Anthropogenic Effect on Earth's Magnetosphere, Space Weather

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Anthropogenic Effect on Earth's Magnetosphere, Space Weather

Unread postby Maol » Fri May 19, 2017 1:48 am

Not only high altitude nukes, electric generation and transmissions systems, large electric rail systems such as BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and other human tricks have significant effects on Earth's Magnetosphere. Humans have been unwittingly modifying Earth's electromagnetic environment since the beginning of large-scale AC power generation.

The Opening Paragraphs wrote:The \victory" of Nikola Tesla's alternating current (AC) as implemented by George Westinghouse (to whom Tesla sold most of his patents) over Thomas Edison's direct current (DC) as the means to power and to light up the U.S. and the world beginning in the late 19th century can be considered the initiation point of potential anthropogenic modifications of Earth's space environment. However, it was not until nearly a century later when the very quiet electromagnetic environment of Siple Station, Antarctica, came online that the evidence of power line harmonic radiation was discovered in Earth's magnetosphere (Helliwell et al., 1975).

Since this report by the Stanford group, a considerable number of ground-and space-based studies have been published that have examined the potential effects of these harmonics in the VLF range on the electron population of the magnetosphere. The published discussions have ranged from “control” of the magnetosphere through actions on, or production of, chorus emissions; (e.g. Bullough, 1983; Luette et al., 1979; Park and Helliwell, 1977; Parrot, 1994) to considerable skepticism (e.g. Tsurutani et al., 1979; Tsurutani and Thorne, 1981). The possible effects on the space environment of human activities via use of electrical power sources in industrial activities have also been reported from statistical analyses of weekly variations in geomagnetic activity (e.g. Fraser-Smith, 1979; Park and Miller, 1979), and refuted from other analyses (e.g. Karinen et al., 2002). While it is agreed that anthropogenic power line harmonic radiation does exist in the magnetosphere, the magnitude of any effects of this radiation on the trapped electron populations remains uncertain.

Another persistent anthropogenic radiation in the magnetosphere is that produced by the widespread distribution of VLF and RF transmitters around the world. The radiation from these transmitters, used for navigation and communications, is known to disturb the trapped electron population of the magnetosphere. In addition, over several decades, purposeful VLF transmissions in the form of controlled experiments have been conducted from spacecraft and from the ground (one of the more notable and long-lasting set of ground experiments was from Siple Station, beginning in the early 1970s and extending to the late 1980s). These topics are addressed in Section 8.

This is a lengthy and interesting read.

It gives pause to wonder if this will provide new ammunition, become a new cause célèbre for the Luddites who are recently losing steam in their effort to cripple modern civilization by means of the Climate Crisis. The All Goracle will proclaim, "The problem of CO2 pales in comparison. Evil electricity is causing Global magnetism and must be stopped." This could lead to reduced sales of Prius and Tesla electric cars.
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Re: Anthropogenic Effect on Earth's Magnetosphere, Space Wea

Unread postby ElecGeekMom » Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:34 pm

I also would add weather radars to the list.

Here is a link to a page I find fascinating:

Then click on "National Radar Loop".

It shows an animated radar of the entire United States.

When there are storm systems moving across the map, they appear to be influenced by the many installations of the National Weather Service (NWS) radars. Those radars look like stationary "puffballs" (my term) on the map.

When I watch storms moving across the map, apparently intensifying or dissipating as they enter the range of those radars, it's almost as mesmerizing as watching a fireplace fire.

I don't know enough about weather physics to understand why the NWS radars appear to prevent rain from falling in metropolitan areas under certain conditions, but seem to cause localized rainfall in the same metro areas under other conditions.

In my particular "ground zero" location, I most often see rain systems appear to split as they get close to my metro area. When they pass my area, they rejoin and intensify.

Even though my locality is relatively small, it at times is probably a HUGE source of emitted EMF radiation because there can be such a HUGE concentration of active users of cell phones and other such devices. But at other times, there appears to be a local cloud (not smog) over my metro area, sometimes with a fine mist falling that doesn't appear on the radars that I can see online.
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Re: Anthropogenic Effect on Earth's Magnetosphere, Space Wea

Unread postby fosborn_ » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:45 am
0800062 - Starfish Prime Test Interim Report by Commander JTF-8; Fishbowl Auroral Sequences - Silent; Dominic on Fishbowl Phenomenon -Silent; Fishbowl XR Summary - Silent - 1962 - 1:01:25 - Black&White and Color - Four Films on One Video

This is a video of the insane test in the 60s. A nuclear detonation at 300 miles altitude..
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