The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Fish Stories ;)

The Wars of the Gods – the “Forces of Light (Enki/Osiris) vs. the Forces of Darkness” (Set/Enlil) – Sirius, the Black Star (Mulge/Maldek) and the Birth of Venus - "comparataive mythology" or "comparitive religions"?

The Age of Uras
The Hellenic form of the Babylonian Ištar (Venus) is Athena who springs, "fully-armed", from the brow of Zeus (Jupiter).

The planet just before Jupiter (i.e., its "head") was the "black star" Mulge, which ejected Venus from its original position as the satellite of the exploded Mulge

Parks traces connections between the Vedic Agni and the biblical Lucifer (Venus), the Latin name meaning "light bearer". In the Greek version of the Bible, Lucifer is named Phosphorus, which also translates as "light bearer". Doubtless from the celebrated passage in Isaiah, "How are you fallen from the sky, Star of the Morning (phosphorus). The Christian church makes the erroneous association with Satan.
Where the father of Agni is "the master of the sacrifice", Osiris is himself the great sacrifice. The two mothers of Agni are comparable to those of Horus. They represent the night and the dawn. Isis and Nephtys transform themselves symbolically into docking posts to guide the soul of Osiris so that he will not be lost in the void but will be able to raise himself and transmute himself into Ra'af (black sun or black celestial body) before reincarnating as Horus, the celestial son.

This history brings to us precious mythological correspondences. Parashu-Râma, the Indian Venus, possessed a father considered as the sacrificial fire in the image of Osiris who is the grand sacrificed in Egypt. The Purânas indicate that the terrestrial father of Venus worked for humanity and that he was in relation with the priests and the master agriculturalists. Were these not the functions of Enki in Mesopotamia and of Osiris in Egypt? The Mahâbhârata indicates that Jamadani, the terrestrial father of Venus, was assassinated by a king and his son belonged to a warrior cast. We know that Osiris (Enki) was assassinated by Seth (Enlil) and his proud partners (the Anunna warriors). The murder of Enki does not appear to exist on the Mesopotamian tablets, because his assassination did not take place in (Sumer).

In Ádam Genisiš the two primordial hills (Ta-ur and the Dukù) are geographically and politically opposed. Atlantis and the Abzu symbolized the lands and the people of Enki-Osiris and the Dukù more the Anunna of Enlil-Seth.

The planet Venus, as the Morning Star, was also considered as the new sun by the ancient Egyptians, and was none other than Horus, the Egyptian "Christ".

In summary, Parks has shown a number of connections between the Mesopotamian Enki-Ea and the Egyptian "god" Osiris and with notions relating to the resurrection of the Egyptian "god".

Readers are likely aware that Carl Sagan was taken with Babylonian historian Berosus' account of the amphibious teacher Oannes, who brought knowledge to the neolithic peoples of the Persian Gulf. Their discussion, along with the work of Zecharia Sitchin, whose first book was published ten years after Sagan's and Shklovskii's, on the mystery of the Oannes and the related Nommo legends of the Dogons of Mali, and Robert Temple's (The Sirius Mystery) focusing more on the Nommo, constitute the sources of the many ongoing discussions and speculations on extraterrestrial contact with early human civilizations.

Parks' virtual-reality memories are filled with information about the Oannes and Nommo amphibians, who are Abgal originally from Sirius. Parks checks his memories against ancient legends and myths, and shows that the contact, if that is what it was, left much wider residue for us to consider. This is important not only in itself, but in its bearing on the Mulge / Mulge-Tab / Morning Star scenario, due to a major connection between the amphibious Abgal and the lost planet Mulge.

We know that the fish equally represents Sirius, the Egyptians' other sacred star and the home of the amphibian Life Designers. Of course this reminds us of the aquatic beings called Nommos frequently mentioned in Ádam Genisiš. The Dogons affirm that the Nommos restored the world several times and that they transmitted to humanity such gifts as speech and grain.

To the Sumerians the Nommos are the famous Abgal who follow Enki's directives. The Sumerian term Abgal translates to Apkallû in Akkadian, a designation for a sage and, as follows, a priest.

Berossus, the Babylonian historian and priest of the Temple of Bel in Babylon brings us some details concerning an Abgal-Apkallû in a surviving fragment of his book. His descriptions are reminiscent of those of the Dogon.

The records of the Egyptian Helladius report that a man-fish named Oe lived in the Persian Gulf. He had come out of a luminous egg and consecrated himself to the erudition of humanity.

There is a myth among the indigenous Pomo tribes of California that tells of the arrival of a supreme founder being who "came out of the ocean and transformed himself into a man."

In China there appeared the Lingyus, aquatic beings with a human face, hands, and feet, but with the body of a fish.

In Egypt, fish was consumed by the people, but was strictly forbidden at the royal table of the Pharaoh! Doubtlessly, the pharaohs knew the symbolic truth of the fish. In a way, some of them remembered the "amphibian" origins of their "god" Osiris who was "massacred" by his enemy Seth.

Strangely, Jesus Christ was sacrificed on a Friday, the day when the Christians eat fish. The Christian church has obviously chosen to hijack the symbols

Followers of the major religions, especially the western ones, tend to believe that certain miraculous events took place at a favored place and time, involving unique super-human individuals, which led to the religious system that they know. They usually do not realize that all of these religions are filled with rich mythological elements that had already existed for thousands of years before their religion's founding days.

We are concerned here with the planet Venus, because it appears to be today's remnant of Mulge-Tab. Characteristics ascribed to Venus down the millennia might tell us something about the putative Earth/Mulge-Tab encounter. And some of these characteristics have been associated with or ascribed to religious figures, such as Jesus Christ.

There was an occult Egyptian concept that considered Osiris, the premier dead and resussitated "god", as being symbolically transmuted into the Morning Star before reincarnating as Horus. And in the New Testament, Jesus declares himself "The Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last..., the progeny of the race of David, the radiant Morning Star." (Apocalypse 22.13 and 16)

The abyss of Osiris-Enki is without doubt the abyss of the world, the dwelling-place of the "god" of water, in miniature. The initiate is taken deep into the Earth, through the tunnel leading to the subterranean Osireion, and is immersed in the sacred water before climbing onto the sacred isle (platform) and encountering the sarcophagus and the reliquary containing the head of Osiris.

Parks cites Messod and Roger Sabbah (The Secrets of Exodus, 2000) for the explanation that the Aramaic translation of the Bible reveals that the Hebrews were the monotheistic "Yahoud" priests, the Judean exiles from Egypt, who were previously the priests of Amon and then of Aton, under the influence of Akhenaton, who transformed Aton (the solar disk) into a unique god.

The star or celestial body symbolized the soul of the defunct Osiris, who was transmuted into Benu (the Phoenix), the guide of the celestial body of the night (Râ'af = the black star), was finally transformed into the Morning Star, companion of the diurnal sun.

Thanks to the KIR-IŠ-TI such as Osiris and Jesus, death is no longer considered destruction but rather as a passage.

This passage undertaken by the soul was scribed in clay by the ancient Sumerians in the form shown at left. The cross symbol is related to the later Christian cross indicating the Son of God or the passion of Christ.

The idea of the serpent suspended on a sacred tree placed between light and darkness is found on a Mesopotamian cylinder seal and in the story of the serpent (Enki-Ea) and the forbidden tree (the Goddess) in the Garden of Eden.

The larger mythological theme, he points out, is that of the perpetual battle between the Osirian forces (Allies of the Light) and the Sethians (Sons of Darkness).

Parks takes up his discussion of the Dogon and the Nommo citing Marcel Griaule's and Germaine Dieterlen's presentation of the myth of the Pale Fox' incest with Mother Earth in their 1965 book, “Le Renard Pâle”.

Readers without access to the book would do very well to review the web page “The Dogon and The Sirius B star”, and particularly the discussion about the Dogon's gods, the Nommo, as being created by "Amma, the celestial God and creator of the universe", and one who rebelled, and the one who was "sacrificed" by Amma, his remains being cut up and scattered throughout the universe.

The Dogon were not by any means the only culture with this cosmological story. What unifies the different versions are not only the recognizable themes but the linguistic roots of the terminologies used. Here with the Dogon, Parks shows the strong ties to Sumerian-Akkadian. We have placed a couple of key examples: the names of Annagonno, the sacrificed Nommo, and the tree Kilena to which he was attached during the event.

Annagonno is of course Enki-Osiris; Amma is An; the "pale fox" is Enlil.

In his opening section on this subject, Parks develops the direct link between the sense of the Morning Star (Egyptian: Neter Duau) and "the king", considered to be Horus (Heru), himself the image of Neter Duau (Venus).

The progenitors of Venus all incarnate a being sacrificed in connection with the world of the dead. They are also often associated with war or a particular conflict, as with Ištar, Athena, Horus, Parashu-Râma, Lucifer.

Kali is at once goddess of destruction and of creation. She is generally represented as a frightening female, dressed in black. The body on which she excites herself is generally equated to the body of the universe in ruins. More recent representations connect this extended body to that of Shiva who lies down under the goddess to stop her destructive agitation.

The Indian chronicles relate that Brahma, "the immense being", possessed four heads placed at the cardinal points. Knowing that this "god" is considered to be the creator of everything, we can equate him to the Jupiter (Zeus) of the Mediterranean traditions, and the four heads would be the four satellites of Jupiter: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

The Vedic texts say that one day, Brahma fashioned for himself a fifth head with which to keep an eye on the goddess Sandhya ("twilight"). He was taken with her, united with her, and from this union was born humanity. Shiva-Rudra, the spouse of the goddess, became immensely angry and let loose a flaming arrow that cut off the fifth head of Brahma.

We know that in the Egyptian mythology, Isis represents the dawn and Nephtys the twilight. [The two pieces of wood that form the Arani (the two mothers) of Agni (Horus) are correctly assimilated to "the dawn" and "the twilight" in the Vedas...]

The Egyptian traditions make of Nephtys the ancient spouse of Seth (Enlíl) or sometimes his sister. We have seen that Nephtys corresonds to Innin (Inanna), the "spouse" of the system of Enlíl, without taking into account that she is also Enlíl's daughter.

We saw that Innin is not without her connection with the fall of the Amašutum cult on the Earth. The explosion of Mulge (the black star) which was the planet between Mars and Jupiter resulted from this fall and this intestinal war among the Gina'abul. Shiva-Rudra (Enlíl-Seth) is definitely the personage who made the decision to destroy the planet of the Life Designers.

Parks next points out an astonishingly-relevant fact: the Brahmans, the highest caste of India, claim to have been issued from the Head of Brahma! And this, as Parks has been showing us, is none other than Mulge, the planet of the Kadištu, which was in front of Brahma (Jupiter), and which Shiva-Rudra (Enlíl-Seth) was charged with destroying!

The same notion is found in the Dogons' version which represents that "out of the flow of blood from the sacrifice of the Nommo sprang Yazu (Venus) in its obscure (invisible) position". This implies that Venus knows moments of invisibility on its cosmic course...

Inanna supported the cult of the Mother-goddess and fought against the ancient patriarchal dogma. This brought her singular reprisals from the "gods" in the Mesopotamian texts, and also from the adepts of Yahvé in the Bible

The Mesopotamian tablets indicate that Neberu (or Nibiru) is an errant "star" that periodically upsets the affairs of gods and humans. His origin is "the place of the celestial battle".

Parks has demonstrated a widespread identification among ancient peoples of the planet Venus with a rampaging sky-god whose birth and life cycle were associated with a great cosmic event, the "explosion" of the planet Mulge ("Black Star") and the launching of its satellite Mulge-Tab ("Companion of Mulge") onto a new solar orbital path.

This "explosion" (the word is in quotes because it might possibly have been a slow-motion event) was perpetrated on the Mulge system by the Ušumgal, according to Parks' memory as mediated by the GÍRKÙ.

In this section we will examine the sequence from an astronomical/astrophysical point of view, with the intent of assessing the possibility that destruction in the Mulge system could eventually have ramifications on Earth.
This will give you a sense of the awesome greatness of Mulge within the larger galactic community, and in fact of our entire system before the invasion, hence the dimension of tragedy that ensued, but also will help you to visualize the relative sizes of the planets and their sequence of orbits in this system.

As to planetary sizes and orbital dimensions, we assume that those observed today for all planets other than Venus are valid for the initial period -- the pre-explosion epoch.

Parks recalls Mulge as being slightly larger than Saturn.
Dogon and Zulu Cosmology ... clnk&gl=us
Sigi Tolo (Sirius A) is the youngest star to come out of Amma's womb. Sigi Tolo is 'The Star of the Sacrificed Fish'. The Dogon say that Amma, in an effort to thwart the transgressions of a rebellious being named Ogo (Seth-Enlil) sacrificed the Celestial Fish Man Nommo Semi (Enki/Osiris).


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The device is strongly associated with a multi-million year presence of “space aliens” per say or with some kind of pre-modern human civilizations rather than it has to do with modern “space aliens.”

What do you suppose this device or artifact could be? Could it be the Ark of the Covenant? If so, then what is the Ark of the Covenant?

Many myths talk about the Grail Stone in association with the Ark of the Covenant.

The Grail Stone seems to have more than one meaning. Often it refers to the “black stone that fell from heaven” (magnetite?) ... 110#p26956

Magnetite seems to be an important “stone” used in the “new electrics” ... 110#p26961

The Grail Stone could also refer to the human pineal gland. ... 125#p27063

What is the Ark of the Covenant? Is the Grail Stone a component of the Ark?

The Ark of the Covenant is a simple box of acacia wood (insulator), covered with gold (superconductor) inside and outside. Two (counterrotating magnetic cylinders?) poles are attached at its sides for transportation. Its contents are unique and incomparable for their sanctity": two slabs of rock (ferromagnetic crystals) inscribed by the very hand of God, with the Ten Commandments, the basic principles of human moral law. The Ark symbolises the Divine Presence on earth.

The Ark of the Covenant ... -covenant/
This divine flamethrower also came in handy during the Israelites wars with Canaan, Emor and Midian – it was carried in advance of the army as a sort of divine standard, burning all who stood in its way.

When the Jews crossed into the land of Canaan, the Ark caused the waters of the Jordan River to miraculously split, allowing the army to cross. The most dramatic demonstration of the Arks power came when the Jews knocked down the walls of Jericho merely by blowing horns and circling them with the Ark.

A great deal of research has attempted to explain the wonders that are attributed to the Ark in the Bible. One recent study suggests the possibility that the Ark represented man’s first harnessing of electricity. The historical accounts given of peoples’ sudden deaths from touching the Ark are consistent with death by a high voltage, lethal electrical charge. Such a charge could have resulted from the constant exposure of the box to static electricity, which builds up quickly in a hot, dry climate like the Middle East.

The materials that the Ark was made of further support this theory: gold is one of the most powerful electrical conductors, and wood is an excellent insulator

According to the Bible, two tablets of stone (or their fragments) constituting the “testimony” or evidence of God’s covenant with the people were kept within the Ark itself. Also in the Ark were the Rod of Aaron (Moses’ brother), and a golden pot of manna collected from the Israelites’ journey through the desert.

The Ark remained in the Temple until 607 B.C. when the Babylonians, led by King Nebuchadnezzar II invaded Jerusalem. The Temple of Solomon was destroyed in the attack and the Ark’s fate from that point onward remains a matter of amateur and scholarly speculation.

The Ark was nowhere to be found when the Israelites returned 70 years later to rebuild Jerusalem and it is unlikely that the Babylonians took it, as their detailed lists of looted items made no mention of the Ark. So, what happened to it?
The priests who ministered before it were sacredly consecrated to the holy office. They wore a breast-plate bordered with precious stones of different materials, the same that compose the twelve foundations of the city of God. Within the borders were the names of the twelve tribes of Israel, graven on precious stones set in gold. This was a very rich and beautiful work, suspended from the shoulders of the priests, covering the breast.

At the right and left of the breast-plate were set two larger stones, which shone with great brilliancy. When difficult matters were brought to the judges, which they could-not decide, they were referred to the priests, and they inquired of God who answered them. If he favored, and if he would grant them success, a halo of light and glory especially rested upon the precious stone at the right. If he disapproved, a vapor or cloud seemed to settle upon the precious stone at the left hand. When they inquired of God in regard to going to battle, the precious stone at the right, when circled with light, said, Go, and prosper. The stone at the left, when shadowed with a cloud, said, Thou shalt not go; thou shalt not prosper.

When the high priest entered within the most holy, once a years; and ministered before the ark in the awful presence of God, he inquired, and God often answered him with an audible voice. When the Lord did not answer by a voice, he let the sacred beams of light and glory rest upon the cherubim upon the right of the ark, in approbation, or favor.
The Ark is an electrical capacitor.

Moses Magic Ark ... y/ark.html
The Old Testament contains a description of a device known as a Leyden Jar. The Biblical Ark of the Covenant that once stood in the Tabernacle in the Sinai wilderness, the Ark that led Moses and the Israelites into the Promised Land and the Ark that stood in the legendary Temple of Solomon. The symbol of YHWHs sacred covenant with the Jews was probably a facsimile of a Leyden Jar, capable of producing thousands of volts of electricity.

A Leyden jar is a simple device used to amass and store electrical energy. Early experimenters referred to it as a "condenser", however modern electricians and scientists would would call it a capacitor.

Common designs consist of a top electrode connected usually by a chain or rod to the inner surface of the jar and an external conductive foil wrap. The inner and outer surfaces of the Leyden jar store equal but opposite charges. The amount of charge that one of these devices can store is relative to the voltage applied to it times its capacitance.

The materials that the Ark was constructed of, and the manner in which they were combined, support the theory that the Ark was an electrical conductor. Gold, on the exterior of the Ark is a powerful electrical conductor, wood - just below the Gold is an excellent insulator, Acacia wood.

The Ark has two gold Cherubim on its conductive lid, creating a double configuration in which one cherubim would be connected to the negative layer, the other to the inner, positive one, isolated from the outer layer. The cherubim acted as positive and negative terminals. Louis Ginzberg’s "tells of ancient legends that refer to "sparks" emitted from the cherubim that comprised the lid/top of the Ark, as well as the positive and negative terminals.

The mention of the place of the 'Four Pillars' is a reference to Heaven, which the Ancient Egyptians believed to rest on these four pillars. The columns supporting the roofs of temples were often shaped like papyrus stems, hence the hieroglyphic writing of the word "pillar".

Richard Andrews, in a Daily Mail article speculated that the ark worked as a giant capacitor which accumulated an electrical charge as it was transported through the desert. "If the Israelites had set out to construct a primitive accumulator, they could hardly have picked a better design than the Ark"

Richard Andrews, in a Daily Mail article speculated that the Ark may have operated as an electrical capacitor.

Nikola Tesla speculated that the Ark may have operated as an electrical capacitor.

"The records, though scanty, are of a nature to fill us with conviction that a few initiated, at least, had a deeper knowledge of amber phenomena. To mention one, Moses was undoubtedly a practical and skillful electrician far in advance of his time. The Bible describes precisely, and minutely, arrangements constituting a machine in which electricity was generated by friction of air against silk curtains, and stored in a box constructed like a condenser. It is very plausible to assume that the sons of Aaron were killed by a high-tension discharge, and that the vestal fires of the Romans were electrical."
The Ark is a Van De Graaf Generator ... ick/tc.htm
Van de Graaff generators are electrostatic devices. A potential is gradually built up through friction from a rubber belt and collects on the accumulator until it discharges to a grounded object, i.e., a ground rod or you. The rate of discharge is inversely proportional to the distance the arc has to jump. The spark is thin and makes a mild snap when it flies. It carries almost no current and is harmless (unless it's twenty feet high). Typical generators might produce 200,000 to 400,000 volts depending on the relative humidity. They are safe to touch while operating.

The Tesla coil is a dynamic device. High voltage radio-frequency current is produced at the rate the spark-gap fires. 120 times a second would be typical. Maximum arcs are produced in profusion immediately and continue for as long as the coil is left running. The sparks, poorly visible in strong light, appear quite strong in subdued lighting conditions. The arcs are purplish to whitish depending on whether they are allowed to go to the open air or are drawn to a nearby grounded rod or wire. A ground wire held close produces very intense sparks.

The Vandergraff Generator

John Hutchison & Tesla’s Antigravity Machines ... avity.html
People that were associated with John Hutchison have been ridiculed, had objects stolen, and have lost jobs. All because they do not want to believe the truth - We have been lied to by our own Government!!!

A good friend of John Hutchisons that has come forward is Tom Bearden. Bearden understands Scalar work well. He gives a good oversight of John Hutchison and his work. He presents a good personality profile of Hutchison

Tom E. Bearden works with John Hutchisons theories. "It’s an unbelievable truth" say Tom, "This is undisputed video evidence of Anti-Gravity".

Andrew Mitchclosvie is a scientist and researcher associated with may inventors. Burdern and Mitchclosvie both give details accounts of the over 40 objects shown to levitate due to the anti-gravity effect.

"The effect was created by two Tesla coils on the diagonal corners of a plastic plate" says Mitch. He shows a photograph of shredded bars with splintering of the metal that was taken from the military. This was also caused using the Vandergraph generator – the Hutchison effect.
The Ark is a powerful searchlight (electric arc)

The Arc of the Covenant and its Electric Arc
Visual evidence like the above, the written testimony in the Old Testament and in other respected works—as well as a detailed ancient eyewitness account of the apparent deployment of powerful electric searchlights in a church on the Mount of Olives—persuades us that the Arc or Ark of the Covenant bore an electric searchlight. Some of these proofs for the existence of such a light may tend to antagonize Judeo-Christian dogmatists, but their presentation here is absolutely necessary to set forth our case for the general use of powerful electric lights in antiquity.

The Ark was a Djed pillar – a plasma focus device

The Concept of the Djed Symbol
Typical Distinctive Features:

Four horizontal bars surmounting a vertical shaft
Vertical striations between each bar
These striations are shown in profile on the sides of the Djed creating a curved appearance
Four bands around neck of the shaft
Sometimes a small capital can be seen surmounting the Djed
The Djed often stands on a rectangular base

From the descriptions above it can be understood that the general concept of the Djed symbol appears to be a combination of the backbone of Osiris, a column or pillar, and the trunk of a tree.

The Backbone of Osiris (a plasma column):

The Book of the Dead associates the Djed with the backbone and vertebrae of Osiris. Budge states that the oldest form of his spinal column was probably represented by part of the back bone with portions of the ribs attached to it

A Column or Pillar (cylinder) (The cylinders are bell shaped and nested.)

Most of the Djeds found in later tombs have been flat objects, usually no thicker than a quarter of its width, these flat representations of the Djed probably being derived from the hieroglyphic renditions. But in these two ivory Djeds from the First Dynasty pictured below, we see that the Djed was originally more of a round pillar than a flat object.

The Four Pillars of Heaven were personified as these four gods known also the Four Sons of Horus, who support the four corners of the sky with their sceptres. Here we have another instance in which the pillar is combined with the human form.

Another way of writing the word 'Four Pillars' is by placing the four pillar hieroglyphs in a row:

Another way of depicting 'Four Pillars' would be to put one behind the other with each sticking up a bit above the one in front so that it can be seen: (nested cylinders)

When the four pillars are combined they form the Djed pillar, a symbol synonymous with the body of Osiris. Another way in which these gods were related to the body of Osiris is through their association with his four bodily organs.
Cosmic Electricity
A Plasma Focus Device: A fusion research device for generating intense plasmas. A large current is discharged across the two concentric cylinders, which ionizes the plasma and forms usually eight to ten pairs of current filaments, each about a millimeter in diameter, which fountain outward from the right-hand end. The oppositely-rotating vortex pairs pinch together into a doughnut-shaped filamentary knot called a plasmoid, whose field contains all the energy that was stored in the magnetic field of the whole device, a million times bigger in volume. The spiraling electrons start to radiate away the energy, causing the current to drop, collapsing the magnetic field and generating a electric field which shoots two high-energy beams out along the axis of the toroid in opposite directions, electrons in one direction, ions in the other, each a micron across.
The Ark of the Covenant ... enant.html
There have been attempts to offer some sort of alternative possibilities for the Ark’s mysterious powers. In 1968, Erich von Däniken, in his book Chariots of the Gods, interpreted the Ark as a capacitor capable of producing enough electrical energy to communicate via radio with the crew of a passing alien spaceship. There is, as others have argued, nothing to support the idea that a technology such as the Ark was so sophisticated that it could only have come from an advanced alien race (or, indeed, any other non-human being, such as a god).
The Ark is a torsion field generator (an antigravity device)

The Nazi Bell (UFO/Nazi conspiracy) ... iracy.html
The device is described as metallic, approximately 9 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet high with a shape similar to a bell. It contained two counter-rotating cylinders filled with a highly radioactive, purple substance only known as Xerum 525, which has been speculated to be Red mercury. When active, The Bell would emit strong radiation, which led to the death of several scientists and various plant and animal test subjects.
The Ark is a time machine

The Nazi Time Machine ... e-machine/
Dr. Kurt Fischer told a symposium in Mysen, Norway, that evidence accumulated over the past 64 years has convinced him that the Nazis developed a crude but working time machine before the fall of Germany in 1945.
He says parts of the machine and tattered blueprints were recovered from a bombed-out bunker in Berlin by Allied forces. And he suspects that Hitler, long obsessed with paranormal science, might have used the device to propel himself into the future and back on numerous occasions.

“Volumes have been written about the Nazis’ heavy water experiments and Hitler’s obsession with perfecting the atom bomb,” said Dr. Fischer. “But the cutting edge of Nazi technology was concerned with nothing less than the mastery of time and space itself.

“There is evidence to suggest that they did, in fact, open a portal. It couldn’t help them alter the course of World War II. But there is a very real possibility that it gave them a chance to win an even greater victory – the control and domination of our future.”

Fischer provided ample documentation for his broader theories during his presentation in Norway.
Nazi Bell
One of Cook's scientist contacts in The Hunt for Zero Point even went so far as to claim that The Bell was a torsion field generator and that the SS scientists were attempting to build some sort of time machine with it."

The mutations were caused by psychic echoes of Ubbo-Sathla, and the crystal IS a time machine of sorts in that one looks back into the past with it.
The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: The Nazis’ Incredible Secret Technology
As to the purpose of the Bell itself, there are a number of speculations, one of which may be true, or perhaps all of them. The wildest is that it may have been utilized for some sort of time travel/dimensional experiment. Another possibility is that it was used to generate anti-gravity in order to power a Nazi flying saucer.

Yet another possibility is that the Nazis had managed to tap into free energy, which would have gone a long way to easing the oil shortage necessary to fuel their military machine. Farrell thinks that the most likely explanation is that they were employing scalar physics, which is basically an offshoot of free energy, in order to cause tremendous damage at a distance. The effects on organic tissue were truly horrendous, and it is suspected that in addition to test animals, some hapless concentration camp victims met their end in this manner. It may even be that the Nazis stumbled across a principle that the ancient Hindus supposedly used in flying machines known as “vimanas.” They are something akin to a plasma vortex using the element mercury.
Did it have anything to do with the Lost Chord

In Search of the Lost Chord
At that time new discoveries in the field of brain wave research had just provided Keyserling with the last missing pieces to the puzzle. EEG measurements of zen monks in satori, and yogis in the deep meditative state of samadhi, showed that the alpha brain wave - 12 cycles per second - was always produced when they attained peak awareness. Now he knew what the fundamental tone should be for his scale calculations.

The scale itself was based on the one tone interval which doesn't fit into the western music system, the natural seventh, also known as the acoustic seventh. The frequency and harmonics of the natural seventh are dissonant when compared to the fundamental tone, or the other basic fraction tones, such as the third and the fifth. It is so different from the rest of the tonal frame that in musical traditions in the West after Pythagoras it was called non-melodic. The acoustic seventh was excluded altogether as an unacceptable sour note. This interval is, however, always present as a natural tone, in the seventh harmonic and can be heard as an overtone in some instruments.
Does it have anything to do with the Emerald Tablets?

The Emerald Tablets
The history of the tablets translated in the following pages is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. The writer is Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the mother country.
Does it have anything to do with the Lost Book of Enki?

The Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God
The Lost Book of Enki is a work of literature written in the style of an Akkadian epic poem, and provides us with Sitchin's version of the original 'sourcebook' for the Mesopotamian/Egyptian mythologies. He has set the book out in the form of 14 tablets, written out by the master Akkadian scribe Endubsar. In the text, Endubsar claims that the tablets were dictated to him by the god Enki himself. The impression is given that the reader has in front of him actual historical material, and it's easy to see why many readers have taken this book at face value. But this book is in reality an historical novel, incorporating Sitchin's worldview.
Does the Ark have anything to do with making white gold (ORME)?

Solomon, Knights Templar & White Gold
The Ark of the Covenant, according to the Bible, was used as a kind of high-tech weapon during wars. The magical White Powder Gold or manna along with the Ark, suggest the ancient Hebrews had an advanced science. It was the knowledge of these ancient secrets that the Free Masons once had but lost, back in the 1700s, Gardner explained. Research on White Powder Gold and monoatomic elements begun in the 1980's, has revealed a number of unusual properties such as levitation, and possible applications in medicine and energy, he added.
The Philosopher’s Stone ... one-cover/
The context in which I am trying to find out information about “The Philsopher’s Stone,” is related to the proposed assumption that the “manna” within the ‘Grail’ carried within the Ark of the Covenant is in fact the Materia Prima. I was wondering if you had any definitive data stemming from reliable resources that support theories that this “manna” was consumed by Ancient Kings in antiquity giving them unusually long life spans. (Some additionally proposed properties include complete (100%) use of the human brain (verses the 2% theorists suggest is typically accessed by the average person). Also, the possibility it can turn DNA into a superconductor as well as repairing the Telomeres found at the ends of human chromosomes. It has also been postulated the material can cure cancer.
What is the “Materia Prima” or the real “Philosopher’s Stone” (Grail Stone) mentioned above that is carried within the Ark of the Covenant? If the Ark is a composite of all of the above devices, what then is its ultimate power source? Is it a crystal diode?

Crystal Diode Technology

History of Crystal Diodes ... olume1.pdf
Crystal diode technology can be traced back to the early 1900s, when handadjusted silicon detectors were first used with the new wireless devices to detect radio signals.
The Tesla Mystique
Consisting of a circuit having twelve rectifier vacuum tubes, operating cold-cathode, in a box resembling a radio receiver and measuring about 24 by 12 by 6 inches, the device powered the heavy vehicle for a 50-mile drive at speeds of up to 90 mph. Now this would be the ultimate electric vehicle. As he drove, Tesla boasted to his nephew that his free-energy device could supply the electrical needs of any household with power to spare. Hopefully, the story is true, but there is only this one account to go by. It belongs to a period of Tesla's life about which not much is known.
Tuaoi: The Great Crystal ... clnk&gl=us
Perhaps no single item is as symbolic of the Edgar Cayce vision of Atlantis as the tuaoi, referred to variously as the "fire stone", "the great crystal ", and "the terrible, mighty crystal". Ideas run the gamut from supernatural cosmic energy source to a quasi-science fiction gravity wave attenuator.

It was in the form" of a six-sided figure in which the light appeared as the means of communication between infinity and the finite; or the means whereby there were communications with those forces from the outside. He also states that "it was set as a crystal".

The fact that the initial form "six-sided" and (the later power producing version was cylindrical) "set as a crystal" suggests that it may have been of quartz. It is possible that the "light" that appeared may have indicated that it was asteriated quartz, though something else such as a piezoelectric or pyroelectric effect could also be .

The only device that actually amplifies light rays using other energies is the laser, whose name means “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation”. Laser light is highly concentrated, packing far more power in a smaller area than ordinary light. The word condensed might refer to "condensing" the lights frequency and is also a good alternative for the word coherence, the unique property of laser light that allows for holography.

If the tuaoi, or firestone, was a laser, what type was it? Cayce said that the force which emanated from it "arose in the form of rays that were invisible to the eye". What form of light rays are "invisible to the eye"? Two candidates present themselves: infrared and ultraviolet. Infrared rays are basically heat rays and have a number of unique uses. Ultraviolet rays can cause chemical reactions, produce sunburn, and cause ionization.

They also have more energy or power than infrared rays or visible light. This wider range of application for the more energetic ultraviolet rays and its ability to produce ionization seems more in line with some of the properties and applications of the "fire stones" rays. Ionization is the process whereby atoms gain or lose electrons and the latter such process could certainly be said to be a "disintegration" especially if it is complete ionization, which could result in a plasma state where only positive and negative charges would be present without matter.

The tuaoi, or firestone, was of a particular construction whose materials and design elements seem to imply a highly advanced scaled up version of an ultraviolet laser. Quartz is one of the few transparent substances that will transmit both infrared and ultraviolet rays. Quartz is optically clear, and is both piezoelectric and pyroelectric. Quartz tubes are currently used in some gaseous lasers precisely because of these properties. Irradiated quartz has even been used in a two-level maser.

The body of the firestone is described as "a large cylindrical glass". If the word "glass" is used to imply something resembling a drinking glass, then the cylinder was hollow. The process going on within the crystal had to do with the "breaking apart of atomic forces", and mention is made of "gaseous forces". These terms seem to support the idea of a hollow cylinder with gas or gases inside. Presumably the capstone of the crystal was of the same substance as the cylindrical body. The capstone itself was cut with facets in such a way that they would make for "centralizing the power or force that concentrated between the end of the cylinder and the capstone itself.

Here we have a direct connection between the crystals and gases. According to Cayce the crystal made use of "the concentration of energies that emanate from bodies that are on fire themselves (the stars), along with elements that are found and not found in the earth's atmosphere".

What force do these two readings have in common that is being used by the firestone? Heat! The sun's rays (and other stars) and geothermal energy are apparently being used to power the device. Photo-ionization, particle collision, and thermal ionization can all serve as "pumping" elements in a laser.

When we put the preceding readings information all together we come up with the following scenario. We have a quartz housing for a gaseous ultraviolet laser that receives its activity, or pumping action, from the sun's heat (and light). The facets on the capstone bring the sun's rays to an intensely sharp focus in the center of the tube (cylinder). The gaseous mixture ionizes with oppositely charged particles collecting at the top (base of the capstone) of the cylinder and at its base. This ionization brings up the energy level of the gaseous mixture.

As in all lasers the energy can be released with an incident signal from the equivalent of a "trigger: electrode", something that gives it just the "extra kick" that it needs. Electrical connections at the bottom of the cylinder can act as the trigger electrode. Upon a "signal" the energy is released as the atoms return to a lower energy state (ground level) until the process is repeated.

What elements might the gaseous mixture have contained? Dr. John H. Sutton who wrote "The Tuaoi Stone - An Enigma" suggests that "deuterium and/or hydrogen" may have been used.

Cayce states that "the activity of the stone was received from the sun's rays, or from the stars; the concentrating of energies that emanate from bodies that are on fire themselves with the elements that are found and not found in the earth's atmosphere".

In other words, the thermal energy reacted with elements within the crystal itself, the suggestion being that two or more elements were used, and since the term "atmosphere" is employed, at least one was a gas. Helium, for example, was first discovered in the sun's spectrum. It is also used in several gas lasers, usually as a sort of carrier of the energy in combination with other gases. The substances that will lase are quite numerous, even oxygen will lase. One might wonder whether ozone would also lase since it is a more "energetic" form of oxygen and absorbs strongly in the ultraviolet. Both hydrogen (found in the stars) and argon lase in the ultraviolet region. Krypton fluoride lases in the extreme ultraviolet. Metallic vapors have even been made to lase (red Mercury?).

The housing of the firestone seems to suggest a device that generates a considerable amount of heat in its operation (just as laser's do). The center of the building was said to be "lined with non-conductive stone -something akin to asbestos, with the combined forces of bakerite" or other non-conductors "that are now (1933) being manufactured in England under a name that is well known to many of those who deal in such things". Serpentine is a form of asbestos (chrysotile), is a thermal non-conductor, and is used as an ornamental (or building) stone.

The uses of the crystals were myriad. "Q"-switching, which would take advantage of the piezoelectric qualities of the quartz, might even have been used to enhance the output. "Induction methods" were used so that the rays from the stone acted directly "upon the motivating forces" in the various modes of travel. To put it more simply, power was beamed to the vehicles. An ultraviolet laser ionizes the air directly in front of the beam, forming an electrically conducting pathway through the air so that electricity can literally be sent through the air from one point to another.

Cayce also stated that individuals bodies "were regenerated, by the burning through application of the rays from the stone, the influences that brought destructive forces to an animal organism" (440-5). Perhaps we are on the right track with the new process whereby laser light is used in conjunction with fiber optic tubes to "burn" away the excess plaque lining the arteries.

Cayce also mentioned "transmission of the body" as one of the device's application. If such is the case then Cayce may have been referring to that unique use of coherent laser light, holography, the transmission of three dimensional images.

The readings also contain information that may suggest a geothermal connection with the crystals. Cayce stated that the rays "were turned on crystals in the pits that made connections with the internal influences of the earth". Perhaps they were being used to regulate the temperature of magma pools or of heating underground water sources (or both). At any rate, when the sons of Belial turned these rays on the crystals in the pits "a volcanic upheaval" ensued. Lasers are also "tuned".


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Most of us believe that “gods” are metaphors for the planets and stars, and that celestial battles represent “electrical interchanges” between heavenly bodies due to collisions or “close encounters.” Yet the myths describe these encounters in terms of “wars waged in the heavens” between opposing factions of the “gods”.

What would happen if we interpreted these “celestial battles” literally? What if the gods were hyperdimensional entities who waged “cosmic warfare" using scalar weapons?
Indeed, De Santillana and Von Dechind noted that one very curious feature of the “archaic cosmology” was not only its emphasis on a primeval “cosmic harmony,” but also its description of the creation of the present world as a kind of “breaking asunder” of that harmony, a kind of cosmogonic ‘original sin’ whereby the circle of the ecliptic (with the zodiac) was tilted up at an angle with respect to the equator, and the cycles of change came into being.

In this case, the motif is that of “Tiamat,” the Babylonian goddess who revolted, led a cosmic war with other gods, and was eventually defeated by the god Marduk. Tiamet was not only the name for a “goddess,” but the name for an exploded planet in our own solar system, a water bearing planet. Her name may actually be a title conferred on specific individuals or rulers of that now missing planet.

One of the overlooked areas of De Santillana’s and Von Dechind’s work is the galactic, astronomical and astrological context in which they understand the ancient mythological references to the Deluge, to war, and other apocalyptic imagery. An entry into their discussion is afforded by their remarks on the gigantic war between the Pandavas and the Kuravas in the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata: “The epic states unmistakably that this tremendous war was fought during the interval between the Dvapara and the Kali Yuga. A significant clue is thus afforded from yet another mythological source as to when it dates its major “war of the gods in heaven.”

In its most basic form, there are four great “yugas” or ages. They begin in a “Golden Age” and each yuga thereafter is an age that has declined from the previous one. Each age is thousands of normal years in length, though each age is of a different length.

The final yuga, named after the notoriously bloodthirsty deity Kali, is an age of darkness, chaos, evil deeds, and war. But if the Mahabharata refers to events of the previous transition from the Dvapara to the Kali Yuga, running through the full cycle, then one is looking at a war that occurred between 3,898,000 and 4,320,000 years ago.

While many would object to taking this epic this literally here, it is nonetheless highly intriguing that the Great War recounted at such length and fought with such eerily modern-sounding and awesomely destructive weapons in the Mahabharata occurs in very roughly the same time frame as Van Flanden’s second exploded planet event, which occurred ca. 3,200,000 years ago.

Let us now turn our attention to a seemingly unlikely source for an additional perspective of this ancient war and the “cosmological original sin” and the astronomical meaning it entails: the myth of the ancient Germanic peoples of Scandinavia. De Santillana and Von Dechind observe that like the Hindus, the Babylonians and the Greeks, the ancient Teutons also had a Golden Age, whose passing was marked by a war between the ruling “good” god and his ministers and a new race of giants who sought to overturn the old harmonious order.

Not having “multiplied” yet, this first generation of the world established the Golden Age under the rule of Him of many names – Enki, Yima, Freyr and many more. “But these sons whom he begot himself, great Heaven (megas Ouranos) used to call Titans (Strainers) in reproach, for he said that they strained and did presumptuously a fretful deed and that vengeance for it would come afterwards.

But what was it that these Titans, or giants, or Nephilim or Annunaki (or whatever one wishes to call them) had done?

…It was bound to happen…when future generations would construct “forbidden ways to the sky,” or build a tower which happened to be too high. The one secure measure, the “golden rope” of the solar year is stretch beyond repair. The equinoctial sun had been gradually pushed out of its Golden Age “sign”. It had started on the way to new conditions, new configurations. This is the frightful event, the inexplicable crime that was ascribed to the Children of Heaven. They had nudged the sun out of place, and now it was on the move; the universe was out of kilter and nothing was going to fall into its rightful place anymore…and now the time machine had been set rolling forever bringing forth at every new age “a new heaven and a new earth” in the words of Scripture. As Hesiod says, “the world had entered now the second age, that of the giants, who were to wage a decisive battle with the restraining forces before their downfall."

What the ancient myths are trying to say is not only that a planet exploded, but that the war was truly cosmic in nature and affected all the celestial bodies of local space including “earth.”

Indeed, as De Santillana and Von Dechind observe, the Graeco-Roman cultural complex is full of references to a celestial catastrophe of such magnitude that even the “immovable joints of the universe” were shaken and the “very axle running through the middle of the revolving heavens” was “bent.” This last reference is nothing less than a statement that the angle of the earth’s axis of rotation relative to the ecliptic was altered in some drastic fashion.

But what if the references to a war is taken literally and not metaphorically? Only if one takes it this way do some interesting things now emerge.

Van Flandern’s Revised Exploded Planet Hypotheses indicated two events, one at 65,000,000 years ago coincident with the extinction of the dinosaurs, and another “lesser” event at 3,200,000 years ago roughly coincident with the appearance of the first humans according to the standard mainstream theory.

This second event roughly corresponds with the timing given for the Great War in the Mahabharata

Both events must have altered the geometry of local space and the astronomical arrangement of the heavens.

One or both events were observed and recorded making it likely the second event was recorded and referred to as the result of a war.

A case can be made, based on the plasma cosmology of Hannes Alfven and the petroglyph observation of Anthony Peratt that ancient humans observed large plasma discharges in the heavens, though these petroglyphs cannot be dated to the time frame of Van Flandern’s second exploded planet event nor to the Mahahbarata’s Great War.

Further basis for believing that such discharges were observed is afforded by the peculiar resemblance of ancient depictions of the lightning bolts of Zeus to the models of plasma instabilities observed by Peratt in the laboratory. The fact that these resemblances are so exactly described in ancient art and drawings and described in the texts as being weapons of war strengthens the case that we are both looking at observed events and events of a real war.

One or both planets may have been large water-bearing planets; and if of higher gravity than the Earth and home to intelligent humanoid life, then they may have been home to a race of “giant” like creatures.

The explosion of such a water bearing planet would give rise not only to the asteroid belt, but, as the shock wave from that event spread through local space, it would inundate first Mars and then the Earth. Thus, the tremendous hemispherical “gouging” by sudden flood waters often commented upon by Martian planetary geologists is explained. One should be able to find references of a celestial Deluge.

Furthermore, if the exploded planet did have life, and if this life was of a high degree of sophistication and technological ability, its civilization might have been interplanetary in nature. The nearest planets capable of sustaining such life would naturally have been the Earth and Mars. As such, one might be expected to find mythological associations of Mars with war, which is in fact the case. It is highly significant that the Vedic tradition refers to Mars as “the Great Leaping One.”

This war brought an end to an age and was fought between the “gods” and a race of giants, a theme common to mythological traditions from Sumer, Babylon, and Greece to Scandinavia and the Celts.

There exists artifacts and textual evidence of giant remains from all over the globe, which loosely corroborate the existence of large intelligent humanoid beings.

Some traditions such as the Sumerian and the Biblical ascribe the origin of this giant race to the mingling of the “gods” with “men.” The Enuma Elish makes it clear that Tiamat fought the war in part by creating chimerical creatures. - “The Cosmic War” – Joseph P. Farrell, pages 101 – 110
Hidden Proof of a Race of Giants ... .race.html
There are ample reasons to believe that the monoliths in Salisbury, England, were not built by either the Druids or normal human beings. When one consider the megaliths proportions, tonnage, and lack of resources in terms of both nature and human; and the lack of technology, the possibility that I am suggesting is not so far-fetched as it may seem.


“There were GIANTS in the earth in those days....”

[Revelation 9:1] And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

[Revelation 9:2] And he opened the bottomless pit.
Are they living in the bowels of the Earth (the Inner Earth)? ;)

Maybe it happened something like this:

The Age of Uras


Re: The Schumann Resonance

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Is “reality” stranger than fiction? Do the ancient myths really recount tales of “heavenly warfare” waged by hyperdimensional entities using scalar weapons? Is it the “proverbial” battle between the “forces of light” vs. the “forces of darkness? :?

NIBIRU: the 12th Planet, The Planet of Crossing,
home of the Anunnaki (the Nefilhim), the red star/come
From a Land beyond the stars, Nibiru appeared to the ancients. It was called the 12th Planet by the ancient Sumerians because it is a member of our solar system (ancients included the Moon and Sun as planets). However, unlike the other planets in our solar system, which are in a singular orbit around the sun, Nibiru is in a binary orbit between two suns: our sun and another cold, unlit sun far out in our galaxy, making its orbit eliptical. Nibiru returns to our solar system approximately every 3,600 years (1 Shar).

A half a million years ago, Tiamat (Earth) was not located in Space where it is today. It orbited farther out from the Sun, in between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Mars was orbiting at a distance much closer to the Sun than now and was quite habitable, with a temperate climate and liquid water.

Then, too, Tiamat's system was closer to the Star Sirius (or Sothis, as the ancient Egyptians called it). This solar system and the Sirian planetary system are part of a unit. The two systems are gravitationally connected to one another, a new fact that is now beginning to gain widespread consensus from the scientific community. Our "Sirian Regional System" as a unit revolves around the Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiades Cluster, which might be termed "the Pleiades Quadrant". This greater sector revolves around the Galactic Center, in the direction of the Stars of Sagittarius, once every 200,000,000 years or so.

What is so significant about our present-day epoch is that certain great cycles relating to orbital alignments within the Pleiades Quadrant and between this Quadrant and the Galactic Center are starting to repeat themselves.

The Mayans of Mesoamerica also acknowledged this. And put it into their ancient calandar. Their Great Cycle ends on December 21st 2012! Nibiru’s 3,600 Earth year orbit is known for causing catastrophic events on our planet, the Deluge, the ancient flood of Egypt.

The Sumerian Creation Myth and the Magan text of the Necronomicon tell of the war between Tiamat and Marduk/Nibiru. The two massive planets collided. Breaking Tiamat in half (the other half turned into what is now called the Asteriod Belt or The Abode of Heaven), and knocked the Earth into its new current orbit around the sun, leaving Tiamat with just one moon, Kingu. It is said it was then that the Anunnaki came to Earth and took over the lands.

They built the pyramids of Iraq, Egypt, Mexico, and Central America to use as Control Centers for their space stations. They took Tiamat's native neanderthal man and mixed them with their own DNA to make what are known as modern day humans. The Anunnaki are still out there. And they will make their return soon. Beware the Wrath of the Ancient Ones! For they look out from the Watchtowers of the Gate of ABSU! While lays the mighty TIAMAT, Dead but Dreaming.


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The device is strongly associated with a multi-million year presence of “space aliens” per say or with some kind of pre-modern human civilizations rather than it has to do with modern “space aliens.”

The ancient items being sought are the Ark of the Covenant, the Grail Stone, and the Tablets of Destiny.

The Ark of the Covenant is a scalar interferometer powered by a master crystal (the Grail Stone). It is a synthetic (asterized) pure quartz crystal made by pyroelectric fusion. The crystal has been preprogrammed with all the tones or frequencies of the Universe and can be operated entirely with the mind (thought).

The Tablets of Destiny are the programmed instructions (the tones and frequencies – the “registry”) that one must have in order to operate the Grail Stone.

The Grail Stone functions as both an optical and a thermo-acoustic laser

The Grail Stone is a phase conjugate mirror.

The Grail Stone also functions as an interstellar communication device – either as a pulsar or a type of cosmic crystal radio

The Grail Stone is also used in genetic engineering.

The Ark of the Covenant – a scalar interferometer:

Moses Magic Ark ... y/ark.html
The Old Testament contains a description of a device known as a Leyden Jar. A Leyden jar is a simple device used to amass and store electrical energy. Early experimenters referred to it as a "condenser", however modern electricians and scientists would call it a capacitor.

Common designs consist of a top electrode connected usually by a chain or rod to the inner surface of the jar and an external conductive foil wrap. The inner and the outer surfaces of the Leyden jar store equal but opposite charges. The amount of charge that one of these devices can store is relative to the voltage applied to it times its capacitance.

The materials that the Ark was constructed of, and the manner in which they were combined, support the theory that the Ark was an electrical conductor. Gold, on the exterior of the Ark is a powerful electrical conductor, wood - just below the Gold is an excellent insulator, Acacia wood.

The Ark has two gold Cherubim on its conductive lid, creating a double configuration in which one cherubim would be connected to the negative layer, the other to the inner, positive one, isolated from the outer layer. The cherubim acted as positive and negative
The Grail Stone – the master crystal:

Tuaoi: The Great Crystal ... gl=usLaser
Perhaps no single item is as symbolic of the Edgar Cayce vision of Atlantis as the tuaoi, referred to variously as the "fire stone", "the great crystal ", and "the terrible, mighty crystal". Perhaps also has no other single item generated as much controversy as to what it actually was. Ideas run the gamut from supernatural cosmic energy source to a quasi-science fiction gravity wave attenuator.
The Tablets of Destiny – the MI Tablets – the “Registry” that contains all the tones and frequencies of the Universe:

The Tablets of Destiny ... of_Destiny
Sumerian legend told of a set of clay tablets inscribed with cuneiform that were, in essence, a legal contract granting the god Enlil dominion over creation. The legend goes on to say that these were stolen by the monster Anzu and recovered for Enlil by the god Ninurta.

The legend, however, is wrong on several points. The Tablets are not made of clay. Each Tablet is made from a precious metal or stone.

The Tablets are not a legal contract. They describe, in great detail, the forces of nature that enable the world to exist, and allow those who possess them to make use of these forces to enact changes in the world. It may even be possible to enact changes in the nature of these forces themselves, by making changes to the Tablets.

Basic principles of a thermo-acoustic method developed for the detection of powerful microwave pulses of nanosecond duration are discussed. A proposed method is based on the registration of acoustic pulse profile originated from the thermal expansion of the volume where microwave energy was absorbed. The amplitude of excited acoustic transient is proportional to absorbed microwave energy and its temporal profile resembles one of a microwave pulse when certain conditions are satisfied. The optimal regimes of microwave pulse energy detection and sensitivity of acoustic transient registration with piezo-transducer are discussed.
Crystals and Cloning:

Method and apparatus for the exploitation of piezoelectric and other effects in carbon-based life forms
Piezoelectricity is the ability of certain crystals to produce a voltage when subjected to mechanical stress. The effect is reversible; piezoelectric crystals, subject to an externally applied voltage, can change shape by a small amount.
But how would it be possible to rule the Universe with crystal technology?

Scalar Interferometry and Phase Conjugate Mirrors:
Again it is important to recall that for De Santillana and Von Dechind, the ultimate context of ancient myths is a galactic one. Tiamet herself, blown apart by Marduk in the epic of the Enuma Elish not only may have symbolized a planet, but something far, far larger! Something truly cosmic.

But again, how might one actually do this? LaViolette’s answer is chilling:
“The technology required (for interstellar communication) is the same as that used in particle accelerators employed by high energy physicists for carrying out particle collision experiments. It is also the same technology used in particle beam weapons systems such as those developed in the Pentagon’s Star Wars program except in this case the technology would be employed for peaceful purposes.”
Star Wars indeed!

But recall that this would still limit one to the “relativistic speed limit of the velocity of light, and this would be far too slow for interstellar communications, much less the ability to travel hundreds and thousands of light years to place the galactic pulsar “grid.” So a modification is required:

This so called beat-wave plasma accelerator is able to generate beats 100,000 to 10 million times stronger than those used in the Stanford accelerator. Two powerful laser beams of slightly differing frequencies are projected into a gas plasma tube to produce a “beat frequency wave” that moves through the plasma at tremendous speed.

What makes this accelerator work is the phenomenon of interferometry. Imagine what might happen if masers (microwave lasers) being squeezed through a waveguide that was too small interfered with a plasma?

This is precisely where LaViolette goes:
“Could a civilization possessing advanced field projection technologies perhaps even engineer an entire supernova explosion? By establishing a field bridge between the two poles of a star and inducing a resonant electrodynamic oscillation between these two linked regions, the star might be induced to explode.”
The central component is the “beat wave” produced by interferometry in a plasma such as a star. How would one produce this “interference wave” in a star? After all, one would have to do this from a tremendous distance from the star itself, or risk being consumed in the stupendous explosion.

The answer, not surprisingly is with microwave utilization of the principles of optical phase conjugation.

The term “phase conjugation” refers to a special kind of “mirror” that is able to reverse the trajectories of the incident light waves and cause them to precisely retrace the path they followed in the phase conjugating mirror. The outcome is as if the photons had been made to travel backward in time.

Optical phase conjugation is most commonly known for its use in military laser weapons systems for destroying enemy missiles. In this application, a laser beam is directed at a distant moving missile target and light rays scattered back from the target are allowed to enter the phase conjugator, a chamber containing a medium having nonlinear optical properties. In this nonlinear medium, the scattered rays interact with the two opposed laser beams of similar wavelength to form a hologram-like electrostatic light refracting pattern called a “grating.” Once the grating pattern is formed, the system has essentially locked onto its target. A powerful laser weapon is then discharged into this holographic grating pattern whereupon the coherent laser light reflects (from the grating) in such a way as to produce an intense outgoing laser beam that retraces the paths that had been followed by the incoming rays that had originally been scattered from the missile; consequently the outgoing laser pulse converges precisely back onto its missile target.

Bearing in mind that plasma is one such “nonlinear medium,” we may now see what optical phase conjugation is, and why it is used in the Star Wars program, both the modern one and the ancient one.

Phase conjugation is best understood by breaking down its components into steps or stages:

A coherent beam of electromagnetic energy is aimed at a target, which beam is reflected back to the transmitter.

The returning beam is the split into a non-linear medium causing an interference pattern called a “grating”, or, as Lt. Col Tom Bearden would put it, a “template” for action. The reason that an interference pattern is created is that the atmosphere distorted the returning or reflected beam thus making it of a slightly different frequency from the outgoing wave.

Vacuum space is also both a wave propagating and a wave distorting medium, for as the rotating version of the famous Michelson-Morley experiment of French physicist Georges Sagnac demonstrated, a split beam of light fired in opposite directions in a rotating system and then interfered with produces precisely such a grating or interference pattern demonstrating a local effect of an “aether drag.”

Hence recall the rotating plasmas, or plasmoids, and one has the answer: the non-linear medium par excellence for forming a grating that results from reflecting a beam through the wave-distorting medium of space would be a quickly rotating plasma. For this means that stars are natural phase conjugate mirrors of local stellar system spaces.

Once one has the concept of phase conjugation and the non-linear interference grating “capturing medium” of a rotating plasma, one has the two essential ingredients for any such ‘scalar” weapon as LaViolette proposes.

Once this grid or interference pattern is created, the actual “punch” or energetic pulse of the weapon is fired through the “holographic grating” which then reverses the effect of the intervening distorting medium, and thus the main punch arrives at its target perfectly cohered and in perfect resonance with its target since the “grating” is the signature of that target and that target only.

We now turn to LaViolette, who proposes a “Mach II” version of phase conjugation, this time, not with coherent electromagnetic energy in the visible spectrum, but in the radio and microwave frequencies:
“Consequently, it should be possible to phase conjugate microwaves by following techniques similar to those described in experiments with optical phase conjugation. However, it appears that most of this research is still highly classified. While many papers have been published on optical phase conjugation, virtually n literature is available on the application of phase conjugation at microwave frequencies.”
And if LaViolette can propose microwave phase conjugation as a kind of Mark II, “power upgrade” of optical conjugation, it is not difficult to see that the next step, Mark III, would be x-ray and gamma phase conjugation.

But one might go beyond even the gamma and x-ray “Mark III” versions of this phase conjugate star bursting “Mark II mirror.” One might be able to envision using those very longitudinal “electro-acoustic waves themselves in such a device.

If LaViolette’s galactic explosion and superwave or the explosion of Van Flandern’s two exploded planets were acts in a war, as fought by an extremely advanced society having access to such star and planet busting phase conjugate mirrors, or “scalar” weapons, and having access thereby to non-local and superluminal means of travel and communication, then Atlantis, and Tiamet were not, per Alford’s reading, merely metaphors for planetary “mountains” or “islands” in the midst of an “ocean” of space; nor following other readings was the lost continent merely a “continent” that sunk some 10,000 years ago beneath the seas here on earth, a distant victim in time and space from that original galactic explosion.

And if this physics sophistication mirrors an ancient application of similar principles, it should not surprise us then that we are also (re)developing sciences and technologies in other areas to genetically engineer and alter the biology of human life itself to prolong it abnormally; these same technologies and sciences are now allowing us, like the “gods of old” to dream once again of terrible chimeras and hybrids, to grow human ears on rats today, and perhaps tomorrow grow half-human half-animal chimeras, centaurs and gryphons and fish-men and serpent-men.

– Joseph P. Farrell – “The Cosmic War – Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts” – Page 123 – 130


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Interesting! NASA “bombs” the moon and an asteroid shows up. All a coincidence, I’m sure.

EARTH CHANGES MEDIA with Mitch Battros
Small Asteroid Will Pass Between
Earth And Moon Tonight (Sat.)

30-foot-wide asteroid discovered Friday night will zip past the Earth just before midnight, Eastern Time, tonight. NASA estimates the object will pass within 216-thousand miles of Earth, or slightly closer than the orbit of the moon. There's no danger of the asteroid hitting the Earth.


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The Tuaoi crystal itself was probably shaped like a pyramid with a capstone (the "ben ben" stone) and placed within a "stone built" pyramidal structure such as Great Pyramid at Giza.

Crystal Technology ... 110#p26934

The pyramid as a scalar interferometer

The Pyramid Double Helix
It is one of the best books on pyramid energies that I have read primarily because it involves the use of energy to form what has been termed 'Standing Columnar Waves.' It also deals with patterns that seem to influence energy for specific effects.

Doug Benjamin is an energy researcher who has investigated geometric angles derived from Egyptian sources and actual experiments. These angles are basically 3 sided pyramids (2 dimensional) which correspond to specific organs of the body. When properly used, they can improve the energy level and thus the health of the targeted organ.

Imagine three pyramids, the ones on the left and right are identical with smooth sides. The pyramid in the middle is a stepped pyramid commonly called a Ziggurat. All three pyramids have a shaft leading from the base down underground. These vertical shafts all connect to a common horizontal shaft. The walls of these shafts and the corridor were covered with these mystery tiles.

Doug said the pyramids on the left and right were normal pyramids while the center one was a ziggurat (stepped). Now if energy was in fact somehow received or transmitted by such a stepped pyramid, it would function as a lens commonly termed a FRESNEL.

Therefore, it appeared to be some form of SCALAR INTERFEROMETER with the left and right pyramids acting as either transmitters or receivers and the center acting as a concentrating lens or targeting lens.

These tiles lined the connecting corridors between all three pyramids and would seem to be some form of channel for a very high intensity energy.
The Pyramid and its Healing Benfits

Orion Infrasound Pyramid at Resonance
This resonance structure is recognized as a solid-state global oscillator that functions in wavelengths of pure consciousness itself, entraining the human mind through redistribution and focusing of the global mind. Indigenous cultures across the globe recognize the Earth as a sentient being in itself, and as consciousness has a frequency that can be measured as the EEG, then the frequencies of Schumann Resonance can be understood as the vital pulse of Earth. Ancient wisdom passed on through the traditions of the Yaqui and Toltec cultures of present-day Mexico overtly describe the Earth’s emanations and the corresponding alignment of the emanations of humans, a notion described by modern science as the Frequency Following Response. The pineal gland contains microcrystalline calcite biomineralizations (Bacconier, Lang et al) that transduce frequencies of consciousness.
An optical laser (visible light spectrum); a maser (infrared, x-ray and gamma ray laser); a thermo-acoustic laser; a phase conjugate mirror (a crystal diode; a rectifier; a four way beam splitter)

Tuaoi: The Great Crystal ... gl=usLaser
Perhaps no single item is as symbolic of the Edgar Cayce vision of Atlantis as the tuaoi, referred to variously as the "fire stone", "the great crystal ", and "the terrible, mighty crystal". Perhaps also has no other single item generated as much controversy as to what it actually was. Ideas run the gamut from supernatural cosmic energy source to a quasi-science fiction gravity wave attenuator.
The Tuaoi Crystal was also known as the Ben Ben Stone

Ben Ben Stones – Lemurian Seed Crystals – Ancient Lasers?
The shaft of the Lemurian Laser wand is hexagonal.

The hexagon occurs in both organic and inorganic forms in nature, and thus represents the bridge between living and non-living realms of material creation in the sacred science of sacred geometry.

Six-angled, six-sided and six-pointed forms of nature include: quartz crystals; the benzene ring, a basic structure in organic chemistry, and one of the basic building blocks of organic structures of nature, composed of a hexagonal configuration of six hydrogen and six carbon atoms; the hexagonal web of cellulose found in plant tissue; the hexagonal net of cells that form the tissue in the human lung; snowflakes; slices of carrot and green pepper; and honeycombs.

The Lemurian Laser Wand's sacred geometry, incorporating the hexagon and the triangle, marks these unique crystals as nature’s own “magic wands”.

Slice the hexagonal shaft of any Lemurian Laser wand, and a Star of David appears. Quartz crystal wands are three-dimensional Star of David mandalas. The Star of David is the ideal container for Universal Life Force Energy.

Lemurian Laser Wands deliver a highly concentrated beam of life force energy. Energy enters the crystal through the hexagonal base, and is amplified as it travels through the shaft, bouncing from face to face in a spiral of light. As the energy travels through the increasingly narrow end of the shaft and enters the triangular termination tip, the energy is concentrated, focused and amplified, so that when it is delivered it has many of the characteristics of a laser beam.
An Intuitive Explanation of Phase Conjugation ... ugate.html
Phase conjugation is a fascinating phenomenon with very unusual characteristics and properties. It operates somewhat like holography, but it is a dynamic hologram, whose "holographic plate" is defined by interfering wave fronts in a nonlinear optical medium, rather than etched as a static pattern on a glass plate. In this page I provide an intuitive explanation of the essential principles behind phase conjugation.
Why has Tom Bearden given up on Phase Conjugation? ... econj.html
Scalar effects are produced by phase conjugating a wave by 180 degrees to cancel out the energy, yet it produces a "stress wave" that can have physical effects.

We are told there was a laser researcher who figured that energy could be extracted from a properly conjugated laser cavity. He succeeded yet before he could make the details of the process known he was killed by short range shotgun blasts as he left his home. The circumstances indicated silence was the motive for the killing.

The ideal free energy device would use a tuned waveplate or a geometry that produces such a wavefront that it would "interfere" with incoming energies to produce side effects as specified in the NEUTRAL1 Aether Spectrum. Those side effects would be collected or otherwise discharged for practical use. Electricity, light or heat are all quite practical using this down conversion method.

That is one of the reasons for our interest in "Magic Squares", because they form the geometries that can act as kaleidoscopic multipliers or dividers of these incoming energies or simply Aether/gravity to keep it simple. Small replicative circuits that produce large quantities of the desired energy.

Keely also indicates that in a differentiated mass (such as a "conditioned" magnet), all of the "knotholes" or nodes of interference are removed. Once this is done, the mass becomes essentially superconducting because of the instant communication of force throughout it's aggregate structure. When that occurs, change of one single molecule will instantly change all other molecules of like composition because the aggregrate has been attuned to a harmonious or "differentiated" condition.
Phase Conjugation Feynman Diagrams
All physical phenomena are mediated by electro-magnetic (EM), gravitational (G), strong, or weak interactions. We can further simplify this scheme by noting that ALL interactions among any kind of particles or waves are governed by the laws of phase conjugation and involve 4-particle/wave mixing of some kind. Thus, in a formal sense all Feynman diagrams should take the form of 4-particle/wave mixing phase conjugation diagrams.

Here is a Feynman diagram of an EM interaction in which an excited outer orbit electron (e-) changes energy levels and emits a photon (g). Drawn in left-to-right mirror image with arrows reversed it represents an electron absorbing a photon. The presence of an antiphoton (g*) indicates an observer. The antiphoton goes faster than light and thus backward in space/time, so its arrow direction is opposite that of the photon. Fermion particle antimatter pairs also move opposite directions in time, though they usually scatter at angles from each other in space.
Thermoacoustics ... stics.html
Thermoacoustics is the field of study that combines sound and heat. Thermoacoustic devices use the Ideal Gas Law and the Second Law of Thermodynamics to transform heat into sound waves or to use the oscillations of sound to transport heat.

The 'thermoacoustic laser' kit from Penn State University was built for demonstration purposes. The standard kit was improved by including thermocouples on the hot and cold side of the stack. The stack is held within the white plastic cylinder. Brass rods are joined to the plastic cylinder to allow the stack to be moved along the length of the test-tube to demonstrate that operation of the device changes as the position of the stack is altered.


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Why would the great Tuoi Crystal or the structure that housed it be pyramidal in shape?

On Geometry and Advanced Energy Conversion
There are quite a few areas in which the idea of the use of a particular geometry has overlapped with the advanced energy areas. Here is a summary of what I can remember off of the top of my head:

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, was built about the same time as the Sphinx, and I think it was definitely built way before the other structures there. It has a full base to height ratio of 2 to SQRT(Phi), where Phi is the Golden Ratio and is equal to (1+SQRT(5))/2. That gives an internal triangle with sides of 1-to-SQRT(Phi)-to-Phi.

Several experimenters have noticed that four-sided pyramids build with this ratio exhibit strange properties when a base is aligned perpendicular to local magnetic north.

I also note that when a pyramid of this exact shape is cut along the base and along the edges and unfolded, one gets the Templar Cross. Coincidence?

2. The number Phi is also very interesting from a resonance point of view. What number does one get when they complete the series:

1 + ( 1 / (1 + 1 / (1 + 1 / 1 + ... )))

The number Phi

Resonance is a key factor in the many Chambers in the Great Pyramid, also in the Egyptian temples at Luxor, and in nuclear physics, and in quantum mechanics! Also, that's how lasers work - by getting the right resonance.

And, as everyone should know, the great Fibonacci sequence is:

Ni+1 = Ni + Ni-1, where you select any two starting numbers, like 1 and 2, to get the sequence:

1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc., always (and I mean always!) will converge to a specific value for Ni+1/Ni (regardless of whatever two numbers you start with), and that converged value is Phi! This series and its convergence is seen in Nature all of the time. Get it? It's Natural! It just works.

3. The number Phi is usually represented as a "Golden Mean Spiral", consisting of several connected one-quarter circles, where each successive circle has a radius of the previous circle divided by Phi, connected at the ends of the quarter circle. That is really not a true spiral, and is just a geometrical construct that looks nice in books.
A true Golden Mean Spiral (linear with angle) would have the equation:

Ri(Ti) = Ri(0) * [ (1.0 - x) + x / Phi)]; where: x = Ti / 360.0; and: 0.0 .LE. Ti .LE. 360.0 for each circular revolution i; and Ri+1(0) = Ri(360).

That way, one would get a continuously decreasing spiral, whose (r,theta) radius Ri at each angle theta (Ti) during revolution i would come back and cross the theta = 0 axis at (1/Phi)*Ri(0) during each revolution. This "true" "Golden Mean Spiral" has very little in common with the former one above.

However, this spiral does look a lot like the one in the "Geometry of Harmonics" that Victor Schauberger is reported to have used when he developed his flying disks and free-machine technologies during the 1930's and 1940's.

I have a videotape that shows a three-dimensional surface, with a circular x-y cross section, and a specific y-z curve (x increasing as z goes down) where a specific spiral-type curve is drawn upon that surface, going around it, as z varies. The videotape says (in German) that particular 3-D shaped curve is VERY important! I would love to have more information on that subject! Perhaps the Templars or the Knight Templars know of this?

As a Knight Templar myself, I am asking other Knights world-wide for specific information!

4. Much has been made of "Tetrahedronal Geometry." This has recently been popularized in this country by Richard Hoagland, who has noticed that any tetrahedron drawn inside a sphere will touch the sphere at a latitude of about (+/-) 19.5 degrees, and this is where he says most or all of the pyramids are build upon the Earth, where the Great Spot is on Jupiter, and maybe there are links to the Cydonia pyramid complex that is said to exist on Mars. I don't know. I have not checked these data.

However, the tetrahedron is the first and simplest of the five Platonic Solids. Each of these solids can just and exactly fit into another one, giving rise to a nested set of solids within solids, all within their own sphere. The number Phi, of course, runs all through these solids.

The tetrahedron has also been promoted in a religious field by Drunvalo Melchizedek in his recent teachings. He says that a human's energy field is primarily composed of two interlocking tetrahedron's, one up, one down and turned 30 degrees, all inside one sphere, and that the activation of a person's energy field, or "Merkaba", depends upon how you spin those two tetrahedrons and at what speed. This is all very interesting, especially when you consider that a side view of that energy field would look like a six-pointed "Star of David."

The idea of Platonic Solids being specific resonance harmonics of each other has probably not been considered by many researchers or mathematicians.

5. According to a couple of videotapes I have (that are said to have been produced in Austria) scientists in Germany and Austria are said to have isolated and used a "Free Energy" source of power during the 1930's and 1940's that came from "The Black Sun".

According to these videotapes, the Thule Society was created before and was then absorbed into the German Nationalist Party during this time. The Vril Corporation was the research arm of the Thule Society and was responsible for the manufacture of anti-gravity disks and free-energy generators that used this energy. The "Black Sun Society" was the technical group that perfected this technology, which was used to a limited extent by the Third Reich during the Second World War. Where it went after that is anyone's guess. (Although I think some people DO know.)

The theory here is that there is an unseen flow of energy through space, from a specific direction in space, that comes toward and passes through the Earth that can be harnessed and used for levitation and energy conversion devices

6. Several experimenters that I know of have said that the results of their experiments have depended on the time of the day, and even on the time of the year. This has been said by Sparky Sweet and several others. Sparky noted that his best results came when Leo was directly overhead, and once asked me why.

Perhaps there is a flow of some sort of "free-energy" that comes from a specific region of space that could be used if we could only measure it, accumulate it, and then convert it.

Perhaps the use of specific geometrical shapes is a key in this accumulation and conversion process. This is beginning to sound like some of the theories of Wilhelm Reich with Orgonne Energy, and of T. Henry Morey with his free-energy device in the 1930's, is it not? Coincidence?


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Excerpts from the Webbot of Cliff High on TheNorthWatch October 16, 2009 ... re=related
The bombing of the moon is really strange; I am sure that we are not being told anything close to what it was really about. I think they are trying to hide something from us. My gut level is that they were going to blow up something that they didn’t want anyone to see.

There appears to be more and more evidence of a U.S. hyperdimensional space program and that antigravitics technology is about 50 to 60 years ahead from where we are in the civilian level.

I kind of suspect that we have have going on here is a dual society; that part of our society, led by the shadow government, is sucking resources from the rest of us and bleeding us all dry like slaves, while they are building themselves up a Type 1 civilization, which is to say, an interplanetary society based on sustainable energy; and excluding the rest of us because of the feudal nature of the social order that we have never yet thrown off, which goes back to our fear of the resurgence of the monarchy and the idea that these people somehow feel that they have the divine right to rule over us.
Their time is up!

Power to the human people! ... re=related

through love not violence

All we humans are saying is give peace a chance!

And remember, fellow humans, we shall overcome!

Just imagine! ... re=related

Excerpts from the Webbot of Cliff High on TheNorthWatch October 16, 2009 ... re=related
The Project Camelot whistleblowers say that the management in the shadow world is very much aware that we are being hit with all of this crap at once.

What about the two fugitives; I have been contacted by a person who claims to be a part of the pursuers; and they are really pissed; I don’t know if this was a kind of warning;

There will be greater visibility in November and December as a lot of the “alien stuff” starts to come up; by “alien” I am using it as a broad term; and the fundamental information that will come out regarding the “new electrics” that may have already occurred about a new type of magnetic battery and magnetic electricity; this could be the fundamental breakthrough that powers the “new electrics”.

About the guys who are the fugitives with their device; we will see a denouement of the last part of the act as it plays out by June or July of next year; you should see hints of this stuff beginning in December and leading up to June or July regarding yet another alien device that has surfaced.

Speaking of science fiction, I heard you talk about alien wars in 2011 and how it could be dominating our thoughts; and interplanetary wars; the language is already starting to show up; we have NASA telling us that they are going to bomb the "evil Celanites" on the moon for some kind of perceived cause. What they really said was that they were going to look for water, but they did it in a really strange way by bombing the moon.

The level of that language will be dominating 2011 and will really start appearing on an almost daily basis, I suspect, in late November 2010. By "alien wars" we are using those words at the largest level of the archetype.

I started talking to people, and It’s really strange for me to run across all these people who used to work for the establishment, and they say that oh yeah the alien issue, or extraterrestrials, ET contact, or however else you want to call it, has been the single number one item on all the administrations' minds since Reagan, and it probably goes back as far as Eisenhower; but it doesn’t come up show up for us guys because they have been doing all this hiding for all these years…
The “new electrics”

What is Superlight ... light.html

The Wonderful World of Advanced Materials

Black Power light

Speculation of the "artifact" to be found:

What is the Ark of the Covenant? ... 328#p27301

'Ark of the Covenant' about to be unveiled?
The patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia says he will announce to the world Friday the unveiling of the Ark of the Covenant, perhaps the world's most prized archaeological and spiritual artifact, which he says has been hidden away in a church in his country for millennia, according to the Italian news agency Adnkronos.


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Get up, Stand up! Don't give up the Fight! ... re=related

The Power of Song


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Set (Seth) and the Serpent ... soSeth.htm
The serpent is true to the principle of wisdom, for it tempts man to the knowledge of himself. Therefore the knowledge of self resulted from man's disobedience to the Demiurgus, Jehovah. How the serpent came to be in the garden of the Lord after God had declared that all creatures which He had made during the six days of creation were good has not been satisfactorily answered by the interpreters of Scripture. The tree that grows in the midst of the garden is the spinal fire; the knowledge of the use of that spinal fire is the gift of the great serpent.

Notwithstanding statements to the contrary, the serpent is the symbol of prototype of the Universal Savior, who redeems the worlds by giving creation the knowledge of itself and the realization of good and evil. If this be not so, why did Moses raise a brazen serpent upon a cross in the wilderness that all who looked upon it might be saved from the sting of lesser snakes? Was not the brazen serpent a prophecy of the crucified Man to come: If the serpent be only a thing of evil, why did Christ instruct His disciples to be as wise as serpents?

"The accepted theory that the serpent is evil cannot be substantiated. It has long been viewed as the emblem of immortality. It is the symbol of reincarnation, or metempsychosis, because it annually sheds its skin, reappearing, as it were, in a new body. There is an ancient superstition to the effect that snakes never die except by violence and that, if uninjured, they would live forever. It was also believed that snakes swallowed themselves, and this resulted in their being considered emblematic of the Supreme Creator, who periodically reabsorbed His universe back into Himself.

"Electricity was commonly symbolized by the serpent because of its motion. Electricity passing between the poles of a spark gap is serpentine in its motion. Force projected through atmosphere was called The Great Snake. Being symbolic of universal force, the serpent was emblematic of both good and evil. Force can tear down as rapidly as it can build up. The serpent with its tail in its mouth is the symbol of eternity, for in this position the body of the reptile has neither beginning nor end. The head and tail represent the positive and negative poles of the cosmic life circuit. The initiates of the Mysteries were often referred to as serpents, and their wisdom was considered analogous to the divinely inspired power of the snake." (Hall, 1977, p. LXXXVII).

"What is this Typhonian Tradition and how is it linked to the Merovingian/Grail Bloodline and the Priory of Sion as described in Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh's book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail? According to Kenneth Grant, a leading exponent of this Typhonian Tradition, and head of the Ordo Templi Orientis (a magical organization that was once headed by the one and only Aleister Crowley) this tradition is part of a current of magical force and occult lore dating back to Sumeria and pre-Dynastic Egypt. Originally known as the Draconian Tradition it is a magical current "based on initiated knowledge or gnosis of the Fire Snake." The Fire Snake is also known as the Kundalini or the Ophidian Current; the basis of all true initiation.

"Who is Typhon? According to Mr. Grant, Typhon is "The feminine aspect of Set; sometimes typified as the Mother of Set in her role of Goddess of the Seven Stars, of which Set is the Eighth." Set is the brother of Osiris in the Egyptian Pantheon. Set, Osiris' dark brother, chopped Osiris up into many pieces, leaving him for dead. Set was also the prototype for Satan. Grant writes, "The word Set or Sut, means 'black'. This indicates not only the generative nature of this god but also his association with the night-world, Amenta, for from being a god of the heavens Set fell beneath the horizon and was recognized in later mythologies as the Lord of Hell, the Hidden Land... This god is of supreme importance in Crowley's Cult, being not only the name of the primal creative spirit but also the formula of sexual magick."

Set was the "black god". He was known as "he who is below." He was banished to the underworld by his "twin" Horus for killing Osiris. The Nephilim were banished to the center of the earth for disobeying God by mating with the daughters of men and teaching them the "forbidden" arts. In this publication the Nephilim have been identified as the Fathers of the Merovingians. Set was generally considered to be a vile, vicious god baneful to men. But there are enough aspects of this god that link him to the ancient Sumerian myths, the basis of the Merovingian mythos published in this magazine [Dagobert's Revenge], to show that Set is to be identified with the same gods and characters that make up these Mythos. He may have been considered baneful towards some races, but not the race of the Grail."

Now, what does Jesus have to say on the subject of his parents? And he says it almost as a punch line near the end of the Book of Revelation.

Revelation 21:16: "I Jesus have sent my angel to you with this testimony for the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star."

In other words, Jesus is saying that he is the offspring of the Morning Star (Venus), implying that he is the Son of Isis. But the Son of Isis is the mythological Horus. Christians commonly associate Venus with Lucifer (cf. Satan) the bright evening star. Confused? Is this but another attempt to hide the truth about Isis? Did the Christian fathers intentionally rename the Mother of God the Virgin Mary?


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What would happen if humans had the potential to become multidimensional beings just like the “gods”? Would the negative hyperdimensional entities who want to control us consider us a threat? Would positive hyperdimensional entities ("forces of light") see us as friends and allies who would assist them in their struggles against the “forces of darkness”?

The Multidimensional Potential of Human Beings ... ota_23.htm
Profound evidence exists supporting the concept that human potentials are not confined to third-dimension realities of height, breadth and depth, or of matter, energy, space and time. New scientific models for space-time transcendence are being researched.

Cultural and experiential evidence is strong indicating that multidimensional types can "travel" between and have conscious visualizations and perceptions of hyperspace dimensions. A technology is possible regarding transmission and access of hyperspace information. This technology could restructure human focus and activity.

Research has shown that multidimensionals can actually travel into hyperspace and have conscious visualization and perceptions of other time/space dimensions, including accessing information through their own DNA. Often they speak of formulas, mathematical equations and atomic structure in ways quite different from current scientific thought.

Today's theoretical physicists have clearly defined hyperspace, introduced the existence of "wormholes" or tunnels between dimensions, alternate universes and, again theoretically, have postulated access to both the past and the future. Most of these physicists are searching for ways to access hyperspace by a mechanical, third dimensional means

Changing mental focus between dimensions can occur rapidly and is often the result of outside stimuli - a harmonic resonance which can trigger the change of focus, and which can also act as a guide. This harmonic resonance may come in the form of any number of things (a sound, a word, a flash of light, a sentence, or an event) which acts as the opening key to a specific range of knowledge in hyperspace.

Most importantly, multidimensionals are living examples of the ultimate paradigm shift from materialism to mentalism because they have consciously converted material, third dimensional, controlled and limited, information transmission systems to unlimited, cosmic information transmission systems.

Multidimensionals consciously receive information as energy frequency information transmissions. By so doing, they provide information pertaining to higher (or cosmic) knowledge transmission systems -- as opposed to materialistic, third-dimensional, hardware requiring transmission systems containing and perpetuating only third-dimensional information and knowledge.

Multidimensionals have shown that "cosmic" light, including sunlight, is the ultimate cosmic information transmission system. Earth has always received cosmic information transmissions. Humans have always received cosmic energy knowledge transmissions, but have repressed this knowledge from conscious awareness, relegating cosmic information input to deeply buried mind dynamics of the subconscious.

Human minds (conscious awareness) have been stuck or blocked into a "dis-learning" mindset which has short-circuited the potential of human mind functioning. Successful multidimensionals make adjustments necessary to unlock the mindset, and, once free from that state of non-awareness, can access higher dimensions. Their abilities to do this formulate a knowledge transmission system characterized by different mind frequencies.

The importance of breaking free of the third-dimensional mind blocks is, very simply, that humans have radically altered the planet's environment without radically altering themselves on a conscious mental level. The result is a quest for material comfort and the irrational utilization of earth's resources in this pursuit, and it has already caused irreparable damage.

If humanity continues in perpetuating the current destructive mindsets, the earth cannot continue to support human life.

It must be comprehended that the environmental and human predicaments are a product of blocked mindsets which cause the lack of knowledge of matter first being pure energy; of the human mind effects on pure energy; a mis-utilization of pure energy; and ignorance of the effects of the energy created when the energy of matter is changed.


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Amongst “conspiracy theorists” there are standing jokes about the true meanings of the acronyms that represent the alphabet agencies that run most world governments. If one applies an Orwellian (inverted) meaning to the name, suddenly one becomes aware of the true nature of the institution. Thus the “Ministry of Peace” is really the “Ministry of War” or the “Ministry of Health” is really the “Ministry of Ill Health.”

The original acronym, the “military industrial complex, was abbreviated MIC. However, after WWII (thanks to Operation Paperclip), there were rumors that it had became the MIOC, the “military industrial occult complex.”

Could that be true?

Our tax dollars at work?

The “greatest story” ever told?
The “greatest story” never told?
The “greatest story” ever sold?

What could they be looking for? The Tablets of Destiny? The Ark of the Covenant? The Emerald Tablets? The Book of Thoth?

The Tablets of Destiny contain coded information about all the frequencies (harmonics) of the entire Universe. If you possessed this knowledge, you could control the Universe. You could use scalar technology to alter or change the local geometric structure (the "fabric of spacetime") of any "body" located anywhere in the Universe by applying the correct harmonics – “cosmic action from a distance.”

The wars of the gods were always fought for possession of these tablets. “Kingship” was bestowed upon the “god” who controlled the "Tablets of Destiny”. (These were raw power struggles and had nothing to do with the “purity of bloodlines”. Unfortunately, human history, too, is replete with its share of human megalomaniacal monsters.)

Did the “gods” return only after humans “rediscovered” scalar technology?. After all, the "gods" have reason to be concerned. Humans can use this technology for the benefit of all, or for our mutual destruction.

If humans can understand scalar technology, then we can pose a threat to the “gods”, both the positive and the negative forces. If humans gained control of the Tablets of Destiny, then we become “like the gods.” However, like the “gods” in the past, humans could misuse scalar technology and destroy the world.

However, the power of these tablets were such that over time they tended to corrupt its possessor to the point where he began to exhibit a megalomanical desire to rule the Universe rather than to preserve it. In other words, "power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely!"

The Tablets of Destiny were the master (crystal) tablets that controlled all the other power stones (crystals). They were like the main computer database that stored the information about the frequencies (harmonics) that powered the entire interstellar crystal network -- like a universal IBM software operating system for crystal technology.

These stones (crystals) were housed in pyramidal shaped structures in order to utilize “pyramid energy”. Thus it makes sense to assume that the Ark of the Covenant which held the Tablets of Destiny was housed originally in the largest of the pyramidal structures of the ancient world – the Great Pyramid at Giza.

But what did Thoth do with them or where did he hide them? ... 140#p27313

That would mean that the negative HDE’s (hyperdimensional entities) and their negative human counterparts (the global elites or the “Illuminati”) would have a vested interest in obtaining possession of the lost or missing tablets so they can continue to control the “dark world” they have created. However, it would also mean that the positive HDE’s would be concerned that humans (given our past dark history – Hiroshima, Nagasaki, etc.) would misuse them.

“Space alien device”? ... 125#p27108
“The device” that is forecasted to appear in the language will have some level of visibility beginning in November. We should be able to determine who the liberators are or who the thieves are by mid-March, 2010. We should have some idea as to what this device is and whether it has been recovered or what really happened to it.

The device is strongly associated with a multi-million year presence of “space aliens” or with some kind of pre-modern human civilizations rather than with modern “space aliens.”
What is the Ark of the Covenant? ... 328#p27301

It’s difficult to imagine, isn’t it? It’s as if we are all bit players is a bizarre “cosmic” reality drama,” ( a grade B “whodunit”)”, and we are all actively trying to discover who the real “man behind the curtain” is. Is it “God” or is it the “Devil”; or is “God” really the “Devil”, or is the “Devil” really “God.” Stay tuned…

On October 14th of 1997, NASA launched the spacecraft Cassini, which is scheduled to arrive at Saturn in 2004 A.D. Cassini was launched toward Venus and will fly by Venus twice, the Earth once in August 1999 and then be on its way to Saturn, flying by Jupiter in December 2000.

Prior to the October 15 launching, anti-nuclear organizations demonstrated against Cassini, alarmed that the craft will enter the Earth’s atmosphere in 1999 spreading deadly plutonium.
In 1973, the Edgar Cayce Foundation funded the Stanford Research Institute (which has an annual budget of over $300 million from the U.S. Government) to excavate the Great Egyptian Sphinx. Then, in 1977, the U.S. National Science Foundation funded a similar project at the Pyramid at Giza which involved the SRI. Within this company of strange bedfellows may be found employees and consultants with NASA:

"In our research we have stumbled across a tangled web of clues, connections and overlap-ping interests appearing to suggest that American scientists with links to NASA may have quietly involved themselves, since at least the 1970’s, in covert ‘expeditions’ to unveil the secrets of the great pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza..." .

During the 1970’s, the NASA Mariner 9 and Viking 1 missions were undertaken to probe pyramid structures on Mars in an effort to prove that they were a great cosmic blueprint to the Giza pyramids in Egypt. More direct involvement by NASA in the pyramid project at Giza followed these space missions which occurred from 1971 through 1976:

Of special interest, Lambert Dolphin -- head of the SRI project at the Sphinx and the Mars Project who negotiated funding with the Edgar Cayce Foundation -- has a web site that is linked with David di Sabatino's History of the Jesus Movement, a book dedicated to Lonnie Frisbee, the hippie who in the late 60's became Youth Pastor of Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel. 77. Lonnie Frisbee possessed a spiritual power similar to that experienced in the Toronto/Pensacola revivals and is credited, through his influence and affiliation with Smith and later John Wimber, with giving birth to the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard Movements.

Although he mentions the government's involvement with remote viewers for espionage, Lambert Dolphin does not disclose that in 1977 he traveled to Virginia Beach to negotiate funding from the Edgar Cayce organization for the SRI project at Giza ~ nor that in 1983 he helped to set up the Independent Mars Project’ as consultant to NASA and leader of the SRI project at the Sphinx. We refer the reader to Lambert Dolphin & The Great Sphinx for details of this Christian minister's connections with the Edgar Cayce Foundation and the Masonic Egyptologists.

There is yet another disturbing piece of evidence inculpating NASA with occult organizations. In the 1996 edition of Who's Who In America will be found the following entry: "Christian Frederick Kleinknecht, Grand Secretary-General, Supreme Council 33, Washington, D.C., now Grand Secretary-General."

This Supreme Pontiff of the Masonic Orders is also the brother of Kenneth Samuel Kleinknecht, also a Mason who, although presently retired, has since 1959 held top positions within NASA. Among these prestigious positions are listed in Who's Who: Manager of the following: Mercury Project, the Gemini Program, the Command and Service Modules and Flight Ops at Johnson Space Center in Houston, the Sky-Lab Project, the Laser Project-Zenith Star Project, the Constrn. Space Shuttle Orbiter; and Assistant Manager of the Orbiter Project, Houston. 79.

Was Edgar Cayce a Freemason? In the 1997 A.R.E. publication 'The Lost Memoirs of Edgar Cayce' edited by Robert Smith, we read on page 56 that Edgar quit school at the age of 22 (one has to be at least 21 to join the Masons) to join his father Leslie in peddling insurance for the Fraternal Insurance Co. to other Freemasons around the state of Kentucky. Employees of this company were required to be Freemasons. It was also at this time that Cayce and his father opened several Masonic Lodges in the area to facilitate insurance sales, among other things. The following quote of Cayce's is to be found on page 159 of Lytle W. Robinson's 1979 book, Is It True What They Say About Edgar Cayce:

"...with the changes that will be wrought, true Americanism, the universal thought that is expressed and manifested in the brotherhood of man, as in the Masonic Order, will be the eventual rule in the settlement of affairs in the world." 80.

These connections at the very highest levels of NASA, Freemasonry and the Edgar Cayce Foundation make it difficult to resist the suspicion that the present missions to Jupiter and Saturn involve may involve more than legitimate scientific exploration. Neither is there assurance forthcoming that the Edgar Cayce Foundation is not financing the fulfillment of the visionary's prophecies through NASA. Is it possible that the present Galileo Europa Mission is gathering information from Jupiter's moons like the Mariner 9 and Viking 1 missions undertaken to probe pyramid structures on Mars to prove some cosmic blueprint to the Giza pyramids in Egypt? The following recent status report on GEM may not tell the whole story:

The current president of the A.R.E. and Edgar Cayce Foundation is Cayce's grandson, Charles T. Cayce. According to Hancock and Bauval, these organizations have carried on various initiatives at the Giza pyramid for the past two decades. Charles Cayce has expressed his conviction that "the truth about Giza was going to emerge and the 'Hall of Records' was going to be discovered, just as Edgar Cayce had prophesied."

Hancock and Bauval also state that, in March 1996, the Egyptian Antiquities Organization granted a one-year renewable license for the project at the Sphinx and that team members consulted with former NASA consultant, Dr. James Hurtak, and SRI consultant, Richard Hoagland -- the men with whom Lambert Dolphin worked on the Independent Mars Project. In 1985, the Edgar Cayce Foundation and A.R.E. magazine, "Venture Inward," revealed the primary agency created to fulfill Edgar Cayce's prophecy concerning the second coming of Christ.


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Can scalar technology be used to produce the “elixir of life” and other amazing health benefits – longevity, immortality?

The “heavenly blacksmiths” were the “gods” who knew how to make asterized quartz crystals (those that contained the essence of the stars). Are these various crystals referred to as "star metals"?

Thus alchemy is the “science of light” or the turning "glass" into "asterisized" quarts crystals (through "vortex technology) by using a “torsion field generator.”

The Nazis rediscovered this scalar technology during WWII, and the “Allied Powers” and the “Soviets” were quite happy to “appropriate” it from them. (This is usually referred to in “polite society” as the “spoils of war.”)

The Nazi Bell
Obviously, the "secret occult knowledge" uncovered by the Nazis which gave them the hypergeometrical know-how to build the flying saucers was derived from "the wisdom of the gods”.

Clearly, someone in the Special K, probably this Hans Kammler bloke, got hold of the crystal of Zon Mezzamalech.

"The Bell was said to be extremely dangerous, causing illness, mutation and death in animal and possibly human subjects. One of Cook's scientist contacts in The Hunt for Zero Point even went so far as to claim that The Bell was a torsion field generator and that the SS scientists were attempting to build some sort of time machine with it."
The Nazi Bell (ufo nazi conspiracy) ... iracy.html
Die Glocke (German for "The Bell") is the name of a purported top secret and highly sensitive Nazi scientific technological device. The only sources for this theory are the books of Polish aerospace defence journalist and military historian Igor Witkowski, which claim it to be a secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe. The topic has been popularized by Nick Cook, Joseph P. Farrell and conspiracy theory websites, associating it with Nazi occultism and antigravity or free energy research.

The Bell is said to be an experiment carried out by Third Reich scientists working for the SS in a German facility known as Der Riese ("The Giant") near the Wenceslas mine.

The device is described as metallic, approximately 9 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet high with a shape similar to a bell. It contained two counter-rotating cylinders filled with a highly radioactive, purple substance only known as Xerum 525, which has been speculated to be Red mercury. When active, The Bell would emit strong radiation, which led to the death of several scientists and various plant and animal test subjects.
Unfortunately the Nazis used “red mercury” which was toxic. They could have produced “asterized” quartz crystals through pyroelectric fusion. The key, then, for “free Masonic science” would be to learn how to make “asterized” (stellar) quartz crystals.

Is this the real purpose of the Hadron collider? Can humans use a plasma focus device or particle accelerators to create diamonds just like the stars do? Is this an example of "pyroelectric fusion"?

Focus Fusion Reactor
Focus fusion reactors - reactors that use hydrogen-boron fuel and the dense plasma focus device - are expected to provide virtually unlimited supplies of cheap energy in an environmentally sound way.
Dense Plasma Focus Device
http://globalwarming-arclein.blogspot.c ... evice.html
Genuine hydrogen fusion control should be available through the use of the plasma focus device, but the technology has been “starved” for funding and redirected toward useless technologies like the Tokamak?

Creating Diamonds in Space ... e_999.html
An international team of astronomers from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) in Germany, Hokkaido University in Japan, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) in Hawaii, Jena University in Germany, and the University of Copenhagen in Denmark used observations from the Subaru Telescope to provide data for their interpretation of why only particular stars have diamonds. One of their major findings was that the emissions of diamond-disk stars are more centrally located and densely concentrated in the disk than other kinds of emissions.
The Ark of the Covenant is a torsion field generator and can be used to make “asterized” quartz without the harmful effects of “red mercury”.

How can this technology be done naturally?

The Ark of the Covenant
The Ark of the Covenant, according to the Bible, was used as a kind of high-tech weapon during wars. The magical White Powder Gold or manna along with the Ark, suggest the ancient Hebrews had an advanced science. It was the knowledge of these ancient secrets that the Free Masons once had but lost, back in the 1700s, Gardner explained. Research on White Powder Gold and monoatomic elements begun in the 1980's, has revealed a number of unusual properties such as levitation, and possible applications in medicine and energy, he added.
Solomon, Knights Templar & White Gold
The philosopher's stone is a legendary substance, allegedly capable of turning inexpensive metals into gold. It was sometimes believed to be an elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality.
The context in which I am trying to find out information about “The Philsopher’s Stone,” is related to the proposed assumption that the “manna” within the ‘Grail’ carried within the Ark of the Covenant is in fact the Materia Prima. I was wondering if you had any definitive data stemming from reliable resources that support theories that this “manna” was consumed by Ancient Kings in antiquity giving them unusually long life spans. (Some additionally proposed properties include complete (100%) use of the human brain (verses the 2% theorists suggest is typically accessed by the average person). Also, the possibility it can turn DNA into a superconductor as well as repairing the Telomeres found at the ends of human chromosomes. It has also been postulated the material can cure cancer
Da Vinci Code Caveat
What these all have in common is that they concern an object that through a vortical process can turn thoughts into reality, something powerful enough to change history as we know it.[/highlight] It is the keystone of our physical existence, a veritable “spacetime machine”, as a friend of mine has coined it. So when The Da Vinci Code and related works talk about the Templars being custodians of a simple religious truth concerning Jesus having had a child and wife, do not be so naive. The guardians of the Grail are beyond petty religious matters.
While extracting magnetite from the mountains where Mother Earth has gently deposited it over the past centuries, we receive almost a renewal of our bodies while experiencing the grounding effects of this wonderful mineral. The Ormus type minerals found with and near the magnetite have a very synergistic effect when combined in the Magnetite Vortex Water Charger.

“Vorticular effects” of “magnetized water?

Viktor Schauberger :D :D :D: The Discovery and History of Implosion Technology
A defined body of water (or air), with a certain mass and surface area, has a flow rate: the velocity of which increases in an accelerating fashion, while the surface area is twisted into the vertical plane around a hole and decreases. The physical mass gets compacted to a point beyond which it "dissolves" into it's "energetic form" or matrix, leaving the "space" and "energy" (from between the sub-atomic particles), which we call 'vacuum" or "void", while resulting in negative pressure or suction. A biological vacuum is created which again augments the suction; this whole process produces diamagnetism. Sub-atomic energies such as the "Weak Nuclear Force" and diamagnetism are released and like the suction or levity, are potentially available.
Introduction to the Basic Magnetite Effect of Ormus Water (MEOW) ("the Great Kitty" :D :D :D )

Transformation Technology
This article is an introduction to technology which employs large masses of magnetite black sand (or mixtures containing magnetite black sand) for transforming bottled water and other liquids via a passive proximity effect, i.e., a field effect, thus converting them over time into a liquid which exhibits properties as a powerful nutritional supplement above and beyond any nutritional properties exhibited by the liquid prior to treatment. In devices employing this technology, the mass of magnetite sand is not in direct contact with the water or with other liquids under treatment, but the passive close-proximity of the water or liquid to the mass of magnetite sand seems to allow production or creation (aka "manifestation") of ormus (aka monoatomic or monatomic) forms of certain elements, or the infusion of ormus-type energies or effects, in the liquid which has been treated via this non-contact and non-chemical treatment.
I can also say alchemy is called "the Magnum Opus" or Great Work and it is the search for the lapis (the only other "livingstone” other than man) and not for riches.

Alchemy acts on the body, the soul (which must be rescued), the spirit, the mind and by doing these things the universe and beyond. Magick can assist the alchemist, but magick is not alchemy. Alchemy is also not chemistry. It is perhaps the only philosophers' art that utilizes everything man can know, but does not require knowing everything. It includes the kabala.
How to make “red mercury”?

Magnetic conductive liquids: preparation and properties of iron nanoparticles in mercury ... af561e9383
A dispersion of iron in mercury can be prepared by electrolytic reduction of colloidal solutions of iron oxides in a supporting electrolyte. This reduction step, which leads to a conductive and magnetic fluid is studied by cyclic voltammetry and controlled under potentiostatic conditions. Composition, size of particles and magnetic properties of the final products (Fe in Hg) are determined by physical and chemical methods. Some unexpected properties (such as magnetic remanence) have been observed.
Ancient Egyptian materials and technology ... ry&f=false
The use of the red mercury pigment cinnabar has recently been reported on gold-work ... Iron ores (including magnetite and haematite as well as accessory ...
How to make glass ... k_cge.html
Glass is a combination of sand, flint, spar, or some other silicious substances, with one or other of the fixed alkalies, and in some cases with a metallic oxide. Of the alkalies, soda is commonly preferred; and of the silicious substances, white sand is most in repute at present, as it requires no preparation for coarse goods, while mere washing in water is sufficient for those of a finer quality. The metallic oxide usually employed, is litharge, or some other preparation of lead. Iron is used in bottle-glass.

The earths are silica (the basis of flints), lime, and sometimes a little alumina (the basis of clay). Silica constitutes the basis of glass. It is employed in the state of fine sand or flints; and sometimes for making very fine glass, rock crystal is employed. When sand is used, it ought, if possible, to be perfectly white, for when it is colored with metallic oxides, the transparency of the glass is injured. Such sand can only be employed for very coarse glasses. It is necessary to free the sand from all the loose earthy particles with which it may be mixed, which is done by washing it well with water.
Vacuum Tubes to Make Glass
Geissler experimented with different gasses in vacuum tubes, together with Julius Plücker who worked with him and named them Geissler tubes. When he applied high tension to the tubes they produced a bright luminous effect which was demonstrated for public in 1864 together with his new mercury vacuum pump. This was the discovery of the first discharge light, in that time the Geissler tubes where sold for demonstrations at Universities, schools and later on even for home-entertainment use.
Unification Theory ... lanet.html
Metals use electronic flows to communicate temporal energy, organizing their networks through crystalline forms. Most of those crystals have also the dominant cubic form, better suited to a 4-dimensional Universe. So all the processes described for light atoms and 'transparent crystals', happen also in the world of metallic, electronic crystals that either form static clouds of ‘informative images’ or energetic flows that travel through huge metallic networks. Thus crystals organize transform and perceive information in the 2 main atomic families we know: the light atoms and the electronic worlds of metal. So we think there are also in the radioactive family, crystal-like formal structures crossed by flows of neutrons, its communicative particles, creating ‘radioactive minds’, maybe in planets like ours or in neutron stars, Fractal Organisms, which seem to have a cover of solid iron, an intermediate space of super fluid neutrons and a central crystal of super-symmetric matter. Since a crystal is a Quantic Spaces-Times illogic, symmetric, fractal geometry that can be adapted to any form.
The Rising of the Serpent’s Tooth ... tery08.htm
Concerning this star-metal it is as well to take notice that in 'Isis and Osiris' (376 B), Plutarch says of the Egyptians:13 'Moreover, they call the lodestone the bone of Horus, and iron the bone of Typhon, as Manetho records' (Manetho fragment 77.) Recall that 'the bones of Earth' in ancient tradition are stones. It is interesting that a heavy metal is 'the bone' of Typhon which we have earlier determined as a description of Sirius B. And magnetized iron or lodestone is 'the bone' of Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris. This is exactly the sort of tradition one would expect.


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The Enigma of the Tablets: What were the “Tablets off Destinies”?
Thus we may now see what possibly comprises one element of what the Tablets of Destinies were: They were a “catalogue of the grating or interference patterns of various celestial bodies for a phase conjugate mirror of great sophistication. They were, to recall Bearden’s remarks, the “templates of action” for those mirrors.

LaViolette’s speculations involve only standard electromagnetic phase conjugation. One of the problems faced by scientists who were involved in the Pentagon’s so-called but aptly named “Star Wars” program was how to cohere gamma rays like an optical laser beam. How could one construct the “optical” or “lasing cavity” for a gamma ray laser, or graser, since no known means seemed to be available to do it until the discovery of the Mossbauer Effect. This effect essentially means that a radioactive and gamma emitting source such as cobalt, under certain conditions of acoustic resonance and stress, can be induced or stimulated to emit beams of coherent gamma rays.

In this context, the Tablets with their catalogue of interference patterns of longitudinal waves within the medium would constitute an object conferring a kind of universal power. Such a catalogue, with the medium acting as a kind of “akashic field” that, in the words of philosopher and scientist Ervin Laszlo, carries information “by super-imposed vacuum wave-interference patterns that are equivalent to holograms,” would be an object conferring almost godlike powers for communications over vast distances, and almost godlike powers of destruction. And it should be noted that both uses are modes of deployment of the same technology.

Laszlo’s reference to holograms in this context of action at a distance through what is essentially the non-local phenomenon of the medium throws light on the basic technique that would be used in such a phase conjugate mirror. It is a technique already well known and empirically demonstrated in the laboratory.

Measured to a universal scale, this means that the quantum vacuum generates the holographic field that is the memory of the universe. Such non-local transference of the quantum states is now known and can be greatly extended to the whole interference patterns of torsion waves.

G.I. Shipov and A.F. Akimov, two Russian physicists, in their “torsion wave” theory show how the vacuum can link physical events throughout space-time.

Torsion-wave linking may involve more than the known forms of energy: it may also involve information.

When two or more of these torsion waves meet, they form an interference pattern that integrates the strands of information of the particles that created them. This interference pattern carries information on the entire ensembles of the particles.

There is no limit to the information that interfering vacuum torsion waves can conserve and convey. In the final count, they can carry information on the state of the whole universe.

This is the finding of German mathematical physicist Hartmut Mueller, who claims that the observed dimensions of all entities, from atoms to galaxies are determined by interaction with density-pressure waves propagating in the vacuum.

Consequently “all the information that constitutes the universe is stored on its periphery, which is a two-dimensional surface. Thus the Tablets of Destinies are a catalogue of a certain limited set of holographic information. Like all holograms, they are a grating or interference pattern, whose information is only revealed by shining a cohered energy beam of the frequency that created them through the grating. And we saw previously that the Tablets were also associated with ME-LAMs or “light emitting crystals.”

Thus we may now see what comprises yet another element of the grating or interference patterns of various celestial bodies for a phase conjugate mirror of great sophistication; but, since they are based on such interference waves in the medium itself, they are also a catalogue of those types of waves that give their possessor limited access to the “memory of the universe” (to borrow Laszlo’s phrase), or to the information content of the field of the universe, and as such, conveying to their possessor both “universal” powers and the “powers of the universe.”

Because such an interferometric grating of waves in the medium itself would give the Tablet’s possessor access to the “memory” of at least a large part of the galactic universe, it stands to reason that part of that “memory” comprises the memory, and therefore, the character and intention, of its possessor. Or to put it in a scalar physicist’s terms, “the memory, character and intention of the possessor of the Tablets of Destinies functions like a local structured potential and impresses these dynamics of their possessor upon the Tablets. These impressed dynamics become part of the catalogue of “gratings” that comprise the Tablets. – “The Cosmic War – Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics and Ancient Texts” by Joseph P. Farrell, pages 260–263
Mossbauer Effect ... sb.html#c2
The Mossbauer effect involves the emission and absorption of gamma rays from the excited states of a nucleus. When an excited nucleus emits a gamma ray, it must recoil in order to conserve momentum since the gamma ray photon has momentum. But this takes energy, and the gamma photon has less energy by about 1 eV for a 100 keV photon. The sharpness of an energy state in a potential target nucleus has a natural line width on the order of 10-5 eV, so that the shift in the photon energy prevents the target nucleus from absorbing the gamma photon.

Mossbauer discovered that by placing emitting and absorbing nuclei in a crystal, you could use the crystal lattice for recoil, lessening the recoil energy loss to the point that these extremely sharp emission and absorption lines would overlap so that absorption was observed. An important result was that you now had an extremely sensitive detector for energy shifts - a motion of either source or absorber with velocities on the order of millimeters per second was enough to detune the absorption.
Torsion Fields
In the 1940s, the soviet astrophysicist N.A.Kozyrev proposed that the rotation of stars was connected with their energy output. According to the theory developed by N.A.Kozyrev, time and rotation are closely interconnected. In order to verify his theory, N.A.Kozyrev conducted a series of experiments with spinning gyroscopes. The goal of these experiments was to make a measurement of the forces arising while the gyroscope was spinning. N.A.Kozyrev detected that the weight of the spinning gyroscope changes slightly depending on the angular velocity and the direction of rotation. The effect he discovered was not large, but the nature of the arising forces could not be explained by existing theories. N.A.Kozyrev explained the observed effect as being the manifestation of some "physical properties of time" [2,3].

G.I.Shipov used a geometry of absolute parallelism (A 4 ) with an additional 6 rotational coordinates, and on the strict level it showed that the movement of any object should be described by 10 movement equations but not by 4 equations as it is in Einstein's GR. From Shipov's vacuum equations, every known fundumental physical equation (Einstein's, Young-Mills', Heisenberg's, etc.) can be deduced in completely geometrised form. G.I.Shipov showed that besides the two known long-range physical fields - electromagnetic and gravitational - there exists third long-range field possessing significantly richer properties: the torsion field. The torsion field is an extremely unusual entity. First of all, the upper limit for the speed of torsion waves is estimated to be not less than 109 c, where c is the speed of light. Secondly, torsion fields are able to propagate in a region of space which is not limited by the light cone. That means that torsion fielda are able to propagate not only in the future but in the past as well. Thirdly, torsion fields transmit information without transmitting energy. Fourth - torsion fields are not required to follow the superposition principle [21].

The property which is open to influence by torsion fields is spin. (We should note that the spin-torsion interaction constant is equal to 10 -5 - 10 -6. This constant is less than the constant of electromagnetic interactions, yet much greater than the constant of gravitational interactions.) Thus the structure of the torsion field of every object can be changed by the influence of an external torsion field. As a result of such an influence, the new configuration of the torsion field will be fixed as a metastable state (as a polarized state) and will remain intact even after the source of the external torsion field is moved to another area of space. Thus torsion fields of certain spatial configuration can be "recorded" on any physical or biological object.

Since every permanent magnet possess not only oriented magnetic moments but also classical spins orientation as well, then every permanent magnet possess its own torsion field. (This fact was first experimentally discovered by A.I.Veinik.) Understanding this important property of magnetic fields allows us to understand a variety of phenomena, for instance the phenomenon known as "magnetization of water".

The following fundamentally important fact should be emphasized. In the framework of the theory of electro-torsion interactions, it is shown that if electrostatic or electromagnetic fields exist in some region of space, then there always exist torsion fields in that region of space. Electrostatic or electromagnetic fields without a torsion component do not exist. On the strict level this is shown by G.I.Shipov [24]. Strong torsion fields are generated by high electrical potentials and by devices with organized circular or spiral electromagnetic processes. (Probably the first researcher to investigate torsion fields by this type of generators was Nikola Tesla. In Russia, similar results were obtained by S.V.Avramenko and others.)


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