial

Homo sapiens beat out Neanderthals because of art

More light shines on Pleistocene extinction event

Evidence of Ancient Global Cataclysm
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:02 pm



Stretchable, touch-sensitive electronics

Robotic system could lend a hand with warehouse sorting etc

Augmented reality takes 3-D printing to next level

Polymer solar cells

Aspark's EV does 0 to 60 in under 2 seconds

Snake-inspired robot uses kirigami to move

Toyota's magnet lowers reliance on expensive neodymium

Our future air taxi?

Phone makers will seek to entice new buyers with better cameras and bigger screens

Home monitor is one smart sentry

Ultra-thin elastic LED display that can comfortably be worn over the skin

Prospects for deep sea mining


Puzzling change in Southern Ocean revealed by CSIRO

A single volcano can change Earth's atmosphere

Infrasound microphones could predict volcano eruptions

Most distant supernova observed

Modern tech unravels mysteries of Egyptian mummy portraits

Fossilized reptile footprints suggest lizards were running on two feet 110 million [make that 5,000] years ago

What's wrong with alternative facts? Absolutely nothing!

Did humans learn to speak through cave art?

Some types of black holes erase your past [so you forget black holes exist]

Evidence from lunar missions finds water is widely distributed across the moon's surface

Charged oxygen in ionosphere may offer biomarker for exoplanets

Lyman-alpha emission detected around quasar J1605-0112

Nearly a decade after Mars Phoenix landed dust has covered some marks

Magnetic field traces gas and dust swirling around supermassive black hole [misnomer]

Improved Hubble yardstick gives fresh evidence for new physics in the universe

Increased the Number of Asteroids We Can Mine

Five surprising things DNA has revealed about our ancestors

Mystery behind the origin of 3,000-year-old ‘alien’ Paracas elongated skulls revealed by DNA testing

Homo erectus may have been a sailor – and able to speak

Secret to Great Pyramid’s Near-Perfect Alignment Possibly Found

Ancient DNA tells tales of humans’ migrant history

Arrival of Beaker folk changed Britain for ever, ancient DNA study shows
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Groupe Renault will show how second-life batteries can support a local "smart island" ecosystem

Researchers have developed a new way to improve lithium ion battery efficiency

Alternative to traditional batteries: supercapacitor

Flexible, stretchable silver nanowire circuits

Design for new electrode could boost supercapacitors' performance

Novel 3-D printing method embeds sensing capabilities within robotic actuators

Custom carpentry with help from robots

Layered oxides for rechargeable zinc batteries

Chemistry of a high-performance battery

A lithium battery that operates at -70 degrees Celsius

Human-in-the-loop optimization improves the function of soft, wearable robots

4G mobile phone network on the moon

Aqueous storage [charging] device needs only 20 seconds to go

Fooling the human via changes to images

Video of Russian Su-57s


An old Irish legend about an ancient Egyptian princess

Y-DNA Haplogroups links Nordic and Germanic people to Arabs and Jews

The Lost Ten Tribes and DNA

Restoring Coral Reefs Is Possible and Surprisingly Fast

Cool Moonlight

World's first recorded opalised pearls discovered in Australia

Powerful flare detected from Proxima Centauri

Neutron star [pulsar] that defies all the rules

Cyclic Catastrophism vs Big Bang: the CMB explains the creation of our solar system

Study examines brain mechanisms that endow Iceman Wim Hof with exceptional resistance to cold

Humans can use echolocation just like bats

Biggest ever family tree shows when cousins stopped marrying (due to becoming socially less acceptable)

Redefining the second

Fast growing black hole defies the laws of physics [just like modern physics does]

'Reverse speciation'

Do larger pupils mean higher intelligence?

Image: Galaxy: aftermath of a long-ago galactic collision

This was exactly where cassini crashed into Saturn

Stars around the Milky Way: Cosmic space invaders or victims of galactic eviction?

Astronomers identify a mega metal-poor dwarf star

How does water change the Moon's origin story?

When do aging brown dwarfs sweep the clouds away?

[Pseudonymed] Black hole blasts may transform 'mini-Neptunes' into rocky worlds

Core of the Milky Way reveals surprisingly low star formation

Research details mineralogy of potential lunar exploration site

Curiosity tests a new way to drill on Mars

Strongly lensed type Ia supernovae

Hubble observes exoplanet atmosphere in more detail

Unprecedentedly wide and sharp [unicorn] dark matter map

Giant handaxes suggest that different groups of early humans coexisted in ancient Europe

Rare Mammoth Tracks Reveal an Intimate Portrait of Herd Life

Scientists Find Bugs That Could Indicate There Is Hidden Life On Mars

The Dino-Killing Asteroid Impact Also Created A Stunningly Beautiful Geological Masterpiece

See Inside This Newly Discovered Ancient Egyptian Cemetery


Ancient DNA reveals genetic replacement despite language continuity in the South Pacific

Rock art and mystery: Ancient camel sculptures in Saudi desert

Divers Find ‘Unprecedented’ Native American Burial Site Off The Coast of Florida

The moon actually came from inside our planet
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