Michael Steinbacher Zion Canyon Anomalies

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Michael Steinbacher Zion Canyon Anomalies

Unread postby Pangaea Republic » Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:24 pm

Hi thunderbolts folks, I have been making some videos on the Younger Dryas Impacts, I agree with you all on the comet propulsion suppression by the military... and I have been trying to figure out this giant airburst that hit in 10,800 BC, I have proposed a very rasonable tsunami evidence... while I disagree with Michael on some things, I believe he was SPOT ON with the flood evidence in the Grand Canyon area... It's a shame I didn't find him until he died, he really would have liked my impact mega tsunami theory.

My analysis of some of this work:

I mean we have giant canyons with absolutely no feeding water drainage... literally impossible for rain to have done the erosion. I almost fell off my chair when I saw this exact part https://youtu.be/sKTTbhhe1uY?t=465

Guy is a legend and people thought he was nuts, I feel crazy at time trying to share the scale of this younger dryas cataclysm... like all the old myths don't even describe how big this was, it was more extreme than what the bible says, so extreme they assumed that's when the earth was created and only documented the melting of the glaciers 1,200 years later... insane...

I talk some about the giant scale of things here: https://youtu.be/DmISmCmiCaM

I kindly ask we not debate the difference between planetary discharge from magnetic fields and electric universe, I agree Velikovsky was right to some extent... like why the heck is Venus spinning the wrong way, this deserves more research.

- Pangaea Republic
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