Black hole scientists stiching the data together

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Black hole scientists stiching the data together

Unread postby Zyxzevn » Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:15 am

In April 2017, the Event Horizon team connected radio telescopes at multiple locations across the world — as far-flung as Hawaii and the South Pole — and instructing them all to look toward Sagittarius A for a few days. The network is the result of an international collaboration of 14 research institutions across the world.

Together, these eight telescopes have the power to “count the stitches on a baseball from 8,000 miles away,” as MIT explains. The array generated such a huge amount of data that it was more efficient to fly the data from each of the telescopes to a centralized location than it would be to transfer it over the internet.

Right now, the scientists are in the midst of stitching all that data together. They’re hoping the final image will show the event horizon, the boundary beyond which no light can escape. That event horizon will likely be surrounded by an accretion disc, a bright, incredibly energetic ring of matter that swirls around the black hole.

Be warned:
With the confirmation-bias that they have, I suspect they will create an imaginary image from
mostly random data by applying too many filters in a wrong way.
Just like they did with the CBR (see Robitaille) and gravitational waves (see this forum).
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