Detailed View of Betelgeuse

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Detailed View of Betelgeuse

Unread post by pavlink » Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:21 am

Have a look at the recent "Universe Today" article.

Detailed View of Betelgeuse, on a Collision Course with a Nearby Wall of Dust ... l-of-dust/

It is about a "mysterious" and "enigmatic" "dusty wall".

Rather than that, the picture is revealing the workings of a triple star system.

"linear bar" is actually convex.
It is another celestial sphere.
Times bigger than Betelgeuse's sphere.
This is the partner's star ( brown dwarf ) sphere.

Betelgeuse is "shrinking".
Will be changing it's color to yellow, pink, white, blue and back as any other star.

It would become supernova when white, but only once per 12,5 turns around the partner star.

Possible Betelgeuse's double ( Betelgeuse B )

In itself, it is also double ( Betelgeuse C )

That is the reason for Betelgeuse's variability.
We live in a double star system.
We need to study double star systems.

Solar System as 4D energy vortex

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Re: Detailed View of Betelgeuse

Unread post by Lloyd » Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:12 pm

I just commented about this topic at this thread: ... 837#p76837.


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