Was Oumuamua Following the Sun's Birkeland Current?

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Was Oumuamua Following the Sun's Birkeland Current?

Unread postby jackneefus » Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:00 pm

There has been much speculation about why the interstellar object Oumuamua did not fluoresce like comets, which approach the sun from outside the orbit of Neptune. Comets pick up negative charge per EU theory and emit a visible discharge when sufficiently close to the sun. This did not happen.

Oumuamua's approach was almost perpendicular to the plane of the solar system. This would correspond to the core of the sun's Birkeland current, which is positively charged and carries positively charged nuclei. If Oumuamua was on a trajectory through positively charged space for a sufficient length of time, its charge would be similar to the sun and it would not fluoresce.

The elongated shape is not predicted by any theory. It might have been caused by electrical excavation, but its shape does not look like other comets, asteroids, or ejecta produced in the lab. One possibility is that Oumuamua was originally smaller and spherical, and picked up iron and other elements as it moved along the core of the Birkeland circuit for light years. Only more recently did it begin to tumble end over end.

Another question is the origin. A nearby star almost perpendicular to the plane of the solar system is Vega, which is 26 light years away. Altair is offset a bit and only 17 light years away. Birkeland circuits may not be straight, so there may be other possibilities. But identifying how the Birkeland circuits run in this neighborhood of the galaxy seems like one of the next logical steps in developing the EU theory.
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Re: Was Oumuamua Following the Sun's Birkeland Current?

Unread postby Cargo » Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:13 pm

I don't believe any direct imaging as determined it's shape. Only it's reflection.

As far as astronomical events though, this is something really special we have seen for the first time I think. However, I can also imagine that this is actually very common, and maybe we just can't see this type of object all over the place. With the right resolution, we may see a enough of these to call them 'dust'.
interstellar filaments conducted electricity having currents as high as 10 thousand billion amperes
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Re: Was Oumuamua Following the Sun's Birkeland Current?

Unread postby paladin17 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:29 pm

There are many comets (i.e. objects that have comae and tails) with similar orbital inclinations. So this does not seem to be a significant factor.
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