Permanently Aligned Planets in Proto-Saturn Hypothesis

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Permanently Aligned Planets in Proto-Saturn Hypothesis

Unread postby BeyondTheVeil » Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:18 pm

I really like the proto-Saturn hypothesis and I believe it holds a lot of merit. I would like to see some experimental support for the proposed aligned orbits of Venus, Mars, and Earth, though. No doubt an electrically controlled system using Birkeland currents certainly has the power to put planets wherever it is electrically feasible and energetically preferred to have them. And perhaps this is done similarly to how the aggregated particles align themselves in the video clip supplied by Thrivaltech in It would be convincing to see an experiment done in a 2D plane, or in a 3D chamber, such as SAFIRE, to see a model star place and hold 3 planets in orbits where the planets remained in constant, eclipsed orbits.

I would attempt some experiments like this myself, but I left all my electronic components in the US when I moved to Peru earlier this year, and haven't figured out how to replace them here, yet.
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