The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Gray Cloud quoting Steven Earle - 'It's called Snake Oil, y'all and it's been around for a very long time'.
Snake oil has been around for quite a long time. It seems that its beneficial medicinal properties are indisputable. I wonder if it is human ignorance that makes us joke about it and dismiss it in its entirely as medical quakery.

Snake Mother Medicine ... den11.html
I’ve been looking for a particular angle that gives me a place to put this information on the web; I’d been planning a page on “The Return of the Snake Oil Salesman" for some time, and I may eventually do such a thing nonetheless... but it occurs to me that it may well be appropriate to deal with many of those concerns here.

The story of my personal involvement is as follows: Longevity magazine ran an article about a discovery that the enzyme Phosopholipase A-2 was found to play a role in some painful and degenerative back problems.

According to Richard A. Kunin, M.D., of San Francisco, snake oil’s modern symbolism as the epitome of quakery may be totally inappropriate. The snake not only has a multi-millenium tradition within the medical profession, it is part of the medical emblem still in use today- snakes encircling the staff of life. Over the last hundred years, the term snake oil has come to represent the best example of a worthless cure. Chemical analysis of snake oil sample, however, reveals that some have significant levels of polyunsaturated fats which serve as precursors to anti-inflammatory prostaglandin hormones. Chinese commercial snake oil contained almost 20% EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

Dr. Junin speculated that cold-blooded reptiles would require higher-than-normal levels of unsaturated fats to maintain flexibility during the cold temperatures of the early morning. Fat profiles varied considerably. The American black rattlesnake had over 4% EPA and alsmost no DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Red rattlesnake oil was low in EP (less than 1%) but high in DHA (over 5%). Chinese snake oil and red rattlesnake oil were how in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) and DGLA (dihomo-linolenic acid) while black ratlesnake oil contained 3.5% total GLA plus DGLA. Arachidonic acid, which can produce the anti-inflammatory prostaglandin PGE2, was highest in red rattlesnake oil (over 12%), median in black ratlesnake oil (under 5%), and lowest in Chinese snake oil (under 2.5%).

The branding of snake oil as quackery may have been premature. Even based on the likelihood of rancidity in the oxidation-sensitive polyunsaturate snake-oil, laws against the marketing of all snake oils unscientifically discriminate against those vendors who do know how to properly handle and preserve the essential fatty acids and those consumers who would have benefitted had the quality product been available.
Study of the structure of shed snake skins which are used as model membranes for medical applications ... /21524.pdf
Shed snake skin has been reported to have many advantages more than other natural skins. The permeability profiles through the shed snake skin closely matches that through human stratum corneum; it can be obtained without killing the animal; the variation in permeability was lower than that of cadaver and fresh human skin; it can be kept for months under refrigeration; it releases fewer interfering substances in analytical procedure. The behaviour of the shed snake skin is also very similar to that of human stratum corneum. There are two parallel permeation pathways: lipid and pore pathways in the shed snake skin as in human stratum corneum. The lipid content of the shed snake skin is nearly equal to the human stratum corneum.
Among the earliest recorded use of snakes in Chinese medicine was the application of sloughed snake skin, described in the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (ca. 100 A.D.) It was originally applied in the treatment of superficial diseases, including skin eruptions, eye infections or opacities, sore throat, and hemorrhoids. In addition to the gallbladder, the skin and the meat of a pit viper were also described. They were used to treat skin diseases, pain, and intestinal hemorrhage.

There are at least three features of snakes that capture the attention of traditional healers: they have an incredible flexibility and speed, they shed their skin, and certain snakes are extremely poisonous when they bite.

The flexibility of snakes has suggested that they might be helpful in the treatment of stiffness, for example, arthritis.

The fact that snakes shed their skin has suggested that they have a regenerative quality for treating chronic skin problems. As a result, snake skin and whole snake are used in the treatment of skin diseases. Snake skin is also considered useful in reducing clouding (nebula) of the cornea, the “skin” of the eyes.

Poisonous animals often cause paralysis when they bite and this is due to the presence of neurotoxins. They are then used medically by oral administration (which greatly reduces the toxicity) for the treatment of convulsions (by inhibiting intense muscle contractions). Also, some forms of paralysis are “tonic” in nature, that is, due to overcontraction of muscles, and in such cases the nerve toxins can overcome paralysis. Agkistrodon is a poisonous snake used for epilepsy and paralysis. Anti-convulsive activity is also ascribed to snake skin and cicada skin.

Snake bile has long been valued as a tonic, characterized as such by its sweet aftertaste. Snakes are also used in the treatment of cancer.


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2012 and the Dimensional Shift ... nal_shift/
Mystics and shamans of many cultures referred to Galactic Center as Tula and wrote her name as a triangle made of three circles. This image has been found etched on rocks at prehistoric sites all over the world. Some believe that this version of the image also represents the face of the wormhole at Galactic Center and that it may also be code referring to hidden or unused DNA such as the 90% often referred to as “junk.”

Many indigenous traditions of Mesoamerica believe that Tula emits a frequency or tone known as Ge that not only heals the body/mind/spirit but provides immortality. We believe that the tone of Ge is inherent in the vibrational frequencies of the Language of the Birds, the original Gregorian Chants, the Solfeggio Scale and even primary color system that creates white light. These frequencies form the basis for all disciplines such as alchemy and esoteric religions that claim to lead people towards illumination or enlightenment.

It appears that the spiritual practices used in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Greece employed a variety of these vibrational tools to attune people’s DNA to Source. This caused the DNA to ring, sing or vibrate so that it resonated with the tone of “Ge”—the frequency of Galactic Center. This attunement activated a San Graal or Song Grail—a “love song in the blood”—creating a rainbow bridge that synchronized an initiate’s consciousness with Source. This love song energetically united Heaven (Galactic Center) with Earth (initiates), opening human hearts and pumping crystallized “Ge"-tuned blood through their bodies. From this perspective, “Ge-sus” is a Master Being sent from Tula or Galactic Center to help humanity attune its DNA to the frequency of Ge so that we can return to Source.

An analysis of the numerous DNA-tuning practices of ancient mystery schools revealed two primary approaches. The first of these, the Path of Nature, employs the sacred frequencies of the original linguistic, musical, color and time systems to attune human DNA to Source.

A team of Russian geneticists and linguists, researching the electromagnetic behavior of DNA, discovered that “junk” DNA is critical not only for the construction of our body but also in data storage and communication. The Russian team discovered that this 90% of our DNA follows the same rules of grammar, syntax and semantics as human languages. Their conclusion is that human language mirrors the structure of our DNA.

Leonardo da Vinci’s art indicates that he understood the sacred nature of the human body and its role in the evolutionary process. This is also true of the art of the ancient Goddess tradition, which shows the human body in positions resembling a tuning fork.

The real message of “Ge-sus” appears to be that the human body IS the Holy Grail. It isn’t something “out there.” Like a tuning fork, the body can be tuned to different frequencies. At our present point in evolution, most humans are out of tune with Source.
Unfortunately, the external search for the Grail has become obsessively emphasized and we have lost the real message that our body/mind/spirit is a Grail that can be tuned to the tone of Ge, which alters our DNA and makes our blood sing in harmony with Source. We believe that this is the real meaning behind the words, Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

It appears that the purpose of the many tools and practices used in ancient traditions was precisely this divine attunement. Over time, the attunement of the DNA to the tone of Ge transforms the carbon-based body to one made of silica. As the physical body purifies, it slowly turns into refined light much like laser light, which opens initiates' perception to other dimensions.

The lightbody then serves as a vehicle for interdimensional travel—a sort of human spaceship. The Heliopolitan mystery schools of ancient Egypt referred to this vehicle as the Mer-Ka-Ba—Mer meaning “light,” Ka meaning “spirit,” Ba meaning “body.” Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light spirals that transports one between realities.

Attuning the body to the tone of Ge appears to be the ultimate goal of many mystery teachings and the search for the Holy Grail so that we can find our way home to Source. The Heliopolitan mystery schools of ancient Egypt, for example, referred to this vehicle as the Mer-Ka-Ba--Mer meaning "light," Ka meaning "spirit" and Ba meaning "body." Mer-Ka-Ba mens the spiritbody surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light spirals that transport one between realities. This appears to be the ultimate goal of many mystery teachings


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SuperLight – the Dynamic Ether

Superlight ... chive.html

SuperLight is magnetic light; it is magneto–electric radiation.

Regular light is electric light or electro–magnetic radiation. There is parity or symmetry in the Universe, everything has an equal and opposite mirror–image counterpart, the Ying and the Yang, right and left, matter and anti matter, the electron and the positron. Why not light?

Both science and metaphysics have honored this parity law in all things except light. They are wrong. There is parity in light as well!

I will now explain and give you more detail.

SuperLight is the unseen force in nature that has been ignored by science but real to the mystics and metaphysicians for thousands of years. It has been given different names by different cultures for thousands of years.

A Nuous, Chi, Biomagnetic Energy, Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy, Tesler's Free Earth Energy, Animal Magnetism, Space Energy, Vacuum Energy, and Zero Point Energy, etc. Those who have subtle perception know it is real.

SuperLight was identified scientifically over 100 years ago when James Clerk Maxwell solved his famous wave equation. This occurred shortly after radio was invented by Nikola Tesla, and theoretical physicists tried to find a mathematical model to explain radio waves. When using positive numbers in Maxwell's Equations this explains radio waves and also all forms of electro–magnetic radiation such as light, radio, TV, microwaves, x–rays, etc. What his equation also explains 100 years ago was SuperLight but because it was the solution that comes from the use of negative numbers, "this second solution" was ignored for over 100 years. Remember when you were taught algebra and were told to ignore imaginary numbers (e.g. The square root of –1) because they have no meaning in this world. Well, times have changed and now we have a very valid second solution to Maxwell's equation and it is SuperLight.

In the mid 70's a scientist, Dr. William Tiller, at Stanford University took another look at Maxwell's equation and asked; "What does this second solution explain when interpreted in our world."{1}

To understand this second solution, we must first review what the first or positive solution explains. The first solution is as follows: Radio waves leave the antenna and radiate out into space from a point source (the antenna) equally in all directions into space toward infinity traveling at the speed of light. The wave is composed of a large electrical component and a small magnetic component 90 degrees to the electrical component. Thus named, electro–magnetic radiation.

The second solution describes a particle wave of just the opposite structure. It explains that from infinity traveling toward the point source from all directions radiates SuperLight. This new radiation is composed of a large magnetic component and a small electrical component, thus the name, magneto–electric radiation. When the equations are looked at more closely, one finds that "SuperLight" travels at the speed of light squared! 1020 meters per second, or 10 billion times faster than light.

It has a frequency 10 billion times higher, and has a corresponding, shorter wavelength. It therefore has a higher energy density.

The question one asks immediately is, "if it is so powerful, how come we do not feel it, or how come it is not detected scientifically?" Well, the frequency is so high, its wave length so short, (4 x 10–8 nano–meters, or 4 x 10–17 meters), its velocity so fast, that it goes through everything as though the substance was nearly completely transparent (like glass).

We can say the higher frequency is completely penetrating like x–rays, but even more so. More information, regarding the relative size, will be given later.


It comes out of black holes!

First, I will describe how regular light is formed and then make the analogy for SuperLight.

Regular electro–magnetic radiation or light is formed when electric monopoles give off energy. The electron in orbit about our atoms is an electric monopole — as it changes its orbit it either gives off or absorbs energy in the form of electro–magnetic radiation. Sunlight is converted into electricity by this process in a solar cell. Just the opposite occurs in optical diodes, which convert electricity into light.

So, electro magnetic radiation or visible light is produced when an electron (an electric monopole) lowers its orbit and releases its energy in the form of light.

Now, I believe a similar event occurs in the extremely dense and hot matter found in black holes. It is theorized that black holes contain magnetic monopoles and when these extremely dense, extremely small, extremely energetic magnetic monopoles release energy by lowering their orbit they radiate magneto–electric radiation, our SuperLight. So black holes really are not so black. They are radiant beings of SuperLight. Of course SuperLight escapes the strong gravitation forces of the black holes because its velocity is the square of the velocity of light and it therefore, can easily escape.

The current scientific thinking is that in the center of every galaxy in the universe is a black hole. There are billions and billions of galaxies all around us, and they all are producing SuperLight. We are literally bathed in a three-dimensional dynamic energy field, or an "Ether" of SuperLight — a Dynamic Ether.


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Absorbing Orbs
This summer, I visited Glastonbury, the New Age epicenter of England, to speak at a "Great Mysteries" conference about orbs. Orbs are best known as those mysterious balls of light that have appeared on digital photographs for the last fifteen years, though some claim they can see them with the naked eye as well. Orbs have spawned an enthusiastic subculture of people who believe the blobby wisps are not dust particles or lens anomalies, but angels, spirits, other-dimensional beings and so on.

Although I do not pretend to have certainty in this area, I find the theories of the Dr. Alexey Dmitriev, a Russian scientist, to be highly intriguing. Dr. Dmitriev believes that our entire solar system is undergoing a phase transition, entering a region of the galaxy saturated with more intense cosmic energies. He has documented changes on other planets and moons around our solar system, some of which are developing atmospheres or experiencing polar reversals. One way this phase-transition is manifesting on earth is in increasing "vacuum domains" such as tornadoes, which are occurring with greater frequency. The orbs might be linked to this transition to a higher-energy state, as plasma-based vacuum domains that appear for an instant before spinning away. Plasma is the most unstable form of matter, and could be responsive to psychic energy - the orbs seem drawn, if not produced, by conscious intent. In photographs, they appear with greater frequency and in greater numbers at celebrations, group meditations, weddings and so on. ... =616#p5644


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Who Is The 2012 Group? And What’s The Big Deal About 2012, Anyway?
Another Idea About The Actual End Date.

The Mayan calendar comes to its conclusion on December 21, 2012. But in my spiritual practice, I’ve been impressed with another date, December 12, 2012, nine days before the Mayan date. Then one night I was shown a door in a dream. The door began to open on December 03, 2012 and closed on December 30, 2012. As you will no doubt note, there are four important dates between December 03 and December 30, each one nine days apart. In numerology, the number 9 is a “prime” number, significant in transitions. I believe whatever is going to happen will actually begin in a small way on December 03, gaining momentum towards December 12, the majority effect to occur on December 21 and a last chance on December 30.

These dates might relate to the readiness of individuals to let go of “reality” and embrace the “new reality”. Or it might be the cycles when earth changes occur. Who knows for sure? I suppose it may be possible that whatever happens might be incredibly subtle or, one must be open to the possibility, that absolutely nothing will happen, except that a whole lot of people will be more attuned spiritually. But the stars and events seem to be aligning for a reason. Sadly, I have to say that I trust the stars and my guides more than I trust any of our leaders or the mainstream media. So choose your side and see where it takes you.
Waking Up In Time: Finding Inner Peace In Times of Accelerating Change by Peter Russell ... 85-4203361
Product Description

This book offers a gripping account of the human community hurtling ever closer toward an unprecedented moment of culmination -- the 'Omega' of history -- when humanity will face its evolutionary moment of truth. Which forces will prevail in this race to Omega? How will we cope with the awesome dangers and opportunities we must face? In this thoroughly rewritten, newly illustrated edition of his classic work 'The White Hole In Time', Russell shows how this unprecedented acceleration of our daily lives has come about, and how to find inner tranquility during these turbulent times. Here is an extraordinary and innovative vision of humanity, one that integrates science and technology with humanity's eternal quest for harmony and inner peace.

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In my UFT, universal resonance is explained not by "super"fast light going in the opposite direction, but by instantaneous light connecting source and receiver. The entire "pathway" of the light action is achieved and manifested at the same time.
No light speed, no waves undulating or particles flying through space. A pressure field, manifest both astronomically and locally as light, voltage, gravitation, nuclear force... I've defended this on other threads, but couldn't help pipe up after Lizzie's "superlight" post above.
Truth extends beyond the border of self-limiting science. Free discourse among opposing viewpoints draws the open-minded away from the darkness of inevitable bias and nearer to the light of universal reality.


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Aether (Interdimensional) Physics

Atoms, Aether and 4D Waves
As outlined in the Matter section, the present model assumes nuclear particles to be condensations of aether at points where 4D waves produce nodes of low vibration while electrons are assumed to be aether vortexes that connect to the protons via the 4th dimension. However the electron vortexes are not positioned at nodal points.

In the same way that atmospheric vortexes, such as tornadoes, form in air that is turbulent it would make sense that the electron vortexes would form in regions of high aetheric vibration. That is, regions surrounding the nodes where the 4D wave oscillations are at a maximum. Thus we have an image of an atom as composed of a nucleus siting at a nodal point surrounded by electron vortexes being continuously moved about in the high vibration regions around the nucleus by aetheric currents.

The 4D vibrations would also be expected to create complex aether flows in 3D space in the presence of 'hard' matter such as protons and neutrons. This is supported by the observation that neutrons outside the nucleus will after a short period spontaneously transform into a electron-proton pair. This implies that the presence of the neutron changes the surrounding aether in such a way as to promote the formation of the electron-proton pair. That such an event should occur is difficult to explain conceptually with standard models. This model might also help us to understand some unusual observations that seem to involve the reverse process of electron-proton pairs being converted into neutrons inside atoms. That is, transmutation of the elements.

There have been reports over the years of processes that produce conversions from one element to another. One example is the Marcus Hollingshead device, consisting of orthogonal spinning toroidal coils, that over a period of time changes the properties of the materials inside it. The material was found to have a greater proportion of neutrons than it started out with.

The well known cold fusion experiments are another example. One mechanism that might be involved in some of these processes is the breaking of an electron-proton 4D vortex connection, perhaps by use of high powered electromagnetic fields oscillation at resonant frequencies, leading to a dissolution of the electron-proton charge vortexes. This would effectively be a conversion of an electron-proton pair into a neutron, without having to force the electrons close enough to the nucleus to merge with the protons.

The standard quantum mechanical wave equation essentially describes standing waves. The reasoning is that only standing waves can be used to describe a stable orbit of electrons around the nucleus. Similar to the way a string on a guitar will form standing wave patterns for wavelengths that are multiples of the string length. The requirement of a standing wave pattern then leads to the condition that only certain wavelengths are allowed in the solution of the above equation.

As outlined above, the 4D wave model assumes that the electrons occupy regions of high aetheric vibration around the nodal points. Therefore in this model the electrons are driven around the nuclear orbits by their interactions with the 4D wave oscillations of the aether. It may be that the wave function of quantum mechanics, as it applies to atomic structure, corresponds in some way to the level of vibration in the aether.

Inherent in Quantum Mechanics are two contradictory pictures of the electron, one a localized particle as implied by the orbital velocity and the potential energy function, the other a 'smeared out' substance as implied by the wave equation. However, with this model we still need to explain why the orbiting electrons do not radiate electromagnetic energy and spiral into the nucleus.

One way to explain the non-radiation is to assume that the electrons do not accelerate relative to the aether. In other words, it is possible that electrons are carried along on currents of flowing aether, similar to the way vortexes on the surface of rivers are carried along by the flowing water. This would imply that for each electron orbital there are stable orbiting aether currents along which the electrons move.
Furthermore, when the electron jumps from one orbital to another it would accelerate relative to the aether and would therefore radiate a photon, along the lines discussed on our Light page

Given that our aether model equates charge to an aether vortex, it would make sense that m, which is the effective vortex mass, should be equated to the inertial mass of the electron!

Given also that in our model the magnetic field is seen as a flow of aether, the above example would equate to a picture where we have vortex motion in a stream of aether. Somewhat like the vortex motion that one observes on the surface of a river.

The fluid dynamic equations also allow for the formation of connected vortex pairs. One form of these is the so called Falaco solitons that are readily observed in water and which are stable for relatively long periods.

The structure of these pairs is similar, with some important differences, to the vortex structure we are associating with charge pairs. In this case we would have a vortex pair without the proton. An electron-positron 4D vortex link which connects both the electron and positron is nothing but connected aether vortexes.

We believe that it is not necessary to attribute the wave properties to the electrons but rather to the 4D aetheric waves that surround the atoms within the crystal.

The patterns of aetheric vibration will be modified by the presence of the crystalline atoms. The regular periodicity of these atoms will introduce periodic variations in the 4D standing wave patterns inside and near the crystal. Therefore, an electron fired into the crystal would not only be affected by the Coulomb forces of the atoms but also by the 4D wave patterns.

It is conceivable that the diffraction patterns we observe in the scattered electrons are in fact due to the influence of the aetheric vibration patterns on the electrons as they pass through the crystal.

However we are suggesting here that the extra dimensions actually extend indefinitely along the axes perpendicular to the 3D ones that we are familiar with, it is just that we are prevented from moving along these.

We are also suggesting that there are a number of particle size levels below the nuclear size one, in fact 7 basic levels corresponding to 7 dimensions.

The picture presented here is consistent with another image we get from the eastern and esoteric philosophies, that of the soul being wrapped in different sheaths or bodies.

The physical being the most dense, followed by the aetheric body which is composed of aetheric particles and so on for subsequent levels.

The esoteric teachings suggest there are 7 basic levels corresponding to the chakras or energy centers of the body. Thus each energy body forms a template for the next lower dimensional body.
Information on the Seven Dimensions
There are 7 dimensions, ours being the densest of the 7, and 7 substates to each dimension. Our dimension is composed of the Solid, Liquid, Gas and the 4 ethers. The other dimensions have their equivalents. We have forms, vehicles, in all but the 1st. When I say “we” I mean us as Spirit, Soul and Personality. Our personalities being found in the 7th, 6th and lower 4 levels of the 5th dimension. All of them interpenetrate, that is, exist in the same space. What distinguishes one from the other is the tenuousness of the substance of which they are composed. An entity may have a form using substance of the next dimension, and living a satisfying life, but not have a physical form. Therefore, we here, are unaware of its existence unless “Continuity of Consciousness” has been developed.

The next dimension from ours, the 6th, is where our emotional natures are found -- the lower levels of the 5th, our minds; the higher three levels, our Souls. There are unique abilities associated with each form. Each of them must be developed, awakened. On the higher levels of the 6th and inherent to the 5th is the ability of extreme magnification. It can be directed out into space or down into matter.
The ability to function simultaneously in more than one dimension ... rts3&8.htm


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Discover Scalar Wavs ... wave-laser
The healing potential of scalar waves is phenomenal

Any sort of disease whatsoever - physical or mental - will be rapidly curable, simply and cheaply. It will be possible to reverse aging and rejuvenate the person. It will be possible to regrow limbs and straighten misshapen spines - and directly remove the causes of mental diseases and cure them as well. Lifespan will be staggeringly increased, without ‘old age’s debilitation.’ AIDS, cancer, leukemia, and genetic diseases will be completely conquered. The potential for a true golden era is upon us, for all humanity.”

As we become increasingly aware of the relationship between, energy, matter, aether and quantum healing, we are finally able to take Einstein’s famous formula E=mc², one step further and really start to understand what this formula implied!
Energy and matter is not interchangeable. Matter = energy, period!

Consequently matter is an illusion of solidness and separateness. Separateness does not exist; there is only the unity at the fundamental level of existence. Modern day science has re-concluded that aether does exist, after over a hundred years of misunderstandings, due to a misinterpreted experiment by Albert Michaelson and Edward Morley, conducted in 1887.

Now, after a hundred years, the aether theory is back in physics and it is here to stay. In the new emerging physics, the Newtonian particles and quantum mechanical particle/wave duality is abandoned. In the new aether physics there are only waves! That’s why the Scalar Wave Laser with multiple wave forms is so powerful. Aether is the medium of electromagnetic waves and it is assumed that aether is a non-material fluid-like medium, a subtle energy substance that permeates the entire universe. It is a well known fact that waves require a medium to produce wave. Sound requires air to make waves. To create waves in water, we need the medium of water. And light requires aether to make waves. Aether is the means by which electromagnetic waves are able to take form and travel and light is the ideal transporter of healing waves, which deliver advanced forms of communication in a language that our cells can fully understand, even if our minds can not.

Aether physics is best described as follows:

“Our universe is multi dimensional and it is made of one substance and one substance only! This substance is called aether and it is a vibrating fluid-like energy that permeates the physical vacuum. Matter as we know it is created moment by moment as a standing wave, a vortex in the physical vacuum. It is the condensed center of these vortexes that creates the illusion of a separate particle. All matter in the universe is interconnected since the particle fields extend to the far corners of the universe


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The Holy Grail of Science
There are now a number of astrophysics theorists who have launched the idea that the universe at large has the shape of a giant doughnut torus. One of these theorists is Professor Joseph Silk of the Department of Physics, Oxford University. The most common used method by scientists to model the shape of the universe is to measure and determine the geometry of the cosmic microwave background radiation of the universe, the primordial residual energy of the Big Bang. The new idea that the universe is shaped like a torus stems from the last measurements of the background radiation.

If we assume that the universe is indeed in a perpetual cycle of birth and death then the doughnut torus shape can perfectly explain and model this behaviour. Just suppose that all planets, stars and galaxies move through space in this huge doughnut shaped universe. The center of the doughnut represents the moment of the Big Bang. The center like the center of the black hole is a singularity where all space and time are infinitely compressed. Think of this zero point as the eternal now. Now when we leave the zero point of the doughnut and move outwards through the funnel over the surface of the doughnut, space emerges and starts to expand, time starts ticking. We’ve left the ‘white hole’ of the universe where planets, stars and galaxies are birthed. While traversing over the surface of the torus, space keeps expanding until we cross the equator, the middle plane of the symmetrical torus. Next space starts to shrink again and all space is attracted to the ‘black hole’ opposite pole of the doughnut where everything will collapse again to the zero still point within the doughnut. We’ve completed one complete cycle of birth and death! The eternal cycle of the universe would be such that everything is being birthed from a singularity, (The Big Bang), the white hole of the universe. After the universe’s birth we move for billions of years through space to end up where we started to be attracted again into a huge black hole. From there on the next cycle is started.

Recent discoveries made by astrophysics have also shown that the Platonic solids can also be found in the clustering of galaxies.
In our galaxy, the zodiac with its twelve signs actually has the geometry of a dodecahedron with its 12 faces corresponding to the 12 houses or signs of the zodiac!

Platonic Solids also show up in the Earth’s energy fields. The ‘aura’ of the Earth is a dodeca-icosohedron grid (nested dodecahedron and icosahedron) that is referred to as the Earth grid for short.

Richard Hoagland together with David Wilcock have pointed out that there are planets in our Solar System that show geological stress points at exactly 19.47 degrees latitude. Examples are the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, the Great Dark spot of Neptune, the Sun’s area of the largest sunspots. The 19.47 degrees latitude stress points can be explained if we consider the interlaced tetrahedron energy structures to be present in the sphere of these cosmic bodies
The correspondence principle of Hermes Trismegistos ‘as above, so below’ is valid also for the Platonic solids in the aura, the energy field of the human body. Science in the nineties has actually corroborated the existence of the bio energy fields of the human body that were already known to the Chinese for thousands of years, know as the Chinese meridian system and the seven chakras in the body. The eastern Chakra systems of the body have been identified as nodes in the human body where vortexes of subtle energy from higher dimensions interfere with the physical body.

Many ancient traditions mention that the aetheric energy counterpart body of the physical body is the vehicle of the human soul. Supposedly the energy structure of the human aura contains the wave interference patterns of the Platonic Solids especially the star-tetrahedron.

The energy body in ancient Egypt was called the Merkaba. (Mer=rotating light, Ka=spirit, Ba=human body). It was believed that the spinning light of the Merkaba could take a person from one 9 dimension into another. It was the light through which the soul descended into the human body and that can also be used to ascend to higher planes.

The Merkaba energy field of the human body is an interlaced tetrahedron (double interpenetrating tetrahedron, one pointing upwards and one downwards; see the cover of this book). The Merkaba is mentioned in many religions such as in the Jewish Kabbalah, which describes it as a counter rotating energy field that affects both spirit and body.

In the Bible Ezekiel called the Merkaba the vehicle of light. This vehicle of light allowed the soul to travel between parallel dimensions. Kings 2:2 tells the story of prophet Elijah and Elisha who crossed the Jordan river at Beth-El when all of a sudden a Merkaba of fire appears and Elijah disappears in the whirlwind. Elijah had vanished from the face of this Earth and ascended from the physical plane.
The Merkaba is also preserved in Islam in the ancient Islamic mysticism of Sufism. The dervish Sufi dancer expresses the Merkaba by spinning in a counter clockwise dance his robe, creating two spherical discs that express the toroidial shape or torus shape of the Merkaba.
Sacred geometry patterns of electromagnetic energy also occur in the energy field radiated by the heart. The human heart has an electromagnetic field in the form of a doughnut toroidial field (perfect torus) triggering the 7-layered muscles in the heart to beat. This toroidial energy field is the animator of the heart according to Daniel Winter.

Another example is the geometry in DNA. DNA has the geometry of ten interpenetrating dodecahedra spiralling along the helix. It requires ten Phi spirals to create the top view of DNA. The basic geometry of DNA is that of a dodecahedron. Since Daniel Winter assumes that the universe is one huge super hologram and that everything in the universe is connected with everything else by means of Golden waves, he believes that DNA is electro-magnetically coupled with the Earth grid and the Zodiac by means of the fractal dodecahedron shapes of energy.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by kevin » Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:05 pm

In your above link ,

there is reference to the fool on the hill,

The fool on the hill , with the eyes in his head, sees the world spinning round.

But the fool does not look at the sun, when he is on the hill, and the alignment angle( solstice) of the staff tells the fool all He needs to KNOW.
Some on here may feel there are fools posting , but I KNOW different.


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Unread post by lizzie » Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:44 pm

Kevin said: But the fool does not look at the sun, when he is on the hill, and the alignment angle( solstice) of the staff tells the fool all He needs to KNOW. Some on here may feel there are fools posting , but I KNOW different.

The Fool is about those positive (aetheric) forces with us which influence us in our choices - trust, belief in the ultimate goodness of creation, ideals - the 'hope of a bright (sunny) tomorrrow.'

But above all, this card tries to assure us that there is a (source) point to such an endeavour, that life has a (zero) point, that trust has a (null) point or no point at all for that matter or any other matter that you'd care to dissociate; but trust in the (node) point and you can fly through the aether on a broom (staff)

It is about being open to that inner impulse (the null point), learning to differentiate between it and the dozens of other (untimely) urges (explosions) and impulses (implosions) in this (fractured) reality. All this should become crystal clear like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:23 pm

Dr Tiller has developed an amazing theoretical model of how consciousness can operate through a conjugate 4D space alongside our 4D physical reality, and how higher dimensions can be introduced into our physics to explore interactions with other aspects of existence such as "spirit".

Dr Tiller has also conducted "breakthrough" experiments to demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that consciousness can manifest observable changes in 4D reality

The Tiller Foundation
Psychoenergetic Science involves the expansion of traditional science to include human consciousness and human intention as capable of significantly affecting both the properties of materials (non-living and living) and what we call "physical reality."

We have discovered that it is possible to make a significant change in the properties of a material substance by consciously holding a clear intention to do so.

While this is very exciting - even more exciting is the fact that we have been able to use a simple electronic device to "store" a specific intention within its electric circuit.

How is it possible for something like this to occur in the physical reality with which we are all so familiar? We have discovered that there are actually two levels of physical reality and not just one. It is this “new” level of physical reality that can be significantly influenced by human intention! How?

There are two basic kinds of unique substances found in these two levels of physical reality. They appear to interpenetrate each other but, normally, they do not interact with each other. We call this the uncoupled state of physical reality. In the uncoupled state we are able detect our normal physical environment with our five physical senses. But the substance in this normal state of physical reality is not influenced by human intention. The substance in the “new” level of physical reality appears to function in the empty space between the fundamental electric particles that make up our normal electric atoms and molecules. As such, it is currently invisible to us and to our traditional measurement instruments. But the substance in this “new” level is influenced by human intention.

The use of intention-host devices affects both realities in such a way that meaningful coupling begins to occur between these two very different kinds of substance, and therefore, between these two levels of physical reality. Then, the “new” level of physical reality becomes partially visible to our traditional measurement instruments. We call this condition the coupled state of physical reality. In the coupled state, we can measurably influence physical reality via intention.

The implication of all of this for our world is enormous! Our experimental research suggests that implementation of the technologies we are pioneering will have profound impact on all aspects of human endeavor.
Science Of Consciousness
The Simulator:

This is primarily an energy, as compared to a consciousness, dimensional model. My working hypothesis is that we are primarily elements of spirit, indestructible and eternal and "multiplexed" in the Divine. As such, we have a mechanism of perception which is a ten-dimensional mind domain. In turn, this mind mechanism creates a vehicle for our experience - our cosmos, our local universe, our solar system, our planet, our physical bodies, etc. This is all a "simulator" for our experience which we view from the spiritual level of self which is outside the simulator (*1). Thus, we are spirits having a physical existence. As such, the simulator is analogous to a huge 10-D interactive television set wherein signals enter the set from the next higher dimension to set the grand panorama in motion and we, the dancing figures on the screen, interact with the flow of the drama and thus modify the input signals to the set via our thoughts, attitudes and actions and these, in turn, alter the details of the play. Our concerns about physics deal with the various laws governing the interactions of the objects in the set with each other and with the basic machinery of the set. Our concerns about personal health and about medicine relate to the maintenance of the simulator at various levels of substance. Our concerns about human spirituality relate to the "why" of the simulator. The Simulator is a teaching machine of absolutely wonderful capabilities - created by God's love for us so that we might experience and grow and be!
The Tiller Model
Higher Dimensional Framework

The picture on the left represents a particular biconformal Base-space (8D) for expressing "physical reality" imbedded in Higher Dimensional Domains of Reality.


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Unread post by lizzie » Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:18 pm

Aging and Disease and electrical phenomena in DNA and RNA
There are basically 3 controlling factors which involve the successful reproduction of an identical DNA molecule:

1) The amount of kinetic energy associated with the electron in the Hydrogen bonds acts as the glue which holds the base pairs (stair steps) together and secured to the helix sugar/phosphate rails.

2) The number of base pairs per turn in the double helix of DNA controls the amount of electrical energy or cellular vitality by acting as the secondary of a Tesla coil which has the ability to alter its length and therefore its electrical potential.

3) The kinetic energy and frequency of the charged ions which travel along the nervous system controls the ability of DNA/RNA to precisely map the DNA pattern and duplicate it without error.

Aging and the reproduction of defective DNA is caused by a lack of cellular vitality which is brought about by a twisting of the DNA helix as the organism ages. Since the DNA molecule only has a given number of base pairs (stair steps) due to its fixed length, this twisting adds more turns which consequently reduces the number of base pairs in each turn. Effectively, # YEARS/# TURNS = # BASE PAIRS.

The kinetic energy of the electrons in the Hydrogen bonds coupled with the reduced energy of the charged ions from the nervous system are so weak that the DNA stops reproducing itself and the aging process begins to wreak havoc with the body. In addition, the steadily reducing number of base pairs as life progresses acts to slowly reduce the vitality of the system on a cellular level.

Using Synergetic concepts, we can understand how a collective behavior could be established in the body to force maverick tissues such as cancer or other diseases resulting from distorted DNA, to become enslaved to a ruling order parameter for the establishment of optimum health and youth. Indications are that there are two beneficial effects which result from application of these concepts.

1) Disease can be halted and the body restored to optimum health by the restoration of the DNA to the maximum vitality. The DNA pattern is no longer subject to outside distortion and therefore becomes self-optimizing.

2) Aging can be halted and reversed by as much as 30 years dependent on the desired cellular vitality based on the number of base pairs per turn. Hair darkens, skin tightens, digestion improves, hormones and enzymes resurge, etc.

The technique would involve the application of an inductive field to irradiate the body for a short time. The longer the body is within the field, the more DNA replications will occur due to the natural birth, life and death of all bodily tissues as proven by Dr. H.S. Burr of Yale. Each replication will create a DNA which possesses successively higher vitalities. This ever increasing cellular energy slowly "untwists" the DNA which increases the number of base pairs per turn.

The result is the reversal of aging and the restoration of the DNA to an optimum pattern. This restoration dissipates the patterns which allow disease to exist in the body. During the time of the exposure, the natural replication of DNA under the influence of an inductive energy field would cause the "new" DNA to be copied with the desired number of base pairs.

This is brought about by an artifically induced lengthening of the Tesla coil secondary which increases the amount of electical potential. The increased electrical potential on a cellular level "untwists" the DNA helix which allows more base pairs (stair steps) per turn to be duplicated for each duplication.

This gradual increase in cellular vitality automatically gives the DNA/RNA scanning process more energy to both record and duplicate the old pattern onto a fresh duplicate. This in turn, increases the rate of duplication for the removal of dead and dying tissues in the body.

Thus wrinkles, toxins and various other problems which degrade the efficiency of the organism are removed. Youth and maximum health is restored and maintained through periodic application of the inductive field.

Thinking in Tesla coil terms, a primary coil with a winding of 10 turns is inductively coupled to a secondary winding of 100 turns. If a current of 1 ampere at 10 volts is applied to the primary, a voltage of (10:100 or 1:10) 100 volts at 100 milliamps will be developed at the secondary.

If the DNA is thought of as being a secondary and the number of base pairs (stair steps) per turn is equivalent to the windings in a secondary, we can see how a reduction in windings or stair steps would result in less electrical potential (cellular vitality). This in turn makes the DNA progressively sensitive to outside stimuli for an eventual mix-up and distortion in the DNA pattern. These DNA distortions directly affect the formation of the genes which control enzymes which control all cellular functions. Without intelligent control of the duplication process, aging, disease and or death are inevitable. In order to retard the aging process and reduce the possibility of disease, what factors must we take into consideration?

1) We must find a means of stretching or untwisting the DNA so that we can increase the number of base pairs per turn to a level of approximately 10 or more dependent on the desired age.

2) We must find a means of increasing the kinetic energy in the electron of the Hydrogen bonds.

3) We must increase the energy of the charged ions which flow through the nervous system. This is best done by proper diet and exercise

What are some avenues to investigate beyond those already tested?

1) Magnetics, refer Davis and Rawls work with monopolar fields. North pole energies cause an increase in surface tension and an increased life span, South pole energies cause a decrease in surface tension and a burnout due to excess vitality in the system which leads to premature aging and death.

2) Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator uses electrostatic induction for a wide range of frequencies into the body. A duplication of the original version as designed by Tesla would directly saturate the body with scalar type energy.

3) Secondary coupling using electro-magnetics which treats the DNA as a Tesla coil. This would directly add energy to the system.

In the early 70's, I (Jerry Decker) first encountered a book "Design for Destiny" by Edward W. Russell. This book discussed the work of Dr. Harold S. Burr regarding the Electrodynamic Field Theory of living organisms.

Essentially, it stated that a majority of body tissues replaced themselves at least once every 6 months. This meant that a totally new body "grew" and incorporated all the previous patterns as well as all patterns to which it was exposed over the last 6 month period. This included stress, sickness and physical injuries.

As time progressed and the body aged, the intensity of the most recent afflicting pattern would diminish yet would leave a physical trace in the form of disease, scar tissue or organ dysfunction.

Each cell was alleged to maintain a perfect pattern of all past conditions for each 6 month period.

It was my belief at that time, that the use of a "Radionic" type device, inspired by Dr. T. Galen Heironymous and his wondrous black box, a desired pattern could be recalled and holographically stored for re-projection onto the body. The natural field intensity would be overcome by a stronger superimposed signal which would force the cells to take on the form of the earlier pattern.

Thus, if you liked the way your body functioned and appeared at the age of 26, you could Radionically tune to that pattern (rate), encode the rate onto some form of recording system and impose it on the body to overcome the current aged pattern with the 26 year old pattern.


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Unread post by lizzie » Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:05 pm

Meditation on an Air Fern ... ay04.shtml
I first saw an Air Fern at my aunt's house in Vancouver BC in the mid 1960s. It was sitting in a glass dish on a ledge near a window. My aunt explained that the fern had no roots and absorbed moisture from the air. It absorbed all its nutrients from the air. I was perplexed as I knew that some trace elements were needed in all plants and animals to complete the cellular chemistry. The fern was green...therefore it had chlorophyll...and therefore it had magnesium. Was the fern taking magnesium from dust? Also in the chlorophyll was nitrogen. Was the Air Fern "fixing" its own nitrogen? It simply had to be taking nitrogen from the air... but how?

In 1984 I picked up "Biological Transmutations" by C. Louis Kervran and I saw plant and animal bodies were capable of transmuting one element into another. The problem then became an inquiry into mechanisms and energies inside the cell. Initially I saw all transmutations as "zero-point" or "free energy" interdimensional processes, and that the body would generate a needed element when all available physical sources are exhausted. The human body appeared to have the ability to transmute sodium into potassium easily but it was not transmuting all the elements it needed.

I was wrong.

The body is capable of transmuting any element it needs from what is available. There are a few dozen transmutations in a lowly Air Fern and hundreds if not thousands in the human body. As all living creatures select for the carbon 12 isotope over carbon 13, transmutation processes are the most advantageous way for the body to select the lighter isotope. Simple chemistry cannot cull-out carbon 13.

The Thursday evening meeting of the Vernon Questers had about forty people, and Raymon Grace was electrifying. It took me a few moments to get accustomed to his accent, then it was as if he did not have an Appalachian twang in his voice. His auric field was large and his words were simple and powerful. Through the Walt Woods' method he had opened up many of the latent powers in the human spirit and body. His body, heart, mind and soul were one. His intent was focused and pure.

Raymon's friend asked to become a Breatharian and through the dowsing system ALL the transmutation pathways were opened. J.J. has become a living "Air Fern". J.J. breathes air and drinks water. He also has the occasional peanut. He is healthy and fit. It is likely that J.J. prepared a long time to go on the ultimate diet. Biblically, J.J. is not living on bread, but on the Word of God. The body becomes a Free Energy instrument deriving energy from a higher source.

A Breatharian is living on higher dimensional energy, and that energy is able to dovetail into the physical body in such a way that it is able to fashion any element into any other element needed. A few elements might be precipitated from the fourth dimension into a Breatharian's body; eventually a mystic should be able to precipitate everything he or she needs.

Oxygen appears to be the only substance a Breatharian needs in the third dimension. The body is able to transmute iodine from oxygen. The coding for all transmutations is in our DNA, hidden in what is now called "junk DNA".

Planets, stars, galaxies and universes are coded into our DNA. Alien races may have placed their intent on human genetics, but the coding was universal from the start. We have all capabilities and potentialities already.


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Nothing is as it seems.

Wake Up Sleeping Mankind from The Dark Dual Dream & the Matrix of Manipulation

DNA Activation Demystified ... t-1-4.html
You have probably read about tetrahedrons and star tetrahedrons. X Chromosomes can form tetrahedrons and since all the X Chromosomes come in pairs they can form star tetrahedrons or cubes. The cube is sacred geometry and basic to the blueprint of Creation. Walter Russell (1871-1963) went into a visionary state for over 40 days in 1920 and saw how the cube and sphere are intrinsic to the design of atoms as well as the universe. The microcosm and macrocosm are the same blueprint. Walter Russell was told inwardly that this information should not be revealed but he did write "The Universal One" a few years after the visions omitting key pieces of information and preventing the misuse of higher power. David Livingstone saw a similar vision in 1933 and likewise did not write it down the keys.

You need this information.

The highest work of the alchemist is not the transmutation of base metals into gold but the activation of the inner "Philosopher's Stone", the pituitary/pineal, and its activation of the DNA. DNA is the Holy Grail holding the energies flowing to Earth from above. With this activation all things are possible.

The fourth dimension or density is a ghost to us in the third. Likewise the physical is a ghost to souls in the aetheric. The two densities can occupy the same volume at the same time. Subtle interactions do occur. Ghosts can move objects and psychics can communicate with spirit. The interactions are on the quantum level, the level of DNA. Quantum weirdness is due to these alchemical interactions.

DNA photographed outside the nucleus of the cell is wound into 46 tight Xs and in the male one of the Xs is replaced by a tight Y shape. This is dead DNA. In the cell DNA unwinds and long strands stretch to full length. On some micrographs DNA spirals have been photographed where one or more arms of the chromosome spirals around something invisible. The invisible particle is an aetheric atom roughly a thousand times larger than a physical atom. In Biblical terms this first coiling is the touching of the hem of Christ's robe.

There are a hundred naturally occurring elements in the fourth dimensional periodic table slightly more than the ninety-two in the third dimension. The Electron, Proton and Neutron Principle is the same in the fourth as in the third. The attraction between an aetheric proton and electron is magnetic. We are forcibly interacting with the fourth dimension in our technological world. Our technology is unnatural.

In order for the DNA to spiral around an aetheric atom, that atom is ionized or slightly magnetic. It is a magnetic monopole in the same way the electrolytes in the cells are ionized sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium electric monopoles. (Walter Russell writes that all charges balance and there are no truly separate or eternal monopoles. Everything dovetails.) Ionized aether imparts energy into the physical. The blueprint in the aetheric is likewise imprinted into the earth plane and the third dimension is a reasonable facsimile of the higher dimension. Likewise the fourth density is more "real" than the third density. From the perspective of the higher dimensions the third dimension is a projection or a dream created in the higher dimensions but the physical realm is important in "anchoring" the higher dimensions otherwise they would not be able to create. The third density is important in holding the whole of the holographic creation. Creators must establish third dimensional bodies in order to anchor their creations. In order to clean up the planet from the lesser plans of the self-willed ones the Great Ones must incarnate. That makes Earth very important.

Anchoring the light in the physical uses the same sacred geometry the Creators use.

Our ultimate technological base is our body.

By simply asking that the various length strands of DNA to wrap around their appropriate aetheric ions, crystalline structures of the higher dimension overlay the body. The organic and the crystalline become one. There are 184 chromosome arms in the human nucleus. The diminutive fourth arm of the male Y chromosome is able to coil around the aetheric electron. There is room inside the nucleus for twelve strands of activation (six cubes).

The first square of a single chromosome templates itself on its twin chromosome. Two tetrahedrons merge to form a cube. With the first cube established, the kundalini engaged, the spiritual fire transforms all the appropriate DNA throughout the body into the twelve strand activation.

With the twelve strands in balance all things are possible. Your Creation is Anchored.

Many people wrote asking how does one activate DNA? Activation is best achieved through alignment to the Higher Self and visualization of the cubes and spheres or inside the nucleus of the cell. Activation happens naturally as the individual works in love and service to others. Activation is accelerated in unity consciousness with others.

The greatest difficulty is duality consciousness or the belief the individual is separate from Source. Duality mindedness has been humanity's problem for millennia. The physical density appears to be composed of billions who have little connection to one another. The truth is that all is one and indivisible. There is only one spark of life and everyone shares this selfsame spark. Separateness is an illusion. The third dimension and the lower levels of the fourth dimension are caught in the illusion of duality. The thoughts of mankind are a sea of carnality. We all think the same broken concepts by thinking in our worldly ways. Few are connected to their higher self and thinking the thoughts of the divine. Few recognize the divine in others.

The path to high self has always been the same. The whole mind is a chalice of thought and is capable of transmuting carnal thought of fear, hate, greed, lust envy and superstition into pure thought of love. A vortex of power descends from the fifth dimension and activates the pituitary/pineal. The energy level of the consciousness increases and infuses all the chakras with light. Toxic thought and toxic matter within the mind and body are changed or expelled.

Deadly orgone is transmuted into Healthy orgone within the whole beingness.

It is difficult to achieve higher energy levels and sustain them. The parasitic entities of the lower astral realms prey upon humanity and humans carrying power are deliberately targeted. There are many tricks used by the parasites and for the most part energy is externalized in interpersonal conflicts and unbalanced relationships. It takes years to understand their thieving ploys.


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