Gravity and the Solar System

Historic planetary instability and catastrophe. Evidence for electrical scarring on planets and moons. Electrical events in today's solar system. Electric Earth.

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Re: Gravity and the Solar System

Unread post by ConsciousNutshell » Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:36 pm

Good evening.

I think this is the proper section to ask this question. I'd like to know if there's any theory about an electrical (electromagnetic) relationship between gravity hill (and/or mystery spots) and gravity anomalies. I know the 'official version' is they are optical illusions, but it's weird that these alleged illusions only happen in very special places (North-East part of USA and Canada and South-East of Australia mainly). These sites are plenty of structures as craters called lunettes, which EU regard as being produced electrically.

May it be that earth lithosphere or mantle is somewhat more charged from past (recent?) electrical activity which in turn causes distortion of the gravity field? What is the view of Electric Universe experts please?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Gravity and the Solar System

Unread post by webolife » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:25 pm

I personally visited 2 "mystery [gravity anomaly] spots" in my childhood. At each of the times, my siblings and I were tired of long hours traveling in the car, and we urged our parents to stop and let us see what was so "mysterious"... My earliest experience was at age 11, and I must say the experience introduced and defined the terms "false advertising", "hoax" and "tourist trap" for my young inquiring mind. The first two "spots" on my list were small houses built on the same exact architectural plan. Off-plumb walls, oblique corners, slanted floors, all "illusory" but not even that well done. Photos of the illusions covered the walls and sign boards, all taken from the required perspective point to elicit the supposed illusion. I was amazed that any one could stay in business with such stupid tricks. That being said, other people around us were oohing and ahhing at such obvious fakes as a ball rolling "uphill" in a trough set into one of these ridiculously built structures. The third location was a different permutation of the same tricks. The only reason I agreed to go in to either of the other two spots was to satisfy the curiosity of traveling companions that these also were worthless fakes. As a father I "treated" my [at the time 3] children to another one of these as an exercise in "critical thinking"; they recognized immediately that the illusions were intentional, but thought they were "cool" [Hey dad, can we build a room like that at our house? If you wish, says I... they lost interest.] --
The locations I experienced were right off of main thoroughfares in:
1. Jackson Hole, WY
2. Hope, BC, Canada
3. The redwoods, CA
I've seen them in a couple other locations traveling throughout the US [been to 47 states], but didn't stop or think much of them except to smirk momentarily as I passed by.

On a more scientific note, be sure not to confuse "anomalies" with "variations" in physical phenomena. There are an infinity of the latter, and plenty of the first in the universe... I'll give "anomaly" this credit: the word essentially means <unexplained by current "laws"[theories]>, which amounts to quite a fair number of yearly "discoveries", especially in explorations of our solar system!
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Re: Gravity and the Solar System

Unread post by ConsciousNutshell » Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:42 am

Thank you weboflife.

Anyway, whatever those tricks be (you don't mention), it's funny that the 'Gravity Hills anomalies' are located mainly in those specific regions of the planet, which are full of electrically carved craters/lunettes and which may considered to be placed arround ancient geographic poles. See the list here:


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Re: Gravity and the Solar System

Unread post by johnm33 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:18 am


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