The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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The Philadelphia Experiment ... lfia_1.htm
In the '30s the covert government (military) sought invisibility technology. Scientists were called upon to develop a technology which could make objects invisible, such as airplanes or ships. Some of the greatest brains were recruited: Einstein, Tesla, Von Neumann (mathematician). It appeared hardly likely though that human technology was advanced enough to achieve the 'cloaking' phenomenon required. In fact at that time this was the case and it was the Zeta aliens who provided the final details for a system to create invisibility.

Today we have the stealth technology which is claimed to be radar invisibility but in fact is light invisibility. Airplanes, in particular, can be cloaked. Cloaking is quite an apt word since the stealth technology is not five-sense invisibility. Invisibility is created by using powerful electromagnetic fields to curve space around the object. Light thus bends around the object and the object cannot be seen.

The military and scientists set up the battleship U.S. Eldridge with an electromagnetic system: Tesla coils, etc. but aided by the Zetas. What the covert government didn't know was that the Zetas were merely exploiting them for their own ends. The aliens provided a hidden technology which would create a wormhole, a rift or tear in spacetime.

Little known to the humans the experiment had to be conducted in August, 1943 as organized and influenced by the Zetas. This was due to magnetic cycles that occur every 20 years in which a magnetic peak allowed easier transit across certain dimensional bands of frequencies. For example, the electrical overtone (one pole of the electrical/magnetic vortex) of D3 (dimensional band) connects with that of the magnetic base tone of D4, creating a magnetic window.

These particular Zetas are the Zeta-Grey Rigelians from the star system Rigel in Orion. Zeta-Dracos motivated the government to create the experiment in 1983.

The ship was temporarily teleported to a future time, to 1983, another magnetic peak.

The Zetas had succeeded in creating a wormhole (a vortex interconnecting dimensions and times) as part of their plan for expanding their implant grid system and also creating spacetime pathways to the phantom matrix (a separated, walled-off astral realm; a slow-acting black hole, the abode of the dark forces).

Stealth Bomber


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The magnitude of this mystery of the meaning of the Holy Grail might be measured in terms of the exhaustive research so many investigators and scholars have conducted, and the time invested, to find an answer to this age-old question. This planet and its civilisations seem but to be fated with insolvable puzzles and paradoxes. Why is this we may ask? Why would there be endless unsolved conflicts in matters of historical knowledge. Could it be that the inevitable falsifications go much deeper than previously thought possible, and that there are lies of a far-reaching nature.

The following is a discursive summary of the more familiar Holy Grail accounts and interpretations. It is generally assumed that the Holy Grail relates to Jesus; the Grail being the cup that Jesus and his disciples drank from at the Last Supper; also the cup which caught Jesus's blood on the cross. The Grail was said to possess healing abilities for the sick or wounded. It was also claimed to bring enlightenment and to perpetuate youthfulness. Some stories tell of angels bringing the cup from heaven and been given to sacred or Round-Table Knights.

Generally the Holy Grail appears to be a secret in some way related to Jesus. But why is there so much power and intensity behind this quest for the Grail? The word 'Grail' is used in families and lineages, such as 'Grail Kings' or 'Grail family', but the association of Grail and cup is apparently a late development. Thus 'Grail' is a word which appears to have been associated with Holy lineages. Also information relates Grail to purity, etc.; this would make sense when we pay attention to the DNA aspect.

The Holy Grail poems, the romances, have come under considerable scrutiny from investigators but how far have they aided or handicapped the quest?

It has also been suggested that the Grail is an experience of some kind, in particular, mystical and transformational, and that the stone is an alchemical symbol for the pineal gland, and the search for the Grail meant opening this gland. Some think the Grail was thrown into the Chalice Well in Glastonbury; others believing it will never be found as it lies in the ocean of the past.

The Holy Grail has been associated with 1) Jesus's bloodline, and the Templars were appointed guardians of this bloodline (see book: The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by M. Baigent, R. Leigh, and H. Lincoln), and 2) the receptacle or vessel (the womb of the Magdalene) which received or contained Jesus's blood. Thus the Holy Grail symbolised both Jesus's blood line and the Magdalene from whose womb the bloodline issued.

The authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail have established a bloodline from Jesus, which has continued to the present day with a symbolic connection to the womb, or 'vessel' from which the lineage emerged. The essential ingredient here is the DNA of Jesus. What is so special about this DNA and why does it relate to the Holy Grail?

The experiential aspect of the Grail alluded to above, links with the Kabala. This gives us our lead and cue to uncover the real origin of the Grail. The Kabala is a system of spiritual evolvement and conscious unfoldment and can be traced back to and associated with Jewish mysticism. However, it will be found in fact to extend to our earliest imaginable antiquity; long before the so-called origins within Jewish mysticism.

Firstly the Kabala originated with the Kathara grid. The Kathara is a blueprint structure underlying all of creation and its parts. In its natural and original condition it contains 12 interconnected spheres—not the 'mutated' 10 or 11 as depicted in the Kabala—and is referred to as the Divine Blueprint. Its size is roughly proportional to its creations, from particles to time matrices (galaxy sectors but extend into inner and higher space). Thus the Kathara grid exists in inner and higher space. This is also the framework for the DNA and acts like a template. The template accrues frequency patterns as the individual experiences life, and consciousness evolves/ascends. The current DNA of all life is heavily mutated in the higher-strand interconnections, hence the discovery that 90% of the DNA is interons; 'blank' areas, or so-called junk DNA. These biological strands have lost their connection to the higher electromagnetic strands, totalling 12 double strands for the human, and corresponding to the 12-dimensional frequency bands of the Kathara grid.

We are now beginning to comprehend something of the import and significance of the Holy Grail as it relates to not just the DNA but to a fully integrated 12-strand DNA, and further that it more deeply embraces the Divine Blueprint or Kathara grid—the holder of the DNA, which also manifests a hierarchical gradient of frequencies. The Divine Blueprint for our time matrix is called the Universal Templar Complex. The 12 spheres, existing on different dimensional levels and must be envisaged as in inner or higher space, are both energy centres (sources) and spiritual portals ('Stargates'). They act similarly to what people know as wormholes. Passage through the Stargates enables one to immediately attain divergent regions of the time matrix both on the same level and higher dimensional levels. Such a device is normally securely protected by guardians and technological override systems like antivirus programmes

Our planet Earth has a direct connection to one of these lower-dimensional spheres. This means Earth has a convenient access system to the portals of the Universal Templar Complex and therefore to the territories of the time matrix. Invader ETs (or the Dark forces) apparently have been striving to gain access to this major Inner Earth portal for hundreds of millions of years.

This is the quest for the Holy Grail; the Holy Grail being the Universal Templar Complex. To capture this Kathara grid territory would enable the fallen angelics, as they are called, to control the time matrix and all life within it. They have the technology to manipulate this blueprint ('DNA') of the Universal Templar Complex and artificially reformat its codes to match their mutated DNAs and time matrix.


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Energy Suppression ... ession.htm
If the public could adjust their perspective of what constitutes normality in our society, or in other words, to reset their zero, the degree of evolutionary deviation this planet is exhibiting could be conceived, and moreover a commensurate explanation for this extreme negativity would then be more readily accepted.

We see that everything which brings more freedom or independence with energy is forbidden on this planet, but also that this confiscation of rights must be manipulated covertly so that its existence escapes the programmed and deceived public. Even theoretical physics is not free to develop in any direction. For example, one would think most school children would know that our Moon is an astronomy enigma. But how many adults do? Could this be because there have been theories by, for instance, Russian scientists that suggest strongly that the Moon is artificial and was brought into orbit billions of years ago by advanced extraterrestrials? Even NASA has data which supports this and the whole subject is riddled with mysteries (to be covered in a future article). If people began to realise their ET connections in ancient history the world would be a very different place.

We witness the endless ways of manipulation by the controlling powers; the energy, medical, and psychological fields being particularly targeted. Through deceptive pretext of intelligent education man is subtly made naive and closed-minded by means of a structuralisation of consciousness into limitations within a thought-control context, rather than expanding consciousness, creating greater freedom of thought; and finally by cunningly programming man to enslave himself.


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It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the Moon is not what it appears; that it is not just another satellite orbiting a planet, Earth, but an entity which has thrown the minds of some of the greatest thinkers and scientific brains into a quandary and bewilderment unprecedented in the history of astronomy. Why haven't you heard about this? Another government cover-up? How could Moon mysteries have anything to do with government secrecy, and moreover could it relate to the suppression of the space programme?

The first academic enigma must surely be that the Moon is apparently in its wrong orbit for its size. However, this would presumably be based on its assumed density. Technical reports claim a density of 3.3 for the Moon compared with 5.5 for Earth. Astronomy data indicates that the internal regions of the Moon are less dense than the outer, giving rise to the inevitable but outrageous speculation that it could be hollow.

Possibly the strongest evidence for it to be a 'hollow object' comes from the fact that when meteors strike the Moon, the latter rings like a bell.

Two Soviet scientists, Vasin and Shcherbokov, have spent much of their careers examining the facts compiled on lunar phenomena. Their conclusion is that the Moon is artificial, possibly a hollowed-out planet, and that it was steered from some distant region of the galaxy into a circular orbit around our planet (hence the extraordinary mystery of rock and Moon-dust age variations). They claim that intellectual life has existed in the Moon for eons.

In 1968 as Apollo 8 moved into orbit around the Moon, the astronauts spotted a colossal extraterrestrial object, which then had disappeared on the next orbit. Photographs were taken, of course, but not released to the public. Almost every Moon mission involved encounters with UFOs or UFO sightings, not to mention the discovery of many bases on the Moon's surface.

Was the space programme cut because further encounters with UFOs might blow the government cover-up? Even more important than this, allowing the public to increase their interest in the subject of extraterrestrials would eventually lead to a worldwide awakening of the human race's true heritage, the causes of our downfall, the falsification of our history, and ultimately the disclosure and eradication of the control mechanism.

We see that the Moon mysteries are intimately bound up with extraterrestrial sightings and involvement, in particular, the conclusion of the two Russian scientists that the Moon is artificial and hollow. Is this a favourable omen for the human race or a harbinger of something more ominous. Why was the Moon directed to retain continuously a dark side? A side of the Moon we never see. Also police records referring to increased crime during the full Moon are commonplace. A study of ET material of which literature today abounds, strongly indicates that the nature of the Moon has a sinister purpose and plays a role in manipulating man's evolution.

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this film is in nine parts, on youtube, watch for parallel lines in part five. ... re=related


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See also: ... 870#p22831

Crop Circles ... ircles.htm
The sceptical reader might now realise how thorough the cover-up is, that such clear evidence of non-human activity is being ignored and not given to the public. The media is set up to invalidate all such paranormal events, particularly anything to do with ETs. The crop circle when properly confronted can be recognised as our clearest physical evidence for the presence of extraterrestrials.

We can now ask whether the genuine forms are communicating through geometric intelligence? This is much more a nonlinear intuitive right-brain phenomenon of which the average human is relatively disabled as a result of the gradual predominance of left-brain programming on this planet. Could our cells or DNA understand these geometric patterns, achieved by resonance of frequency patterns and transfer of information?

Crop circles are all related and move a frequency band around the planet that helps man to adjust to the new frequencies (the ascension-effects that the planet and civilisation are encountering) and form an intelligent grid-work around the planet. The geometry of the circles is a form of intelligence and the circles are made with sound. The crop formations subliminally speak to the collective consciousness and open doorways for energies. The glyphs contain huge amounts of information that the rational mind can't grasp. In fact one source states that England was the first country to receive them since this is where rationality and logic received its main contribution.

The reading of crop circles requires the right brain and thus encourages the over-logical mind to give way. They are expressions of consciousness of which the latter will expand through understanding them but more through feeling; not thinking. The circles speed up evolution and DNA and the frequency patterns from the circles are made up of waves which can be modulated. They are formed over vortices---these can be intersection points (nodes) of energy lines (such as ley lines). Humans have recognised that the formations appear on the nodes of magnetic lines. Note that some UFOs have been said to fly via these intersection vortices and that the covert government install their (mind control) antennas over them. Bruce Cathie, the author of the 'harmonic universe' books, discovered this grid system decades ago and was offered a permanent position with the secret government, but only to shut him up.

Crop circles are not created through mechanical or laser-like technologies. They are cast on the level of 'sub-atomic energy imprints' (that is, patterns underlying the atoms), and utilise the organic electromagnetic elements of the immediate environment, and particular geometry of the location, to achieve multidimensional manipulation. Some crop formations stimulate neurological and biological processes, others repress these processes. The language of these geometric forms operates at the level of geometric codes. Just as the 26 letters of the English language combine in countless different ways to create hundreds of thousands of meanings, so basic code units combine to form a universal language---they are present in all creations and are an inherent part of all blueprints of life and the universe. This is the language of biology, cells, DNA, and the elemental world. The intention is to imprint into the location fundamental frequency patterns (including code structures) to influence the population in specific ways.

The radius of influence is several thousands of miles for any one crop circle, and the formations are often related even though thousands of miles apart and link together to create greater wholes (of frequency patterns). The informational influence of the circles still exists long after the physical impression has disappeared. They are indelibly imprinted into the ground, air, and local biological forms.

Thus, as stated, crop circles are the first significant physical evidence of the extraterrestrial presence. However, the early ones and a percentage of them today are a form of mass-frequency-control device. But the good news is that the benevolent ETs began counteracting the harmful formations with other designs sometime ago and today there are now more beneficial formations than not. All forms are influencing us on subliminal levels continuously. The benevolent ETs found that the most successful method of cancelling the effects of these subliminal programming devices (negative crop circles) was to create positive formations around the world. Thus today there are significantly more positive ones than negative. The author collected 18 good images of formations and had them evaluated by an expert pendulum dowser (one who addresses the source, or highest self and corrects for interference from ETs, etc.).

In conclusion, the above information will not be welcomed by most crop-circle experts and certainly not the New-Age groups, who generally only see the positive side. Our evolution has been manipulated by mass biological and spiritual control devices, resulting in a condition hugely deviant from the evolutionary probabilities of the original (Divine) blueprint, exemplified by the incredible state of chaos, insanity and suffering in the world today. Most aspects of life on this planet are not as normal as people think. The global crop-circle network, barring benevolent intervention, is one of many effective subliminal technologies that are communicating frequency patterns to our DNA, and also codes within the structures of the planet, solar system, etc.


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Could there such a thing as a Niburian Diodic Crystal or is it a “wild eyed conspiracy theory”? Could such crystals have been implanted in the Earth’s crystalline grid structure by ancient ET visitors? Do we need a multidimensional physics to understand what's going on?

In electronics, a diode is a two-terminal device (thermionic diodes may also have one or two ancillary terminals for a heater).

Diodes have two active electrodes between which the signal of interest may flow, and most are used for their unidirectional electric current property. The varicap diode is used as an electrically adjustable capacitor.

The unidirectionality most diodes exhibit is sometimes generically called the rectifying property. The most common function of a diode is to allow an electric current in one direction (called the forward biased condition) and to block the current in the opposite direction (the reverse biased condition). Thus, the diode can be thought of as an electronic version of a check valve.

Real diodes do not display such a perfect on-off directionality but have a more complex non-linear electrical characteristic, which depends on the particular type of diode technology. Diodes also have many other functions in which they are not designed to operate in this on-off manner.
A diode, or "rectifier," is any device through which electricity can flow in only one direction. The first diodes were crystals used as rectifiers in home radio kits. A weak radio signal was fed into the crystal through a very fine wire called a cat's whisker. The crystal removed the high frequency radio carrier signal, allowing the part of the signal with the audio information to come through loud and clear. The crystal was filled with impurities, making some sections more resistant to electrical flow than others. Using the radio required positioning the cat's whiskers over the right kind of impurity to get electricity to flow through the crystal to the output below it.

At the time, though, no one really understood about the impurities -- then in 1939 Russell Ohl accidentally discovered that it was the boundary between sections of different purity that made the crystal work.

A crystal diode is made of two different types of semiconductors right next to each other. One side is easy for electrons to travel through; one side is much tougher.

This boundary has turned out to be crucial for our daily lives. Diodes change the alternating current that comes from your wall outlet into the direct current that most appliances need. And transistors need two such boundaries to work.
Diode: Combination of a cold anode and a heated cathode, or the semiconductor equivalent, which incorporates a p–n junction. Either device allows the passage of direct current in one direction only, and so is commonly used in a rectifier to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).

Semiconductor diodes are made from silicon-based materials primarily used in electronic circuits to allow an electrical current to flow in one direction only. Silicon on its own is not useful and it is therefore doped (mixed) with other materials in order to achieve the desired physical and chemical properties. The impurity atoms occupy various positions in the silicon crystal. Two types of junctions are produced by doping: p-type and n-type.
Crystal diodes are used in pyroelectric fusion (hydrogen fusion)?

Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers for Inertial Fusion Energy
We have begun building the Mercury laser system as the first in a series of new generation diode-pumped solid-state lasers for inertial fusion research. Mercury will integrate three key technologies: diodes, crystals, and gas cooling, within a unique laser architecture that is scalable to kilojoule and megajoule energy levels for fusion energy applications. The primary near-term performance goals include 10% electrical efficiencies at 10 Hz and 100J with a 2–10 ns pulse length at 1.047 m wavelength. When completed, Mercury will allow rep-rated target experiments with multiple chambers for high energy density physics research.
The crystal structure of iron in the Earth's inner core ... 1&SRETRY=0
Seismic P-waves travelling in a N–S direction through the inner core of the Earth are slightly faster than those travelling in the equatorial plane, and these results have been interpreted in terms of an anisotropic inner core with cylindrical symmetry aligned with the Earth's axis of rotation. In this letter it is shown that this interpretation places an important constraint on the crystal structure of the inner core, and in particular is inconsistent with a cubic crystal structure (BCC or FCC). These results therefore provide further evidence for the stability of the HCP phase of iron under the Earth's core conditions.
Magnetic Mystery At The Earth's Core ... arths_core
The inner core of the earth is a sphere with a radius of about 1,200 km, made mostly of iron, which has different mechanical and magnetic properties based on temperature.

MYSTERY: Elastic waves pass that through this core move faster parallel to the earth’s axis of rotation than they do parallel to the equator.

At the high temperatures that prevail in the core of the earth, these waves should pass at the same speed regardless of their direction.

“We found that the body-centered cubic structure of iron is the only structure that could correspond to the experimental observations,” says Börje Johansson, professor of condensed-matter theory at Uppsala University.
Planet X (Wormwood)
Planet Nibiru is inhabited by the Nibiruan Anunnaki who played a major role as "gods" of our ancient and mythological past in shaping our evolution and future. This control and suppression still continues to this day. They commandeered Battlestar Wormwood (which apparently came from the break up of Maldek) to relay energies to a region on Earth below Stonehenge, England, where they have installed what is called a Nibiruan Diodic Crystal (NDC) about 25,000 years ago. This massive crystal system, when activated by Nibiru via Battlestar Wormwood, emanates a coded scalar-wave program directed vertically to above the Earth's surface where it intentionally intersects a main "artery" of this planet. This is an energy line (Ley lines are a minor form of this) from a coordination portal (energy centre) in Ireland to one in France.

The function of the NDC is to reverse this flow and coding and to expand it through 16 arms, extending across the globe, forming what is called the Checkerboard Matrix (different sections of it in opposition to one another) or the Michael-Mary Matrix or Archangel Michael Matrix.

Astrally tagged (implanted) "chosen" ones can tune into this matrix and channel "Archangel Michael", which is actually information from the invader ETs. This doesn't mean Archangel Michael doesn't exist or is not available.

In addition, this NDC matrix, through resonance, reverses some of our DNA codes and also the main central electromagnetic vortex (Merkaba) vertically located in the human body and hooked into the planetary core. Further examples of implants or mind control mechanisms from this matrix are the "flight or fight" implant and the "blame" implant.

The "flight or fight" program is cleverly destructive. Theoretically all problems can be solved by communication, in particular, where conflict arises with people. A resolution reconciles the polarity, and unity consciousness is achieved. However, the implant kicks in when any conflict or counteraction is encountered causing an aggressive person to attack or "fight" (and thus increases the separation and polarity), and the passive person to withdraw or "take flight"--again preventing resolution.
Earth, a Crystal Planet? ... rra_10.htm
Were such mysterious sites as Stonehenge in England, or Machu Picchu in Peru, or the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon near Mexico City, or the megalith temples of Malta, or the stone heads of Easter Island, or Serpent Mound in Ohio, or thousands upon thousands of other structures scattered across the globe, simply a matter of chance arrangement or design? Have the modern theories, whatever they may be, fallen far short of explaining what really once was?

Is it true that these great monumental edifices were deliberately fixed into the geometric configuration of an "enchanted" energy landscape? And did they, altogether, create a gigantic intricate web-like pattern, the meaning and purpose of which has defied the most scholarly of modern archaeologists and historians to fully explain? What is the missing element that interlinks everything into a single fabric and weave, of which the prehistoric linear patterns among the silent structures are but the threads?

Is there a universal energy source, once known but lost to us today, which springs from the Earth? Was it distributed along the sacred lines and pathways, and broadcast out of the temples situated at the focal points? Is this is the mythic hidden power of magic and healing at one time shared by everyone, in a forgotten Golden Age in the distant past? How was such a system lost, and can it be understood and restored again today?

Several modern leading researchers in the fields of ancient mysteries and earth energies have gleaned from ancient sources what may be new answers to these questions regarding the true nature of the planet and its power systems, as well as how these have affected not only climatic and geologic changes in the Earth, but also significant physical-emotional-mental-spiritual transformations among peoples and nations.
Bruce Cathie and His Worldwide EM Power Grid ... pace_b.htm
By the early 1970s Cathie had accumulated facts supporting his contention that the recorded movements of UFOs conformed precisely to an intricate network of energy grid lines spanning the Earth, and which are an integral part of the structure of this planet. He theorizes that the UFOs position themselves directly above these global lines, tapping in on a natural energy source freely available at these co-ordinates. They then are free to conduct surveillance operations of the entire planet.

Cathie makes other claims, including the statement that scientists from a number of countries have already been conducting secret research for several decades using knowledge gained during the examination of crashed UFOs. He insists that governments have not only built similar craft but flown them. These clandestine experiments, based on the harnessing of gravitational energy, have served only to add to the increasing worldwide reports of UFO sightings by the general public.

"I was taken into a laboratory and interviewed by scientists and afterwards they admitted that they were working in 15 dimensions. They can do all the things that a UFO can do," revealed Cathie in a 1992 Radio Australia broadcast. "I think that we have already been on the moon before the moon landings and have gone into other dimensions," he said.

Cathie believes there are an infinite number of dimensions and that each is divisible by the same number as we are in now.

Knowledge of the global energy grid is being kept from the world, he claims. The revolutionary work of Nikola Tesla has also been quietly disregarded.

"Tesla himself was setting up a system for free world energy when he died, and this is the one regret. People at the top have suppressed it. The knowledge is so advanced there would be a financial collapse around the world," he maintains.
The Harmonic Conquest of Space
The basic grid structure was formed by a series of great circles interlocking at various points around the Earth’s surface. The nodal points of the two grids, when joined by series of small and great circles formed what I have loosely termed polar squares around the north and south geographic poles. It was when I carried out a geometric and mathematical analysis of these sections that I found a direct connection with light, gravity and mass equivalents in a harmonic sense. To do this, I had to convert all our normal systems of measurement into a single set of units, and also convert our time measure into one that would correlate with the grid. After much thought and a long period of trial and error, I finally discovered that angular measure in minute-of-arc values, and a time unit based on twenty-seven units for one revolution of the Earth, was the key to the unlocking of the grid secrets.

After that it was a long, slow process to learn how to relate the values being calculated, one to the other, in order to find a logical mathematical basis for the system.

Finally, after years of work, I discovered that I could formulate a series of harmonic unified equations which indicated that the whole of physical reality was in fact manifested by a complex pattern of interlocking wave-forms. I gradually found that the harmonic values could be applied to all branches of scientific research and atomic theory.

At first I was not very sure of the results I was getting, but as time went by, more and more interest was being shown by intelligence agents, government personnel and scientists in the work I was doing, and many requests started coming in for information. Help in my work was eventually offered from these quarters, but the catch was that I had to remain silent about my discoveries. This I refused to do; and I still continue to battle on, on my own. Once I realised the importance of the material in my possession, I considered it extremely dangerous for any small group of people to have complete control of it.
Atlantis and the Earth grid
There is now circumstantial evidence to suggest that the megalithic infrastructure was used by the Atlantean civilization to stabilize the tectonic plate movements that caused Earthquakes and volcanic activity around the world. However the Atlanteans could not prevent a pole shift that eventually led to the destruction of Atlantis.

If you’re still not convinced that highly civilized cultures pre-dated our current civilization just have a look at the hieroglyphs that were found on the Egyptian temple wall at Abydos.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see from left to right a helicopter, a submarine, a UFO, and an airplane. Now what do we really know about the Egyptians? Let’s have a look in the next chapter at the most intriguing and mysterious construction every made by man, the Great Pyramid at the Giza plateau and see how scientist have started to unravel this enigma. Indications are that the Great Pyramid must not be attributed to the Egyptians but to the Atlanteans.
The Kathara Grid ... rticle.htm
After glancing at the first graph above, the reader familiar with the Kabala (Cabala, Qabala) will immediately recognise the similarity to the Kathara grids. The Kabala has been defined as an esoteric, occult practical system for expanding and evolving consciousness. The Kabala has been described as a map of how the universe was formed and that it is a symbolic representation of the path of the Divine followed in the creation of the universe. Also it is a map of how the processes of Divinity manifest in each of us and thus giving a means for man to return to the Divinity by that path.

It places life in a context of exploration and is a means of approaching God directly. It is called the Tree of Life and reflects both the energies of the microcosm and macrocosm and how they exist within each of us. The Kabala has ten spheres, each a level of consciousness which resides in each of us. They are named the Holy Sephiroth. The cross bars are referred to as connecting paths and are twenty-two in number that are associated with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Kabala is said to have its origin in Jewish mysticism.

These spheres and connecting paths constitute thirty-two so-called paths of wisdom. Each sphere contains forces and abilities in each of us and gives a system of steps for awakening consciousness in man.

Now if the Kabala represents the path by which the universe and man was formed then if this is taken literally we are talking about a blueprint. In fact the original form of the Kabala is not symbolic but an actual representation of the Divine blueprint underlying all creation. It is representational, clearly, since the actual physics of the blueprint can't be contained in a two-dimensional diagram. An obvious conclusion is that the Kathara grid is the origin of the Kabala. The Kathara grid, is the Divine Blueprint or core template from which all creation springs, whether a thought, a particle, living organism, planet or universe, etc. The 10 spheres (sometimes 11) of the Kabala are apparently a distortion of the 12-dimensional Kathara grid. Note that to remove D12 (as in the Kabala) is, as an analogy, like removing the president of a company, the integrating entity.

The word 'Kathara' originates from KA which means Light, God expressed or transmitting; THA which means sound, infolding rather than expressing, and RA, one Spirit.
Science has been confined to the lowest materialistic spectrum of reality and denies the validity of the higher conditions of existence owing to the following omissions (apart from 'political' suppression of knowledge):

All knowledge and energy is contextual; what is observed or detected is in the context of who or what is observing or detecting; to evaluate a system properly the observer must be 'outside' the context of the system; if the observer is 'inside' the context of the system (as is scientific observation), only relative results will be obtained; and anything will self-prove relative to its own context.


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The Great Crystal, Part 1 ... 855#p22591

The Great Crystal, Part 2 ... 885#p22897

The Great Crystal, Part 3 - Tourmaline

The reason - infrared Tourmaline is the only one mineral to show permanent electricity on the earth and is also a natural (non-manufactured) source of negative ions and far infrared (FIR) rays.

Tourmaline belongs to the trigonal crystal system. The style of termination at the ends of crystals is asymmetrical, called hemimorphism. All hemimorphic crystals are piezoelectric, and are often pyroelectric as well.

Tourmaline is also pleochroic, which makes it appear darker from some angles than from others.

Tourmaline is distinguished by its three-sided prisms; no other common mineral has three sides.

Tourmaline has unusual electrical properties: Tourmaline crystals when warmed become positively charged at one end and negatively charged at the other.

Tourmaline is the only one mineral to show permanent electricity on the earth and is also a natural source of negative ions and far infrared (FIR) rays.

Tourmaline comes from “the center of the Earth”

On its long journey from the middle of the earth up toward the sun, the tourmaline traveled along a rainbow collecting all the colors of the rainbow. This is why tourmaline came to be known as "the rainbow gemstone."

According to an ancient Egyptian legend, this is the result of the gemstone traveling along a rainbow from the Earth’s heart, up to the sun.

Tourmaline has healing properties

Tourmaline has often been called the “muses’ stone” because it is believed that its imaginative colors contain inspirational powers that grant enlightenment

Due to the stones’ energetic conductivity and vast array of elements, they are thought to have powerful healing abilities and protect against many dangers.

Ever since the ancient days, the gem has been attributed with magical powers

Paraiba tourmaline’s spectacular color is due to the presence of a small amount of copper. There is also a surprisingly high content of gold in the stones. While the average gold content of the Earth’s crust is 0.007 parts per million, Paraiba tourmalines contain a remarkable 8.6 parts per million.

Tourmaline ... maline.htm
The reason - infrared Tourmaline is the only one mineral to show permanent electricity on the earth and is also a natural (non-manufactured) source of negative ions and far infrared (FIR) rays.
The magnetic properties of tourmaline and epidote
The pyroelectric properties exhibited by it make it a crystal of great importance to physicists.
What is Tourlamine ... ineral.htm
Tourmaline belongs to the trigonal crystal system and occurs as long, slender to thick prismatic and columnar crystals that are usually triangular in cross-section. Interestingly, the style of termination at the ends of crystals is asymmetrical, called hemimorphism. Small slender prismatic crystals are common in a fine-grained granite called aplite, often forming radial daisy-like patterns. Tourmaline is distinguished by its three-sided prisms; no other common mineral has three sides. Prisms faces often have heavy vertical striations that produce a rounded triangular effect. Tourmaline is rarely perfectly euhedral.

All hemimorphic crystals are piezoelectric, and are often pyroelectric as well. Tourmaline crystals when warmed become positively charged at one end and negatively charged at the other. Due to this effect, tourmaline crystals in collections may attract unsightly coatings of dust when displayed under hot spotlights. Tourmaline's unusual electrical properties made it famous in the early 18th century. Brightly coloured Sri Lankan gem tourmalines were brought to Europe in great quantities by the Dutch East India Company to satisfy demand as curios and gems. At the time it was not realised that schorl and tourmaline were the same mineral.
Tourmaline ... aline.html
On its long journey from the middle of the earth up toward the sun, the tourmaline traveled along a rainbow collecting all the colors of the rainbow. This is why tourmaline came to be known as "the rainbow gemstone." Tourmaline owes its rainbow coloration to trace impurities such as chromium (red), iron (dark blue, dark brown), lithium (green, pink), manganese (pink), schorl (black) and vanadium (green). Tourmaline belongs to the Trigonal crystal system with a Parallel and Elongated Striated Crystal habit.

Tourmaline is a complex crystalline silicate (cyclosilicate) containing aluminum, boron and other trace elements. Tourmaline is piezoelectric which means that heating, rubbing or pressurizing the crystal gives it an electric charge. It is also pleochroic, which makes it appear darker from some angles than from others. Tourmaline's pyroelectric quality was discovered in the early seventeenth century.
Tourmaline Group
Most people consider tourmaline to be a single mineral. But in fact it is a group named for several different, but closely related minerals.

There are many unique properties of tourmalines. First, they are piezoelectric which means that when a crystal is heated or compressed (or vibrated) a different electrical charge will form at opposite ends of the crystal (an electrical potential). Conversely if an electrical potential is applied to the crystal, it will vibrate. Secondly they are pleochroic which means that the crystal will look darker in color when viewed down the long axis of the crystal than when viewed from the side. This property goes beyond the idea that the crystal is just thicker in that direction. Even equally dimensioned crystals will demonstrate this trait. This property can be used as an advantage by gem cutters who may wish to enhance a crystal's pale color or weaken a strongly colored crystal.
Tourlamine ... spx?id=277
Tourmaline occurs in virtually every color of the spectrum, with an unlimited range of solid and mixed colors in all imaginable shades. According to an ancient Egyptian legend, this is the result of the gemstone traveling along a rainbow from the Earth’s heart, up to the sun. On its journey, the legend says that tourmaline collected all the colors of the rainbow, which is why nowadays it is called the “Rainbow Gemstone.”

Tourmalines are piezoelectric, meaning they can generate electrical charges when heated, compressed or vibrated. They then become polarized crystalline magnets and can attract light objects.

Due to the stones’ energetic conductivity and vast array of elements, they are thought to have powerful healing abilities and protect against many dangers.
Nature's source of Far Infrared (FIR) and Negative Ions
Now, as a mineral, it has become a focus of research at universities and research centers worldwide.

The reason - infrared Tourmaline is the only one mineral to show permanent electricity on the earth and is also a natural (non-manufactured) source of negative ions and far infrared (FIR) rays.

It is also known to be helpful for improving circulation, relieving stress, increasing mental alertness and strengthening the immune system function.

Around 1986, it was found in a research station in Japan that, even though tourmaline was broken down in smaller pieces, a positive and a negative electrode existed on both end of the crystal, and the electrodes never disappeared unless tourmaline was boiled near 1000°C. In addition, when the positive and the negative electrodes of a tourmaline crystal were connected to each other, it was proven to show low electricity of 0.06mA.
Tourmaline ... armer.html
Tourmaline’s special physical properties allow it to create a magnetic field (formation of anion), electrolysis water (activation of weak alkali materials and surfactant) and emit far infrared rays.

Tourmaline is the only mineral on earth that emits weak magnetic field permanently. Also, as a family of granite, it is found in the same earth layer as quartz, opal and garnet.
All About Electric or Magnetic Gems and Precious Stones ... stones.htm
The electric or magnetic gems, tourmaline, amber, and loadstone, possess not only great scientific interest, but demonstrate the fact that a certain energy really does proceed from some of these fair, ornamental objects, an energy that produces a positive action from without upon the human body.
Gemstones & Gemology ... ysical.htm
The ability of a mineral to conduct electricity is referred to as electroconductivity. This property is mostly characteristic of minerals with metallic bonding, such as gold, silver, and copper. Minerals with partial metallic bonding are semiconductors of electricity.

Most gem minerals lack metallic bonding and thus are nonconductors, with the exception of natural and synthetic blue diamonds that do conduct electricity.

Piezoelectricity, or pressure electricity, is found in minerals that have polar axes or lack a center of crystalline symmetry. The crystal axes have different properties at the opposite ends of the polar axis, and when pressure is exerted at these ends, electricity can flow creating opposite positive and negative ends. Quartz and tourmaline are piezoelectric. Pyroelectricity, or heat electricity, occurs in minerals with polar axes or lack the center of crystalline symmetry.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by mague » Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:02 am

lizzie wrote:Could there such a thing as a Niburian Diodic Crystal or is it a “wild eyed conspiracy theory”? Could such crystals have been implanted in the Earth’s crystalline grid structure by ancient ET visitors? Do we need a multidimensional physics to understand what's going on?
Nothing is impossible. Our universe could be a tiny bubble in a glass tube in an extradimensional laboratory.

But i do think that the godly or universal blueprint just scales and adopts well to any possible siutation. Our observable nature does remarkable things on her own. In the end it seems to be about motion (or lack of) and vector of motion. Vector of motion as in orientation. The godly blueprints oreintation seems to be: Make the best out of it.

And so does any natural system. Our solar system makes the best out of what it got. Just as any other solar system, no matter how many planets are available or how they are build inside.

To be honest, most of the conspiracies are childs of our own wishes. Personally i d love to step through a stargate and leave it on a green, clean and peaceful planet. Someone else probably would like to jump onto an high-tec and spacetravelling planet. Or we just wish there would be an adventurous secret out there. Sometimes there is, but often not.

Personally i get over it by remebering that the main goal is to collect good memories. Nothing else matters actually. Knowledge is useless. Hunting for knowledge is useless. We cant gain any real knowledge, we just can grow into it. We always know what we need to know in our current position. Growth is motion and once we moved into a new position we know all about this new position, beacuse we are there. All other knowledge is best guess or a myth :)


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:35 am

Mague said: Nothing is impossible. Our universe could be a tiny bubble in a glass tube in an extradimensional laboratory.
“Our Universe is a dream in the mind of Lord Brahma and we are his dream creatures”?
Mague said: Personally i d love to step through a stargate and leave it on a green, clean and peaceful planet.
LOL. Where is that stargate? People who wanted to live on a green, clean peaceful planet would be content to live in harmony with the Earth – to “make the best of it.” People who think they can do better than Nature could go to a high tech universe. There they could use their technological talents to create an artificial universe. Acquisitive people could go to a monopoly universe – a place where they could play games like monopoly – win one day; lose the next. (This could fulfill their need to be competitive in a beneficial way.) We are creating virtual reality situations so no one should take them personally (no need to go to war); just change the virtual reality. Then we could have the ego universe where everyone who wants to be “me first” could go. But I don’t think that universe would last very long.
Mague said: We cant gain any real knowledge; we just can grow into it. We always know what we need to know in our current position. Growth is motion and once we moved into a new position we know all about this new position beacuse we are there.
I see; so this “shift in positions” makes us believe that we have gained knowledge?


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:55 am

Mague said: I want to go back to ego once again. The only function of ego is to allow a human to be aware of himself. This only can be achieved by a satellite. Ego is orbiting the core of self like moon is orbiting earth. That’s why egoists always observe and never have the idea of being part of the whole. For some reasons the satellite took over control and can’t stop adding attributes to himself. That’s the source of the expansion idea. Ego has no satellite and can only measure things by comparing with itself. The rest is history...

To not completely hijack the thread I’d like to mention that astronomical alignments, at least on the milky way scale, have always something to do with orbits I think sometimes some healthy and true egoism is useful. Potential earth changes are not our business. Earth will care for that. But our core self and its orbiting ego are our business. This is true always, but has probably priority in 2012. What’s your estimation? How many people will be able to align themselves in 2012?
Sorry, Mague. I completely missed this. Obviously my ego was focused on something else. This is the key issue – ego. Each of us has one; and each of us is responsible for its actions.

How many people will be able to align themselves in 2012? Probably only an infinitesimally small number of people has any idea of what's really involved. I think most of us have no idea of what is really involved; most of us are led to believe that it’s simply a question of correct meditation practices (the quick fix). More likely it’s all about dissolving the the size of our egos down to size.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:29 am ... 855#p22540
The mere notion of the emperors sleeping makes it clear that they are expected to awake and to return one day; be it Quetzalcouatl (in the heart of the sea), Ogygian Kronos himself, or Arthur, ruler of the lower hemisphere.

Few scholars only, among them Franz Kampers and Robert Eisler, have recognized the awe-inspiring age of such traditions, and even they have been incapable of calling the much-expected “redeemer” and “kosmokrator” by his own name: Saturn.

Right here, he (Kampers) refers to Robert Eisler’s chapter, “John-Oannes” which states:

We should not hesitate even to presuppose that the same syncretism of John and Oannes, which seems so natural with Neo-Babylonian Gnostics existed also among the more immediate Jewish followers of the Baptist, seeing that an influence of the Babylonian belief in ever new incarnations of the primeval Oannes (Berossos knows as many as six such reincarnations in past times) on the Messianic hopes of later Jews is far from credible. The redeemer of the world, the celestial “Man” is expected to rise from the “heart of the Ocean” before his coming as Daniel (7.13) says with the clouds of the sky, for: “As no man can search or discover that which is in the depths of the Ocean, even so no mortal can see the Son of God nor his hosts except in the hours of His day.”

We know well enough that the Oannes of Berossos is Ea, i.e., Saturn, whose “town” is Eridu/Canopus, the very depth of the sea. That Ogyian Kronos is unmistakably the planet Saturn is not to be overlooked by anyone who reads Plutarch’s report of the “servants” of Kronos who—every thirty years when Saturn is standing in Taurus—sail to Ogygia to remain there in service for thirty years, after which they are free to go; but most of them prefer to stay, because there, in Saturn’s island, the Golden Age lasts on and on. The servants spend their whole time on mathematics, philosophy, and the like, and there is no reason to worry about food; it is all conveniently at hand. Hamlet’s Mill – Giorgioi de Santilla & Heertha von Dechend, Appendix 33, pages 418-419
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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by Grey Cloud » Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:31 am

Deepak Ranade. The Speaking Tree, The Times of India, 26 March 2008.

The original undivided pluripotent being had the option of remaining unmanifest. Manifestation was one of the limitless options available to this source.
For awareness to experience itself, a state of duality had to be induced. It needed to cleave itself and induce a pseudo=dichotomy of perceiver and perceived. This process is similar to the process of a developing embryo. The single cell replicates itself rapidly and metamorphoses into this complex and differentiated multi-organ form. In reality, we all are just one cell that has differentiated itself into specified functional units. When I touch my hair it actually is the manifestation of a single cell touching another expression of itself and the same cell also has the capability to comprehend this 'touch' phenomenon.
All creation is an induced illusion of duality to enable the source to experience itself. The process of creation is in itself a gratifying experience. All artists, when they create a work of art, experience ecstacy on giving birth to a new idea, a new thought. The sheer joy of manifesting in such diversity may be the objective of this exercise by the source. He not only created multiple loci of consciousness but also ensured that His creation was made oblivious to the source of its origins.
Time and space were introduced as illusory media to ensure the delusion of separateness of creation. This being was programmed with the ability to discover his origins, and provided with the means to enjoy the rest of creation as well. Since the being was just a manifestation of the source, he also had all the attributes of the source. The resolve and ability to achieve anything he desires, the capacity to experience total bliss, and above all the freedom to exercise choice.
Selfless creation mandated that the being was given an illusion of being the 'doer'. The self-effacement of the source could be a precondition for nourishing the identiy of His creation. This illusion of being the doer and the centre of the universe manifests as ego. Ego served initially as a tool for self-preservation but as it crystalises further it totally envelops the consciousness and impedes realisation of its true nature.
The ego constantly reaffirms this illusionary duality. The more the ego hardens the farther it moves the being away from the knowledge of his true identity. It then embarks on a game wherein the being gets an illusion of having control and the ability to manipulate for its own happiness.
Awareness when focused outward gets entangled in a web of duality. Then there is no limit to its indulgence. This kaleidoscopic creation has a potent arsenal to engage this awareness into its diverse forms. Indulgence is addictive and it keeps drawing this awareness into its throes, distancing itself from its true identiy. Obsession with the materialistic world is actually as ludicrous as my hand being obsessed with my nose.
The ultimate objective is for consciousness to be able to perceive itself. This could be attained by various means and paths. This knowledge is already there within. The illusion is to look for it 'without'. All other knowledge is duality-based and may at best help in providing analogies. However, analogy is a cheap substitute for experience itself. Creation is like democracy. Made of the source, by the source and for the source. Self-awareness or un-perceiving is self-realisation.
The 'He' and 'His' etc, referred to here are Atman or Brahman. (Brahma is just another 'loci of consciousness'). The use of 'He' and 'His' etc are due to the shortcomings of the English language. Brahman is beyond classification, never mind gender.
"You are just the thought of a thought" - U.G. Krishnamurti.
Brahman is the thinker; Brahma is the thought and you are the thought of the thought. 8-)
If I have the least bit of knowledge
I will follow the great Way alone
and fear nothing but being sidetracked.
The great Way is simple
but people delight in complexity.
Tao Te Ching, 53.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:47 am

Gray Cloud said: You are just the thought of a thought" - U.G. Krishnamurti.
Brahman is the thinker; Brahma is the thought and you are the thought of the thought.
Great post! So at what point does the perception of the self become “pathological” – seeing oneself as totally separate from the whole and always trying to force the whole to suit the individual will? There has to be a balance (overcoming duality to achieve a unity)

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Re: The Philadelphia Experiment

Unread post by nick c » Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:13 am


I hate to rain on your parade, and I know that your aim is to put a variety of "interesting" and thought provoking items for our consideration.
But occaisionally I feel compelled to come back to reality :lol: :lol: :lol:

The Philadelphia Experiment ... lfia_1.htm

This stuff reads like science fiction, and I think that it most probably is just that. Some of the details are not accurate, which to me, casts doubt on the credibility of the entire piece. When making extraordinary claims one must make sure all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. :)
The military and scientists set up the battleship U.S. Eldridge with an electromagnetic system: Tesla coils, etc. but aided by the Zetas.
There never was a battleship named U.S. Eldridge. US Navy ships are designated as U.S.S. followed by the name of the ship. US Navy battleships of the 20th C (with one exception, BB-5, the "U.S.S. Kearsarge") were all designated, numbered, and named after states, from BB-1 the "U.S.S. Indiana" to the (never completed and cancelled) BB-71 the "U.S.S. Louisiana."
There was a destroyer escort (DE-173) U.S.S. Eldridge which somewhat fits the time frame:
launched in July 25, 1943 and commissioned August 27, 1943
The ship was temporarily teleported to a future time, to 1983, another magnetic peak.
This is somewhat perplexing.
-How do they know it was transported to 1983?
-Shouldn't there have been reports from 1983 of a WW2 destroyer appearing in Philadelphia, or wherever?
-and if you were transported to the future how could you appear in the same place since that involves travel in space too? that is, 1943 Philadelphia was located many millions (probably billions) of miles away from 1983 Philadelphia...due to the motion of the Earth around the Sun, the Sun within the galaxy, the galaxy within the galactic cluster, etc, etc, etc.
-Also, as a note, in 1983 the U.S.S. Eldridge was serving in the Greek navy renamed as the "Leon." If these two ships had met in battle in 1983 and the "Leon" had destroyed the "Eldridge" would the "Leon" cease to exist? as it would have essentially destroyed itself. This of course, creates the possibility of a ridiculous paradox.
The aliens provided a hidden technology which would create a wormhole, a rift or tear in spacetime.
According to the EU there are no such things as wormholes or spacetime. Much has been written about this on these forums as well as in EU literature.
-So how could a supposed advanced alien civilization be dealing with a "not in line with reality" physics? The obvious explanation is that a human writer made up the story using what he perceived as scientific truth? that leads me to conclude that the story is all science fiction/fantasy.

That is my opinion :shock:

nick c


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