The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Unread post by lizzie » Tue Mar 24, 2009 7:20 am

GaryN and Kevin - great links. Thanks!


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Unread post by lizzie » Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:02 pm

U.S. Air Force versus Wingmakers ... ul02.shtml
[Editor's Note: In 1959, Trevor J. Constable published a book called They Live in the Sky. The book included infrared photographs that Trevor had taken of huge, plasmoid-like living creatures that he referred to as "critters". His 1976 masterpiece, The Cosmic Pulse of Life, also contained a number of stunning infrared photos of critters photographed in the late 1960's with Dr. James Wood. In addition to his own photos, Trevor was able to include many spectacular infrared shots photographed in Italy by the late Luciano Bocconne of Genoa. These photos reveal long processions of critters flying across the sky, an entire fleet of critters drawing energy from a steel production plant, time lapse photos of critters being drawn to street lights, making sharp turns, reversals, and even materializing/dematerializing. The fascinating essay you are about to read offers new and expanded insights into the subject of Sylphs, creatures which appear to be one and the same with Trevor's "critters"...Ken Adachi]

Sylphs are sylph shaped, like slender graceful young women. Paracelsus coined the term to apply to creatures of the air that he witnessed. Sylphs are male and female and they grow larger over their long lives, yet they retain their willowy appearance. Shad, their chief, is hundreds of feet tall and is approaching the size that he will find it more comfortable to migrate to the belt of comets beyond Pluto's orbit. Sylphs have no problem flying through space even though they are borne of the air and aether. Each comet is a being, an ancient sylph. When Halley's Comet returned in 1986 its magnetic field could be photographed creating a bow-shock and wake in the solar magnetic field 100,000 miles away from the dirty snowball of the 10 mile long comet body. That means the magnetic field of the INTRA-dimensional cometary being is 100,000 miles across. The comet core is like a pearl in a very large oyster.

The GWEN, ELF and HAARP arrays were first developed as ways to destroy Sylphs, the enemy of the USAF. After fifty years Sylphs still own the skies. There is a military adage that whoever owns the skies has the superior tactical advantage and will eventually win the war on the ground (should it be decided that the ground war must cease). As Wilhelm Reich discovered deadly orgone accumulates over cities and wherever man applies unbalanced magnetic and electromagnetic fields. The basic problem creating deadly orgone is the conflict between men and women. Sylphs are constantly using wind, rain, lightning, thunder and fire to breakup concentrations of static or deadly orgone.

People using Reich instruments under Wingmaker (Sylph) guidance are assisting in the breaking up of static magnetics. The Wingmakers are asking for assistance on the ground because the chemtrails and electromagnetics from HAARP and GWEN are making it difficult for them to function over the USA and other western nations. The NWO wants a curtain of deadly orgone overtop cities so that they can control people. The western USA is drying out due to static magnetics over the whole region. Aluminum particles are used to get inside Sylphs and zap their air gels. Mycoplasma bacteria are only unhealthy to Sylphs when they work inside deadly orgone. The flooding of the San Antonio region may have destroyed a band of GWENs making it possible to move monsoon like summer rain to New Mexico and Arizona. The 1993 flood of the Mississippi was a test to place a deadly orgone cap over "Dead" Moines and St. Louis. Such a cap would have created a ten year drought over the Great Plains and turned off the world's breadbasket with all the dire consequences that would have brought about. The Sylphs washed away the cap and destroyed much equipment and credibility of the USAF scientists.

The holes in the ozone layer were caused by the use of Freon as a propellant in early NASA capsules. Ionized by solar ultraviolet, free chlorine ions would spiral along the Earth's lines of magnetic energy and descend back to Earth at the poles. That is why the problem is worse at the poles especially the south pole. NASA has stopped using Freon and masked their guilt by pushing the ban on ground released CFCs. As the Sylphs are responsible for the ozone layer they have moved to the Arctic and Antarctic circumpolar vortexes in such a way to flush the chlorine into lower parts of the atmosphere. Combining with moisture in the lower atmosphere it will rain down into the oceans and become part of the salt water. HAARP may be a billion watts but a circumpolar flush is more powerful than a billion HAARPs. The USAF does not own the skies.

Sylphs tell me that the different colours of the aurora are ionized oxygen, nitrogen and argon created above the atmosphere near the equator and magnetically conveyed to the poles. Solar wind ions do not contribute the wavy bands of colour. Red is separated from green bands by the magnetic conveyance from the tropics.

I have been sitting on this knowledge for years. I believe that I am able to report this to you because the Wingmakers have taken all the attacks and insults without retaliating. They have turned the cheek thousands of times. Always they have done the greatest good for the greatest number.

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Unread post by kevin » Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:22 pm

I have been reading a lot of what ZSL , livingstone has to say, and it is making more and more sense as each part of a jig-saw falls into place, otherwise it sounds too far feteched.


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Unread post by lizzie » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:18 pm

Lizzie, I have been reading a lot of what ZSL , livingstone has to say.
I agree. When I first started reading his stuff, I thought it was too far out; I didn't understand much of it. Now I really like what he has to say; I particularly like his ideas on interdimensional energy; I think it makes sense.


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Unread post by lizzie » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:27 pm

Nine Arctic Nukes Exploded in Eighteen Hours ... ov08.shtml
On November 17 and 18, 2008 nine H-Bombs were exploded below the Arctic Ocean near the North Magnetic Pole.

The North Magnetic Pole is about 80 degrees North and 104 degrees West and follows a circular 50 kilometer path each day. This area is north of Banks Island near the edge of the continental shelf and edging into the deeper waters of the Arctic Ocean. It is within Canadian waters.

Checking IRIS WILBER system of seismographic readings I was able to see the distinctive peaks of underground nuclear explosions. No small tremors leading to the major event and few if any aftershocks. The area is seismically stable. None of the blasts appeared to trigger sympathetic tremors. The explosions were concentrated in an area about 16 kilometers by 16 kilometers (10 miles by 10 miles). The explosions were in the 5 to 10 Megaton range. All were 10 kilometers deep (6.2 miles).

Such a concentration of explosions punched a hole in the crust and will allow petroleum from the bottom of the crust to leak into the Arctic Ocean. This could destroy life in large sections of the Arctic Ocean.

There is a possibility that the Department of Energy working with the oil companies and the Department of Defence, the likely culprits, were attempting to shift the North Magnetic Pole. Checking my compass I have not seen any shifts during the past few days. The flipping of the magnetic poles is happening as the field strength of the Earth is half of what it was centuries ago. There are other disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field indicating change is coming. Were they trying to accelerate the flipping of the poles? Were they trying to cause such calamity that martial law would be imposed? Were they trying to kill five to six billion people?

(I believe there is a way the poles can shift without causing problems.)

Was there a possibility of nine nuke explosions causing the San Andreas fault in California to slip? There was an earthquake drill in California just prior to the explosions. Over the past decade "drills" appear to anticipate forthcoming terrorist events. There was a full moon on November 13 when the drill ended and there has been evidence published of the moon's tidal pull causing earthquakes in areas where crustal pressures are high. Usually the peak time for earthquakes is a few days before to a few days after the full and new moons. The nine explosions were three and four days after the full moon.
(I believe some form of energy has neutralized many earthquakes.)

Maybe Exxon/Mobil has a ship plying the Arctic Sea and accidentally discovers oil sticking to the underside of the sea ice and since it is already leaking maybe the Government of Canada will allow exploration in the environmentally sensitive Arctic? Oops! Exxon/Mobil accidentally discovered huge reserves of petroleum; they simply ploughed into the stuff!

Maybe Prime Minister Stephen Harper had no idea someone nuked a big hole in Canada? It would take a lot of effort to drill nine or more holes 10 kilometers deep. It would have taken years. There are large off-shore rigs in the Arctic Ocean. How many knew?
Thousands of seismologists know nukes were detonated and have been very quiet.


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Unread post by lizzie » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:33 pm

Magnetic Vortexes Are Preventing Earthquakes ... ct08.shtml
For just over two years, from August 6, 2006 until August 18, 2008, the local magnetic vortex was causing a twenty degree clockwise deviation on a magnetic compass five miles from its centre between the east and west peaks of Mount Ida, British Columbia, Canada.

Today, October 19, 2008, it is reading just six degrees clockwise deviation. Since August 18, the deviation has fluctuated between two and nine degrees clockwise. The two degree deviation meant the vortex was nearly shutdown on September 24 2008. The people who are energy sensitive in Salmon Arm, BC felt as if they had been hit by a truck when the vortex field closed in and the magnetic debris on the outer sheath collapsed inward, the load rested on the shoulders of energy workers for a couple of days until the vortex strengthened. The drop happened during a series of earthquakes off the west coast and changes in the magnetic field coincided with the moderate earthquakes.

There are magnetic vortexes along the length of the volcanic Cascade (Coast) Mountain Range from Mount Shasta California to Mount Waddington 200 miles north northwest of Vancouver British Columbia. The most famous is the Oregon Vortex at Gold Hill Oregon.

There are magnetic vortexes worldwide and they appear to be higher dimensional energy inputs. Ley-lines are parasitic outflows of energy to the lower astral realms surrounding the Earth in the Van Allen Belts.

The magnetic vortexes appear to work as torsion fields exerting millions of tons of torque on the Earth's crust moderating and preventing earthquakes on a minute to minute basis. The coordinating intelligence is fifth dimensional. A fifth dimensional intelligence is millions of times smarter than a human genius. :D

The same people who create earthquakes, tsunamis, and destructive weather phenomena are still trying to create more earthquakes on the west coast as a possible prelude to enacting martial law throughout the USA. Over 90% of these destructive acts have been moderated if not entirely stopped.

The forced meltdown of the USA and world economies is entirely artificial and the timetable was altered because the "natural" disasters did not happen. Even if the price of crude oil drops to $10.00 a barrel as it did in 1981the dynamics and momentum of the real economy underlying the fiat economy will keep people fed, clothed and housed. The real economy is based on families. Banks and the fiat money supply were created to fund wars.

Although people are hurting financially, the future looks bright :D


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Unread post by lizzie » Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:44 pm

Atomic Energy? ... ul08.shtml
Spring Semester 1970 I was taking Physics 101 along with three hundred other first year students at the University of British Columbia. I had just missed hearing R. Buckminster Fuller in the same Hebb Theatre the week before. The lecture hall had been full to overcrowding with another hundred in the entrance foyer and doorway. I would have rather listened to "Bucky" than this prof.

There was a chapter on atomic energy in the text and we were using two famous equations: E = MC squared and E = Planck's Constant times frequency to calculate how much mass was being converted into energy. The gamma rays created during fission were very tiny masses released as energy. A question occurred to me. What mass was being converted into energy as, by definition, protons, neutrons and electron always had the same atomic mass? A proton is always a proton. I asked the professor, "Has a proton or neutron ever been found to be a fraction of one atomic mass unit?" The professor said, "No."

If in all the billions of years of fission of uranium ores in the crust of the earth and the billions of years of fusion in the stars to create helium and carbon had not changed the weight of protons then where is the energy derived? There was a huge hole in the lesson that was not being addressed at the Physics 101 level.

A year later, I was out of university. I heard at one Melchizedek lesson that the atomic explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki split the fourth dimensional souls of many people at ground zero in both cities. The disintegration of a soul is a disaster and angelic beings gathered up the fragments and then took the fragments back in time to a point where the pieces could be recombined. Those souls lost memories and the understanding and wisdom of the experiences. They had to travel a parallel life path for a second time to gather again what they had lost.

The fusion explosions ripped holes in both the third and fourth dimensions and the energies were multidimensional. Also the universe moves to make whole that which was broken. Nature abhors fractional atomic mass units and fractional souls. Whether a missing piece of a proton is replaced or the energy is from an alchemical breakdown of the interdimensional energies knitting the third and fourth dimensions together, either way, is the energy of fission or fusion actually atomic?

The mass/energy equation E = MC squared is brought into question too. Does it truly apply to fission and fusion energies? Probably not. Maxwell's equations are closer to the truth.

The energy released by A-bombs and H-bombs is not consistent. The Bikini H-bomb was supposed to be in the six to eight megaton range but topped out at fourteen megatons. Chain reactions in nuclear plants are uneven with every reactor vessel different even in identical vessels. The full moon affects neutron density and astrologers are needed to predict energy outputs. E = MC squared is used as it is near the correct order of magnitude of energies released but it does not define where the energies are derived.

Atomic Energy?


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Unread post by lizzie » Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:24 pm

What Caused The 9/11 Steel To Melt? ... ar07.shtml
There are theories of exotic weaponry melting girders to dust and selectively melting vehicles in the vicinity of the fallen World Trade Center towers on 9/11. In this article I will describe how Aetheric Coronal Elements (ACE) did the damage. I do not believe ACE was used in the controlled demolition, but a large quantity was held in magnetic containment within the first tower that fell, and the destruction of the tower freed the ghost-like fire.

In earlier articles regarding ACE, I describe it as the actual source of the sunlight warming our planet. It is the fire of the gods that Prometheus attempted to give to humanity. It is seen as ball lightning from time to time and is sometimes seen as a luminous cloud over the craters of erupting volcanoes. A couple of years ago, a seaside village north of Mount Etna was plagued by mysterious fires. Two hundred years ago, Roman tombs were found to be lit by inextinguishable lamps taken from the temples of the gods in Egypt and Mesopotamia. ACE was the power source of the Anunnaki.

The terminologies used by those who gathered great quantities of ACE may be: Monopole Magnetics; The Magnetic Quantum Particle; Lightning in a Bottle; Ball Lightning and Swamp Gas.

The simplest method to gather ACE is to construct a large Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulator of alternating gold foil and kiln dried wood. This would be a larger version of the Ark of The Covenant. No ferromagnetic metals should be used in the accumulator.

ACE is dangerous, as Spontaneous Human Combustion can happen. Its movements are unpredictable unless properly contained in a gold bottle. No magnetic fields should impinge on the bottle.

ACE is an aetheric or fourth dimensional substance. It is nearly always in an ionized state and operating as a magnetic monopole. It is the higher dimensional equivalent of third dimensional iron, nickel and cobalt, the main ferromagnetic elements. ACE is the portal through which fifth dimensional energy is transmitted into the fourth, and in turn into the third dimension. Iron itself transmits fourth dimensional power into the third dimension and makes it possible to construct electric dynamos. ACE is attracted to iron and in sharing the same space, the iron rapidly heats to the point where it melts and in melting, it looses its magnetism, releasing its hold on the hot aetheric ghost. Depending on the type of steel in the girders of the WTC, the girders could melt and bend, or loose all electron cohesion and fall to dust.

Why would there be a large amount of ACE in the WTC? I believe research into ACE has been on-going since the discovery of inextinguishable lamps two centuries ago. Such a power source can be developed in a small facility in secret. Other than gold, research and development costs are low. The confiscation of gold from the American public in 1933 might indicate an important discovery regarding ACE before that year. Venture capitalists in the WTC may have been developing ACE as an alternative power source. Definitely the oil companies would see ACE as a threat to their hegemony. Maybe the developers of ACE felt safer in a large, important and imposing structure?

There have been whisperings of "Lightning in a Bottle" being developed as a truly "green" power source.

I was taught about ACE in the Alpha and Omega Order of Melchizedek in 1971. It was called Zolar Power or higher dimensional energy akin to solar power. Actually both are from the same source. About the same time a report leaked about the discovery of the magnetic monopole. I saw no follow-up reports. Later I saw another article showing a photo of a magnetic quantum particle. Again no follow-up article. Research on this subject could be happening in many nations at minimal costs. It would not cost billions to develop ACE, but it would be good to know how to contain the fiery aether.

Relate to solar energy and the precise quanta of red light that chlorophyll uses to make glucose and everything else in the plant and animal bodies is the potential to use tiny bits of ACE to directly supply energy at a cellular level. Considering that mitochondria, the furnaces of the cell that precisely maintain optimum body temperature, are a symbiotic bacteria in an animal/human host, was their function originally to act as hosts to individual atoms of ACE? The human body would be receiving energy from a higher dimensional source bypassing sunshine. Alchemically this is, "Seeing the Sun beyond the sun." The original blueprints for the human body and all animal bodies probably included the ability to generate all energy and nutrients internally. ACE does provide the precise frequency of light/heat the body needs when in the proper setting. That setting may be provided by the mitochondria.

By working with the precise energies the body needs, ACE may extend life indefinitely or to a similar longevity as the Anunnaki. With the Age of Iron, the Kali Yuga, the Anunnaki died and human life expectancy dropped. The scarcity of ACE on Earth might be the actual reason we are in the Kali Yuga and living coarse lives at a lower frequency. In ages where ACE was abundant and in balance with the natural kingdoms, iron would not be used. Iron would soon fall to dust. Non-magnetic alloys would be used. It is possible in the long ages of Earth there were previous Kali Yugas when iron was used. With the return of ACE, all the smelted iron would return to the soil as rust.

In ages where ACE was present on Earth, the elementals would have had a tool that would have made them more luminous and able to work into the physical. Gnomes and Dwarves deep underground are able to fashion marvellous crystals. Pixies and fairies would glow like fireflies, as they tended their plants and trees. Undines would illuminate the depths of the oceans. Sylphs would cause pleasant rain to fall on all parts of the Earth. The world of myth from before the Age of Iron would be reborn.

Megalithic structures all date from before the Age of Iron and stone was the best material for structures when ACE was abundant. With ACE, stones can be easily cut. With ACE, stones can be effortlessly levitated.

When those who decided that the WTC towers would fall, they may have known of the golden container of ACE, but may have not known about the results of releasing ACE. They may have been scared when iron girders rained down as dust. They may have guessed that all steel structures were threatened. They are correct, but there was not enough ACE. Maybe WTC Tower Seven had to be "pulled" because of ACE damage.


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Unread post by lizzie » Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:48 pm

Volcanoes & Planetary Ley-Lines ... ct02.shtml
Ley-lines are subtle energy paths across the Earth's surface. Expert dowsers can find them with divining rods. In England and Europe, maps have been created showing a veritable spider's web of ley-lines connecting neolithic sites. For the purposes of this essay the subtle etheric energy will be called orgone.

The orgone atmosphere around the Earth is moving constantly. Earth's magnetic field is the flow of orgone circulating through the core of the planet and out back to the opposite pole via the Van Allen Belts. Orgone particles flow through the core and mantle of the Earth out one pole, out into space high over the waist of the planet and back into to the Earth at the opposite pole. Orgone is in a perpetual circuit. The North and South Magnetic Poles are orgone holes. The best study of these subtle influences is found in Feng Shui.

After the magnetic poles the next largest holes are called Hot Spots. These are places in the crust where volcanism is constant. Iceland, The Azores and The Canary Islands are perpetually active as they are located on expansion joints in the crust of the globe. Hawaii is a bit different, as magma appears to be upwelling from deep in the mantle irrespective of crustal shifts. Hawaii is a chain of islands 1200 miles long, formed by the movement of the crust over a hot portion of the mantle.

Water is key in the understanding of orgone. Water is the universal solvent/filter/accumulator of orgone. The same places where water is in motion is where orgone is in motion. Hot Spots are portals into the mantle of the Earth.

There are various numbers for Hot Spots. Most often the number thirty-three is cited. The number is more likely sixty as geologists have omitted most of Asian volcanism as arising from the mantle. Also due to the height of the Himalayas and other mountain ranges, Hot Spots may be hidden at depth but still creating orgone portals.

With a list of all the Hot Spots, an accurate model globe, and a piece of thread one can trace out most of the Primary Ley-lines in about an hour. Very interesting relationships start popping up at midpoints between Hot Spots and their crossing points. One of the first things which is seen is the relationship between Hot Spots and empires especially the British and French colonizations of the previous four centuries. The ghosts of the Greek and Roman Empires which are still traced in languages and national borders can be seen to be the results of "Spheres of Influence" caused by Hot Spot portals. The diverse tribalism and confusing nationalism of Africa can be seen as the result of too many competing Spheres of Influence. The apparent lack of Hot Spots in and around Asia can be seen as indicative of the formation of large nations like Russia, China and India. North America can be seen as having few nations too.

When ley-lines from Hot Spots are combined with all manner of volcanos the number of connections world-wide becomes an expanded version of a dowser's map of England. The understanding of the key role volcanism plays in ley-lines must have been understood hundreds of years ago. British and French fleets looked for and claimed every volcanic island they found. Both took islands from the Spanish, Portugese, Dutch and native populations. Tall volcanic islands usually have deep harbors and good supplies of water. The way they leap-frogged around the world building empires along trade routes, they appear to have known that they were claiming key orgone real estate. Maybe the explorers used willow twigs over their charts to determine where they should go. Back in England and France the nobility who were funding the exploration and colonization knew something about where they should invest their money. Why would France claim three mountains in the middle of the Sahara? Why would France claim Djibouti? Why do both France and England still hold onto the remnants of their empires, their volcanic islands?


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Unread post by lizzie » Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:57 pm

The St. Michael Ley-line ... ug07.shtml
In this article I will show the St. Michael and the parallel St Mary Ley-lines as parasitic. Similarly the Belinus Line crossing both, is drawing the life energies from Britain. In order to understand how I come to these conclusions it is necessary to read my articles on Hot Spots.

Basic to this understanding is the recognition of the Fourth Dimension as a "fully clothed realm" not the incomprehensible Einsteinian definition of "time". The aetheric realm or density is composed of atoms similar to the atoms of physical plane except they are a thousand times the volume and the attraction between the electron and proton is magnetic. The intermeshing of electrical and magnetic energies shows how the fourth density is always around us and moving through the physical. The mass relationship between the physical electron and proton is caused by higher dimensional energies holding the balance.
The first four astral realms are 120 miles, 400 miles, 1200 miles and 3400 miles above the surface of the Earth and mainly composed of Aetheric Ice. They are spiritually regressed. Cut off from source in the higher dimensions, save the merest trickle of energy through the life current to sustain the shadow of life, the entities dwelling in these realms steal energy from the Earth and the natural kingdoms on Earth. This has been an on-going problem for millennia.
The plans of the Illuminati are channeled from regressed beings on the fourth step of the fourth density. The plans for feudal control of life on Earth were created by cunning entities who profit from fear and blood. Fear-released externalized energies are pulled from people horizontally and this creates many of the ley-lines that can be felt by sensitives.

The St. Michael and St. Mary lines are on a line from Norfolk to Cornwall. Following this line as a tangent from Wiltshire the line intersects a point in second step of the astral about 400 miles above the Azores Hot Spot.

The Belinus line from the Isle of Wight to Inverhope Scotland, tangent from Wiltshire intersects a point in space above the Iceland Hot Spot.
These leys are energy rivers feeding the souls that populate the self created hells above the sky. The energies of 70 million perpetuate the lower astral's hold on England and many other countries. This mind control is age old and it manipulates people like marionettes. The chakras are milked the way dairy cows are milked. People like cows complain loudly when they are not milked. It is a love-hate relationship of psychopaths with their victims and the manipulated ever returning to the grasp of their tormentors. It is a shallow pointless existence. Most people never hold enough energy in their chakras to awaken to the spiritual, their birthright. They have given their energy to the parasites and do not know the life they are missing. No one tells them their true potential.

Scaling up the shielding for England itself has been happening in Wiltshire for many years. Crop Circles are energy mandalas breaking the age old hex on the land. At this time wherever a Crop Circle appears look at the ley-lines and determine what Hot Spots are involved. A Crop Circle is an intervention of the spiritually evolved towards cutting off the flow of life energies from the physical to the lower astral. A Crop Circle is a message of love blocking fear and hate by changing the energy patterns in the soil, crops and people.

The energy stolen by the parasites is dwindling. The astral realms cannot get enough from the physical to meet their nefarious plans. They are desperate. They cannot maintain their old practises. Their days are numbered.

Would it not be simpler to reclaim one's own energies and awaken to the potential each carries?

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Lloyd wrote: * Direct experience would mean that you were intimately involved in founding one or more of those belief systems. That seems to be a meaningless claim to make. On the other hand the Saturn Theory has explanations for how almost every element of each of those belief systems originated.
Direct experience of a "belief system" does not have to only mean that one was intimately involved in its founding. Being witness to the very essence of a core doctrine would also qualify as direct experience. If one has experienced a universal consciousness, devoid of ego, persona and desire, then it is safe to say that some religions were created as a result of that experience (which is what they claim to be based upon anyway).

However, when speaking of "religions," they tend to be warped and distorted views of the truth of our existence/reality (e.g., one person discovers the truth and gains followers, who then use that person as a springboard to manipulate others). And in that sense I would tend to agree with you that ancient catastrophes are at least responsible to some degree for the idiocies and madness of the human mind.

The truth is the truth, and cannot be affected by anything, because it is truly no "thing." The truth simply is. And from that truth came the various religions of the world, that were then distorted by mankind's egos as a result of ancient catastrophes, among other things. :D

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Unread post by bboyer » Thu Mar 26, 2009 1:49 am

Good on you, Riposte.
There is something beyond our mind which abides in silence within our mind. It is the supreme mystery beyond thought. Let one's mind and one's subtle body rest upon that and not rest on anything else. [---][/---] Maitri Upanishad


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Unread post by lizzie » Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:05 am

Riposte wrote: The truth is the truth, and cannot be affected by anything, because it is truly no "thing." The truth simply is. And from that truth came the various religions of the world that were then distorted by mankind's egos as a result of ancient catastrophes, among other things.

I agree with Arc-Us – great riposte, Riposte! :D


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Unread post by lizzie » Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:14 am

Don't let the bed bugs get you down! ... _Song/1581


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Unread post by lizzie » Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:43 am

LOL! Way to go, Thunderbolts! :D
Our Electric Sun – a New Cosmology ... 6&id=26957

Today, a revolution exists among astronomers, cosmologists, and astrophysicists that the sun is powered not by thermonuclear fusion as once believed, but by electrical current running through our galaxy. Our sun is actually an electric light bulb connected to the vast intragalactic power grid that supplies free energy to all stars including our sun.

In addition to the solar wind, recent findings reveal the presence of an electric power grid running through our solar system. To most people on Earth, the most visible manifestation of this power grid are the auroras, including the Aurora Borealis -- the so-called "Northern Lights" that brilliantly light up the night sky with different colors along Arctic Circle latitudes near the geographic North Pole at certain times of the year. In 2007 and 2008, NASA discovered much to their surprise that the energy fueling the Aurora Borealis came from "magnetic ropes" that connect the Earth's upper atmosphere directly to the sun . During their investigation, enough electric current flowed along these "magnetic ropes" to produce a 5.5-magnitude earthquake over a span of two hours -- or about 500 trillion Joules of energy. The "magnetic ropes" consisted of two tubular streams of electric current, the shapes of which were crafted by magnetic forces produced by the very streams themselves. Like a thick mariner's rope, these two streams wrapped around each other in double-helical fashion -- much like two strands of DNA wrapping together to form a double helix. High-energy charged particles from the current slamming through the ionosphere emit electromagnetic energy, which we perceive as the colorful light displays of the Aurora Borealis

But the rabbit hole goes deeper. Auroras have been found near the polar regions of most planets within our solar system, including Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Before the discovery of Earth's "magnetic ropes", scientists thought that aurorae were generated by the planet's magnetic field interacting with the solar wind. However, Venus and Mars both have aurorae although neither have any intrinsic magnetic fields. Could it be that all aurorae are caused by magnetic ropes connecting one cosmic body to another, as in the Earth to the sun? Or are Earth's magnetic ropes only a special case?

Since 1979, we have seen similar magnetic ropes connecting each of Jupiter's two poles directly to one of Jupiter's moons called Io [15]. It is also known that polar aurorae exist on Io [16]. In ultraviolet photographs, three bright dots of light have been detected in Jupiter's aurora [17]. One of these dots serves as a "footprint" of a magnetic rope connecting Jupiter to Io. The other two dots serve as "footprints" connecting Jupiter to two of its other moons Ganymede and Europa.

The situation doesn't appear much different on Saturn. Temperature maps from space probes have revealed unusual "hot spots" at the north and south poles of Saturn [32][33] and also at the south pole of Saturn's moon Enceladus. These hot spots have baffled astronomers. The one at Saturn's north pole was especially surprising because it had been in winter darkness for more than a decade.

Even more bizarre hot spots were found at the north and south poles of Venus in 1978 and 2006 respectively [35][36]. At the north pole, two large hot spots were colinear with and equidistant from the pole. To envision this, imagine a double-helical magnetic rope with its two cylindrical streams. The cross-section of a cylinder is a circle. The cross-section of a double-helical magnetic rope is two circles separated by some distance. Those two circles were seen as hot spots near Venus' north pole. The two circles were also seen "orbiting" around the pole along the surface in a colinear and equidistant manner, exactly what one might expect to see if a magnetic rope of electric current was running from space into the surface of the planet near the pole. A nearly identical arrangement of hot spots was found at the south pole as well.

Although Earth's magnetic sphere would prevent the formation of such hot spots near its poles, signs of electric current have been detected at high altitudes near the south pole on Earth. Super-high speed electrons, much faster than cosmic rays, were discovered by an international team of researchers studying data from a high-altitude balloon probe near the south pole in Antarctica. According to Jim Adams, a co-author of the study, "The source of these exotic electrons must be relatively close to the solar system -- no more than a kiloparsec away." This super-fast flow of electrons may be powered by the same kind of magnetic ropes discovered earlier by NASA that connect Earth's upper atmosphere directly to the sun.

Aurorae, footprints, polar hotspots, magnetic ropes connecting the sun, planets, and moons... what does this all mean? Based on all of this information, it is now possible to construct the following hypothetical model. An electric power grid exists throughout the solar system. The sun appears to be the main source of electric power. In addition to sunlight, many of the planets and moons also receive energy from the power grid of the sun. Like electrical wiring in a home, "magnetic ropes" of electric current supply energy from the sun to power up the major bodies of the solar system. The solar system is an electrical circuit.

More specifically, the so-called "magnetic ropes" of electric current power the electrical currents running through our ionosphere. Theoretically, we humans can harness the energy supplied to us by the cosmic power grid by deriving energy from the ionosphere. In fact, the late Nikola Tesla tried doing just that.

Much evidence indicates that the electrical energy powering the sun actually produces a secondary current that powers the solar system -- thereby rendering the sun little more than an electrical voltage transformer not unlike the gray, trashcan-shaped objects you see on utility powerlines near residential neighborhoods and towns. A more technical explanation describing the electrical nature of the sun can be found in another thread of this Zeitgeist forum, specifically in the "PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION" section on page 2 of the thread, "THE ASTROTHEOLOGICAL MEANING OF THE GENESIS":

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