Newton's Electric Clockwork Solar System

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Re: Newton's Electric Clockwork Solar System

Unread post by redeye » Tue May 12, 2009 11:32 am

1. The anomalies you refer to are interesting enough to study, but are really just a small disturbance
The Link was supposed to be an opportune example of an anomaly. My favourite is the way Astrophysics applies "Newton's Laws of Gravity" to the Universe and, after realising it's out by 97%, state that the Universe is wrong, all this dark matter and energy throwing the scales off!
2. If the Earth, Moon and Sun line up an effect could be generated, e.g. a tidal force
Don't post it here, Nick C has started a wonderful thread in the Planetary section. :D
3. The universe always follows it's laws otherwise it would not be that regular, it is up to us to discover them and their range of validity
I don't know what you mean by "range of validity", but I guess that would lead into a conversation about the scale and form of the Universe...and that gives me the fear!
The same statement can be made about any physical law, also the EM laws, so what does it say?
I agree.

Voyager's observations revealed that the magnetic field is peculiar, both because it does not originate from the planet's geometric center, and because it is tilted at 59° from the axis of rotation.[85][86] In fact the magnetic dipole is shifted from the center of the planet towards the south rotational pole by as much as one third of the planetary radius.[85] This unusual geometry results in a highly asymmetric magnetosphere[
from wiki

Neptune also resembles Uranus in its magnetosphere, with a magnetic field strongly tilted relative to its rotational axis at 47° and offset at least 0.55 radii, or about 13500 km from the planet's physical centre.
from wiki
Only then did it become clear that those odious beasts (dragons) enjoyed an existence quite different from that of ordinary cupboards, tables and chairs; for dragons are distinguished by their probability rather than by their actuality,though granted, that probability is overwhelming once the've actually come into being. Suppose,for example,one organizes a hunt for such a dragon, surrounds it, closes in, beating the brush. The circle of sportsmen, their weapons cocked and ready, finds only a burnt patch of earth and an unmistakeable smell: the dragon, seeing itself cornered, has slipped from real to configuration space. An obtuse and brutal creature, it does this instinctively, of course. Now ignorant and backward people will occasionally demand that you show them this configuration space of yours, apparently unaware that electrons, whose existence no one in his right mind would question, also move exclusively in configuration space, their comings an goings fully dependent on curves of probability. Though it is easier not to believe in electrons than dragons: electrons, at least taken singly, won't try to make a meal of you.
From: The Cyberiad by Stanislaw Lem

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