The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

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Nice stuff lizze, Phase Conjugation Technology is a view into the magic of the universe.
If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.
— Nikola Tesla
Casting Out the Nines from PHI into Indigs reveals the Cosmic Harmonic Code.
— Junglelord.
Knowledge is Structured in Consciouness. Structure and Function Cannot Be Seperated.
— Junglelord


Re: The Schumann Resonance

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The Tablets of Destinies - Part 2
Putting all these indications together, one may outline a preliminary answer to the riddle of what the ME or “power stones” or “Tablets of Destiny” were:

1. They were, first of all, information or objects containing information that allowed one to tap into “the powers of the universe.”

2. They were objects of technology that when used in conjunction with the “ekurs” or “mountains of stone” – the zugguarts and pyramids of the ancient world – allowed one to access that power and thus yield a global hegemony by virtue of being able to manipulate that power in a variety of ways.

3. The whole idea of “kingship” resided in the implicit ability and threat to make use of this force.

4. The greatest of the ME’s, the “Tablets of Destinies” appear to be able to effect action at a distance

5. Some ME’s are also referred to as ME-LAMs, or light emitting, suggesting a connection between the “Tablets of Destinies” and light or electromagnetic radiation.

6. And finally it will be noted that these particular ME’s, from their first theft by Tiamat to their subsequent theft by Anzu and their brief period in the possession of Ninurta, exercise a peculiarly corrupting moral influence on their possessors, gradually sapping their will and consuming them with the obsessive desire to control and possess them.

By sifting the evidence, we know that the Tablets of Destinies:

1. Conveyed universal power or the power of the universe to their possessor

2. Were associated with electromagnetic energy, since they were referred to as MI-LAM’s or light emitting crystals and their theft caused the “radiance to depart”.

3. Were associated with Marduk’s re-measuring of “the structure of the deep” after his defeat of Tiamat; that is, they are associated with the geometry of local space and the celestial bodies in it, since a new Zodiac system was implemented by Marduk to replace that used by Tiamat.

4. Were associated with the DU-AN-KI or “Bond between Heaven-earth” and with the Tower of Babel.

5. Conferred the power to manipulate the weather.

The Tablets of Destinies were concerned with “astrological” information, written or transcribed on “tablets.” But since we know the consistent belief of astrology is that the position and motions of the stars have subtle influences on life, emotions and consciousness, we must add that this information was somehow included in whatever the Tablets of Destinies were.

So we have our first clue to unraveling the enigma of what exactly the Tablets of Destinies were: The astrological association of certain stones with celestial bodies. But what is this new association of crystalline stones with the stars (the Sun) and with planets? And more importantly, where did it come from?

Recall the association of similar stones with the war between Ninurta and Zu, his careful inventory of Zu’s “stones” after his victory, his relegation of some of them to destruction, others to other uses, and some—a very few—which could not be destroyed or adapted, were simply secreted away in temples to be used in rites, and presumably never heard of again. Recall, too the association of the “stone of exile,” and the “jewel” in Lucifer’s crown, which he lost when he fell. And of course, recall the most obvious thing: the whole cosmic war in both of its phases, the struggle between Tiamat and Marduk and the later struggle between Ninurta and Zu, was a war for the possession and control of stones of the Tablets of Destinies.

We now observe another obvious thing. Ninurta’s “Inventory of the Stones” as recorded in the “Lugal-E” occurs when he has defeated Anzu; and since the whole war was caused by the latter’s theft of the “Tablets of Destinies”, we conclude that Ninurta’s inventory was an inventory of the stones or components that constituted the Tablets of Destinies.

Zechariah Sitchin observes that in Sumerian the name ZU meant, “He Who Knows.” There are several references to the evil hero of this tale as ANZU – “He Who Knows the Heavens” – this suggests for Sitchin a disruption in communications between the gods on Earth and “elsewhere” in the universe.

But his observation here is nonetheless an intriguing and important one for two crucial reasons. The first is that (An)Zu’s actions give him the characteristics of a rebel and warrior, while his name gives him the characteristics similar to Egypt’s wisdom god, Thoth. The second important point about Sitchin’s observation is that the theft of the Tablets of Destinies breaks down the communication between Earth and “Elsewhere.”

Ninurta’s “Inventory of the Stones” and the Tablets of Destinies as viewed in this total “astro-mythological context,” begins to sound peculiarly familiar, for it implies that his “inventory” was noting less than a lithographic record of a vast body of knowledge encompassing celestial geometry, the properties of celestial bodies and the mutual influences that existed between them and particular stones. They are, in one sense, summaries of information.

And in this respect, they begin to sound like the Tablets of another well-known Middle Eastern god, the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth and the role of Hermes-Thoth in the foundation of esotericism

Scattered throughout (Manley) Hall’s “Secret Teachings of All Ages” are numerous references to the enigmatic figure of Hermes-Thoth. Aside from his identifications with Enoch and other figures in various traditions, the figure of Hermes-Thoth is “of first importance to Masonic scholars” because he was the author of the Masonic initiatory rituals which were borrowed from the Mysteries established by Hermes. This connection fo Hermes-Thoth with ante-diluvian knowledge and its survival in Masonic traditions is made even more apparent by the identification of Thoth with the figure of Hiram Abiff, a figure who plays such a central role in the death-resurrection rituals of the first three degrees of Masonry. More important for the subject of esoteric continuity are the numerous references to the survival of Hermes-Thoth’s knowledge in the form of books or inscribed tablets. In some versions, forty-two volumes of his works were removed from the Library of Alexandria prior to its burning and secreted away by “initiates” who buried them in the desert for safekeeping.

Esoteric tradition has it that while Thoth-Hermes” still walked the earth with men,” he entrusted to his chosen successors the sacred Book of Thoth. This work contained the secret processes by which the regeneration of humanity was to be accomplished and also served as the key to his other writings.

The theme of this book was most likely the connection between the cosmos and man, a key made manifest by the law of analogy.

The ancients believed that the theory that man was made in the image of God was to be taken literally. They maintained that the Universe was a great organism not unlike the human body and that every phase and function of the Universal Body had a correspondence in man. This most precious Key to Wisdom that the priests communicated to the new initiates was what they termed the “law of analogy.”

The principle (of analogy) formed the basis for my interpretation of ancient Hermetic and Vedic texts; and is a central part of the “methodology” used in the works of revisionist Egyptologist and scholar R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz:

“In any case, not much is known about the alleged Book of Thoth other than its ‘pages’ were apparently covered with hieroglyphics and other symbols that allegedly gave its possessors ‘unlimited power over the spirits of the air and subterranean divinities.’

“That is to say that the Book of Thoth was, for the esoteric tradition, a book of high magic. That it might have been a book of “high science” is possible if one understands “spirits of the air and subterranean divinities” to mean the principles of celestial and terrestrial mechanics and physics.”

According to the legend, the Book of Thoth was kept in a golden box in the inner sanctuary of the temple. There was but one key and this was in the possession of the “Master of the Mysteries”, the highest initiate of the Hermetic Arcanum. He alone knew what was written in the secret book. The Book of Thoth was lost to the ancient world with the decay of the Mysteries, but its faithful initiates carried it sealed in the secret casket to another land. The book is still in existence and continues to lead the disciples of this age into the presence of the Immortals.(1)

No other information can be given to the world concerning it now, but the apostolic succession from the first hierophant initiated by Hermes remains unbroken to this day; and those who are peculiarly fitted to serve the Immortals may discover this priceless document if they will search sincerely and tirelessly for it.(2)

In some traditions the Book of Thoth was placed in an “ark-like” box. The Zohar records that God originally fashioned the tablets of the Law from a “divine sapphire” called Schethiya, which the Most High, after removing it from His own throne, cast into the Abyss to become the foundation and generator of the worlds.”

But there is another association of sapphire in this esoteric tradition, and for our purposes, this association is quite significant. This is the “Stone of Exile” or Lapis Exilis, the “crown jewel” of the Archangel Lucifer. This version of the legend has it that the Archangel Michael stuck the jewel fro Lucifer’s crown, whence it fell into theAbyss. -
“The Cosmic War – Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts,” by Joseph P. Farrell, pages 234-273
(1) Where do you suppose the Land of the Immortals is located? Could it be here? ;) ... low-earth/

(2) Note that a “person fitted to serve the Immortals” does not have to be a member of an elite secret society whose members have acquired (appropriated) vast sums of money (from others); nor does he or she have to come from a “privileged” bloodline. It would seem to imply that all one needs to be is “pure of heart” or incorruptible.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by Orlando » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:06 pm

Thats cool!

Teach me a fact and I'll learn; Tell me the truth and I'll Believe;
Tell me a Story and it will live in my Heart forever--

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Unread post by lizzie » Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:19 pm

The Science of Impressed Dynamics and Templates
Impressed Emotional Dynamics: The Tablets of Destinies and the Spread of the “Virus of Evil”

In this context, the Tablets of Destinies with their catalogue of interference patterns of longitudinal waves with the medium could constitute and object conferring a kind of universal power. Such a catalogue, with the medium acting as a kind of “akashic field” that carried information “by super-imposed vacuum wave-interference patterns that are equivalent to holograms,” would be an object conferring almost godlike powers for communications and godlike powers for destruction.

The Tablets of Destinies were not only a catalogue of the grating or interference patterns of various celestial bodies for a phase conjugate mirror of great sophistication, but, since they are based on such interference waves in the medium itself, they are also a catalogue of those types of waves, giving their possessor limited access to the “memory of the universe” or to the “information content of the field” of the universe, and as such, would convey to their possessor both “universal power” and the “powers of the universe.” In this sense, the “destinies” component of the term “Tables of Destinies” is not so far from what actually may have been the case signifying objects that are able to manipulate the local space and time or the “destinies” of objects themselves.

Because such an interferometric grating of waves in the medium itself would give the “Tablets’ possessor access to the “memory” of at least a part of the galactic universe, it stands to reason that part of that “memory” would also comprise the memory and thus the character and intention of the possessor of the Tablets of Destiny. Or the memory, character, and intention of the possessor of the Tables of Destinies function like a “local structured potential,” and impress the dynamics of their possessor upon the Tablets. These impressed dynamics become part of the catalogue of “gratings” that comprise the Tablets

Scalar, longitudinal pressure waves (“electro-acoustic” waves) in the medium might be the most effective way of communication over vast interstellar distance, since it would not be limited by the relativistic speed limit of the velocity of light. And there is a definite and important role for the conscious observer both in influencing and in being influence by the “grating” of the interference of such waves.

The phenomenon of Coordinate Remote Viewing seems to access this “information content of the field” or medium. One may therefore speculate that the Tablets of Destinies are not only catalogues of gratings in the sense of the two previous associations (weapons and communications systems) but possibly also as a mechanism or interface that would enhance such phenomena as coordinate remote viewing or “channeling.”

One aspect of scalar or quantum potential physics that Lt. Col. Tom Bearden spends a great deal of time on is the ability of his “templates” or “causal system robots” (which we have been calling “gratings”) to effect the induction of disease or, conversely, healing at a distance, by inducing the structured potential or “grating” or electromagnetic signature of particular diseases at a distance.

Beyond the ability to effect states of disease or health in biological organisms, there is also a component, an implication, for this science of impressed dynamics and templates that is nothing less than chilling. It is best to cite Bearden’s own trenchant and succinct warning in this regard:
When God created life and living systems, He also created the process for making life and a living biological system.

The process is still there and it exists as a process in and of this 4-spatial world

Once the process is discovered and modeled, technology can be developed to apply the process at will.

So scientists can scientifically study the process and develop the technology to use it.

(Scientists can thus make) a living mind and living biological system, and tailor it to form and whatever behavior is desired.

That superweapon is called psychoenergetics.
Note then, that the one implication of the “grating” or template is the ability to influence emotions, character and behavior at a distance by constructing a “grating” or template, through which a beam is sent.

As these thoughts aver, it is possible to impress certain character, emotional and intentional dynamics on these gratings, and vice versa, it is possible for these gratings to induce via “electro-acoustic” means states of character, emotion and behavior.

At this juncture it is crucial for the reader to recall what happened to the possessor of the Tablets of Destinies after their initial theft by Tiamat. From Tiamat, to Marduk, who recovered them from her, to Enlil, to Anzu, to Ninurta. Each of their possessors engaged in horrific acts of warfare and wholesale destruction and slaughter. It is as if the evil acts and/or intentions of their initial possessor impressed itself on the Tablets and in the case of their later possessors, that this latent impressed dynamic in turn may have influenced them.

So in addition to all the foregoing, the Tablets of Destinies may also be a catalogue of the templates of the impressed dynamics of consciousness of certain individuals. They are, so to speak, not a “virus” of evil, but what produces that virus.

The Cosmic War – Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts” – by Joseph P. Farrell, pages 260-265


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The Science of Impressed Dynamics and Templates – Genetic Engineering and the Tablets of Destiny
In the Edfu texts, E.A.E. Raymond says that after the creation of the Primeval Mound, there was the “uttering of names.” But these names are “names either of one or of several sacred places which were created” on the Primeval Mound. Previously we saw how the process of creation in the Edfu texts is also connected with the recitation of “spells” over objects that represented the special places to be created. The presence of such objects in connection with sound and the process of creation and now the evidence use of “names” to denote specific locations strongly suggest that the type of scalar physics I believe to be operative in the Tablets of Destinies is also operative here in the Edfu texts. The part of this document preserved at Edfu reveals that it included lists of names of mythical shrines and sacred places; each name listed is accompanied with a brief explanation of the mythological significance implicit in that particular name. In other words the “Sound Eye” to which the Edfu texts refer may be one and the same as the technologies the Edfu texts recount elsewhere in relation to the creation of the Primeval Mound itself. The technology described corresponds with the basic components of scalar technology and weapons to a remarkable, and in my opinion, non-coincidental degree. In this case the “naming” of places would correspond to the specific “gratings” for each location.

The Edfu accounts, by naming a creation by the utterance of “magic spells” is paralleling yet another famous account of a similar concept of creation, that of Genesis 1. Both maintain that sound is somehow involved.

These “spells” were, however, unlike the Genesis account, uttered over certain objects which then crated the various “earths” desired.

If one adds in the Hermopolitian tradition where the use of (solar) radiation or energy is also a component, then we now have:

1. Sound
2. Objects
3. Energy or radiation

But now we also have a “book” describing the names of specific places; in other words, along with the above three items, the “book” of “sacred place names” constitutes the final essential element in this scalar technology. It is analogous to the “templates” or gratings discussed previously in respect to the Tablets of Destinies. In short, the Edfu texts indicate a similar if not identical technology that was associated with “creation” and the subsequent conflict, and that these very same technologies described the mythical “Sound Eye” that wrought such destruction during that conflict. It would thus appear that both the Mesopotamian “Tablets of Destinies” and the Edfu “Sound Eye” are two traditions that reflect a common and remote technological ancestor.

“The Cosmic War – Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts” by William P. Farrell – pages 265-268
The Primeval Mound: The Vortex

Viktor SCHAUBERGER – Vortex Technology

Cymatics: Sound structures matter
See sound structure matter--as audible frequencies animate inert powders, pastes and liquids into life-like flowing forms and figures found in the sacred art and architecture of the world's Wisdom Traditions.
Clay – “man made of clay” ... BiotID=226
Clay is not ordinarily thought of as a crystalline material, yet it is. The term “crystalline” is applied when the arrangement of atoms in a material is highly ordered in both short- and long-range in three-dimensions.

Clay is soft rock made up of crystalline particles that are rather insoluble but can be readily dissolved in water under the right conditions.

Two great cycles drive the clay-making machine. The first is the water cycle powered by the sun.

The clays in the sediments of the sea floor then enter the second cycle that powered by heat inside the earth that comes from the disintegration of radioactive atoms.

Soft clay is transformed into the minerals of hard rocks, such as the feldspars, micas and quartz of schists and granite. Sooner or later the newly formed rock reappears at the surface of the earth and begins the weathering process all over again.

Most of the clay minerals produced in this way are called “layer silicates” of which there are two main designs for the “amazingly thin and beautifully structured layers that their crystals contain.”

The first kind of design is found in the main component of china clay, known as kaolinite. Each of the stacked layers of kaolinite mineral are about three oxygen atoms thick, with different smaller atoms holding each layer of oxygen together. One of the smaller atoms is aluminum. The other is silicon. They alternate layer by layer to hold the sheets of oxygen atoms together.

The second kind of layer silicate is called muscovite. Its crystals are too large to be a kind of clay mineral, but it still has the layer structure described above for kaolinite. Layer silicates are found in some meteorites and possibly on Mars.

Cairns-Smith is fascinated with clay minerals because they know how to put themselves together, in the sense that they are neither the specially engineered outcome of organisms, nor the products of bizarre geochemical conditions. They are “zero-tech” materials. They self-assemble!

How does a tiny clay crystal self-assemble into a crystal? It all depends on the condition of the solution in which the clay crystal exists. If the solution is supersaturated (can’t hold any more clay particles dissolved in the solution), clay crystals will “crystallize out” of solution to form the soft rock we know as clay. It’s automatic. The clay crystal doesn’t have to do anything. Only the solution is wound up. “The Earth seems to be very good at providing solutions that are suitably ‘wound up’ for clays, to judge from the vast amounts of clay that are being made all the time.”

Norton explains why clay behaves like it does. “If one takes any finely grained non-clay mineral and mixes it with water, a crumbly mass will be produced with almost zero formability. If the same is done with clay, however, there is produced a mass that is readily formed into any desired shape and, most interesting of all, it will retain that shape under the force of gravity. In other words, the clay mass has three unique properties; first, it may be deformed without cracking; second, when the deforming force ceases, the shape will remain fixed; and further, when the clay mass is dried, it has considerable strength

Norton explains why clay behaves like it does. “If one takes any finely grained non-clay mineral and mixes it with water, a crumbly mass will be produced with almost zero formability. If the same is done with clay, however, there is produced a mass that is readily formed into any desired shape and, most interesting of all, it will retain that shape under the force of gravity. In other words, the clay mass has three unique properties; first, it may be deformed without cracking; second, when the deforming force ceases, the shape will remain fixed; and further, when the clay mass is dried, it has considerable strength.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:32 pm

Were the Tablets of Destinies and other crystals used as directed energy weapons by the “gods” to conduct ‘mass mind control over their human subjects

Is the Nibiruan Diode Crystal part of the Tablets of Destinies”?
Grounded both in the ancient texts and in the modern physics interpretation of them, the Tablets of Destinies were most likely crystals of some sort through which light or other electromagnetic energy was beamed, and these crystals contained information. This information was the “holographic” interferometric “grating” or “interference patterns,” Bearden’s quantum potential “template of action,” the scalar signatures, of almost every celestial body considered important in, to and by the civilization of the “gods.” These priceless catalogues were, moreover, compiled relative to our own solar system as their physical frame of reference.

Additionally, they included within their catalogue of “gratings” or “templates” the “subtle influences” – as an impressed dynamic – of consciousness. They most likely worked best, therefore, when interfaced – by means now lost and unknown to us – with an intelligent and conscious user. This catalogue of interferometric gratings, based on longitudinal waves in the medium, was thus the central component of any communications systems that held together their vast and interstellar empire, since only the gratings themselves allowed one to select the system with which one wished to communicate. Similarly, these interferometric gratings were the central components in any weapon systems designed to target celestial bodies from a great distance.

Finally, the catalogue which was the Tablets of Destinies most likely included numerous gratings or templates of emotional states that could also be impressed into targets from a great distance.

If this speculative hypothesis concerning the Tablets of Destinies is true, then it constitutes an explanation that explains why their theft at various times:

1) Broke down communications between the solar system and other parts of their empire.

2) Caused the “gods” extreme concern that they would no longer be able to rule because of their lack of ability to continue to manipulate their subjects mentally or emotionally.

3) Conferred hegemony to whoever possessed them not only for the above reasons, but because they allowed the targeting of scalar weapons of mass destruction at great distance.

In short the Tablets of Destinies were the “software” gratings of phase conjugate mirrors for almost every celestial body that was considered important to them, that held their empire together, and made their scalar-based (“electro-acoustic”) communications and weapons systems work.

As has been outlined here, one aspect of this paleophysics involves consciousness and mind manipulation by means of impressed electrodynamics on target biological systems and intelligent life. This is perhaps, an enduring legacy of the war, for if the Great Pyramid was a component in some ancient scalar weapons system of vast power, then its shell still stands at Giza, perhaps maintain some partial functioning of this nature.

While it is highly speculative, it is nonetheless worth pointing out here that there might be a technology (a very ancient one) that lies behind the phenomena of “channeled messages from ‘extraterrestrials’” that has been with humanity throughout most of our history, down to, and including the modern obsession with them and with their dubious messages of coming “peace and enlightenment.”

One researcher, with whom the present author has been privileged to share a stage during conferences, and whom the present author highly respects, seriously suggested that if the Great Pyramid was a weapon, then perhaps its usage was entirely benign, being one of the beaming feelings of love, harmony and peace, and thus to prevent wars.

Beyond the moral questions that this raises about the interference with the individual will, it begs the obvious question of why that particular region seems through its history to be the home not only of “revelations” but of rivers of blood spilt in countless wars. Far from supporting such a contention, the bloody barrenness of the region would seem to argue against my friend’s speculation. Indeed, his speculation would not seem to be the best way of dodging the bullet that there might be a malign aspect and influence at work, one attested to time and again in the texts from that part of the world.

In this connection it is interesting to note that Thorkild Jacobsen’s translation of the Lugale-e refers to some of the stones as warriors, a theme that was clearly recognizable in the previous chapter.

These references suggest that the Tablets were being used to manipulate the emotions of whole populations to take up arms in the revolt and tend to confirm our hypothesis that consciousness was a primary component of manipulation both of the Tablets by their possessors and in turn of individuals by the Tablets.

So what happened to the Tablets of Destinies? As we already know Ninurta destroyed some of the components. Others were adapted to other uses and some, which could not be destroyed, like Toth’s emerald tablets, were secreted away.

The truly sobering reality is not only what the Tablets of Destinies were, but that some of them, the most malign components, in fact, may still exist.

A clue perhaps, is afforded by Marduk’s own admission in the “Erra/Negral and Ishun” text that he “changed the location of the mesu-tree (and of) the elemesu-stone and did not reveal it to anyone.” If these objects were components of the Tablets, then it would appear that Marduk had deliberately hidden some of them long before their subsequent theft from Enlil by AnZu. A little later on in the same story, it appears that Nergal convinced Marduk to reveal to him the location of these objects.

Careful consideration of the details will reveal that their possible locations are tied to a very few locations, far beneath the sands and rocks of the deserts of Mesopotamia and Egypt: Giza, Babylon and Nimrud or Nippur (the site of Ninurta’s temple in Iraq) and possibly Baalbek in Lebanon. But as we shall also discover, there is a certain body of evidence that suggests that some of them also made their way elsewhere.

“The Cosmic War – Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts” by Joseph P. Farrell, pages 266-273
Is there an “alien agenda”?

The Nibiruan Diode Crystals and mass mind control of the human population?

Planet Nibiru is inhabited by the Nibiruan Anunnaki who played a major role as "gods" of our ancient and mythological past in shaping our evolution and future. This control and suppression still continues to this day. They commandeered Battlestar Wormwood (which apparently came from the break up of Maldek) to relay energies to a region on Earth below Stonehenge, England, where they have installed what is called a Nibiruan Diodic Crystal (NDC) about 25,000 years ago. This massive crystal system, when activated by Nibiru via Battlestar Wormwood, emanates a coded scalar-wave program directed vertically to above the Earth's surface where it intentionally intersects a main "artery" of this planet. This is an energy line (ley lines are a minor form of this) from a coordination portal (energy centre) in Ireland to one in France.

The function of the NDC is to reverse this flow and coding and to expand it through 16 arms, extending across the globe, forming what is called the Checkerboard Matrix (different sections of it in opposition to one another) or the Michael-Mary Matrix or Archangel Michael Matrix.
Is the Earth’s “central sun” a Nibiruan Diode Crystal?

Is Earth's Inner Sun the missing Twelfth Planet?
If you thought the hollow earth was a shocker, you're in for an even greater shock; Earth's reddish inner central sun is also hollow and inhabited within and without! Does this make it a planet? Perhaps it’s our twelfth planet? If so, where does this put Nibiru or Planet X?

There is every indication that the once great planet Nibiru, Maldek, or Planet X, was blown up causing the inner and outer asteroid belts. The remaining spiritual core of this planet, along with its astral inhabitants may have wandered to and possessed our planet Earth!

There have been plenty of stories circling around in the metaphysical world about a new planet or world now forming or being born that is in all likelihood hiding behind our sun, and that it will fully materialize or become visible by 2012 AD, and that this birthing process is causing all the flares and disturbances in our solar system.

They described this body as being almost as huge as the sun, in an etheric or plasmic state, and between the orbits of Mercury and the Sun, and the reason we cannot see it is because it is in synchronous orbit to the Earth.
And what might their “human confreres” be up to? Are the “shadow governments” of the world just “chips off the old block”?

“As above, so below”?

Monarch Mind Control
Harmonics and sound waves are used to manipulate the RNA covering of neuron pathways to the subconscious. Harmonic generators code named "ether-waves" are able to imbed detailed commands which are linked to audible trlggers.
Controlled America
Controlled America is trying to educate the citizens of the United States and the World about a Nonconsensual Electronic Experimentation Program being conducted by the heads of many Governments including the U.S. Government. These governments use "INVISIBLE BULLETS" from Directed Energy Weapons such as Low Frequency Electromagnetic Energy Weapons(which has been used as a Mind Control technique), acoustics, harmonics(another mind control technique), ultra-sonics, HAARP, microwave analogs, microwave pulsed, Woodpecker, and radio frequency.
Extraterrestrial Technology, the Black Budget, and International Politics
Black budget operations have produced weapons and other experimental technologies that can be used in military operations or civilian control activities. According to Dr. Michael Salla, every year billions of dollars of Congressional appropriations are diverted from their congressionally sanctioned purposes to the CIA and DoD based intelligence agencies without knowledge of the public and with collusion of Congressional leaders.


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Unread post by lizzie » Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:43 pm

Is our “reality” manipulated or staged by “the man behind the curtain”? If so, are there only humans involved or are there entities from other dimensions or “realms” who work in concert with them? ... 095#p26794

What we call “aliens” are hyperdimensional beings. They hide behind the veil of our perceptions and can project themselves into our visible reality at will. They are not recent visitors to earth, but have been here for hundreds of thousands of years and continue to live here, mostly in underground bases. Some “aliens” helped genetically engineer the human race, while other factions later crippled human genetics in order to turn mankind into little more than a source of physical and etheric food. Today, those interacting with humanity via abductions have a negative orientation and intend to create a race of human-alien hybrids capable of ruling over humanity while having total allegiance to the interdimensional alien empire. Literature tends to identify these negative “aliens” as the reptilians, grays, mantids, and some hostile nordic factions. There exist positively oriented beings as well, notably the more positive nordics, but they respect the law of freewill and do not engage in physical abductions. Rather they exist as a spiritual brotherhood lending their service to protect and guide those of us who seek freedom from the limitations of this 3D matrix control system, prison/school earth.
Julian Jaynes Society
Why are gods and idols ubiquitous throughout the ancient world? What is the relationship of consciousness and language? How is it that oracles came to influence entire nations such as Greece? If consciousness arose far back in human evolution, how can it so easily be altered in hypnosis and "possession"? Is schizophrenia a vestige of an earlier mentality? These are just some of the difficult questions addressed by Julian Jaynes's influential and controversial theory of the origin of subjective consciousness or the "modern mind."
Were these idols “mind control” devices – a way of triggering or reinforcing the appropriate “mind memes” upon specific human targets?

Mind control and the creation of split personalities ... nality.htm
Multiple Personality disorder, or MPD, is a bizarre syndrome in which two or more distinct personalities inhabit a single body. People who suffer from this disorder, or "multiples", often have an awareness of their condition. They do not realize that control of their body is being passed back and forth between different personalities and instead feel they are suffering from some kind of amnesia, confusion, or black-out spells. Most multiples average between eight to thirteen personalities, although so-called super-multiples may have more than a hundred subpersonalities.
Monarch Mind Control
Harmonics and sound waves are used to manipulate the RNA covering of neuron pathways to the subconscious. Harmonic generators code named "ether-waves" are able to imbed detailed commands which are linked to audible trlggers.
Did the “gods” depart when they could no longer use their scalar technology to control their human subjects? Did they have to depend upon their “god kings” to manipulate human societies in their absence? How did their “human proxies” do this?

The Hegelian Dialectic
Why is it important for you to understand the subject of the Hegelian Dialectic? Because it is the process by which all change is being accomplished in society today. More importantly, it is the tool that the globalists are utilizing to manipulate the minds of the average American to accept that change, where ordinarily they would refuse it.

The Hegelian Dialectic is, in short, the critical process by which the ruling elite create a problem, anticipating in advance the reaction that the population will have to the given crisis, and thus conditioning the people that a change is needed. When the population is properly conditioned, the desired agenda of the ruling elite is presented as the solution. The solution isn't intended to solve the problem, but rather to serve as the basis for a new problem or exacerbate the existing one.

When the newly inflamed difficulty reaches the boiling point of a crisis, it becomes the foundation upon which arguments may again be made for change. Hence, the process is repeated, over and over, moving society toward whatever end the planners have in mind.

It's also important to understand that as this process is being driven, arguments are created both for and against certain measures of change. All arguments are controlled. The presented solutions — each with varying levels of unadornment — are "debated" publicly by the manipulators or their minions. This is done until a perceived compromise has been reached on the best measure to take in route to solving the crisis. Then, the outcome of the "debate" — which purportedly weighs the concerns of the public with the mandate to do something — is enacted as public policy.
Could negative hyperdimensional entities effect “action from a distance”? Could they operate outside of linear time? Could they have manipulated human societies down through the ages? Why does the Book of Revelations appear to be unfolding “according to plan“? Did the “gods” write the script? Are they the producers and directors who coordinate the action from the wings? Are they staging a “second coming”? :o

Is it really “conspiracy theory” or is it scripted history?

Definition of Conspiratorial History
There are two fundamental ways to view history. We call one the catastrophic or accidental view of history. We call the other view the conspiratorial view of history.

In the catastrophic or accidental view of history we are led to believe that historical events, such as wars and revolutions were the direct result of some sudden or surprising event. While the catastrophic view is accurate for weather, volcanoes and earthquakes, it does not always provide a realistic view of humanity and events influenced by man.

Young, malleable American and other Western minds are sadly taught the Accidental view of history in the government school systems. This view is reinforced throughout their lives by the controlled mass media. As a result, when most discover the Conspiratorial View of History, the immediate reaction is shock, disbelief and a refusal to accept something other than they've been taught to believe.

Conspiratorial history studies that part of history that is a product of man's planning. In conspiratorial history we are led to believe that events, such as wars and revolutions, are the result of planned events. While the conspiratorial view is not accurate for weather, volcanoes and earthquakes, it is a realistic and accurate view of the interrelationship of man and nations. Since the planning for most of these events was done in secret, we use the term conspiratorial history. That is; this history is the result of plans constructed in secret, which by definition is a conspiracy.

Interestingly enough, the Conspiratorial View of History is also the Biblical View of History.

We believe that current world events are not simply circumstantial, but the result of an organized campaign by an elite group of unseen and widely unknown world leaders (and their hyperdimensional allies?). Their goal is to exercise absolute dictatorial control over the world, to establish a New World Order.


Re: The Schumann Resonance

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Excerpts from the Webbot of Cliff High on TheNorthWatch October 16, 2009 ... re=related
I kind of suspect that we have going on here is a dual society; that part of our society, led by the shadow government, is sucking resources from the rest of us and bleeding us all dry like slaves, while they are building themselves up a Type 1 civilization, which is to say, an interplanetary society based on sustainable energy; and excluding the rest of us because of the feudal nature of the social order that we have never yet thrown off.
For such a “dual society” to exist, it should come as no surprise to discover that there is a “dual space program” as well.
The presence of such anomalies on Mars, and the equally mysterious objects and structures on – and around – its little moonlet, Phobos, highlight the hypothesis of the Two Space Programs, one for public for show, and the other a deeply covert and hidden one, in no uncertain terms.

In its most recent form, the Two Space Programs Hypothesis has been advanced by such luminaries as former astronaut, physicist, and PhD Brian O’Leary, and, of course, Richard C. Hoagland. O’Leary maintains that the United States – and therefore presumably anyone else with a space program – has maintained a hidden military program under the auspices of the US Air Force in conjunction with various intelligence agencies of the American government. This program has run as least since the inception of NASA, if not before, and oftentimes its missions appear to be timed to take place when certain astrological conditions or alignments occur. He has marshaled over the years a vast body of evidence to suggest a strong prima facie case that this is so. Additionally, Hoagland has also pointed out that the very names of the space projects of the “golden years” of NASA, -- Projects Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo – are full of astrological and occult significance. Hoagland and others have pointed to the existence of a variety of Masonic and esoteric symbolism in mission logos and the heavy presence of Masons within the astronaut corps plus the performance of Masonic rites on the Moon as indicating a hidden, covert or occulted aspect to the space program.

This heavy Masonic presence, plus the astrological alignments of many space missions, does indeed suggest a covert and little known agenda behind the space program. Indeed as the author William Henry has observed, the quest for the recover of ancient science and technology became
an essential feature of their secret society. In November 1752 when George Washington became a Mason in Fredericksburg, he heard the following words:

“The proper business of a Mason is astronomical, chemical, geological and moral science and more particularly that of the ancients, with all the mysteries and fables founded upon it.

“Let us endeavor to turn the stream, to go from preistcraft to science, from mystery to knowledge, from allegory to real history.”
Weighed in the balance along with the Masonic presence in the early astronaut corps and the likelihood of an additional and hidden military program, it would appear that one goal of the space effort is to “turn the stream” in precisely the Masonic sense alluded to above to recover the ancient physics and its associated technologies.

If so, then the implications are staggering, for it means that from the inception of the space age, someone had already determined on the basis of the then-existing evidence, that this evidence was sufficient to indicate that such technology existed and by implication, that such (cosmic) wars were fought. It stands to reason, then that any evidence supporting such conclusions in the public sphere would be either suppressed or tampered with.

In short, the reason that NASA does not come clean with an admission of the artificial nature of Cydonia or of other Martian anomalies is not because they are indications of a former civilization there. It is rather because the mythological context, i.e., the Cosmic War context, of those artifacts is also known, and that context implies the possible existence of a science and technology that may be recoverable.

Hoagland and some of his closest associates have persistently hinted at such possibilities – though admittedly not in the same starkly clear terms – with their insistence that the whole Cydonia complex embodies a geometry that encodes a lost, “hyper-dimensional” physics. He does not mince words about the enormity of the physics he believes is embodied at Cydonia: it “involves nothing less, we now believe, than the fundamental constructive energy of the Universe ... whose existence – and accessibility – was apparently one of the prime reasons for the creation of the “ruins” at Cydonia.”

In Hoagland’s view, the Cydonia complex is an encoded message of this physics, a message that he also finds echoed in “ancient Egyptian temples and other ‘sacred’ structures here on Earth.” But there might be another functional reason for the geometries that Hoagland and his associates found at Cydonia beyond that of merely memorializing a “hyper-dimensional” physics. Hoagland himself hints at this function by his own suggestion that the region was deliberately destroyed in a war. He himself points to the peculiar intentional destruction. So might it be possible that the geometries found at Cydonia are there, like the geometries in the Great Pyramid, for some other less benign purpose? Might the compound be, as I have argued in my “Giza Death Star Trilogy,” a vast military compound, and might the D&M Pyramid be the Martian version of the Sumerian Azag (particle beam weapon)?

The possibility that there is a hiddgen “paleophysics” component to the Two Space Program Hypothesis now raises another significant question and possibility. As has been seen through this work, the “interplanetary context of the Cosmic War Hypothesis involves the local space of our solar system, including the planets Earth, Mars, and, as we have also seen, Saturn, Jupiter and their satellites and finally, the Sun itself.

As was seen in chapter two, a physics sufficient to the task of tremendously scarring planets by means of plasma discharges does exist, and this physics in turn couples quite easily to an even more powerful physics – scalar physics – in which the planets and the Sun act as massive natural resonators of “stresses in the medium”. And as we speculated in chapter eight the Tablets of Destinies – the cause of the Cosmic War and one of the principal means by which it was fought – were ultimately components in the technology that tapped these tremendous resources. As noted in part two of this work the components of these Tablets were inventoried, and some carted off and used elsewhere by the victors in a kind of “paleoancient Operation Paperclip.” Some were deliberately hidden because of their potential destructive power, and because of the impossibility of destroying them, and some components were permanently destroyed. All of these features of the story have the profound ring of truth, for precisely the same events transpired after the end of World Two with the Allied inventory of the Nazi war machine’s arsenal of exotic technologies. Some of it was carted off to be used elsewhere in other applications; some of it was permanently destroyed and lost; and some of it was deliberately hidden. The parallels are amazing and make the ancient myths ring with an underlying truth.

And the ancient myths viewed against this interplanetary context provided by the review of anomalous data from our nearby planetary neighbors, also allows us to reconstruct the general locations for some of these missing components. As was seen previously, the myths suggest quite obviously that modern day Iraq, and Giza or, other “ancient sacred environs” in Egypt, are locations where these components might be found some day, buried beneath untold yards of sand and dirt. But another location must also surely be Mars, and possibly even the Moon. If the Two Space Programs Hypothesis is true, then perhaps this too forms one of its hidden mission agendas.

“The Cosmic War – Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts” by Joseph P. Farrell, pages 379-383.
(So Bush was not lying about seeking weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? He simply forgot to tell us that he was looking for ancient scalar weapons of mass destruction? :? )

Hyperdimensional Physics
Nevertheless, is worth reviewing in detail (including its some five or six detailed, elaborate webpages). Hoagland notes, among many other things, that the anomalous energy being radiated by the giant planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune can be explained by Hyperdimensional Physics. In essence, these planets’ energy output is “over unity”, i.e. they are giving off more energy than is being absorbed from the Sun energy impinging upon them. Furthermore, when Uranus and Neptune are “normalized” (i.e. their different distances from the Sun are taken into account), these two planets are roughly equal in their output. Hoagland then explains that all of this can be accounted for if we assume:

“The existence of unseen hyperspatial realities... that, through information transfer between dimensions, are the literal ‘foundation substrate’ maintaining the reality of everything in this dimension.”

Our Enigmatic Moon ... /moon.html
It has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that the Moon is not what it appears; that it is not just another satellite orbiting a planet, Earth, but an entity which has thrown the minds of some of the greatest thinkers and scientific brains into a quandary and bewilderment unprecedented in the history of astronomy. Why haven't you heard about this? Another government cover-up? How could Moon mysteries have anything to do with government secrecy, and moreover could it relate to the suppression of the space programme?
Hollow Moon?
Another piece of evidence pointing towards the theory that all heavenly bodies are hollow is that, as you would expect with a hollow sphere, both the Earth and our moon are known to "ring like a bell" when hit with a shock wave.
The Moon is an Artificial Satellite ... ficial.php
OUR HYPOTHESIS: The Moon is an artificial Earth satellite put into orbit around the Earth by some intelligent beings unknown to ourselves.

We refuse to engage in speculation about who exactly staged this unique experiment, which only a highly developed civilisation was capable of.
Eisenhower White House On
Mars' Moon Phobos Being Artificial
March 1960 - The Martian moon Phobos, generally accepted as a celestial body, actually may be an artificial satellite launched long ago by an advanced Martian race, according to Dr. S. Fred Singer, special advisor to President Eisenhower on space developments. No mention was made of the other Mars moon, Deimos.

In his published opinion, Dr. Singer backed a claim first made by the Soviet astrophysicist Shklovsky. The Russian scientist's announcement that Phobos was a hollow, artificial satellite, proving the existence of a Martian civilization, set off heated arguments among astronomers. Shklovsky based his decision on a long study of Phobos' peculiar orbit, which other astronomers have noted. The Russian claim has calculations and those of earlier astronomers prove Phobos cannot possibly be an ordinary moon.
Is Iapetus an artificial satellite?

(Notice how in the film the location was switched (deliberately?) from Saturn to Jupiter.)

(Is this Dogon’s “star(gate) of the 10th Moon? ;) )

Moon with a View
Or, What Did Arthur Know … and When Did He Know it?
“…the ship had long since passed the boundary set by outermost Phoebe, moving backward in a wildly eccentric orbit eight million miles from its primary. Ahead of it now lay Iapetus, Hyperion, Titan, Rhea, Dione, Tethys, Enceladus, Mimas, Janus – and the rings themselves. All the satellites showed a maze of surface detail … Titan alone – three thousand miles in diameter, and as large as Mercury – would occupy … months …

There was more; already he was certain that Iapetus was his goal.

… One hemisphere of the satellite, which, like its companions, turned the same face always toward Saturn, was extremely dark, and showed very little surface detail. In complete contrast, the other was dominated by a brilliant white oval, about four hundred miles long and two hundred wide. At the moment, only part of this striking formation was in daylight, but the reason for Iapetus’s extraordinary variations in brilliance was now quite obvious ….

Those words -- written over forty years ago by my long-time friend, Arthur C. Clarke -- describe the voyage of a lone, surviving astronaut – David Bowman – to the ringed wonder of the solar system, the planet Saturn, aboard a 21st Century spacecraft named “Discovery.”

What Bowman discovers in the Saturn system – on an enigmatic moon called “Iapetus” -- will forever change the Destiny of Humans ….

But, Arthur’s prophetic words could just as easily be describing the current, equally astonishing 21st Century revelations of an unmanned spacecraft called “Cassini,” exploring the latest baffling mysteries of Saturn …. In particular -- NOT the much ballyhooed, though recently successful descent of Cassini’s Huygens probe to the surface of Titan … Saturn’s largest satellite

In Kubrick’s extravaganza, the climax comes when David Bowman -- the lone surviving astronaut of the deep space expedition, sent by a future “NASA” in search of the Force which, “godlike,” has somehow repeatedly intervened in “the million plus year evolution of Mankind …” – finally encounters the “Monolith” … a black enigmatic “door,” in orbit around the giant planet Jupiter.

The Monolith turns out to be (among its other wonders) a “star gate” – a literal doorway (which, of course, is why Kubrick cinematically made it a door …) to other dimensions of space and time … and, ultimately, the mysterious “Progenitors” of the Human Race itself.

When Bowman eventually falls through it, he enters the Star Gate’s vast Hyperdimensional transport system, culminating in his own ambiguous meeting with “the Progenitors” (or, at least as much of them as they allow him to experience …), which results in his final “transformation” and return to Earth … the latest agent in Humanities continuing “managed evolution.”

In Arthur’s novel (removed from the pre-CGI, 1960’s limitations on film “special effects” that even Stanley Kubrick had to live with …), the Monolith is waiting much farther from the Sun … on one of Saturn’s distant moons—

The same moon -- forty years after Arthur’s novel – I would contend, which has now been revealed in Cassini’s latest images as—


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Re: The Schumann Resonance

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From Lizzie:
The smoking gun. I see the moon as THE object that has maintained the conditions for life to exist on earth. It is an E/M damper, or modulator in a precision mechanism, engineered by Hephaestus, (or some being the Greek myths refered to as he) and of critical importance in our very existence.
Hoagland notes, among many other things, that the anomalous energy being radiated by the giant planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune can be explained by Hyperdimensional Physics.
I think it can be explained by a much simpler method. Those planetary dipoles are receiving the radio emissions of the Sun, and re-transmitting much of that energy into their local space. Saturns ring current is NOT, I believe, a product mainly of the solar wind shocks, the particle acceleration being produced by the quadrupole component and quadrupole-cusp mechanisms.

That lead me to wonder about a localised E/M aether, and the 'net brought up:
We now know that the earth's aether has a more-or-less discontinuous boundary with the aether of space: it is surrounded by various electromagnetic layers -- Van Allen belts or whatever. ... aether.htm

Maybe I should invite her to visit the NIAMI forum? 8-)
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Re: The Schumann Resonance

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

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GaryN said: The smoking gun. I see the moon as THE object that has maintained the conditions for life to exist on earth. It is an E/M damper, or modulator in a precision mechanism, engineered by Hephaestus, (or some being the Greek myths referred to as he) and of critical importance in our very existence.
Hephaestus (Vulcan) The original free mason? Is that where all the trouble began? The original suppression of technology began with him? :o
Hephaestus is the god of the smiths. He discovered the ways of working iron, copper, gold, silver, and everything else which requires fire for working.

But it was Hephaestus, who following Zeus' instructions, chained Prometheus 1 to the rock in Mount Caucasus with the help of Cratos (Power) and Bia (Violence)
I think we need to consider all of the co-called artificial satellites that we have been told exist: the Moon, Iapetus, Phobos and Demos and ask ourselves who parked them there. ;)

Here’s to all the blacksmiths wherever they are!

If I had a Hammer ... re=related

Stand by Me ... 5599|87134

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

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Can hypedimensional entities (“Heavenly Blacksmiths") use scalar technology to do astroengineering?

Astroengineering ... ering.html
The construction of very large artificial objects in space by technologically advanced beings. Searching for the radiation signatures of such objects, it has been suggested, represents an important alternative strategy in SETI. Among those to put forward specific suggestions in this regard are Freeman Dyson, with his remarkable Dyson spheres, and Nikolai Kardashev, with his classification scheme for advanced technological civilizations.
Dyson Spheres ... sonsp.html
An immense artificial structure proposed by Freeman Dyson in 19591, for the purpose of intercepting vast amounts of solar energy. Dyson calculated that, if mankind's current Malthusian (exponential) growth rate in energy consumption were to continue, the human race would reach a crisis point within the next two to three millennia.
Kardashev civilizations ... evciv.html
A scheme for classifying advanced technological civilizations proposed by Nikolai Kardashev1 in 1964. He identified three possible types and distinguished between them in terms of the power they could muster for the purposes of interstellar communications.

A Type I civilization would be able to marshal energy resources for communications on a planet-wide scale, equivalent to the entire present power consumption of the human race, or about 1016 watts. A Type II civilization would surpass this by a factor of approximately ten billion, making available 1026 watts, by exploiting the total energy output of its central star. Freeman Dyson, for example, has shown in general terms how this might be done with a Dyson sphere. Finally, a Type III civilization would have evolved far enough to tap the energy resources of an entire galaxy. This would give a further increase by at least a factor of 10 billion to about 1036 watts.
Are Pulsar Signals Evidence of Astro-engineered Signaling Systems ... sars08.htm
In his recent book, “The Talk of the Galaxy”, Dr. Paul LaViolette (2000) shows how new high-resolution recordings of pulsar signals reveal features that are inconsistent with the longstanding “neutron star lighthouse” pulsar model. LaViolette argues compellingly that the interesting and quite intricate behaviors of pulsars fit much more easily with a model of an ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) beacon carrying information.

Pulsars as Artifacts

LaViolette proposes a way in which the steady emissions of stars could be focused into the pulses we see. He explains that ETI might be using a nearly-collimated beam of synchrotron radiation, applying technology that we actually are developing today.

This dramatically offsets the effect of distance on the detectability of a beacon over interstellar distances.

Although we may now have or soon will have the capability to transmit focused synchrotron beams, LaViolette’s postulated transmitting society has access to energy on a scale far exceeding ours. Although pulsars are probably not neutron stars, they are still stars - white dwarfs modified to produce the pulsar signals.

Dr. LaViolette has suggested a number of technologies that could be employed by an astro-engineering society to generate the pulsar signals that we observe. He provides enough details to launch a further investigation of each of his ideas.

Plasma physicists and electrical engineers might find it rewarding to explore these areas, coordinating with those working in other layers of this program both to point the way to further investigation and to acquire detailed data that might assist them in determining which technologies might actually be in use.

LaViolette offers what I call a zero-order interpretation of the pulsar signals: ET civilization exists, and a first-order interpretation: the signals call our attention to the existence and dangers of a galactic superwave. But if the signals are truly an artifact of an intelligent civilization, much more information is likely contained in the details.

Dr. LaViolette calls attention to the galactic scale of the communication system he is suggesting. Any civilization that constructs such a system must not only be of galactic size itself, but must be able to coordinate its activities with superluminal rates of information exchange.
Tracking the Alien Engineers ... irio06.htm#
When studying the question of possible ancient visits of alien beings to the Earth, a researcher sometimes encounters data which cannot be interpreted as yet in a strictly scientific manner, but which, at the same time, are interesting enough to be regarded seriously and unbiasedly. Such data can be found, in particular, in the well-known "mythological astronomy" of the Dogon, an African people, living mainly in the West African Republic of Mali.

The Dogon believe that the Universe is "infinite, but measurable" and is filled with "spiral stellar worlds" (yalu ulo), one of which contains the Sun. This world may be seen in the sky as the Milky Way. The majority of heavenly bodies represent the "external" star system, whose influence on terrestrial life is, according to the Dogon, relatively small.

There exists, however, also the "internal" system, which "participates directly in the life and development of men on the Earth". It includes Orion, Sirius, Pleiades and some other stars. These celestial bodies form the "support of the seat of the world". It is Sirius that occupies the main position among them, being called the "navel of the world".

Sirius is considered by the Dogon as a triple stellar system, consisting of the stars Sigi tolo (our Sirius A), Po tolo (Sirius B, a white dwarf) and Emme ya tolo (the hypothetical Sirius C, yet to be discovered).

Close similarity between the characteristics of Po tolo and Sirius B (both bodies are white, small, very heavy, with fifty-year periods of revolution around the main star) stimulated a lively discussion on the pages of scientific -- and not so scientific -- journals about 20 years ago. Robert Temple, in his book "The Sirius Mystery", and Eric Guerrier in his "Essai sur La Cosmogonie des Dogon" supposed that these data (as well as other astronomical information possessed by the Dogon) were brought to the Earth by cosmic visitors.

Some time ago the present author suggested the idea of astroengineering interference by a cosmic supercivilization in the evolution of the Sirius system. This assumption was based on the Indo-European myth of the heavenly blacksmiths, who are fighting and chaining up the monstrous Dog, dangerous for the Universe, as well as on some astrophysical data from the history of Sirius.

It is known in astronomy that a white dwarf arises from a red giant as this loses its mass. This process is usually accompanied by a slow ejection of a planetary nebula which eventually dissipates into space. But sometimes the remaining core of the red giant can retain a mass exceeding the so-called Chandrasekhar limit (about 1.3 Sun masses). This leads inevitably to disastrous self-compression of the core and its explosion as a Supernova. As a result, powerful streams of matter and radiation are ejected into the surrounding space.

If such an event had ever happened in the Sirius system, at a small (on the cosmic scale) distance from the Solar system, it might have been fatal for the terrestrial biosphere. My idea was that some highly developed supercivilization could have tried to remove the excess of stellar matter from Sirius B, thus saving life and civilization on Earth.

Really, the only thing we know for sure about the evolution of the Sirius system is the fact that Sirius B was once a red giant whose mass exceeded that of Sirius A (that's why the former evolved more rapidly). The initial orbit of Sirius B was, most likely, circular; now it is a highly elongated ellipse. This suggests that the mass loss was accompanied by some considerable disturbances. Some part of the "lost" matter probably contaminated the atmosphere of Sirius A. But the real course of events is still very unclear. The situation will seem even more involved if we bear in mind the possible presence of the second satellite in this system, as is asserted by the Dogon and confirmed by recent astrophysical data

It would be certainly very helpful to study thoroughly the Sirius system with modern astronomical equipment (say, by radio interferometers with a very long baseline). But it appears that relevant (and rather interesting) information can also be found in those vestiges of the great mythologies of Europe, Asia and Africa which have survived till now, however odd and strange they may appear to us.

Thus, there are in various parts of the world some traces of an ancient -- and rather clear -- concept of Sirius as a dangerous stellar system, consisting of three stars. Its transformation has been described, first, as the transition from Typhon (a fiery monster in rage, that is a red giant before its change into a Supernova) to Orphrus (a dangerous but suppressed beast, that is the core of the red giant in the process of its "calm" turning into a white dwarf). Second, the Dog is usually chained up by sacred blacksmiths, which can be interpreted as a description of astroengineering activity by a supercivilization.
LOL! “Ode to Chemtrails?

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

Unread post by lizzie » Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:21 am

Perhaps the most painful aspect to this mythological migraine is the persistent and detailed association of Egyptian, Mesopotamia and Mars. In the “Giza Death Star Destroyed” I speculated on a connection between the Red Planet and the Giza plateau by way of the curious correspondence that exists between the Mesopotamian god Nergal – the god of Mars, fire, rebellion and war – and the whole concept of a chimerical creature such as the Sphinx.

There are, according to alternate researcher Bruce Rux, essentially three ways to view the similarities in ancient myth from around the world:

One, each myth cycle is indigenous to a given people beginning with features unique to them that they become influenced by invaders or assimilated;

Two, myths are all psychological projections (called by Jung “archetypes” of men’s innermost psyche, showing the universality of the human soul; or

Three, they are all the same myth from great antiquity, becoming individually corrupted in various ways over the ensuing centuries.

Bruce Rux points out that the word “mer”, meaning “place of ascension” is one term that ancient Egyptians gave to their pyramids. The same, Rux notes, can also be said of the Sumerian MEs or power objects. “The Sumerian Enoch’s name, “Enmeduranki” meant “Ruler whose ME connects Heaven and Earth.” But this is not all. There are peculiar and detailed connections to the Red Planet, to Mars, and to the god of war who rules it.

The Chiapas had a legend about an exiled king who came to stay with them, a white man-god who lived among them, traveling frequently, teaching them civilization and all their knowledge. His name was “Votan” and his people were called the Chivim, “Serpents”. Not only is the name quite obviously the same as that of “Wotan” (which in the German tongue would be pronounced “Votan”) and “Odin”, but it also cannot help but call to mind the great god of the American Indian Creation epic, the Chon-oopa-sa, named “Wo-kon”. Votan told them the story of the Tower of Babel, as “a great city where a magnificent temple was under construction which was intended to reach to heaven, but doomed by a confusion of languages.” He was associated with snakes and healing.

The Tower of Babel, however, is not the only such case to be explained. In Australia, the aboriginal peoples recount a legend of a sun god who comes down from heaven, and conquers the earth with “intense heat after a mighty and terrifying conflict.” This reference to a sun god, a kind of heat-based weapon, and to an obvious war, resonates with the Egyptian sun-god Ra, and with his “eye” weapon.

The various Celtic and Germanic traditions also refer to races of warlike giants and even the Cherokee nation of North America refers to the Tsunilkalu, a “slant-eyed” race of giants” from a land in the west, and classical Greek references exist quoting Gallic stories about a “Hyperborean” land in the west which was invaded by warring giants from the Western Ocean.

Another peculiar connection exists between the “New” world and the “Old” world of ancient Egypt: the “Red Paint People.” The Mayan god Pacal was depicted as a white man of – for then – large stature “whose teeth were discovered to be painted bright red.”

Author and alternative researcher David Hatcher Childress observes the “sacred bird, sun and mood motifs” that appear to the left of the picture “signify the upper world, while, while the monster below signified the under world. Indeed, the theme of three interlocking worlds is a common one in most mythological traditions.

The Hopi Indians of North American, for example have “hundreds of tales” about a mysterious red City of the South from which the kachinas came, where the highest learning and moral instruction were taught in structures specifically designed as pyramids.

However, notes Rux, the Hopi nation is not “the only tribe with legends telling of a lost red land”.

The “Weeping God” on the Gateway to the Sun at Tiahuanaco is said to cry for “the sunken Red Land.”

Notes Rux, the Awawak Indians likewise have a similar legend about their fire-god, suggestively named “Aimon,” destroying the world by burning and submerging it. The name “Aimon” might refer, as Rux observes, to Amon-Ra, the Egyptian fire and sun god.

And with Ra, one has yet another intriguing connection in the catalogue of associations with the color red within mythology, for red is “the color worn in battle by both the Valkyries and Sekhmet, who the ‘Father of Terror’, Ra, sent with his eye to burn the human race.

Note, too, that Ra is “the Father of Terror,” a designation that would associate with the Sphinx at Giza, which in the Arabic tradition is known as Abu-Hol, the Father of Terrors.

The “Underworld” itself may not refer only to the interior of the Earth but also to another planet which was and is still entirely real.

The references to the “eastern and western parts of the sky” are astronomical ones. The “eastern part of the sky refers to those regions of space and the planets that lie outside the Earth’s orbit, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn; whereas the “western” part of the sky refers to those regions and planets inside the Earth’s orbit, Venus, Mercury and the Sun itself. Thus if one follows the mythological clues, the war involved regions outside the Earth’s orbit, as well as the planet Earth herself. The war, in other words, could have involved the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, and possible the satellite bodies associated with them.

There are other indications that support this interpretation. Red, of course, was the color of one of Egypt’s “Two Lands”’ the other being Black (Saturn?).

Ra appears here as nothing less than the Egyptian counterpart, indeed, perhaps merely the Egyptian name of Marduk, who similarly measured the structure of the deep, and who as a Babylonian god, possessed his own “ekur” or pyramidal mountain temple, a “protected place.” In other words, Ra and Marduk share not only the role of “sun-gods” but also performed similar functions and were associated with similar technologies.

A second association tying Mars to events on Earth is the man himself. This association is no mystery to students of esoteric or astrological lore, for the symbol of Mars, is the same as the symbol for man ♂.

Red is the color of the clay from which Adam was made; and the color associated with the sea Moses crossed in the Exodus. Red is also the color the Egyptians painted the males of their race in hieroglyphs. Adom also means “he of the ruddy complexion,” or “he who is red.”

The term “Abzu” or “Absu” is not only a term referring to the sun, but also for the boad or ship of some sort which reaches Enki’s world. The texts thus clearly suggest an inextricable relationship between mankind and Mars, but also in some cases is even associate the origins of mankind and the Deluge itself with Mars.

Ra was specifically mentioned in Egyptian stelae as erecting a Sphinx in his own image in a “protected place,” i.e., a place of pyramids. Until the discoveries of the Viking probe, we had nothing but Giza to equate that to. But the Cairo Sphinx does not look like Ra, who was depicted as a HAWK – THE Cydonia Sphinx on Mars does.

Ra then is associated with two Sphinxes, one on Earth and the other paradoxically on Mars.

On the painted papyrus of Queen Nejmet in the Egyptian Department of the Britis Museum is a red planet to the right surmounted by Harpokrates, the young Horus – it is called “The Red Eye of Horus.” Horus is sometimes referred to as having “two red eyes” or “two blue eyes”, or having one red eye with another blue. Ra’s “right eye” and “left eye” being used to refer to the Sun and Moon respectively, and “Thoth’s eye” used to refer to the Moon; we know that “eyes” are sometimes used by the ancient Egyptians to refer to planets. Horus lost one of his eyes in battle with Set during the civil wars, having it restored to him by the magic of Thoth. It is not unreasonable to assume that Horus’ blue eye could of course be the blue planet, Earth.

In other words, Earth and Mars describe two parts of an interplanetary relationship – a civilization.

But Rux then notes a disturbing aspect to this use of “eyes” to mean planets” “An ‘eye’ also can represent a weapon and/or a ship. Moreover, if viewed as a ship, and if one “enters the vehicle which is “the eye of Horus,” it powers up, and one goes from the blue to the red – more specifically, in the typical dual meaning of ancient sacred puns, from his ‘blue eye’ to his ‘red eye or from the Earth to Mars. Indeed, if this “ship” were based on any sort of field propulsion, its ionization of the atmosphere would first start on the blue end of the electromagnetic spectrum and as the “ship” swiftly receded from its point of origin its radiation would undergo the classic Doppler phase shift from blue to red.

Interestingly enough Scandinavian tradition records that Saturn (Greek Kronos) was involved in dismembering the body of the deity Mimer, yet another mythological allusion, from a wholly different quarter than that of Sumer of Egypt, with their “dismembering” of Tiamat or Osiris, including that Saturn, perhaps, or one of its satellites, may have also been involved in this ancient war. Similarly, Marduk, as a sun-god, is associated not only with Ra and the Sun, but also with the planet Jupiter. We have already observed that De Santillana and Von Dechind note the peculiar association of Saturn with Mars.

But while there is abundant evidence that Mars might have once been a water bearing planet, and as the Martian ruins attest, home to intelligent life, the picture is not so easy when it comes to the two gas giants of the solar system.

However, Richard C. Hoagland has recently pointed out the peculiarly artificial characteristics of Saturn’s little moon, Iapetus. But for now we merely note the following: external planetary evidence from Saturn’s moon Iapetus would appear to corroborate in loose fashion the mythological association of Mars, Earth and Saturn in an ancient interplanetary war that destroyed a civilization based in part on those worlds.

It this regard it is intriguing that Rux finds an association of the Egyptian god Thoth with the ringed planet. Moreover one version even has Thoth ordering the Deluge. The association of Thoth with the Deluge has been note elsewhere, but now Thoth clearly enters the picture as one of the main players not only in events subsequent to the Deluge but in events leading up to it. He becomes a part of the conceptual matrix along with Ra, Marduk, Ninurta, Nergal, the Sun, The Earth, Mars, Saturn and the war and its associated technologies. And as if all of this were enough to consider, even rabbinical tradition associates Mars with the serpent of Paradise.

In the face of all these diverse and yet intricately interlocking details, it is perhaps not surprising, then that the Hopi Indian nation of North America has a tradition that the world in and on which they live is their fourth world. Their third world, to which they fled after their second world was destroyed, was not only colored red, but lay at the astronomical “east.” After their arrival here, on their fourth world, the former red world was not referred to as being in the west.

Perhaps the reference to a world “spinning off its axis and perishing in a Flood is not to be interpreted in the standard sense of most catastrophists as the world knocked off its axis of rotation, but of a world knocked off its axis of revolution around another planet.

The Cosmic War – Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts – Joseph P. Farrell, pages 275 – 295
Could humans have lived on five different planets in our solar system? Or could this be a reference to the suns in other solar systems?

Creation Myths
In the beginning there were only two: Tawa, the Sun God, and Spider Woman, the Earth Goddess. All the mysteries and power in the Above belonged to Tawa, while Spider Woman controlled the magic of the Below. In the Underworld, abode of the Gods, they dwelt and they were All. There was neither man nor woman, bird nor beast, no living thing until these Two willed it to be.

In the beginning there were only two: Tawa, the Sun God, and Spider Woman, the Earth Goddess. All the mysteries and power in the Above belonged to Tawa, while Spider Woman controlled the magic of the Below. In the Underworld, abode of the Gods, they dwelt and they were All. There was neither man nor woman, bird nor beast, no living thing until these Two willed it to be.
The Legend of the Five Suns
The first sun was known as Four Water. In this age, the gods created humans from ashes and gave them acorns for food. This age was ruled by Chalchiuhtlicue, the water goddess and came to an end when the world was engulfed by floods. Some people where saved by being transformed into fish.

The second sun was known as Four Jaguar. The people of this age were said to be monstrous:

And giants were alive in the time of this one, and the old people say their greeting was "Don't fall!" because whoever fell would fall for good.

It was ruled by Tezcatlipoca and came to an end when the sun fell from the sky and set the world ablaze. With no light, the remaining people were eaten by jaguars.

The third age was known as Four Rain and was ruled by Tlaloc. This age came to an end when fire and gravel rained down from the sky and set the land ablaze. Some people were saved by being changed into birds.

The forth sun was known as Four Wind and was ruled by Quetzalcoatl. This age came to an end when a great hurricane raged across the land and blew the people off the face of the world. Some people survived by being changed into monkeys and scattering themselves in the forests and mountains.

The fifth and final sun is known as Four Movement and is ruled by Nanahuatzin. This era came into being when the god of the age threw himself into a fire to become the sun. However "at first he was motionless, and so the other gods sacrificed their blood to provide him with the energy for his celestial movement." People were created when Quetzalcoatl journeyed to the underworld to recover the remains of humans from the previous suns. On his way back, he was forced into a battle with the Death Lord, and the bones broke. Upon returning the realm of gods, he had the earth goddess Cihuacoatl grind the bones into meal. Finally, he sprinkled the remains with blood from his penis to create a new race of humans. The fifth sun will come to an end when the sun no longer receives enough blood to continue his course, and the world will be destroyed by earthquakes.


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Who might the warring gods be; what is mankind’s relationship to them? Has this family blood feud been carried down through the ages by various human factions supporting different sides of the pantheon? Is it all a continuation of the same war: Enki (the “Egyptians”) vs. Enlil (the Hebrews)?

Why are “bloodlines” so important to ruling elites? Or do members of secret societies deem themselves elites because they have knowledge of the lost science of scalar physics?
”The Good, the Bad and the Nephilim”

There are, notes Peter Goodgame, three main contenders for the Sumerian equivalent of the Hebrew God Yahweh: Anu, Enlil and Enki.

Anu is like Yahweh, a “father” god dwelling in the uttermost and inaccessible glory of heaven. But the apparent relationship between YHWH and Enlil is much more substantial. Even though Enlil was not viewed by the Sumerians as the original creator god, he was, nonetheless, the ultimate King over all the gods and over mankind as well; and some Sumerian myths even refer to Enlil, and not Enki, as the creator of mankind. But there is one last important Yahweh-Enlil parallel and that is that both gods directly ordered the Flood.

But it is, paradoxically, the parallels between Yahweh and Enki that are the most persuasive, pervasive, and disturbing, for Enki would in some light also appear to be the best Sumerian candidate for the Biblical tradition’s Lucifer. Goodgame notes that Enki, like Yahweh, is the most “personal” of all the Sumerian gods and like Yahweh, he was “viewed by the Sumerians as powerful, kind and wise in his schemes to protect the Sumerians from the animosity of other gods (especially Enlil)”.

And in many Sumerian myths it is Enki, and not Enlil who is personally involved in the creation of mankind.

However, the closest parallel between Enki and Yahweh lies at what is the most important theophany in all the Old Testament, that of Yahweh speaking to Moses in the Burning Bush.

“And God said unto Moses, “I am that I am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel “I AM” hath sent me unto you.”

Enki was called Ea in Akkadian (East Semitic). Ea was vocalized as “Eya”. So, when Moses stood before the burning bush and asked the name of the god of the mountain, did Enki reply, “I am who I am” (Hebrew “Eyah asher eyah”) The voice of God simply replied I am (the one) who is called Eyah” the name of Ea in its West Semitic (i.e. Hebrew form).

Tiamat is not only a galacticc symbol but also a planetary symbol as well as the symbol for the primeval waters of chaos. Absu is the “Abyss” or primordial deep itself and sometimes functions as the symbol for the Sun.

Tiamat does not refer to the Earth but to Elsewhere, to the first exploded planet and perhaps to an even more galactic context.

Observe the “marriage relationship” between brothers and sisters, and between half-brothers and half-sisters.

These “consanguineous” relationships assume particular importance with the two great Anunnaki gods Enlil and Enki both brothers who share their sister Ninhursag as their wife. In this context, the placement of Marduk becomes paramount. As a son of Enki, he is on the opposite side of the family (one “great big happy pantheon”) from his distant “great-grandmother, Tiamat, whom he would eventually destroy and from the Enlil’s side of the pantheon.

Thus when Marduk recovers the Tablets of Destinies from Tiamat, their possession passes from one side of the “family” or pantheon to the other.

Enlil and Enki, who themselves at some point are guardians or keepers of the Tablets of Destinies, have “traded off” guardianship of the objects from one side of the pantheon to the other, or they became booty of war in the pantheon’s ongoing warfare. Recalling that Nergal is also the “god” of Mars and war, and at one brief period also in possession of the Tablets, it would seem to indicate that they had been passed not only from one wing of the pantheon family but also from one planet to another, from Earth to Mars or vice versa.

Nergal is revealed to be the son of Enlil and Ninlil. Lilith is the daughter of Nergal and is married in turn to both Adam and Enki; and Enki likewise shares Eve with Adam.

Viewed in a certain way, it is a “marriage of political expedience” for the two sides of the pantheon (both Enlil and Enki’) are reunited in mankind himself.

Enki is the ancestor to all these figures – Adam, Eve, Nergal and Lilith; and is not only the ancestor and consort to the two female figures, but also both ancestor, brother-in-law, cousin, and son-in-law to the male figures.

The book of Genesis only records Cain and Abel as the offspring of Eve; yet, in Gen 4:17, Cain sires offspring with his wife. The standard answer has always been that this unnamed wife was some other child of the biblical progenitors of humanity, Adam Eve. The Sumerian context and the Jewish tradition suggest another answer altogether: Cain’s wife may have been from a descendant of some other wing of the pantheon.

Adam and Eve were deliberately and genetically engineered creatures, a hybrid between the Anunnaki themselves, and a proto-human hominid already in existence on Earth. Man was part “clay” and part “god.” In this the biblical and Sumerian versions are not so different. Even in the biblical version of the creation of mankind by the direct action of God, there is a parallel. In the Sumerian version the creation is similarly by direct action of the “gods,” the Anunnaki. Only the mechanism of creation differs between the two versions. In the Sumerian version the “clay” in mankind is not a proto-human hominid, but a preexisting living creature genetically adopted and adapted by the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki are the Sumerian equivalent of the Nephilim, the “sons of God,” of Genesis 6.

In the Sumerian version, Mankind (Adam and Eve’s direct descendants) is not directly connected to either side of the pantheon; whereas there is a continuation of the Anunnaki line via Enki and Lilth on Nergal’s side of the pantheon. There is also a further hybridized part-human, part Anunnaki line deriving from Eve and Enki on the other side, a line independent of Nergal’s “more pure” Anunnaki line. Mankind exists in a precarious middle ground between two dynastic lines.

The Sumerian texts indicate that there are three major lines of players on the field after the creation of mankind.

1. The “pure” Anunnaki line of Nergal-Enki-Lilth
2. The “corrupted” and ultra-hybridized Anunnaki-human line of Enki-Eve
3. A “pure” human line of Adam and Eve.

But there are also two “hybrid” lines, the hybrid Anunnaki-human line of Enki-Eve and the line of mankind from Adam and Eve itself which is a “less hybridized” line. Finally there are two Anunnaki lines, the line of Negal and the line of Enki-Eve.

Could the second of these lineages (the “corrupted” line of Enki-Eve) from the standpoint of the biblical tradition be the “Nephilim” or the “sons of God” of Genesis 6, who came down from heaven and sired hybrid chimerical children with “the daughters of men,” producing a race of giants? As for the giants themselves, we have already speculated that the inhabitants came from the planet Tiamat.

There is a tradition of chimerical offspring of such unions from yet another source. It is the depiction of Enki where he is “shown with the legs of a goat with cloven hooves, while his upper body is clothed in the scales of a fish.” He is a “goatfish” a Capricorn. Enki himself, in other words, is a chimerical being, who in turn, as a “son of God” in the Biblical perspective, sires similar chimerical offspring.

There is also a second connection between the Sumerian and Biblical version. In the account of the destruction of Tiamat in the Enuma Elish, her creation of chimerical biological life forms as weapons appears to have been one reason she incurred the wrath of the rest of the gods in addition to her theft of the Tablets of Destinies.

In the Biblical version, the story of the Nephilim and their hybrid-giant offspring forms the immediate context for the divine decision to wipe out mankind for his wickedness. The clear implication is, once again, that it was the continued co-habitation of man and “the sons of God’ that formed a motivation for the Deluge. These points suggest a further speculation: could the creation of mankind in the Sumerian version be related to the cosmic war and the theft of the Tablets of Destinies?

According to Sumerian tradition mankind appears to be centrally connected both to the motivations of the cosmic war and is also a legacy of it, at least in the hybridized Nephalim line. In the Sumerian version, it is human overpopulation that formed one of the motivations for the war. In the Biblical version it is the “Nephilimic wickedness” that forms the backdrop of the divine decision to wipe out “man” kind by means of the Deluge.

Another intriguing Biblical-Sumerian perspective on the events of the cosmic war is provided by the Tower of Babel episode. There is the close association of the Anunnaki god Ninurta with the Biblical figure of Nimrod. One of Ninurta’s titles if that of “the Mighty Hunter”, a title associated in turn with Ninurta’s defeat of (An)Zu. It is a title directly associated with the cosmic war and the theft and recovery of the Tablets of Destinies. Ninurta is the avenger and champion of Enlil and the leader of the Anunnaki in that phase of the war involved with the second theft of the Tablets.

The “Tower of Babel Moment” permits a further speculation: could the “one language” and “one people” be taken in the broadest sense, not only of one natural human language and one civilization, but of one language of science, a unified science and physics? The Tower of Babel may be the Pyramid itself, if one understands the “top which reaches to heavens” to be the metaphor of the Pyramid’s many dimensional analogs of local celestial mechanics. By a similar line of reasoning a unified physics and science is implied in the divine observation that “nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.” The Destruction of the Tower of Babel may refer in oblique terms to the destruction of “the Great Affliction” and “Weapon” – the Great Pyramid.”

There is reason to believe the Biblical text, given its antiquity, might not refer to Babel or Babylon, but to Eridu, the cult headquarters for Enki.

The name Osiris itself was hieroglyphically written as the sigil for a throne, followed by that of an eye, but the order was subsequently reversed. The Egyptian form of Osiris is Ausar, a cognate of the Mesopotamian Ashur, and implies someone who posses his throne. Other meanings are “the seat that creates” and “The seat of the eye,” and “The Mighty one”. The connections with the “Sound Eye” of the Edfu texts and with the title of Nimrod in Genesis are now apparent.

There are numerous connections between Giza, the war of the Gods, Mars, the “Tower of Babel moment” and mankind itself. And there is one other that must now be mentioned. Enki, in the Greek tradition, is one and the same as Kronos or Saturn.

We are now in the presence of a complex of intricately interlocking symbols and motifs involving stones, Tables of Destinies, mountains and “sound-eyes”. The worlds with which we are concerned are indicated by the “gods” hitherto discussed and their associated planets:

Mars: Nergal and in some instances, Horus
Saturn: Enki
The Moon: Thoth
The Sun: Marduk-Ra
Jupiter: Marduk
Earth: All of the above.

The Cosmic War, Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts by Joseph P. Farrell, pages 297 – 318


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The Wars in the Heavens: The Primordial Revolt – the Fall of Lucifer
There are two primary revolts and wars that are referred to in the Edfu texts from Egypt and in the Enuna Elish and other texts from Mesopotamia sources.

There is a third tradition that must now be examined, for it moves between Mesopotamia and Egypt throughout its history; and that is the Fall of Lucifer. The “Fall of Lucifer” provides yet a third corroboration of the idea of a primordial revolt and war in the pantheon.

This event is usually best examined in conjunction with another theory, the so-called “gap theory" of creation. In this theory the “Fall of Lucifer” is usually understood to have occurred prior to the creation of mankind.

The fact that the passage found in Jeremiah 4:23-26 uses the same phrase, “without form and void” to describe conditions suggest that the time frame involved is that described in Genesis 1:1. Yet, as Stephen Quayle points out, there are three indicators that while the time-frame of Genesis 1:1 is more or less in mind, there is also a civilization in existence.

In other words the Old Testament itself strongly suggests the idea of a precursor, pre-human civilization on the earth. Moreover it strongly hints that the reason for its collapse was some sort of war.

This way of viewing Genesis by viewing it in conjunction with the passage of Jeremiah cited above led to the formation of the “gap theory.” This theory holds that there was an initial creation by God whereby Lucifer and his hosts subsequently fell and corrupted this original creation. In some versions Lucifer and his hosts subsequently fell almost immediately after the initial creation, a view that would corroborate the Edfu text’s notion of a primordial fall, a fall and conflict that occurs just as the transmutative aether is being fashioned by the gods into a recognizable world.

In any case, the "gap theory" holds that after this angelic fall, the “war in heaven” between Lucifer and his fallen angels, and Michael the Archangel and the heavenly hosts, occurred, wreaking havoc on creation itself. Thus, a “second creation” was brought about by God, this time not out of nothingness, but rather to repair the damage so to speak, caused by that war.

Author Stephen Quayle interprets this theory against the twin backdrops of the planetary anomalies on Mars and elsewhere and against the backdrop of catastrophism:

“Exactly how the ancient Earth became “without form and void” is hard to say. But there are several events that appear to have taken place which would have done the job, and thus, might have been employed by God to wipe the face of the Earth clean. Interestingly, both of these had the capacity to throw up massive amounts of soot and ash, thereby blocking the light from the planet, as is suggested by the “darkness on the face of the earth. The most likely “suspect” would be or more comets.”

As has been seen, however, a scalar weapons technology certainly would also be capable of manipulating weather, blacking out the light of the sun and causing plasma and explosion-generated craters on other celestial bodies.

Putting these observations together with Van Flandern’s “Multiple Exploded Planet Hypothesis”, the Sumerian Enuma Elish, and the Edfu texts, one has a “primordial revolt” occurring somewhere between the time after the initial creation and 65,000,000 years ago with the explosion of the large planet in the asteroid belt resulting in evidence of a massive catastrophe that occurred at approximately that time that exists in the K/T geological boundary layer.

After this a “second creation” occurs which repairs the damage. Both the “gap theory” and the Edfu building texts, with their emphasis on the creation of a second “island” at the Rosteau, maintain more or less the same sequence of events.

Following this, there is a period in which there is a civilization that appears to exist on Mars, the Earth and possibly the Moon, and then a second, smaller planetary explosion ca. 3,200,000 years ago according to Van Flandern.

Some time after this second planetary explosion, we have the possibility of a third event, the “flood event” ca 10,500 to 15,000 years ago.

The explosion of a large water bearing Saturn-sized planetary mass, which may have been home to intelligent life would have had two possible confirmations: (1) such life would likely have been by human standards, of very large or gigantic stature; and (2) the explosion of a water bearing planet of that size would have concussed its nearest neighbor, Mars, with a shock wave of water and debris that would have scoured the hemisphere of the planet that faced the exploding planet, and inundated the other hemisphere with a truly planet-wide deluge.

In viewing the texts in this light against the backdrop of Van Flandern’s “Multiple Exploded Planet Hypothesis” highlights one fact about the cosmic war, if one ascribes both planetary explosions to that war, and that is, the war was cosmic not only in its breadth in space but from its duration in time.

This scenario would also imply the following types of corroborating evidence.

The presence of anomalous features on the planets Mars, and the Moons of Jupiter and Saturn, suggesting an artificial origin since the texts indicate the involvement of these planets in the war and its resulting destructions.

The presence of anomalous features on the Earth’s Moon suggesting a similar artificial origin;

These features, if their artificial nature is established, should in turn indicate a common cultural origin and technology; they should be similar in appearance.

There should be evidence of chimerical giant offspring of the unions of the “gods” and humans.

There should also be evidence of the antiquity of mankind on earth prior to the standard theories of human origins and/or evidence of the presence of intelligent life on earth in great antiquity.

There should also be evidence of the existence of a “weaponizable” physics capable of wreaking planetary-wide damage and of destroying a planet in its entirety.

There should be evidence of intentional destruction on the surface of the above planets, or at the minimum evidence of anomalous patterns of destruction on those planets.

Angles and Plasma Life?

This serious question is the clear implication found in the Mesopotamian, the Egyptian (Edfu) and the Biblical traditions that the “gods” are “sprites”, i.e. incorporeal and non-material in nature. They are, in short, a very different form of intelligent life than the humanoid “giants,” Nephilim and humans themselves.

Traditionally Christian theology has maintained that the angels and thus by implication demons, are beings of “light” and thus not inhibited by the normal constraints of space and time. They are, so to speak, a sort of “hyper-dimensional” life form able to “slow down” long enough to manifest themselves corporeally, materially, and locally and thus presumably to sire offspring of humans.

Other early Christian authors such as the Apologists, or even better, Origen, speculated that angles had a kind of material existence, but one that was “less dense”, i.e., closer to the original “material prima” from which they and the rest of creation were created.

The theological conjectures of an earlier age might not be so easily dismissed. In fact they find rather strange corroboration from the plasma physics community, for the famous quantum and plasma physicists David Bohm once noted that the behavior of electrons in plasma gave him the impression that they were somehow alive, since they exhibited the kind of self-organizing properties in plasma that one normally associated with life. More recently, an even more suggestive connection between plasmas and life appeared to have been demonstrated by physicists who were able to create plasmas that grew, replicated and communicated with each other.

The major distinction between such plasmas and ordinary life is that ordinary life requires the presence of inherited material from the parent to the child.

One is permitted to speculate that plasmas are able to communicate or imprint information almost totally on other plasma. By implication, this would enable them to do so in any interface with more organically based life. In the case of the evil intentions of “fallen angelic ‘plasmas’” this would manifest itself as an habitual inclination toward evil recalling our speculations concerning and impressed dynamic of evil on the Tablets of Destinies.

Lucifer is usually understood by the Judeo-Christian tradition to be the serpent referred to in the Genesis three account of the fall of man. His description as the “wiser” and “most cunning” of all the creatures, as well as his promise to mankind that if it but eats of the “forbidden fruit” of the tree of knowledge of good and evil has caused some commentators to draw parallels between him and the “civilizing” and “wisdom” gods of other cultures, the gods who taught mankind the arts and sciences of civilization.

The Mayan-Aztec god Quetzlcotal who is credited with teaching them their civilization, is said to have been a bearded white man, but he is also depicted as a “feathered serpent.” Similarly Viracoca was a bearded white man and also a “feathered serpent”, or a “winged serpent”. The Egyptian “wisdom god” Thoth, who is also credited with building the Great Pyramid, is associated with a lizard, the salamander. Even the Book of Revelations refers to Lucifer as a “dragon” or a “featured serpent.”

In ancient Egypt’s mythology the flying serpent is not only a symbol of immortality, it is also an ambiguous symbol both of the source of good and of evil, a dialectic recalling the serpent’s knowledge of good and evil. These feathered serpents or dragons are also said to have sired a chimerical offspring with mankind.

The Book of Dzyan states that the Sarpa or Great Dragons were the Fifth Race to inhabit the world. The Fourth Race was a race of giants who lived before the Deluge but were wiped out by that catastrophe.

These feathered or flying serpents and dragons are also associated with the notion of kingship itself appearing in the Egyptian pharaoh’s headdress of ureaus.

Another strange connection of dragons with this unfolding story is the motif that one often associates with dragons: their underground existence, guarding hordes of treasure and precious gems (stones).

The broad outlines of this war involved the planetary systems of the Earth-Moon, Mars (and by implication its satellites Phobos and Deimos) Jupiter and its satellites, Saturn and its satellites, the now missing and exploded planet(s) and its satellite (which was probably Mars) and the Sun itself.

The civilization is suggested by the associations of the following gods with the various celestial bodies under consideration:

Mars and satellites with Nergal and possibly Ra andToth and other wisdom gods since there are indications of serpent/reptile themes in association with Mars. The war is one of rebellion, and this relates well with the character of Nergal, Lucifer, Enki, (An/Zu) and others from various traditions;

The Moon with Thoth and other “Moon gods”

The Sun with Ra Marduk and other “sun gods”

The missing planet, Tiamat or Kryton, with a primordial rebellion

Saturn and Kronos from Greek mythology, and therefore with the wars against the Titans or Giants

The close association of Saturn and Mars

Jupiter with Marduk in some versions

The “Flood” itself appears to be yet another example of the “unified intention of symbols” since many such planetary and regional-wide floods appear to be in view: (1) the Flood on Mars that resulted from the explosion of Tiamat-Krypton and as the shock wave traveled further, similar damage to the Earth; (2) subsequently the regional-wide floods that reoccurred periodically on the Earth.

“The Cosmic War, Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts” by Joseph P. Farrell, pages 319-330


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