Nice high resolution SDO image of a solar flare

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Nice high resolution SDO image of a solar flare

Unread postby Michael Mozina » Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:54 am ... e-sun.html

This article contains a nice high resolution image of a solar flare, and it also demonstrates that the mainstream doesn't understand the first thing about high energy solar physics. Keep in mind that these are ion ion wavelengths that represent plasma in the multi-million degree temperature range. The only way to achieve and sustain such high temperature plasma is with electrical current.

If you read the article however, the term electricity doesn't appear anywhere in the article and the whole process is 'dumbed down" to pure magnetism. They don't even use the term "electromagnetism". They use terms like "magnetic field" and "magnetic cage", and "magnetic rope". This however is how Hannes Alfven defines a "magnetic rope" in his book Cosmic Plasma:

"However, in cosmic plasmas the perhaps most important constriction mechanism is the electromagnetic attraction between parallel currents . A manifestation of this mechanism is the pinch effect, which was studied by Bennett long ago (1934), and has received much attention in connection with thermonuclear research . As we shall see, phenomena of this general type also exist on a cosmic scale, and lead to a bunching of currents and magnetic fields to filaments or `magnetic ropes' . This bunching is usually accompanied by an accumulation of matter, and it may explain the observational fact that cosmic matter exhibits an abundance of filamentary structures (II .4 .1) . This same mechanism may also evacuate the regions near the rope and produce regions of exceptionally low densities."

There are in fact good papers on this topic, one of which is found here:

It's important to note that these types of high temperature/high energy solar flare events are not driven by magnetic lines, but by *electrical current* and electric fields. That is the only way that plasma will remain at millions of degrees for hours on end in such a light plasma atmosphere.

It's very clear from this article that the mainstream really does not understand the first thing, or the most important thing about solar flares: their electrical nature. As long as the mainstream continues to try to dumb down the whole solar flare process to magnetism alone, it's never really going to make a lot of sense to them.

Electrical current *always* seeks the path of least resistance, and that's what we're observing in this image, not just a "magnetic cage". The magnetic fields are 'caused by" moving electrical current. The mainstream still continues to try to put the magnetic cart in from on the electrical horse. Still however, it is a nice image. I'm assuming it's a combo image of 94A and 171A based on the color schemes that are used, but it's definitely an iron ion based image, meaning that this plasma is radiating at very high (million degree+) temperatures due to the current and the resistance to that current. While plasma is an "excellent" conductor, it's certainly not a 'perfect' conductor. It will resist the current at some point, and that's what generates this type of sustained heat in wispy light atmospheric plasma.

It's also not a "magnetic cage', it a "current sheet" that eventually gives way to individual current carrying threads.
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