The mainstream's irrational arrogance & incredible ignorance

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The mainstream's irrational arrogance & incredible ignorance

Unread postby Michael Mozina » Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:03 am

My recent conversation with Higgsy started me thinking about the irrational nature of the mainstream's arrogance, particularly when one considers their incredible ignorance.

If the LCDM model were based upon pure empirical physics rather than being composed of 95 percent placeholder terms for human ignorance, I might understand their arrogance. As it stands however, the combo of supreme ignorance and absolute arrogance is simply mind-boggling. Keep in mind that most of their mathematical modelling of plasma is based on what Alfven called "pseudoscience". Between their overwhelming reliance upon placeholder terms for human ignorance and their remaining pseudoscience, there's literally almost *zero* actual empirical physical "knowledge" associated with astronomy today.

Compare and contrast that with say the computer industry, or the electronics industry as a whole, where we find ample examples of *practical applications* of their theories which actually improve our daily lives. If I were publicly "doubting", or criticizing the legitimacy of something like circuit theory, I could understand all the name calling, and the irrational proclamations of "mind reading" skills where they claim to have some mystical insight into my math and physics abilities. As it stands however, that pure arrogance that we see from the mainstream is about as irrational of a behavior as I can imagine. It's apparently a self defense mechanism.

I think they somehow get "comfort" in (falsely) believing that they have some great "wisdom" to offer our community, particularly the "evangelical' types that pop on over here to post on Thunderbolts and attempt to "educate" us. I think by belittling us, and dreaming up nonsense about us, they somehow "feel" better about themselves. In their convoluted logic, their mathematical prowess somehow makes up for the absurdity of their metaphysical models and their reliance upon pseudoscience. In their twisted logic, it must of course be "our" fault, and a defect within us, which explains why we remain "skeptical" of their metaphysical beliefs and that we prefer to stick to empirical alternatives. It can't be due to the absurd nature of their metaphysical model of course. They "feel superior" to other human beings in terms of their mathematical prowess, and that gives them a false comfort in some way, as though it miraculously makes up for their overwhelming reliance upon pseudoscience, and metaphysical placeholder terms for human ignorance.

I think their irrational behavior is a self defense mechanism that allows them to avoid dealing with the actual shortcomings and problems with their own beliefs and models. It's far easier to "blame us" than it is to be introspective, objective, and to seriously consider the various alternatives to their model. That arrogant behavior is wrapped up in their denial process. It allows them to ignore the huge flaws in their models and in their beliefs, and it gives them comfort in some way.

It's irrational of course because one can be mathematically educated and competent, and still be wrong. While there is a link between mathematics and physics, there's no guarantee that mathematical competence is a instant pathway to being correct all the time. It doesn't make up for their complete lack of any "real" (empirically tangible) explanations. It doesn't make up for any of their horrific failures in the lab either. IMO it's just their "last line of psychological defense* when confronted with the obvious errors and the huge empirical gaps in their beliefs. The arrogance is a way to deflect the conversation and a way to deflect them from having to deal with all the problems in their metaphysical models.
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