Dark Inertia - Part One

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Dark Inertia - Part One

Unread postby davesmith_au » Sat Mar 15, 2008 9:03 pm

08/02/16 ~ Solar

Out of Nothing at All

"From the cosmological point of view, the most important new space research discovery is probably the cellular structure of space. As has been seen, in every region of space which is accessible to in situ measurements, there are a number of 'cell walls', sheets of electric currents, which divide space into compartments with different magnetization, temperature, density, etc" - Hannes Alfvén Cosmic Plasma

Cosmologists credit Lambda-Cold Dark Matter with causing this structure and call the result the "concordance model", or the "standard model". It attempts to explain the history and shape of the universe. As opposed to discovering aspects of the universe through observations and measurements from experiments, the assumptions of this model are superimposed on the universe. When 'ugly facts', like the massive hole discovered in space surprise it's proponents (yet again) the theory simply 'morphs' to accommodate or minimizes such evidence altogether in order to survive. Like the good doctor's creation, it is a Frankenstein monster composed of various ill-fitting parts... [more...]
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