The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:28 pm

* Why do you ignore the EU answers to your questions about the sun, the swastika etc?
* I went to the trouble to look up most of the subjects you were asking about, but you all seem to have completely ignored them.
* I'm telling you, those links answer your questions. Do you want me to quote them specifically?
* You act like you want to understand all this esoteric stuff, but you don't seem to want to read the EU explanation.
* What gives?

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:41 pm

* Okay, I'll spell it out here. The labyrinth & swastika were plasma features associated with Venus, when it was near Saturn and Earth was below them:
- Dave went on to talk about the "whirling Venus", the Latin _Venus Verticordia_, and various pictographic counterparts in the ancient images of whorls, triskeleons and swastikas. These images also have a counterpart in laboratory plasma effects. Here he cited one laboratory demonstration in particular, in which the whorl-like appendages presented the precise appearance of ancient drawings. In the experiment the number of appendages changed with a change in magnetic strength. This suggests that the triskeleon form and the swastika form were distinguished only by the intensity of electrical stresses on Venus.
- Were the legs of the triskeleon constituted from the serpentine "hair" of the Medusa, as Dave's suggested? To make his point, Dave showed a Greek image of the Medusa head, with the three triskeleon legs emerging from the radiating hair of the goddess.
- Dave also discussed the labyrinth and its relationship to the swastika--the latter form often presented at the center of the labyrinth. His contention was that, in a highly active and unstable phase, the filaments of the swastika-like discharge streamers wound chaotically up the axis, taking on the appearance of a maze or tangled "knot."
- He compared an illustration of Birkeland Currents, as documented in the laboratory, to remarkably similar ancient images. It seems that entwining filaments were observed stretching between the planets of the Polar Configuration. An image from Ninevah, for example, shows the mythic "waters" descending from a celestial "vessel" (the goddess Venus in the Polar Configuration model), taking the classic form of the Birkeland Current. The ancient Egyptian symbol of "eternity," the Caduceus and staff of Aesculapius, were included among numerous other examples.
- He also showed how the entwining filaments of Birkeland Currents, as seen from the earth, could produce the precise form of the ancient Sumerian sign of the goddess Inanna, identified astronomically with Venus. He then showed artistic renditions of the "unicorn," and compared these to a three dimensional representation of the currents flowing upward from Mars. With perspective, the Birkeland Currents gave the same image as the single, twisted horn of the unicorn. Then he presented some Greek images of "lightning," with exactly the same appearance. All of the unique forms taken by "the lightning of the gods," he claimed, were discharge formations of the Polar Configuration, and no such formations are observed in our terrestrial environment today.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:56 pm

* Gary N said:
It seems to me the evidence for the Sun having changed its appearance over time abounds, and was seen at one time as what we identify as a Swastika.
* The sun in ancient times was Saturn and, yes, its appearance did change. Venus appeared to be in the center of the face of Saturn and it's Venus that, toward the end of the Saturn age, had the appearance of a swastika, labyrinth etc.
* More on the labyrinth and swastika:
- Amy, you're right about the ancient labyrinth and its connection to superstitions regarding entrails and fate. And yes, the labyrinthine "intestines" do have a logical place in the evolution of the polar configuration. The image relates to a rather complex phase, involving the transition from Saturnian to Jovian sovereignty. ...
- The explanation begins with the planetary alignment of the polar configuration--the juxtaposition of Mars, Venus and Saturn--when four luminous streamers were seen radiating from Venus in the form of an equal-limbed cross. (As I've noted on other occasions, this is the most frequently recorded form of the discharging Venus.) In a phase of intense discharging linked to the onset of instability, these streamers took on a whorl-like appearance, a form that numerous ancient cultures recorded stylistically as the swastika. There is reason to believe that initially the whirling appearance retained its symmetry as the streamers wound up the polar axis. But eventually the displacement of the aligned planets produced an irregular and complex streamer pattern, as Venus and Mars danced around the polar center in awkward motions, due to the visual effects of displacement from the polar axis and the moving position of the observer on a rotating earth. In their labyrinthine windings these streamers acquired the appearance of an impenetrable citadel in the heavens. Fundamentally, that is what the labyrinth means: a great fortress which only the hero, be he Gilgamesh or Theseus, will succeed in entering.
- There is much more to the ancient imagery of this celestial "stronghold" or "prison". The cavernous "bowels" of the divine habitation, the Gordian Knot, the mythic "cavern" of the hero's initiation or re-birth, and the labyrinth all mean the same thing. Moreover, only a few of the experts have discerned the essential corollary to this theme: the conjunction of the hero and mother goddess. The windings of the labyrinth are, in fact, the very essence of the goddess, and the hero's entry into the labyrinth can not be separated from his conjunction with the great mother. (As I've stated more than once, ALL mythical themes involve the conjunction principle.)
- Thus, the Saturn model provides a series of acid tests. It identifies specific forms in the sky as the objective references for seemingly incompatible mythical and symbolic images. What appear to be DIFFERENT symbols actually refer to the same external form and to the same sequence of events. The imaginative symbols will appear to have no connection to each other in the absence of the external references. But if you grant the concrete forms in the sky--if only for the sake of the obvious tests--then the connections will be EXPECTED. It is this logical expectation that supports the claimed "predictive power" of the model. The model implies entire complexes of symbolic equations that would not be anticipated under any other theory of the past.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by Lloyd » Sat Mar 21, 2009 4:41 pm

* Again, I ask you folks what this discussion has to do with the Schumann Resonance? Lizzie said a Nibiru planet-X could encounter Earth and change the Schumann Resonance. But, when I asked what's wrong with considering Earth's encounters with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars, as described in the Saturn Theory, there was no response. Now you're discussing things that don't seem to relate at all.
* Lizzie said:
The Undisclosed Occult Agenda of Hitler and the Nazis: The search for the Vril Power!
Two of the most prominent groups were the Thule and Vril societies. The Thule Society was the largest and most influential group of them all. They based their Occult beliefs on a book, "The Secret Doctrines" by Helena P. Blavatski the founder of Theosophy. The Thule Society embraced Theosophy as their total ideals. They even copied the theosophical symbol of the Swastika as their own. Theosophy was a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhists beliefs, including an origin from a hollow earth. The Aryan was seen as the chosen "master race" created by the ancient gods to rule mankind.
* Guess what. The Saturn Theory explains how all such theories based on myths came about. The planetary encounters at the end of the Saturn age produced major global catastrophes on Earth. The survivors of the catastrophes thought the planets were gods. When they saw the main god [Saturn] give birth to little gods [asteroids] and then eat them, the ancients thought this is what humans should do too. So humans learned ritual cannibalism of infants. When the ancients saw the gods [planets] have a major god, they learned to imitate them by having a king and royal family. When they saw the gods [planets] war among themselves throwing thunderbolts [lightning] at each other, they learned to war with each other as well. All religions and cults came from the same ancient experience of catastrophes etc. That includes Hinduism, Buddhism, Theosophy, Nazism etc. The survivors of catastrophes thought they were the chosen people and were superior to others. They thought others were killed by the gods for being disobedient. They thought their god/s wanted them to punish the disobedient as well, or to commit genocide against the unfit.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Mar 21, 2009 5:36 pm

NOAH'S ARK – Verification of Alien Contact
The Great Flood and Noah's Ark legend is common to the Christian, Jewish and Moslem religions. But as often occurs with religious beliefs, few have analyzed the Ark's nautical restrictions. Instead, a common belief exists that it was a simple rectangular vessel built by a single man and his extended family. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Ark's relic has been found (and re-found time and again) in the mountains of Ararat. Matching biblical parameters, it was 64% longer than any modern wooden vessel and had an (unloaded) displacement greater than that of a modern British aircraft carrier.'

Government (Los Alamos) personal, once helpful with tests and measurements of it, no longer believe this relic to be Noah's Ark. No wonder, it clearly shows that it was NOT built by humans ~5200 years ago. It offers details of alien engineering principles involving the Golden Ratio. Its metallurgy shows ironwork not even possible until ~3200 years ago as well as the presence of other metals (e.g. titanium and aluminum) that would have been difficult to fabricate even in the early twentieth century. The Book of Noah explicitly specifies that "angels" (with extensive metallurgical skills) built the Ark. They were likely the Nommos, an amphibian species reportedly from the Sirius star system. They left mankind with cuneiform writing and the wheeled vehicle (alien technology of that day). They offered us astronomical knowledge of their own and our solar system (including Vulcan) and evidence of a past major comet/meteorite Earth impact. Finally, they appear to have left repositories of technologies far more advanced than our own. Their story tells of an alien species' attempt to save a deceitful mankind from an approaching comet impact catastrophe that caused Noah's Great Flood. Apprehensively, they may have recently returned to again warn us of a similar impending impact event.


Most people assume that Noah built the Ark. But the Book of Noah clearly states that the angels were its builders. Perhaps the angels mentioned therein were extra- terrestrial aliens. The record suggests that human's fear and distrust surround their efforts. Either that (or deception by their leaders) was why only eight choose to board the Ark while the rest waited in ignorance of the impending catastrophe. The Ark was large enough to carry many to safety. Selected verses from the Book of Noah (found within the Book of Enoch) are listed below.

Who were the angels? In a passage from the book of Noah, there's an explicit reference to the angels who "infringed the word of the Lord, the law of the sky". This tale, just before the Flood, is confirmed by the Dead Sea scrolls. The story describes the fall of 200 angels, called Vigilants, who came down on Mount Hermon (north of Palestine). A Vigilant called Azazel taught men how to build weapons & armor and how to manipulate metals. Other Vigilants taught magical arts like clouds, meteorology, signs of Earth and astronomy. Peneum, another Vigilant, taught the use of spices in the food and also ink and paper. The Vigilants specifically are cited as those who introduced (cuneiform) writing.

The Nommos, aliens from the Sirius star system, reportedly visited Earth at the time of Noah's Flood. Thus, they may have been the angels who built the Ark. Sirius is in the proper galactic region to support sentient life. See Galactic Life - Local Limitations. The U.S. Naval Observatory claims that planetary orbits in the "habitable" zone are unstable. An Earth-type planet could contain liquid water about 4.6 AU from 300 million years old Sirius A. But simulations suggest stable orbits exist at circumstellar distances around both stars up to more than half the binary's closest separation (8.1 AU).

The Nommos seem to have gotten around a lot. It is claimed the Scots warned Noah of the impending flood. The book, "Uriel's Machine", claims that those who built the standing stones at sites such as Maes Howe in Orkney had extensive knowledge of mathematics and astrophysics. They plotted movements of the stars and planets and predicted the approach of a comet that would cause the floods. Noah's Flood occurred about 3150 BC, during the time of the builders of the standing stones, known as megaliths. The evidence is from an ancient Hebrew text, The Book of Enoch, which was among the Dead Sea Scrolls. It is hard to believe that human, who were just developing wheeled vehicles, could have such knowledge. But the Nommos would. Perhaps Noah's Ark should be called Nommos's Ark.

The knowledge about our solar system (including Vulcan), as displayed on the Akkadian Seal, is attributable to the Nommos. Should they have detected and formulated Vulcan's orbit from their own solar system, it is just a matter of mathematics to deduce when a swarm or cluster may be threatening Earth. Noah's Flood was from a comet strike due to passage of swarm A cluster Cl – 1.
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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Mar 21, 2009 5:50 pm

Lloyd said: Again, I ask you folks what this discussion has to do with the Schumann Resonance? Lizzie said a Nibiru planet-X could encounter Earth and change the Schumann Resonance. But, when I asked what's wrong with considering Earth's encounters with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars, as described in the Saturn Theory, there was no response.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with considering Earth’s encounter with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars, as described in the Saturn Theory. I simply try to find as many alternate sources of information as possible. People are free to make their own decisions.
Lloyd said: Now you're discussing things that don't seem to relate at all.

* Lizzie said: The Undisclosed Occult Agenda of Hitler and the Nazis: The search for the Vril Power!
Well the “undisclosed occult agenda” certain does relate to the Schumann Resonance. It has to do with understanding “Vril power” – the secrets of aether – Tesla’s scalar (zero point) energy. All this "occult technology" is fully operational but has been deliberately suppressed by world governments for the last 75 years.

if HAARP shoots megavolts of electricity into the ionosphere, it affects the Schumann Resonance. (HAARP is scalar technology.)


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:25 pm

Our Sun's small dark star companion generates five comet swarms that periodically pass through the inner solar system. Earth appears threatened by multiple (7?) major impacts within 2028 +/- 170 AD, consistent with dual source predictions. Earth's surface may be reformed by a series of impacts circa 3823.

A theory has been proposed that accurately predicts the orbits of our solar planets as well as the orbits of planets (and tiny stars) in nearby star systems. This theory postulates that our solar system was formed with the aid of a solar companion star named Vulcan by the ancients. Vulcan is estimated to orbit the Sun with a period slightly less than 5000 years. Vulcan draws comets from the Kupier belt and they occasionally pass through the Earth's orbit with disastrous consequences (e.g. causing Noah's flood). A dark body (that could be Vulcan) has been detected by the IRAS satellite. The IRAS measurements and data from other sources have been utilized to determine the orbit and mass of Vulcan.

Vulcan's orbital parameters are both theoretically computed and measured from the past comet impact data listed in the above table. Vulcan is estimated to orbit the Sun with a period slightly less than 5000 years. Its orbit appears to be very eccentric and highly inclined to the ecliptic plane. Vulcan pasted aphelion around 1971, about 448 AU from the Sun. Vulcan is believed to be black or red and dense like Earth or Mercury. It is somewhat bigger than Saturn being about 0.05% solar mass (141 +/- 35 Earth masses). An unusual theoretical analysis leads to Vulcan's orbital parameters as listed in the following table.

When the dark companion is between Sun and the center of galaxy (Vishnunabhi), we have Kali yuga on Earth. When, it moves away from the axis Sun-center of galaxy, the "Black Star" does not have a huge inhibiting influence, so the influence of knowledge is much greater.

Science progress and thirst for knowledge can be astrologically explained by diminished "influence" of the dark companion on the Sun. Distancing itself from the Vishnunabhi, it frees the path of light at the galactic center, and growth of knowledge occurs.

Precession cycle gives birth to ages. Cycle of dark companion gives birth to shorter yugas. Combination of two gives birth to longer yugas. The main role in all of it is the one of the center of galaxy situated at the beginning of sidereal constellation of Sagittarius.

A phenomenon similar to human remote viewing is believed to be how the Bible Code and Vedic data were generated. Remote viewing has produced other interesting results:

"Planet X, the tenth planet in our solar system, will be verified in the year 2015. It will have an elliptical orbit with a mean distance from the Sun of 51.50 AU, and a density approximately equal to that of Mercury.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:37 pm

A phenomenon similar to human remote viewing is believed to be how the Bible Code and Vedic data were generated. Remote viewing has produced other interesting results:

Construction of the Great Pyramid: An aquatic method consistent with the way the Nommos, an amphibious species, may have suggested it be constructed.
What “aquatic method” would the Nommos have used to construct the Great Pyramid?

Could it have been Viktor Schauberger’s “aquatic method” – “diamagnetic levitation power" -- Mother Nature's way? :D

The Undisclosed Occult Agenda of Hitler and the Nazis: The search for the Vril Power!
Viktor Schauberger has been described as a rather timid man who enjoyed nature. From his observations of nature and water he developed a natural means of energy and power. Schauberger produced Electrical power from a unique suction turbine by implosion principles, and later was pressured into developing a propulsion system using the same principles applied to air. Schauberger developed a low-pressure zone on the atomic level with a prototype, which whirled air or water radically and axially at a falling temperature. Schauberger referred to the resulting force as, "diamagnetic levitation power." He stressed that nature had already successfully used this direct or reactionary suction force within weather generation and solar fusion stability.


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Unread post by lizzie » Sat Mar 21, 2009 7:00 pm

Planetary Harmonics ... onics.html
The astrophysical parameters of a planet are, in part, that which create its astrological characteristic (psychophysiological resonance).

The fundamental frequencies of a planet are derived from the planet's astrophysical parameters such as diameter, circumference, rotational velocity, orbital period, etc. These frequencies generally have very long wavelengths, thus they lie in the very low frequency (ELF) and ultra-low frequency (ULF) range. Planetary harmonics govern natural long-term biological growth patterns, monthly and yearly biological processes, and daily brain and psychophysiological function.

Brainwaves and audio frequencies are measured in frequency were as light is measured by its wavelength (the inverse of frequency): the higher a frequency the shorter its wavelength.

The Schumann Resonances

The 7.83 Hz. Schumann Resonance figure many people hear about is a number made popular by researcher Robert Beck whose work on ELF signals, Earth resonances, and their affect on brain wave frequencies was presented at a U.S. Psychotronic conference and published in late 1970's. He reported that 7.83 Hz is a brainwave frequency often detected when psychics are in their intuiting mode. Others following his work proclaimed the Schumann Resonance to be 7.83 Hz., although this has led to some confusion as to the true nature of the Schumann Resonances (yes plural), and to the assumption that Earth herself resonates at this frequency, which it does not.

In actuality, there are several frequencies between 7 and 50 Hertz that compose the Schumann Resonances. These frequencies start at 7.8 Hz and progress by approximately 5.9 Hz. (7.8, 13.7, 19.6, 25.5, 31.4, 37.3, and 43.2 Hz.).

The Schumann Resonances are the result of cosmic energy build-up within the cavity that exists between Earth's highly conductive surface and the conducting layer in the upper atmosphere called the ionosphere.* This creates a world-wide lightning display of broadband electromagnetic impulses that fill this cavity and that act as the stimulus for the cavity to resonate.

* A part of Earth's upper atmosphere is ionized plasma caused by the sun's ultraviolet radiation. This layer, the ionosphere, couples Earth's outer magnetosphere with Earth's inner neutral atmosphere.

The 7.8 Hz. Schumann fundamental frequency is quite close to Earth's 7.5 Hz. circumference harmonic (calculated using the speed of light at Earth's surface). It is also close to 8 Hz. an ideal number from a mathematical perspective. Because of all of these factors, the 7.83 Hz. frequency, the 7.8 Schumann Resonance or an 8 Hz. frequency, had been proclaimed by some to be an ideal frequency to attune to, and that to electronically generate a frequency in this range may even protect us from unwanted harmful frequencies.

To support our greatest well being, and to make possible our evolution and spiritual awakening, we must allow ourselves (and our brainwave patterns) to breath in concert with mother Earth and with her natural cycles moment to moment. The Earth is a spherical receiver of cosmic energy (evolutionary intelligence) which directs our biological process and spiritual evolutionary unfoldment. The Earth re-radiates the cosmic information it receives from its core outward in complex long-wave signals. We receive these signals via our spinal columns and cranial structures (a vertical antenna system). The cranial cavity, the capstone to this antenna captures this information and re-focuses it to the pineal gland, a neuro-endocrine transducer in the center of the brain, where it is then transmitted (via the hypothalamus) as signals that direct the pituitary gland, the master control center of the brain. These signals are further distributed via the rest of the neurological system.
What is the importance of fifths?

Is the swastika a Sun Wheel? Does it depict the five magnetic field reversals of the Sun during a 26,000 year cycle?

The Mayan Calendar
260 Days & the Venus Orbit ... endar.html
Much effort has been expended in the attempt to explain in particular why the Maya made use of a 260 day cycle. And why also they combined this time cycle with a calendar year period of 365 days, in order to generate a recurring 52 year period known as the ‘Calendar Round’.

To date, from an overview of the relevant research concerning the Mayan use of a time cycle of 260 days, it would appear that its significance as an astronomical unit largely remains a mystery, with only a few tentative theories put forward.

The Maya specifically created, or rather invented, a 260 day cycle in order to allow them to accurately track the occurrence of successive conjunctions involving the Earth and Venus, over a full 2000 year grand cycle. So that this might be achieved, the 260 day period of the Mayan calendar was further combined with a basic Earth year of 365 days, as a means to generate an extended 52 year period of time, through which they were able to make subtle corrections to their calendar, to maintain harmony between it and the true astronomical observations i.e. Earth-Venus conjunctions.
The Lid of the Palenque
Analysis of the sunspot cycles shows us that the Sun's magnetic field, and its effects in space, reverses about every 3,750 (5125) years so that 5 magnetic reversals take place approximately every 18,139 years, and each reversal takes 374 years to complete from start to finish.
5125 x 5 = 25,625 years (5 magnetic field reversals of the Sun during a Grand Cycle)

5125 – 3750 = 1375 years

394 – 374 = 20 years

20 x 13 = 260 years

260 years x 5 = 1300 years


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Mar 21, 2009 7:59 pm

Interdimensional Energy - Posted November 10, 2008 ... heric-ice/
Editor’s note: This is an important essay in my opinion. New information is being presented here about the nature of matter in the third dimension. I learned some time ago that all matter (and energy of course) originates in higher dimensional frequencies and gradually enters lower dimensions by slowing down or lowering its rate of vibration, thus becoming DENSER. In alternative medicine, we talk about discordant energy or unbalanced conditions that FIRST show up in the body’s aura (higher frequency field) and only LATER will manifest into physical pain or the appearance of a disease condition.
ZS Livingstone has been writing for the past year or two about a subject I never even heard of, Aetheric Ice. We can’t see Aetheric Ice because it can only be seen if you exist in the 4th dimension, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Any form of matter that just sits on the BORDERLINE (frequency wise) between the 3rd and 4th dimension, will tend to occasionally ’spill’ over into the next dimension and we then can either see something or hear something unusual.
The Spiritual Process Leading To The Discovery Of Aetheric Ice ... ct06.shtml
Key to understanding the aetheric realms is the recognition of a hundred elements and millions of different molecules created by the ghostly elements. The principle of the Proton, Neutron and Electron exists in the fourth dimension as it does in the third dimension. In the Melchizedek training I received, the Proton, Neutron and Electron Principle is Universal and all dimensions are composed of these particles at various densities. The third dimension is the most dense with the aetheric fourth dimension less dense and the fifth dimension less dense than the fourth. The aetheric electron is roughly a thousand times larger than an electron in physical matter. An electron in the fourth dimension carries a million times the energy of a physical electron.

The ionization of physical matter is electrical in nature. The ionization of aetheric matter is magnetic in nature. The ionization of fifth dimensional matter is as yet undefined in modern science. We were taught to call that energy Tri-magnetic.

We were also taught abundant energy was available by balancing the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. This energy is called Trizzonnic, three tones/three zones. It is a totally different concept than Zero Point Energy. ZPE theory looks at the quantum level for the source of energy. Trizzonnic Energy looks to the higher dimensions and First Cause as the source of all energy. By carefully dovetailing the dimensional geometries great energy can be made available. Some of these geometries can be seen in John W. Keely's designs. Key to the application of all higher energies is the acceptance of total responsibility for the energy. Keely's engines worked when he operated his machines. Few others could make them work. Real power happens when machines are no longer needed.

In the last paragraph I went a bit further than I needed to go to explain aetheric ice but the principle of First Cause and the higher dimensions as the source of all third dimensional energy needed to be established. The Illuminati, in denial of First Cause, do not have access to higher energies and are parasitically stealing from the Earth to attempt to meet their objectives. They will not succeed, they never could.

Wilhelm Reich and others could see into the next dimension and see luminous and non-luminous orgone. He labelled them Healthy Orgone (HOR) and Deadly Orgone (DOR) respectively. Shamans worldwide had made that basic determination millennia ago. Those who travel in the astral and higher aetheric soon recognize the next higher dimension as a complex place with many different substances corresponding to third dimensional matter substance. The fourth dimension is not just 'Time' but a vast realm spanning the space between the Earth and the moon. It also stretches into solar space and interstellar space. More life dwells in the aetheric than on the physical worlds.

Water exists on all the planets in our solar system. Aetheric water exists abundantly in the fourth dimension. It is the "life-carrier" substance of the aetheric in the same way it is the "life-carrier" molecule in the physical. Aetheric water is H2O in the fourth dimension, the same as in the third.

Aetheric ice forms a high pressure trough over a region until it is moved or melted. High pressure troughs are unexplained phenomena.

The release of aetheric water from the ocean surface deceased the surface tension and increased the evaporation rate.

One of the problems with diverting aetheric ice to the polar regions is the melting of the icecaps. This can be reversed in a single season and the polar bears of the Arctic will find the ice floes thicker.

Scalar influences on the weather go back to Tesla's original experiments in Colorado Springs in 1899. There is a channeled piece of information somewhere on the internet stating scalar wave experiments in weather modification date to 1920. From personal experience I first remember the "scalar ripply clouds" from the mid 1950s. In 1971 I asked my teacher, "What causes the bands of ripply clouds?" He replied, "Scalar Waves." Definitely there were scalar waves being artificially generated decades earlier than Tom Bearden reports. Some of the scalar waves are extraterrestrial but by far most are man made in a number of nations not just Russia and America. (I also remember chemtrails over Vancouver BC in the 1950s but at the time the attempt was to create rain by seeding clouds with silver iodide crystals, not to prevent rain with aluminum and barium particles. Those fluffy while lines covered the sky from horizon to horizon. This was also a time when there were few jet airliners. These experiments were based out of Red Deer Alberta by the RCAF and RAF starting in 1946.) It is likely that 1920 was the starting date of the first HAARP experiment somewhere in the Great Plains of America funded by one of the robber barons.
Etheric Ice's Influence on Climate and Weather ... ep02.shtml
There are two atmospheres interpenetrating one another. The physical atmosphere is a hundred mile layer of gases. The etheric atmosphere extends 100,000 miles, about half way to the moon, and then merges with the etheric atmosphere of the sun. The etheric atmosphere is composed of gaseous, liquid and solid orgone or magnetic substances. The same gravity which holds physical material to the Earth also holds orgone to the planet.

Within the planet there are nine concentric etheric shells extending down to the core. The orgone in these shells is crystalized and very dense. I do not know the population of these realms.

Passing comets create etheric tsunamis. These high velocity waves take about six months to travel from Jupiter's orbit to Earth's orbit. Such waves fracture all the etheric ice from all realms around the Earth and the solar realms between the planets.

The climate of Earth is not stable. Sylphs and other agents are constantly tweaking the thermostatic controls of the planet to keep it from becoming too hot or too cold. They have a sensitivity for climate change which no human being could hope to attain. It was the job that they were created to do.

The climate of the solar system is not stable either. As the sun and planets circle around the galactic hub, the system encounters areas of greater quantities of orgone. The system is now entering a zone where its etheric atmosphere has increased and all the planets including the sun have increased in temperature. Even the moon has a tenuous atmosphere which did not exist thirty years ago.

In the fourth dimension there are holes at the poles.

As the world has increased in population, the environment has been stressed. Likewise the etheric environment has been stressed. We are having more and stronger earthquakes. We are having more and stronger El Ninos. Both have the same root cause, the densification of the lower etheric realms, perpetrated in part by human activity. A diabolical conspiracy rules the lower etheric as well as on Earth and their goals are destructive towards humanity and the nature itself. It is entirely possible for twenty-five billion to live upon a garden planet if humanity knew how to work in accord with nature.

The Malthusian planning of the NWO is Machiavellian. It is time to put such destructive thinking to an end. Even though the climate is unstable, it has always been so. The world is what we make it. The lower etheric realms are being cleaned up. The problem of densification will be decreasing. The Earth has unlimited potential. We all have to work together.
Where is the Energy Coming From? ... ep02.shtml
There is a problem in meteorology which has perplexed scientists for years. Totaling up all the available sources of energy that contribute to the formation of a thunderstorm or any storm system, there is more going out than coming in.

About ten years ago, high speed video cameras detected, above thunderstorms, brief flashes of light traveling upward to the ionosphere. These flashes happen at the same moment lightning is discharged to ground. The flashes go up to 60 or 70 miles above the cloud tops in a tenth of a second. The energy is huge. The discoverers call the formations Sprites, Elfs and other fanciful names. Most theories postulate a trap door-like energy mechanism where the cloud to ground lightning bolt triggers a pre-existing dry air electrical discharge.

Some of the most powerful computers in the world are trying to predict weather patterns. All the models are based on insufficient understanding of the energies and mechanisms driving the weather. So the forecasters get the weather wrong...a lot: Garbage In....Garbage Out!

The solution to the conundrum of weather formation is: Sylphs.

Intra-dimensional, highly intelligent, ancient elementals control the weather.

Dimensional and intra-dimensional energy imputs must be added to the energy from sunlight to balance the equations. Etheric mechanism must be understood and combined with physical thermodynamics and physical chemistry.

The Earth's atmosphere is replete with living beings. Weather systems are living entities.

Humanity has unbalanced the natural order of things. Sylphs have tried to reestablish harmony. Sometimes the weather is destructive. In other times weather was not destructive, because Sylph's had learned how to stabilize climate even with interference from a multitude of outside influences.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by Riposte » Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:48 pm

Lloyd wrote:All religions and cults came from the same ancient experience of catastrophes etc. That includes Hinduism, Buddhism, Theosophy, Nazism etc.
I can tell you from direct experience that this statement is incorrect.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:10 pm

Viktor Schauberger
Sometimes the natural world itself can inspire a forward-thinking scientist to push the boundaries of known scientific theories. Such was the case with Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester/visionary born in the late 19th century. Schauberger studied the properties of what he called, "life-enhancing energy," which manifests itself in water or air as vortices. Nearly 100 years ago, Schauberger warned, "Prevailing technology uses the wrong forms of motion. It is based on entropy - on motions which nature uses to break down and scatter materials. However, Nature uses a different type of motion for creating order and new growth. The prevailing explosion-based technology - fuel burning and atom splitting - fills the world with expanding, heat-generating centrifugal motion."

Instead of breaking down materials, Schauberger believed that energy production would be more efficiently generated by using inward-moving, cold-generating centripetal motion. He insisted that hydroelectric power plants use a destructive motion when the water is pressurized and chopped through the turbines. Schauberger, known as the "Water Wizard," reportedly produced electrical power from a unique suction turbine based on implosion principles and his new hydrodynamic theory. During World War II, he was pressured by Hitler's Nazi Party to work on development of a propulsion system using his hydro-principles but applied to air

When Hitler heard of Schauberger's experiments with low-pressure zones at the atomic level, he threatened to hang Viktor and his family if he did not cooperate with the Third Reich's war effort. Schauberger had reportedly succeeded in creating a powerful force in the laboratory by whirling air "radically and axially" generating a falling temperature. Viktor called the resulting force "diamagnetic levitation power." Hitler wanted Schauberger to supervise the building of a new aircraft "which levitated without burning any fuel." Under threat of death, Schauberger was forced to work on the new aircraft destined for the Nazi's struggling war machine. Schauberger slowed down his experiments in order to thwart the Germans, but eventually it was reported he perfected a "flying disc," powered by a turbine which rotated air into a powerful twisting type of oscillation, similar to a tornado.

At the conclusion of WWII, American military officers seized Schauberger's laboratory and everything in it. Suspecting him as a Nazi collaborator, they put him into "protective custody" for six months. A decade later, the Munich publication, Da Neue Zeitalter, wrote that "Viktor Schauberger was the inventor and discoverer of the new motive power, implosion, which, with the use of only air and water, generated light, heat and motion." The paper also stated that the first unmanned flying disc was tested in 1945 near Prague, and that it could "hover motionless in the air and could fly as fast backwards as forwards.

Schauberger eventually moved to the United States where he believed that he could still do some good for the world. Schauberger's basic thesis employs a universal, two-fold movement principle. Viktor was convinced that life is sustained by a gathering, implosive movement, such as generates weather. Some even compare Schauberger's vortex theory to the amazingly long, twisting molecular thread of which DNA consists. According to Schauberger's energy paradigm, the implosive movement generates coolness, suction, growth and healthiness. Following this thought, he said that explosive movement, which produces the power in all modern engines, causes heat, pressure, fragmentation, and death. The forester/inventor believed that home power plants could be created out of conical, twisted tubes that were wrapped around a main component that was also conical shaped. When the tubes were rotated, water is sucked through the tubes and after "processing" is sprayed out to force turbine vanes to spin which would be mechanically connected to an electricity-producing generator.

While in the US, it is reported government officials persuaded Schauberger to supply them with as much data as he could remember. It is said he later signed contracts with an industrial concern that stripped him of all rights to his work. He died in 1958 at 73-years-old, broke and bitter. Viktor Schauberger is famous to this day in Germany for his work in "implosion" science and "centripetence" motion to overcome gravity. Researchers are still trying to understand his use of 3-D vortex mechanics and technology regarding the implosion motor, suction turbines, and home power plants . However, scientific efforts utilizing Schauberger's basic theories of hydro-dynamics still continue.

Modern man continues to employ the explosive forces of nature, such as the automotive combustion engine, which also continue to harm the environment. Perhaps it is time for technology to work within the laws of natural forces instead of wasting energy in order to oppose them.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:49 pm

The Sumerian gods and goddesses wore conical hats. Could these hats have had electromagnetic properties;? If so, how would they have been used?

The Lid of the Palenque
We begin to realize that the cranial deformation or forehead flattening used by these ancients probably was a method of enhancing a more effective functioning of the brain. It now appears that magnetic devices were used rather than simply stones, in the flattening of the person’s skull. This may have affected the central pineal or hypothalamus regions of the brain in ways we are still unaware of.
Pyramid cap with intensity magnetic field
The cap is made into pyramid shape, and made use of the thin permanent magnet iron flake with intensity magnetic field. It can strengthen the effect of the biological magnetism of the human body and strengthen the human brain with magnetic field. This is a new type and practicable cap.
Brain-Imaging Cap Under Study For Space And Earth Use ... 073334.htm
"On extended space missions, there will be a need to assess brain function as it relates to performance of high-level tasks and in the event of possible illness or injury," said Dr. Jeffrey Sutton, director of the National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) and leader of its smart medical systems team. "This portable technology will be beneficial on Earth for assessing, diagnosing and monitoring treatment in brain disorders, such as strokes and seizures."

The device utilizes diffuse optical tomography (DOT), a technique using near-infrared light and detectors to record brain activity. The light shines through the skull into the brain and records regional differences in blood flow and oxygen levels. These differences are then analyzed to reveal areas of brain activity.
Electromagnetic Simulation Aids Development of Unique EEG Cap ... _Aug08.pdf
Researchers at the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Charlestown, Massachusetts, are developing a special electroencephalography (EEG) cap for use with a research technique that integrates EEG with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This integrated technique offers the potential to improve investigations of brain activity. But the RF generated by MRI induces currents in the EEG electrodes. Concerns have arisen that this current could generate temperature increases in sensitive brain tissues. The researchers recognized that they would have to evaluate many different electrode types and arrangements in order to optimize the design of the cap. These experiments obviously cannot be performed on human volunteers. It would be expensive to build a physical model with properties close to a human head. On the other hand, virtual models can be developed with properties very similar to a human head and used to predict the RF fields and tissue exposure to RF.

But virtual models cannot be used with confidence to predict the performance of various types of electrodes and leads until they have been verified by physical experiments. It is very expensive to build a matching physical model to verify the accuracy of such a virtual model.
Electromagnetic Brain Animation
An exceptionally simple synopsis of electromagnetic brain animation assisted and coordinated by ultrasound. We here at the Behavior Research Institute have been successful in formulating a process and methodology allowing entrance onto the brain for therapeutic purposes without having to go through the skull. The type of procedure has heretofore not been possible. The electromagnetic brain animation generator beams a predetermined power and fusion of electromagnetism along with a specific genus and power of ultrasound onto and through the skull making contact with the outer cellular structure of the brain itself. Being able to do this allows us to manipulate pre-chosen areas of cells. The end result is the ability to improve the workings of those particular parts of the brain.
Thinking Cap or Dunce's Hat ... 2/04/51421
Scientists claim they've turned a metaphor into a new device –- they believe they've invented a "thinking cap."

Professor Allan Snyder and Dr. Elaine Mulcahy say they have completed experiments that proved they could increase the creative function of the brain using magnetism. The device works by using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to temporarily shut down the left hemisphere of the brain, where speech and short-term memory are supported.
Could Magnets Make the Brain Grow Stronger?
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has been used experimentally to treat a range of brain disorders, including depression and schizophrenia, and to rehabilitate people after a stroke. TMS uses a magnetic coil to induce electric fields in the brain tissue - activating or deactivating groups of neurons, although the exact mechanism has remained unknown. One theory was that it aided learning and memory by strengthening brain circuits through a process called long-term potentiation (LTP).

They confirmed that TMS enhanced LTP in all areas of the brain tested, by modifying key glutamate receptors so that they stayed active for longer. The team also saw large increases in the proliferation of stem cells in the dentate gyrus hippocampus. These cells divide throughout life and are now believed to play a crucial role in memory and mood regulation
The Magnetic Brain Stimulator Will See You Now ... et_therapy
The next time you visit a psychiatrist don't be put off by the helmet-shaped device crawling with electrodes in the corner of the office. It's there to help.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, a technique for treating clinical depression, uses a device placed on a patient's head that delivers a pulse to the gray matter. Psychiatrists at the American Psychiatric Association meeting here are unabashedly optimistic about its potential for treating tough cases. It's in the final stages of FDA review, and could come to market as soon as the end of the year.

How to wire your brain for religious ecstasy
Eight years ago, I flew to Laurentian University in Midwestern Canada to test a gadget that some journalists called the "God machine." The device consisted of computer-controlled solenoids that fit over the skull and stimulate the brain with electromagnetic pulses. Its inventor, neuroscientist Michael Persinger, claimed that it could induce mystical experiences, including, as Wired magazine put it, visions of "Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Mohammed, the Sky Spirit."

In the 1950s, Canadian neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield, while preparing epileptic patients for surgery, stimulated their exposed brains with electrodes. Some patients heard voices or music and saw apparitions when their temporal lobes were stimulated. Upon learning about Penfield's experiments, Aldous Huxley wrote: "Is there, one wonders, some area in the brain from which the probing electrode could elicit Blake's Cherubim?"
The Army’s Totally Serious Mind Control Project ... 08,00.html
Soldiers barking orders at each other is so 20th Century. That’s why the U.S. Army has just awarded a $4 million contract to begin developing “thought helmets” that would harness silent brain waves for secure communication among troops. Ultimately, the Army hopes the project will “lead to direct mental control of military systems by thought alone.”

If this sounds insane, it would have been as recently as a few years ago. But improvements in computing power and a better understanding of how the brain works have scientists busy hunting for the distinctive neural fingerprints that flash through a brain when a person is talking to himself. The Army’s initial goal is to capture those brain waves with incredibly sophisticated software that then translates the waves into audible radio messages for other troops in the field. “It’d be radio without a microphone,” says Dr. Elmar Schmeisser, the Army neuroscientist overseeing the program. “Because soldiers are already trained to talk in clean, clear and formulaic ways, it would be a very small step to have them think that way.”
Conical Hats for Levitation

Wizards Conical Hats, etc ... 00063.html
WIZARDS really did wear tall pointed hats - but not the crumpled cloth kind donned by such fictional characters as Harry Potter, Gandalf and Merlin.

The wizards of early Europe wore hats of gold intricately embellished with astrological symbols that helped them to predict the movement of the sun and stars

Such figures, referred to as "king-priests", were held to have supernatural powers because of their ability to predict accurately the correct time for sowing, planting and harvesting crops.

"They would have been regarded as Lords of Time who had access to a divine knowledge that enabled them to look into the future," said Wilfried Menghin, the director of the Berlin Museum which has been carrying out detailed research on a 3,000-year-old 30 inch high Bronze Age cone of beaten gold that was discovered in Switzerland in 1995 and purchased by the museum the following year.

Mr Menghin and his researchers discovered that the 1,739 sun and half-moon symbols decorating the Berlin cone's surface make up a scientific code which corresponds almost exactly to the "Metonic cycle" discovered by the Greek astronomer Meton in 432 B.C. - about 500 years after the cone was made - which explains the relationship between moon
and sun years.

"The symbols on the hat are a logarithmic table which enables the movements of the sun and the moon to be calculated in advance," Mr. Menghin said. "They suggest that Bronze Age man would have been have been able to make long-term, empirical astrological observations," he added.
I'd Rather Ride a Broom: Tutankhamen Did ... os15b.html
Ancient Aztec witch-goddess, Tlazolteotl, shown in an ancient Mesoamerican codex, riding broom - True to "witch" form, she is often pictured with a conical hat. Like other classic witch Goddesses, she is central in teachings of safe and effective child birthing such as the preferable squatting position rather than reclining, and may be as much a goddess of mugwort as Diana/Artemis, perhaps implying the maternal, magickal and magnetic herb mugwort's Mexican specie are of assistance to ancient Mesoamerican besom-riders.

The premise of such an object may be similar to the coiling on Tutankhamen's nebris: a surface-conducting transformer section in the form of a coil or spiral; these may be primaries. Note also their placement in the Tlazolteotl scene seems to almost suggest antennae; some of these inclusions may be capable of interpreting the condition or the desires of the operator. They might in fact be serving much as the counter magnetic amplifiers and the capacitance plates that allow tuning and operation of "time cameras".
Electromagnetic force calculations for a conical coil
Levitation melting devices used in the laboratory typically employ small conical coils with a reverse wound turn at the top. The magnetic field and the Lorentz forces on an electrically conducting sample, due to an alternating current flowing in a small conical coil, are studied by modeling it as a conical helix. These are compared with the results obtained by using the ‘stack model’ of the coil. The influence of the semiangle and pitch of the coil on the field and the field gradient is studied. Further, it is shown that the stack model overestimates the field (and by extension the Lorentz force) at the bottom of the coil. The results obtained by using the stack and helix models are shown to match in the limit of vanishing pitch of the coil.
Permanent magnetic male and female levitation supports ... 205854.php
A permanent magnetic male and female levitation support has a first part with a cavity and a plurality of retainment mechanisms incorporated therein, and a plurality of first permanent magnets evenly distributed around the perimeter of the cavity and held in place by the retainment mechanisms, wherein the first permanent magnets produce a first rotationally invariant magnetic field around a first axis. A second part is rigidly connected to a base and produces a second rotationally invariant magnetic field around a second axis. When the first axis is aligned with the second axis, the first magnetic field and the second magnetic field simultaneously produce a repulsive force and a restorative force to levitate the first part relative to the second part


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:08 am

Kevin said: With all the planets etc, if you think of their pathways of perceived movements as being on flowing circuits, whether the planets are moving as we presently comprehend or not, instead of an empty space, think of a space with resonant interference patterns of scalar dimensions, and that these pathways are thus affected by the passage and position of any 3D matter , that matter will therefore cause an interference that travels along in front and behind the resistor that the planet will be at superluminal speeds beyond our current comprehension. The result will be an orchestra like continuum of alteration relative to all other points within the scalar system. The results will be a continuous alteration of whatever these resonances encounter, our short life spans cannot remember the sudden alterations similar to the big base drum suddenly been bashed, and we are possibly continuously morphing to suit the tune been felt here now.

Time Matrix :D ... itstart=10
Universal Manifestation Templates (Morphogenetic Fields - MF) are called TIME MATRICES. There are uncountable Time Matrices within the Energy Matrix, which are collectively referred as The Time Matrix.

All Time Matrices within the Cosmic Energy Matrix follow a specific mathematical-geometrical program through which space- time and matter can be experienced by consciousness upon the Time Matrix structure.

Time Matrices are arranged upon a pattern of 15 different, but interwoven, Partiki Phasing rhythms (rhythms of expansion and contraction of energy).

Each of the 15 rhythms of Partiki Phasing creates one Dimension.

Within the Time Matrix the 15-Dimensions are further arranged into sets of 3 Dimensions, forming 5 3-Dimensional reality fields called a Harmonic Universe (HU), and each HU represents a level of matter densification specific to its intrinsic rates of Partiki Phasing.

One Time Matrix is thus a 15-Dimensional Scalar Grid with 5 separate reality fields (Harmonic Universes) and 5 different densities of matter manifestation.

There are 5 simultaneous manifesting Euiago Cycles (Time Cycle) in every Time Matrix, through which consciousness passes in order to experience linear evolution through space, time and matter,

Each Euiago Cycle contains within it 6 smaller cycles of time called Time Continua.

It is through the multidimensional relationships between angles of particle and anti-particle spin (ARPS) that multiple reality fields (Harmonic Universes - HU) can take place in the same space, while remaining invisible to each other. As a planet evolves through this process, the rate of particle pulsation, and thus the speed at which it moves, progressively increases, while the density of matter progressively decreases.

This is the process of evolution through the 15-dimensional scale.


(Also called Frequency Band)

Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within a specific, geometrically arranged form, build upon crystallized, conscious units, of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields (MF) or Manifestation Template.

Each MF's of Dimensions are composed of stationary points of the vibration of sound and light which together form a fabric of tones, into which smaller MFs are woven

From each fixed point of sound vibration, within each Dimension of MF, an electrical current of consciousness emerges.

Cosmic morphogenetic structure is ordered into sets of systems, each one comprising 15 dimensions and referred to as a "15 dimensional matrices" grouped in sets of 3, forming a morphogenetic blueprint of five, 3 dimensional reality systems, in each dimensional matrix. Each reality system is called a Harmonic Universe (HU).

A Dimension is a full Frequency Band or repeated sequence of "flashing on and off" of scalar standing-wave points within a morphogenetic field.

A Planet moves from one dimensional frequency band to the next and from one Time Continuum to the next, by magnetically drawing into its morphogenetic field, particles from the Unified Field of energy for each dimension.

When a planet has pulled in all the frequency bands of one dimension into its morphogenetic field, it then moves upward into the next dimensional field to complete the same process.

Each of the 15 rhythms of Partiki Phasing creates one Dimension.

A Dimension is a set pattern of "Flash Line Sequences", or a singular Partiki Phasing rhythms that contains within it 12 smaller rhythms of Partiki Phasing.

Each Dimension represents one Scalar Frequency Band containing 12 smaller Sub-frequency Bands.

To create the Universal Manifestation Template (MF) upon which external space, time and matter experience can be known, Dimensions are ordered in sets of 15, forming the blueprint for a 15-Dimensional Time Matrix.

A Dimension represents a full Frequency Band, or repeating, cyclic sequence of "flashing on and off" scalar-wave points within a morphogenetic field.

The morphogenetic field scalar grid structure of dimensions takes the form of sets of 15-Dimensional Matrices, grouped in sets of 3 dimensions each, forming 5 sets of 3-dimensinal Reality Fields called Harmonic Universes.

The 15-Dimensions composing 5 Harmonic Universes together represent one Time Matrix system.

Each Dimension of frequency is composed of 12 Sub-frequency bands, or shorter cycles of the "flashing on and off" of scalar-wave points, which exist as part of the longer cycle of the full Dimensional Frequency Band.

Particles having varying vibratory-oscillation rates and angles of spin (ARPS) allow multiple dimensional reality fields to coexist within the same space while remaining perceptually invisible to each other. :o

The relationship between wave strata within the dimensional frequency bands create the holographic refraction of light, sound and scalar waves that allows consciousness to perceive the illusions of matter solidity, space, time and externalization of reality while it is ensconced within the structures of dimensionalization. :roll:

Density Level

The 5 fixed stages or phases of densification within the Primal Order of a Time Matrix, within which consciousness expresses in its manifestation and incarnation into externalized space-time-matter experience.

The 5 Density Levels are fixed fields of electromagnetic reality that compose the Primal Order and structure of one 15-dimensional Time Matrix.

Each Density Level represents one 3-dimensional reality field, or Harmonic Universe.

The Density of matter manifestation within each Density Level or Harmonic Universe is governed by the ratio between vibration and oscillation within the Primal Energy Units (Partiki) of conscious energy that form the scalar-standing wave templates upon which the spherical electro-magnetic domain of the Harmonic Universe manifests.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by Lloyd » Sun Mar 22, 2009 10:35 am

* I said earlier:
All religions and cults came from the same ancient experience of catastrophes etc. That includes Hinduism, Buddhism, Theosophy, Nazism etc.
* Riposte replied:
I can tell you from direct experience that this statement is incorrect.
* Direct experience would mean that you were intimately involved in founding one or more of those belief systems. That seems to be a meaningless claim to make. On the other hand the Saturn Theory has explanations for how almost every element of each of those belief systems originated.
* Here's a little on what Talbott and Thornhill say about religion toward the end of the first video and the first part of the second video:,
* As for Lizzie, what's the point of posting so much info here with so little discussion? Looks like you're trying to upload an encyclopedia. Some of the info is interesting, but you post so much, that it's way more than almost anyone wants to take the time to read, I believe. Why not just post links and a few relevant sentences and make comments and invite discussion? You could post everything on your own website and link to relevant parts. Surely that would be better than piling up a mountain of info that doesn't get used.


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