Alien Sky - Falling Debris and Perched Boulders

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Alien Sky - Falling Debris and Perched Boulders

Unread postby Watsong » Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:28 am

This post ties in with the "Discourses on an Alien Sky" series, available here:

In reference to the suggested period of debris falling due to close range interactions between planets, I found the following interesting in that respect: ... .be&t=2060

This video mostly discusses rock mounds and rock complexes found in the United States. I am ignoring the "Giants" part of the video, which begins in full at 37 minutes in. The time index that I have put in the link is at a point where the narrator shows photographs and a diagram of a rather interesting wall, connecting several perched boulders together in series. The perched boulders appear to be of the same kind as those found worldwide - seemingly hastily constructed and required the movement of, sometimes massive and always heavy, boulders and rocks. What I found particularly interesting is the presence of various "holes" in the wall. Areas large enough to take cover in, should the need arise. The narrator had no idea as to why such holes were included in the wall. His narrative focus was on -whom- built and their level of technology and not -why- these constructions were built.

I also found of note his occasional references to the constructions as being astronomical in nature. The best example being here:

Perhaps there were particular times of day or the year when falling debris was more likely, enabling the use of astronomy to better predict when debris was likely to fall?
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