Magnetic Reconnection

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Re: Magnetic Reconnection

Unread post by Zyxzevn » Thu May 23, 2019 5:51 pm

Explaining magnetic fields with eddy-currents is like explaining rain with raindrops.
Eddy currents are namely the result of a changing magnetic field.

And you need a very large CHANGING magnetic field to get such a current.
Rotation of the magnetic field of the sun would only yield a CONSTANT magnetic field.
You can see it in this video of a superconductor floating on a lane of magnets.
The superconductor does not experience any resistance of the magnets, because there
is no change in strength.
But it resists change of the magnetic field so much, that it can keep its position.

A homopolar generator which might be created instead, does not create
a magnetic field, but an electric field instead.

I can not believe that astronomers are so uneducated in electromagnetism.
They can also simply test their hypotheses.

Based on a magnetic sunspot with a 0.1 Tesla field with a radius of 10 earths,
the current needed for a sun spot is 10^10 Ampéres.
That is due to its enormous strength and size.
I don't think that plasma can conduct this current, and if it could,
I think that we would certainly see its effect.

One major problem with the "frozen magnetic fields" in sunspots,
is that they may actually measure the "electric fields".
The strength of the magnetic field is enormous and requires a lot of energy,
but the strength of a similar electric field can be found in Saffire's plasma experiments.
We see it in double layers in plasma.
The resulting voltages are also similar to the voltages that we see in lightning.

Plasma is also a semi-conductor: its conductivity depends on the
availability of electrons and ions.
In a double layer, the plasma works like a blocking semi-conductor diode.
So it gives a very high resistance to any current through it, and this
requires a very strong electrical field. In mainstream plasma physics,
they assume that plasma has no resistance at all, so here is a huge mismatch.

So if we have a very strong electric field, there must also be a very strong electric current
go through it. And we can actually see that: we see plasma-lines that behave exactly
like electric current through plasma.
These currents may also cause a magnetic field, but its field lines have a 90 degrees angle
with the mainstream model.
Electrons in currents move from - to +. So it should move towards a region that is oppositely charged.
And this is also true: the plasma-lines on the sun move from one sunspot to another.
And from measurements the astronomers already know that these sunspots have opposite polarities.
So again we that our simple model works.
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