EU2017 future science - pay to view?

Plasma and electricity in space. Failure of gravity-only cosmology. Exposing the myths of dark matter, dark energy, black holes, neutron stars, and other mathematical constructs. The electric model of stars. Predictions and confirmations of the electric comet.

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Re: EU2017 future science - pay to view?

Unread postby Cargo » Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:34 pm

I can't verify it, but one very interesting news from SAFIRE compared to last year...
They called it a "Reactor". They haven't done that before. I suspect they have discovered (or least observed) something, but can't talk about it yet.

For such a bright project though, it's awfully dark most of the time in regards to info/news/updates. Even a monthly/quarterly newsletter?

Anyway.... Pay to view is no problem.
interstellar filaments conducted electricity having currents as high as 10 thousand billion amperes
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Re: EU2017 future science - pay to view?

Unread postby D_Archer » Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:25 am

Mjolnir wrote:Hi,

Certainly, this year's prices are much better than before, so for the firsrt time I paid for the privilege of not having to wait for it to be available for free on YouTube. And I do think it was worth it.

But ...

What really interests me is the SAFIRE project. Most everything else just elaborates on stuff we have heard before, and which we probably will never be able to know for certain if is real/true/the way it actually happened.
The SAFIRE update was of course interesting and ultimately worth the money, but did not contain anything conclusive. Apparently, some of the meassurements they wanted to make were made difficult because the SAFIRE machine kept melting their probes. Which is spectacular, but not proof of anything.

So in conclusion: I do not regret spending the money, but it left me none the wiser.


Indeed, not much news for SAFIRE at EU2017 conference, although they did dedicate almost 2 hours on project updates and 'going ons', it was interesting, but they still seem to be in testing phase(s).

They did say they will get an asteroid fascimile in there some day and see how it reacts to the 'solar mode' of the discharge, that should be interesting, i would expect a coma to develop, jets, sputtering etc..

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