The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Unread post by lizzie » Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:14 am

StevenJay wrote: How about actually talking about the Schuman Resonance? That way, the discusion will remain more or less on topic!
Mague said: The Sfrerics build a worldwide network which is building a dynamic field. The field is not equaly dense everywhere. Due to the Sferics its always changing but in a greater picture it has a bit the look of a sponge.
Well, you can’t say it’s not “off topic” :D

SFERICS - Atmospheric discharges.
We can’t hear it without special equipment, but the planet almost continually sings with the sound of low-frequency radio signals that derive from lightning strikes. Because the signals are mostly trapped below the ionosphere, a reflective layer 55 miles above the ground, a suitable receiver can pick them up from thousands of miles away. They sound like twigs snapping or bacon frying.

There’s a complete vocabulary of words to describe various types: tweeks come from lightning that is so far away that the high radio frequencies arrive before the low, resulting in a musical set of clicks and tweets; whistlers are slowly descending tones caused by a similar mechanism, but which acts on bursts of radio waves that travel from pole to pole along magnetic lines of force.
Lightning doesn't only make light and sound. The discharges also produce radio waves called sferics. Chances are you've heard them on the radio while listening to a baseball game or talk show on a somewhat distant AM station. Sferics play a large role in lightning detection and mapping device technology currently in use around the world.

Sferics can turn any AM radio into a simple lightning detection device. They are easily distinguished from normal static in that they are sudden loud, crackling noises, sounding a little like someone wringing a wad of plastic bubble wrap. They occur simultaneously with any lightning discharge. Especially at night, your AM radio can pick up waves from lightning hundreds of miles away.


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Will the 2012 galactic alignment open dimensional doorways? Will the energy influx from this alignment turn the Earth into a dodecahedron? Historically the dodecahedron has symbolized the concept of a fifth element, Ether. Will the Ether begin to flow freely once again between Heaven, the Earth and the Underworld?

2012 Dodechedron ... 70271.html
A dodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve faces. A Platonic solid composed of twelve regular pentagonal faces, with three meeting at each vertex. It has twenty (20) vertices and thirty (30) edges. And the point is? The Maya and other ancient civilizations see 2012 as not the end of the world, but the transition from one world to the next. In the case of the Hopi, it’s moving from the 4th to the 5th Sun.

The 5th Sun is a world of unification of a balance between the masculine and feminine, and a time of ETHER which is the 5th element as well. The four previous worlds were symbolized by earth, air, fire, and water.

While the dodecahedron has five sides, (a pentagon) it is woven together into the twelve faces, and of course twelve has been a mystical number by most tribes and civilizations. Remember, there were twelve sons of Jacob, twelve tribes, twelve fruits of the tree of life, twelve disciples of Jesus, twelve knights of Arthur's Round Table, and of course twelve signs of the zodiac

Ether lacks substance as far as we know of it now; however, the void that we see (non physical world) just may be the most powerful non-substance, substance! This would also indicate a movement from duality to complete non-duality, non polarity. The veil has been rent some 2,000 years ago; however, we've not merged.
Is the universe a dodecahedron? ... hedron.htm
The standard model of cosmology predicts that the universe is infinite and flat. However, cosmologists in France and the US are now suggesting that space could be finite and shaped like a dodecahedron instead. They claim that a universe with the same shape as the twelve-sided polygon can explain measurements of the cosmic microwave background.

This is an incredible discovery because, I believe that Plato's platonic solids plays an integral role in the overall composition of creation, the cosmic relationship between the male and the female aspects, the microcosm and macrocosm of the Qabalah.

The star of David which to the untrained eye is simply two interconnected triangles is actually a two dimensional image of a 3 dimensional principle, the “star of David” is actually 2 inter-penetrated Tetrahedra, tetrahedra being the 1st in a set of the five platonic solids; this property has recently been found to occupy the centers of planets, contributing to the overall gravitational balance of the planet, it is hyper-dimensional phenomena, which has yet to be fully explained.

But the 2 Tetrahedra depicted in the star of David are actually spinning in a counter rotating motion, one spinning clockwise the other spinning counter clockwise which I believe is emblematic of the centripetal relationship between the male and the female, you can see this phenomena depicted in the mysterious universal symbol of the ying and yang as well as in the swastika which is also emblematic of the centripetal rotation of solar systems. We now embark on a brief journey into sacred geometry where conventional rules don't apply; you can find hyper-dimensional geometry in nature, in flowers, shells and more.
The Tree of Life
These solid figures were used by the Platonists to symbolise the four elements - Fire by the Tetrahedron, Air the Octahedron, Water the Icosahedron, and Earth the Cube, and the sphere of the Universe, the stuff of which the constellations and heavens were made, by the Dodecahedron.

The fifth regular solid, the dodecahedron, identified with the quintessence (ether), is barely mentioned. Plato merely notes that "there is still one construction left; God made use of it for the universe when he painted it." Another translation reads "God used this solid for the whole universe embriodering figures on it".

There was a Pythagorean notion that the dodecahedron formed the"timbers" on which the spherical bulk of the heavens was built. Indeed, the structure of the world was sometimes compared to that of building a ship, where the keel and ribs would be laid out first. Curiously, in the earlier "Phaedo", Plato described the earth itself, when viewed from above, as "many-colored like the balls that are made of twelve pieces of leather."
The Dodecahedron and the I Ching
The dodecahedron is one of the 5 platonic solids. Held sacred by the Pythagoreans and ancient Hindus. It is said to represent an idealized form of conciousness because of its regularity, beautiful symmetry and closeness to the sphere.

I believe that I have made a profound discovery in associating it with the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching.

The 50 gates of understanding in the kabbalistic tradition correspond with 50 levels of conciousness from unconcious rock through to an enlightened being. They represent the first 7 sephirof on the tree of life (with each of the 7 containing every other of the 7 sephirof) + Binna the Gate of understanding: 49+1=50.

Note also that number 50 is considered as "the holiest and the most natural of numbers, because it equals to the sum of the squares numbers 9+16+25 constructed on the sacred triangle of Pythagoras (3, 4 and 5) and also to the product of 5 x 10 of the pentad and the decade, numbers of the generating Life and the World-Harmony, the Microcosm and the Macrocosm".
The Dodecahedron has been a source of metaphysical interest for at least 2000 years. Like a crystal or gem, its facets and symmetries compel our eyes and hearts to observe life more deeply. Some have believed that the Dodecahedron represents an idealized form of Divine thought, will, or idea. To contemplate this symbol was to engage in meditation upon the Divine. Today many people believe there is a lost knowledge residing in the past, slowly being rediscovered. It is known that figures like Pythagoras, Kepler, and Leonardo, among many, were educated in these Sacred Geometries, and held many beliefs about them and their role in the Universe.

Humanity is represented by the Dodecahedron and the Pentagon

It has been shown that the Icosahedron, when viewed by certain angles internally, bears resemblance to the Enneagram

G.I. Gurdjieff is the best resource for a deeper understanding of this symbol. Any whole number divided by 7 will contain the following numeric progression, usually after the decimal: 142857...
The Real Da Vinci Code: Leonardo's Vitruvian Man and Buckminster Fuller ... ller/40383
If you place the Da Vinci Person inside the center of the vector equilibrium, his four arms, four legs and head point to the closest packing of spheres surrounding the form. This three-dimensional form reminds one of the two-dimensional pentad of Pythagoras.

The four-level pentad (also referred to as the tetrakys, meaning "four") was used by ancients to model the four forces of nature--earth, water, fire and air. This same model is very similar to the one that describes the quark structure in the nucleus of the atom.

This same tetrakys was considered to be the mystery of the ages, and whosoever solved it was considered enlightened. The Da Vinci Man fits right inside of this structure, like a Cosmic Person, with four arms, four legs and head pointing to all nine points surrounding the triangle. The circle surrounding the Da Vinci Man is the tenth point, a transcendent superspace that contains all creation within it (from inflation theory).

According to Fuller, every wave function goes through a geometric transformation from peak to trough (mountain to valley) that consists of tetrahedron, octahedron and icosahedron (with a transcendent gap in the middle at the top of the peak).

This oscillation occurs in water waves, sound waves and electromagnetic waves at thousands or millions of times per second. The Da Vinci Person fits nicely inside the center of the Pythagorean tetrakys, which resembles the three-dimensional vector equilibrium that makes up the heart of each wave.

Interestingly enough, the surface of the structure of vector equilibrium is equivalent to the Tree of Life (Kabbalah). The Tree of Life consists of three pillars along which are aligned three spheres. The left pillar and right pillar function like Yin and Yang. The intermediary pillar balances the two. This is like a holy trinity found in most religions.

The surface of the vector equilibrium also resembles the Tree of Life. The flow of energy from the higher spheres to the lower spheres resembles a lightning flash. Amazingly, the flow on the surface of the vector equilibrium is an exact correspondence to the flow on the Tree of Life.
The Zodiac
Dodecahedron ... r_engl.pdf
“The pentagon in space disperses into the number twelve and becomes the number of the
transfigured spatial cube. In this way it descends into the plane becoming a dodecahedron woven of triangles, squares and hexagons - the dodecahedron in the plane.
The Tesseract
I began to see sacred patterns within this symbol (five pointed star, Initiates Star, etc). It appeared to be a dodecahedron (a picture like Eve's Grid). It began to spin; it spun so fast, it collapsed into a thin line and flashed and appeared to disappear. The flash of light moved toward me. The flash of light then moved inside what appeared to be my pituitary gland, illuminating the room. Then behind it came four more. Then it shot down my spine to my heart and outside in ripples to what appeared to be infinity. I got an impression of 4 to the 10th, as a mathematical equation of energy. That was the beginning of the energy moving within my sphere. I told a friend that I thought this was connected to sacred geometry and exponential energy elevation.
Implications of the Millennium Workings ... -workings/
The earth is a dodecahedronal crystal. While the crustal plates no longer match the dodeca pattern, an indication of the planet’s age, the basic crystal structure survives. Each face is defined by the top point of one of twelve prism-like 3D Trees expanding outward from the earth’s core. This point becomes the center of the dodecahedron’s pentagonal face and one of the vertices of its dual, the icosahedron. If we project all five platonic solid onto the surface of a sphere, they nest perfectly within the pattern defined by the icosa-dodeca. This pattern has been called the earth grid and there is much evidence that it was used by the last pre-catastrophe civilization.

Just how did they use it is the question. If we think of these twelve Kether or crown points on the surface of the earth as the center point of the vast dimensional doorway created by the pentagonal form, then we can see them as mediating this flow of centropic energy out through the resulting icosa-dodeca grid geometry. This grid also contains the spherical patterns of the other Platonic solids, which act as seeds for their 4D counterparts. The earth through its grid sustains life by creating a resonant oscillation between dimensions.

But as our understanding of the Great Cross and its connection to the New Jerusalem/Cube of Space developed, it became apparent that the central cube formed by the 24 cell 4D figure was indeed a key component.

The Great Cross is the moment coded on the monument at Hendaye, the moment when the cube of space is actually formed in the heavens by the appropriate alignments of the sun, moon and galactic center. The monument also tells us that the Cube is formed over the period of twenty years, from the summer solstice of 1992 to the winter solstice of 2012.

The ancient Abrahamic astronomy tells us that the Cube of Space is formed from the three dragon axis of the universe, the ecliptic axis, the galactic axis and the planetary equinox axis. In projecting the Tree of Life on the Cube of Space, we find that the ecliptic axis connects the top and bottom face of the cube while the galactic and the planetary connect opposite edges on the horizontal plane.

If we also think of each axis as uniting a pair of faces on the Cube of Space, then our three celestial axis, the ecliptic pole, the galactic pole and the equinox sunrise, form a perfect cube within a cube on the mid-point of the twenty year cycle, the fall equinox of 2002. We can see this by remembering that the earth cube is formed on each equinox. As the equinoxes precess backward against the fixed stars, the earth cube slowly rotates. The fixed locations of the Cube of Space form a space/time constant with which the earth cube comes into alignment once every 13,000 or so years.

This twenty year period of alignment is the window of opportunity, the eschatological moment when the New Jerusalem descends to earth. In Revelations 21:16 we are told that the New Jerusalem is a vast cube, one that fractally encompasses the entire planet. Since the embedded cube is a key component in the earth grid, then we might think of it, and its analog, the central cube of the 24 cell 4D polytope, as the resonant core in this cascade of hyper-cubes. Thinking in terms of our collapsed middle pillar of the Tree of Life, we can see the galactic center, Kether, as a 5D hexatope, seed form of higher dimensions, mediating energy/matter in the form of 3D/4D packets. The sun acts as a hyper-cube step-down transformer for the galactic flow, mediating explosions of light and matter. The cube of the earth mediates this through the earth grid.

New Jerusalem then becomes the unitary model which allows the earth cube and the solar hyper-cube to nest within the higher dimensional flow coming from galactic central. It would mediate the centropic to entropic collapse of light into matter by stabilizing the oscillation between 3 and 4 D, in other words, a virtually eternal reality constructed from mind mirroring matter with its own light.

The window of opportunity to create this is very narrow, and the results of failure seem to be dire. The resonant alignment would seem to produce an implosion of energy/information from the galactic core. The New Jerusalem Cube is the switch box, and, to follow the analogy, if it is wired wrong or not at all, then it explodes when the juice is turned on. The current is already running, and the sparks are popping all over the planet.
Cube of Space ... fspace.htm
Since ancient times, the cube has been a symbol of Truth, Order, and the physical plane. According to "The Book of Formation", the manifested universe is represented as a cube. In Tarot Key 7 (The Chariot), we see a representation of the cube as being both a symbol for physical embodiment, and as a vehicle for the Self.
Cube of Space ... &Itemid=30

The Star of Bethlehem Astronomical Alignment


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Re: The Schumann Resonance

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lizzie wrote:Will the 2012 galactic alignment open dimensional doorways? Will the energy influx from this alignment turn the Earth into a dodecahedron? Historically the dodecahedron has symbolized the concept of a fifth element, Ether. Will the Ether begin to flow freely once again between Heaven, the Earth and the Underworld?
Last attempt to hijack Lizzie ;) But its currently "burning on my tonque"...

I want to go back to ego once again. The only function of ego is to allow a human to be aware of himself. This only can be achieved by a satellite. Ego is orbiting the core of self like moon is orbiting earth. Thats why egoists always observe and never have the idea of being part of the whole. For some reasons the satellite took over control and cant stop adding attributes to himself. Thats the source of the expansion idea. Ego has no satellite and can only meassure things by comparing with itself. The rest is history...

To not completely hijack the thread i d like to mention that astronomical alignments, at least on the milky way scale, have always something to do with orbits ;) I think sometimes some healthy and true egoism is useful. Potential earth changes are not our bussiness. Earth will care for that. But our core self and its orbiting ego are our bussiness. This is true always, but has probably priority in 2012. Whats your estimation ? How many people will be able to align themself in 2012 ?

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Unread post by GaryN » Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:41 pm

mague asked:
How many people will be able to align themself in 2012 ?
In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. -Buckminster Fuller


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Unread post by lizzie » Tue Jun 30, 2009 6:55 am

Mague said: Last attempt to hijack Lizzie But its currently "burning on my tonque"...
Please do! But only on the condition that you engage people in “non checkerboard” discussions as you are currently doing. There should be at least one thread that addresses these issues at this level; I can’t do that; but you can. Just don’t let any of us wheedle our way out of facing the real issues by using “artful” distractions. Sometimes we need people who can completely reframe issues and present them in a new light before we can switch on the little "lightbulbs" in our heads. You could be that person. ;)

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by keeha » Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:35 am

Sometimes we need people who can completely reframe issues and present them in a new light

And after your dodecahedronal crystal posts I offer this bit of pop culture fun that shares many EU NIandMI: Futurama - Benders Game Trailer


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Unread post by lizzie » Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:49 pm

Keeha said: And after your dodecahedronal crystal posts I offer this bit of pop culture fun that shares many EU NIandMI: Futurama - Benders Game Trailer

lol! ... ecahedron/ ... cnc_lives/ ... r_of_life/

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Unread post by mague » Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:45 pm

lizzie wrote: Sometimes we need people who can completely reframe issues and present them in a new light before we can switch on the little "lightbulbs" in our heads. You could be that person. ;)
Well, yes and no. While i can tell people what i think i can not change anything but me. THAT person is everyone self.

I got a nice mindgame for modern people who grew up with computers and startreck.

You are on a spaceship. You got hit by a lot of weapon impacts and you have been able to escape with a jump through hyperspace. Then you faint...

Some time later you wake up. You are alone and on the ship and all systems are down. Absolutely all systems. Its dark and you barely can breath while the ship is drifting through space. Its hull has some breaches but is still not colapsing.

To survive and go back home you have to bring the ships systems online. You only can activate/repair one system at the same time.

What are your priorities. Describe the sequence of your actions to get back home.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by Grey Cloud » Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:49 pm

Hi Mague,
Interesting game.
So I'm in total darkness, total silence and a million miles away from other people? I am home. :D
If I have the least bit of knowledge
I will follow the great Way alone
and fear nothing but being sidetracked.
The great Way is simple
but people delight in complexity.
Tao Te Ching, 53.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by mague » Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:46 am

Grey Cloud wrote:Hi Mague,
Interesting game.
So I'm in total darkness, total silence and a million miles away from other people? I am home. :D

Haha. Its your decission. But airfiltering and heating systems are offline.


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Unread post by lizzie » Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:20 am

Mague said: To survive and go back home you have to bring the ships systems online. You only can activate/repair one system at the same time.
What if I don't want to go home. ;)

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by mague » Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:21 pm

lizzie wrote:
Mague said: To survive and go back home you have to bring the ships systems online. You only can activate/repair one system at the same time.
What if I don't want to go home. ;)
Wrong question :P

You are wasting time on irrelevant questions under life threatening conditions.

Hint: "What if i want to die ?" would be another wrong question. In that case the right question would be "Should i choke or freeze at 0 kelvin ?". On "I want to die and i dont care how" the game is over. Your score is 1 because you made only one decission. The decission to deny your existance. Please insert coin...


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Unread post by lizzie » Sat Jul 04, 2009 12:04 pm

Primarily a truth seeker, pushing out the frontiers of knowing has been a lifelong passion of Dr. Huntley; even taking precedence over his remarkable talents as a painter and musician. Amongst many areas of extensive study, Noel Huntley has investigated UFO and ET reports, channelings and spiritual phenomena. With a background in physics from Leeds University and formerly employed at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston, he later acquired further doctorates externally in psychology and parapsychology and has developed the foundations for a higher-dimensional physics that embraces life, mind, the universe, and the spirit.

This, he considers, will reconcile physics and religion into a spiritual science, in addition to aligning the viewpoints of the atheist and the religionist. While a dedicated scientist, he dares to cross the line between objective investigation and subjective investigation. His contention being that scientific investigation must not be confined to the material and that which is exterior to self.

He has written technical manuals and numerous books, articles and papers. Studies also included many other subjects, attaining qualifications in art, music, metaphysics and computers. In addition, research has been conducted in the field of physical mobility, coordination and skills with an evaluation of the true scientific principles involved.
Currently he authors a website which addresses a wide variety of subjects pertinent to the nature of consciousness, ascension and evolution of the individual and our civilization:

Beyond Reality
The Hidden Agenda

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” Disraeli, Prime Minister of England.

People are going to wake up to the outrageous manipulation of their projected reality, achieved through education, science, the media, major publishers, the Hollywood industry, and direct government sources. If the awakening happened suddenly, which it won’t, it would create great deflation, embarrassment and a sense of being foolish and stupid amongst, in particular, the educated, the intellectual, the academic.

Many statements have been made and written about the extraordinary frame of mind or human weakness of not being able to imagine or intuitively evaluate new or unfamiliar concepts, ones which do not fit into our programmed, educated and learned reality—we shall see later the basis of this failing. We don’t even learn from past mistakes. What about the professor (and there was more than one scientist involved in this) who had proved in a published paper that man-made flight was impossible. Virtually in the same time interval the first flying machine took off successfully.

As a totally separate example the author once sent a paper to a well-known university for their scientific magazine (claimed to be open-minded). The article’s theme was that you can have acceleration without force—bypassing Newton’s laws (if scientists understood this one statement and followed through on it they could transform the world). The lack of understanding on this was so great, combined with massive egos, there was not only total failure to duplicate the material from two recipient professors but it was assumed that nothing was being stated. Anyone aware that these people are an example of who is running our intellectual world (though they are an extension of hidden influences) should be terrified. (It should be mentioned that the author eventually received an apology from a mediating professor.)

Take another look at our world today: a world of crime, greed, excessive control, terrorism, atrocities, selfishness, disease, poverty, and always the end product: pain and suffering. Shouldn’t we at least ask questioningly, Is this really the product of evolution? Is it natural and accidental, the result of unavoidable circumstances? Or are the causes the result of our being ruled by obsessive greed and ruthlessness, and manipulated by fear and brute terrorism? Closer to the truth, but this is what we are allowed to think. It is in fact orchestrated with uncanny brilliance—a cleverness necessary to continue to fool humans for so long. (See last paragraph for the real source of this intelligence.) Of course, if the humans are kept in ignorance, and set up to oppose and fight one another, in other words, are made naive enough, it is easy—most of the time the perpetrators can sit back and let the population enslave itself.

If the controlling few are cunning and intelligent enough they can program the masses to perpetuate their own problems. They can keep them distracted with no time to ponder on life’s values, positive purposes and its short-comings. The miscreants formula is to create a problem, wait for the reaction to the problem, and lastly provide solutions which will be accompanied by loss of all rights and freedom.


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Unread post by lizzie » Sat Jul 04, 2009 5:12 pm

ET’s and Aliens: Who are They and Why are They Here? ... tley_7.htm
Most extraterrestrial species have deviant offshoots and the Anunnaki (from Sirius A) were no exception. The name of these advanced beings, 'Anunnaki', presumably derived from their king or god Anu. The Anunnaki lineage apparently goes back to the Elohim, who in turn are a digression from the Elohei - beings from a higher-dimensional universe who very much oversee and monitor the human race's development.

Now this strain of spiritually-deficit beings eventually inhabited the planet Nirbiru. This planet has been written about by Zecharia Sitchin in his books. The planet Nibiru is apparently larger than Jupiter and unexpectedly is a member of our own solar system. It could be called the twelfth planet if we accept that the planetoid Chiron is included in the tote and also the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter which are fragments remaining after the break up of Maldek, an earlier planet of our solar system.

Astronomers have now corroborated the existence of the body named Nibiru though there is still speculation as to whether it is a planet. Nevertheless there appears to be agreement on its wide elliptical orbit taking it out towards the Pleiades system some 400 light years away with a period of 3,600 years to orbit our sun once. Energy-wise the planet links our sun with the Sirius system.

Nibiru used to be the outer most planet of Sirius A but is now the outer planet of our solar system. It was captured about half-a-million years ago and Nibiru now links our sun with the Sirius system. This planet is inhabited by the Anunnaki, which will be a resistance group from Sirius A and the Elohim, mentioned above, from higher frequencies. In addition to the name Anunnaki the designation Nibiruans is also used, and occasionally the name Nephilim the name given to the hybrid human/Anunnaki.

These resistance Anunnakis are on favorable terms with the reptilian Dracos and have some common genetics. Thus the Anunnakis are also of reptilian strain but, in addition, are said to have a metallic biology. They apparently thrive on nuclear radiation and did introduce uranium to planet Earth thousands of years ago. They think rather than feel, much as many humans do today. Thinking is a linear process and combined with lack of feeling will engender a predator race. People on Earth have served them well.

The Anunnaki clearly were one of the types of god of our mythology. They wished for a harmonious relation with humans but at the same time exercised negative control. The rule over man was one that gave limited freedom, ranging up to satanic suppression when necessary to keep humans in their subservient role. According to the book The Pleiadian Agenda, silica based elements were used by the Anunnaki in their genetic experiments with humans, giving greater potential for mind control. Also the Bible's statement that we were made in the image of God is referring to the Anunnaki gods. The silica-based experiment apparently failed though since we were designed for a carbon base.

Humans at that time lacked high mental development but were apparently much more right-brain attuned than today. That is, they were in harmony with nature to a great degree and feelings and perception were more 4D - the heart chakra was more open. The interbreeding from these gods of Nibiru with the Earth females and the consequent disharmony of energies 'knocked the women into 3D' and the resonant aspects of language sounds in communication degenerated into pure identification - words merely representing objects in a detached manner (as is the case today). This led to a split into many tongues, and further, a split amongst ourselves.

The original reason for the Anunnaki visits to Earth and their considerable interest was their need for a new genetic matrix. Since Earth was a by-product of the implosion of Sirius B, creating the fragments Earth, Nibiru, Sirius C and the remaining Sirius B, our planet and Nibiru are consequently related. About half-a-million Anunnaki began landing on Earth with repeated visits every 3,600 years. Around 3,500 BC they apparently founded the Sumerian civilization.

At the present time the Anunnaki are the main threat to mankind on planet Earth. Their goal is to reverse the DNA code sequence by blocking the Earth grid time matrix form, holding the 12-dimensional spectrum that corresponds to the 12th strand DNA. The Anunnaki have 11 strands but in reverse sequence - hence their planet enters our solar system in reverse orbit. If they can block the frequencies above 11D (eleven dimensions) and reverse the code sequence up to and including 11D they can live permanently on Earth. Our planet, however, would then orbit in reverse.
Neanderthal Man and the Illuminati ... nati_1.htm
The authorities behind science, education and the media endeavor relentlessly to convince us that the human has evolved from the Neanderthal. The irony is that although we, in fact, did not evolve from this primitive form, one might say that the Illuminati running our planet did!

According to the Guardian's material, if we go back to around 150,000 years BC, the Anunnaki (from planet Nibiru - our twelfth planet) created Neanderthal man as a slave race for mining gold. They intended to use humans but decided they were too intelligent. The Anunnaki discovered that gold, in its white powder form, has positive regenerative effects on their deteriorating DNA. They even put it in their atmosphere. However, they ultimately discovered its serious long-term side effects in creating greater distortion in the DNA and their consciousness. Note that today individuals have discovered this white powder and are convinced of its regenerative powers.

Many implant network systems (effectively underground) are present on Earth, set up mainly by the two principal competitors, the Anunnaki and the Drakonians. Although many Illuminati might think that enslavement of the human race is the final agenda of the invaders, this is not remotely the case. The Anunnaki, at the first opportunity, intend to install scalar-pulse power plants in Earth to blast open the portals to Inner Earth. This would be a major step towards a take-over of not only the planetary system but the final goal, the complete assimilation of the time matrix (a sector of the universe), which they have been planning for hundreds of millions of years.

The Inner Earth portals lead to higher dimensions of our time matrix, and even if they can't get far through these portal systems due to their deficient frequency patterns they would nevertheless prevent higher sources of energy entering to protect the lower levels by altering and reversing alignments, thus enabling them at least to assimilate the lower dimensions. It is simply food (energy) to them to stop their slow black hole decay. The planetary and stellar alignments for ascension and portal access only occur every planetary time cycle, 26,556 years, occurring now until 2012 to 2017 when lower and upper dimensions temporarily merge.

Currently, there are many Illuminati Anu-Melchizedek Leviathans under invader ET control running governments, science, religion and education. There are also good people in general who are unsuspecting victims of astral tagging (implants) or targetted with psychotronic mind control, and compromised by consciousness/DNA infiltration. Where possible 'pet' control dogmas are exploited in which the human is pushing some obsessive religious dogma or ideas of God, or belief systems and motivations related to science and politics, etc; in other words, humans tricked into playing 'unholy' roles.

During Atlantis, different factions, motivated by corresponding controlling ETs, attained possession of different geographical territories on Earth and installed spikes that are embedded in the Earth's grid system. These are seed implants of crystalline metals inserted deep into the crust by means of photo-sonic pulses. The spikes act as receivers and broadcasters. This is known as grid spiking and is one method of creating an implant network for enslaving the society. When the spikes are activated they create a myriad of mini-wormholes which run to the large main phoenix wormhole in the Bermuda Triangle; also to Nibiru, the Anunnaki planet controlling Wormwood (planet X). Note that our planet is riddled with electromagnetic corridors, portal systems, a principal universal star gate, and the Sphere of Amenti (Pearly Gates of Heaven), containing 6 different dimensional portals, and the Staff of Amenti, a frequency conversion portal.

Since around 10,000 BC, government buildings and places of worship have been built over the spikes. Society has been cultivated by these ET-controlled Illuminati Leviathan family lines for thousands of years.
Planet X and Wormwood ... obus_0.htm
About a year ago, scientists recognized it wasn't a comet but a huge mass with the characteristics of a planet. Its mass has been stated to be several times that of Earth; other sources have compared it to the size of Jupiter, our largest planet; also that it is in orbit around our Sun. The orbital period is around 3,600 years (or more accurately, 3657.8 years). Furthermore, it will be entering our solar system in opposition to the other planets' orbits, heading for a trajectory between Jupiter and Mars, that is, the asteroid belt (said to be the remnants of a large planet Maldek which was fragmented by this disturbance, now forming the asteroid belt).

What is this outer-space body threatening our solar system? Extraterrestrial information states it is referred to as Battlestar Wormwood. Now if we check Revelations in the Bible we will find reference to the star "Wormwood". It prophesizes a blazing star named "Wormwood" which rains down on the oceans.

What is the purpose of this Battlestar planet?

It is apparently a relay station for the planet Nibiru, and they are on opposite sides of the same orbit. Nibiru is thus over a thousand of years from here, near the Pleiades system, and will not enter our solar system for a number of years equal to half the orbital period plus the number of years its counterpart Battlestar will take to get here. It has been stated that since the Anunnaki took over Nibiru its orbit dips in and out of our spectrum (from the so-called Phantom Matrix) but alternates in this manner with Battlestar behaving similarly

Planet Nibiru is inhabited by the Nibiruan Anunnaki who played a major role as "gods" of our ancient and mythological past in shaping our evolution and future. This control and suppression still continues to this day. They commandeered Battlestar Wormwood (which apparently came from the break up of Maldek) to relay energies to a region on Earth below Stonehenge, England, where they have installed what is called a Nibiruan Diodic Crystal (NDC) about 25,000 years ago.

This massive crystal system, when activated by Nibiru via Battlestar Wormwood, emanates a coded scalar-wave program directed vertically to above the Earth's surface where it intentionally intersects a main "artery" of this planet. This is an energy line (Ley lines are a minor form of this) from a coordination portal (energy centre) in Ireland to one in France.

The function of the NDC is to reverse this flow and coding and to expand it through 16 arms, extending across the globe, forming what is called the Checkerboard Matrix (different sections of it in opposition to one another) or the Michael-Mary Matrix or Archangel Michael Matrix.

In addition, this NDC matrix, through resonance, reverses some of our DNA codes and also the main central electromagnetic vortex (Merkaba) vertically located in the human body and hooked into the planetary core. Further examples of implants or mind control mechanisms from this matrix are the "flight or fight" implant and the "blame" implant.
Mass biological and mind-control devices exist well beyond the technology of implanting tiny physical 'chips' into humans, which accompanied many of the abductions by the Greys and non-benevolent Zetas; and also are an impending application of such electronic devices by the One World Government to the population. Even brain signatures radiated by government HAARP and GWEN towers are relatively superficial compared with ancient existing global grid systems, which can be used for manipulating the evolution of all life on the planet, including the planet's evolution itself. Nevertheless these government antenna systems can be linked to the global systems that are used by the non-benevolent extraterrestrials.

We are talking about ET-developed vast global networks utilising crystalline 'microchip' scalar technologies. They are referred to as PIN systems---Pylon Implant Networks. There is the APIN (Atlantis Pylon Implant Network) and the LPIN (Lemuria Pylon Implant Network).


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The Arc of the Covenant ... tley_4.htm
If anything was ever enshrouded in confusion and mystery, the Arc of the Covenant takes precedence. The Arc has played an indispensable role in man's salvation on this planet which continues to this day.

Firstly, we may encounter two spellings: 'arc' and 'ark' - though 'ark' is well associated with Noah's Ark. Apparently Noah did not escape the Great Flood by means of a boat - Noah's Ark - but through the Arc of the Covenant within the Great Pyramid. There was in fact an incidence of a previous flood in which a boat was built: thus clearly the Noah's Ark story is a partial fabrication to hide the true meaning of the Arc - yet the story was still based on truths so that it would intuitively feel correct to people being deceived.

Although 'Arc' refers to an extremely advanced technology, fundamentally it means the same as 'arc' in, for example, arc welding - two terminals at different potential/voltage giving rise to a spark across the gap - an electrical passageway. Thus the Arc of the Covenant is a portal, bridging dimensional frequency bands and locations, somewhat similar to what one might imagine is achieved by the so-called 'wormholes' of physics and science fiction. This is one of the Arc's functions.

The technology of the Arc of the Covenant was installed into our planetary system and time matrix to counter, repair and rehabilitate imbalances and distortions - including in the Divine blueprint - created by negative interference. One of the problems of using such powerful artificial systems (though perfectly tuned to the natural universe) is the possibility of such a technology falling into the hands of negative, unenlightened ETs..

Now the Great Pyramid was built over the Arc's entrance to fortify and secure its location. (The Great Pyramid was apparently constructed about 46,000 BC then rebuilt around 28,000 BC, 10,500 BC, and 9,500 BC after ET hostilities caused damage or destruction.) We might add that this location is also that of Earth's main vortex centre (corresponding to the heart chakra in humans). This vortex merged the third and fourth dimensional frequencies and when active within the harmonic resonating chamber of the Pyramid created an interdimensional alignment with a similar system in Sirius, enabling instantaneous transit of spacecrafts from the more advanced Sirian Council of the Anunnaki to Earth to keep the resistance Anunnaki visiting Earth in order.

This Arc override system with numerous levels of operation can create a 'Red Pulse' which will vaporize - reduce to basic consciousness particles - anything not protected. Thus it also creates the 'Golden Fleece' which raises the frequency spectrum of the object, planetary system, or even time matrix, holding it encapsulated in a transharmonic hyperdimensional field which preserves the integrity until restored to its normal locality.

After the final step in the destruction and sinking of Altantis, 9500 BC, caused by the resistance ETs, the Sirian Council removed the ankhs and closed the portals. However, before prohibiting complete use of the ankhs two small tools were retained and charged from the Arc. They were placed in a gold chest and became known as the rod (short and cylindrical) and the staff (about 3 feet long); to be used for portal access. They also became known as the Arc of the Covenant.

As implied, the Arc of the Covenant portal bridge was used on appropriate occasions for evacuation purposes, usually to Inner Earth, such as was the case with Noah, escaping from the Great Flood. The dimensional passageway was also used for ascension purposes during the stellar activation cycles every 26,556 years and those who qualified frequency-wise could ascend to an upper parallel Earth called Tara, a planet and civilization, structured from dimensions 4, 5, and 6.

All creations have a fundamental natural blueprint (the Divine Blueprint). Basically it is the same for anything from a thought to a human body, DNA, planet, time matrix, etc. This knowledge has been passed down to us from ancient history as the familiar Kabala, or tree of life. However, it is usually presented with its fallen-ET distortions, such as 10 or 11 spheres (instead of 12) corresponding to the imprint of the Drakonians and their main competitor and enemy, the Anunnaki, respectively. These misguided ETs intend to reconfigure our blueprint to correspond to theirs for conquest of territories, which means energy to them. The Arc of the Covenant is capable of protecting man or territories above the frequency level of these ETs and resetting the Divine Blueprint.


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