creation of inter stellar current question

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creation of inter stellar current question

Unread post by meemoe_uk » Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:44 pm

Hi all.
Question :

Am I right in thinking that :
There are electric potentials between stars. To get from star A to star B an electric current has to cross the vaccuum of space, but free charge ( i.e. bare electron or ions ) can't independently flow away from its neutral origin ( star ) because that would require overcoming electro-static potential of matter ( i.e. pulling electrons and ions apart ). So instead what happens is that, since motion in free space for neutral material is pretty much unhindered, the charge that wants to move between 2 stars is able to pull its opposite charged particles along with it. Therefore 2 stars without an existing conducting path between them, will send out neutral filaments of plasma to each other in order to create a conducting path along which electric current can flow.

Am I right or what?

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Re: creation of inter stellar current question

Unread post by pavlink » Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:28 am

Please, have a look first at the "Detailed View of Betelgeuse" ... 801#p76801

That is a ( celestial ) picture, very rear one ( maybe the first publicly available) , of the situation you ask about.

Compare with "E-field" lines in the "How a battery circuit works" ( gray lines ).

Not surprising the resemblance is striking.
On the first picture you see equal potential lines described as "dust walls".

Remember, Energy cannot follow lines of equal potential.
It is going perpendicular to it.

The people who think that they know everything are the last one to learn anything new.

"If you read the page at Wiki on electrical circuits, you get the impression that electrons travel through the
circuit, creating the energy transfer. Sefton shows us that is false, and I have nothing to say against
him. His argument in that regard is convincing. The electrons are simply moving too slow. But if the
flow of electrons isn't causing the lightbulb to light up, and if the field doesn't explain it either, how do
we explain it?"

Consider using photons as primary energy transfer particles.

"And yes, electrons may be caused to drift by collisions with these passing photons, but, as Sefton just proved, E cannot be this movement of the electrons, since it is too slow. The drift of electrons is just a side effect. The
drift of electrons doesn't light the bulb, so it isn't what we are concerned with."
We live in a double star system.
We need to study double star systems.

Solar System as 4D energy vortex


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