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Unread postby Michael Mozina » Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:39 am

electricgravity1 wrote:I watched Monty's 2015 presentation of SAFIRE and was most excited by the detection of atomic mass 3 from an air of molecular hydrogen.
Was it fusion? Monty suggested it could be.

But... then I noticed the amount. Its a large amount of the total mass detected. If this was from a fusion reaction, wouldn't SAFIRE have detected an anomalous amount of heat?

surely Monty wouldn't have been misleading with the atomic mass 3 result. He could have checked for tri-hydrogen by switching the terrella off, and keeping the mass spectometer on, any tri-hydrogen would disintegrate and not register as atomic mass 3.

It does strike me now that he didn't rule out tri-hydrogen in his 2015 presentation. That doesn't make sense.

Trihydrogen is just an unstable molecule of three hydrogen atoms and doesn't require fusion, nor does it indicate fusion. It's known to occur in electrically active environments.

H3+ ions can be made in a duoplasmatron where an electric discharge passed through low pressure molecular hydrogen.

If they found *helium* and only had hydrogen to start with, that might indicate fusion, but fusion isn't indicated simply by the presence of trihydrogen.
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