Catastrophic evolution vs "punctuated equilibrium"

Historic planetary instability and catastrophe. Evidence for electrical scarring on planets and moons. Electrical events in today's solar system. Electric Earth.

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Re: Catastrophic evolution vs "punctuated equilibrium"

Unread post by tholden » Sat May 19, 2012 8:26 am

kell1990 wrote: My present guess is that this is a hoax, because no Mars civilization has ever been found.
That's a tautology: any evidence of Mars civilization has to be a hoax because no Mars civilization evidence (which isn't a hoax) has ever been found.

Other views on the Medusa Fossae area:

If this stuff is a hoax, then both ESA and NASA are involved in a gigantic hoax an lots and lots of people are involved, there's just too much such stuff: ... ectory.htm

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Re: Catastrophic evolution vs "punctuated equilibrium"

Unread post by davesmith_au » Sun May 20, 2012 8:39 am

This topic has moved seriously away from a scientific discussion, and quite frankly I'm surprised more people around here have lost the art of self-moderation.
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