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Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:26 pm

September 28, 2019


Roofing drone nails down shingles

New Mersey designs show tidal barriers bring more benefits than producing clean energy

Eye-tracking technology could help make driving safer

Autonomous quadruped designed to team with soldiers

LSU researchers continue work on bendable concrete

'Transformer' rooms and robo-furniture are set to remake our homes

Croc-spotting drone patrol takes off Down Under

Development of highly sensitive diode, converts microwaves to electricity

Engineers produce water-saving crop irrigation sensor

Drones a game changer for emergency responders

Million-mile car battery unveiled by ground-breaking research

A new way to turn heat into energy

Theorists discover the 'Rosetta Stone' for neutrino physics [I'm skeptical]

Researchers observe exotic radioactive decay process


Sensing for augmented and virtual reality and for advanced manufacturing

Google will start transcribing audio recordings again

Researchers recreate living 3-D displays

Here's the kind of data hackers get about you from hospitals

Israel's central bank gives go-ahead to new digital bank

Messaging app Kik to shut down amid cryptocurrency battle

AI trained [i.e. programmed] to read scientific papers could predict future discoveries

Algorithms could stop an 'internet of things' attack from bringing down the power grid

A comprehensive moving tactile sensor based on mechanoluminescence

How cities can leverage citizen data while protecting privacy

60% of major US firms have been hacked in cloud

Artificial skin could help enhance virtual reality


Two sightings in two years suggest there could be lots more interstellar comets

Jupiter-like planet with a blueish colour orbiting a cool red dwarf

New research looks at gamma-ray bursts

Unusual Type II supernova discovered in NGC 1068

Milky Way's satellite globular cluster studied in detail

Galaxy found to float in a tranquil sea of halo gas

New frontier for science as astronomers detect gas molecules in comet from another star

Comet 67P surprises scientists with 'bright outbursts', collapsing cliffs and rolling boulders during Rosetta mission

Venus may have been habitable until mysterious catastrophe millions of years ago [how about thousands?]

Ice islands on Mars and Pluto could reveal past climate change

Mystery of the gargantuan crater on the dark side of the Moon

New study complicates theory that ancient impact pierced Moon's crust

NASA investing in 'planetary defense' to detect, deflect city-killing asteroids

Climate theory casts a new light on the history of Chinese civilisation

Mysterious 'pocket' of underwater gas could contain millions of tons of natural gas [CH4] or CO2

New IPCC report on ocean warming cites a flawed and retracted paper

Drug Inquiry: Fear of Climate Change is Destroying the Lives of Young People

Dinosaur Mingled with Sea Creatures in Japan

Archaeologists Are Learning More About Who and What Lived in This Famous Siberian Cave

The 6,000-Year-Old Underground Labyrinth: Hypogeum of Malta | Ancient Architects

Ancient Concrete of the Great Pyramid: Geopolymer Hiding the Secret Chamber? | Ancient Architects

Ancient Architects

Electric Mythology - TEV Live

Catastrophist Video Channels


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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:39 pm

The following is from October 05, 2019


Remote-sensing technology to detect emissions from passing cars

Streamed music and digital images have driven the comeback of vinyl records and printed photos

UPS gets government approval to become a drone airline

Wind power from the sky

Teams of mobile 3-D printing robots could fix bridges on Earth and build them to Mars

A touch of zirconium to better catch the sun

Hybrid breakers could make direct current practical in high power applications

A better suction cup

How artificial intelligence is supercharging materials science

Physicists solve mystery surrounding photon momentum

Squid-inspired robots might have environmental & propulsion applications

Molecular hydrogen becomes semimetallic at pressures above 350 GPa


We street-proof our kids. Why aren't we data-proofing them?

No, Alexa won't stop recording you

Artificial intelligence improves biomedical imaging

Preventing manipulation in automated face recognition

Ransomware hits hundreds of US schools, local governments

Researchers' new method enables identifying a person through walls

California island Catalina gets its closeup with new macOS

Smartphone typing speeds catching up with keyboards

Google will warn you when your passwords are too simple to guess and used too often

Addictive de-vices: How we can unplug from this 21st century epidemic

Two major security vulnerabilities found in PDF files


Weird repeating signals from deep space may be created by starquakes

Massive filaments fuel the growth of galaxies and supermassive black holes [No, the filaments are electrically formed]
- The 2MASS XSCz infrared survey shows long chains of galactic filaments, linking together to create an intricate network

The mass inflow and outflow rates of the Milky Way

Astronomers observe how two suns collect matter in a binary system

Russia to fly donut-shaped spaceship to edge of solar system

Ice grains from Saturn's moon Enceladus yields new organic compounds

Heating the solar corona
- A coronal loop from the Solar Dynamics Observatory

Venus: Mystery of the Unknown UV Absorber Solved?

Alien probes spying on Earth? Scientist warns of possible 'lurkers' in our solar system

Data from Chinese satellite shedding light on cosmic rays

Researchers find a new code in disordered proteins, pointing to intelligent design

Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions

Dust in ice cores leads to new knowledge on the advancement of the ice before the ice age

Younger Dryas Impact Platinum peaks found again in Southern Hemisphere

Humans Competed With Carnivores for Cave Space

Microscopic Evidence Sheds Light on the Disappearance of the World’s Largest Mammals

Electric Universe: Fact or Fiction? Carolina Bays

Ancient Great Pyramid Robbers Created This Tunnel to Remove Something Large | Ancient Architects

Robert Hawthorne - Arc Blast Geology Tour 2019

Discourses on an Alien Sky #44 | Ancient Myths and Symbols: Identifying the Celestial Provocation

Ev Cochrane: The Many Faces of Venus

Evidence Of Ancient Cataclysmic Activity And Exploring Underground At Saqqara In Egypt

Younger-Dryas Impact at Nipigon, Ontario? RC proposes field REX to Vet -from CAC'19 event May 26 '19

Ajlun Castle, Jordan - How did all the Clay Land on It? - p 8 of the Jordan Expedition

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:47 pm

The following is from October 12, 2019


Additively manufactured titanium alloy parts

New low-consumption diesel engine generates less contaminating particles

New approach for modern power grids that increases efficiency, reduces cost

Alternative to air conditioning, low-cost passive cooling technology

Dry ice could prevent rail delays

All-perovskite tandem solar cells with 24.8% efficiency

Technology to use hot air balloons for rocket launches

Bigger boat? UMaine has printer for that

System can minimize damage when self-driving vehicles crash

New electrolyte stops rapid performance decline of next-generation lithium battery

How preprocessing methods affect the conversion efficiency of biomass energy production

Rare 'Lazarus superconductivity' observed in promising, rediscovered material

Demonstrating slow light in rubidium vapor using single photons from a trapped ion

Company builds 3D printed hemp houses


This new tool for developers can help preserve app users' privacy

Groundbreaking method detects defective computer chips

Domain name fraud: is the global Internet in danger?

OECD suggests 'unified approach' to break deadlock on digital tax

Ransomware attacks 'getting bolder'

Report says workers are biggest data-security threat [not CEOs?]

Linksys announces motion detection with its mesh Wi-Fi routers


Not long ago, the center of the Milky Way exploded

Scientists observe year-long plateaus in decline of Type Ia supernova light curves

The Milky Way kidnapped several tiny galaxies from its neighbor

Violent flaring revealed at the heart of a black hole system [probably quasars or something, not black holes]

Saturn surpasses Jupiter after discovery of 20 new moons

Mars Curiosity Rover finds evidence of ancient oasis

Extreme solar storms may be more frequent than previously thought

Was Venus once warm and wet? New study of lava flow suggests not

How water is regenerated on asteroids

Study suggests ice on lunar south pole may have more than one source

Computer model helps make sense of human memory

Understanding the Climate Movement Part 3: Follow the Money

Believing in climate change doesn’t mean you are preparing for climate change, study finds

Early humans evolved in ecosystems unlike any found today

Wrangel Island Pygmy Mammoths lived up to the late 3rd millennium BC

YouTuber explains worldwide religious myths in context of the Younger Dryas

Dinosaur eggs point to the global Genesis Flood

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Unearthed in Indonesia

Israeli Archaeologists Say They Have Discovered a Bronze Age ‘New York City’

1,000 Lost Ancient Sites Found on Scottish Island

Huge new 'shark toothed' dinosaur found

A Mysterious Lost City in the Sahara Desert | Ancient Architects

Impossible Stone Carving and Evidence of Ancient Technology: Sayhuite Monolith | Ancient Architects

The Improbable Timeline of the Old Kingdom Mega-Pyramid Builders

Unexplained Relics Left By A Lost Civilization?

"Eroding (Bad) Geopolymer," In the 'TETI PYRAMID?!' Egypt

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:50 pm



The future of cities—opportunities, challenges and the way forward

Researchers design a solution for traffic management that helps reduce jams and pollution in cities

Calcium batteries: New electrolytes, enhanced properties

Fire blankets can protect buildings from wildfires

Recovering 'lost dimensions' of images and video

Assembler robots make large structures from little pieces

Driverless cars won't deliver a transport revolution—and the auto industry stands to lose out

Research group advances perovskite solar technology for green energy production

Scientists reveal mechanism of electron charge exchange in molecules

New understanding of the evolution of cosmic electromagnetic fields

Small high-voltage transmission electron microscope built in Japan

Reducing open-circuit voltage loss in organic solar cells


In 'SIM swap,' criminals really have your number

Texting or e-mail: Which gives you more secure communication?

Protecting smart machines from smart attacks

Mathematicians prove that flash-memory 'fingerprints' of electronic devices are truly unique

Use of social media is taking place both online and offline

Who needs an implanted microchip when there's an app for that?

Spy chip planting said to be easy to do and tough to spot

Detecting malicious web pages

New augmented reality system lets smartphone users get hands-on with virtual objects

Virtual walking system for re-experiencing the journey of another person

Augmented reality app adds interactive enhancements to scientific posters, presentations


The nature of obscured active galactic nuclei

Open cluster ASCC 123 investigated in detail

Astronomers have completed the largest survey to date of the faint outskirts of nearby galaxies

Variable star repository

Spiral arms in a young accretion disk around a baby star [Nope]

The clumpy and lumpy death of a star

An asteroid the size of London's Nelson's Column just skimmed past Earth

Soil on moon and Mars likely to support crops

Hubble Space Telescope captures interstellar comet 2I/Borisov

What really happened when the 'dino-killer' asteroid struck

Scientists discover big storms can create 'stormquakes'

Researchers find California quakes have awakened quiet fault line

Religion and Younger Dryas

Early Bronze Age metropolis

Tail of a comet

Ancient Egyptian ‘Industrial Zone’ Uncovered in Luxor’s Valley of the Monkeys

Early Humans Reached Greek Island 200,000 Years Ago, Changing Picture of Spread From Africa [except their dating methods are way wrong]

A Lost Ancient City Carved Out of Solid Rock in the Middle of the Desert? | Ancient Architects

Our Lightning-Scarred Moon – The Evidence Grows

Evidence Of Ancient Machining Technology Present At Hattusa In Turke

Impossible Ancient OOPArts Academia Can't Explain

Charles Kos on Atlantis etc

Precise Astronomical Instruments at Chaco Cyn & Beyond -Cosmography101-20.2 w/Randall Carlson May'08

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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Oct 26, 2019 9:46 am



New haptic arm places robotics within easy reach

Gita is a new cargo robot that can follow you, carry your stuff for about 4 hours

Why modified carbon nanotubes can help the reproducibility problem

Innovation paves the way for sensor interfaces that are 30 times smaller

Hover-taxi whizzes over Singapore

Technology to make self-driving cars, robotics, and other applications understand the 3-D world

Antenna system with tenfold speedup in data transmit and receive rates

Trackless trams & light rail can improve our cities

Autonomous drone cameras detect signs of life in disaster zones

Micromotors push around single cells and particles

Using lasers to study how star stuff is made

Free-space data-carrying bendable light communications

Scientists confirm a new 'magic number' for neutrons

Retrieving physical properties from two-colour laser experiments

Why nacre is nature's toughest material

Chinese scientists create tiny battery capable of working in ultra-low temperatures

Air-breathing engine precooler achieves record-breaking Mach 5 performance


Artificial skin creates first ticklish devices

Deep learning enlightens scholars puzzling over ancient texts

Public, election officials may be kept in the dark on hacks

Preventing young users from getting involved in cybercrime

What young people ask about when guaranteed anonymity

New framework makes AI systems more transparent without sacrificing performance

AI research achieves world-leading technology for visual recognition of people

Data lakes: Where big businesses dump their excess data, and hackers have a field day

Tapis computing platform weaves together science computing tools


Astronomers investigate IRAS 09002-473 cluster, find hundreds of probable member stars

Galaxy mergers ignite star bursts

The whole picture of a distant supercluster in three dimensions

First identification of a heavy element born from neutron star collision

Chandra spots a mega-cluster of galaxies in the making

New research on giant radio galaxies defies conventional wisdom

The rotation of Venus

Astronomers have spotted a new type of storm on Saturn

Martian landslides not conclusive evidence of ice

Beyond Jupiter, researchers discover a 'cradle of comets'

New selfie shows Curiosity, the Mars chemist

NASA moon rocks help form new picture of early moon and Earth

World's largest geode formed when Mediterranean sea disappeared

NASA pinpoints the cause of recent record carbon dioxide spike

Gregory et al 2019: Unsound claims about bias in climate feedback and climate sensitivity estimation

Hole In The Ozone Layer Shrinks To Smallest Size On Record

Mercury in fossilised ferns revealed as hidden driver in mass extinctions

Earth in Upheaval

Iron Pyrites [mostly nonsense IMO, but some useful info]

Fossil Trove Colorado [bad dating etc IMO, but some good info]

Clay minerals call the shots with carbon

Younger Dryas bibliography 2007 - 2009

New evidence that an extraterrestrial collision 12,800 years ago triggered an abrupt climate change

Cosmology’s fatal weakness—underdetermination

More Than 20 Ancient Egyptian Coffins in Pristine Condition Have Just Been Uncovered

Neanderthal Glue Was a Bigger Deal Than We Thought for Technology

Younger Dryas Impact on Ice

Ancient Waterworks Beneath the Step Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt | Ancient Architects Special



Evidence Of Ancient Advanced Machining Technology Around The World

Atlantic Seafloor Recently Raised & Exposed? Atlantis Mystery–Evidence Revealed

Archaeological PROOF GIANTS are Real [I didn't listen, but saw the images]
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:05 am



Meet the robots that will be your colleagues—not your replacements

System prevents speedy drones from crashing in unfamiliar areas

New method promises advances in 3-D printing

Drones help track wildfires, count wildlife and map plants

Chameleon's tongue strike inspires fast-acting robots

Batteries with fluorinated electrolytes that work at very high and low temperatures

Where to install renewable energy in US to achieve greatest benefits

System provides cooling with no electricity

Lithium ion battery design can charge an electric vehicle in 10 minutes

Toronto plans futuristic bayfront

Study shows ability to detect light from UV to the IR

A superconductor that 'remembers' its electronic charge arrangement

Researchers use 3-D printing to make glass optical fiber preform

Magic angle graphene produces switchable patterns of superconductivity

New printer creates extremely realistic colorful holograms


Why more software development needs to go to the machines

5 milestones that created the internet

Supercomputer analyzes web traffic across entire internet

Team develops a detector that stops lateral phishing attacks

Neural network reconstructs human thoughts from brain waves in real time

Seattle AI lab's free search engine aims to accelerate scientific breakthroughs

Engineers develop new way to know liars' intent

Social networks create own TV series


Possible nova in constellation Scutum

Video: Gaia astronomical revolution

A ghost in the Pleiades

New outburst detected from a luminous supersoft source in a nearby galaxy

Astronomers discover ghosts of supernovas in nearby galaxy

Globular cluster Terzan 9 investigated with MUSE

Astronomers catch wind rushing out of galaxy

New study sheds light on conditions that trigger supernovae explosions
[This is probably better:]

Ancient gas cloud shows that the first stars must have formed very quickly

Continuing Troubles for the Big Bang Model

Best images of Pluto's far side released by New Horizons team

Asteroid Hygiea may be the smallest dwarf planet in the solar system

Water from beyond our solar system found on interstellar comet 2l/Borisov

Clouds on Jupiter rising up above the surrounding atmosphere

We may be getting close to building chromosomes

The Real Climate Crisis Is Not Global Warming, It Is Cooling, And It May Have Already Started

Quiet sun sets new record for spotless days

Experts question study claiming to pinpoint birthplace of all humans

Centaurs [Comets beyond Jupiter] and Humans

The Dinosaur Trots

Witches, Comets and Planetary Cataclysms (9 year-old article)

Cosmic geo-chemistry from global cataclysm found in Palmetto State

A multi-proxy study of changing environmental conditions in a Younger Dryas sequence in southwestern Manitoba, Canada, and evidence for an extraterrestrial event

The age of arches: Arches National Park has over 2,000 rock arches, Forty-three collapsed between 1970 and 2015

Did an Extraterrestrial Impact Trigger the Extinction of Ice-Age Animals?

Younger Dryas Impact on Ice

Younger Dryas - Lake Agassiz

The Actual First Pyramid of Egypt, Source of Sacred Knowledge & Ancient High Technology: Elephantine

Lost Pyramid Discovered in Egypt + a 7,000-Year-Old Fort Discovered in Turkey | Ancient Architects

The Curious Connection between the Great Pyramid and the Maps of the Ancient Sea-Kings - UnchartedX


Ohio, 'Eat your heart out!' SERPENT MOUNDS AT STONEHENGE! ????


Pole Shifts, Hapgood, Floods, Impacts & Atlantis -Cosmography101-33.1 with Randall Carlson Dec'08

Lunar & Vedic #s / Deformations of Earth Seek Equilibrium / IceAge Cycles

Ev Cochrane: Did Ancient Man See a Different Sun?
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:26 pm



Researchers create a fleet of robots to navigate unknown underground environments

Scientists use inorganic ingredients to limit perovskite solar cells defects, retain efficiency

How do solar panels work?

Engineers invent smartphone device that detects harmful algae in 15 minutes

UPS makes first drone deliveries of CVS prescriptions to consumers' homes

Scientists design 'smart' asphalts with magnetic materials for safer electric scooters

Turning waste heat into hydrogen fuel

Smooth and stable electric vehicle charging

'Hot' electrons in metallic nanostructures—non-thermal carriers or heating?

Light-based 'tractor beam' assembles materials at the nanoscale

World-leading microscopes take candid snapshots of atoms in their 'neighborhoods'

New measurement yields smaller proton radius

The hidden ability of synchrotron radiation to perform coherent control

Thorium superconductivity: Scientists discover new high-temperature superconductor

A new way to measure gravity: Using floating atoms


Another approach to online platforms is possible: Cooperation

11 expert tips to search Google better, faster, more strategically

Automatic cameras will spot mobile-using motorists, but at what cost?

Wireless charging—More power, smaller package

Governments around the world are increasingly using social media to manipulate elections and monitor their citizens

New, free website helps teens, adults with special needs make new friends

Fewer protections come with digital payments like Apple Cash

Data points way to more efficient, secure networks

How Russia's online censorship could jeopardize internet freedom worldwide

Firefox: No-exit browser scammers want you to call bogus support

Siri and Alexa can also be hijacked by LASERS


Data from Planck space observatory suggests universe is a sphere

Astronomers map new emission line to trace most common molecule in the universe

Dusty star-forming galaxy MAMBO-9 investigated in detail

Thousands of new globular clusters have formed over the last billion years

CMB shadows argument against big bang no longer sustainable

There's something strange going on inside Neptune

Interstellar comet 2I/Borisov is still not acting very alien

We must learn how to 'slow down and speed up asteroids' to avoid fate of dinosaurs, Apollo 9 astronaut tells RT

25 years of science in the solar wind

A decade probing the sun

42 years on, Voyager 2 charts interstellar space

Permafrost coastlines' contribution to climate change possibly underestimated

Fossil discovery reveals apes first walked upright on two legs in Europe, not Africa

'Largest trove of mammoths bones ever found', unearthed in central Mexico

Ring cairns

Escape from model land

Sea Level Rise ‘Alarmist Agitprop’

“11,000 scientists” climate emergency petition includes a bunch of fake names

Tusk challenges Rogan to question Tyson regarding the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis

Permanent Younger Dryas Impact Paper Archive and Bibliography

A Chinese camarasaurus?

Do Maillard Reactions Explain Dinosaur Proteins?

Archaeologists find new evidence of Paleolithic era in Iranian cave

A Mesopotamian Ziggurat or Ancient Pyramid in Sardinia | Ancient Architects

Impossible Ancient OOPArt's From Around The World

Mycenae Tour: Why it's as Old as Göbekli Tepe?!

Lunar Baseball#s / Deformations of Earth Seek Equilibrium / IceAge Cycles

Mid-Atlantic Granitic Block Confirmed / Intense Vertical Tectonism (1975) -
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Nov 16, 2019 11:58 am



Making ceramic tile production greener with reused heat

Scientists develop sensor to save children, pets left in vehicles

Smart tech systems cut congestion for a fraction of what new roads cost

Large-scale integrated circuits produced in printing press

Speeding up the transition towards sustainable cities [?]

Drone wireless system can help rescue workers [but not spies?] see inside buildings

New efficiency world record for organic solar modules

Using mountains for long-term energy storage

New exploration method for geothermal energy

EM noise-less electric circuits

New material points toward highly efficient solar cells

Multimaterial 3-D printing manufactures complex objects, fast

Scientists design built-in controls for mini-chemical labs on a chip

Marine bioplastic made with fish waste, red algae wins prize

'Messy' production of perovskite material increases solar cell efficiency

Study investigates a critical transition in water that remains liquid far below the freezing point

Massive photons in an artificial magnetic field

Rapidly compressing lead to planetary-core type pressures found to make it stronger than steel

Holograms you can 'feel'

Scientists develop near ambient pressure photoemission electron microscopy

Cooper pair metal


Redditor creates a massive, working AirPod replica that's pretty impossible to lose

Content recommendation models on social media, poor solutions for reducing polarization in discussions

Hackers [probably working for U.S. government] are now targeting councils and governments, threatening to leak citizen data

Indonesia's first scientific data bank is a step toward strengthening 'open data' practices

Researchers discover vulnerabilities affecting billions of computer chips

New chip for waking up small wireless devices could extend battery life

The percentage of websites protected with [url]httpS encryption has jumped from just over 40% in 2016 to 80% today

New artificial intelligence system automatically evolves to evade internet censorship

Software helps planners design walkable cities

How hackers could use Wi-Fi to track you inside your home

Sound-redirecting prototype could fool eavesdroppers


Runaway star ejected from Milky Way's 'Heart Of Darkness' at 6 MILLION kmph

Growing evidence that the universe is connected by giant structures

Astronomers investigate a curious case of a supernova connected with gamma-ray burst
[Charles Chandler says "maybe supernovae are not the deaths of old stars, but rather, the births of new ones" at:]

Astronomers conduct one of the most detailed studies of a stellar halo

Mysteries behind interstellar buckyballs finally answered

Two cosmic peacocks show violent history of the magellanic clouds

IPTF14hls may be a variable hyper-wind from a very massive star

The direction in which a galaxy spins depends on its mass

Black holes do not power this ring of stars

Oxygen on Mars is behaving in a way that is puzzling scientists

Planet 9 may have already been found

Mercury skips across sun's vast glare in rare transit

Electric sails or solar sails?

NASA finds Neptune moons locked in 'dance of avoidance'

Scientists find Nile River to be older than previously thought

France's earthquake caused unusual crack in Earth's crust

Europeans migrated to Levant?

Stone Age Boats

Dinosaur Finds

Legacy of Climategate – 10 years later

No, Global Warming is Not Causing More Frequent Arctic Outbreaks

170 Years of Earth Surface Temperature Data Show No Evidence of Significant Warming


Earth’s odd rotation may solve an ancient climate mystery

Radar reveals ancient ‘ghost’ human footprints — in mammoth footprints

Younger Dryas in Africa, etcetera

Ancient Settlement With Sewer Dating Back 11,800 Years Discovered in Turkey

Discourses on an Alien Sky #45 | Archetype & Symbol: Is a Unified Approach Possible?

Evidence Of Ancient Machining Technology At Hattusa In Turkey


Canadian Impacts / Crater Chains / Extinct Ice Age Monsters

YDB Extinction - Killing the Overkill Hype with Catastrophe
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:20 pm



AI could transform how we monitor the structural health of civil infrastructure

Novel direct thermal charging cell for converting low-grade waste heat to usable electricity

Researchers design new hybrid engines that are more efficient and less contaminating

How traditional Indian building techniques can make modern cities more climate-friendly

Flexible organic electrodes built using water-processed silver nanowires

Reimagined thermionic energy technology to help reduce electricity costs

Li-ion battery components to be printed on an inkjet printer

Rechargeable batteries in your favorite devices can ignite and burn down your house

Harvesting energy from walking human body

Smart buildings face challenges but have plenty of potential

This humidity digester breathes in atmospheric water and exhales energy

New hybrid device can both capture and store solar energy

Wind more effective than cold air at cooling rooms naturally

New material captures and converts toxic air pollutant into industrial chemical

A remote control for everything small

New water-based optical device revolutionizes the field of optics research

Fifth physical force emerging from a helium atom?


The main problem with virtual reality? It's almost as humdrum as real life

Machines that make decisions about us: what could possibly go wrong?

Attempted cyberattack disrupts Louisiana state government

Free broadband: Internet access is now a human right, no matter who pays the bills

Travelers split on whether they would take trips in autonomous vehicles

How virtual reality is preparing West Aussie paramedics

Trash talk hurts, even when it comes from a robot

Digital battleground looms large for 2020 election

Don't get sucked into the whole 5G marketing bubble

Team saw how an attacker could hijack Android camera for spyfest

Free streaming options abound

How you'll be able to feel videogames in the future

Detecting mental and physical stress via smartphone

Secure data transmission with ultrasound on the mobile phone

Isolated Iceland newly vulnerable to computer scams

Microscope kit transforms smartphones into lab tools

How attackers could hijack your android camera to spy on you


Gamma-ray burst has smashed records

Study sheds more light on the nature of the transient X-ray pulsar MAXI J1409-619

Blowtorch jets from a black hole [ha ha, actually "quasars"] drive starbirth

MeerKAT telescope spies stellar flare

Astronomers investigate stellar content of the open cluster NGC 330

Outback telescope captures Milky Way center, discovers remnants of dead stars

Image: Hubble eyes an emitting galaxy

Chemistry in the turbulent interstellar medium

First detection of sugars in meteorites may give clues to origin of life

Water vapor above Jupiter's moon Europa confirmed by NASA study

First global geologic map of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, completed

Olivine-norite rock detected by Yutu-2 likely crystallized from the SPA [lunar] impact melt pool

Complex organic molecules in comet 21P

Fractured ice sheets on Mars

Life on Mars

Rare gas find suggests Southern Africa lies above plume of abnormally hot mantle

How is a massive "blob" of rock causing earthquakes in Central Asia?

UN phony 1.5 Degree C “temperature limit” scam is kaput

'Junk' DNA... full of information!" Including genome-sized "genomic code"

Scientists learn to evaluate the psyche with lasers

Humans put into suspended animation for first time during surgery

Star Dust: radioactive iron-60

Hyenas in Yukon

Blockbuster 2019 AGU abstract supports cosmic impact induced Younger Dryas

Observations Support Grand Canyon Flood Origin

The asteroid which impacted with Earth 66 million years ago


Cave lion figurine made of woolly mammoth tusk found in Denisova Cave

Were other humans the first victims of the sixth mass extinction?

Younger Dryas Energy Calculations

3,000-Year-Old Megalithic 'Water Temple' Discovered in Peru | Ancient Architects

The story of the ancient underground precision granite box of Mastaba 17, at Meidum, Egypt

OOPArts & Architecture Of A Lost Civilization


Canadian Impacts / Crater Chains / Extinct Ice Age Monsters

YDB Extinction - Killing the Overkill Hype with Catastrophe

Canary Islands Caldera Collapses / Events YDB Coincident

Echoes of Atlantis reverberate thru Azores Isles / Stop looking elsewhere
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Mon Nov 25, 2019 7:41 am

Here's something to add to the Tech & Computer sections above:
30 Newest Awesome Products You've Probably Never Heard Of
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Re: Major Sci News Blog

Unread postby Lloyd » Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:38 pm



A new tool to help one billion people at risk due to lack of access to cooling

Movement rather than shape of wings determines flight

A new type of hybrid colloidal quantum dot/organic solar cells

Report shows high injury rate at Amazon warehouses

Team develops satellites that fix other satellites

New type of transistor designed by engineering professor

Nuclear reactors with a newly proposed barrier could have withstood Chernobyl and Fukushima

New big data algorithms improve earthquake detection; monitor livestock health and agricultural pests

Research highlights need to safeguard drones and robotic cars against cyber attacks

A new model to retrieve images based on sketches

In New York, grocery deliveries go high-tech

Team makes materials that water, heat, or mechanical forces can alter into new shapes

Flexoskeleton printing: Fabricating flexible exoskeletons for insect-inspired robots

Researchers set new upper limit on neutrino mass

Facial recognition "Robocops" see through our clothes and listen to our phone calls

20 Ingenious inventions in 2019

25 Insanely Cool Products That You Probably Haven’t Heard About


China surveillance tech seeks to go global

Kids may need more help finding answers to their questions in the information age

New Facebook app pays people to take part in surveys

Novel tactile display using computer-controlled surface adhesion

Human-machine interaction enables development of highly accurate decision-making systems

Mystery blurs dump of over 1 billion people's personal data

Artificial intelligence underlying mechanisms

Virtual reality becomes more real

How smartphones can verify your identity

New device enables battery-free computer input at the tip of your finger

Toward more efficient computing, with magnetic waves

Superconductivity theory under attack


Astronomers locate a galaxy containing three supermassive black holes [i.e. quasar clusters] at the center

Carbon soccer ball with extra proton probably most abundant form in space

Study sheds more light on the properties of a Type Ia supernova discovered very young

Mapping our galaxy's magnetic field

Ultraluminous X-ray source UGC 6456 ULX investigated in detail

Global storms on Mars launch dust towers into the sky

New image offers close-up view of interstellar comet

Titan Anomalies

Effects of the solar wind


Ice fossils found in meteorite

Sugars in Meteorites

Meteor Bombardment to Plate Tectonics

What are lost continents and why are we discovering so many?

'Insect apocalypse' and light pollution

Mysterious protein central to the functioning of DNA

Amazonian tree with human-sized leaves finally Identified as new species

Draconian Climate Change Agenda: Back to The Medieval Green World

How the sun affects temperatures on Earth

2019 AGU abstract supports Younger Dryas "exacerbated" by cosmic impact

Genetic effects of the Flood bottleneck

African evidence support Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis

5,000-Year-Old Ancient Pyramid Discovered in Peru | Ancient Architects

The story of the ancient underground precision granite box of Mastaba 17, at Meidum, Egypt

Origin Of The Tiwanaku Culture In Bolivia? The Obscure Site Called Konko Wankane

Was There One Ancient Global Megalithic Culture Or Many?
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Five key opportunities identified for hydrogen industry growth

Researchers develop generator that uses substance to convert waste heat into clean electricity

Bending an organic semiconductor can boost electrical flow

Car batteries can be frozen for safer transportation

Tracking power generation and use in the U.S. on an hourly basis

How to build a smart city: Innovation diplomacy, transparency, trust and... conflict?

Robotics researchers have a duty to prevent autonomous weapons

New 'hyper glue' formula developed

Remove car lanes, restrict vehicles and improve transit to reduce traffic congestion

Molecular vibrations lead to high performance laser

Novel material switches between electrically conducting and insulating states

A momentous view on the birth of photoelectrons

Simple experiment explains magnetic resonance

Study shows electric cars become practically useless in cold weather


New streaming technology will change computer gaming

Can anyone be completely anonymous?

Tips to help small business owners avoid phishing scam

Growth in data breaches shows need for government regulations (Comment: Duh, the govt is probably behind the breaches)

Deployable human-scale immersive virtual environments?


Stars seen slinging comets at Earth for the first time

Black hole or newborn stars? SOFIA finds galactic puzzle

Researchers identify a minimoon fireball

Gas giant composition not determined by host star

Gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057 contains a pulsar, study suggests

Astronomers propose a novel method of finding atmospheres on rocky worlds

Unusual X-ray spectral variability observed in NGC 1313 X-1

Astronomers probe the nature of a peculiar pulsar wind nebula

New clues about the origin of stellar masses

Solar Wind Around Pluto instrument confirms solar wind slows farther away from the sun

Mars: We may have solved the mystery of how its landslides form

NASA's exoplanet-hunting mission catches a natural comet outburst in unprecedented detail

Sun's close-up reveals atmosphere hopping with highly energetic particles

Parker Solar Probe traces solar wind to its source on sun's surface: coronal holes

OSIRIS-REx mission explains asteroid Bennu's mysterious particle events


New software aims to make science more replicable

Standard compression algorithm could revolutionize physical and biological computations

Climate change delusions are undermining science

4 Renowned scientists expose major IPCC shortcomings: "Models Clearly Erroneous"

Climate Models Have Not Improved in 50 Years

'Deliberate falsehood': Scientists shred Chinese CRISPR babies experiment after leak of unpublished research

Scientists are playing sounds underwater to bring dead coral reefs back to life

Two of the biggest US earthquake faults might be linked

Peer review working? YDIH dominates science community readership stats

“Fossil dinosaur feathers found near the South Pole”

How much genetic diversity did humanity lose because of Noah’s Flood?

Neanderthal Extinction Caused by Inbreeding and Smallness of Their Populations

3,500-year-old skull and femur found in Hittite city of Sapinuwa in breakthrough discovery

Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders

Denisovans, A Mysterious Kind Of Ancient Humans, Are Traced To Tibet

Early humans domesticated themselves, new genetic evidence suggests

Cataclysm, Mass Extinctions, and the Consequent Myths

Older than Machu Picchu: Pre-Inca Mountaintop Settlement Discovered in Peru | Ancient Architects

Revealing The Anomalies Of Ancient Egyptian History


Richat Dome Formation / Impact Proxies Defined
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