The Earth Rang Like A Bell

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The Earth Rang Like A Bell

Unread postby Riotboy » Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:37 am

On November 11, 2018 the Earth rang like a bell for about 20 minutes. Seismic waves were picked up across the planet from Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Hawaii, etc., and the strongest in Mayotte between Africa and Managascar. According to on 11-11-18 Venus, the Earth, and Uranus were in a straight line and most likely this caused the vibrating resonance on the Earth (my hypothesis).

The Moon also rang like bell for about an hour in March 1970 when NASA crashed one of its spacecrafts into the surface.

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Re: The Earth Rang Like A Bell

Unread postby jacmac » Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:40 am

My comment is somewhat tangential to the main thread.
According to on 11-11-18 Venus, the Earth, and Uranus were in a straight line

Taken from The Planets Today:
Both apps show a solar system map - a "plan view" of the planets laid out in the plane of the ecliptic (the flat plane in which all the main planets move about the Sun).

Dwarf planet positions are also shown - but it should be realised that these objects often rise far above and below the plane of the ecliptic. This is because their orbital planes are tilted with respect to the ecliptic - by more than 40 degrees in some cases. So be aware that just because the app may occasionally show a planet and a dwarf planet to be very close to each other in the plan view, they may, in fact, be separated by a large perpendicular distance.

Just as the dwarf planets may be separated by a large perpendicular distance due to there orbital tilt to the ecliptic,I suggest the perpendicular positions of the main planets are not necessarily "in a straight line" either.
Jupiter, for example, changes its perpendicular position by a total of approx. 100 million miles.

The perpendicular distance of the planets are almost always assumed to be on the ecliptic or on the solar equatorial plane (ie. non existent) in everything I have read in the last ten years. I suggest the changing perpendicular distances, and changing solar magnetic field polarity positions contribute to the complex electrical nature of the solar system.
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Re: The Earth Rang Like A Bell

Unread postby Younger Dryas » Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:32 pm

I just read about this in NewScientist ... the waves appeared to have originated off the coast of Madagascar and moved unilaterally from there.

A number of researchers have made note of the Venus/Full Moon conjunction and historic epidemics - occurring shortly afterwards (3 months)
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Re: The Earth Rang Like A Bell

Unread postby spark » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:40 am

The earth rang like a bell because the earth is hollow.

Read Jan Lamprecht's book mentioned by Wal Thornill in his video.

Hollow Planet Seismology Vs Solid Earth Seismology by Jan Lamprecht. ... ueca_9.htm
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