star "age" vs it's velocity

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star "age" vs it's velocity

Unread post by celeste » Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:47 pm
"The theory of stellar streams runs into great difficulties in explaining the existence of peaks or clumps in velocity space containing old (older than 2–4 Gyr) stars."
The problem here isn't that streams of stars contain a mix of old and young stars. The problem is the old stars are clumped together not by WHERE they are in the stream, but by how they are MOVING in that stream. That is not a "great difficulty" in the EU model, since what they see as "age" or metallicity, we know to be purely a function of current input. It's not that all the old stars move at the same velocity, it's that stars moving at the same velocity appear to be equally "old"

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Re: star "age" vs it's velocity

Unread post by pavlink » Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:52 am

In order for observations to make sense, they must exist within the framework of a theory.
Therefore, we need first to expand on stellar evolution notion.

Let start with a proposition:
All stars need at least one partner star.
As corollary all star systems are multiple star systems. ( multiple include double )

Look at the following list :
Proxima Centauri
Barnard Star
Gliese 581
61 Virginis
Ross 248
Tau Ceti
Gliese 163
Gliese 370
Gliese 667
propagation of life
Gliese 65
Wolf 359

Note that some of the examples above are not officially recognized as double star systems.

Using the above ( mainly ) known celestial objects as reference, look at the following special example:
Further apart
Closer together
Star :B: facing us – 95 Leo
Star „А“ facing us – 3 Comae Berenices

Note the alignments above to the galactic spiral arm that is/are the wires powering the stars/ light poles.

Equivalent electrical circuit of a double star system ( CRC ).

Symulation results ( Great cycle, 12,5 Т ).

The Sun's color as a key to the grand cycle phase ( white Sun ).
We live in a double star system.
We need to study double star systems.

Solar System as 4D energy vortex


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