The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Mon May 11, 2009 6:49 am

Mague said: Narcissistic personality disorder…There... without the need of any extraterrestrials
LOL. I’d have to agree with you there. I know both male and female narcissistic personalities. What I have noticed most is their lack of empathy and their sense of entitlement. Perhaps some ET’s suffer from the same disorder. ;)

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

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lizzie wrote:
Mague said: Narcissistic personality disorder…There... without the need of any extraterrestrials
LOL. I’d have to agree with you there. I know both male and female narcissistic personalities. What I have noticed most is their lack of empathy and their sense of entitlement. Perhaps some ET’s suffer from the same disorder. ;)
I think the idea of being a descendant of a reptile ET is part of the "rationalisation mechanics". The cool ET's dont visit anyways, because someone placed a few signs near the asteroid belt..



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Unread post by lizzie » Tue May 12, 2009 8:19 am

Mague said: I think the idea of being a descendant of a reptile ET is part of the "rationalisation mechanics".
Probably true. Then we humans never have to assume personal responsibility for our own actions; we can blame the uncool reptilian ET’s who, of course, don’t mind harmful radiation. ;) Perhaps it’s all that radiation that causes the endemic narcissistic personality disorder in us humans. :o
Mague said: The cool ET's don’t visit anyways, because someone placed a few signs near the asteroid belt.
Yes, they are off playing and cavorting in their pristine waterworlds. :D


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If the stars, the sun and the planets are ferromagnetic crystals which have collinear atomic structures, then why couldn’t they have share a common collinear "axis mundi"?

Collinear Alignments ... uence.html
Collinear alignments of the points of a cluster can cause the formation of a [chain, line, lattice, network, egagrophile, spiral, bundle, or even triangle (as in a flock of geese) or hierarchy (as in a harmonic spectrum)].
Ferromagnetism ... omagnetism
Ferromagnetism is a kind of magnetism that is associated with iron, cobalt, nickel, and some alloys or compounds containing one or more of these elements. It also occurs in gadolinium and a few other rare-earth elements. In contrast to other substances, ferromagnetic materials are magnetized easily, and in strong magnetic fields the magnetization approaches a definite limit called saturation. When a field is applied and then removed, the magnetization does not return to its original value—this phenomenon is referred to as hysteresis. When heated to a certain temperature called the Curie point, which is different for each substance, ferromagnetic materials lose their characteristic properties and cease to be magnetic; however, they become ferromagnetic again on cooling.

The magnetism in ferromagnetic materials is caused by the alignment patterns of their constituent atoms, which act as elementary electromagnets. Ferromagnetism is explained by the concept that some species of atoms possess a magnetic moment—that is, that such an atom itself is an elementary electromagnet produced by the motion of electrons about its nucleus and by the spin of its electrons on their own axes. Below the Curie point, atoms that behave as tiny magnets in ferromagnetic materials spontaneously align themselves. They become oriented in the same direction, so that their magnetic fields reinforce each other.

One requirement of a ferromagnetic material is that its atoms or ions have permanent magnetic moments. The magnetic moment of an atom comes from its electrons, since the nuclear contribution is negligible. Another requirement for ferromagnetism is some kind of interatomic force that keeps the magnetic moments of many atoms parallel to each other. Without such a force the atoms would be disordered by thermal agitation, the moments of neighbouring atoms would neutralize each other, and the large magnetic moment characteristic of ferromagnetic materials would not exist.

There is ample evidence that some atoms or ions have a permanent magnetic moment that may be pictured as a dipole consisting of a positive, or north, pole separated from a negative, or south, pole. In ferromagnets, the large coupling between the atomic magnetic moments leads to some degree of dipole alignment and hence to a net magnetization.

The French physicist Pierre-Ernest Weiss postulated a large-scale type of magnetic order for ferromagnets called domain structure. According to his theory, a ferromagnetic solid consists of a large number of small regions, or domains, in each of which all of the atomic or ionic magnetic moments are aligned. If the resultant moments of these domains are randomly oriented, the object as a whole will not display magnetism, but an externally applied magnetizing field will, depending on its strength, rotate one after another of the domains into alignment with the external field and cause aligned domains to grow at the expense of nonaligned ones. In the limiting state called saturation, the entire object will comprise a single domain.

Domain structure can be observed directly. In one technique, a colloidal solution of small magnetic particles, usually magnetite, is placed on the surface of a ferromagnet. When surface poles are present, the particles tend to concentrate in certain regions to form a pattern that is readily observed with an optical microscope. Domain patterns have also been observed with polarized light, polarized neutrons, electron beams, and X rays.

In many ferromagnets the dipole moments are aligned parallel by the strong coupling. This is the magnetic arrangement found for the elemental metals iron (Fe), nickel (Ni), and cobalt (Co) and for their alloys with one another and with some other elements. These materials still constitute the largest group of ferromagnets commonly used. The other elements that possess a collinear ordering are the rare-earth metals gadolinium (Gd), terbium (Tb), and dysprosium (Dy), but the last two become ferromagnets only well below room temperature. Some alloys, although not composed of any of the elements just mentioned, nevertheless have a parallel moment arrangement. An example of this is the Heusler alloy CuAlMn3, in which the manganese (Mn) atoms have magnetic moments, though manganese metal itself is not ferromagnetic.
Years of evidence for charge polarization inside electrons and atomic nuclei leads to the startling implication that such electrostatic dipoles in fact can account for the magnetism of current carrying wires and what we normally think of as magnets, common ferromagnets and the gravitational and magnetic fields of the earth and all planets and stars.

Thus we can account for the so called magnetic force between parallel (or otherwise oriented) current carrying wires or streams of electrons in a plasma as the electrostatic force between electrostatic dipoles inside the lattice nuclei of the wires or the electrons in the plasma.

But if the applied field is constantly changing, then the nuclei of dielectrics have a chance to respond to the applied field before the surrounding electrons can completely cancel the changing applied field. The result of each change in force will be a small amount of charge polarization transverse to the force or force change.

This in fact happens all the time as the Earth spins. As the Earth spins on its axis and orbits the sun, etc, the motion of the Earth's atoms implies constantly changing forces. These mechanical forces are ultimately electrical on mostly dielectric atoms, e.g. silica, and so produce a small amount of charge polarization in these atomic nuclei each time the forces change direction. (That mechanical forces are ultimately electrical is seen from the example of two colliding billiard balls and the electrical nature of the constituent atoms.)

Thus the gravitational force of the Earth on terrestrial objects is attributable to charge polarization inside their atomic nuclei transverse to the direction of the Earth's spin, i.e., along the Earth's radii and lines of longitude. The inverse square gravitational force is equivalent to an inverse fourth power electrostatic dipole-dipole force if the dipoles in any pairwise interaction are proportional also to the distance between the dipoles. Thus adjacent objects along a radius attract and objects on adjacent longitudes repel but the total force on any object is the sum total of all such pairwise forces. We show that this is equal to the gravitational force.

So the gravitational field of the earth is not due just to its size and mass but to its spinning and orbital motion. It is the same as the earth’s magnetic field when the object being acted upon is a magnetized ferromagnet. For example, the downward motion of a magnetic steel needle pulled in the radial direction toward the earth’s center and its lining up with a line of longitude can be understood in terms of the dipole needle reacting to the chain of electrostatic dipoles pulling one pole down along a radial line and the parallel dipoles along lines of longitude that rotate the needle until it lines up along its line of longitude. The extent to which the gravitational and magnetic fields differ at any point is mainly due to the distribution of iron beneath the earth’s surface and the material of the reacting body.

The greater magnetic field produced by magnets, ferromagnets, is due to the alignment of charge polarization, mistakenly called ‘spin’, in the electrons in the particular arrangements possible in such materials in addition to the charge polarization of nuclei common to all materials. These and other aspects of the electrostatic dipole theory of gravity and magnetism are spelled out in the last section of the book.
Axis Mundi
The Axis Mundi is the center of the cosmos. It is the world axis around which everything revolves. In shamanism it is often referred to as the World Tree. The upper branches are in the Upper Worlds, the main trunk is in the Middle Worlds, and the roots are in the Lower Worlds. The shaman use this tree to travel to the different realms.
The Polar Configuration
This can only mean that the axis of Earth was directed along a line running through the collinear system. When the earliest religious texts and mythical sources are permitted to speak for themselves, this is precisely the arrangement they describe. What the ancients were seeing when they depicted the Sun as three concentric discs was a different alignment of planets from what we see in the sky today. They suggest that at one time Earth was in a polar alignment - an alignment Talbott, Cardona, and Cochrane theorize as having been with Saturn, Venus and Mars; - the large outer disc in the pictographs being Saturn, the next inner disc representing Venus (often with rays emanating from it) and the center dark or red disc being Mars.


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Anthropologists have found evidence of humanoid giants existing into the far distant past, over 1 million years ago (see Gigantopithecus). Since then it is possible that numerous civilizations, troupes and tribes of human and human-like giants lived and perished across planet earth.

Those mentioned in the Bible, Nephilim, Emim and Anakim, may have been a tiny element of a once expansive human giant civilization, especially before the Great Flood of the Bible, and other sources.
The Ages of Man
There was first a golden race of mortal men who lived in the time of Cronos when he was reigning in heaven. They lived like gods without sorrow or toil, and they did not know Old Age. And although they died, it was as if they were overcome with sleep. It is said that the earth bare them fruit abundantly and yielded without compulsion all needful things. For spring was everlasting, streams of milk and nectar flowed, and honey was distilled from the oak.
The Ages of Uras
Namlú'u (Primordial Human)
"The old men tell that in the beginning of the world, God created a man and gave him responsibility for all the creatures. This man went out every day from his house very early in the morning to visit God's property -- that is, all that is found here on the Earth. And he would always return home very late in the evening, and very tired. But in spite of his great fatigue, he had to make his report to God on the state of health of all the creatures." - Oral Tradition of the Lumwe of Zaïre
Karma One: In your narration, the initially-created, original human (Namlú'u) is an extraordinary being, quasi superior to his creators and almost omnipotent, belonging to several dimensions, gifted with capacities of astonishing clairvoyance, capable of reading anyone's thoughts. This original human seems singularly close to the Source, namely the World Creator or "God".

Just who are these creators of the Namlú'u? Why did they create such astonishing beings? And why in this form?

Anton Parks: I sincerely believe that the Namlú'u have a perpetual existence somewhere in Angal (the higher dimensions).

The term NAM-LÚ-U ("immense human beings") was used by the "gods" and the Sumerians to designate this primordial humanity. Later the term was used to refer to the Sumerians who were the first humans in Mesopotamia, those who were in contact with the "gods" found in the Bible under the names Yahvé and Elohim.

The departure of the Namlú'u from our dimension was synchronised with the arrival of the Anunna on the Earth.

The Namlú'u are beings who embody uncommon capabilities. They were created "all at once" by the Kadištu (Life Designers) who seeded life on this planet. They were in a manner of speaking the guardians of the Earth before the arrival of the Anunna.

There are gnostic texts, such as The Secret Book of John (NH2-1.28) that announce that:

This being was fashioned by "the creators", in the image of God (the Source) and conforming to their respective appearance. This perfect primordial being combined the various powers with which they (the creators) had been endowed, both physically and psychologically.

The Namlú'u were approximately four meters in height. They could detect thoughts and most importantly had the ability to displace themselves very rapidly from one location to another through the use of the Merkaba, the field of individual light of which the transmutation, through the use of the chakras and the Kundalini, permitted one to metamorphose into a vehicle of ascension. The term Merkaba means "chariot" in Hebrew,


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“Quartz crystals were the key to successful cloning.”

Quarts Crystals and Cloning

The crystal Ugur (The GÍRKÙ)
"This august crystal is a Gírků (holy epee in Sumerian). It possesses multiple functions and operates on the same principle as the ME. The entire history of the Amašutum is carefully recorded in it. It is also a frequency catalyst that transports on the three levels which make up the KIGAL and on the fourth dimension of the Angal.

"This crystal is capable of vibrating on certain frequencies with a quality contingent on the impulse that is sent to it.

"What you do not yet know, is that our ancient line held the mastery of the force of Níama as does our queen. The amount of heat exerted on this crystal by the Níama causes the basic vibration of a being to rise or descend, aligning her with the different planes of existence.

"This type of green quartz is unique; it is one of the purest stones that we know. It comes from the system of Gagsisá (Sirius).

"Finally, it is also a formidable weapon. It deploys its blade thanks to the Níama.

He found striking similarities on concepts having to do with cloning, well detailed on the tablets, which have also been discussed by modern authors Zecharia Sitchin, R. Boulay, and David Icke.

These circles or lozenges placed on the shoulders of Sumerian gods and Maya personages of high rank symbolize the crystals or ME in which were stored the knowledge of the "gods"...

Quartz crystals were the key to successful cloning.

I had subjected the quartz, which we generally used as receptacles for the cells, to controlled sequences of radiation doses, which had targeted influences on the genes. This technique was inscribed within me by my genitor [An]. It gave us several series of Nungal with varying individualities as well as programmed immunities. These specimens possessed autonomous genetic mutations that immunized them against most of the known viruses.

Piezoelectricity, ferroelectricity, and crystal structure
By visualizing polar crystals as a network of permanent dipole moments, the piezo- and ferroelectric properties of dielectrics may be derived from the standpoint of molecular symmetry. This approach is used to clarify the relation between the sphalerite and wurtzite structures, the ferroelectric feedback effect in barium titanate, aspects of domain formation, and the interrelationship between ferro and piezoelectricity.
Method and apparatus for the exploitation of piezoelectric and other effects in carbon-based life forms
Piezoelectricity is the ability of certain crystals to produce a voltage when subjected to mechanical stress. The word is derived from the Greek piezein, which means to squeeze or press. The effect is reversible; piezoelectric crystals, subject to an externally applied voltage, can change shape by a small amount. The effect is of the order of nanometres, but nevertheless finds useful applications such as the production and detection of sound, generation of high voltages, electronic frequency generation, and ultrafine focusing of optical assemblies.

Harmonics are often also referred to as overtones, but the precise definition of `overtone` for the purpose of this application, refers to a particular partial in the timbre. For example, an instrument could contain 3 overtones--say . . . harmonics 1, 2, 5 and 8. Harmonic 1 is the fundamental so this doesn't count. Harmonic 2 is overtone 1, harmonic 5 is overtone 2, and 8 is the third overtone.
The Legacy of Marcel Vogel
The word crystal comes from the Greek word “krystallos”, meaning frozen light. A crystal is generally considered to be a systematic, orderly and repetitious patterning of molecules or energies. From a more metaphysical point of view, some consider that Light is stepped down through many levels of density before the physical form of the crystal manifests through the dynamics we understand in crystallography and geology. It is the forming aspect of Light that patterns the highly ordered array of energies we call a crystal. Should this light pre-form be altered in any way, the completed crystal will be altered from its original “intended” form.

Marcel witnessed and photographed the precipitation of Light into crystal in his IBM laboratory while growing liquid crystals and subsequently wrote:

“When cool, if a liquid crystal state exists, the melt goes into a birefringent state under polarized light which can be readily seen under a polarizing microscope. From this state the sample will then crystallize into the solid state.

“In the course of the study of this state under the microscope I noticed a remarkable event, namely that before the melt went into the liquid crystal state, a blue flash of light took place and then immediately after that, the sample transcended into the liquid crystal state.

“This state was videotaped and, after one year of effort, a picture was taken at the moment of transition. What appeared on the film was the prefiguring in space of the crystallographic form the system was to assume. The blue flash contained information which formed into a geometric form. This geometric form was the source of the crystallographic form from which the crystal grew and developed

The flash of blue light witnessed through the microscope was the transfer of information from the level of light-coding to the physical plane. This is discussed in metaphysical literature, but had never before been witnessed and photographed.

The primary unit cell contains all the information needed to generate the ultimate form - the hexagonal or six-sided form we know as a quartz crystal. According to Marcel, once the crystal has ceased growing, the intelligence matrix of the crystal disappears and the form of the quartz is basically an empty shell until we interact with it and enliven it with our own energy. This is accomplished by the transfer of thought (energy) via the pulsed breath.
Futuristic Materials Inspired By Biological Counterparts ... &zoneid=69
A logical step in fabricating integrated systems is to embed sensors, including piezoelectric and optical technologies. Calvert foresees a system that performs electronics functions and is equipped with a large number of sensors on its surface.
Frontier Courses ... 040309.pdf
BME 320 - MEDICAL ULTRASOUND TRANSDUCERS: A study of the design, fabrication, and evaluation of medical ultrasound transducers. Topics include wave propagation in piezoelectric crystals, Mason and KLM circuit models, linear arrays and two-dimensional arrays, piezoelectric ceramic/epoxy composite materials, piezoelectric polymers, and photo-acoustic materials.
The use of a quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation for the measurement of protein–protein interactions: a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the interactions between molecular chaperones ... 5B1%5D.pdf
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectroscopy is now well established as a quantitative technique for monitoring biomolecular interactions.

The QCM-D technique is based on the traditional QCM technology, in which mass added to the electrodes of a quartz crystal resonator is monitored by the change in resonance frequency. QCM equipment comprises specially cut quartz crystal sandwiched between electrodes such as gold and aluminium. The piezoelectric nature of the quartz means that it resonates at a particular frequency under the application of an a.c. voltage across the electrodes.
Cloning Carbon ... 06.192.pdf
Most methods for making carbon nanotubes require further processing to separate tubes based on chirality. Now, seeding growth from an existing nanotube segment ties synthesis and selectivity into a single step.

Whether single-walled carbon nanotubes will meet existing expectations for applications in nanoelectronics will ultimately depend on how well the key structural and electronic parameters can be controlled. Chirality, which describes how the nanotube is conceptually rolled from a graphene sheet and is defined by the indices (n,m), uniquely determines the diameter and whether the nanotube is semiconducting or metallic.
Therefore the ability to reproduce nanotubes with exactly the same chirality is essential for the viability of nanotube transistors.

To understand the challenges involved, consider the quartz crystal microbalance that is widely used to measure deposited mass and film thickness. It is basically a piezoelectric quartz disk that is set into resonance by the application of an a. c. voltage to electrodes on opposing sides of the disk. The disk has very low mechanical losses, which means that its frequency response is sharply peaked at the resonant frequency.


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Are the Annunaki the creators of the matrix -- what we call "consensus reality" or our "social control system" -- a "reality system" they created for us in order to control us?

Perpetual War
It's always the same story: sectarianism, religious fantaticism, and racism.
These behaviors are not exclusive to the Earth; one finds them elsewhere and among the most evolved peoples of our universe.

The reptilians have been in conflict among themselves for a very long time and this war is always a reality on Earth. The entire human race pays heavily for it!

The Earth is of considerable strategic importance for the Gina'abul male caste. Current geopolitical events are not my specialty but the information available to me today, thanks to that which I received during ten long years, leads me to conclude the following:

Since he is no longer in contact with his re-creators, the human being tries to give himself the impression of being master of his own history and destiny. He takes refuge in the official version constructed by the dominant authority, itself manipulated from the wings by the Gina'abul males....

The Anunna and their terrestrial descendants are at war with the royal Gina'abul called Kingú who believe they are the owners of the Earth. This very ancient war would not have any effect on present-day humanity. However, the Gina'abul males use humanity as its cannon fodder -- humans who count, in their eyes, no more than the Á-DAM, who destroy each other for the two clans through skillfully interposed conflicts.

More simply, I think that the Anglo-American armed forces work for the Anunna faction and their direct descendants, while the royal Gina'abul used the Nordic countries to fight their blood-brother enemies. Those who consider themselves at the top of the Gina'abul social pyramid are the royals denominated Kingú-Babbar, that is to say, albino Kingús! They are extremely feared white-skinned reptilians. They have a horror of the Ušumgal, their Anunna and their descendents, which does not prevent them from dealing with them when it serves them.

The Anunna and the Kingú (royals) use humans as pawns and the Earth like a grand chessboard. They have settled their accounts in this sordid fashion for millennia. Each like the other believes they hold the most powers and therefore rights on Uraš (the Earth). ... amp=211189
Carlos Castaneda's The Active Side of Infinity:

"In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators [here Gina'abul] engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver - stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators' mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now."
The Reptilian Pact

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

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The Goa'uld are coming ;)
Today is the yesterday of tomorrow.


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Maldek (Mulge), Nibiru, Sirius and the Secret of the Lost Chord

The Awakening of the Phoenix
Setesh (Enlíl-Seth) is a mixed-blood artificially created through the genetic genius of Asar from his own genes, those of Mamítu-Nammu (Nut), and others derived from the Gina'abul race. Given that he possesses the same genetic material as his creator Enki-Osiris, namely that of his creator Mamítu-Nammu, Setesh passes both as his son and his brother. It is precisely this situation that is the origin of the conflicts that have opposed Enki-Asar (Osiris) and Enlíl-Setesh (Seth) on Earth.

After having shone brightly over unfathomable expanses of time at the heart of the divine assembly of Kalam (Sumer) in the role of grand Šàtam (territorial administrator), Setesh (Enlíl-Seth) little-by-little loses his prestige and the confidence of Atum-Râ (An). Setesh then makes use of all possible ruses to restore his previous popularity and renown. To this end, he engages in open war against Asar (Enki-Osiris) and assassinates him in order to obtain the lands and the throne of Egypt.

In his murderous folly that swept beyond all the frontiers of the terrestrial globe, Setesh caused the explosion of Mulge (Maldek), the Black Star (today's asteroid belt). This in turn blew Mulge's ancient satellite (now Venus) into a completely unstable orbit. The first disastrous passage of the bolide has overturned the Earth and caused a terrible deluge.
Neb-Heru, the Morning Star
Parks examines a number of singular documents that confirm, in part, the proposals of Velikovsky, as well as the cosmic events described in Ádam Genisiš, involving the "astre" Mulge-Tab (companion of Mulge). The most eloquent of these documents are funerary Egyptian texts, but others are just as convincing.

Also, explore the sacrificial tradition of the Dogons which recounts the death of Nommo, the "Christ" of Mali. In consequence of this sacrifice, the universe was disrupted, along with the positions of the stars. All of this gives for the first time the opportunity to assimilate the sacrificed celestial Nommo to a celestial body, whose destruction produced the birth of the planet Venus.

In Ádam Genisiš Parks designates this building as the first cenotaph in all of Mesopotamia erected in the honor of Osiris-Enki. Its construction of cyclopean stones using the same technique employed in building the Sphinx, dates it to the time of the final engulfment of Atlantis and the death of Osiris, almost 12,000 years ago. And this puts it at the epoch of the explosion of Mulge (the "black star") and the ejection of its satellite that brushed the Earth.

The planet Venus, as the Morning Star, was also considered as the new sun by the ancient Egyptians, and was none other than Horus, the Egyptian "Christ".
Isaiah was figuratively speaking of the king of Babylon in reference to his glory and pomp, but he was actually referring to the destruction of a planet known to the ancient world as the "shining one". Lucifer and its remains are now to be observed in the telescope as the Asteroid Belt.
This ancient history is not pretty; we derive from a humanoid race which destroyed its planetary home (known as Maldek), by injudicious tinkering with atomic power to access total conversion of the atom into available energy. This caused a chain reaction destroying all life, and reduced the planetary body to rubble of various sizes, now wandering the orbit of the asteroid belt.
The solar system at that time consisted of two suns and was a utopian solar system experiencing no destruction or difficulties whatsoever. Maldek and all other planets revolved around both suns in a figure-eight pattern. Mars was covered in large minerals and was a place of spiritual retreat and evolution for those incarnate upon Maldek. Earth was a plant and animal sanctuary in which such kingdoms could experiment with shape, form, and evolution. There was peace throughout the solar system

Long ago, another planet within your solar system known as Maldek was destroyed by nuclear weaponry. Recent revelations from Earth's own ascension clearly show that Maldek was shattered as the result of Pleiadian and Sirian forces in retaliation for the bombing of Sirius B. Sirius B, in the bombing raid by Andromedan forces, became a water planet not unlike Earth due to the shattering of the protective ice shields that surround her. Following such attacks, which were veiled to be the result of humans upon Maldek, Maldek was destroyed in counterattack.
The Nibiruan Council ... plate.html
The second major wound was the Sirius B catastrophe. It involved the destruction of 2 planets and the near destruction of a 3rd. The fourth major wound was the destruction of Maldek, the planet that makes up the majority of the asteroid belt.

Karmic Planetary Code-Names ... names.html
While there have been a few disastrous End of Civilizations in our far past on Earth (Atlantis, Lemuria, etc.), the background of all these pertains to the great disappearance of PLANET MALDEK, positioned between Mars & Jupiter, where the asteroid belt now lies.

This is called the "Main Belt", as opposed to farther away zones such as the "Kuiper Belt" (where comets come from), in the Solar System.

It is quite unclear what really happened, but beyond any doubt, it had to do with what ancient traditions call the "War in the Heavens", i.e. galactic ET wars. Other accounts speak of an incoming body known as NIBIRU, and this "Planet of the Crossing" as it is known, related directly to the disappearance of Planet Maldek (or Tiamat as called by Sumerians). Others refer to a semi-parallel Earth planet in SIRIUS-B, whose ice shield was taken out, Maldek humans were to blame, and counterattacked incorrectly by the Sirians/Pleideians, who destroyed Maldek either by colliding one of Nibiru's moons upon it, or trojanizing its leadership to enact internal nuclear wars, or both in succession. MALDEK was the original "PARADISE" of legend; the collision seems to have splintered-off a 'cleaved ball" -as the old Sumerians called it-, which became our current Earth (the giant hole still extant in part as the Pacific Ocean basin). The artificially built "Luna" of Maldek became our current Moon -scarred by craters as evidence of the catastrophe-, and as the Earth fragment was sent-off it razed Mars, taking out its atmoshere and water, and landing in between Venus & Mars, taking Venus place in the orbit for a while, then finally settling in Mars place in the orbit, where we currently are. So Mars and Venus where terribly altered, and most of their resident human populations had re-settle on present Earth. Some of this old terrible cosmic scenario was studied by famed russian physicist Velikovsky, and a lot of his facts have been slowly verified.
PLANET ALERT ... _2007.html
We are in a very powerful time period and we have the ability right now to heal the lost chord of our Solar System. About 200,000 years ago or thereabouts, the planet Maldek (Lucifer) was destroyed by the dark lords. This started the Great War in our part of the Universe. When Maldek was destroyed we lost the chord of E sharp, also called Xymox.

The story of the fall of Lucifer refers to this planet being blown apart by a low frequency beam from the dark lords. The dark lords were jealous of the beings that lived on Maldek because they lived on a very blissful planet.

It says in the book, The Arcturus Probe by Jose Arguelles, that the creation of Adam and Eve of the genesis story occurred on Maldek. It says, “Eve is of the serpent sprung, Adam called forth by the wizard. Thus the original tribes of the Serpent were female, and those of the Wizard, male.”

“Maldek was the lost Eden. The story you know of Eden is the rationalization of the guilty Jupiterians who destroyed Maldek. The tree of wisdom is the cosmic template of the thirteen dimensions. The knowledge which Eve “tasted” in the apple offered by the serpent descending from the crown of the tree of life is the knowledge called Xymox. The driving out of the garden of Adam and Eve is the dissemination of the lost tribes at the moment of Maldek’s destruction”.

Harmonics of the Sirius Code
The synchronic order codes all of time and reality. The nature of true reality is a serene bliss, a non-dual empty state of awareness suffused with inner knowing. At the beginning of this Arcturus Dominion (AD) year 2007, how far is humankind from this pure state, running this way and that, not taking heed of or even oblivious to the signs appearing everywhere? What has been hidden is now being revealed. The Lost Chord shall sound the interval of lost time in Eternity shall be recovered.

The 7 is the key to both the lost interval of time in eternity and the lost chord. There would never have been a lost chord if there had not been a lost interval of time in Eternity. The drama of the interplanetary history now playing out on Earth is in the double root of the lost interval of time and the lost chord. Now their meaning is being revealed within the synchronic order that we are now living.

The origin of the lost chord in our solar system is the shattering of the planet Maldek. In the Neo-Platonic perspective that Kepler and Copernicus held of the planets, it was the harmony of their orbital ratios that sounded a “music of the spheres.” For this reason, early in the nineteenth century, astronomer Johann Elert Bode trained his telescope on the skies between Jupiter and Mars, for he knew there should be a planet there. Without that missing planet, the music of the spheres was characterized by a “lost chord.”
ETs and Aliens - Who Are They and Why Are They Here
This planet has been written about by Zecharia Sitchin in his books and also channeled sources. The planet Nibiru is apparently larger than Jupiter and unexpectedly is a member of our own solar system. It could be called the twelfth planet if we accept that the planetoid Chiron is included in the total and also the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, which are fragments remaining after the break up of Maldek, an earlier planet of our solar system.

Astronomers have now corroborated the existence of the body named Nibiru— though there is still speculation as to whether it is a planet. Nevertheless there appears to be agreement on its wide elliptical orbit taking it out towards the Pleiades system some 400 light years away with a period of 3,600 years to orbit our sun once. There is contradictory information regarding this planet's orbital position at this time. It is probably some 1000 years distant from our Sun. Other information states it is close to penetrating the outer known orbit of our solar system. Though further reports indicate this is some other body, comet, etc. Energy-wise the planet links our sun with the Sirius system.

Nibiru used to be the outer most planet of Sirius A but is now the outer planet of our solar system. It was captured about half-a-million years ago, and Nibiru now links our sun with the Sirius system.

Thus every 3,600 years there is the potential for disruption of one kind or another as it enters into the vicinity of the Sun. The following disasters have been attributed to the impact of Nibiru entering our solar system: the break-up of Maldek, which is now evidenced as the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

There was, however, an example in which Nibiru's arrival into our system was beneficial to us. Sirius very much relates to the origins of our energy and planet— sustenance for Earth is apparently received from Sirius.

The original reason for the Anunnaki visits to Earth and their considerable interest was their need for a new genetic matrix. Since Earth was a by-product of the implosion of Sirius B, creating the fragments Earth, Nibiru, Sirius C and the remaining Sirius B, our planet and Nibiru are consequently related.
Maldek used to be the fifth planet from our sun; it is now the asteroid belt. Watcher also says the bible refers to this planet as Rahab.

Sitchin says Nibiru is the twelfth planet which orbits our sun every 3600 years. He says these people helped build the pyramids. Their original landing site was Eridu, now in Southern Iraq. Nibiru has Reptilians on it, living in two factions - the meat eaters, and those who became spiritual and decided that meat eating was not a good thing and are now vegetarian. The term Nibiri, or Nibiru, the alleged home planet of the Annunaki according to the tablets is derived from the word found in Egypt, Neb-Heru, according to researcher and author Robert Temple. He says that Neb-Heru is clearly described in the Sumerian , Enuma Elish, as a star and not a planet.

The Sirian star system is filled with the great energy bestowed by the Great Blue Lodge. This energy obscures its exact configuration. The system is an anomaly. Sirius' energy defies the physics of stars' normal construction. Sirius A and its companions seem to be what they are not. Thus, to your scientists, they appear, incorrectly, to be exceedingly dense. This seeming density is due to the energy exerted upon them by the Blue Light of Creation.

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Influx wrote:The Goa'uld are coming ;)
Following yonder star?


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According to Parks, stargates -- the Gina'abul word is Diranna -- are the key.
These famous ports have always been primary for beings mastering the techniques of space travel. Each planet possesses very numerous Diranna. As for the Gina'abul, it was more or less customary to construct our larger centers where the Diranna were more densely clustered.

To be more precise about their function, I must make it clear that the Diranna are ports leading [through tunnels] toward vortices where the notion of time does not exist, where time literally collapses upon itself by the concentrated action of particles of light, because an excessive concentration of light inhibits time. These tunnels are formed of particles moving at such a speed that the notion of time there is nullified.

The timeless vortices are countless, innumerable. On the anatomical scale, one can grossly compare them to various blood vessels serving to irrigate the living body. On the scale of spatial geometry, they function in the same way where all the planets are linked together, each stellar system being itself in liaison with its neighbors, each island universe (galaxy) equally linked and so forth....

In fact, the timeless vortices permit anyone in this universe to travel to a point in another more quickly than light. The tunnels, invisible to the human eye, are like bridges thrown between the worlds and the galaxies. They vibrate on extremely short wavelengths, like nothing that we know in our three-dimensional world, other than the wavelengths that we can observe in the infinitely small.

Light is corpuscular -- that is, it is made up of tiny particles. The timeless tunnels are composed exclusively of particles of the type known as tachyons that are superluminally connected to one another and that propagate light very quickly. Tachyons create fields of subtle energies and make up the missing mass of the universe that evades today's specialists....

We knew that it is possible to extract a powerful energy from the tachyon field that forms the principal structure of "dark matter" in the universe and the timeless vortices. For that, it was necessary for us to create a vacuum around our ships in order to harness the infinitely small particles of light. This emptiness was obtained upon reaching a speed faster than sound, while violently reversing the rotation of the flying craft. The acceleration resulting from this maneuver led to an antigravitational effect.

Tachyons can pass through any amount of mass while transferring to it, via braking action, a part of their energy. Thanks to this effect of acceleration and braking, the powerful tachyon field entrains a superluminal speed to any object plunged into its heart.

Light is not a wave but possesses a wave effect. We were among the enlightened beings of this universe who had understood this subtlety and considered matter simply as condensed energy. We knew that it was possible, thanks to tachyons, to transform wave energy at a point of departure, to ride it for long distances faster than light, and to transform it back to energy at an arrival point.

One other very important point about stargates: in addition to their function of facilitating travel over long distances in space, they are interdimensional passages, launching ramps to other planes of reality. When the stargates are closed to travel on the KI (i.e., Earth's 3rd dimension), they are closed to all dimensions.


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Did the Sirius Star System Disrupt the Saturn’s Moons?

The Star of the Sun
Saturn is not a conspicuous planet in the sky. Were it not for its sluggish movement, an unaided eye would hardly distinguish it from the surrounding stars. In many ancient sources Saturn is called “sun.” The usual name for Saturn in Chaldean astronomy was Alap-Shamas, meaning “Star of the Sun.” Diodorus of Sicily reported that the Chaldeans called Cronos (Saturn) by the name Helios, or the sun, and he explained that this was because Saturn was the most conspicuous of the planets; Hyginus also wrote that Saturn was called “Sol.” In the Babylonian astrological texts the word Shamash (Sun) was used to designate Saturn: “We learn from the notes written by the astrologers that by the word ‘sun’ we must understand the ‘star of the sun,’ i.e., Saturn.” Ninib was the Babylonian name for Saturn: “Ninib in various places is said to shine like the sun.” He was known as UT-GAL-LU, the “great sun of storms.” The Greeks used to call Saturn Phaenon, “the shining one.”

All that we have considered up to now indicates that Saturn once exploded in a nova-like burst of light. The date of this event I would be hard-put to specify, even approximately, but possibly it took place about ten thousand years ago. The solar system and reaches beyond it were illuminated by the exploded star, and in a matter of a week the Earth was enveloped in waters of Saturnian origin.
The King James History Bible
Evidence of past catastrophes in the solar system will be reviewed. The formative order of the planets of the solar system will be established and a reconstruction of past catastrophic events in the solar system leading to its present chaotic state will be suggested.

Today, not all the planets in our solar system have rotations in the same direction as the Sun which is the primary having vastly more mass than any other body in the system. This strongly suggests that sometime in the past a star encountered our solar system and disrupted the system. While there is wide disagreement on how disturbances could have occurred, there is full agreement that the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter represents the remains of some catastrophe that occurred in the past of our solar system.

With the evidence suggesting that disturbances have occurred in our solar system, the present planetary order can not be assumed to be the formative order. If it is assumed that the Sun formed the planets, then the density of a planet would have developed in the relationship of its formative placement meaning that the closer the planet was to the Sun the greater its density would be.

If the star that encountered the Sun is traveling the same velocity as the Sun but in an opposing direction, it would be about 8 2/3 light years away from the Sun. The star Sirius is 8.7 light years from the Sun. Earth's position in the model is second, but Earth's density is greater than Mercury's. What could have caused Earth's density to increase? The mass necessary to increase Earth's density of the models second position to be greater than Mercury's density in the first position would be greater than the mass of Mercury itself.

Since multiple disruptions have occurred in our solar system, only Uranus' satellite system has survived intact without major distortion because that systems mass ratios to its primary allowed the planet to protect its system just as Jupiter was able to except for its inner-most satellite (Shanleena) which now resides as Jupiter's Great Red Spot.

Neptune now only has Triton as a naturally formed satellite, but satellite systems have mass relationships so its former members can be known by calculation from the base of Triton's mass. If Jupiter and Uranus satellite systems are used as a model of mass spacing, it suggests that Titan is Triton's former sister satellite, Pluto its former jovian satellite of that former system, the former outer-most saturnian satellite (Oceanus) calculates to be greater in mass than the planet Mercury, and the former inner-most satellite (Vulcan) is calculated to be about 1% of the Earth's mass. Titan is more than 20 times the mass of all the rest of Saturn's satellites combined and Pluto has been suggested to be a lost satellite of Neptune by Lyttleton.

If the model of Uranus and Jupiter is correct for natural satellite systems, then the whole system of Saturn's satellites have been disrupted. The sister satellites, Dione and Tethys, have switched positions and Iapetus is too distant from Saturn.

Question is did the star (Sirius) disrupt Saturn's satellite system or are other explanations possible? If in fact it was a star, then it would be impossible for Neptune, Uranus, or Pluto to have been in their present positions. Another indication of disruptions is Uranus' tilt of axis that suggests Uranus struck Neptune with one of its poles creating Neptune's Dark Spot.

Every major non-uniform anomaly of the solar system has now been given an explanation naming all agents involved. The solar system's formative planetary order has been changed by a disturbance caused by an encounter with a star (Sirius) sixty-five million years ago when Neptune and Uranus were between Mars and Jupiter.

In that disturbance Neptune lost four of its five satellites that became free bodies around the Sun and interacted with other bodies of the solar system. Some of the mountains of Mars are greater than Earth's which is what would be expected from such encounters. The lost satellites of Neptune are responsible for Earth's continental shifting, mountain building of ranges scale, periodic mass extinctions of same episodic events, and polar reversals.

For those that have the tools that are needed to make mathematical models of the interactions suggested in this paper, it would be prudent to note that the present orbital calculated mass for the system of Sirius of 3.34 solar masses is contrary to uniform principles that common stars would have nearly the same densities.

Sirius B is taken to be 0.99 solar masses and is considered a most uncommon star. If Sirius A had the same density as the Sun, then Sirius A at 1.76 diameters of the Sun would be about 5.5 solar masses or twice its orbital calculated mass and density.

It is said by the Dogon that the system of Sirius has another companion and that this Sirius C has the same orbital period as Sirius B but a greater orbit. If this is true, then the unusual nature of Sirius B should be taken into account. If Sirius B is the jovian planet of that system, then Sirius C is the saturnian planet of that system with an orbital distance about twice Sirius B. An orbital calculation of the mass for the system of Sirius with Sirius C at twice the distance but the same period as Sirius B gives a calculated orbital mass of about 5.5 solar masses for Sirius A.


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Nibiru, Saturn, Sirius and the “Two Suns”

2012 Information
Its elliptical orbit takes it around two suns. The other sun it orbits is our sun’s dark twin. Our best telescopic equipment on and off earth is closely monitoring Nibiru’s inbound approach. This is one of many reasons the orbiting Hubble telescope live feed is hidden from our view. The most accurate calculation for Planet X’s next passage is now late May or June 2003.
The King James History Bible
[Question is did the star (Sirius) disrupt Saturn's satellite system or are other explanations possible? If in fact it was a star, then it would be impossible for Neptune, Uranus, or Pluto to have been in their present positions. Another indication of disruptions is Uranus' tilt of axis that suggests Uranus struck Neptune with one of its poles creating Neptune's Dark Spot.

It is said by the Dogon that the system of Sirius has another companion and that this Sirius C has the same orbital period as Sirius B but a greater orbit. If this is true, then the unusual nature of Sirius B should be taken into account. If Sirius B is the jovian planet of that system, then Sirius C is the saturnian planet of that system with an orbital distance about twice Sirius B. An orbital calculation of the mass for the system of Sirius with Sirius C at twice the distance but the same period as Sirius B gives a calculated orbital mass of about 5.5 solar masses for Sirius A.

The two stars, Sirius A and Sirius B move around each other, constantly exchanging particles. Because of its greater density and magnetic field, Sirius B takes the lion's share, taking gases and materials off of its larger host body. Sirius B has a super-heavy gravitationally powerful star made of concentrated super-dense matter (essence) with the number 50 associated with it (describing its orbital period).

Every 49.9 years, Sirius A and B, come as close together as their orbits allow, creating huge magnetic storms between them. As they approach each other, the stars both begin to spin faster as tidal forces become stronger, finally flip-flopping over, actually trading places with each other. This energy is eventually released to flow on magnetic field lines to the Sun, which transmits it like a lens to all the planets.
The solar system at that time consisted of two suns and was a utopian solar system experiencing no destruction or difficulties whatsoever. Maldek and all other planets revolved around both suns in a figure-eight pattern. Mars was covered in large minerals and was a place of spiritual retreat and evolution for those incarnate upon Maldek. Earth was a plant and animal sanctuary in which such kingdoms could experiment with shape, form, and evolution. There was peace throughout the solar system.
Beyond 2012
"The solar system shall become a binary sun system, when the Blue Star returns...during the day it will appear as a silvery light, one hundred times brighter than the Morning Star...During the evening, it will appear as a moon...the Blue Star is a companion to Sirius B...the vibrations given off by the Blue Star will enable the soul to have an easier time in communication with its host...a new light body is being created."

Readers of Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery may recall that the Dogon tribe of Mali, West Africa, have known for centuries that Sirius (the Dog Star), is a binary star system, and that Sirius B is a white dwarf - facts they say were given to their ancestors by visitors from Sirius. What you may not have heard, if you haven't read the new edition, (1998), is that astronomers have recently discovered Sirius C! Temple told us in 1976, in the first edition, that the Dogon knew of a third star, and that he thought it would be a red dwarf, if and when it was discovered.

The Dogon say that the "spaceship" of the visitors - the Nommo - looked "like a new star", and that they will RETURN one day, when "a certain star will reappear", and there will be a "resurrection of the Nommo". They also say that Sirius A and B "were once where the Sun now is". The star will be invisible before it "emerges", and is drawn with the rays inside the circle. It will only be "formed when the Nommo's ark descends, for it is also the resurrected Nommo's "eye" symbolically." Temple thinks this is Phoebe - Saturn's tenth moon.

To top it all off, Barbara Hand Clow says that Nibiru's 3,600-year orbit takes it near Sirius!
The Ark of Sirius
Consider the following: Sirius was called the 'Arrow star', and the Sanskrit word for 'an arrow, 'ishu', also means 'ray of light', and the Dogon tradition tells us that the ray of Digitaria (i.e. Sirius B) sweeps the Earth once a year. This imagery of an arrow-like ray of light that periodically 'sweeps' the Earth strongly reminds me of one particular type of star - a 'pulsar'. A 'pulsar' is a virtually dead star, a neutron star that rotates rapidly and causes electromagnetic beams to be emitted like a lighthouse (i.e. rotating light beams). The unique thing about pulsars is that their light emission is focused into 'arrow-like' beams and not omni-directional like most light sources in the sky. Therefore, the visibility of a pulsar depends on the geometry involved between the pulsar and the observer. So it is possible that a pulsar that's been invisible to us for a long time suddenly appears in the sky due to some slow-shifting geometric relationship.

What I'm getting at, is that there may be a pulsar in the Sirius system that's about to be observable for us on Earth. And this would make the "double sun" of Sirius. But will it be Sirius B? I'm not sure. Sirius B is considered to be a 'white dwarf' and 'white dwarfs' are not known to develop into pulsars, so scientifically it's unlikely, but science is always revising itself so I won't rule out the possibility of some unknown mechanism that lets Sirius B become a pulsar.

But there is another possibility I'd like to mention here. It's 'emme ya'/'Sirius C' - claimed by the Dogon to exist but not yet confirmed by scientific observation. According to the Dogon tradition, this star "throws out two pairs of radii (beams)" and it's "the only star which emits these beams which have the quality of solar rays" ('Sirius Mystery', pp44-45). These descriptions remarkably match the characteristics of a pulsar! I mean, what other celestial bodies "throws pairs of... beams" besides pulsars? Furthermore, 'emme ya/Sirius C is called the 'sun of women', 'a little sun', and it is said to be accompanied by a satellite called the 'star of Women'. And this 'star of women' is represented by the sign of a 'cross', which correlates with the astrological 'grand cross' of Aug. 18, '99 (also the date for Cassini-earth 'crossing') and the cross of christianity, the Knights Templar, etc. - all relevant to Sirius.

So it seems possible that the 'light display' refers to the discovery/appearance of another star in the Sirius system (emme ya/Sirius C) which may be a pulsar.
Two Suns
Now, there is another weird prediction/prophecy which basically states that there will be two suns in the sky. Again this is a pretty bizarre and unlikely prediction. But interestingly, there seems to be some connection between the new "sun" and the "photon belt". (It is also possible that Hale-Bopp itself is the "second sun", but I will assume that it is not.) The following excerpt from Mary's Message is an example:

"In this new (magnetic) energy will be the makings of new stars and a new sun which will enter the immediate solar system." (p.38)

I think it's safe to say that what Annie Kirkwood (the author) calls "magnetic energy" or "new vibrations" is what others would call the "photon belt". So the above sentence would translate; "A new bright star will appear when the solar system enters the photon belt". The following excerpts from the same source concerning the physical change in humans further confirm the connection:

"The atmosphere will change in components. The solar system will be different. A new sun will be added. This will be a binary solar system. The two suns will activate cells which will draw nourishment from the sun's rays. The need to ingest foods will be aided by the nourishment derived from the sunrays."


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Magical Vortex Science ... nos23.html
The myth of the God of the Egyptians, Khem or Khemnu, who created the universe on a potters wheel thinly veiling a keen and ancient understanding of the relationship between spiraling forces and the formative powers of the very universe, at least ten thousand years before inventor Nikola Tesla talked about planets forming and creating planets from "the ether" via "aether whirls" (see: "Antigravity and the Unified Field", David Hatcher Childress, ed; Adventures Unlimited, pg 44-45, "Tesla Discusses Ether":)

(from The New York Times, April 21, 1908, pg. 5, column 6; "How The Electrician's Lamp Of Aladdin May Contruct New Worlds":)

"Every ponderable atom is differentiated from a tenuous fluid, filling all space merely by spinning motion, as a whirl of water in a calm lake. By being set in movement this fluid, the ether, becomes gross matter. Its movement arrested, the primary substance reverts to its normal state.

It appears, then, possible for man through harnessed energy of the medium and suitable agencies for starting and stopping aether whirls to cause matter to form and disappear. At his command, almost without effort on his part, old worlds would vanish and new ones would spring into being. He could alter the size of this planet, control its seasons, adjust its distance from the sun, guide it on its eternal journey along any path he might choose, though the depths of the universe. He could make planets collide and produce his suns and stars, his heat and light, he could originate life in all its infinite forms. To cause at will the birth and death of matter would be man's grandest deed, which would make him the master of physical creation, make him fufill his ultimate destiny."

Tesla, a fabulous genius, who invented many of the appliances and inventions we take for granted today may be ahead of his time as usual, but certainly it seems even easier to cause these forces to participate in the re-arrangement of matter from unusable forms and materials into the forms and materials needed to sustain life.

A related development may be one which gives cause to suspend ridicule of pagans and witches and so forth who incorporate spiral motions into their practices, or those who observe similar concerns in working with auras, chakras or similar aspects of alternative healing, such as outlined in the works of Dr. Christopher Hills.

An experiment showed that the direction of the stirring motion could determine the chirality, or configuration of the same given atoms, in a solution of calcium chlorate.

Just to let the mind wander with this and David Bohm's Ink Drop Experiment... turn the handle the other way and the ink drop in glycerine is recreated. That's your granny run over by a steam roller. Where's "the big handle" to recreate her? Maybe the Whirlwind knows. Maybe it's the "big handle" that is out there even now causing clouds of gas and debris to form into galaxies, maybe it comes knocking as a smaller projection of itself that is emitted by a resonant cavity.

There is strong correlation between the context of many magickal rituals and what we would expect to come of the application of vortex effects.
Vorticular motion is also getting to be known as the signature of planetary masses and possible hyperspatial energies as predicable nodal points, as scientist Richard Hoagland has derived, apparently not so much from the workings of modern physics, before he derived these conclusions from the coordinates, geometry, and numerical messages of the "Face on Mars" and the accompanying anomalous structures, as well as their repeated physical proofs throughout the solar system.
This can make a mere circle or hole in the ground a remarkable phenomenon from physics, and the association with corroborative magickal ideas may be readily seen. Such constructs may have significant properties as black body resonators or recieving resonant cavities to serve in materialization; note how ancient legends surrounding magickal cauldrons seem to concur implicitly.

Likewise, references regarding rituals of indigenous peoples refer to circular motions, in the form of dance, in regards to some probably much underrated fructification or agricultural fertility rituals. Many ceremonials contain all of the necessary elements to harness this vorticular motion into miraculous plant growth or materialization provided they are precisely applied or correctly aided.

While such a possibility for living things is frightening, and may not even be a possibility because of various factors, the possibility of transmographication of useless articles into new and usable ones may indeed be not only possible, but relatively simple with a few concise insights.

The circular motion could likewise be magnetic field rotation from unpaired polar systems like the magnetic levitator of Howard Wachpress, which seems to bear such an uncanny resemblance to the ancient magick mirror and time camera designs, some of whose markings also assert that their magnetic powers are to be affiliated with the physics principles of miraculous plant growth and materialization. The ancient Egyptian accounts of Khem suggests no less than altering the rate of biological processes and their organization through the application of circular or vorticular motion.


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Vril Power and the Vril Gesellschaft ... ellschaft/
Between 1880 and 1890 many personalities – among them some of England’s most brilliant minds – found together and formed “THE HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN” Its members come largely for the Mother Grand Lodge of FREEMASONS and the ROSICRUCIANS. In a way the Golden Dawn was leading esoteric Freemasonry (rather positive) in England and was its innermost and most secret circle.

The four young people hoped that during these meeting in Vienna they would learn something about the secret revelatory texts of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR and also about the secret fraternity DIE HERREN VOM SCHWARZEN STEIN (“The Lords of the Black Stone”).

They discussed that our solar year – according to the twelve revolutions of the moon – was divided into twelve months and thus the revolution of our sun around the great central sun (the BLACK SUN of ancient myths) was also divided into twelve parts. Together with the precession of the cone-shaped proper movement of the Earth due to the inclination of the axis, this determines the length of the world age.

Such a “cosmic month” is then 2,155 years, the “cosmic year” 25,860 years long. According to the Templars the next change is not just an ordinary change of the age, but also the end of a cosmic year and the start of an absolutely new one. By completing the 25,860 years the Earth is changing from the age with the weakest (Pisces) to the age with the strongest radiation (Aquarius). Indo-Aryan definition calls this the end of the Kali Yuga, the age of sin.

All age changes have led to political, religious, social and also geological upheavals of great impact. The time of change-over from the old to the new age is called in Mesopotamian teachings the three “double steps of Marduk”, of 168 years duration, at the mid-point of which the ILU ray, the Divine Ray, is expected to reach Earth.

The Templars did careful calculations and concluded that February 4, 1962 was the date the ray would reach Earth. This gave the mid-point of the 168 years change-over and the years 1934 and 1990 as other important dates.

Hyperborea was up in the North Sea and sank during an ice age. It is assumed that the Hyperboreans came from the solar system Alderbaran which is the main star in the constellation Taurus.

They knew no war and were vegetarians. According to alleged Thule texts they were technically very advanced and flew “Vril-ya”, flying machines that today we call UFOs. These flying disks were capable of levitation, extreme speeds and the maneuvers known from today’s UFOs due to two counter-rotating magnetic fields and they used the so-called Vril power as energy potential or fuel (Vril = ether, Od, Prana, Chi, Ki, cosmic force, Orgon…, but also from the academic “vri-IL” = as the highest deity = God-like), i.e., they take the energy from the earth’s magnetic field (free energy) like the “tachyon converter” of Captain Hans Coler.

When HYPERBOREA began to sink the Hyperboreans are said to have burrowed with huge machines gigantic tunnels into the Earth’s crust and settled under the Himalayan region. The subterranean realm is called AGHARTA and its capital SHAMBALLAH. The Persians call this land “Aryana” the land of origin of the Aryans.

Here we should mention that Karl Haushofer claimed that Thule was actually called Atlantis and – contrary to all other researchers of Tibet and India – he said that the surviving Thule-Atlanteans were separated into two groups, a good one and an evil one. Those who called themselves after their oracle Agharta were the good and settled in the Himalayan region, the evil ones were the Shamballah who wanted to subjugate humanity and they went West.

He maintained that the fight between the people of Agharta and Shamballah had been going on for thousands of years and that in the Third Reich the Thule-Gesellschaft as Agharta’s representative continued it against the representatives of Shamballah, the Freemasons and the Zionists.

Some authors claim that the Thule people believed that – quite independently of the subterranean tunnel and city system – the Earth was HOLLOW, with two great openings at the poles. Natural laws were quoted, “as above, so below”. Since blood, body or egg cells, a comet or an atom all have a nucleus and a hollow space surrounding it that is enclosed by a “corona radiata”, an envelope, and the actual “life” is taking place in the core, one has deduced that the Earth was built after the same principles.

Druses confirmed this, as they were hollow and the “life”, the mineral and crystals, were in the interior. Therefore the Earth also had to be hollow – apparently agreeing with the views of the Tibetan Lamas including the Dalai Lama – and had a nucleus, the Central Sun (also called the “Schwarze Sonne”, the Black Sun) that gave the interior an even climate and permanent sunlight, corresponding in the microcosm to the central sun of the galaxy in the macrocosm.

According to Vril documents these telepathic messages came from the solar system Aldebaran which is sixty-eight light-years away in the constellation Taurus.

“The solar system Aldebaran has a sun around which revolve two inhabited planets that form the empire SUMERAN. The population of the Aldebaran system is divided into the master race of “light God people” (Aryans) and several other human races that had developed by negative mutation from the “God people” because of climatic changes upon the planets.

”Around 500 million years ago the “light God people” started to colonize other earth-like planets, after the expansion of the sun Aldebaran and the resulting heat had made the original planets uninhabitable. It is said that in our system they first colonized the planet Mallona (also called Maldek, Marduk or – by the Russians – Phaeton) which existed in the area of today’s asteroid belt, then between Mars and Jupiter. Mars was next. It is assumed that the master race of Sumeran-Aldebaran then also came to Earth for a first visit, witnessed by the petrified impressions of a shoe found to be about 500 million years old, and squashed under the heel a trilobite, a little crayfish that lived then upon Earth and became extinct about 400 million years ago.”

“The Vril people thought that later, when Earth became slowly habitable, the race of the Aldebarans landed in Mesopotamia and formed the master caste of the SUMERIANS.

“In everything we recognize two principles that determine the events: light and darkness, good and evil, creation and destruction – as in electricity we know plus and minus. It is always: either – or

“Everything destructive is of Satanic origin, everything creative is divine. Every technology based upon explosion or combustion has thus to be called Satanic. The coming new age will be an age of new, positive, divine technology!”

At the same time the scientist VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER worked on a similar project. Johannes Kepler, whose ideas Schauberger followed, had knowledge of the secret teachings of Pythagoras that had been adopted and kept secret by the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. It was the knowledge of IMPLOSION (in this case the utilization of the potential of the inner worlds in the outer world) that the divine principle was always constructive.

A technology, however, that is based on explosion and therefore is destructive runs against the divine principle. Thus they wanted to create a technology based on IMPLOSION. Schauberger’s theory of oscillation (principled of the overtone sequence, monochord) takes up the knowledge of Implosion. To put it simply: IMPLOSION instead of EXPLOSION! Following the energy paths of the monochord and the implosion technology one reaches the realm of antimatter and thus the cancellation of gravity.

In the summer of 1922 the first saucer-shaped flying machine was built whose drive was based on implosion (the “other-side flying machine”). It had a disk eight meters across with a second disk with a diameter of six and a half meters above and a third disk of seven meters diameter below. These three disks had a hole at the center of one meter eighty across in which the drive, which was two meters forty high, was mounted. At the bottom, the central body was cone-shaped, and there a pendulum reaching the cellar was hung that served for stabilization. In the activated state the top and bottom disk revolved in opposing directions to build up an electromagnetic rotating field.

In principle, the “other-side flying machine” should create an extremely strong field around itself extending somewhat into its surroundings which would render the space thus enclosed including the machine a microcosm absolutely independent of the earthbound space. At maximum strength this field would be independent of all surrounding universal forces – like gravitation, electromagnetism, radiation and matter of any kind – and could therefore maneuver within the gravitational or any other field at will, without the acceleration forces being effective or perceptible.


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