Comet—Asteroid Link Confirmed

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Comet—Asteroid Link Confirmed

Unread post by davesmith_au » Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:21 pm

08/01/25 ~ Wallace Thornhill

“The remarkable properties of comets are not even remotely explicable by any of the numerous ad hoc assumptions of ‘modern’ comet theory.”
— R A Lyttleton, FRS, Journey to the Centre of Uncertainty, Speculations in Science & Technology.


Further support for the predictive power of the Electric Universe model comes from NASA’s Stardust mission to comet Wild 2 and the discovery that the comet is made of “rocky material, like an asteroid.” This has been a cornerstone of the reconstruction of the recent history of the solar system by using all of the forensic evidence available to us. This method is quite distinct from the theoretical approach adopted by conventional astronomers and astrophysicists who try to imagine how things were in the beginning and then work forward in time concocting ad hoc events as required in an attempt to match what we see today. The Electric Universe investigation shows that the solar system has changed drastically within the short span of intelligent humankind on this Earth. Such sharp discontinuities render the theoretical approach worthless... [more...]
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