How it's possible planets align in polar formation ?

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Re: How it's possible planets align in polar formation ?

Unread post by starbiter » Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:03 pm

dougettinger wrote:Hello Starbiter,
starbiter wrote:There might be a less complicated way to explain the "Polar Configuration". It's stated by Homer that Ares and Athene did battle 4 times. This would be after the events between Earth and Venus.

Venus was also described as being incandescent, shining without reflecting the Sun.

If Venus and Mars rotated about each other during these encounters there would be times when Mars was in front of Venus. Sometimes off center, and a few memorable occasions when Mars was smack dab in the middle of Venus. Venus would have had a plasmasphere during these encounters. The atmosphere of Venus today would be a remnant of the plasmasphere i refer to. If incandescent Venus shined through it's plasmasphere it might have created a star pattern on occasion. If the Sun shined on the plasmasphere it would light one side more than the other. ... ZkPoiY9whi

From my study of Earth's geology, the mountains that exist today are new. Created during the events described in Worlds in Collision under the Venus section. Any events during the time when Saturn went Nova as Dr Velikovsky proposed would have been much earlier. The whole section on Saturn linked below is interesting.

The pyramids would have been under construction during the encounters between Venus and Mars by my way of thinking. That would explain the images of Mars in Front of Venus. The mountains and plains of the SW USA, and the rest of the world would have time for re-population after the near extinction during the first Venus Earth encounter.

People might have been sheltering in pyramids and cliff dwellings during the Mars Venus events. There were electrical events described in WiC. There might have been rocks falling from the sky. The earth might have been connected electrically to Venus and Mars during this event, creating Squatter Man. As the Earth rotated the image of Squatter Man might been seen by everyone, explaining the image being seen by most every culture.

Below is a quote from Homer. It's from the "When was the Illiad Created?" section of WiC. The whole section is germane to this topic.

"Then rushed into the battle a wondrous blazing fire. First on the plain was the fire kindled, and burned the dead...and all of the plain was parched. Then to the river turned the gleaming flame. Tormented were the eels and the fish in the eddies, and in the fair streams they plunged this way and that... The fair streams seethed and boiled. Nor had the river any mind to flow onward, but was stayed, unable to protect Troy."

Me again,

This is from the second encounter between Venus and Mars. It sounds very electrical to me. This implies that the surface of Earth was scorched during the Venus Mars events. Could there have been a visible, electrical manifestation between the three bodies? Especially at night. Could this explain Squatter Man and the Axis Mundi.

This would imply people recording what they were experiencing real time with petroglyphs and Egyptian art, not something from thousands of years earlier. On monuments and mountains that didn't exist thousands of years earlier, IMHO.

michael steinbacher
I am immediately stunned when mention is made to Venus orbiting Mars or vice versa. If one clearly understood orbital mechanics, then the change from this alignment is 99% impossible. The laws of gravitation and Newtonian mechanics works; these mathematical constructs are used to navigate the solar system with space probes. Of course, some minor corrections are made. Planets cannot simply change orbits. Interstellar bodies cannot simply be captured by passing stars unless many things occur together. Two passing bodies of relative similar masses cannot capture each other. Crossing orbits will eventually move into wild erratic trajectories. All these trends should be known when discussing orbital transformations. One body changing its orbit from body A to body B is virtually impossibly. If you have played with gravitational computer programs, you begin to learn these trends very quickly. Polar configuration of Earth, Mars, and Venus above Saturn is utter nonsense.

However, I am convinced that close encounters of some passing objects created features on solar system bodies by emitting high energy plasma discharges. I am convinced that the petroglyphs and the art of ancient wall freizes do represent symbols of objects seen in an alien skies. But, the EU society must be more open to analyzing what these symbols really do represent. Unfortunately, many EU promoters are stuck on ancient text that certainly provides ideas but cannot be taken literally - especially the names of the planets. Names through the millennia have certainly changed depending on who the rulers are and what particular agenda is used. Just like the gravitational constant, G, names are not really constant, too.

Always a student,
Doug Ettinger

Hi Doug,

You mentioned gravitational and Newtonian mechanics in Your post but didn't mention electromagnetics.

Homer in the Illiad mentions Mars/Ares and Venus/Athene very clearly. They do battle 4 times.

Have You read Worlds in Collision? If You're not open the legend and electromagnetics you're probably never going to get IT.

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Re: How it's possible planets align in polar formation ?

Unread post by dougettinger » Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:56 am

Hello Starbiter,

The EU has definitely convinced me that electromagnetic forces are as significant as gravitational forces for certain conditions such as impacts of comets and close encounters of cosmic bodies and the intersection of the magnetic heliosphere with another star. However, one must also include gravitational forces that do not go away.

I am currently performing a calculation that predicts the affects between Earth and another cosmic body during a close encounter around 11,500 years ago. I am absolutely including both gravitational and electromagnetic forces.

Always a student,
Douglas Ettinger
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