The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by junglelord » Sun Sep 21, 2008 11:27 am

If legitimate, this earth motor may function in the manner as described in Lizzys post. Its supposed to take advantage of the earths magnetic field for its power. It may be resonate at the Schumann Resonance frequency.
If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
— Nikola Tesla
Casting Out the Nines from PHI into Indigs reveals the Cosmic Harmonic Code.
— Junglelord.
Knowledge is Structured in Consciouness. Structure and Function Cannot Be Seperated.
— Junglelord


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Fri Sep 26, 2008 10:11 pm

How does the Universe communicate with Itself, and hence to its life forms, unhampered by time dependency? The electromagnetic wave theory of gravity will be used to demonstrate intergalactic information wave coupling via instantaneous longitudinal transmissions into and out of the Solar system. With the plotting of Solar system resonances, interplanetary coupling, magnetospheric and Schumann resonances, and free geomagnetic oscillations of the Earth, we will begin to understand how this cosmic information becomes available to human bioenergies.
Although Tesla took those first steps toward radio, he did not benefit from its financial returns because his visions were in other directions. The equipment he constructed and patented were oriented toward a complete planetary communications system.

Tesla considered his methods of transmission not 'Hertzian waves', or what we now refer to as transverse electromagnetic waves (radio), but another type of signal transmission. He described them as faster-than-light (FTL) longitudinal wave transmissions. I intend to show that there may be other confirmations to the claims of the amazing Mr.Tesla. He did state that he had indeed detected signals from the other planets while performing his experiments at Colorado Springs in 1899! Tesla claimed, "That he had heard periodic and clear signals of number and order". His method of sensing was an elevated sphere in a series resonant circuit between the atmosphere and the earth.

Each cosmic body---a planet, a moon, or a star---utilizes the spherical shape as its energy containment. The sphere is an ideal shape for a resonant cavity.
What are these longitudinal waves and how might they function? As noted previously, T.J.J. See pictured an incessant bidirectional, gravitational, wave-stress, interlocked, cork-screw tension in the aether. The Russian torsion field researchers describe them in at least three types of electric fields, spin fields, and bidirectional gravity fields. The physicist Andrei Sakharov describes a longitudinal, spin-polarized G-field which cannot be screened. Another researcher, E.T. Whittaker, describes bundles of harmonic bidirectional longitudinal wave-pairs. There are many common frequencies associated with all spherical structures. Imagine an infinite series harmonic longitudinal spiraling wave emitted from the Earth, meeting a likewise opposite spiraling wave emitted from the Moon, pulling and holding against the counter force of the link to all other bodies of the universe.
Cerebral Breathing
Our whole body structure is in rhythmical breath motion. Each breath stimulates an electromagnetic field across the upper body, which modulates the transfer of signals that continually communicate up and down the intricate spinal column. The central nervous system and the body's cellular structure are sensitive to internally-generated and external electromagnetic signals. The living cells are detectors of weak, periodic electric fields.
Earth and solar-system extremely low frequencies (ELF) are absorbed within the cell's structure and supply the energy to do the work of the cellular functioning. Your breath rate sets the body rhythm; the music of the Earth seems to control this biologic functioning. The heart muscles resonate at a fundamental node frequency within the spectrum associated with the planetary circumference. The heart muscle crystals serve as sensory receivers and energy transducers. The blood acts as an important carrier of bio-information throughout the body.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Fri Sep 26, 2008 10:14 pm

The Sacred Geometry of Global Change ... %20Mapping
The Holy Cross is often depicted in ancient esoteric societies, in sacred religious orders of today, in indigenous cultures, and in petroglyphs around the globe, quite simply, as a cross in a circle--or in some minor variance of this cardinal form. This symbol not only represents a fundamental foundation upon which many faiths are built, but also is made to remind us, especially in times of darkness, that something profound is to occur for the entire Earth and for all of her people. For many, this symbol is a promise of an event leading to the spiritual evolutionary fulfillment of all life.
The Holy Cross is not only a spiritual symbol it is also the astronomical symbol for our planet Earth. The cosmic significance of this symbol is that it marks the timing of a primary transition or turning in the natural evolutionary cycle of the Earth. Hidden within this symbol is an astronomical time-piece referring to a unique occurrence of a specific geometric relationship between Earth, the solar system, and our galaxy--an astrophysical event occurring now, within Earth's ~25,000 year, precessional cycle.
The Nature of Man-Universe connections
It is shown that a wide range of a not fully recognised Man-Universe connections exist. The material connections between Man and the Universe go back to solar system cosmogonic processes. It is indicated here that a cosmic organising activity has to be postulated to be present in the presolar nebula in order to meet with the observational constraints. It is pointed out that an ultrasensitive mutual regulative interaction is present between the planetary and solar cores with a gravitational, and, partly, of electromagnetic (EM) nature. It is found that the Sun is actually an open system, being far from thermodynamic equilibrium, presenting spontaneous changes and that its energy regulation is influenced by planetary gravitational and EM fields.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Tue Sep 30, 2008 5:52 pm

More on scalar waves

Scalar Wave Detection ... esv1n4.htm
In short, Mr. Meek claimed to have a fantastic breakthrough of his own in the communications field of EVP. His claims were a recorded two-way conversation with another dimension. ZAP!
Scalar Waves ... 0Waves.htm
A Scalar Wave is a multi-dimensional standing wave pattern that emanates out of a fixed point of sound -tonal vibration - within the Morphogenetic Field (MF) of the Cosmic Unified Field of Energy. Scalar waves appear to move from one place to another, but in truth they are stationary points of light (stay in on place) that are strung together in sequences, within the fabric of the cosmic morphogenetic field.
On Scalar Waves
First, if one reinterprets Whittaker's 1903 decomposition of the scalar potential, it is a harmonic set of bidirectional longitudinal phase conjugate EM wavepairs. Interestingly, at least prior to observation (reaction with charged matter), one of his bidirectional phase conjugate longitudinal wavepairs --- in 4-space --- would seem to be a paired set of waves, but consisting of (1) a longitudinal EM wave on the time axis (which is a time-polarized EM wave) and (2) a longitudinal EM wave in 3-space.
Bedini's Discovery: Extending the Porthole Concept and the Waddington Valley Cell Lineage Concept
As Whittaker showed in 1904, all EM fields, potentials, waves, etc. are comprised of differential functions imposed upon two scalar potentials. In 1903 he had already shown that a scalar potential decomposes into a harmonic series of bidirectional longitudinal EM wavepairs, where each wavepair is a phase conjugate pair. By combining the two Whittaker decompositions, then the dynamics of any EM signal environment whatsoever is comprised of the dynamics of differential functions imposed upon two harmonic sets of bidirectional EM longitudinal wavepairs.
Scalar waves ... -Waves.pdf
It will be shown that scalar waves, normally remaining unnoticed, are very interesting in practical use for information and energy technology for reason of their special attributes.

I have solved this question, by extending Maxwell’s field theory for vortices of the electric field. These so-called potential vortices are able to form structure and they propagate in space for reason of their particle nature as a longitudinal shock wave.

The vortex decay however depends on the velocity of propagation. Calculated at the speed of light the vortices already have decayed within half the wavelength. The faster the velocity, the more stable they get, to remain stable above 1.6 times the velocity. These very fast vortices contract in the dimensions. They now can tunnel. Therefore speed faster than light occurs at the tunnel effect. Therefore no Faraday cage is able to shield fast vortices.
The 7 Types of "Scalar Waves"
I'm tentatively calling these waves "quadrature-product waves", because they are made by cross-modulating a pair of bidirectional (counterpropagating) waves, then doing the same with a second pair, then adding (superposing) the two products together in quadrature (not 90 degrees apart in the "north-south, east-west" sense, but 90 degrees apart in time phase, e.g., one pair is made of sine waves and the other of cosine waves).
Scalar Wave Technology ... 0209142553
The MetaMatrix healing chamber is based on scalar wave technology. Electromagnetic waves are linear - the more energy you put in, the more waves you produce, and the more impact it will make in a biological model. A scalar wave is non-linear, not electromagnetic, and exists in five-dimensional space/time, a dimension where there is no time or space. That means they do not decay with time or distance from their source. The scalar waves are associated with electro-magnetism but since they are non-linear, they cannot be measured with a linear device. They must be measure indirectly.
Keeleynet – On “Scalar Wave Thoery ... 5bfc043459
So, assuming Bearden defines scalar potentials (not waves) as pure potential (which I think he does) then, yes, in a certain manner of speaking, scalar potentials (because pure potential cannot by definition have waves/dualities/polarity) are then in fact dimensionless IDEAS in the Mind of Diety. But of course the Godless sciences cannot accept any Gods except money, position and fame. Keeping in mind that Pure Consciousness knows not Time or Space....
The Scalar Waves Transmitter V1.0
Once the magnetic field is cancelled, you are left with a field of pure potential. This field will have longitudinal scalar wave pattern. This field will be a narrow thread like beam parallel to the cylindrical axis
Scalar Waves and the Human Möbius Coil System ... uscoi.html
The DNA antenna in our cells’ energy production centers (mitochondria) assumes the shape of what is called a super-coil.3 Supercoil DNA look like a series of möbius coils. These möbius supercoil DNA are hypothetically able to generate scalar waves. Most cells in the body contain thousands of these möbius supercoils, which are generating scalar waves throughout the cell and throughout the body
On the Nature of the Vacuum and Virtual Subspace Entities
The quantum vacuum is a dynamic massless scalar field. A scalar is a vector characterized by magnitude and time. Scalar waves (virtual particle flux wave) in the virtual state massless charge flux do not breach the quantum level to become observable, yet they are real. They are harmonic oscillations of the stress energy tensor of the vacuum. They cross the threshold of manifestation only briefly before they vanish.

At zero-point, waves pass through waves without interfering with one another. Vectoral phase or zone of neutral resonance occurs between outwardly pushing wave propagation and inwardly pulling gravitational coherence. Emptiness at the Center: all 4 planes of all 8 tetrahedra are congruent in the four visible planes passing through a common V.E. center, the cosmic terminal condition and nature's most economical lines of energy travel.

There is a virtual replica (VR) of all matter, including living organisms, in the vacuum. Resonance and oscillation is accompanied by modulation of virtual particle/antiparticle pressure waves. We come from, are sustained by and are returning to the light of our mass, radiant energy. It is the mass-free, force-free form that energy takes in space before its interaction with mass creates force.

Virtual particles are the unseen energetic medium, the dynamic energy matrix of the Universe, riddled with virtual pressure waves. Bidirectional EM wavepairs are the hidden scalar potential. These infolded electrodynamics describe subspace or higher dimensions, depending on how you model it mathematically.

The active vacuum is active spacetime. The vacuum potential is the pervasive source of all matter/energy or “massergy,” rooted in the cosmic acceleration. Its first observable manifestion is photonic and biophotonic Light. A photon is composed of both spatial and time-energy, even though it is massless. The vacuum potential is raw, untranslated spacetime. Massergy (dynamic structure) is rooted in the unfolding time-charged potential of electromagnetic fields.

The pure vacuum potential, without its zero-point fluctuations decomposes into a harmonic set of bidirectional longitudinal EM phase conjugate wave pairs. Thus EM energy flows between the imaginary plane of time domain and manifest 3-space when the four-fold symmetry is broken with any dipolarity or potential, such as logitudinal or scalar (time) polarization of the photon.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Fri Oct 03, 2008 8:03 am

RESEARCH: Biofield theory, Radionic Theory, Subtle Energy Research

Energy exists everywhere as potential and in motion creates fields allowing energy to be transmitted, absorbed and conducted. Energy exists in spirit as consciousness, in mind as thoughts, in emotion as feelings, in electricity, in magnetism and gravitation as force fields, in the physical as molecular mass and in an energy exchange as communication. Light, sound, heat, magnetism, color, electricity, etc., are all just different forms of the same They differ only in frequency of vibration and the medium of conduction.

The air we breathe, the food we eat, the people we know, our thoughts, feelings and our body as well as the environment in which we live is fundamentally concentrated energy fields existing at different frequencies. Like all objects, the body radiates and absorbs frequency waves of energy. Each of our senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching, work through energies at specific frequency bands along the electromagnetic

Each year more scientific evidence accumulates bringing us closer to the realization that our health and well-being may be more related to the function of IDFs operating in and around our body. New discoveries show how the subtle information forces in nature can penetrate everything, cause instantaneous reaction at incredible distances, do not behave according to known formulas, cannot be measured by conventional electronic test equipment, and represent a completely new spectrum.

The references to this spectrum have been given many names such as: the second force of gravity, eloptics, dowsing, radionics, radiesthesia, psionics, scalar waves, bioplasma, the ethers, L Fields, prana, Kirlian effect, chi, auras, orgone, the pre physical state, the body electric, Intrinsic Data Fields (IDFs) or biofield. Regardless of the name, these subtle energies or biofields are said to contain the intelligence or information which provides the pattern (or energy matrix) for the organization of matter. We call these informational patterns IDFs (Intrinsic Data Fields). In many instances these phenomena can explain things that cannot be explained by orthodox science.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Fri Oct 03, 2008 7:53 pm

Time and its physical relationships
The phenomenon of time emerges in relationships – as an expression of properties of physical bodies and changes that occur to them. Time is a factor of energy. Time has to do with the increase and decrease of energy. For example, as energy is brought down to a “zero level”, time is “eliminated”, so in a sense, time cannot be “compressed” - only eliminated. In the zero-energy level, electrons occupying this level in unlimited numbers are available through state transitions for the building of matter and the vacuum. So it is the extent and the nature of energy flow that determines the characteristics of time.

We can also state, as a corollary, that the movement of light generates time. After all, the electrodynamics are associated with photons.

The Russian time researcher, Nikolay A. Kozyrev considered that living systems “consume” time for their life-energy.

Conversely, changes in time lead to changes in physical structure.

To create an extra-temporal causality (with linkages to another level/dimension) one must change the light movement. Changing the light patterns means changing the behaviour of a wave, and its concordant photonic reality. By altering the photons, we make them go to another dimension.

Changes in time can effect change in living systems. The engineering of “time-polarized” waves has the promise to target and amplify natural healing processes in living organisms.

According to the Russian experience, when the spatial structure is disrupted by time-engineered causal mechanics, the affected region undergoes relative greater entropy (or, less order). The volume of space is forced out to somewhere else, generating torsion fields, much like a balloon

The boundary layer between the two states of space can then act as a mirror and the approaching agent may be reflected back to its source.

The Russian time-travel experiments point to a relationship between inertia and time. In changes of rates of time, the region adjacent to the spheres develops a boundary layer effect, appearing as an aura of “white mist”. The greater the time differential, the denser is the mist.

Time may be viewed as a process – or “change-of-space” in any direction that does not exist in our dimension

The Earth’s mass appears to be in continual growth. 250 to 350 million years ago, our globe may have been half size - with all of the continents as one landmass. In ancient sediments, the natural angles of slope in sand beaches greatly exceeded those of today, indicating that gravity has on our planetary surface has increased 8-fold, several times, during the last 1.5 billion years. Yet the planet’s average density may not have changed – only the acceleration of free fall.

Also, the planetary magnetic fields could have increased over the millions of years, through interactions with the solar flux of hydrogen atoms. The sun is in constant explosion – production of energy differential. Earth and other planets could be responding with harmonics to compensate for the solar activity, leading to an overall increase in magnetic fields. Such a phenomenon may give the illusion that the physical body is growing larger. In other words, with time, the force of gravity would alter planetary mass and energy.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:52 am

Sound and Gravity
No matter how many vimanas (airships) come to light from Hindu, Brahmin, Sanskrit and Pali literature, the secret of the power that moved them silently or musically, or with a mighty roar, is still denied us.

Where can we search for a force that will carry a great aerial construction immense distances and to vast heights, without the use of fuel? Whoever heard of getting something for nothing - of power without loss or expenditure?

Overlooked in all the hustle and bustle with which Progress is progressing on its way, a lone inventor named John Worrell Keely, of Philadelphia, Pa., rediscovered this lost power and gave it the name `Dynaspheric Force.'

Keely stated that, while investigating the magnetic forces flowing between the Earth's two poles, he had discovered that `corpuscles of matter could be divided by vibration' and that he could apply this principle to drive a motor.

Strangely enough, the key seems to be that in normal large-scale magnets, like poles REPEL, however in micro-magnets, like poles ATTRACT. These tiny micro-magnets can be induced to flow in a POLAR and preferred direction to produce negation of weight.

Keely's machine only worked when he was present and consciously directing his vibrations towards them.

Sonic and mental waves are both vibrations just as the soundless waves entering a radio produce a physical sound in a lower plane and octave. The science of harmonics and their application as a source of power was well understood until disaster overtook civilisation and the great mother country sank into an abyss of destruction, spreading her surviving children to Brazil, Yucatan and Peru on one side, and to Egypt, India and Chaldea on the other.

The DRONA PARVA gives a beautiful though veiled description of how sound tuned to the will of the operators provided the motive power of the Cukra vimana, one of the greatest ever built : `We shall build a vimana of great power. The MIND became the ground which supported that vimana. SPEECH became the tracks on which it was to proceed. All speeches and sciences were gathered together within it, all hymns, and the Vedic Sound VASHAT also. And the syllable OM placed before that car made it exceedingly beautiful. When it set out, its roar filled all points of the compass.'
This needs a little analysis. Mental power, harmonised to certain magnetic forces, provided the lift. Graduated harmonics guided it on the desired path. The whole of the ancient sciences as known at the time had been employed to produce this masterpiece of celestial navigation the Vedic `Word of Power' VASHAT is used to indicate and emphasise the use of harmonics. he Hindu `Word of Power' OM (the Fifth Syllable of the `Ineffable Name') is also given to show how perfectly the whole project was attuned to the natural cosmic forces that `made it exceedingly beautiful'.
The Story of the Vimanas


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Oct 04, 2008 10:14 am

Understanding John W. Keeley’s Aether ... 4bd98c3169

Aether is the finest but also the most energy dense substance which Man has yet conceived. It permeates all of space and through its many divisions, creates and SUSTAINS all matter and energy.

Aether can be so divided as to generate ever lower frequencies with resultant aggregations of energy, force and matter. Just as a prism separates white light (many combined frequencies) into what we perceive as single frequencies, so too can we use the phenomena of interference (collisions with other frequencies), to cause aether and other frequencies to be produced and manipulated to generate energy, matter and various 'effects'.

Harmony & Interference

A knowledge of the laws of Harmony can be intelligently used to generate interferences (collisions) in the Aether in a positive or negative manner.

Positive (constructive) interferences add to and multiply while Negative (destructive) interferences subtract from and divide frequencies. This means that we have a spectrum of creation generated from the divisions of the Aether which can be shown by the following :

Aether slowed down and extended yields
Magnetism slowed down and extended yields
Electricity slowed down and extended yields
Light slowed down and extended yields
Heat slowed down and extended yields
Sound slowed down and extended yields
Physical Vibration slowed down and extended yields

Cascading forcefalls of Aether divide to generate infinite lower
frequency interference patterns which form the Universe and all Creation.

Trinity and Signatures

A fundamental frequency is generated and sustained by two other frequencies which each in turn are generated and sustained by two other frequencies, ad infinitum.

2 3
4 5 6 7

This pattern continues throughout the physical and energy body of an individualized structure and is the basis of the SACRED TETRACTYS (10 points) of the Greeks.

* *
* * *
* * * *

We can now see how tuning to the Fundamental will give a certain degree of "sympathy" to a mass aggregation. This appears to be the basis for the trinity as manifest in all creation in the physical forms of PUSH, PULL AND BALANCE. As we tune to successively finer frequencies IN ADDITION to those preceding, we find progressively more precise sympathetic linking to allow remote stimulation and control of the target aggregation.

Mass Aggregations

Keely in his researches came to the conclusion that all masses consisted of multiple aggregations of various size which follow these patterns :

Mass Aggregations - which consists of Molecules
Molecules - which consists of Inter-Molecules
Inter-Molecules - which consists of Atoms
Atoms - which consists of Inter-Atoms
Inter-Atoms - which consists of Aether
Aether - which consists of Inter-Aether
Inter-Aether - which consists of Compound Inter-Aether

Each mass aggregation collectively possesses a Neutral Centre which is the synthesis of all associated Neutral Centres on successive levels of individualization. For example, the Inter-Atomic possesses a Neutral Centre, (as do all individualized units as shown above).

When many Inter-Atomic units combine, the total combined Neutral Centres of each unit will 'collectively form' an additional and 'new' single Neutral Centre which then becomes the Atomic in the next highest order of evolution. When many Inter-Atomic units combine (each of which has its own Neutral Centre), a single Neutral Centre comes into being as a COLLECTIVE SYNTHESIS of all the separate units to form a new EVOLVED structure now known as the Atomic.

This ADDITIVE principle works throughout Creation to allow the synthesis (and its opposite - analysis/breakdown/division) of all preceding Neutral Centres on quantum levels of individualization in the form of Atoms joining to create Molecules which in turn join to form Mass Aggregations such as Rocks, Trees, Planets, etc..

The Neutral Centre

Mr. Keely illustrates his idea of "a neutral centre" in this way:

"We will imagine that, after an accumulation of a planet of any diameter - say, 20,000 miles more or less, for the size has nothing to do with the problem - there should be a displacement of all the material, with the exception of a crust 5000 miles thick, leaving an intervening void BETWEEN this crust and a centre of the size of an ordinary billiard ball, it would then require a force AS GREAT TO MOVE THIS SMALL CENTRAL MASS AS IT WOULD TO MOVE THE SHELL OF 5000 miles thickness.

Moreover, this small central mass would carry the load of this crust for ever, keeping it EQUI-DISTANT; and there could be no opposing power, HOWEVER GREAT, that could bring them together. The imagination staggers in contemplating the immense load WHICH BEARS UPON THIS POINT OF CENTRE, WHERE WEIGHT CEASES. This is what we understand by a neutral centre."

The Standing Wave of Matter

It is the flow of this aether/zpe as one or more frequencies into matter, where it is REFLECTED FROM THE CENTER to phase conjugate with incoming aether/zpe.

The Neutral Centre can best be visualized as a drain through which Aether continually flows. The volume of the Aetheric flows throughout a structure are determined by the size of the Neutral Centre opening, exactly like increasing or decreasing the size of the drain in a tank of water. Control of the flow of Aether through this drain therefore determines the density and weight of a mass aggregation. The character, signature or virtual state pattern of the mass aggregation determines the nature of the interferences which present themselves to the flow of Aether into the Neutral Centre.

This mass nature not only determines what the elemental structure of a mass aggregation will be but also the properties exhibited. By altering the frequencies and phase relationships of a mass, we can change the weight, density and nature of the mass by reducing or increasing the Neutral Centre opening to the flow of Aether. Aether flow into a mass aggregate neutral center can effectively 'capture' other mass aggregations, causing them to be caught in the greater flow, to create what is called 'gravity'.

In that reading, they note two particles; the smallest particles there are: The ANUs; of two spin-varieties: One that spins inward, drawing in aether; the other, outward, spitting out aether...

In my estimation, SOUND TRULY DEFINED IS THE DISTURBANCE OF ATOMIC EQUILIBRIUM, RUPTURING ACTUAL ATOMIC CORPUSCLES; AND THE SUBSTANCE THUS LIBERATED MUST CERTAINLY BE A CERTAIN ORDER OF ETHERIC FLOW. Under these conditions is it unreasonable to suppose that, if this flow were kept up, and the body thus robbed of its element, it would in time disappear entirely?


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Unread post by lizzie » Sat Oct 04, 2008 10:28 am

More on “sympathetic vibratory cosmology”

The SVP Universal Cosmology
1) Molecular separation of air is the first sub-division
2) Inter-molecular separation is the second sub-division
3) Atomic separation is the third sub-division
4) Inter-atomic separation is the fourth sub-division
5) Etheric separation is the fifth sub-division
6) Inter-etheric separation is the sixth sub-division or the positive association with luminiferous ether

"Spirit" is the same as Keely's interetheric realm of matter/energy or proto-ether. According to Keely "matter is infinitely divisible". There is no ultimately tiny particle. The substance (matter) on these higher and finer realms bears little resemblance to matter on the so-called gross physical 3D realm. Spirit ANIMATES matter.

"The fundamental mode of vibration changes as we reach the fifth subdivision [of matter], to the dominant, the diatonic third of the mass chord, which controls the vibratory states of both the etheron and interetheron. The awful might concealed in the depths of the etheric and interetheric subdivisions utterly transcends anything Science has ever known.

Law of Vibrating Atomolic Substances: "Atoms are capable of vibrating within themselves at a pitch inversely as the Dyne (the local coefficient of Gravity), and as the atomic volume, directly as the atomic weight, producing the creative force (Electricity), whose transmissive force is propagated through atomolic solids, liquids, and gases, producing induction and the static effect of magnetism upon other atoms of attraction or repulsion.

Law of Oscillating Atomoles: "Atomoles oscillating at a uniform pitch (determined by their uniform size and weight) produce the creative force Atomolity, whose transmissive form, Gravism, is propagated through more rarefied media, producing the static effect upon all other atomoles, denominated Gravity."
"The atomolic substance is what is termed the ether which fills all space and is the transmitting medium for all celestial and terrestrial forces. This is the liquid ether of occult science.

The atomoles are made up of atomolini (singular atomolinus); the subdivision of matter from this point is beyond man's power, as at this point it escapes all control of apparatus, passing through glass and hardened steel as a luminous flame without heat, which is hardly seen before it vanishes.
"Atomolini are ultimate units of atomoles, and when in a liquid state are the media for the transmission of gravism.

"Gravism is the transmissive form (of energy) through a medium of atomoles in the fourth state, or a medium composed of atomolini."

What is a "force"? Something out of balance is attempting to re-establish that balance. All is vibration (unbalanced forces rhythmically interchanging between polar states). "This principle of rhythmic balanced interchange between father-mother lights of gravitation and radiation is fundamental in all creating things

"Life in its manifestations is vibration. Electricity is vibration. But vibration that is creative is one thing. Vibration that is destructive is another. Yet they may be from the same source.

To me electricity is an unbalanced (active) polar force seeking voiding on a lower level or realm (interatomic), and spirit is a similar state of dynamism on a higher level (etheric to interetheric). Thought force is of the interetheric frequency realm and spirit slightly more, in the terms we are using.

The Neutral State - The neutral state deserves our attention as it is the Cosmic Egg or latent state of all motion or force. This state is not truly 0 (zero being a non-quantity) or without description or definition. What they mean is the neutral is a zero quantity "mathematically speaking" bereft of either a predominance of expansive or contractive quantity or quality. The neutral is composed equally of BOTH expansive and contractive being held in equilibrium (latent or in potential). This state having both poles in a balanced quantity or state can become either depending upon explicit or discrete "excitation". The neutral is the passive or stable state while the two opposing poles alternately exchange between themselves the roles of passive and active. Thus these two poles may be considered as two active forces interchanging through the third neutrally passive pole or state.

Vacuum - A main focus in understanding the neutral and differentiated states of Mind. The neutral state is synonomous with what some call God. Some liken this state to the nonobservable "vacuum". The nature of vacuum is really the state of expansion - what Keely referred to as 'enharmonic'. In this state there are three varying degrees of phases, conditions or states. There is force contracting to the center always increasing in power and solidity and decreasing in volume. There is energy expanding from the center always decreasing in power and solidity and increasing in volume.

There is another phenomena Keely referred to. This is a phenomena of Keely's "sympathetic outreach" evoking like response in an opposite. The vibrations in the object begin falling in synch and their phases eventually lock and so results a harmonic response (in tune) synchronization of aliquot parts. What happens to one begins happening to the other. Sympathy (unison, oneness) has been established. Without opposites coming together there would not be this evoked sympathetic response.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Oct 04, 2008 10:47 am

Inter etheric waves = scalar waves = torsion waves = radiant energy waves = subtle energy waves?

Scalar Waves produced by Vibration

KEELY AND SCIENCE ... ence_I.pdf

All molecular masses of metal represent in their interstitial molecular spaces incalculable amounts of latent force, which, if awakened and brought into intense vibratory action by the medium of sympathetic liberation, would result in thousands of billions more power in foot-pounds than that necessary to awaken it. The resultant development of any and all forces is only accomplished by conditions that awaken the latent energy they have carried with them during molecular aggregation. If the latent force that exists in a pound of water could be sympathetically evolved or liberated up to the seventh sub-division or compound-inter-etheric, and could be stored free of rotation, it would be in my estimation sufficient to run the power of the world for a century". .........

This statement gives another of Keely's discoveries to the world, viz, that molecular dissociation does not create energy, as men have asserted Keely has claimed, but supplies it in unlimited quantities, as the product of the latent energy accumulated in molecular aggregation.

We know that science denies the divisibility of atoms, but Keely affirms and demonstrates that all corpuscules of matter may be divided and subdivided by a certain order of vibration.

The positive vibrations are the radiating or propulsive; the negative vibrations are the ones that are attracted towards the neutral centre. The action of the magnetic flow is dual in its evolutions, both attractive and propulsive. The sound vibrations of themselves have no power whatever to induce dissociation, even in its lowest form.

Certain differential, dual, triple and quadruple chords give introductory impulses which excite an action on molecular masses, liquid and gaseous, that increase their range of molecular motion and put them in that receptive state for sympathetic vibratory interchange which favours molecular disintegration; then, as I have shown, the diatonic enharmonic is brought into play, which further increases the molecular range of motion beyond fifty per cent of their diameters, when molecular separation takes place, giving the tenuous substance that is necessary to induce progressive subdivision.

This molecular gaseous substance, during its evolution, assumes a condition of high rotation in the sphere or tube in which it has been generated, and becomes itself the medium, with the proper excitors, for further progressive dissociation. The excitors include an illuminated revolving prism, condensor, and coloured lenses, with a capped glass tube strong enough to carry a pressure of at least one thousand pounds per square inch. To one of these caps a sectional wire of platinum and silver is attached; the other cap is attached to the tube, so screwed to the chamber as to allow it to lead to the neutral centre of said chamber.

Theory of the Induction of Sympathetic Chords to excite rotation by vibrophonic trajection to and from centres of neutrality as induced and shown to Professor Leidy, Dr. Wilcock, and others, on revolving globe.

We will now take up the mechanical routine as associated with adjuncts of interference, and follow the system for chording the mechanical aggregation in its different parts, in order to induce the transmittive sympathy necessary to perfect evolution, and to produce revolution of the sphere or shell.


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Etheric Force Identified as Dynaspheric Force ... ecrets.pdf
This dynaspheric force, which is also called etheric, is conditioned as to its nature on the quality of the atoms which form its transmitting media; and which are infinite both in variety and in their combinations. They may, however, be broadly divided into two categories; viz., the sentient and the non-sentient atoms.
The structure of the air molecule according to Keely is as follows: Broken up, by vibratory action, he finds it to contain the "atomic triplet."

This exists in a triangular position within the molecule, at its center, unless acted upon by electricity, when the molecule becomes oblate and the three atoms are ranged in a line within unless broken up by vibration.

Nature never gives a vacuum consequently the space within the molecule not occupied by the atomic triplet must be filled with something. This is where the "all-prevading ether" has made its secret abode through untold aeons.
Abstract: Development of a "scalar" developer (phase-conjugate polarizer) and differentiator (refractive modulator), modeled after Keely's original Musical Dynasphere. One of the basic working principles is the development of a Neutral Center (so-called zero point energy zone) and the differentiating of that state into motive force. The process is a vibrational one, and recognizes the necessity for universal harmonies in design and operation of energy devices.
Does the "conspiracy" to suppress the development of "free energy" continue to this day? :o

Joe Cell Replication Project'_Joe_Cell
In the first part of April, 2006, Bill Williams told a discussion list that he successfully tested a device known as the Joe Cell. It allegedly feeds off Orgone energy and uses electrically charged water as the "gate" or medium through which the aetheral energy is drawn from the surroundings and transferred to the automobile engine. He was in process of disclosing how he accomplished this when confronted on April 11 by two unidentified individuals who told him to cease all of his alternative energy work or there would be dire consequences. Williams complied, but others involved are doing all they can to make sure the information is republished and replicated widely.

Joecell, Keely/Dynasphere connection

Keely's dynasphere, principles, the same:

"Tenuous matter and energy are both attracted to the sphere just as other subatomic matter and energy are radiating from it."

The radiating electrical field of the Joe cell becomes coherent with the rings as the sound in the dynasphere.- second step.?

This device has been referred to as a "living entity" by Keely a number of times. It becomes a living, breathing entity when it

1) Establishes a neutral center;
2) Establishes a coincident or sympathetic field about itself;
3) The device begins to act and react (breathe) to its neutral self

The three stages of the Joe cell:

As the amplification takes place the space/time begins to take on a stressed condition (pumping a scalar or phase conjugate wave as Bearden would say)

Dynaspheric "scalar current arises by abruptly bucking magnetic fields onto a caduceus wound or a bifilar wound coil"

It is as if the abruptly bucking magnetic field manifested a pair production of two macroscopic, oppositely rotating, displacement virtual current vortices in the zero point energy. These vacuum energy vortices are stabilized and supported by the two symmetric windings.

Bedini described using this method in his "gravity field generator" where he not only reported "cold conduction" but also a weight change in the apparatus as well
PowerPedia:John Keely
Keely built several devices to manipulate gravity. One of them was the "sympathetic transmitter", a copper globe about one foot (30 cm) in diameter, containing a Chladni plate and various metal tubes, whose position could be adjusted by means of a knob. The globe was held by a metal stand, around the base of which projected small metal rods a few inches long, of different sizes and lengths, which vibrated like tuning forks when twanged by the fingers. In one experiment, the transmitter was connected by a wire made of gold, platinum, and silver to the top of a water-filled glass jar. When the right chord was sounded on the strings of a zither, metal balls, weighing 2 pounds (0.9 kg), rose from the bottom of the jar until they hit the metal cap, and remained there until a different note was played which caused them to sink again.
Keeley’s Disassociation of Water
The Physics/Cosmogeny of Walter Russell and Lao Russell


The Aether Foundation ... center.htm


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Scalar Waves Produced by Electricity

HAARP, scalar waves and how they affect you ... ffect.html
"Tesla proved that it is possible to create gigantic standing electromagnetic waves (sometimes thousands of miles long), which can be used to modify the weather and create manmade droughts, floods, and storms. Tesla's giant standing electromagnetic waves can also create long-lasting high-pressure areas. "Quoting from "The Independent American" tax Fax #196 we read the following: "In 1974 a summit conference was held in Vladivostok, at which discussions on weather modification were held. President Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger (CFR), Secretary of State, represented the United States, while Soviet dictator Leonid Brezhenev and other Soviet officials represented the U.S.S.R."

These scalar waves can also be directed to specific areas and to specific depths to cause earthquakes by disrupting the tectonic plates. 
Dr. Eastlund's invention has been incorporated into a mammoth U.S. government project titled "The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program" (HAARP).

Earth is wrapped in a donut shaped magnetic field. Circular lines of magnetic flux continuously descend into the North Pole and emerge from the South Pole. The Ionosphere, an electromagnetic-wave conductor, 100 kilometers [62 miles] above the earth, consists of a layer of electrically charged particles acting as a shield from solar winds.


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Is there an easier way to induce antigravity effects rather than using the mechanical counter-rotating cylinders of the Nazi Bell? Yes, according to Parris Williams -- a static device that uses a rotating RF wave, not a rotating magnetic field. A Tesla antenna causes inductive rotation of an AC magnetic field. One antenna converts transverse electromagnetic waves into longitudinal electrogravitic waves and a reciprocal antenna converts longitudinal waves back into transverse waves. In fact Gabriel Kron, scientist and engineer, suggested that the elements for the Philadelphia Experiment and perhaps even the Nazi Bell technology lie dormant at some level in even common household electrical equipment.

Einstein’s Antigravity ... ravity.pdf

Tesla’s Egg: Basis for the Mirage Effect experiment (see Page 10)

1. The Nazi Bell: The use of mechanical counter-rotating cylindrical containers.
The Nazi Bell device consisted two of counter-rotating cylindrical containers. The containers, which were positioned one above the other measured approximately 1-meter diameter, and were filled with cryogenically cooled and frozen Mercury metal. There was a frozen core of a metallic paste, which served as a “high permeability material” for the EMG (electromagnetic-gravitational) field.

Conceptually, the description of rotation in the Bell device connects with idea of torsion fields being used to create a shear effect on the time-space manifold surrounding the Bell. The crux of the idea involves modifying the background properties of time and space in the local vicinity of the device, which may serve to create a propulsive Antigravity Effect.

Additional speculation has surfaced that one of the primary reasons for the hemispherical Bell shape in the Nazi design was to create a gravitational reduction from a non-zero divergence of currents over a planar surface.
2. A static device that uses a rotating RF wave, not a rotating magnetic field -- a Tesla antenna causes inductive rotation of an AC magnetic field.
The other large device was mechanically more simple but more elegant in the applied physics and engineering. This was a static device that used a rotating RF wave [not rotating magnetic field but an actual rotating wave].

Another proposal for implementing Einstein’s Unified Field Theory has been proposed by Dr. James Corum, a PhD in Electrical Engineering with expertise in the historical work of Nikola Tesla.

In 1994, Corum was a primary contributor describing just such an experiment, entitled, “Tesla's Egg of Columbus, Radar Stealth, the Torsion Tensor, and the Philadelphia Experiment.” As the title suggests, the focus of the paper was on examining Tesla’s reported contribution to the 1943 experiment, in the context of his earlier historical analysis of Tesla’s Egg in which a copper-clad egg is made to stand on end through inductive rotation in an AC magnetic field.

In essence, the question becomes whether the high-intensity, rotating magnetic fields could have in fact created a profound “time effect” through rotating frames of reference that effect that local space-time manifold.

In fact, Kron even went a step further – in the analysis of complex synchronous electrical systems, he postulated that the only method by which some of them could be explained was through the use of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, which suggests that the elements for the Philadelphia Experiment and perhaps even the Nazi Bell technology lies dormant at some level in even common household electrical equipment.

Through Kron’s work, Corum is able to describe vacuum-manifold manipulation of space-time, but more importantly, to provide some insight into how it can be engineered for future applications, including potentially Antigravity and space flight.
Tesla’s Egg
Tesla's Egg of Columbus, Radar Stealth, the Torsion Tensor, and the "Philadelphia Experiment
Pharis Williams ... Page1.html
The inductive coupling with the gravitational field provides a very weak gravitational component to the transverse waves. The longitudinal wave solutions may be independent of the transverse solutions and that the longitudinal solutions consist of only electric and gravitational vector components with an accompanying scalar wave. Longitudinal electrogravitic waves do not interact with the propagation medium as do transverse waves and make good candidates for space communication.

The Dynamic Theory

Einstein’s Unified Field Theory with Teleparallelism
These papers will not be easy to read for the beginner. You may consider further writings on my page on Differential Geometry and Dislocations and try to understand what torsion means or have a look at some Literature on torsion and differential geometry related to Einstein's attempt.


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More on Keely's "Neutral Centre"

The Neutral Center and the Aether Spectrum - 08/21/90
The Standing Wave of Matter

It is the flow of this aether/zpe as one or more frequencies into matter, where it is REFLECTED FROM THE CENTER to phase conjugate with incoming aether/zpe as shown in this standing wave animation.

The Neutral Centre can best be visualized as a drain through which Aether continually flows. The volume of the Aetheric flows throughout a structure are determined by the size of the Neutral Centre opening, exactly like increasing or decreasing the size of the drain in a tank of water. Control of the flow of Aether through this drain therefore determines the density and weight of a mass aggregation. The character, signature or virtual state pattern of the mass aggregation determines the nature of the interferences which present themselves to the flow of Aether into the Neutral Centre.

This mass nature not only determines what the elemental structure of a mass aggregation will be but also the properties exhibited. By altering the frequencies and phase relationships of a mass, we can change the weight, density and nature of the mass by reducing or increasing the Neutral Centre opening to the flow of Aether. Aether flow into a mass aggregate neutral center can effectively 'capture' other mass aggregations, causing them to be caught in the greater flow, to create what is called 'gravity'.

"The man who can, even in a simple way, appreciate this vast problem has been endowed by the Creator with one of the greatest gifts which He can bestow upon a mortal. It is well known that ALL STRUCTURES REQUIRE A FOUNDATION IN STRENGTH according to the weight of the mass they have to carry, but the foundations of the Universe REST ON A VACUOUS POINT FAR MORE MINUTE THAN A MOLECULE;

To look down into the depths of an etheric centre is precisely the same as it would be to search into the broad space of heaven's ether to find the end; WITH THIS DIFFERENCE, that ONE IS THE POSITIVE FIELD, while the other IS THE NEGATIVE FIELD....."
The Neutral Center Domain
Beginning our exploration at the fourth level, (that of quarks) let us now examine the workings of a Nuclear Center Domain. Keep in mind, that each neutral center at each level of vibration, is the replication of both the LEVEL above and below that point.

The Nuclear Center Domain (NCD), may be described as a zone within which the transposition of Ep is modulated, from one level to the next. This NCD is at the heart of all creation

The preceding only begins to illustrate the workings of the Nuclear Center Domain, but let us continue further in this general context. Thus far, we have described a Primary Energy which is the source of all other energies. This is the ONE of ancient traditions-- from the ONE come the THREE... and so on. This Primary Energy is present on all LEVELS of complexity, yet it is through the form of VIBRATION that it is actually made manifest-- from the WORD of God, the world was formed.
Keely’s Physics
"He (Keely) showed that "the sympathetic streams of energy are composed of triple currents of vibratory flow. This applies to magnetic, electric, gravital and cerebelic (brain and mind) flows... Since these flows are vibrational in nature and are tuned to their respective spheres, Keely believed this was the basis for the term "music of the spheres".

Gravity is actually a triple connective radiation rather than a flow. It is an eternally existing force entering all forms of matter. Keely believed that gravity is the basic source from which all matter emerges. Keely called the stream coming into the earth at the poles from the sun the "polar stream". The 3 currents in this polar stream are magnetism, electricity and gravity".

"The fundamental conception of universe is force manifesting itself in rhythmical relations".

"Keely believed the above definition of force applied to the entire manifest universe, including matter, mind, and all forces of energies... All streams of energy, called "sympathetic streams", by Keely, consist of 3 currents of force... The vibrational relations under which the streams of force act are universally expressible by the mathematical ratio of 3rds"...

"One axiom which is repeated throughout my researches is that the "finer the force, the greater the power". Similarly, Keely held that the "higher controls the lower". Thus the vibrations of the ether control gasses; the vibrations of gasses can control solid matter".
"Atoms, planets, stars, etc., are thus seen to be vibrating energy structures held in equilibrium by the sympathetic streams sustaining them. By disturbing (altering) this oscillatory equilibrium via resonant impulses, Keely was able to perform his wondrous feats of scientific magic".

"All masses are related harmonically to each other by the simple fact that matter is in harmonic equilibrium. Thus all forms of matter are related sympathetically to one another. By altering these sympathetic relations, practical results are obtained".


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