Ancients witnessed "Creation of the Universe"

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Ancients witnessed "Creation of the Universe"

Unread postby BeyondTheVeil » Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:37 pm

The proto-Saturn hypothesis postulates that Earth was once a planet of the brown dwarf star Saturn, basking in its glow-mode plasma sheath prior to electrical capture by our current sun. Being inside of Saturn's glow-mode plasma sheath would have precluded the inhabitants of Earth from seeing any of the rest of the cosmos, except the other planets within close proximity of Earth, those being Mars and Venus.

Considering the proposed capture by our current sun, the shutting down of the Saturn's glow-mode plasma emissions and its conversion into a gas giant planet, and the subsequent electrical relocation of Earth, Mars, and Venus, the cosmos would have become suddenly visible to the Ancients. This must have appeared to them as the Creation of the Universe, given that they had never observed anything in the sky before other than the glow of our former brown dwarf star Saturn and the Earth's two sister planets Mars and Venus. And in their view, the universe must have appeared to have been born/created out of the chaos of the planetary captures and relocation events.
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Re: Ancients witnessed "Creation of the Universe"

Unread postby moses » Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:27 pm

Yes, it seems certain that the creation stories come from a time after the break up of the previous configuration of planets. Everything in the sky would have appeared new. However this would likely be true for any previous configuration, and there would have been chaotic conditions straight after the break up and only later would come the idea of creation.

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