Strange Evidence - Images of "Steve" AKA a Birkeland current

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Strange Evidence - Images of "Steve" AKA a Birkeland current

Unread postby Michael Mozina » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:12 pm

I watched episode three of "Strange Evidence" tonight (Chasing Bigfoot) just to catch the images of "Steve", AKA a massive Birkeland current flowing through the Earth's atmosphere that was imaged and discussed in the news awhile back. Most of the show was absurd of course (I fast forwarded through most of it), but the images and movies of the Birkeland current were really cool. The temperatures of the plasma inside the current are measured to be around 10,000 degrees (I assume Fahrenheit) which is consistent with a massive amount of current flow. You can not only see the rotation pattern of the current in the movies, you can occasionally observe green current bands forming around the outside of the main body of the current channel every so often which also follow that same spiral pattern. That part of the episode is well worth watching if you get a chance.

They also showed a few seconds of a similar experiment to the experiment on Youtube that I've cited repeatedly which might even be using the same piece of equipment: It sure looks similar.

During the start-up phase of the video several large discharges can be observed on the cathode which look amazingly similar to the discharges that we observe in the solar atmosphere.

I may have to break down and build myself one of those vacuum chamber experiments so that I can play with it. Every time I see images from that experiment I get goose bumps. It's amazing how similar it looks to solar satellite images of the sun including the discharge processes and the full sphere corona. I definitely want one. :)
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