Evidence of Gravitational Waves, or Confirmation Bias?

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Re: Evidence of Gravitational Waves, or Confirmation Bias?

Unread postby Bengt Nyman » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:48 am

Gravity waves

Recent observations and measurements suggest that quantitative changes in gravity between bodies in space travel with the speed of light. The measurements furthermore confirm the transient, single chirp nature of the change in gravity between two bodies when the mass of one of them suddenly changes by an explosive conversion from mass to energy. A body in space is tied to all other bodies in space through strings of gravity with strengths inversely proportional to the square of respective distances. A change in mass of one body consequently permeates with the speed of light through all its gravity strings to all surrounding bodies in space.

The Coulomb dipole model of gravity, accessible to the right, is based on contemporary particle physics and supplements quantum physics and string theory without creating the conceptual conflict that is experienced with the idea of "space time" as a cause of gravity.
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