The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

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Don't worry about this bombing of the moon, NASA dropped a clanger.
They caught it,
I love the dragon.


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The Invisible College

Noted author Paul Von Ward, writing in Gods, Genes, and Consciousness shows how man's early contact with what he calls Advanced Beings, gave rise to magical interpretations and magical religions, leading directly down the line to today's supernatural religions and belief in God. People today who practice religion and believe in God have accepted for their personal and public truth the degraded remnants of the effects of early encounters with "Advanced Beings", however abhorrent they may find this assertion to be.

But "magic" itself never disappeared. It has remained important and an important influence on human society down the ages into the present. There are many many examples of the practice of magic within our society.

But it doesn't "work", right? Many practitioners would say that it does. Do you suppose they might have some reason for saying so? And if it does, could there still be an advanced technology lurking in the background?
And if there is, could there be technology lurking behind religion as well?

There is a type of matter having the same atomic and molecular structure as physical matter, but whose particles are much less dense, and whose gravitation does not interact with physical matter. This is called astral matter.

Every human has a somatic soul, closely resembling the physical body but made of astral matter, and an astral soul, also made of astral matter, which comprises the more permanent self. Astral souls may or may not equate to higher selves.

Spirits are simply astral souls operating without somatic souls and physical bodies.

The Invisible College that is mentioned in occult literature does indeed exist as a political organization of spirits.
Hundreds of thousands of spirits from worlds with advanced technological civilizations have been sent to Earth by their governments to work with the Invisible College to assist humans in fighting a war to liberate ourselves from the oppression and exploitation of Theocracy. This seems to be an important form of interplanetary contact.

Invisible College members consider themselves ordinary people like ourselves. Their previous bodies, on their home worlds, may or may not have resembled ours, but they are based on the same basic genetic code.

The home worlds possess what we would call advanced knowledge in many scientific and humanistic fields. Of particular importance is their capability with psychic energy that can produce changes in astral matter. That technology was used to send them here, but they were not able to bring their equipment with them.

Although there must have been other interventions over a long period of time, the intervention of the Invisible College took place in the late Middle Ages. The Invisible College has been manipulating the development of human civilization on Earth ever since.

Their motives are both altruistic and selfish. Had they not intervened, the human race would have evolved in directions that posed a serious threat to their own worlds and space colonies. So they are fighting a "preventive war" on their own behalf, but they also feel the overwhelming majority of Earth people will support their cause once they are able to explain the situation fully.

Their societies live with this threat, and we will eventually have to live with it too. But the greatest danger we face in the next few decades, is that Theocracy and our exploding population will cause a spiritual cataclysm that will destroy the human race as it now exists and threatens their civilizations too if it goes unchecked.

They will probably be able to avert catastrophe and guide these upheavals in constructive directions, but the fate of many Earth people will still depend on their own actions.

The concept of a Theocrat as a human who chooses to exert power over and ultimately to consume other humans, rather than to undergo reincarnation, was introduced on the Open SETI Soul Technology page.

Griffith's Invisible College contact states that many notorious tyrants, conquerors, evil religious leaders, black magicians, and criminals have become Theocrats after death, but so have some people whom history calls saints or benign geniuses. This is due to the well-known tendency of power to corrupt, not to mention the prospect of achieving immortality (though most are eventually destroyed by other Theocrats).

This has been especially true of people who were religiously devout, and then found out the horrible truth about their gods after death. If they were too powerful for the Theocrats to enslave and devour, some became members of the Invisible College to fight Theocracy, but others became Theocrats themselves.

Theocrats as a class have ruled both the Earth and its astral plane throughout most of human history. This includes most of the medieval Popes and other religious leaders notorious for being cynical and power-hungry. It also includes many famous occult leaders, from Cagliostro down to Aleister Crowley.
A synthetic Myth – the Controllers - The War in Heaven
"3D" and "4D" refer to third density and fourth density - terms relating to levels of consciousness - a usage becoming popular in some metaphysical literature.

The meaning of the density levels, for our purposes, is as follows:

3D is the level of consciousness that we have, the way we are, and the way we perceive nature, and act. We are 3D beings. Our bodies extend in time (as in the shamanic/mystical "long body") but we experience this as a sliding window of sequential views.

4D implies the ability to see that which we call "time" as a fourth geometrical dimension.

Those operating in 4D consciousness also experience a kind of time -- we might call it "4D time" -- but it is not what we call "time". This is nearly impossible for us to comprehend or visualize. Their bodies extend in "our" time, just as ours, but they experience this as a simultaneity.

4D beings can appear and operate in 3D ways when it suits their purposes.

The term "density" in this regard is probably an unfortunate misnomer. The experience of "fourth density" is a concept separate from the idea of "higher planes" or "higher bodies".

The word "time" is a shorthand notation for "3D time". We will not be speaking of "4D time" (except by implication).

STS and STO are social orientations:
STS = Service to Self
STO = Service to Others

These orientations are actually paths of development that extend through third and fourth density consciousness - at least. Their meanings appear self-evident. One thing can be clearly stated, however: STS, while self-serving, is easily enticed, by offers of pleasures and enhanced power, into hierarchies of control. By this means are STS beings more subject to being controlled than are STO beings? On the other hand, hierarchies of control, because of the STS orientation of the beings that compose them, are inherently unstable. STS are always looking for ways to revolt and take all for themselves.

Another classification of beings has to do with gender.

We state here that gender is always an issue, and that beings -- at least those interacting with us -- are either male, female, asexual, or androgynous -- that is, mixed.

Also, reproduction is either by sexual means or by cloning technology, which itself involves the use of male and female genetic material.

Why is this aspect included in our schema? It has been very important in our (mainly forgotten) history and in the histories of the groups who play in our playground.

The following was originally placed on this page several years ago, in approximately 2003:

"A long time ago", certain 4D/STS beings decided to have a colony here -- apparently to acquire resources that were rightfully for the future use of the indigenous primate evolution.

The resources in question might have been the obvious natural resources of this planet, as well as others that may not be so obvious to us.

Among the less obvious resources might be the primates themselves (the original perfect human?), substances within their physical bodies, some treasure trove of genetic information, or something even less tangible, such as substances within their higher bodies, present or future capabilities, a planned role for the distant future, an internal connection with higher states of existence, or their actual identities - realized or potential.

There were colonizers, but they were not the first. They didn't find indigenous primates. They found the magnificent colonizers who were here, waged war on them, drove them off, and then created a primate evolution to serve themselves.

Were they indeed 4D/STS? Although there are definite hyperdimensional aspects, its terminology does not follow the model we are developing here. However, the invaders as described seem to have been 3D/STS. But who is to say that there was not a level in this invasion that was definitely 4D.

There are 4D/STS controllers. There were 3D/STS invaders who set up certain 3D conditions in our world. They may have been connected in some way.

Just what do these 4D controllers actually do? We offer two possibilities to consider, and they are each hair-raising.

Having established our general schema, it must be said that the 4D controllers have been so successful at concealing themselves and their operations that we cannot say much on these pages as to what they do. They are for us theoretical, or you are welcome to take the position that they don't exist at all. But our position is that they do, and we will try to show how they fit into the scheme.

There are also 3D controllers who may be descended in some way from those original invaders. Since all the groups that we know specifically are of the 3D variety, we will simplify and refer to 3D controllers as -- controllers!

The differing terminology is a reminder that the information comes from different sources. The task of integrating them into a coherent picture has hardly begun. We suggest, however, that the schema of 3D/4D, STO/STS, gender, and physical/higher planes will be extremely useful in sorting these matters out.

4D controllers are 4D/STS. Controllers are 3D/STS and often working out of "higher" or at any rate non-physical bodies. Ordinary humans are 3D/STS and possess physical bodies when they are alive.

The original colonizers of our planet had great "life-designing" capabilities. The invaders who superseded them also had a few very great genetic scientists among them. They were able to genetically engineer, through hybrid breeding programs or directly using transgenics, a number of species somewhat resembling themselves (i.e., in their image), and limited of course to 3D/STSnervous systems and orientation.


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Is there an “alien agenda”? Are “aliens” really hyperdimensional entities? ... 095#p26795
Junglelord said: Interdimensional beings, I do not doubt it...check this out.
What if this man is telling the truth: Hyperdimensional entities work in Area 51 along with their black ops human counterparts. What do you suppose the original agreement would have been? Do you suppose it could have been something like this?

We will give you our hyperdimensional (scalar) technology if you will allow us (and collaborate with us) to conduct genetic experiments on your citizens. We want to create a hybrid population (“alien abductions”).

Sixty plus years later there is evidence that the scalar technology is in place.


Is it reasonable to assume that the “aliens” have created their hybrid species as well.

Could they have been the ones who really created this institution?

The Human Genome Project ... home.shtml

Is it reasonable to assume that hyperdimensional entities, like humans, would be of both positive and negative polarities (“good” and “evil”)? Could these beings be the angels and demons mentioned in the Bible.

Is our current 3D reality controlled primarily by 4D negative hyperdimensional entities? The Bible says that there was a time in the past when the “gods walked the earth” (ruled in this dimension). The Bible also talks about how the “sons of gods" mated with the "daughters of men”; in other words, they created a hybrid race. These became the “god kings” who ruled in their place when the “gods" departed from the Earth. How else could such a small group of “human elites” (and their descendents) have been able to manipulate and control the rest of humanity throughout time?

What if hyperdimensional entities are able to operate beyond time, i.e., -- they could travel backward and forward in time and “tweak it.” What if hyperdimensional entities provided the “god kings” with limited access to their (magical) technologies? Could the “god kings” have used these technologies to create all their wealth? Were the Knights Templars able to use scalar technology to transmute “lead to gold”? The European royals and the US presidents claim to be descendents of these “god kings” – the so called “Merovingian bloodline.”

Perhaps their lineage is really different from what they would like us to believe.

Da Vinci Caveat
It is no secret that the Merovingians are the ancestors of today’s royal bloodlines. This includes the blue bloods of Europe and America who have produced numerous kings, queens, and presidents throughout history. No surprise that they continue the Merovingian tradition of accumulating wealth, power, knowledge, and control. So perhaps now you can see the problem with claiming the Merovingians are descendants of Jesus – it would imply that today’s blue bloods, the elite families who basically run the world, are of a divine bloodline and thus have the “divine right of kings” to rule over us.

The Merovingians were a French dynasty that sprang to power in the fifth century after Europe was plunged into the Dark Ages by apocalyptic natural disasters. The latter is not well known, but tree ring data from that time suggests severe climate disruptions, written records of which have since been expunged. Far from being a divine bloodline, the Merovingians were of a darker strain whose own legends speak of having been spawned from a sea monster. ;) That myth is part literal, part symbolic, and relates to their covenant with negative hyperdimensional entities, but that’s beyond the scope of this discussion.
The multi-levels of reality?

The only real level in 3D -- Mother Nature
The Schumann Resonance ... 8158cf751a
It is my hope this book will explain in layman’s terms what Schumann Resonance is all about and how it played a role in our well being before the advent of modern day Electromagnetic pollution. Schumann is a product of lightning discharges occurring in the Earth’s Ionospheric Cavity. Picture the surface of the Earth as the surface of a big ball. Above the Earth we have the atmosphere. The atmosphere is composed of layers, one being the Ionosphere. This layer has the ability to act as a reflector or mirror.

Some like to refer to resonances after the first as harmonics. This is not quite true. They are related mathematically, but are not true harmonics. Each one is its own vibration and not a product of the first resonance at 7. 83 Hz. Others like to refer to Schumann Resonance as the Earth’s heartbeat or pulse but the Earth’s own resonant vibration is closer to 10 Hz. or cycles. The mass and shape of the Earth play a role in Schumann Resonance but they are not the heartbeat. I refer to the resonances as the Earth’s Voice.

One would think these vibrational resonances occur only when lightning abounds. This is not the case. The resonances in scientific terminology are actually standing waves. They are constant as long as lightning, the catalyst, keeps ringing the Ionospheric Cavity.

I moved to the Desert Southwest in 1999. One of the research project I am involved with is listening to Sferics. Short for atmospherics.

Listening to our atmosphere is listening to all the electrical discharges occurring at very low frequencies. One evening while listening to Sferics I noticed they were extremely strong in comparison to what I observe back in the Midwest. Several trips to the same location in Sedona produced identical results.

A query of local storeowners brought up the subject of Vortex energy.

The project in Flagstaff brought me in contact with a gentleman from the Navajo Nation. He asked if I had experienced Sedona yet and stated “that is where the Earth speaks “. His comment alone provided me with the inspiration and drive I needed to explain scientifically what my equipment detected at very low frequencies.

Correspondence with several Schumann Resonance Experts likewise ensued. One expert mentioned the possibility of Schumann Resonance being enhanced in a given location provided there was a very large deposit of a Magnetic substance close to the surface of the Earth.

OK … A large Magnetic Deposit close to the surface of the Earth. Why not?

Sedona is full of rock formations composed of Iron Oxide and Silicon. Many other metals and minerals abound so why not a big piece of Magnetite several feet below the surface? Finding a large Magnetic deposit turned out to be more than walking around with a compass waiting for it to spin in circles.*

At this time I met another Schumann Resonance researcher from Flagstaff who told of an experience while he was in England at Stonehenge. Equipped with his electronic gear to observe the resonances he noticed they were affected at Stonehenge in comparison to other locations.

Schumann is the scientist credited with first observing these vibrations back in 1952. Since then, it is now known Nikola Tesla discussed their existence many years prior to Schumann. It is my belief the ancients new of their existence thousands of years ago and learned to use these vibrations to their benefit. ... 110#p26956

*Magnetite appears to be piezoelectric, pyroelectric, ferromagnetic, ferrimagnetic and ferroelectric. Besides being the first magnetic material and the first transition metal oxide with an insulator-metal transition, magnetite is also the first multiferroic material, a special class of materials exhibiting multiple ferroic properties (such as ferroelectricity, ferromagnetism, or ferroelasticity). In these materials, the ferroelectric and ferro/antiferromagnetic phases are coupled in such as way as to produce a cross phenomenon known as the magnetoelectric (ME) effect.

Human Negative Interference

Electronic Mind Control
Brain Zapping ... t_One.html
Powerful elite insiders have long known how electromagnetic weapons can be effectively utilised to wage mind control against the population, specifically targeting political dissidents and troublemakers. What of the numerous political activists and investigative journalists who died under mysterious circumstances, many from rare forms of cancer? Could they have been ‘taken out’ by psychotronic weapons? We can only imagine how advanced this technology is today.

MacDonald described how man-made changes in the electrical earth ionosphere can be used for mass behaviour control. He said that low frequency electromagnetic oscillations can attack the low frequency electromagnetic brain waves in human beings. He stated, “Perturbation of the environment (by geophysical warfare) can produce changes in behavioural patterns.”

It is also interesting to note that the Calspan Advanced Technology Centre in Buffalo, NY (Calspan ATC), where McVeigh worked, is engaged in microscopic electronic engineering of the kind applicable to telemetrics. Timothy McVeigh may have unknowningly been an Army/CIA guinea pig involved in a classified telemetric/mind-control project – a “Manchurian Candidate.”

One Patriot computer news board reported that a disembodied, rumbling, low-frequency hum had been heard across the country the week of the [Oklahoma] bombing. Past hums in Taos, New Mexico, Eugene and Medford, Oregon, Timmons, Ontario and Bristol, England were most definitely (despite specious official denials) attuned to the brain’s auditory pathways.
Hyperdimensional Negative Interference – wars of the “gods”?

What is (hyperdimensional) “alien deception”? ... 110#p26805 ... 110#p26807

What is their ultimate aim?
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“The strategy that Werner Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered the enemy…Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow…Then we were going to identify third-world ‘crazies.’ We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space based weapons. The next enemy would be asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids – against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons. And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials.” Dr. Carol Rosin
What if the incoming comet or asteroid is really a hyperdimensional battleship? Is there an impending war between the hyperdimensional forces of light and darkness as predicted in the Book of Revelations? Did "the gods" destroy the planet Maldek?

For the past couple of years or more, astronomers have been observing what was assumed to be a comet approaching our solar system. This information was not classified as secret but it wasn't readily publicised, in particular, as they began to realise what it was.

About a year ago, scientists recognised it wasn't a comet but a huge mass with the characteristics of a planet. Its mass has been stated to be several times that of Earth; other sources have compared it to the size of Jupiter, our largest planet; also that it is in orbit around our Sun. The orbital period is around 3,600 years.

What is this outerspace body threatening our solar system? Extraterrestrial information states it is referred to as Battlestar Wormwood. If we check Revelations in the Bible we will find reference to the star "Wormwood". It prophecises a blazing star named "Wormwood" which rains down on the oceans. Thus Revelations was inspired by apparently god-like voices from beyond. In fact most of Revelations is coded information from the resistance Anunnaki and Drakonian races.

The actual source of Revelations and this "Wormwood" description is the Jehovian Anunnaki, who are a competing faction in opposition to the Nibiruan Anunnaki that run Battlestar Wormwood (approaching our solar system). The intention and plan of the Jehovian Anunnaki is to blast the body out of the sky (with scalar-sonic pulses). In any case if they don't do this the Guardian Alliance, enlightened ETs helping our planet, will fragment it and redirect it.

What is the purpose of this Battlestar planet? It is apparently a relay station for the planet Nibiru, and they are on opposite sides of the same orbit. Nibiru is thus over a thousand of years from here, near the Pleiades system, and will not enter our solar system for a number of years equal to half the orbital period plus the number of years its counterpart Battlestar will take to get here. It has been stated that since the Anunnaki took over Nirbiru its orbit dips in and out of our spectrum (from the so-called Phantom Matrix) but alternates in this manner with Battlestar behaving similarly.

Planet Nibiru is inhabited by the Nibiruan Anunnaki who played a major role as "gods" of our ancient and mythological past in shaping our evolution and future. This control and suppression still continues to this day. They commandeered Battlestar Wormwood (which apparently came from the break up of Maldek) to relay energies to a region on Earth below Stonehenge, England, where they have installed what is called a Nibiruan Diodic Crystal (NDC) about 25,000 years ago. This massive crystal system, when activated by Nibiru via Battlestar Wormwood, emanates a coded scalar-wave program directed vertically to above the Earth's surface where it intentionally intersects a main "artery" of this planet. This is an energy line (ley lines are a minor form of this) from a coordination portal (energy centre) in Ireland to one in France.

The function of the NDC is to reverse this flow and coding and to expand it through 16 arms, extending across the globe, forming what is called the Checkerboard Matrix (different sections of it in opposition to one another) or the Michael-Mary Matrix or Archangel Michael Matrix.

Astrally tagged (implanted) "chosen" ones can tune into this matrix and channel "Archangel Michael", which is actually information from the invader ETs.

In addition, this NDC matrix, through resonance, reverses some of our DNA codes and also the main central electromagnetic vortex (Merkaba) vertically located in the human body and hooked into the planetary core. Further examples of implants or mind control mechanisms from this matrix are the "flight or fight" implant and the "blame" implant.

The "flight or fight" program is cleverly destructive. Theoretically all problems can be solved by communication, in particular, where conflict arises with people. A resolution reconciles the polarity, and unity consciousness is achieved. However, the implant kicks in when any conflict or counteraction is encountered causing an aggressive person to attack or "fight" (and thus increases the separation and polarity), and the passive person to withdraw or "take flight"--again preventing resolution. The "blame" implant causes an individual to blame whatever or whoever is available when something goes wrong--a way of removing responsibility from the individual with the subsequent effect of arresting the evolution of consciousness and ascension.
Is Earth's Inner Sun the missing Twelfth Planet?
If you thought the hollow earth was a shocker, you're in for an even greater shock; Earth's reddish inner central sun is also hollow and inhabited within and without! Does this make it a planet? Perhaps it’s our twelfth planet? If so, where does this put Nibiru or Planet X?

There is every indication that the once great planet Nibiru, Maldek, or Planet X, was blown up causing the inner and outer asteroid belts. The remaining spiritual core of this planet, along with its astral inhabitants may have wandered to and possessed our planet Earth!

There have been plenty of stories circling around in the metaphysical world about a new planet or world now forming or being born that is in all liklihood hiding behind our sun, and that it will fully materialize or become visible by 2012 AD, and that this birthing process is causing all the flares and disturbances in our solar system.

They described this body as being almost as huge as the sun, in an etheric or plasmic state, and between the orbits of Mercury and the Sun, and the reason we cannot see it is because it is in synchronous orbit to the Earth.
The Destruction of Maldek
The destruction of Maldek, Malona, Nibiru, The Twelfth Planet, Lucifer, Phaeton, Tiamat, The Original Atlantis (all the same), between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, was the single greatest catastrophic event to occur in the history of this solar system.

From all the sources I've read it appears the great planet Maldek either destroyed itself in a nuclear detonation or was destroyed by huge planet-sized enemy ships (one of which may have been the famed Nibiru). There is no clear consensus on what actually happened except that the planet blew up and left its survivors wandering space for a new home.

Maldek and Malona
The only place in the Holy Bible where the word Lucifer is found is in Isaiah. The early church fathers were under the impression that, the passage could only refer to Satan, the prince of darkness. However, Satan in the Bible has no connection with the Lucifer of Isaiah.

Isaiah was figuratively speaking of the king of Babylon in reference to his glory and pomp, but he was actually referring to the destruction of a planet known to the ancient world as the "shining one". Lucifer and its remains are now to be observed in the telescope as the Asteroid Belt.
What is this ‘alchemical process’ involving hydrogen fusion? ... 095#p26750

What if the ultimate purpose of directed energy weapons and space based technologies is to create a Tesla Dome, Tesla Howitzer or plasma focus devices to protect the Earth from incoming asteroids, comets AND any incoming hyperdimensional battleships? Did “the gods” use directed energy weapons to destroy Maldek? ... 110#p26808
I assume everyone reading this knows of HAARP. Less known is that HAARP is only one of several such facilities — and not the most powerful one either. There are others.
In the 1930's Tesla announced other bizarre and terrible weapons: a death ray, a weapon to destroy hundreds or even thousands of aircraft at hundreds of miles range, and his ultimate weapon to end all war -- the Tesla shield, which nothing could penetrate.

The Saryshagan howitzer actually is a huge Tesla scalar interferometer with four modes of operation. One continuous mode is the Tesla shield, which places a thin, impenetrable hemispherical shell of energy over a large defended area. The 3-dimensional shell is created by interfering two Fourier-expansion, 3-dimensional scalar hemispherical patterns in space so they pair-couple into a dome-like shell of intense, ordinary electromagnetic energy. The air molecules and atoms in the shell are totally ionized and thus highly excited, giving off intense, glowing light. Anything physical which hits the shell receives an enormous discharge of electrical energy and is instantly vaporized.
Have they developed a plasma focus device – scalar hydrogen fusion – star power – hydrogen astrophysics?

Focus Fusion Reactor
Focus fusion reactors - reactors that use hydrogen-boron fuel and the dense plasma focus device - are expected to provide virtually unlimited supplies of cheap energy in an environmentally sound way.
Dense Plasma Focus Device
http://globalwarming-arclein.blogspot.c ... evice.html
Genuine hydrogen fusion control should be available through the use of the plasma focus device, but the technology has been “starved” for funding and redirected toward useless technologies like the Tokamak?
Can humans use a plasma focus device to create diamonds just like the stars? Is this an example of "pyroelectric fusion"?

Creating Diamonds in Space ... e_999.html
the MPIA, the scientific team drew parallels between the laboratory findings and what happens in interstellar space. The X-ray flares seem to come from the lighter companions to the primary stars of the binary systems, where two stars are consistently associated with each other.
The first scalar energy devices were developed by the Nazis. The Russians and the Americans were the “primary beneficiaries” of this technology after WWII.

Defense contractor's anti-gravity discovery disclosed
A fabled top secret World War II technology, never fully developed by the Nazis, although many individuals were allegedly killed in the process of its testing, apparently has been replicated in part by a mainstream Californian defense contractor, SARA, showing anti-gravity and propulsion effects
The Nazi Bell
Obviously, the "secret occult knowledge" uncovered by the Nazis which gave them the hypergeometrical know-how to build the flying saucers was derived from "the wisdom of the gods.

Clearly, someone in the Special K, probably this Hans Kammler bloke, got hold of the crystal of Zon Mezzamalech.

"The Bell was said to be extremely dangerous, causing illness, mutation and death in animal and possibly human subjects. One of Cook's scientist contacts in The Hunt for Zero Point even went so far as to claim that The Bell was a torsion field generator and that the SS scientists were attempting to build some sort of time machine with it."
The Nazi Bell ... iracy.html
Die Glocke (German for "The Bell") is the name of a purported top secret and highly sensitive Nazi scientific technological device. The only sources for this theory are the books of Polish aerospace defence journalist and military historian Igor Witkowski, which claim it to be a secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe. The topic has been popularized by Nick Cook, Joseph P. Farrell and conspiracy theory websites, associating it with Nazi occultism and antigravity or free energy research.

The Bell is said to be an experiment carried out by Third Reich scientists working for the SS in a German facility known as Der Riese ("The Giant") near the Wenceslas mine.

The device is described as metallic, approximately 9 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet high with a shape similar to a bell. It contained two counter-rotating cylinders filled with a highly radioactive, purple substance only known as Xerum 525, which has been speculated to be Red mercury. When active, The Bell would emit strong radiation, which led to the death of several scientists and various plant and animal test subjects.
Diode Crystals
A diode, or "rectifier," is any device through which electricity can flow in only one direction. The first diodes were crystals used as rectifiers in home radio kits. The crystal removed the high frequency radio carrier signal, allowing the part of the signal with the audio information to come through loud and clear.

A crystal diode is made of two different types of semiconductors right next to each other. One side is easy for electrons to travel through; one side is much tougher. It's something like trying to swim through a pool filled with water and then a pool filled with mud: swimming through water is easy; swimming through mud is next to impossible.
For those readers of my two books on the Nazi secret weapons, “Reich of the Black Sun” and the “SS Brotherhood of the Bell”, this construction of two nested cylinders across which a large current is discharged will sound all too familiar. And like Alfven’s “mercury rectifiers”, the “Bell” utilized a mysterious compound code named “IRR Xerum 525,” a violet reddish hued liquid compound that I speculated was some isotope of mercury and other elements. This compound was placed into the cylinders of the Bell and subjected to intense electrical pulsing. The only different between the Bell and Bostick’s plasma focus (and indeed, between it and all other plasma focuses) is that the Bell’s two cylinders were rotated in contrary directions to each other; a simple but brilliant expedient that the Nazi scientists had hit upon for the cohering of the spin on the atoms-soon-to-be-ions of mercury and other substances that they were experimenting with. Additionally the Nazi scientists also added one more factor: they cooled this mysterious substance inside the Bell with liquid oxygen or nitrogen. These sophisticated additions would have, in all probability, made the Bell a much more efficient device that the common plasma focus device. “The Cosmic War” – Joseph P. Farrell, page 35
The Nazi Bell seems to have three requirements: It must be shaped like a bell – a resonant cavity; it needs counterrotating magnets and rectifiers filled with “alchemical” Red Mercury. Could it have been built using magnetite and crystal diodes filled with Red Mercury?

What if the Earth’s major internal “energy vortices” are bell shaped resonant cavities lined with magnetite. What would happen if “the gods” had placed giant diode crystals within various “strategic” energy vortices (Stonehenge for example)? Could they have created a “communication link between “inner earth” and interstellar space? Perhaps the Black Sun is a “Niburian” diode crystal located deep within the Earth. Is the Emerald Tablet another “Niburian”crystal?

Magnetic Lodestone ... 110#p26956

The New Electrics – crystal technology ... 110#p26961


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But what is the real Grail Stone?

Da Vinci Code Caveat
What is the Grail? It has been referred to as the cup that caught the blood of Christ, or the dish that carried the head of John the Baptist. These are symbols and should not be taken literally. The Grail is simultaneously an object of immeasurable power, the spiritual integrity needed to make use of the object, and the bloodlines destined to be its custodians. The medieval Grail legends differed greatly, but the version by Wolfram von Eschenbach called Parzival is the least corrupted. As stated in Parzival, the “Graal” was a magical stone brought to earth for safekeeping by a troop of neutral angels during the Great War in Heaven. This stone had the power to manifest one’s wishes, filling one’s dinner plate and drinking cup with whatever one could desire to eat or drink.

If you trace the Grail legends back in time, you will first come across Persian stories about the Lamp of Aladdin, then the Hebrew accounts of the Ark of the Covenant, then the Greek and Nordic myths concerning various horns or stones of plenty, such as the Horn of Hercules, the millstone of Amlethus, the Sampo, and so on. What these all have in common is that they concern an object that through a vortical process can turn thoughts into reality, something powerful enough to change history as we know it. It is the keystone of our physical existence, a veritable “spacetime machine”, as a friend of mine has coined it. So when The Da Vinci Code and related works talk about the Templars being custodians of a simple religious truth concerning Jesus having had a child and wife, do not be so naive. The guardians of the Grail are beyond petty religious matters.
It must be the human pineal gland! It must have been huge at one time. We probably didn’t have to meditate or use psychedelics to access it. We just thought about where we wanted to visit in "hyperspace" and went there. Did the negative hyperdimensional entities genetically alter it?

Subtle Bodies - Manipulating the Mind of Man
It is claimed that many birds navigate using the sun and moon – others, the North Star. Research has shown that birds are also sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field. Lately it has been shown that they also follow human roads, however this is due to the fact that these roads are really ancient track ways or Ley Lines and in all likelihood also have electromagnetic properties. A homing pigeon that was blinded by frosted glass contact lenses and taken 1,000 kilometers away from home, made the return journey without error. The reason for this is that between its eyes there is an area of tissue with over a million bar-shaped pieces of magnetite or lodestone.

Magnetite is a magnetized mineral of iron oxide and was used by the ancients as a compass because it naturally swings northward. The Chinese knew of its properties and thought it magical. They used an implement containing magnetite in the shape of the Big Dipper constellation on divining boards. Although we have not yet discovered exactly how the bird uses the magnetite, we have seen that amazing feats of navigation are possible. In theory, the magnetite picks up the Earth’s magnetic currents and triggers directional messages to the bird’s brain.

When working in conjunction with a German dowser, the Czech physicist, Zaboj V. Harvalik, suggested that the adrenal gland was the organ used to detect the magnetism. He reached this conclusion because positive results increased when the dowser drank more water. This theory seems unlikely now – unless it is in some way linked with the pineal organ. In later experiments, aluminum foil was wound around the head of the dowser and this blocked the signal. Strangely, so did a block of foil placed on the dowser’s forehead in the area of the pineal gland. This is the same location as a pigeon’s magnetite. Another strange and telling piece of evidence comes when we find that solar flares can upset the dowser’s abilities – thus showing that mankind could theoretically actually physically measure the holy serpentine energy of the sun. Much of this energy is now understood to be picked up by the pineal organ.

The pineal organ is one of the outgrowths of the pineal apparatus. In aquatic and gill-breathing creatures, it can form a photosensitive eye-like structure, which is involved in the diurnal rhythm of color change. In ancient reptiles, and still in the Tuatura lizard of New Zealand, it formed a separate eye on top of the head – a third eye. It persists in higher vertebrates and may function as an endocrine gland – internally secreting into the blood and affecting distant parts of the body. In humans, this organ is buried deep within the brain, located in the Limbic system, which helps us to learn and has emotional capabilities. The pineal gland exerts some chemical reactions, which are not fully understood. Autopsies on mediums and spiritually inclined people have revealed larger pineal glands that contain a clear fluid called seratonin, which in turn makes melatonin.

Seratonin, when depleted by amphetamines, causes mild psychedelic effects, which is why the drug ‘Ecstasy’ is so popular. The administration of melatonin can help prevent jet lag and SAD. Strangely, it is also thought to influence our rhythms of activity. Some believe it is sensitive to the rhythms and cycles of nature and is responsible for transferring that information to us. The pineal gland is associated with color recognition, and reptiles can even change the color of this ‘third eye.’ It is also associated with measuring the length of the day and keeping track of the seasons.

Hindu tradition claims this area to be the center of the sixth ‘chakra’ – the ‘ajna’ – the center of man’s spirituality and psychic abilities. This is the reason why people of many faiths wear a red dot on the forehead. ‘Chakra’ means ‘wheel’ and ‘energy center.’ The initiated are trained to perceive chakras as whirls of altering colors – which relates to the idea that the pineal gland is associated with color recognition. This are ancient kundalini concepts in relation to modern scientific knowledge of the brain.

In ancient Cabalistic theology, the Kether, or Crown chakra, is just above the head and therefore is said to relate to the pineal gland. The Kether is the crown of pure brilliance or Shining One. Its center, known as the bindu, is the point where all life’s energies spring from the Godhead.


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The Great Year

The Earth is a crystal dodecahedron. Each one of its "plates” represents a single facet of a giant crystalline structure. The crystal can “rearrange” its geometric shape through phase conjugation. This allows for the greatest amount of hyperdimensional energy to flow throughout the Earth’s crystal lattice structure and "rearrange" it.

Once every 26,000 years the galactic core aligns with our solar system in such a way as to create a (dodecahedral) geometric pattern that maximizes the flow of hyperdimensional energy throughout the entire system. It is then when the Earth is “re-energized or recharged; and the cycle (of time) starts over again. Maybe this means that it will be the beginning of a new Golden Age on the Earth once again.

Perhaps during the course of the unwinding of the “four ages” of the Grand Cycle, there are "lesser alignments" that cause great dissonance (disaster). For instance one such alignment could have involved the destruction of the Golden Age and the introduction of the Iron Age.

Fortunately or unfortunately it’s also the time when all the hyperdimensional entities visit the planet as well.

Interplanetary “Day After Tomorrow?” ... -Part2.htm
The significant – nay, unprecedented -- weather changes, currently alarming millions here on Earth, are ultimately part of an overall, mysterious transformation that is affecting the Sun, a number of other planets and many of their satellites… all across the solar system.

In this Report we shall be citing specific scientific papers backing up these “system-wide,” apparently systemic changes -- evidence derived from published, mainstream sources, compiled by researchers at major institutions, who obviously (from the authors’ own comments) haven’t themselves fully grasped the magnitude (to say nothing of the underlying cause) of what they’re seeing… or, why they’re seeing it right now.

The “cause and effect” of these remarkable planetary transformations, we believe, is explained by appealing to a new form of Physics -- not yet embraced by most of mainstream science. In fact, this is an “old Physics” -- once the centerpiece of 19th Century, pre-quantum reality. At its most fundamental, it is a Physics based on the literal accessibility of “higher dimensions.”

This “higher dimensional/hyperdimensional” description is not just an abstract concept, left over from a few mathematicians a hundred years ago -- but is a serious, quantifiable new model, regarding the real domain of energies that invisibly flow into and out of our “three-dimensional” reality… literally creating in the process all of physical matter… as well as its observed, three-dimensional, highly complex interactions.

In addition to its fundamental hyperdimensional component, this “new Physics” is intimately coupled to a modified concept of a spatial “aether.” This “aether,” however, is distinctly different from another old 19th Century concept – an “electromagnetic aether,” proposed then as a medium (analogous to air or water) necessary to carry rhythmic light and radio vibrations across “empty space.” This “new aether” also has no connection to the now popular term “zero point energy” -- the current quantum mechanics description of vacuum processes proposed by mainstream physics to generate matter and energy from empty space.

This new, modified aether is, in fact, a “massless, non-electromagnetic aether” – a charge-free transfer medium pervading all of space, and conveying “hyperdimensional energy” from more complex, higher dimensions… into “our” dimension.

In the model of Hyperdimensional Physics proposed by one of us (Hoagland), it is the innate rotation of mass in three dimensions (or, the gravitational revolution of “one mass around another mass, via an orbit”) that opens up a literal “rift,” or “gate,” between dimensions. “HD energy” flows through this gate, modifying the massfree aether in this dimension -- creating a variety of observable and measurable physical effects, including the cyclic appearance of matter and energy in our dimension. The overall quantity of energy “gated” into this dimension is directly proportional to “the total amount of angular momentum” in the spinning or gravitating system involved…

In an orbital system, this total quantity is also “modulated” -- by the constantly changing geometric relationships between the various masses in their orbits; certain “tetrahedral” angles (60 and 120 degrees), allow maximal energy transmission between dimensions; while other angles (90 and 180 degrees) interfere with that transmission and restrict it… These geometric effects are due to the inevitable “resonance and dissonance effects” of interfering wave patterns in the underlying aether “matrix.”

The simplest solar system analogy would be “multiple ripples on a pond” – with the overlapping “energy ripples” being the vast range of frequency alterations of the underlying massfree aether, caused by the hyperdimensional energy entry into our dimension via the rotating Sun, its rotating and orbiting planets… and their rotating and orbiting moons (see illustration, below).

In other words -- the entire “solar system” functions as a real, hyperdimensional, interconnected, resonant (or at times, dissonant) system…

The dramatically changing planetary effects we are about to recount in this Report, we believe, are a direct result (in the Hoagland Model) of these complex spins and geometrically-changing orbits of the solar system’s currently known planetary members, and their quantifiable effects on this underlying resonant aether pattern… augmented (in this Model) by additional, yet undiscovered planets that are also affecting the pattern – but which are orbiting far beyond the boundaries of the presently known solar system

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If You can visualise the Earth as a crystal , go further and think of universe as such, no seperation between all.
then consider these flows that permeate the whole crystal as to be what is moving, the illusion of movement been left to the fixed observer.
The flows( dragons) are scalar, thus as above so below.
They have mainframe routes, thus the whole movement is cyclic.
They bite their own tails, thus they are alpha and omega.
The source is whatever it is, the galaxies merely strings of pearls along a route.
The whole crystal is clear as glass, liquid gold, and a man with a rod can measure it.
Such a revelation?


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LOL. I quite agree; I was trying to present "the message" according to our Earth scale. It's all one big galactic super highway of energy flow. After all the Universe is a dodecahedron as well, so it's just nested "Platonic solids" unfolding and then enfolding (breathing in and out). I guess we can simply make the jump from one of the inner "nested solids" to an outer one. First the aether pattern unfolds and then it enfolds (becomes a torus) and "turns inside out." Maybe then we will live on the "mirror Earth." :D


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The grail stone, in general, is Magnetite, the foundation of life. It will become the “corner stone” of the “new electrics”. Counterrotating magnetite produces scalar (4D) effects; most important of all is that bacteria can produce Magnetite. So Magnetite is a biogenetic ferromagnetic crystal. It can be used in conjunction with synthetically produced pure quartz crystals to power the “new electrics.” Pure quartz crystals can be made using pyroelectric fusion - "hydrogen astrophysics".

Humans, too, are bio-electromagnetic crystals; and each one of us has our own Magnetite grail stone, the pineal gland. :D

A number of experiments have demonstrated antigravity effects.

The most notable of these, because of its rigor and level of detail, is the Roschin & Godin device, itself a modified version of the Searl SEG machine.

It consists of sets of rapidly rotating magnets that have shown to significantly reduce the weight of the whole apparatus.

The self rotating magnets have to be slowed down to prevent a runaway situation occurring which would cause the device to fly into the air were it not for the fact that the centrifugal forces would damage the device.

Also, electromagnetic and temperature anomalies have been observed when the device is in operation.

How do we explain these effects from the perspective of the aether model?
One of the more interesting clues in the above examples is that only clockwise rotation produces a weight loss.

The Roschin-Godin device clearly shows that a clockwise rotation produces a weight reduction and an anti-clockwise rotation a weight gain! Why should this be?

Standard theories are unable explain this difference.

According to the aether model presented here rotation generates an aether vortex into the 4th dimension. Given that gravity according to this model is essentially a 4D wave phenomenon it suggests that left/right spin difference is a 4th dimensional effect.

The most obvious variable of the 4th dimension is the direction of aether flow, negative to positive or vice versa along the 4D axis.

Therefore it is plausible that a clockwise rotation makes the aether flow in one direction along 4D and anti-clockwise in the opposite direction along 4D thereby producing opposite effects for the two spin directions.

There are a couple of ways in which an aether flow into the fourth dimension could cause a reduction in gravitational force.

The first involves the shift of 4D nodes that results from the aether movement.

Given that the aether is the carrier of the 4D waves a strong flow of aether will cause a phase shift in the wave fronts and therefore the pattern of high and low nodes of vibration.

It is conceivable that the aether flow would cause the gravitational nodes discussed in the first section to drift at a different rate towards the planetary body, and therefore to change the force of gravity. The nodes might not only slow down but be shifted sideways changing the force again.

Note that the force of gravity does not need to be completely cancelled in order for an object to be lifted into the air.

There is always present the centrifugal force due to the earth's rotation which is overshadowed by the stronger gravitational force. One need only reduce the gravitational influence below that of the centrifugal force and the slingshot action of the rotating earth will shoot an object into the air.

More generally, if a way could be found to manipulate the nodes one could maneuver a craft at high speed. That is, the craft could be accelerated or have it's direction changed without the occupants feeling any inertial forces. In the same way that a free falling object moving with the gravitational nodes will not experience any force even though it is accelerating.

Viewed from this perspective the stories one hears of UFO craft making rapid 90 degree turns don't seem so improbable.

One possible way of manipulating these nodes is through a concentrated mind.

We hear of stories about people who are able to move objects through mind power alone.
One of the best known examples is the Russian Nina Kulagina who demonstrated this ability in scientific tests.

Esoteric teachings tell us that thoughts are real things - energetic vibrations that can interact with the surroundings.

Perhaps thoughts are 4 dimensional (or higher) vibrations which would explain why our instruments cannot normally detect them.

However a focused thought if it were a 4D vibration would cause a shift in the 4D nodes and therefore could give rise to forces that move objects.

The other way that an aether flow could cause a reduction in weight is by reducing the resistive forces that an atom feels when jumping nodes.

The gravitational force according to our model results from the atoms jumping from one low aether vibration node to another, brought about by the nodal drift near a planetary body.

One would expect that the resistive force is determined by some form of interaction of the atoms with the surrounding aether.

It is therefore reasonable to expect that a moving aether, in particular a vortex, would change in some way the atom-aether interaction responsible for the gravitational force.

Furthermore, in our model the gravitational force and inertial resistance (see Inertia) are caused by the same mechanism of node jumping.

Therefore this model predicts that if this mechanism is involved in weight reduction one would also experience a reduction in the inertial force, or inertial mass, of the object.

There is evidence of this happening with the Marcus Hollingshead device. It consists of orthogonal spinning toroidal coils constructed from bifilar windings.
Biomagnetism and Bio-Electromagnetism -The Foundation of Life
Throughout the past 30 years, scientists have been extensively researching organisms that have the ability to produce the ferromagnetic mineral magnetite. Magnetite is a black mineral form of iron oxide that crystallizes in the cubic or isometric system, namely all crystals which have their crystallographic axes of equal length at 90 degrees to each other. It is a mixed Iron (II) Iron (III) oxide, Fe3O4, and is one of the major ores of iron that is strongly magnetic. Some varieties, known as lodestone, are natural magnets; these were used as compasses in the ancient world.

The discovery of a biogenic material (that is, one formed by a biological organism) with ferromagnetic properties and found to be magnetite was the first breakthrough toward an understanding as to why some animals have the ability to detect the earth's magnetic field.

Ferromagnetic crystals interact more than a million times more strongly with external magnetic fields than do diamagnetic or paramagnetic materials (deoxyhemoglobin, ferritin, and hemosiderin).With this finding researchers were posed with a fundamental question for biology, namely: What is the mechanism through which the weak geomagnetic fields are perceived by organisms that are able to precipitate crystals of a ferromagnetic mineral such as magnetite (Fe3O4)? Could these crystals use their motion in a variety of ways to transduce the geomagnetic field into signals that can be processed by the nervous system?

Scientists are now asking the fundamental question: What is magnetite doing in the human brain? In magnetite-containing bacteria, the answer is simple: Magnetite crystals turn the bacteria into swimming needles that orient with respect to the earth's magnetic fields.
Crystal technology is the key that unlocks all the secrets, you see. ... 110#p26934

Lodestone ... 110#p26956

The New Electrics ... 110#p26961

Meteors and Crystal Structure ... 110#p26982

What is the Real Grail Stone? ... 125#p27063
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Re: The Schumann Resonance

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Maybe We are very close to a flip over point in geometry.
What will flip is that which flows, to the observer it may look as though the planet has flipped.
But it will be geometric, the sun may go out whilst this occurs and then arise from where it last settled, as it does each year on the 22ndDec, then rises again on the 25th.
But this flipping point will be a far far larger scale than a year, and the dragons involved will be breething lots of fire.
Thunder bolts will be heard?

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Left hand rule.
Right hand rule.
Spiral clockwise or counter clockwise.
Something I can't help but say when I go in lifts,
"Going up ladies dresses,
coming down ladies tights"


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LOL. Most of this geometric shift is described in the Bible, but we misintrepret it (or it has been purposely misconstrued for us).

I don't know which I would prefer. With dresses the air could move underneath and produce "lift", and I could float on the aetheric currents into another dimension. On the other hand tights might be more suitable if, like Alice, I'm going down through the center of the vortex. :?

Thunderbolts are already being heard!

No doubt it's an interesting time for the "wizards" (dowsers?) ;) and "serpents"!


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So what exactly is the Large Hadron Collider? We are told that it is a “particle accelerator.” There is no doubt that it probably does that. However, if you get a bird’s eye view of it and look down into its “barrel”, you will notice that it resembles a scaled up plasma focus device. Could this be a plasma focus device of such magnitude that it might possibly be used to “explode” a planet or destroy an incoming hypedimensional battlestar?

Secret Dimensions at CERN and Large Hadron Collider ... de/2869099
We are used to thinking that the world has only 3 dimensions. But scientists tell us that is not true. We have known about the height, width and depth for centuries but less obviously we can consider time as an additional, fourth dimension - as Einstein famously revealed. But now, when we are just widely start to consider time as the 4th dimension, theorists are making predictions wider then even Einstein had imagined.

High-energy experiments could pry open the inconspicuous dimensions just enough to allow particles to move between the normal 3D world and other dimensions.

This could be manifest in the sudden disappearance of a particle into a hidden dimension, or the unexpected appearance of a particle in an experiment.
Large Hadron Collider could test hyperdrive propulsion
With the LHC, for instance, protons are the collision particles of choice. They carry an electrical charge (positive), which allows scientists to use magnets to focus the protons into tight beams and steer them around their circular racetrack. In the LHC’s case, the collider boasts more than 1,600 superconducting steering and focusing magnets. And protons have a respectable amount of mass, so scientists can whisk them around a bent path without the particles losing much energy.
Time Machine: CERN's Large Hadron Collider ... ticle.html
Never heard of "traversable wormholes?"

Well, soon you might start hearing about them, as the world's most powerful particle accelerator becomes functional this spring - unleashing forces, capable of distorting not only space (just like gravity distorts space around Earth), but also TIME.
Cosmic Electricity
A Plasma Focus Device: A fusion research device for generating intense plasmas. A large current is discharged across the two concentric cylinders, which ionizes the plasma and forms usually eight to ten pairs of current filaments, each about a millimeter in diameter, which fountain outward from the right-hand end. The oppositely-rotating vortex pairs pinch together into a doughnut-shaped filamentary knot called a plasmoid, whose field contains all the energy that was stored in the magnetic field of the whole device, a million times bigger in volume. The spiraling electrons start to radiate away the energy, causing the current to drop, collapsing the magnetic field and generating a electric field which shoots two high-energy beams out along the axis of the toroid in opposite directions, electrons in one direction, ions in the other, each a micron across.
The Cosmic Wheel ... -wheel.htm
The cosmic wheel is a universal motif used by all ancient peoples when depicting the primordial sky. What in heaven could it mean? In this image the Chandra satellite has confirmed that the shape of a wheel can be formed in space by a toroidal plasma discharge. The spokes are the characteristic signature of a radial electric discharge in the near vacuum of space where the "spokes" follow the magnetic field lines. Although this formation is known from laboratory experiments using a simple "plasma focus" device (See 2nd image "looking down the barrel" of a plasma focus.) This plasma formation is unrecognized by astronomers. That is why the NASA report describes the spokes as "puzzling."
Black Holes Tear Logic Apart
The dense plasma focus, first invented in 1954, consists of two coaxial cylindrical electrodes usually less than 30 cm in all dimensions in a gas-filled vacuum chamber connected to a capacitor bank. It is capable of producing high-energy X-ray and gamma-ray radiation and intense beams of electrons and ions, as well as abundant fusion reactions. In operation, the capacitors discharge in a several-microsecond pulse, the gas is ionized and a current sheath, consisting of pinched current filaments, forms and runs down the electrodes.
Strange Star or Strange Science?
It is not ordinary matter, but scientific models that are being pushed to extremes. Einstein warned: "Most mistakes in philosophy and logic occur because the human mind is apt to take the symbol for reality". Neutron stars and quarks have never been seen. They are derived from mathematical symbols. Let's take quarks first. There is little to suggest that any of the shrapnel from high energy colliders exists in normal matter. If enormous energy is spent in shattering a proton to unlock the hypothetical quarks then the energy itself may manifest as particles that don't play any part in ordinary matter. Flying a 747 into a mountainside and picking over the ruins is not the best way of finding out how an aircraft works. Suggesting that a star can be composed stably of unobserved particles simply because a theory of invisible, super-heavy objects demands it is asking too much!

The Electric Universe model assumes that Nature knows best. It does not require strange matter or a strange star. The x-ray pulses are caused by regular electric discharges between two or more orbiting, normally constituted, electrically charged bodies. It is a manifestation of a periodic arc instead of a spinning star. If beaming of the radiation is occurring then that should be verifiable here on Earth in the lab by studying the plasma focus device.
Here is a small modest working model of a plasma focus device…one that has been developed for the benefit of humanity.

The Big Bang Never Happened Focus Fusion Society
May 28, 2002. A team of researchers has announced the achievement for the first time of temperatures above one billion degrees in a dense plasma. The breakthrough, achieved with a compact and inexpensive device called the plasma focus, is a step toward controlled fusion energy using advanced fuels that release little or no radioactivity. "We have achieved a key condition needed to burn hydrogen-boron fuel," said Eric J. Lerner of Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, one of the researchers. "This fuel produces virtually no radioactivity and can potentially generate electric energy without expensive steam generators and turbines."
Focus Fusion Reactor
Genuine hydrogen fusion control should be available through the use of the plasma focus device, but the technology has been “starved” for funding and redirected toward useless technologies like the Tokamak.


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Unread post by lizzie » Tue Oct 13, 2009 8:25 am

Is "reality" stranger than "fiction" yet?

Synopsis of Cliff High’s most recent webbott

6 of 9 – October 10, 2009 ... re=related

7 of 9 – October 10, 2009 ... re=related
“The device” that is forecasted to appear in the language will have some level of visibility beginning in November. We should be able to determine who the liberators are or who the thieves are by mid-March, 2010. We should have some idea as to what this device is and whether it has been recovered or what really happened to it..

The device is strongly associated a multi-million year presence of “space aliens” per say or with some kind of pre-modern human civilizations rather than with modern “space aliens.”

The device appears to be something that affects emotions or is some kind of an amplification device. I don’t know what kind of amplification devicie it is. But the fact that these two individuals are fleeing has to do with the need for the ptb’s to get the thing back; the details seem to suggest that somewhere around the Equinox, we will see the denouement of this whole little story; and it may be somewhat misleading if the mainstream media propaganda still is effective; and then we should see a story that says that "so and so" was arrested for stealing something from a museum; and then on the other side of it in the independent media, we will find out that "so and so" has people rallying around him because he claims that he has “liberated” a “space alien device”.

It's very much like the situation affecting Gary McKenna. What did Gary McKenna really see? Why are they pursuing him so diligently?

Andrew Basiago will "push" the disclosure meme... something to do with "replicator technology".

As for whistleblowers Andrew Basiago fills a certain percentage of the linguistics, and his paper he has presented with his references is really solid … I can’t say anything about the rest of his story about being involved with the CIA and all that, but the language out there relative to the story and the images he has offered checkd out 100% so far.
Teleportation technology? A "time travel" machine? A "demolecularization" and "remolecularization" device?

Replicator Technology (Scalar Physics – Nanotechnology)
On board Federation starships and in every single Federation domicile is installed what is known as a replicator. It's main purpose is to provide food, but in fantastical reality, it can make anything. The basic premise of replication technology is the ability to reconstitute raw matter into any substance and shape desired. All of the television Star Trek incarnations never strayed into the more dubious or even series-killing problems with replication technology - the ability to fabricate anything at all. We can of course assume that in the Star Trek universe, replicating complex mechanisms and substances would take too much energy for any non-manufacturing plant to produce on an economically viable scale. At least that's what we Trekkies like to tell ourselves to keep us immersed in the fantasy we love to live in.

But if we were to look at this unique technology objectively, then we could easily conclude that it would be feasible and affordable to manufacture any product this way. It is comprehensible in fact, that a solid object with a defined shape, could be remanufactured or copied to exact specifications if one had enough computing power. This is also the basis of Star Trek's transporter technology, although in Star Trek, a person is briefly transformed into energy particles as they are atomized and reassembled at their destination.
Andrew Basiago

Andrew Basiago ... sor-Device

Andrew Basiago - PIA10214 Analysis
I know this has been talked about on previous threads, but has anyone read this State of Washington USA Lawyers experiences?

Can someone who is knowledgeable clarify the paper written (see link) by Andrew Basiago regarding his seeing all of those aliens in the NASA Spirit Rover photo PIA10214?

How is it that he can see these things and I cannot? The famous "statue" way to the left of the photos hanging off the cliff can be seen by my own eyes, but I don't see any of the it because his awareness is more developed than us because of his experience being used by the government for Mars teleportation experiments since he was a child?

Link to the Andrew Basiago Paper Written on analysis of PIA10214
There is life on Mars. Evidence that the Red Planet harbors life and has for eons was discovered by the author by examining NASA photograph PIA10214, a westward view of the West Valley of the Columbia Basin in the Gusev Crater that was taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit in November 2007 and beamed back to the Earth. This photograph has been the subject of public speculation since January 2008, when what appeared to be the figure of a human female was found jutting from the edge of a plateau.

The figure was quickly dismissed as a natural rock formation produced by wind, water, and time, but the author and other researchers in the Mars anomaly research community believed that it was either a statue or the fossilized remains of a humanoid being on Mars.

Intrigued by this anomaly, the author subjected PIA10214 to further photo-analytic scrutiny and discovered that the photograph contains other images of human and animal life forms that constitute the first evidence of life on Mars.

In this paper, the author presents his initial data related to his discovery of life on Mars in PIA10214 in five areas, namely, evidence of humanoid beings, animal species, carved statues, built structures, and dead bodies. The life on Mars consists of intelligent, bipedal hominids capable of carving statues and building structures and a variety of animal species that exist, that once existed, or that have never existed on Earth. Reptilian species predominate. He also addresses frightening content and definitional constraints that individuals in Mars anomaly research confront when evaluating this first view by human civilization of life forms and ancient artifacts on another planet. He concludes that the discovery of life on Mars marks an epochal moment in human history when for the first time human beings from Earth have encountered biological organisms living elsewhere in the Cosmos.


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