Our Misunderstood Sun

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Our Misunderstood Sun

Unread post by davesmith_au » Sat Mar 20, 2010 6:01 pm

March 01, 2010 ~ Wal Thornhill
We stand on the verge of a vast cosmical discovery such as nothing hitherto imagined can compare with.

- William Herschel in 1850, upon the discovery of a link between magnetic storms on Earth and sunspots, to Michael Faraday, the vaunted experimentalist who was investigating the links between electricity and magnetism.

Incredibly, one hundred and sixty years later in the space age, Herschel's “vast cosmical discovery such as nothing hitherto imagined can compare with,” of an Electric Universe, remains “on the verge.” Mistaken ideas have diverted scientists down the path of Ptolemy once more, adding endless epicycles to theory to save appearances. Meanwhile the object central to the problem is the same and in full view. It is our misunderstood Sun. [More...]
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