Mainstream excuses, and pure desperation......

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Mainstream excuses, and pure desperation......

Unread postby Michael Mozina » Wed Jan 24, 2018 5:02 pm

Originally, scientists had expected to see enough particle interactions -- enough moving billiard balls -- to be able to derive the mass and velocity of the dark matter particles. But, Lisanti said, "we haven't seen anything yet."

So instead of using the interactions to determine the speed, researchers like Lisanti and her colleagues are hoping to flip the script, and use the speed to explain why the direct detection experiments haven't detected anything yet.

The failure -- at least so far -- of the direct detection experiments leads to two questions, Lisanti said. "How am I ever going to figure out what the speeds of these things are?" and "Have we not seen anything because there's something different in the speed distribution than we expected?"

Emphasis mine.

Translation: LCDM cult followers don't care one iota that the standard model of particle physics is the most successful and well tested theory in the history of particle physics, or that the standard particle physics model has passed every conceivable "test" in the lab with flying colors. They absolutely don't care that their so called laboratory "tests" of their exotic matter claims have all been dismal failures, and they don't care that "dark matter" theory has been totally and completely useless at predicting anything in the lab. They're still desperately trying to keep "dark matter" in the news, so they're dreaming up new and even more elaborate and lame excuses as to why they can't find it. The absurd rationalizations never end.

Oy Vey. Like dark matter particles wouldn't be accelerated by the gravitational attraction of the planet? How would this idea even help them to explain their pathetic string of failures at LHC, LUX, Xenon-1T or anywhere else? They don't have any idea. They're just handwaving.

If the mainstream didn't have hypothetical computer models to talk about they wouldn't have anything to discuss. Their exotic dark matter hypothesis is the single biggest failure in the history of physics. No other hypothesis in history has enjoyed so much effort and had so much money spent on so called "testing' without producing a shred of evidence to support it. They've flushed tens of *billions* of dollars down the drain and they've found exactly nothing to support exotic matter claims.

Sheesh. What a dog of hypothesis. The mainstream rationalization are getting more desperate and more irrational by the day. Is there no low they won't stoop to in an effort to keep DM in the news? Evidently not!
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It's pretty obvious why they're starting to panic.

Unread postby Michael Mozina » Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:57 pm

It's easy to understand why the mainstream is starting to panic and why they're starting to grasp at straws on the issue of dark matter. There hasn't been a more "tested" hypothetical construct in the history or physics, nor has there been a hypothesis that has failed so spectacularly to deliver any useful predictions after spending that type of money "testing" it.. Exotic matter is the *only* one of the four hypothetical cause/effect claims of LCDM that even can be tested in real laboratory experiments, and they've already poured billions into it, all to no avail.

LHC did a great job supporting the standard model of particle physics. LHC demonstrated that the standard particle physics model is incredibly accurate at predicting even secondary and unusual decay processes. By all measures, the mainstream particle physics model has been a resounding success in the lab. LCDM proponents presume that it's wrong however.

Compare and contrast that epic success rate of the standard particle physics model with the complete lack of success involving every non-standard model of particle physics. It's like night and day. There hasn't been a single observation from LHC that even hints at a flaw in the standard particle physics model.

It's bad enough that exotic DM models failed at LHC, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. LUX also came up empty, as did Xenon-1T, the PandaX-1 and PandaXII experiments, as well as more than a dozen other exotic matter experiments. They've pushed the interactive cross section of WIMP theories dangerously close to the neutrino cross section interactions which tend to give WIMPS very little room to hide.

The "logical" response would be to embrace the standard model of particle physics, and abandon any physics models that depends on exotic matter, or at least acknowledge the fact that exotic matter models are 'dark horse" candidates at best case.

The problem for astronomers is that LCDM absolutely positively *requires* exotic matter in order for it to achieve a fit to the nucleosynthesis predictions and the power spectrum of the CMB. Without exotic forms of matter, LCDM is hopelessly flawed.

Unless Xenon-1T delivers a miracle, LUX-LZ represents the 'hail Mary" play of the WIMP model. If LUX-LZ fails to deliver as well, there's really nowhere else for WIMPS to hide.

There's a several year delay now before LUX-LZ comes online. Those upgrades are fully funded, so I suspect we'll see a lot of these kind of 'off the wall" articles trying to "prop up" dark matter claims as best as they can while they wait for LUX-LZ to fire up.

Meanwhile axion experiments and "tests" have also been a bust, and icecube eliminated sterile neutrino claims. DM models have been a consistent failure in the lab, but the LCDM model won't survive without exotic forms of matter. LCDM proponents are stuck between a dark rock and a hard place. :)
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