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Re: Hail with Spikes from storms...

Unread postby CharlesChandler » Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:50 pm

Ion01 wrote:I have often wondered about the extreme size that hail can get too in storms. We are told that it is vertical winds in storms that keep these large chunks of ice aloft in the clouds. I am not sure I am convinced it is purely vertical winds...

Indeed, hail gets a sloppy treatment in the mainstream literature. The terminal velocity of a golfball-size hailstone (r = 22 mm) is 15 m/s. This would be slow enough to keep it suspended in a thunderstorm updraft, which can exceed 50 m/s. But not much hail is found in or around the updraft. Rather, the updraft shows up on radar as the "bounded weak echo region" (BWER). Since hail is the best radar reflector in the storm, that pretty much proves that there ain't much hail there. Hail actually falls in the forward flank downdraft, and between there and the updraft. In these areas, the air is moving down, or sideways, and that kind of air isn't going to keep a hailstone suspended by terminal velocity. :) So this can only be evidence of electromagnetism.

In addition to being the storm's best radar reflector, hail is also its best negative charge carrier, since the electron cloud is so much bigger in a large particle. Since the region in which it forms straddles the freezing line (4~5 km above the surface), we just have to ask what kind of electric field is in that region. And sure enough, thunderstorms have a positively charged anvil at the top, and a main negative charge region in the middle of the cloud. The electric field exerts a force more powerful than gravity on charged particles (see MacGorman, D. R., and Rust, W. D., 1998: The Electrical Nature of Storms. Oxford University Press, pg. 57). So the electric force keeps the hailstone suspended. The toroidal recirculation of air in that part of the storm gets the hailstone traveling in a circular motion. If this circle straddles the freezing line, it will get frozen & thawed 10 or more times, forming distinct layers about 2 mm apiece, before finally falling out of the storm as a golfball from the sky.

The spikey hailstones didn't start out looking so spikey -- this is mainly the effect of selective melting. Such hailstones are one-time aggregates of smaller hailstones that might have formed under varying conditions. Ones that are solid ice melt slower, while ones with looser layers of snow melt faster. Here are two examples. The latter lost about 1/3 of its size when it collided with a gutter, but is still the largest hailstone on record last time I checked. Both are clearly aggregates of smaller hailstones.


See Observations on the Electromagnetic Nature of Tornadic Supercell Thunderstorms: Section 10. Hail & Wind Shear, and/or some of the other related sections, for more info.

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The Electromagnetic Nature of Tornadic Supercell Thunderstorms
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Re: Electric Weather

Unread postby seasmith » Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:44 pm

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Re: Electric Weather

Unread postby Beata-at-home » Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:53 pm

If one is to accept the Saturnian Theory of a planet basking in the warming glow of a Red Dwarf Sun which spread its light evenly into that soft purple curtain then how could there have been any Ice Age apart from the one created when it was ejected into its new environment with a new Yellow Sun as its master.

How can the ice core record be a genuine proxy for hundreds of thousands of years of glacial>interglacial>glacial sequences of history if the Earth within a Saturnian environment would have has no glaciation as a result of even distribution of radiant energy over its entire surface.

If indeed we were once formerly a planet of a Red Dwarf encompassed by the purple light of dawn - a day without night as we know it. Perhaps this is explains our primeval fear of the dark. In our not too distant past the dark as we know it never existed.

That was an old post, but, I would like to respond. I don't see evidence of ice ages, especially not with the remains found in the pole areas. Neither do I believe that it was possible. It looks to me like there was a very biologically productive and warm earth until a major catastrophe struck, killed nearly every thing, which changed the climate since then, also giving us 4 seasons, which likely had not been before. This is a good topic for this fourm, which brings to light the influence of electromagnetic interference and tilting of the earth. I think it wouid be more correct to say that we are living in an ice age now, compared to the global semi-tropical climate it apparently used to be.

http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss? ... e+age+myth

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Re: Electric Weather

Unread postby Beata-at-home » Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:16 pm

This is a great site to follow the effects of electricity on weather.

Plus, there are frequent global earthquake updates. If you have not seen it before, it might knock your socks off!!

Bonus: 3-10-2013 a post on mentioned site about using home shortwave radio to melt steel.

Check it out. 8-) :geek: :ugeek:

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Re: Electric Weather

Unread postby webolife » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:54 pm


I totally agree with you about the Ice "Age" --- there was[is] a catastrophically induced glacial episode, in which we are still experiencing the effects of continental glaciations [Greenland and Antarctica], as well as the seasonal flux that is not evidenced in the fossil record prior to the pleistocene geology. I do believe however that the period of glaciation began around 5M to 7M BP, lasted for a few [2 - 4] centuries, dwindling to its current status. Would you concur with this general time frame?

Electric weather is a hot debate, for the simple reason that it adds an extreme range of unpredictability to what most consider to be an everyday occurrence. It is so everyday as to invite apathy toward the question of its fundamental causes, eg. upper level [magnetospheric] electrical fields versus tropospheric convection. If the Ice Age could [I believe did] happen that quickly, with such catastrophic consequences for the world, it is humbling to recognize we are not so much in control of our future.
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Re: Electric Weather

Unread postby Lloyd » Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:49 am

G Webb, by 5 to 7M BP, I assume you mean millennia before present. I think some may assume you mean million or megayears before present.
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Inclement weather worldwide

Unread postby trevbus » Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:15 pm

Word to me is that satellite laser ranging stations worldwide are afflicted by inclement weather. One of the few stations producing data reliably is in Western Australia - it is in a desert-like region.

The global cloud and rain is probably explained by some global electrical phenomena similar to the Martian dust storms.
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EU & Weather modification

Unread postby rkm » Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:31 pm

As we all know, whether events like thunderstorms and tornadoes are plasma discharge events, induced by the voltage potential between the ionosphere and the surface, a potential that can also cause earthquakes, due to telluric current activity.

Quite obviously then, if there is a technology that can significantly modify the electric charge in a targeted region of the ionosphere, that technology could be used to create or intensify weather events and earthquakes, particularly when the natural potential difference is already at a high level. Or the technology could be used to lessen the effects of natural weather events, or decrease the likelihood of earthquakes.

There's a lot of interest these days in geoengineering, particularly based on concerns about climate change. Personally I'm not a fan of geoengineering, but it does seem that the EU model would be the appropriate scientific foundation upon which to base geoengineering technology.
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Strange fireballs during lightning/tornado warning

Unread postby Omni » Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:39 am

Glad to see the EU growing in popularity. Last few years now it's almost common to meet someone in passing that is familiar with it.

My post here today concerns a natural lightning occurrence that happen in my backyard while I recorded video of a tornado warning.

This is not fake and it is not of very good quality. My little JVC cam has poor low light capabilities plus I was recording through a dual pane window. Some auto focus issues didn't help either.

Excuses made, here it is:


There are links in the description to the fireball parts.

I have asked a very few locals about it and no of them has even seen or heard of anything like this. At least by my verbal description. I have yet to ask the neighbor that the one fireball shoots off his house or front door.

It's kind of difficult to put to words; " Hi I just moved here a year ago, did you happen to have a fireball blow off your house?"

Just doesn't sing...

Also of note; I saw the second fireball when editing, thus the slow-mo. I didn't notice the first that was low frame and seemed to emanate from my back yard until after posted on Youtube. When I saw the first one, at that point, I realized this wasn't a shotgun plug from the neighbors house.

As I feel we are on the cusp of a major electrical environmental change I wonder if this is a precursor.

I am familiar with most of the TPODs related to such types of fire from the sky, S.F. fire, fire balls igniting multiple states at once...Etc. Did I catch something similar?

As in any good mystery; there are odd events. This particular event happens to be my ignorance of where Windows Movie Maker was getting its files from. In an attempt to create a higher quality video and a rash reaction to "Insufficient memory to create in high quality" error, I deleted the base files. Over 2.5 hours gone in a click.

Of course, after I had erased the SD cards. You can't just screw up slightly can you?

I do have another 30+ min. version saved on my comp but it is of no better quality and contains copyrighted music so it is probably not postable.

Is this common? I did just move out here to NE Colorado. You would think something like large flaming hail, or what ever it is, would be all over the media.

Any insight, input or links to relevant material would be greatly appreciated.
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Strange fireballs during tornado warning (higher quality)

Unread postby Omni » Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:20 am

I originally posted this in New Insights and Mad Ideas. Although viewed I received no answers.

I went back and, now being slightly more versed in editing, re-uploaded the videos in 1080p.

These events are shown in order as they happen.

Please. What is this?

Here's a short video with slow-mo.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_yCdwS ... e=youtu.be

The few locals I have asked never heard of such. I do plan on asking the neighbor if he has marks on his car. Now with a better video I may not feel so oddball.

Taken in Northeast Colorado June 18, 2014 during a severe lightning/tornado warning.

Higher quality of original post (with better music):


The bulk of the video I have left and what I salvaged these clips from.


Are we seeing an increase in these types of electrical events?

Is this similar to past "fire from the sky" events/myths/history?

I am familiar with most of the TPODs and especially one relative to these topics. Now seeing this, I am most curious if we are seeing a change in our electrical environment.
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Re: Strange fireballs during tornado warning (higher quality

Unread postby kell1990 » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:51 am

I think the lights you are seeing are called "ball lightning." The amber color is typical of this type of electrical activity.

There seems to be a very high incidence of cloud to cloud lightning occuring during this storm. Don't know if that has any affect on these lights, but there is an hypothesis that ball lightning actually vaporizes minerals found in the soil and carries it on some type of electrical wave.

It could be that what is happening is that the ground and the clouds (the storm) are trying to equalize and the voltage in telluric currents in the ground is being drawn toward the opposite voltage in the sky, but is in a range that's minimally able to generate vaporization, but not strong enough to complete the connection betwen ground and sky.

(As an aside, after watching many, many severe electrical storms over relatively flat terrain, I think we should treat each of them as an independent system, which have boundaries and total energy capacities moving through the atmosphere, sorta like an eddy at sea.")

Re: Strange fireballs during tornado warning (higher quality

Unread postby nick c » Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:07 pm

I do not know what it is. Maybe ball lightning, it does not look to me to be a reflection off the window or a camera artifact.
Are we seeing an increase in these types of electrical events?
Without some statistics, I do not see how we can say that.
Is this similar to past "fire from the sky" events/myths/history?
No. The electrical events that are described in TPOD's and referring to mythic accounts were orders of magnitude greater than anything that we experience in the present era. The conditions were very different.
I am familiar with most of the TPODs and especially one relative to these topics. Now seeing this, I am most curious if we are seeing a change in our electrical environment.
That maybe. In the EU the Earth's electrical environment is dependent upon the state of the Sun, which like all stars is variable and itself dependent on galactic birkeland currents.
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Re: Strange fireballs during tornado warning (higher quality

Unread postby Omni » Sun Jul 27, 2014 3:06 pm


The amount of cloud to cloud was staggering, it was like a strobe light(exaggeration implied) for 2.5 hours. Most of the bolts I caught are on the video, only a small percentage of the cloud flashes made it past editing. The initial intention was just a wow lightning/tornado warning video.

I can understand that each system can be considered an individual event but singular events by themselves can mean a lot more if they're repetitive.

I agree that the equalization was not strong enough to produce a bolt. I also understand the basic concept of charge equalization. My observation is; the distinct ballistic trajectory implying some mass. Although current can and will flow in any direction it pleases, we have three instances within minutes behaving in a very ballistic manner.

With all the theories of electrical excavation, to me, this seems like a obviously very small scale example.

@ Nick c

Yes, I agree some form of ball lightning but definitely not atypical.

Yes, I realize those events in the TPoDs are of immense scale. But as repeated throughout said TPoDs is that fact electricity is directly scalable. When I envision crater excavation, rille formations and alike I can easily see this being a very small scale version of that.

Very good point about the sun and though not mentioned I always consider it. Interestingly enough, we had that rare double X class flare on June 10th 2014. It was not earth directed but supporting EU theory; that would mean an increased electrical environmental system and likely planetary. Eight days later would seem within acceptable timeframe for charge to equate system-wide then planet-wide.

As far as data; that is why I am asking here. To find sources to similar examples and or a text book type reference.
Data from my end is limited as I am just filming out a window and what limited info I can find on The National Weather service doesn't go back that far in time. If you know of any source with the data that would be helpful I would gladly scour it and present it if applicable.

To both; I understand ball lightning can do some strange things. I have spoken first hand to a train engineer who told us of a ball of lightning coming down from the sky then following one rail all the way to our wiring house. It blew out 4 rows of lightning arrestors and fried a magnetic relay.

What he explained was wavering, floating, flying and surging in speed as it hit the rail. There are countless videos of similar floating balls.

What we have here is three objects following distinct ballistic paths, slowing before they terminate.

I appreciate this input and hope it continues. I believe there is something significant here.
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Re: Strange fireballs during lightning/tornado warning

Unread postby CharlesChandler » Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:44 am

You "might" have caught some ball lightning on film there, but to be usable, from that distance, only broadcast quality film would have captured enough detail to prove anything.

The rest of the EM was fairly typical of a degenerating supercell. The frequent horizontal lightning is sometimes called sheet lightning, because of its horizontal path, and because sometimes it has a dendritic nature, oriented horizontally, like a sheet. This is more common when the supercell is still going strong, and is evidence of charged double-layers within the supercell, with discharges between them. There were also frequent discharges within the mesocyclone itself. The one thing that I didn't see, which is fairly common, was corona discharges, which are large flashes that are blue, violet, green, or sometimes orange light. This is evidence of ionized air, and is more typical in storms that actually produce tornadoes. Your storm had a mesocyclone (i.e., the large, rotating updraft inside a supercell) judging from the lightning pattern, but no tornado, so no ionized air near the ground.
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The Electromagnetic Nature of Tornadic Supercell Thunderstorms
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Re: Strange fireballs during tornado warning (higher quality

Unread postby Omni » Sat Aug 23, 2014 5:56 pm

Please forgive me.

I had truly thought I had something never seen before.

I recently was filming another storm and recreated the "fireballs" by accident.

Although I had tested reflections in the first video I never drew on the cigarette, just merely moved it around.

Here is the recreation:


My sincerest apologies, I had no intention of misleading anyone.

I will leave this up for day or two if the Mods see fit then ask that it be removed.
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