Humans as Bioholographic Supercomputers

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Humans as Bioholographic Supercomputers

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Sep 06, 2008 4:37 pm

Hello. This is another collaborative effort by the two Ones again (1+1 = 11, a Pair) – Brahma and Sarasvati. We would like to discuss the following topics.
Lizzie said:

Scientists have discovered that DNA has a third strand. In other words human DNA is a triple helix. What evidence do we have that this is true? Will that enhance human intelligence?

What is junk DNA? What is its evolutionary value? Could it serve as mechanism that might trigger rapid genetic changes?

It is really possible to create a light body? What would this mean for human society if we could “transcend” physical death?

Divinity said:

Are humans really bioholographic super computers?

What scientific evidence do we have that confirm this?

Triple Strand DNA:

Stable Triple-Stranded DNA Formation and its Application to the SNP Detection ... l/12/6/441
Triple-stranded DNA has been generating increased interest not only because of its unique structural characteristics and possible biological significance but also because of its potential utility as a tool for DNA analysis.1 –3 There have been several studies reporting the use of triple-stranded DNA as a tool to cleave specific sites in DNA molecules, to knock out specific genes and to correct mutations.4 –15 Triple-stranded DNA structure particularly with short deoxyoligonucleotides has generally been considered unstable after removal of the protein.
Triple Helix DNA
In much recent literature on the subject, the transfigured body Kelleher envisions has been called the lightbody. Mounting evidence clearly shows that the lightbody is not merely an esoteric fantasy but, at the very least, a bio-spiritual possibility.
Other Forms of DNA ... _Forms.htm
Three strands of DNA, which are complementary to each other, have propensity for triple helix formation. Homo or hetero polypurine or polypyrimidine tracts can assume triple strand conformation. Such triple stranded structures have been demonstrated and many diseases have been attributed to them. Triplex strands can affect transcription, replication and gene expression and they even prevent specific protein binding. Triplex DNA structures can be either intermolecular or intramolecular forms.

Stability of Three-Stranded DNA Structure
In last ten more years, studies of triplex DNA have been paid much more attention because of its importance as a tool for DNA sequencing, gene control and therapeutic applications. The site-specific character of triplex formation offers viable biochemical, pharmacological and therapeutic applications by acting as repressors at the transcriptional (antigene) level, which also provides means to design powerful artificial endonuclease when the third strand is coupled with a cleaving agent. The triplex forming activity also holds strong promise in the areas of genome mapping.
UCSD Study Shows 'Junk' DNA Has Evolutionary Importance
This pattern most likely reflects resistance to the incorporation of new mutations,” he says. “In fact, 40 to 70 percent of new mutations that arise in non-coding DNA fail to be incorporated by this species, which suggests that these non-protein-coding regions are not ‘junk,’ but are somehow functionally important to the organism.”
“Junk DNA” Creates Novel Proteins ... junk.shtml
DNA sequences long considered genomic garbage are finally getting a little respect. Researchers have figured out how short stretches of DNA that do not normally code for proteins worm their way into genes.
Probing Question: What Is Junk DNA, And What Is It Worth? ... 093900.htm
In particular, Makalowski, associate professor of biology and head of the Computational Evolutionary Genomics Lab at Penn State, studies DNA sequences called transposons, which make up more than a third of all of the "non-coding" DNA in every cell of our bodies. Transposons, as Makalowski describes them, are like "little autonomous entities that live in the genome."

With their special DNA codes, they can "make offspring and move around," that is, they can induce the cell to make a copy of their sequence and then reinsert that copy into another part of the genome. If the new copy happens to land in the middle of a coding sequence, however, it can cause a fatal mutation. For this reason, some scientists have considered transposons genetic parasites that breed at the expense of the genome they live in.

What good comes from transposons? Basically, the genetic machinery that gives transposons the ability to copy and paste themselves throughout the genome can be useful if it lands in the right place, Makalowski explains.

Perhaps a more important function of transposons comes from their ability to change the way DNA code is edited before the information is used to build a useful protein. DNA in the cell’s nucleus is first copied and then exported to the protein manufacturing centers. However, this rough draft of the genetic plan is full of junk code that special molecules — like little editors — have to trim out, leaving only the sections of code that are actually used for building the final molecule. These little editors can bind to the special bit of code between the useful and junk DNA, called "splicing sites," and cut the strand. When certain transposons jump into the mix, however, they can introduce new cutting sites and interfere with old ones. By this means, new pieces of DNA get into the final draft of the code, and new variations of proteins are manufactured. Even a tiny change can have a huge impact (for good or ill) on a protein’s properties.

The more often these inserts happen, the more likely a beneficial change will occur. The more beneficial changes in a creature's DNA, the more likely that creature will be able to adapt to a changing environment. Thus, Makalowski argues that transposons are worth the risks. Over the long term, he suggests, they may have helped us become the people we are today — and they'll certainly help us again in the future.
Transposons ... osons.html

Retrotransposons ... ransposons


Re: Humans as Bioholographic Supercomputers

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Sep 06, 2008 4:47 pm

Transmutation of the Human Body

DNA Monthly
Throughout the centuries the lightbody has been called by many names. Other historical names for the lightbody include the "Diamond Body" and "Jade Body" (Taoism), the "Merkabah" (Kabala), the "Adamantine Body" (Tantra), the "Glorified Body" (Christianity), "Holy Flesh" (Catholicism), the "Superconductive Body" (Vedanta), the "Supercelestial Body" (Sufism), the "Radiant Body" (Neo-Platonism), the "Immortal Body" (Hermeticism), the "Body of Bliss" (Kriya Yoga), the "Perfect Body" (Mithraism), and the "Golden Body" (Emerald Tablets). According to author and researcher Sai Grafio, who contributed to the foregoing list, the Tibetan Buddhist tradition is the only ancient tradition that actually refers to our ascensional vehicle as the lightbody. It goes almost without saying that the building of any kind of body, "natural" or "supernatural," is accomplished by way of life's building block, DNA, in one form or another.

In a similar vein, in a study entitled "Retrotransposons as Engines of Human Bodily Transformation," biochemist Colm Kelleher discusses the subject of radical genetic metamorphosis as a result of what he terms a "transposition burst." "If one were to hypothesize a transmutation of the human body," writes Dr. Kelleher, it "would be necessary to orchestrate a change, cell by cell, involving the simultaneous silencing of hundreds of genes and the activation of a different set of hundreds more." Concludes Kelleher, a "transposition burst is a plausible mechanism at the DNA/RNA level that could accomplish such a genome wide change … that eventually results in transformation of the human body."

Perhaps a more important function of transposons comes from their ability to change the way DNA code is edited before the information is used to build a useful protein. DNA in the cell’s nucleus is first copied and then exported to the protein manufacturing centers. However, this rough draft of the genetic plan is full of junk code that special molecules — like little editors — have to trim out, leaving only the sections of code that are actually used for building the final molecule. These little editors can bind to the special bit of code between the useful and junk DNA, called "splicing sites," and cut the strand. When certain transposons jump into the mix, however, they can introduce new cutting sites and interfere with old ones. By this means, new pieces of DNA get into the final draft of the code, and new variations of proteins are manufactured. Even a tiny change can have a huge impact (for good or ill) on a protein’s properties.
Transposition Bursts Cause Cataclysmic Changes in Genomes and Increase Biological Diversity ... 746611.htm
Such cataclysmic changes in genomes, called transposition bursts, can involve near simultaneous transpositions of several types of transposable elements. By simultaneously changing several properties of an organism, transposition bursts increase the probability that two new traits that are useful together but of no selective value by themselves will appear in a single individual in a population.
Retrotransposons as Engines of Human Bodily Transformation ... lleher.pdf
The historical literature suggests that there are unusual physical as well as psychological, consequences in humans to the attainment of the exalted state of mind known as enlightenment, nirvana or samadhi. These reported changes include, but are not limited to, sudden reversal of aging, emergence of a light body and observed bodily ascension into the sky. This paper proposes a “jumping DNA” or transposon-mediated mechanism to explain rapid and large-scale cellular changes associated with human bodily transformation.
Survival of Bodily Death ... 7&pgtype=1
Michael Grosso shared his thoughts on the survival question in relationship to evolutionary theory, a subject he has explored in his recent book (Grosso, 1992). His basic thesis is that we can see survival of bodily death as an evolutionary emergent, a product of life's relentless drive to free itself from physical and biological constraints. Just as consciousness and free will evolved, so might the survival of self in non-physical form.
This even involves human physiology. The outmoded view of the body as a machine that may use energy but is somehow distinguishable from it is fast giving way to undeniable evidence that we, too, are conscious energy. This growing awareness of humans as energy beings is not merely occurring on the metaphysical fringes; it is happening at the heart of materialism: science.

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Re: Humans as Bioholographic Supercomputers

Unread post by moses » Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:59 pm

Stress causes increased transposon movement. This causes so-called
mutation and change of epigenetic gene expression. So, considering
the large amount of stress humanity has endured, it is through addressing
this stress that we change or reverse such DNA effects.


Re: Humans as Bioholographic Supercomputers

Unread post by lizzie » Mon Sep 08, 2008 5:58 am

When "Junk" DNA Isn't Junk
Existence of large amounts of non-coding DNA (up to 97% in humans) in the genomes of eukaryotes has been used as an argument against intelligent design (and the role of a Creator) and as an argument for the random process of evolution.

The answers to the question of "junk" DNA have been coming in for years, and we now know that the "junk" is not really junk. Since "junk" DNA is not really junk, from now on I will call it "non-coding" DNA.

The roles of non-coding DNA are so numerous and pervasive that evolutionary studies are now looking at these sequences for patterns of "concerted evolution." In summary, the non-coding DNA, contrary to statements by evolutionists, is not useless, but is, in fact, required for genomic functionality, therefore actually providing evidence of intelligent design. The "junk" DNA is really some rather amazing "junk.


Re: Humans as Bioholographic Supercomputers

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Sep 13, 2008 1:35 pm

If we are bioelectromagnetic beings, then illness and aging should manifest as disruptions to our genetic and cellular electromagnetic fields. What evidence do we have that this might be true?

US Patent 6004257 - Method for ameliorating the aging process and the effects thereof utilizing electromagnetic energy
A method and apparatus for ameliorating the aging process and the effects
of aging and maintaining the integrity of health is provided. The method
includes subjecting biological systems to alternating and steady magnetic
fields having flux densities ranging from 10-6 gauss to 10-20.
Age-related effects on induction of DNA strand breaks by intermittent exposure to electromagnetic fields ... 5be716a8e0
Several studies indicating a decline of DNA repair efficiency with age raise the question, if senescence per se leads to a higher susceptibility to DNA damage upon environmental exposures. Cultured fibroblasts of six healthy donors of different age exposed to intermittent ELF-EMF (50 Hz sinus, 1 mT) for 1–24 h exhibited different basal DNA strand break levels correlating with age.
Toward an Electromagnetic Paradigm for Biology and Medicine ... ookieSet=1
Work by Lund, Burr, Becker, and others leads to the inescapable conclusion that organisms tend to express quasisystemic electric changes when perturbed, and, conversely, will tend toward wellness either through endogenous repair currents or the application of equivalent external currents. We show that an all-inclusive electromagnetic field representation for living systems is fully consistent with this extensive body of work. This electrogenomic field may provide the basis for a new paradigm in biology and medicine that is radically different from the present emphasis on molecular biology and biochemistry. An electromagnetic field description also enables a more rational transformation from the genome than the present endpoint, universally stated in terms of the so-called visible characteristics. Furthermore, once the organism is described as an electromagnetic entity, this strongly suggests the reason for the efficacy of the various electromagnetic therapies, namely as the most direct means of restoring the body’s impacted electromagnetic field to its normal state.
Is the fusion process the basis for growth, repair and aging?
Jacobson resonance sets in dual resonance electromagnetic interaction energies and gravitational potential. It states the equivalence mc2 = Bvl coulomb, where 1 is length of a biological string and v is the Galilean inertial velocity of said string through flux density B. The coulomb is a single unit of charge while c is the velocity of light. m is a quantum genetic or associated character contained as a ponderable body of mass within biological string. Jacobson resonance shows the possibility that within the framework of the human body physiological magnetic fields perhaps regulate crystalline lattices of critical molecules and, indeed, even deuterium atoms necessary for fusion; whereby the fusion process is thought to occur to promulgate physiological homeostasis via the production of energy in both chemical and physical processes. Said production of energy through the maintenance of crystalline lattice structure regulation may control growth, repair and aging. A clear model is given to explain how physiological magnetic fields function in multiple harmonic interactions, as well as how intrinsic biological electromagnetic fields (IBEMF's) are created by interaction of biological conductive string and the geomagnetic field.
Beating Free Radicals: The Basis for Injury, Illness, and Death
Unfortunately, free radical neutralization by antioxidants is highly inefficient since it relies on random collision between the antioxidants and free radicals to stop the damage, and when a collision occurs the desired neutralization may fail because a specific alignment is required in addition to “the bump in the night”. Following injury and illness, the body produces free radicals far more rapidly than antioxidants can neutralize them. The injury zone widens and the illness worsens while we attempt other means to change the balance, e.g. antibiotics, fluids, blankets -- anything! Too many drugs used in trauma care also impair healing and contribute to higher death rates. Anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone, local anesthetics, and narcotics are among these agents.

Antioxidants and free radicals are part of a huge group of paramagnetic compounds that are known to respond to appropriate electromagnetic (EM) fields. Today, we can design EM fields that very efficiently “line up” free radicals and antioxidants like a key in a lock. This alignment concept was first described by Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish genius who studied physics and won the 1903 Nobel prize in chemistry. Each antioxidant can neutralize numerous free radicals converting them to harmless waste products of water and carbon dioxide for which our body intended them before the wheels came off. Scientists calculate that pulsed electromagnetic fields increase protein antioxidant efficacy a hundredfold when initiated immediately.
US Patent 7186209 - Cardioelectromagnetic treatment
A method of treatment or prophylaxis of a disease state or a condition ameliorated or prevented by electromagnetic field application. A person having or susceptible to such disease state or condition is subjected to electromagnetic fields having a frequency between zero and about 200 Hertz. The diseased state or condition may include diseased heart valves, an enlarged heart, circulatory blockage, coronary insufficiencies, and ischemia. The treatment may be administered non-invasively or invasively. An implantable device for invasively administering the treatment may include at least one component emitting electromagnetic fields having a frequency between zero and about 200 Hertz. The component may include at least one inductor.
Pulsed Magnetic Therapies
We discovered in 2001 that regular nighttime use of EarthPulse™ pulsed electromagnetic fields reliably enhanced neurological and physiological recovery, while providing strength and stamina gains rivaling steroids. We simultaneously discovered that regular nighttime pulsed electromagnetic field exposure of proper frequency enhanced deep sleep and provided substantial anti-aging effects.
Anti-Aging Remedy Medicine
Shortly before birth the baby has cells throughout its entire body that have chromosome telomere tail lengths of around 2,000 telomere units. Each telomere unit consists of a single strand of DNA made up of six genetic code bases (GGGTTA), where A is adenine, T is thymine, and G is guanine. So we see that the person only has so much growth and repair ability determined by their initial number of telomere units at the end of each cell chromosome at birth. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that cellular metabolism rate and therefore organ, gland and tissue metabolism rates are apparently a function of telomere lengths (number of telomere units) at both ends of the chromosomes. After the telomere lengths shorten significantly from that of youth, the cellular metabolism and hormonal secretion rates from various glands decreases significantly. Once the telomere lengths have shortened to a critical length the cell can no longer divide. However, we have only a very finite ability to replace cells and maintain a adequate metabolism rate for adequate immune system functioning. Over time (aging) one or more vital organs or tissue sets can no longer adequately repair or maintain itself due to telomere shortening fails, and you die. There are now readily available various vibratory energy treatment devices available to help clean out the body of various viral and microbial infections to the point that the immune system can finish the job.

There are various kinds of so called Rife machines available. The varying success of these machines is based on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s discovery that every virus or microbe he studied always had at least one frequency of mechanical vibration (ultrasound) that destroyed the virus or microbe very easily and quickly.

There are many pulsed magnetic field type devices available to experiment with. We are only interested in those that produce high frequency ringing magnetic fields -- machines that produce a transient oscillating magnetic field that changes in strength at a rate of thousands of gauss per second and the magnetic field polarity changes many tens of thousands of time per second, each time power is pulsed into the coil. I have found several very useful and beneficial effects -- namely, the production in the body tissue of charge density waves, and oscillating electric eddy currents from a ringing electric field. Both of these effects are anti microbial. This charge density wave front electric field can interact with the delicate protein structures on viruses that are used to bind the virus with target cell surface proteins.

Another very important discovery made with intense pulsed ringing magnetic fields was their ability to make certain types of cells convert into embryonic looking and apparently embryonic acting cells.

So far I have essentially only discussed how to slow down the aging process by slowing down cellular kill off using nutrition and technological devices to greatly lower the viral and microbial load inside the body. However, there are at least two methods to actually halt and reverse the aging process throughout the entire body.

Both of these methods of reversing the aging process use the enzyme telomerase, whose function is to put telomeres back onto both ends of each chromosome in your cells. Before birth the genetic code information to make telomerase is suppressed throughout the great majority of body cell types, and the body is therefore programmed to die as discussed above.

There are other methods for releasing telomerase is an electromagnetic method such as exposing the body to specific frequencies of microwaves in the multi giga hertz frequency range at low power levels for a brief time (a minute or less).

Experiments that indicated this method of producing telomerase were observed in a set of experiments designed to regenerate animal tissue carried out in 1977 by a scientist friend of mine. It turns out that the great majority of animal DNA is in the form of what is called B-DNA, which is a right handed double helix that is electrically conductive. There is another form of DNA that is a left handed double helix and is not electrically conductive. This left handed electrically non conductive DNA is called Z-DNA and it appears on the chromosomes in very short lengths at the beginning of gene sequences that are designed to be all expressed together or not at all. The gene for telomerase appears to be probably or possibly located in one or more of these gene sequences that a Z-DNA is at the start of the gene sequence. The Z-DNA acts as a blocker to expression (reading of) the gene sequence. The Z-DNA is created out of B-DNA and maintained in the Z-DNA configuration by the interaction with and complex together of the DNA with mainly specific positive metal ion/water molecule complexes. If these Z-DNA sections have their ion/water complexes removed from them, they convert back into B-DNA. If and when this occurs there are promoter proteins sitting next to the former Z-DNA segment that move over and complex with the newly formed B-DNA and form a start location and support structure for the DNA reader enzyme to begin transcribing and expressing the gene sequence so as to cause the generation of proteins and enzymes such as the enzyme telomerase.


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