The Schumann Resonance

Beyond the boundaries of established science an avalanche of exotic ideas compete for our attention. Experts tell us that these ideas should not be permitted to take up the time of working scientists, and for the most part they are surely correct. But what about the gems in the rubble pile? By what ground-rules might we bring extraordinary new possibilities to light?

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Does the Sun have a dual, a dark star? Is Sirius C the Sun's twin? Is Nibiru really Sirius C?

In the introduction to his book The Holy Science, Sri Yukteswar describes an interesting variant of the Hindu theory of ages. According to him the sun, with its planets and their moons, takes some star for its dual and revolves around it in about 24,000 years of our earth-a celestial phenomenon which causes the backward movement of the equinoctial points around the zodiac. The sun also has another motion by which it revolves round a grand center called Vishnunabhi, which is the seat of the creative power, Brahma, the universal magnetism. Brahma regulates dharma, the mental virtue of the internal world.

Yukteswar goes on to explain that the sun's 24,000 year revolution around its companion star takes the sun progressively closer, and then progressively further away from the mystic center Vishnunabhi. In his system, dharma increases as we approach Vishnunabhi and decreases as we draw away from it.
Beyond 2012
Blue Star Kachina. An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina’

"The solar system shall become a binary sun system; when the Blue Star returns during the day it will appear as a silvery light, one hundred times brighter than the Morning Star. During the evening, it will appear as a moon. The Blue Star is a companion to Sirius B."
Is Sirius C the Red Star Kachina?

Beyohd 2012
Readers of Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery may recall that the Dogon tribe of Mali, West Africa, have known for centuries that Sirius (the Dog Star), is a binary star system, and that Sirius B is a white dwarf - facts they say were given to their ancestors by visitors from Sirius. What you may not have heard, if you haven't read the new edition, (1998), is that astronomers have recently discovered Sirius C! Temple told us in 1976, in the first edition, that the Dogon knew of a third star, and that he thought it would be a red dwarf, if and when it was discovered. It was twenty years later, in 1995, when French Astronomers, Daniel Benest and J.L. Duvent announced in the Journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, their discovery of a small red dwarf star - Sirius C.
Planet X - Is a Runaway Wrecking Ball Part of Our Solar System?
Sitchin has also written in Divine Encounters, the planet where God the creator resides is referred to in the Bible as Olamin, the plural of Olam. The meaning of "olam" in the ancient world was a measure of a really long time, specifically related to the span of time between the periodic disappearance and reappearance of the planet Marduk/Nibiru on its vast 3,600 year elliptical orbit.

The domain of Olamin was described as a kingdom which encompasses many worlds. According to Robert Temple, in The Sirius Mystery, the Dogon tribe of Mali call this planet "the egg of the world," and they say it is the origin of all things. They say of this planet that it is "the center of all things and without its movement no other star could hold its course." They say it is made of a heavy metallic compound called "sagala." The Sumerians also wrote that this planetary "god," Nibiru, "remade our solar system and remakes the Earth on its near passages."

A NASA/ARC press release published in Newsweek on July 13, 1987 disclosed that "an eccentric 10th planet may - or may not - be orbiting the Sun." The article stated that NASA research scientist John Anderson "has a hunch Planet X is out there, though nowhere near the other nine."
The discovery of Eris, largest known dwarf planet
Eris, the largest dwarf planet known, was discovered in an ongoing survey at Palomar Observatory's Samuel Oschin telescope by astronomers Mike Brown (Caltech), Chad Trujillo (Gemini Observatory), and David Rabinowitz (Yale University).

The name Xena (and satellite Gabrielle) were simply placeholders while awaiting the IAU's decision on how an official name was to be proposed.
Planet Gliese 581c and and Planet X/Eris/Nibiru
Astronomers Discover Earth-Like Planet Outside Solar System... Scientists from the European Southern Observatory working in Chile have found a new planet outside our solar system that is more like Earth than any other known planet... Like Earth, the new planet "Gliese 581c" orbits its sun in "the habitable zone."

Nibiru is one of many Planets that orbit a dark star or Brown Dwarf (Sirius C?). This Dark Star has five minor planets, the sixth an Earth-sized Homeworld, and the seventh the planet or object we call Nibiru... it is the physical link or "ferry" between our solar system and the dark star system of it's Brown Dwarf Star (Sirius C?).
The Sirian Reveliations
"Sirius is a triunal stellar system, which consists of three Solar Deities: Sothis, Satais and Anu (identified by your astronomers, respectively, as: Sirius A, Sirius B, and Sirius C.)

At a point in the space-time continuum, a great cosmic exchange occurred in our stellar system.(1) At the time of this cataclysmic change in our complex stellar body, the Deity, Satais (Sirius B), collapsed, passing through her own astral chords and onto higher dimensional planes. What was left behind in the world of matter was, in stellar terms, a minuscule dwarf star of super dense matter, which was eventually pulled into an elliptical orbit around the dominant sister star, Sothis (Sirius A) - as was the distant cousin, Anu (Sirius C).
Champollion (1790-1832) unravelled the secrets of Egyptian writing but so far nobody has demystified Egyptian beliefs. Astrophysics is the key. 11,650 year ago, a supernova exploded close to Earth in the direction of Orion's Belt. It became the god Osiris who donated metals and resembled a scarab beetle (expanding nova). Twenty-eight years later the binary star Sirius B (the god Horus) exploded, sending a plasma tongue looking like a fiery dragon or winged serpent (Seth) speeding towards Earth.
Sirius C (Anu) the third of the Sirian stellar family alsoascended from the third dimension at the time of the Sirian shift. Although the scientific community has not confirmed the existence of Sirius C, the Dogon knew of it by the name, Enome Ya, and they described it too as revolving around Sirius A.

Of the planets that orbited Anu, one did not achieve ascension when the star, which remains in the fourth dimension, did not: that planet is Nebiru, the home of the Annunaki. Nebiru was flung out of Sirius, was captured by our sun, and ricocheted back to Sirius and it is to this day caught between the two star systems, on an elliptical journey that takes approximately 3,600 years to complete.
Lucifer of the Black Sun ... black-sun/
There are three forms of Suns known in esoteric literature. There is a term called the Sun behind the Sun, which may be termed as the Sun behind our local Sun called Sirius. There are three Sirius suns A, B, and C which also cosmically allude to the existence of three Suns. The third Sun is called the galactic Sun which is a black hole in the depths of our solar system.
Dogon Cosmology, Sirius, and Hydrogen Astrophysics ... 30509bb63d
The Dogon say the Emma Ya Tolo is invisible and undetectable.
Dogon and Sirius
The Dogon also describe a third star in the Sirius system, called Emme Ya ("Sorghum Female"). They claim that the knowledge was given to them by a race people from the Sirius system called the Nommos who visited Earth thousands of years ago. They are said to have come from a planet orbiting Sirius C.

The Dogon, the Nommos and Sirius B
The question maybe settled as larger and more powerful telescopes take a look at the Sirius system. According to the legend there is a third star: Sirius C and it is around Sirius C that the home planet of the Nommo’s orbits.
mind1universe ... 074&page=3
Q: Could this then be Sirius C? You mention some kind of dwarf star. This could be the only 'link' I could think of between the sun and Sirius A/B. It would seem to have some strange kind of orbit indeed.... with planetoids. Nibiru?

A: Our sun has a dark twin; that dark twin has a long ecliptical orbit and actually travels very far out into space towards Sirius A and B. It takes 3,600 years to complete its orbit. Sirius C was already known by the ancient Dogan tribe in Africa because this star (our Sirius C is the star I feel is actually Nibru. The Annunaki on this world are Sirians.

Our dark twin has a realy long orbit of 3,600 years and it travels is a highly acute eclipitical orbit and swings near our sun and the Sirius system.

Sirius B is not a dark companion star, it is small star, it is not a dark companion at all. It's a white dwarf now. Sirius C is a red star, darker than our own and smaller. It’s Nibru.
The name 'Sothis' seems to naturally fit the intents and the magical inclinations of the Lodge: Sothis/Sirius B is the dark star of Set, the ancient stellar body mysteriously 'discovered' more than 5000 years ago by the Dogons of Mali, and from which the darkest currents of magic emanate. Sothis is connected to Emme Ya (Sirius C), a bizarre star that constitutes the closest astronomical match to the concept of Black Sun, and from which Atlantean Lore says that many of the entities and intelligences today known in Pantheons sprang from. So, Sothis stands as the stellar, pulsating centre of the Draconian Current and of the energies that move the opposite side of creation - Sothis as 'Astrum Nigrum' (Black Star), soul of Black Isis and cosmic vehicle of Set.
Star Magick
In Hecate's Fountain, Kenneth Grant speaks of the planet Emme Ya in the Sirius star-system as the origin of the Loa—Voudoo goddesses and gods, the Orisha in Yoruba tradition. The Dogon know Emme Ya—Star of Women—as the planet of the primal goddess, the Orisha Yemoja. Mother of all African goddesses and gods, Her name—Mother of Fish—recalls ancient tales of the amphibious Nommos, powerful beings of god-like stature who brought civilization to earth from the star system of Sirius, and whom the Babylonians knew as the Musari.
Sirius A is Isis
Sirius B is Osiris
Sirius C is Horus (Nibiru)

The Duat
Osiris is represented in the heavens by the constellation of Orion, and the goddess Isis is represented by the star Sirius. We have already looked at the idea that Horus, born of Isis, represented Nibiru, born in the sky near Sirius during the time of its heliacal setting and rising.

The mythological identity of Seth as an invisible, red 'star' akin to a serpent seems more in keeping with what we know about Nibiru. The other difficulty with the idea that Seth was associated with Mercury is the solar aspect identified with his worship.

I am proposing that Nibiru can be understood as a mixture of the battling deities, Horus and Seth. They represent a duality of good and evil, and the myths surrounding them attempt to explain the bizarre nature of the Dark Star; sometimes fiery, mostly invisible. In this way, Nibiru was also understood as both a force for good - the heavenly domain of the gods - but also represented great potential evil, whose arrival in the heavens could signal coming apocalyptic destruction.

Seth is a black, celestial serpent, as well as a red-haired deity, which fights the Sun. This fits the notion that Seth represents our brown dwarf in cometary motion; a dark star with red appearance and halo, which challenges the Sun with its opposite motion in the heavens.

Horus was born of Isis, returning to avenge his father’s death at the hands of Set. Horus appears to be associated with the Messianic Star, appearing by Sirius. The following poetic rendering of the appearance of Horus nudges us in the direction of a celestial object appearing miraculously from the depths of space.

Sirius lies well south of the ecliptic, and its dominance of the Duat must indicate another important factor at play here than simply part of a zodiacal sky clock. The same goes for Orion. The Duat mythology involves the barque of Ra travelling through the various decans and encountering the monsters and deities associated with each. Which begs the question: How can Ra, as the invisible serpent, encounter the God of the Dead, Osiris, if the Sun doesn't actually pass through Orion? To encounter Osiris, our celestial traveller must pass through Orion, and therefore travel off the ecliptic. Up until now that point has been unanswerable as all the visible planets travel along the ecliptic. But Babylonian texts indicate that an entirely different body passed through Canis Major and Orion in the form of Marduk, or Nibiru. My contention is that Sirius marks the perihelion position of the Dark Star, and that the choice of decans south of the ecliptic indicates the Winged Disc’s appearance in the Duat.

If Sirius marks the endpoint/rebirth of the Dark Star’s journey (Decan 12), and Orion is the half-way mark (Decan 7), then the Egyptians were describing a very different motion in the heavens. The conventional dawn divisions fit neatly with the initial appearance of Nibiru as it approaches Sirius in its opposing trajectory to the Sun.

From the perspective of an Earth-based observer gazing at the fiery orb of Nibiru as it moves through the night sky, it seems to move through an arc, in the opposite direction to the Sun’s motion. It appears faintly near Cancer, and brightens significantly as it moves towards Sirius. This rebirth by Sirius (Isis) denotes its character as Horus, and shows Horus’s victory over the evil darkness of the Seth identity. The perihelion marks the point of rebirth, the movement past the high wall (around the Sun) and thus through the ‘gate of the Duat’. This is the end of the 12th division and the start of the 1st. On towards Orion it goes, fading as it does so. (The memories of the Flood are captured by the monuments of Giza, and their age-long vigilance, denoting the celestial point of Nibiru's journey through Orion when the world was once destroyed by the sun god). From there, the red orb fades rapidly as it swings towards Taurus and Aries. Finally it is lost to the darkness, and becomes the dark serpent, Seth, once again. Like a serpent biting its tail, the invisible path of the dark star eventually leads back to Isis, creating an Ouroboros in the sky.


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Were Sirius C and Saturn once brown dwarf twin suns? Was Saturn “captured” by our Solar System and “removed” from the Sirius C star system?

It is believed by some that Atlantis was "humanity's cradle" until its destruction. It is also believed that before Atlantis, there was Mu and Lemuria, two other lost continents some old stories speak of. But Mu and Lemuria go too much back in time, so trying to locate them won't be my purpose.

At this point, some of you might want to mention the Dogon tribe in Mali. But I have my reserves. If you don't know the story of the Dogons, it is my duty to let you know.

Dogon's interest revolves around Sirius, the most brilliant star in our galaxy. Supposedly, the priest told the scientists a myth about the star Sirius. The Dogons claim that Sirius is accompanied by a star they call põ tolo, invisible to the naked eye. Tolo means 'star', while põ is the smallest seed they know. They also describe a third star, Emme Ya ("Sorghum Female"), accompanied by a single satellite. They also know that Saturn has rings, Jupiter has four moons and that the planets orbit the sun. They have calendars for the sun, the moon, Sirius, and Venus. The Sumerians were also worshipping in 4000 BC the sun, the moon, and Venus.

The Sirius (Sirius A, the Dog Star) obsession started early, and for the 'earliest' we know the the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians (Acadians, Babylonians, Assyrians). Later on the Persians used the star. Some say Sirius and the Biblical star Mazzaroth are one; later on the star was called Sihor, a name learnt from the Egyptians prior to their exile. Egyptians identified Sirius first with Hathor, then with Isis. As I said, the pair male - female was quite common back then, so Isis's brother and husband, Osiris, was identified with Orion (Sirius B). A third star existed also in Egyptian mythology, Sirius C, belonging to the Dark Goddess or sometimes Anubis, the jackal-head god and son of Osiris and Isis, responsible for the passage of the souls to the underworld.

It is true that the Dogon legend says that their knowledge was brought to them by the Nommos, amphibious beings sent to Earth from Sirius for the benefit of mankind.

Another one of Temple's claims is that the Dogons, by saying that "Põ tolo and Sirius were once where the Sun is now", meant to describe our coming to this solar system from the Sirius system, "and leaving those stars for our star, the Sun".
The Sirius Mystery Deepens ... irio11.htm
How could the ancient and secret traditions of an African tribe contain highly precise astrophysical information about invisible stars in the Sirius star system? Some of it has only been discovered very recently by modern scientists, half a century after it was recorded by anthropologists studying the tribe.

If the Earth had been visited by intelligent beings from the system of the star Sirius in the distant past, and they had left behind all this precise information about their star system, the fact that they described the existence of a third star, a Sirius C, whose existence could not be confirmed by modern astronomy rendered the whole account untrustworthy. However, the existence of Sirius C has now been confirmed after all.
Champollion (1790-1832) unravelled the secrets of Egyptian writing but so far nobody has demystified Egyptian beliefs. Astrophysics is the key. 11,650 year ago, a supernova (Saturn?) exploded close to Earth in the direction of Orion's Belt. It became the god Osiris who donated metals and resembled a scarab beetle (expanding nova). Twenty-eight years later the binary star Sirius B (the god Horus) exploded, sending a plasma tongue looking like a fiery dragon or winged serpent (Seth) speeding towards Earth.

The Star of the Tenth Moon
It is interesting that Murry Hope sees Sirius as "the third, and probably most influential player in a celestial drama", which caused the orbit and axis changes to the earth and Moon, and that it is due, in the near future, to cause a speeding-up of time, and an evolutionary quantum leap for life on earth.

Robert temple spent eight years investigating the Dogon tribe, from Mali, West Africa; in particular, their detailed knowledge, not only about other planets in our solar system, but information concerning orbit times and the presence of a white dwarf in the Sirius system. They say they were given the information many centuries ago, by extra-terrestrial visitors from Sirius. These beings are called "Nommo", which is a collective name for them.

They came to earth in an ark which was actually described by the Dogon as "appearing in the sky as a new star (Sirius C/Nibiru), and leaving with the Nommos at their departure from Earth". They call it "star of the tenth moon".

Here we have a possible connection with Sitchin's "12th Planet", as he says the asteroid belt was originally a planet (the tenth) with 11 moons (Maldek/Mulge?), which was destroyed when it collided with one of the moons of "Marduk" - the 12th planet on the 3,600 year orbit. (Could this really Sirius C/Nibiru?) The Dogon say that the Nommo will come again. "A certain "star" in the sky will appear once more" - the star of the tenth moon.
Dogon – Nommos from Sirius
The Dogon call Saturn the "star of limiting the place" and say that when the Nommo left they became the "star of the 10th moon" - Phoebe is the 10th moon of Saturn and although little is known about it, what is known about it is quite odd. It is about 200 Km in diameter and has an orbit that is unlike the other moons of Saturn. It is much further out, goes round the other way and at a much different angle. It is black as soot and appears to be made of rock - but if it was made of rock it would be about 5 times heavier than it actually is.* It is also much more spherical than you would expect for an object with almost no gravity.
Because of its dark color, and because Phoebe's orbit is irregular (elliptical, outside the plane of Saturn's equator and retrograde), scientists think the moon is probably a captured object, possibly a comet, asteroid or Kuiper Belt Object (KBO).
Lucifer of The Black Sun ... black-sun/
Lucifer is the goddess of the Black Sun (Sirius C) which is truly the great dragon Typhon the mother of all creation and of humanity. Typhon’s self begotten son was Sut the ancient Egyptian god which was Sothis or Sirius. Which in later reckonings Sut was then named after the planet Saturn which was called in earlier times in history concerning Christianity Satan, or Lucifer.

There are three forms of Suns known in esoteric literature. There is a term called the Sun behind the Sun, which may be termed as the Sun behind our local Sun called Sirius. There are three Sirius suns A, B, and C which also cosmically allude to the existence of three Suns. The third Sun is called the galactic Sun which is a black hole in the depths of our solar system.
The King James Bible
The solar system's formative planetary order has been changed by a disturbance caused by an encounter with a star (Sirius) sixty-five million years ago when Neptune and Uranus were between Mars and Jupiter. In that disturbance Neptune lost four of its five satellites that became free bodies around the Sun and interacted with other bodies of the solar system.

It is said by the Dogon that the system of Sirius has a third companion and that this Sirius C has the same orbital period as Sirius B but a greater orbit. If this is true, then the unusual nature of Sirius B should be taken into account.

If Sirius B is the jovian planet of that system, then Sirius C is the saturnian planet of that system with an orbital distance about twice Sirius B.
Was it really Sirius C and Saturn that “invaded” our solar system?

Primordial Light
At one point in the narrative Dr Velikovsky hints that Jupiter must have previously wreaked havoc in our Solar System and that much of the confusion between Jupiter and Venus in the myths could be attributed to just this cause. It is his opinion that Venus was born from Jupiter; thus Jupiter would have been in collision with another of the major planets to cause the disturbances in the Solar System.

Sieff sees Jupiter as an invader of our System (then a double star system); moreover, he sees Jupiter as having caused the disintegration of Saturn, the one-time companion to the sun.

Further examples of Saturn as a primary for satellites may be found in Robert Temple's equation of Osiris (as the Saturn-god) with the Sirius system - a well-known binary star system.
The Star of the Sun
Saturn is not a conspicuous planet in the sky. Were it not for its sluggish movement, an unaided eye would hardly distinguish it from the surrounding stars. In many ancient sources Saturn is called “sun.” The usual name for Saturn in Chaldean astronomy was Alap-Shamas, meaning “Star of the Sun.” Diodorus of Sicily reported that the Chaldeans called Cronos (Saturn) by the name Helios, or the sun, and he explained that this was because Saturn was the most conspicuous of the planets; Hyginus also wrote that Saturn was called “Sol.” In the Babylonian astrological texts the word Shamash (Sun) was used to designate Saturn: “We learn from the notes written by the astrologers that by the word ‘sun’ we must understand the ‘star of the sun,’ i.e., Saturn.” Ninib was the Babylonian name for Saturn: “Ninib in various places is said to shine like the sun.” He was known as UT-GAL-LU, the “great sun of storms.” The Greeks used to call Saturn Phaenon, “the shining one.”

All that we have considered up to now indicates that Saturn once exploded in a nova-like burst of light. The date of this event I would be hard-put to specify, even approximately, but possibly it took place about ten thousand years ago. The solar system and reaches beyond it were illuminated by the exploded star, and in a matter of a week the Earth was enveloped in waters of Saturnian origin.
THOTH - A Catastrophics Newsletter
The proto-Saturn system could have its origin outside our Solar System. It approaches the ecliptic, and as it encounters the Sun's electrical environment, the proto-Saturn system destabilizes, and it breaks apart.

I'm sure many people have found the Saturn Model compelling (the mythological evidence is overwhelming), but aspects of it difficult to reconcile. The collinear nature of the Earth-Mars-Venus-Saturn system being a case in point; the system appears to be inherently unstable, so how could it possibly have existed in our Solar System. The answers from the conference were that the polar configuration is indeed unstable. It could not have existed for long in the Solar System. Indeed, on entering the Solar System, the previous Saturnian System would have met the Sun's electrical effects (on reaching the heliopause), and this would have been the cause of the formation and dissolution of the polar configuration, as well as the electrical effects seen during its breakup (as comets are similarly affected on approaching the Sun).

How would the Earth have survived outside the Solar System? Saturn would have been a brown dwarf, one of the most common objects in the Universe. There was even suggestion that collinear systems are formed by plasma currents (Birkeland currents) as exemplified by Herbig-Haro objects, some of which "consist of highly linear chains or jets", and the accretion of material in a plasma Z-pinch, where "Most models of young stars and their immediate environments incorporate magnetic fields. Magnetic fields in the collapsing, rotating cloud core are advected with the accretion flow and form an hour glass shaped B field that is pinched inward by the forming disk."


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Originally placed on the KeelyNet BBS on May 8, 1993 as CANYON.ASC
from NEXUS New Times - Volume 2, Number 13
The following is an intriguing article entitled "Archeological Coverups", by David Hatcher Childress in the above NEXUS magazine.

Following that is a newspaper article from a 1909 newspaper indicating a bizarre suppressed find in the Grand Canyon area.

It indicates either a hoax published at the time OR that the Smithsonian and/or the government is covering up details of past archeological discoveries that would rock current understanding of the past.

To those who investigate allegations of archaeological cover-ups, there are disturbing indications that the most important archaeological institute in the United States, the Smithsonian Institute, an independent federal agency, has been actively suppressing some of the most interesting and important archaeological discoveries made in the Americas.

The cover-up and alleged suppression of archaeological evidence began in late 1881when John Wesley Powell, the geologist famous for exploring the Grand Canyon, appointed CyrusThomas as the director of the Eastern Mound Division of the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of Ethnology.

When Thomas came to the Bureau of Ethnology he was a "pronounced believer in the existence of a race of Mound Builders, distinct from the American Indians."

The Smithsonian began to promote the idea that Native Americans, at that time being exterminated in the Indian Wars, were descended from advanced civilisations and were worthy of respect and protection.

They also began a program of suppressing any archaeological evidence that lent credence to the school of thought known as Diffusionism, a school which believes that throughout history there has been widespread dispersion of culture and civilisation via contact by ship and major trade routes.

The Smithsonian opted for the opposite school, known as Isolationism.

When the contents of many ancient mounds and pyramids of the Midwest were examined, it was shown that the history of the Mississippi River Valleys was that of an ancient and sophisticated culture that had been in contact with Europe and other areas. Not only that, the contents of many mounds revealed burials of huge men, sometimes seven or eight feet tall, in full armour with swords and sometimes huge treasures.

(Vangard note: Eastern Indian texts say that at one time men lived thousands of years and grew very tall in direct proportion to their age, as does the Bibl with the comment "and there were GIANTS in the earth in those days...")

The Alaskan mound was in fact a graveyard of gigantic human remains, consisting of crania and long leg bones. The crania measured from 22 to 24 inches from base to crown. Since an adult skull normally measures about eight inches from back to front, such a large crania would imply an immense size for a normally proportioned human. Furthermore, every skull was said to have been neatly trepanned (a process of cutting a hole in the upper portion of the skull).

In 1944 an accidental discovery of an even more controversial nature was made by Waldemar Julsrud at Acambaro, Mexico. Acambaro is in the state of Guanajuato, 175 miles northwest of Mexico City. The strange archaeological site there yielded over 33,500 objects of ceramic; stone, including jade; and knives of obsidian (sharper than steel and still used today in heart surgery).

Jalsrud, a prominent local German merchant, also found statues ranging from less than an inch to six feet in length depicting great reptiles, some of them in ACTIVE ASSOCIATION with humans - generally eating them, but in some bizarre statuettes an erotic association was indicated. To observers many of these creatures resembled dinosaurs.

Jalsrud crammed this collection into twelve rooms of his expanded house. There startling representations of Negroes, Orientals, and bearded Caucasians were included as were motifs of Egyptians,

Sumerian and other ancient non-hemispheric civilisations, as well as portrayals of Bigfoot and aquatic monster-like creatures, weird human-animal mixtures, and a host of other inexplicable creations.

Teeth from an extinct Ice Age horse, the skeleton of a mammoth, and a number of human skulls were found at the same site as the ceramic artefacts.

Radio-carbon dating in the laboratories of the University of Pennsylvania and additional tests using thethermoluminescence method of dating pottery were performed to determine the age of the objects. Results indicated the objects were made about 6,500 years ago, around 4,500 BC.

Tierney, who collaborated with the later Professor Hapgood, the late William N. Russell, and others in the investigation, charges that the Smithsonian Institution and other archaeological authorities conducted a campaign of disinformation against the discoveries.

Perhaps the most amazing suppression of all is the excavation of an Egyptian tomb by the Smithsonian itself in Arizona. A lengthy front page story of the PHOENIX GAZETTE on 5 April 1909 (follows this article), gave a highly detailed report of the discovery and excavation of a rock-cut vault by an expedition led by a Professor S.A. Jordan of the Smithsonian.

Is the Smithsonian Institution covering up an archaeological discovery of immense importance? If this story is true it would radically change the current view that there was no transoceanic contact in pre-Columbian times, and that all American Indians, on both continents, are descended from Ice Age explorers who came across the Bering Strait.

Historian and linguist Carl Hart, editor of WORLD EXPLORER, then obtained a hiker's map of the Grand Canyon from a bookstore in Chicago. Poring over the map, we were amazed see that much of the area on the north side of the canyon has Egyptian names. The area around Ninety-four Mile Creek and Trinity Creek had areas (rock formations, apparently) with names like Tower of Set, Tower of Ra, Horus Temple, Osiris Temple, and Isis Temple.

We called a state archaeologist at the Grand Canyon, and were told that the early explorers had just liked Egyptian and Hindu names, but that it was true that this area was off limits to hikers or other visitors, "because of dangerous caves."

Indeed, this entire area with the Egyptian and Hindu place names in the Grand Canyon is a forbidden zone - no one is allowed into this large area.

I believe that the discerning reader will see that if only a small part of the "Smithsoniangate" evidence is true, then our most hallowed archaeological institution has been actively involved in suppressing evidence for advanced American cultures, evidence for ancient voyages of various cultures to North America, evidence for anomalistic giants and other oddball artefacts, and evidence that tends to disprove the official dogma that is now the history of North America.
Ancient Egyptian Treasure in the Grand Canyon?
On April 5th, 1909, there appeared a front page story in the Arizona Gazette. It told of an archeological expedition in the heart of the Grand Canyon funded by the Smithsonian Institute. (a full transcription of the article can be found at: )

It is a rich story of finding a labyrinth of man-made tunnel systems high above the Colorado River, a virtual citadel filled with ancient artifacts, hieroglyphs, armor, statues of deities and even mummies. Anyone contacting the Smithsonian Institute will receive a polite "no records found" reply to an inquiry about their supposed role in the Grand Canyon.


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Following Boucher and Fulcanelli, Mevryl confirms the apocalyptic content of the monument, and then spins off into a science-fiction story about exploding suns and moon-size ark-ships. His explanation of the pedestal images becomes a somewhat murky discussion of planetary exchanges, first interstellar, involving Sirius, which he calls, suggestively, “the Sun behind the Sun,” and then within the solar system, involving Venus. - “The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye – Alchemy and the End of Time” - Pg. 312
Beyond 2012
In The Mayan Prophecies, Adrian Gilbert looks at the sky as it was at dawn, on 12 August 3114 BC (where he dates the beginning of the Great Cycle). He found that as the Pleiades were on the meridian, the Sun was preceded by Venus as the morning star. This he took to be the mythical “Birth of Venus” associated with the start of the Great Cycle. Just as in ancient Egypt, the dawn rising of Sirius heralded the flooding of the Nile and the beginning of a new year, and the meridian transits of Orion correlated to the First Time and Last Time of Osiris; to the Maya, the meridian transit of the Pleiades announced the “Birth of Venus” as it rose over the horizon.

Immanuel Velikovsky has said in his book Worlds in Collision that the Birth of Venus occurred when Venus was “born” from Jupiter. A cosmic collision caused a part of Jupiter to burst out, becoming a comet, and leaving the famous red spot where it burst out.

This would explain the Mayan obsession with Venus, and we can now see why the Birth of Venus has been associated with the start of the Great Cycle. However, Velikovsky dated the event around 1500 BC with the Exodus. Graham Phillips has also convincingly explained the events of the Exodus as side-effects of the eruption of the volcano Thera (in his book Act of God), but Nigel Appleby has unified the theories with that of Nibiru (Sirius C).

Appleby suggests that it was Nibiru (Sirius C) that caused the disasters of the Exodus as it “shunted both Earth and Mars close to each other’s orbit…” and that it was this which triggered the eruption of Thera.
Sirius, Comets, Aliens & Omega
Can we find any connection between the star Sirius and a comet, asteroid or planetoid that might appear in this solar system?

This New Isis Lodge was operated for seven years, until 1962. The purpose of this Lodge concerned “the influx of cosmic energy from a transplutonic power-zone known to Initiates as Nu-Isis.” This purpose was elsewhere described as, “receiving transmissions from the transplutonic planet, Isis”, and also for “transmitting the Magical Knowledge of Nu-Isis”.

This transplutonic, or “beyond Pluto” planet is also described as “Seat or Focus of the Forces radiating from the A. A.” or Argenteum Astrum, which was the name of the Inner Order of the famous Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, but, as Grant reveals in his first book, actually refers to Sirius.

He also tells us, “Isis, transplutonic, is not of the solar system but of its outer rim; it is the pylon of another system, vaster than ours”. Also; “the Star or Soul of Nu-Isis is the Dog Star (Sirius) which radiates its mysterious energies from transaeonic gulfs of inner space…”
Beyond 2012
Astrologer John Lash claimed that there were originally 13 signs in the zodiac, the 13th being "The Snake Handler". Instead of splitting the ecliptic into 12 equally sized sections, there were 13 sections of different sizes, depending on the sizes of the constellations.

John Lash points out another axis on the Dendera Zodiac, which goes from the four rams' heads, through Pisces, across the pole to the star Spica, being held by Virgo. This, he says, is pointing out the position of the vernal equinox today. The line goes through the Square of Pegasus". At exactly 90 degrees to this axis, another line can be drawn through the tip of the arrow of Sagittarius, which points to Galactic Centre, where the solstice alignment will occur in 2012.
Beyond 2012
Since the event which occurs on this date is the conjunction of the Solstice Sun with Galactic Centre, also in Sagittarius, I suddenly remembered that Zecharia Sitchin predicted that when Nibiru (Sirius C) returns, it will reappear "in the regions of the constellation of Sagittarius".

In the enlargement of part of the zodiac of Denderah, above, it looks as if the eye of Ra has just come out of the Square of Pegasus, between the fish of Pisces. In Hamlet's Mill, (p.430-437), there is a collection of myths which together imply that Nibiru/Marduk (Sirius C) entered the Pegasus square, which is the entrance to the abyss!

Raymond Mardycks has pointed out 5 unusual astronomical phenomena which are due to occur in 2012. These are:

1. A Transit of Venus, in which Venus will pass directly in front of the Sun – something he says only happens every 120 years.

2. A solar eclipse in which the Sun and Moon conjunct the Pleiades, on May 20 2012.

3. A second solar eclipse, in which the Sun and Moon align with the head of the constellation Serpens, the serpent.

4. He has included,of course, the alignment of the solstice Sun with the galactic equator, which he says started in 1987 and will finish in 2012.

5. In addition, Venus returns to the same area of the sky every 8 years, and each time, is getting nearer and nearer to the Pleiades. In 1972, Venus was 1 degree from Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades, but in 2012, Venus will be right next to Alcyone.

Carl Johan Calleman also talks about the relevance of these Venus phenomena. The synodic revolution of Venus occurs 5 times in 8 years (minus 2 days). After these 8 years, it returns to the same part of the sky, as seen from Earth. Calleman calls these “Venus conjunctions”, and says that when Venus transits (passes directly in front of) the Sun, it is a “Venus Passage”. Once per century, Venus Passages occur, but in a PAIR, 8 years apart. In other words, they occur twice per century, (but not necessarily every century, since there were none in the 20th century).
I found this in the secret, inner layers of the Maya calendar. The Maya system still had the “13” in it and was not corrupted, as was the Babylon-based 12-sign zodiac systems. I later realized that what people saw as the Maya calendar was actually an outer shell covering the deeper inner codes which had to do with the secret cycles of the planet Venus, or simply stated, love.
The Thirteenth Sign of the Zodiac ... the_zodiac
Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer is and always has been the 13th constellation on the zodiac belt, but apparently nobody has ever initiated his sign as a member of the Zodiac, possibly because then there wouldn't have been a convenient one constellation for each of the twelve months of the solar calendar year. It would have fitted the feminine 13 month lunar year nicely, but the Sun people won.
The Constellation Ophiuchus ... uchus.html
This region of the sky has been the scene of a number of nova stars, or stars that suddenly flare up into brightness for several days or weeks and then return to their former dimness. The first such nova was reported by the Greek astronomer Hipparchos in 134 B.C.; the second in A.D. 123; third in the year 1230; the one called Kepler's Star in 1604; and the fifth in 1848.
Please Don't Be Stupid About 2012
According to Raymond Mardyks, the genuine Maya Calendar and the astrology that it is based on remains a closely guarded secret as does the true contents of the Dresden Codex, the source book for the Mayanist interpretation. He suggests distinguishing the Maya Calendar from the Mayanist version of the calendar.

Galactic astrologer Raymond Mardyks suggests distinguishing the modern Mayanist version of the Mayan calendar, including the Long-Count, from the authentic Maya Calendar based on Venus cycles.
Patrick Geryl writes in Chapter 17 of his book "The World Cataclysm in 2012", "Venus, The Key to All Mysteries". He writes on page 244: " I want to pay full attention go the planet Venus. As you know, it takes 243 days to make an entire circle around the sun. With this number, many codes can be broken. My intuition drew me straight to the number that shows the shifting of the Zodiac. I divided this number by the orbit period of Venus and came to the amazing conclusion: 25,920 divided by 243 = 106.66666. "

Patrick Geryl relates the number 106.66666 to the Apocalypse. After a lot of calculations, on page 247, he says, "I found it! This was exactly what the Bible predicted. The number 66666 indicates that the end of an era has been or will be reached. And Venus is the main code in it!"

On page 249, he writes: "my attention was drawn to a chapter about the period of the orbit of Venus. I thumbed through it. Suddenly I felt as thought I had been struck by lightning. What I saw was that the period of the orbit of Venus was not 243 but 224.7 days. The number 243 was mentioned beneath the orbit period and involved the number of days Venus needs to rotate on its own axis. Our earth only needs one day to do this, but Venus takes a lot more time. It turns so slowly that it takes over a Venusian year to make one rotation - the Venusian day is longer than its year. ... This led me to discover something incredibly important, you will understand in a minute. "

The number 25,920 shows us the precession of the earth. That means that after 25,920 years, the earth has made one retrograde rotation around its axis. Each year, the earth rotates 3,333 seconds less around its axis, which amounts to 86,400 seconds (or one day) after 25,920 years. This is a similar code to the one of Venus because the movement of Venus is opposite of the earth. It takes Venus 243 days to turn around its axis in reverse mode to the earth. That is the reason why these 243 days were found amongst their code calculations. The earth and Venus have a common point of contact, the orbit period lasts one day in 25,920 years in earthly time and 243 days in Venus time! They couldn't have chosen a more brilliant point of departure.


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The master of Speech
Mitochondrial Eve" is the name given by researchers to the woman who is believed to be the last common matrilineal ancestor of all human beings living today. A member of a population of humans living around 150,000 years ago in Africa, this "Eve" was identified through "mitochondria organelles" that are only passed from mother to offspring.

My research shows the African Dogon religion to be the oldest known mythology in the world. It appears to have existed in Africa long before humans migrated to other areas of the world.

The religion was created in an oral culture and its symbolic language is connected through a spherical pattern with no beginning or end. The spherical pattern of the Dogon religion is different from what we are used to today, as most written literature is presented in a linear fashion with a beginning and end. By using the globular structure in its creation, the Dogon religion provides us with a metaphor for immortality. It focuses on immortality because the key spiritual figures, the Nummo, were immortal. According to the Dogon, these fish-tailed serpent-like beings came to Earth from another star system. When they died and were reborn, they could remember their previous existence. There wasn't any intelligent life on the planet when the Nummo first came to Earth; there was some suggestion in the mythology the Nummos' world had been dying, which is why they ended up here. They had planned to live on the Earth and combine their DNA with the animals they found here to create a new life form they could inhabit. What Dogon mythology tells us is that the Nummos' experiment failed. Not only was humanity born from this failure, but as a result, humans became forever twinned to the alien Nummo. According to the Dogon, our communication with them exists on a deeply spiritual level through symbols found in the unconscious.

Even though the spiritual Nummo were androgynous, they were identified as being feminine and were symbolized by the sun in the Dogon religion. They had horns or casques like chameleons. They had noses that looked like cow's noses, and they had slanted eyes and only auditory holes for ears. Evidence indicates that because they spent more time in water than on land, they communicated using sonar.

When the Nummo combined their DNA with the animals of Earth, the experiment seemed to be successful at first, and an androgynous being was born self-fertilizing and immortal like the Nummo. It wasn't until a single-sexed male was born that they realized the experiment had failed. I speculated in The Master of Speech, that the Nummo procreated much like the amphibious, androgynous killifish do on Earth. Male killifish are born periodically to provide genetic diversity to the species. When the first male hybrid had been born during the Nummos' experiment, he had been born completely separated from the Nummos' spiritual essence. He had been tied to the underdeveloped spiritualism of the Earth. The Dogon thus viewed him as having been born soulless.

Unlike the androgynous Nummo, who were immortal, the being born as a single-sexed male had no knowledge of a previous existence. This male was identified as the Jackal and represented the evil in the Dogon religion. There was some suggestion in the mythology, that there was more than one male born like the Jackal and that these individuals eventually rebelled against the Nummo and their androgynous siblings. The androgynous beings born at the same time as the Jackal, represented the good element in the religion. They were associated with the sacred feminine, the Nummo, and the goddess. According to Ogotemmêli, the sun and the female number four symbolized the Nummo and those first perfect androgynous beings. The moon and the number three symbolized males and the Jackal.

In order to correct the mistake of the first experiment, the Nummo tried a second experiment. They took the DNA of the Jackal and his androgynous sibling and combined them together to create the eight ancestors. The second of the eight ancestors was identified with the Jackal, and the seventh was identified with his androgynous sibling. The seventh ancestor was known as the Master of Speech and was perceived to be the perfect combination of human and Nummo. The Master of Speech represented the number four associated with the sacred feminine and the Nummo, and the number three associated with males and the Earth. These numbers represented an aspect of the genetic engineering process. The Master of Speech's DNA was supposed to allow all humans to eventually evolve into immortal and androgynous beings like the Nummo.

My research indicates this ancient, pagan, androgynous saviour was later adopted by the Christians and incorporated into the male figure of Jesus Christ. There is evidence to indicate that the Christian Mary Magdalen may have been associated with the original Master of Speech figure. Because they were self-fertilizing and could perform genetic engineering, the Nummo were associated with virgin goddesses, and Mary Magdalen was identified with the virgin in early Christianity

The sister-bride, the name associated with the Magdalen, was also identified with the colours red and white. In the Dogon religion, the Master of Speech was identified with the colour red and the Jackal with the colour white. To medieval alchemists, red and white were considered a union of opposites. Red and rose were often associated with Mary Magdalen in medieval paintings, though occasionally she was dressed in green. Red and green are identified with the Master of Speech.

The Master of Speech was also symbolized by the red dwarf star, Sirius C. The Jackal, on the other hand, was symbolized by the white dwarf star, Sirius B.

Although the numbers three and four are said to be male and female numbers, it is important to reiterate that the number three (male) represented the Earth and humans, and the number four (female) represented the androgynous Nummo and their world, identified with heaven. There is evidence to indicate that the Nummo originally came from a dying world in the Sirius star system. After their experiment failed on Earth, they moved to the Pleiades star system. Both of these star systems provide significant symbols in the Dogon religion.

As with other pagan figures in later male-dominated societies, female and male figures became reversed. As a result of these changes, the meanings of these symbols became confused over time.
The Nummo: The Truth About Human Origins
Dorey’s research shows the African Dogon religion to be the oldest mythology in the world. It existed in Africa long before humans migrated to other areas. When humans left Africa for other continents, they took their religion with them. Fragments of the Dogon religion exist all over the world. In The Nummo, Dorey shows how the ancient Dogon religion teaches us the truth about Mary Magdalene, the Merovingians, the Arthurian Legends, the Masonic Society and The Book of Kells. She reveals how the Dogon religion focuses on immortality because the key spiritual figures in the religion, known as Nummo, were immortal.
The Masters of Speech
The Master of Speech deciphers the ancient mythology of the Dogon, an isolated African tribe who live along a 200-kilometre stretch of escarpment called the Cliffs of Bandiagara near Timbuktu. The French anthropologist Griaule recorded the Dogon mythology in 1947 in his book, Conversations with Ogotemmêli.


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Heaven's Smiths
In their ancient religion, the Dogon talked about DNA, the Big Bang, and aspects of science we are just now beginning to understand. They believed there were seven vibrations that began the universe and were also found in DNA. It was these seven vibrations that stimulated DNA to develop into a human being, a plant, or an animal. They further believed these vibrations connected all humans, plants, and animals on Earth with all other entities in the universe. It was these vibrations that became corrupted when humans were genetically created by the alien Nummo.

The Dogon believed these seven vibrations were both the soul and the life force of the universe. In Hidden Meanings, Laird Scranton relates these Dogon vibrations to what is known in physics as the theory of superstrings.

In Dogon mythology, the musical octave was a metaphor for the third and final Nummo experiment. The octave is eight notes on a scale over a space of seven intervals. The Dogon believed the seven intervals, or notes, symbolized the seven vibrations, which in turn created the eighth ancestor identified with the eighth note. The Master of Speech, or seventh ancestor, who was the perfect combination of Nummo and human, was symbolic of the seven vibrations.

In the Dogon society, these notes or vibrations were expressed through the ringing sound of the hammer striking the anvil in the smithy. The smithy was like a church, temple, or sanctuary in the Dogon society, and the Smith was an important figure in the religion because the alien Nummo were said to be "Heaven's Smiths."

The figure of the Smith, like the Nummo themselves, had a dual role: he was both helper and destroyer of humanity. This dual role suggests that the Smith symbolized the Nummos' interference with the Earth. This was indicated in the Dogon religion by the identification of the male Jackal with the Smith. In the guise of the Smith, the Jackal stole fire from the Nummos' workshop and fled with it back to Earth. He crashed the Nummo spaceship and created fire and devastation worldwide. The stolen fire symbolized the DNA of the Nummo

The importance of the Smith can be seen in the history of other places throughout the world. In these other cultures, however, only fragments of the original mythology exist, and none of these fragments explain where the myth originated or why the Smith would play such a significant role in these religions. The appearance of this character suggests that Dogon stories do indeed come from the very beginning of known history.

According to Joseph Campbell, the Hallstatt Culture, which occupied what is now modern Germany around 900 BCE, was characterized by a gradual introduction of iron tools fashioned by a class of itinerant smiths, who in later mythic lore appear as dangerous wizards. An example can be found in the German legend of Wayland the Smith.

Wayland (also Weyland, Weland, Volund, and Volundr) was the traditional Saxon god of smiths. Many places in the British Isles were associated with him, in particular Wayland's Smithy, a Neolithic burial chamber in Oxfordshire near Swindon and Ashbury. Saxon settlers, believing it to have been made by the smith god, named the tomb Wayland's Smithy. Later, a legend grew that Wayland would re-shoe the horse of any passing traveller who left a silver penny beside the tomb.

The Smith was also symbolically identified with the first and second ancestors, who fell in love and destroyed the second experiment, which had been carried out on the Nummos' world. As long as procreation was controlled, the second experiment was supposed to correct the first mistake, but because of the indiscretion, the experiment was considered a failure. The two lovers were either told to leave the Nummos' world or left on their own. Either way, they ended up back on Earth. The other six ancestors went with them, so all eight ancestors ended up returning to Earth. Once they were here, they taught those humans who had survived the initial fiery devastation caused by the Jackal.

In 1996, unexplained crop circles depicting the Vesica Piscis were found near Wayland's Smithy. According to Peter Sorenson, the crop circles consisted of a large circle, inside of which were two crescent moons, creating the Vesica Piscis in between the shapes. In the depiction of the crop circle the two circles didn't quite touch each other, which as Sorenson points out, was very interesting. He adds that the centres were well into the standing crop, leaving no marks or damage at all to the wheat. Vesica is a symbol associated with the Master of Speech.


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Dagon - Nommo from Sirius
Sirius A is very bright and totally outshines Sirius B (10,000x) but because the Sirius sysytem is quite close, one of our nearest neighbors at 8.7 light-years, it is possible to detect the wobble caused by the heavy orbiting object using good instruments. The Dogon say there is also a 3rd star in the system called "Emme Ya" - and this was recently discovered (in 1995) and is now called Sirius C.
A Sudanese Star System
"But Digitaria is not the sole companion of Sirius: the star emme ya, 'Sorghum Female,' more voluminous than it, but four times lighter than it, follows a vaster trajectory in the same direction and the same time as it (50 years). Their respective positions are where their rays make right angles." -- p287

"It [emme ya] also emits rays which have the quality of solar rays." -- p288

"It [emme ya] is accompanied by a satellite which is named "star of Women," nyan tolo" -- p288

The secret of this zodiac is in its astronomical meaning. It could be an important astronomical discovery. Persons, animals, and signs which are inside the zodiac are celestial bodies such as the planets, the constellations, the Sun, and the tenth planet (X).

They also show the directions and shapes of the orbits of planet X in one of its crossings or when it was near the orbit of a particular planet of our solar system.

Circumpolar constellations of the southern sky are completely visible only from the southern hemisphere. After I made detailed analysis of the signs and the constellations, it was clear to me that the central part of Dendera's Zodiac depicted the constellations surrounding the South Pole. Egypt and Dendera are situated in the northern hemisphere, so it was not possible so have such constellations painted as circumpolar constellations unless the Earth was overturned and the North Pole became the South Pole or vice versa.

The Dendera Zodiac shows the positions of planet X exactly as it was seen in the sky. If planet X was seen during the spring and of autumn equinoxes, for example at 25 degrees above the constellation of Capricorn, a record of this position was made in the zodiac 25 degrees above sign of Capricorn in the direction toward center of zodiac.

When I finally understood Dendera's Zodiac it was clear to me that this was a message from an ancient civilization. They wanted let us know what had destroyed their world and what we might expect in the future.

According to current theories, precession is caused by the homogeneous distribution of the mass of the Earth and by the gravitational forces from the Moon, Sun and planets; but to me precession is caused by the circular motion of the Earth around the Sun and by the elliptical motion of the Sun around its binary star, planet X.

Planets, stars and other celestial bodies were precisely carved into stone on the zodiac just they were seen in the sky.

In front of and behind the Sun (among the signs of Venus in Libra and Venus in Gemini are the signs which show the curved paths of the planets and planet X during their motions around the Sun.

After reading books like “The Twelfth Planet” written by Z. Sitchin and other sources, I decided to make some changes to the Nibiru theories.

Nibiru is planet or a sun from another solar system and rotates around our Sun on an elliptic path with a big eccentricity. The angle between this path and our ecliptic is about 17 degrees. This angle should be the same as the angle of the path of Pluto. It is written in the Enuma Elish that Pluto was renamed US.MI -- he who shows the way. In the Enuma Elish it is also written that Nibiru returns to the battlefield where Tiamet was destroyed. Tiamet was a planet orbiting the sun between Jupiter and Mars. After crossing the plane of the ecliptic, Nibiru goes in the direction of Venus. At its perihelia Nibiru is about 114,000,000 km from Sun and about 30,000,000 km above Venus.

Planet X is quite heavy and is a binary star together with our Sun. Orbital time for planet X is more than thousand years and so the orbital path of the Sun must also be an extended ellipse with quite a long eccentricity and with the same period as planet X.

According to scientists, the disappearance of dinosaurs was caused by the impact of a massive asteroid to the Gulf of Mexico about 65 millions years ago. Another more destructive catastrophe happened around 200 millions years ago when there was a collision between the Earth and a more massive celestial body than that which hit Earth 65 millions years ago.

What connection is there with Sirius?

Stars in the band of the constellations Orion and of Sirius move relatively slowly toward our sun system in comparison with the rest of sky. The Sun moves with velocity nearly 20 km per second to the constellation of Hercules, which is in the sky opposite Orion. The Sun moves toward or away from the band of Orion and to and from the position of Sirius. Sirius A and B together have a mass 3 or 4 times greater than the Sun; and the area around Orion is also the strongest external source of gravitational force for our solar. The System of Centauri is also nearly on this line.

The result is that the Sun with the Siriuses (Centauri too) make up a multi star system; so the Sun orbits around the Siriuses.

With a distance of 8.7 sun years between the Sun and Sirius we can calculate that the period of this orbital path is between 14 and 40 millions years if we include the opposite motion of the Siriuses to the Sun.

When we consider the orbit of the Sun around the Siriuses, then at n <15, it is nearly 200 millions years. As a result of these findings it is possible to assume that the die off of the dinosaurs and the previously mentioned bigger catastrophe are tied to the arrival of the Sun to the Siriuses in periastron. Our sun system in those times was only a few billion kms from the Siriuses. Comets, asteroids, moons and planets in both systems have been deformed under the strong gravitational influences of the Siriuses and the Sun, or had completely changed their orbital paths. Some of the planets or moons had even changed mother stars. Periodic extinctions of species and the arrivals of new ones during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic support this theory too.
Niburian Symbols


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One of the biggest missing factors that Sitchin may be overlooking in his first Earth Chronicles book is the far greater proximity of our Solar system in those days to the Sirius binary star system. I've heard it said that our sun was basically the outermost third star of a trinary Sirius star system in those days and that Sirius A and B shared about 17 more planets in various orbits about themselves, any of which could have had an impact in our solar system or played a role in the epic in the days when Maldek was still in one piece.
Beyond 2012
Solar flares and sunspots will precede a reversal of the sun’s magnetic field, ready for a new age. This is the time of the tribulation, and like the Native Americans, Scallion says that human consciousness is triggering the earth changes. The "Blue Star Kachina" of the Hopi Indians will appear from behind the sun, traveling towards Arcturus. This blue star is a "companion to Sirius B", and will cause Earth s frequency to double to over fifteen cycles per second.
West African Venus calendar/2012/ sun spots??
This Venus calendar is related to the apocalyptic year 2012 and the celestial radiation that periodically enters the earth's atmosphere and causes the human DNA helix to mutate, and this is what the prophetic 2012 teachings of the Lacondon Indians are based on. In Nancy Red Star's star ancestors the Nagual Paul Duarte states: "the Tu Ho Hani taught the Lacondon to study Venus and use its cycle to measure the sunspots.....the Lacondon were told that when we start losing sunspots, we will begin to receive radiation.

The Lacondon were told to measure so many cycles of Venus and then to go underground, for the Earth will protect them from the radiation......this is why Venus is so important to the Maya. You have 584 days in the cycle of Venus, and every 117 cycles of Venus the sunspots start leaving. Every large cycle---1,170 cycles of Venus---the sunspots completely disappear, and civilization on earth is usually wiped out. If you look on a time line from Babylonia to Egypt and you calculate the sunspots cycles, you will see when that civilization goes under. It is when the full radiation of the sun is hitting Earth that the population drops drastically. This is what the Mayan calendar warns about the year 2012---it is the end of the large cycle that started in 3113 B. C."
All of the Sunspots Have Disappeared ... =115x15710
This isn't anything apocalyptic, but there are now, officially, zero sunspots on the Sun. It's normal around Solar Minimum. This, after several months of extreme activity including several CMEs.

I saw a thread about this in The Meeting Room and thought it might get good feedback here.

Solar physicist David Hathaway has been checking the sun every day since 1998, and every day for six years there have been sunspots. Sunspots are planet-sized "islands" on the surface of the sun. They are dark, cool, powerfully magnetized, and fleeting: a typical sunspot lasts only a few days or weeks before it breaks up. As soon as one disappears, however, another emerges to take its place.

Even during the lowest ebb of solar activity, you can usually find one or two spots on the sun. But when Hathaway looked on Jan. 28, 2004, there were none. The sun was utterly blank.

It happened again last week, twice, on Oct. 11th and 12th. There were no sunspots.

"This is a sign," says Hathaway, "that the solar minimum is coming, and it's coming sooner than we expected."...

The most recent solar maximum was in late 2000. The first spotless day after that was Jan 28, 2004. So, using Hathaway and Wilson's simple rule, solar minimum should arrive in late 2006. That's about a year earlier than previously thought.

The next solar maximum might come early, too, says Hathaway. "Solar activity intensifies rapidly after solar minimum. In recent cycles, Solar Max has followed Solar Min by just 4 years." Do the math: 2006 + 4 years = 2010.
The Lid of the Palenque
The Sun was, and is, known to go through a series of cycles that differentiate the rotation of the Sun’s core from the outer sheath of its body. The outer layer of our Sun revolves entirely once every 37 Earth days. This is understood today. This layer and the core rotate at different speeds. It may seem similar to an electric generator. Eventually the Sun reverses its magnetic fields. This may happen roughly every 18,000 years. At this time the Earth attempts to reverse its fields to align with the sun, which causes tremendous alteration of the Earths surface features. The continents may pull apart and the polar ice may melt and shift.

It seems that the Maya may have been much more advanced than any European culture was able to comprehend in the 16th century. They knew that the orbit of the Planet Venus would occur in a particular position X amount of times until the next reversal of the Sun’s magnetic fields and had this all marked out for future generations. The next time the Sun would undergo this transformation, throwing the Earth into a catastrophic disaster, was marked by The Maya as to be in the Year 2012.
What causes the sunspot cycle?
Even since the sunspot cycle was discovered, a few people have been trying to prove that it is caused by the influence of the planets, particularly Jupiter with its 11.86-year period. A century of various correlations has convinced almost no one. John P. Bagby has now introduced a new piece to the puzzle of solar-system cyclic behavior. While searching for possible perturbations of the planets due to a tenth major planet or a dark massive solar companion (MSC), he discovered that the perihelia of the outer planets (orbital points closest to the sun) were being disturbed with an average period of 11.2 years. This is almost exactly the sunspot period.

This serendipitous finding caused Bagby to wonder whether some common influence was causing not only the sunspot cycle and those perturbations in outer-planet perihelia but also cyclic volcanic and seismic activity on earth. Some correlations indeed do indicate a sun-earth link of some sort. Bagby suggests two possibilities:

(1) Mutual resonance effects between the planets, (2) The effects of a massive solar companion.

(Bagby, John P. - "New Support for the Planetary Theory of Sunspots," privately circulated paper, 1983.

Comment: Even "farther out" is the thought that gravitational waves or some unrecognized influence from the galaxy or beyond causes the whole solar system to "ring." In this context, see again the above item on solar vibrations.
Planet X/Nibiru Facts
When you follow the money, you see that our governments are taking this threat seriously. They’re spending immense sums to understand and cope with this threat. They are doing the right things, and at the right time. When you see the facts for yourself, the truth of it becomes unavoidable.
The interaction between our Sun and a massive object approaching it could present us with one of the greatest threat to our way of life — a perfect solar super storm -- one that could slam into our planet like a knockout body blow.

We've already experienced a few sharp jabs and a really violent storm could reach the Earth in less than 18 hours. Unless we're prepared for it, it will lay waste to the modern technologies that shape our lives. Now let’s follow the money.
Vulcan ... ulcan.html
Others, including mainline astronomical investigators, have contended that our Sun has a companion brown dwarf companion star. We do likewise based on multi-source data; and we call it Vulcan. Until now, only circumstantial evidence ranging from newspaper articles to ancient artifacts and even to postulated communications with extraterrestrial aliens have cited support this thesis. Our investigations have even lead to Vulcan's orbital parameters and modeled comet swarms forming with a 3:2 resonate period. Now, the computation of giant comet 2000 CR105's average orbital period has made it statistically certain that it is in just such a resonance with Vulcan. This is tantamount to the discovery of Vulcan itself.

The implications of this discovery are astounding. (1) Earth at risk of frequent comet impacts from a passing comet swarms, but a passage of several clusters within this swarm may occur this century. (2) The first comet cluster may pass dangerously close to Earth around 2007. (3) Vulcan is near IRAS Object 1732+239. (4) The fringe web sites suggesting that a brown dwarf star exists within our solar system are generally valid. (5) Alien interactions with mankind warning of a comet threat and the existence of another major body (dark star) within our solar system are likely valid. (6) The unusual methods employed to compute the brown dwarf's orbit, employing the esoteric astrology of Avatars and the Dawn of Mankind, are correct.
The Kundalini Serpent & Vulcan
In my essay 'The Secret Knowledge of Nibiru' I described the possible connection between the Dark Star and the Eighth Sphere of the Theosophists. It seems that this Eighth Sphere was once a closely guarded secret of Madame Blavatsky's Theosophy school, itself an already rather esoteric discipline. However, the Theosophist A.P. Sinnett publically drew attention to a belief held by Inner Order esotericists about an invisible Sphere which was counter-balanced by the Moon. This revelation isn't exactly news but it may have some relevance to my own research into possible ancient Dark Star symbols contained within esoteric lore.

On the face of it this piece of esoteric trivia doesn't exactly set the world alight until the significance of the counter-balancing of the Moon is considered. In Alchemy, Luna balances the Sun in a divine coupling that hints at the Yin/Yang relationship in Taoism, or the relationship between the Hindu Shakti and Shiva. What business does the 'Eighth Sphere' have counter-balancing the Moon when the task already clearly falls to Sol? This usurper runs the risk of over-turning one of the most basic tenets of accepted ancient wisdom; the duality at the heart of reality. The Duality would be in danger of becoming a Trinity of three celestial bodies. The Sun and Moon would have another contender vying for their pre-eminence. Is this why the existence of the 'Eighth Sphere' was once held as such an important secret by the esotericists of Theosophy?

What evidence is there that this Eighth Sphere relates to an undiscovered planet whose symbolic character rivals the Sun itself? Another strand of Planet X research involves the fabled 'Vulcan', the Roman god of fire. Barry Warmkessel's search for Vulcan is based to some extent upon the writings of Madame Blavatsky, from her work 'The Secret Doctrine'. According to Warmkessel, Blavatsky herself lays down the clues as to where to find the hidden planet, which she calls Vulcan.

Once again, clues to the existence of Planet X are to be found in esoteric writings. If Blavatsky bases her claims upon an ancient tradition that she is privy to then we can conclude that the Dark Star was indeed the subject of a secret tradition, and may represent the Eighth Sphere that 'counter-balances' the Moon.

Given its Theosophical name of 'Vulcan', the concept that the Dark Star is a warm body such as a brown dwarf becomes more probable still. Not only that, but Vulcan is guarded by a 'bevy of monkeys (seven in all)', seemingly alluding to the fiery Dark Star's seven companions, or moons. With the clue from the Theosophists about the Eighth Sphere we can begin to appreciate the subtleties of the esoteric message. Perhaps other esoteric paths can enlighten us further.

The Hindu or Tibetan system of Chakras describes the centres of energy within the human body that can be discovered and activated through meditation. Classically there are seven chakras

I am very tempted to propose that the Dark Star is the ancient source of the symbol of the Eighth Sphere, itself incorporated into the religious teachings of the Hindu and Buddhist yogis in the form of the eighth heavenly chakra. I think that the Dark Star is the third apex of the celestial Trinity, and is beautifully alluded to in this verse from the Hevajra Tantra.

In the alchemical diagrams of Renaissance Europe, the third aspect of the Trinity is often expressed as a bird, either the 'Hermes bird' or the fiery Phoenix. It encroaches upon the duality of the Sun and Moon and is sometimes symbolised by Mercury. The alchemical dragon Azoth, for instance, is shown with three celestial heads, the Moon, the Sun and a third 'sun', depicted as mercury symbolically, yet like Sol in radiance and power. I believe that this is the "Philosopher's Mercury", rather than plain-old Mercury, and is the secret ingredient alluded to in the instructions for making the Red Elixir, or Philosopher's Stone. Is this 'Philosopher's Mercury' symbolised by the Eighth Sphere, or planet? Indeed, does the red Stone itself that is said to be simultaneously seen, yet unseen, reflect the nature of the Dark Star? I suspect that this may be a closely guarded secret of alchemy, although their knowledge of this eighth body may be understood in an altogether different way by esotericists. Nevertheless, the hidden physical and celestial source of the symbolism is one and the same.

Furthermore, the relationship between the cross and the number eight is hinted at by the English alchemist John Dee in his Monas Hieroglyphica. Discussing a glyph formed by the symbol of Mercury in Aries, Marshall points out this possible high secret:

'Dee hints darkly that the cross in a 'most secret manner' signifies the 'octonary' which earlier magi did not understand but which the initiated reader 'will especially note'. I mention this for the adpts among you'.

So does this tie the Eighth Sphere in with the Messianic Star, amalgamating East and West as the Theosophists endeavour to show us? Was the original Christian concept of the Trinity a bringing forth of Hermetic hidden knowledge about the importance of the Phoenix?

All of this speculative reasoning brought me a moment of self-reflection, one that may be shared by others interested in the search for Planet X, the Dark Star or Nibiru.
The name 'Sothis' seems to naturally fit the intents and the magical inclinations of the Lodge: Sothis/Sirius B is the dark star of Set, the ancient stellar body mysteriously 'discovered' more than 5000 years ago by the Dogons of Mali, and from which the darkest currents of magic emanate. Sothis is connected to Emme Ya (Sirius C), a bizarre star that constitutes the closest astronomical match to the concept of Black Sun, and from which Atlantean Lore says that many of the entities and intelligences today known in Pantheons sprang from. So, Sothis stands as the stellar, pulsating centre of the Draconian Current and of the energies that move the opposite side of creation - Sothis as 'Astrum Nigrum' (Black Star), soul of Black Isis and cosmic vehicle of Set.
Sirius and the Blue Lodge ... utions.htm
Note that HPB speaks of "Blue Ether" when describing the Vril force, or energy of Agni as corresponding to the release of atomic energy of the Buddhic plane. Correspondingly, we recall that the fourth plane of the system, is the buddhic plane and that this system is "a system of the fourth order" with our solar lord known as the "blue logos (literally indigo) the indigo vibration of this love system". We might ponder on the nature of atomic fusion of our Solar Logos for a moment.

This Blue is stated to be Indigo which itself is also stated elsewhere as "indigo blue, a deep electric blue", again, "The Synthetic Ray which blends them all is the great Love-Wisdom Ray, for verily and indeed "God is Love." This Ray is the indigo Ray, and is the blending Ray." We note that the "vibration" and note of our Logos is on the buddhic plane and that his fusion/magnitude is of the fourth order and of the nature of "Vril", the "blue ether" the rock destroying force of J.W. Keely. We might recall that Master Hilarion refers to the Sun viewed outside our atmosphere as a "black hole" perhaps we might, for a time, consider it as a "dark indigo blue - midnight blue".


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Two Suns
My dream-coincidence path led me to speculate about the symbolism of the film, "2001:Space Odyssey."

It begins with a solar eclipse showing the Diamond Ring (the marriage of Heaven and Earth). An unknown intelligence, the obelisk, helps the ape use tools, setting the evolution of man in motion. The intelligence departs, and waits until the apes develop the intelligence to reach the moon, and find the obelisk that was left there long ago. When it is uncovered, it sends out a signal to space, and the Odyssey begins. Dave Wilcock informed me that in the original book, the destination was Saturn, rather than Jupiter, which is very interesting concerning the Companion to the Hale-Bopp comet.

When I saw the sequel, "2010," I was a bit disappointed, until I woke up to the symbolism of the two Suns at the end.

(Nostradamus) C4, Q29:

"The hidden Sun eclipsed by Mercury
will be placed only second in the heavens.
Hermes will be made the food of Vulcan,
the Sun will be seen pure, shining and golden."

I have theorized that the following quatrain is related:

(Nostradamus) C2, Q41

The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will make the sun appear double:
The large mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes his abode.

The "large mastiff" in the theory is Canis Major/Sirius/Isis, which corresponds to the Woman with Child in Revelation 12.

The sun breathes over a 76 year cycle, expanding and contracting like a great lung. When the sun expanding its girth, the subsequent sunspot cycle is a quiet one, with fewer sunspots; but when the sun breathes out, contracting in size, the sunspot peak that follows is high, with many sunspots. The two solar exhalations (contractions) in this century have been 1911 and 1987, both of which were associated with strong sunspot activities in the subsequent solar maxima.

While the solar breathing cycle is slow, 76 years, its heartbeat is quicker. The heart in the sun beats approximately once every eleven years, and it beats sunspots.

The two solar hemispheres show an opposite polarity sequence. -- north polarity for a northerly p-spot and south polarity of the southerly p-spot.

At the changing from one cycle to another the polarities turn, so that the solar magnetic cycle possesses a period of two times 11 years. This is the 'double sunspot' cycle.
In Greek Gematria, Helios, the physical sun was assigned the basic number 6. The system used the basic numbers to create a "magic square," in this case a 6 by 6 square, forming 36 smaller squares within it. The numbers 1 through 36 are then placed in the squares, so that they add up to 111 by rows and diagonals. The number 666 comes from adding all the numbers from 1 to 36. Rev. 13:18 says that the number of man is 666.
The next one is from the Hopi prophecy.

"The Armageddon of spiritual against material will occur when the 'Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina' - now represented by a far away and yet invisible blue star - makes its appearance.

This one is from Gordon-Michael Scallion. I believe/hope this is one of his older predictions, so it should be more authentic (i.e. psychically received) than his recent predictions:

"By the turn of the century Earth will have a binary sun system, as a new sun appears in the heavens. During the day it will appear as a small white light in the sky similar to the way the moon looks when it is visible during daylight hours. In the evening this star, blue in colour, appears as a bright light in the Milky Way. Its size would compare to ten times that of the brightest star or planet now visible."

"Now, the sun also has a cycle with other spheres. As it moves across the known and unknown heavens, it comes under the influence of other suns, also on their journeys. What you were shown, relative to the blue star, was this star coming into this solar system, making it a binary sun system, for a period of time.... Its time period is related to the previously prophesied 'millennium of peace?' As part of its cycle, it shall disappear behind the sun once more. Though it shall be visible for 1,800 years, in total, and then a new cycle begins....During the day, it will appear as a silvery light 100 times brighter than any morning star, so as to require a new 'Magnitude' scale."
Coincidentally, according to Richard Noone, author of "5-5-2000", there is an ancient prophecy that a "failed star" will return after 5,000 years to illuminate the sky and authenticate the prophecy.

In fact, Nostradamus and others predicted the reappearance of our second sun "blue" in our local heavens around the end of 1999 or sooner to those who are able to see the new "blue" sun which is the "negative" or "invisible" companion to our lone orange-gold sun Sol.

The Blue Sun, otherwise known to the American Indians as the Blue Star or Kachina/Katsina and by various other names around the world, is perhaps not the only thing occultly invisible to our current "normal" vision. There may also be another whole solar system full of planets interacting with us in our local heavens. There is much written evidence of this as there are many astronomical reports of "perturbations" that appear to be altering the outer planets' (Pluto, Neptune) orbits and also reports and calculated orbits of an "invisible" planet called Vulcan which passes close to the sun causing predictable solar flare eruptions and resulting "mutations" on Earth.
If Sun thou can'st not be, then be the humble planet. Aye, if thou art debarred from flaming like the noon-day Sun upon the snow-capped mount of purity eternal, then choose, O Neophyte, a humbler course.

Point out the "Way" -- however dimly, and lost among the host -- as does the evening star to those who tread their path in darkness.

Behold Migmar (Mars) as in his crimson veils his "Eye" sweeps over slumbering Earth. Behold the fiery aura of the "Hand" of Lhagpa (Mercury) extended in protecting love over the heads of his ascetics. Both are now servants to Nyima (the Sun) left in his absence silent watchers in the night. Yet both in Kalpas past were bright Nyimas, and may in future "Days" again become two Suns. Such are the falls and rises of the Karmic Law in nature.

THE BLACK SUNS Note: Here SV is the visible sun and SI is the invisible sun.

For every planet one of the foci is the sun, the other is something called the black sun or invisible sun. Generally, we have seen that in nature only the visible phenomenon. The visible effects would order (command) the invisible effects, and the visible takes orders from the invisible.
Nibiru, I sure you know, is the Sumerian 12th Planet in our Solar System, to us it would be the 10th planet. I had a dream last night about Nibiru. Weird thing is, in the dream, Nibiru had the appearance of a red star almost equal in brightness to the sun.
It was discovered by interplanetary satellites that our Solar system is binary, that the other star is a dark star. Moreover, there is a dwarf star orbiting back and forth between the two stars, and that is what has been called "Planet X" or Nibiru. To me it is also "Grendel". It comes about every 3600 years near to Sun.

Modern science is currently debating if there is a companion star to our Sun and if it is a brown dwarf some have dubbed Vulcan. The myths and legends of the Sumerians & Babylonians support the existence of this companion star, but what of the more modern civilizations of Greece and Rome? According to the myths of Greece and Rome, Vulcan (Hephaistos) is one of the Olympians but was cast out by his mother Hera (Juno).

Astronomy states that this companion star has an orbit that keeps it far away from the solar system at all times. Does that not indicate a separation from the family of the solar system? He was also said to be crippled as a result of being cast out. Astronomy states that one of the reasons why this brown dwarf companion star is hard to detect is because brown dwarfs do not burn hydrogen and emit light as our Sun does. In other words they are not at full potential (crippled?) as are other commonly visible stars.

Some scientists suspect that the planet Venus may have been hit by a large Oort cloud comet drawn in by Vulcan's gravitational Sphere of influence. Is the mythological relationship of Vulcan to Venus supported by theory? According to the myths, Vulcan's true wife is Venus (Aphrodite) but he could never keep her faithful. She had many lovers one of which was Mars, so one day Vulcan forged a net and trapped the two lovers and embarrassed them before the other gods. Perhaps in a past bombardment by comet(s) these two visible planets were in conjunction from an Earth vantage point?

Vulcan is also credited in myth with providing the gods with their tools, such as the thunderbolts for Jupiter the weapons for Mars etc. Could this be related to the comet swarms and occasional earth impacts generated by Vulcan? This brown dwarf is unseen, but important to the family of planets in our solar system.

To the older people of the earth the signs of the Red Dragon (Vulcan) are always to be heeded, and a warning given to all human beings. To the Western people their thinking is still muddled in their conflicting "theories" and their various, and sometimes disputed, sightings of this planet whose role has historically been to signal humanity the soon to be occurring cycles of cataclysmic changes.


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Does NASA “dissemble?

Is the “ultimate conspiracy” designed to cover up the real threats posed by NEO’s (asteroids, comets, etc.)? Thus, SDI, HAARP, chemtrails, 911, “terrorist attacks”, underground bunkers, the threat of alien invasions, etc., could really be part of the same program?

If this is true what “international (elite) agency” might “oversee” this?

The Spaceguard Foundation
Welcome to the home page of the Spaceguard Foundation, an association aimed at the protection of the Earth environment against the bombardment of objects of the solar system (comets and asteroids). According to the foundation by-laws:

The Association is therefore an entity eminently oriented within the most general framework of scientific research and shall pursue the following purposes:
to promote and co-ordinate activities for the discovery, pursuit (follow-up) and orbital calculation of the NEO at an international level;

to promote study activities - at theoretical, observational and experimental levels - of the physical-mineralogical characteristics of the minor bodies of the solar system, with particular attention to the NEO;

to promote and co-ordinate a ground network (the Spaceguard System), backed up by possible satellite network, for the discovery observations and for astrometric and physical follow-up.

The Spaceguard Foundation has been officially set-up on March 26, 1996, in Rome. It is presently hosted by the Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale of italian National Research Council (CNR) in Frascati (Rome).
NASA conspiracy?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
An Answer to the Threat of 76P And The Plight of Phobos
About two years ago we were expecting something to take place between the quiet little comet 76P and the planet Mars. The date came and went. TMG experienced administrative problems (a polite way of saying that the “you-know-what” hit the fan), people went their separate ways and health problems just about defeated us. But this story is bigger than individual people.

Readers, literally thousands of them, demanded answers to the outcome of the comet/planet encounter. Our critics felt bolder with each day of our silence; nasty emails and public name calling rose to an all time high. But there were those out there that knew that what we had been saying was not bunk,

To briefly explain. This article is titled as it is because of four immediate threats to the safety of the earth and her inhabitants. We will present each one according to our discovery of each as we researched the encounter between 76P and Mars and other issues on this site. We can say that we believe the threat is real and that we recognized the threat in reference to the last two years of work.

One more final point, before we get started. We believed at the time that Phobos may or may not have been affected by 76P. What we have discovered is that Phobos may have left Mars' orbit prior to June 2000! In fact the story appears to go back to before the passage of comet Lee. The following will reflect the fact that at first we thought June 2000 was significant. But what we found was a story much broader and more fitting to the behavior of NASA and their involvement with the planet Mars.

1) Historical and Current Events (a recap of what is known up to the contact between 76P and Mars, and the issue of 76P)

1971 - Mariner 8 & 9 launch for Mars. NASA claims that 8 failed. Mariner 9 orbited the red planet for nearly a year. Upon arrival at Mars, Mariner 9 found a planet wide dust storm occurring. The storm lasted over a month before the satellite could take images. Mariner 9 was the first satellite to take pictures of Phobos and Diemos.

1975 - Two satellites, each with an orbiter and a lander called Viking went to Mars.
Late 70's - On the coat tails of Viking and its Mars' discoveries, there is a strong move to militarize space exploration. Hoagland has pointed out very succinctly that Admiral Bobby Inman heads up the JPL oversight committee. Military leaders can now be found in many leadership positions within NASA.

Late 80's/Early 90's - NASA begins to acknowledge, if not publicly - privately, the threat from NEO's. Gene Shoemaker is very public in sharing his knowledge of this threat, being an expert on the Arizona crater and reports dozens of previously unfound craters around the world. In '73 Shoemaker initiated the Planet-crossing Asteroid Survey.

7/7/88 & 7/12/88 - Phobos 1 & 2 are launched. These two Russian satellites were launched in the wake of Viking info coming forth. The two satellites were both sent to study the Mars' Moon Phobos! Phobos 1 failed on 9/2/88 on its way to Mars, due to loss of attitude control and lock on the sun. Phobos 2 was lost on 3/27/89 after a close pass over Phobos (the moon). Russians claim it was blasted out of space by a plasma beam. NASA states it was due to the failure of an on board computer. What intelligence or information about Mars or Phobos did the Russians know?

1992 - The Mars Observer is launched after a 17 year gap in Mars' missions. NASA claims that they lost communication with the satellite shortly before it was to enter orbit around Mars.

1996/7 - Mars Pathfinder lands on Mars with a mobile "rover" to do soil experiments.
10/97 - NASA launches the Cassini satellite with 72 pounds of plutonium aboard, a possible 70 megatons of blasting power.

2/98 - Spectrum Aerospace is founded as a research and development company. DS1 will be their first project. According to their homepage they are involved in "sophisticated defense (military)" projects.

8/98 - NASA claims that they change the mission of satellite Deep Space 1 from a fly by of Mars/Phobos and a close inspection of 76P to an innocuous comet.

1/99 - Mars Polar Lander attempted to land on the southern pole of Mars with two probes that were meant to dig into the Martian soil. Again, NASA states it was lost. Evidence reflects that this mission and perhaps others were taken over by the new U.S. military space agency called Space Guard.

9/99 - Clinton initiates the most recent NMD program (National Missile Defense). In a statement later the next year he states, "At this moment of unprecedented peace and prosperity, with no immediate threat to our security or our existence... at a time like this it is tempting, but wrong, to believe there are no serious long-term challenges to our security." What and who is he talking about???? Intermittent air to air missile test are carried out to the present. Most are declared unsuccessful by the watching world.

3/1/00 - Based upon NASA definitions, TMG breaks the story that Mars will experience an imminent hit from the comet 76P.

3/4/00 - NASA, for the first time in their history, list comet West-Kohoutek-Ikemura as making a "near miss" to Mars (three days after we post our findings). TMG is slandered on the Internet by a JPL/NASA employee over the prediction.

5/00 - NASA makes the public announcement that after two multimillion dollar Mars projects fail they will halt upcoming missions to Mars. There is evidence that the projects did not fail and were actually taken over by Spacegaurd, the most recent addition to the US armed forces.

2) Solar Interjection

In the last year or so we were supposed to see a solar maximum. The projected day came and went and there was not a real defining maximum. However the sun seemed to have a mind of its own; flaring at will, huge activities and displays not tied to the usual timeline. The sun has a great influence on the earth. Some of these events are already known to the readers of this page. These events are everything from the quality and type of light that influences plant and animal growth. For instance, one way of determining specifics about past ages is through the study of tree rings. The sun has the ability to produce cosmic rays. We have shown this in previous articles. Cosmic rays, along with other changes in the elements of the sun can cause damage to living things or it can stimulate growth.

3) Meteorites/Asteroids

Recent hysteria in the media over the possibility of an imminent hit is not unwarranted. When you consider all that the government has done to prepare, you can tell they think so too. But most of the preparation has been directed toward protecting a few resources, rather than discovery or destruction. Maybe they realize the futility.

Our government has recently announced the organization of two alternate underground governments in case of a terrorist attack. Some members of congress were incensed that they were not included in the decision making. You can be assured that terrorist attacks were not the only thing on their minds when they came up with the idea, especially since the idea was put in place a number of years ago. The idea came about originally in conjunction with a "bomb" proof shelter for congress. And now there is word of another bunker for some of the world leaders located in western Australia. Not really a surprise. And it has not really been a surprise to find a correlation between the movements of some world leaders, like the president of the U.S. and the Pope, and interesting happenings in the skies above with comets and close passes of asteroids. In the future, just watch how trips to negotiate something or to visit some foreign country, come about seemingly over night. Then keep an eye on astronomical happenings.

4) Comets and Cometary Debris

We have often been accused of being doomsayers. Actually until now we have not really made any predictions outside of severe weather effects and earthquakes from the passage of a few powerful comets. We have never said that a comet would hit the earth as Charles Morris (JPL) accused us of. We have, until now, stayed away from religion and UFO's for the simple reason that there is conspiracy in this country. That conspiracy consists of a practice of trashing groups of people and pigeonholing them with groups of obviously disturbed people.

Comets cause a change in the steady environment of local and systemic space. In addition to being a real impact threat to the earth, they also interject great and diverse charges into the solar system. This introduction of charges causes changes in solar activity and direct changes in terrestrial stability

5) Phobos & the Terrible Ones

When we first became aware of the threat of 76P to Mars, one of the scenarios we entertained was the ripping away of the moons from the planet. We considered the direction of the comet, the comet's passage through the ecliptic just prior to contact, speed, and a few other factors.

A few days before 76P reached Mars a curious thing happened. The sun went crazy, pumping out some incredible flares toward the area. In addition the shuttle Atlantis was in orbit over the earth and announced that they would be extending their mission three days. We believe that this was to see the effects of 76P on Mars. They happened to have with them extra instrumentation to suggest just this fact. However two days into the added three days they called an immediate halt to the mission and did an emergency landing – a landing that was at night - an extremely dangerous attempt and one that they had never done before or since. What could have caused them to take such drastic measures? What was it that scared them enough to take such chances with their lives and a multibillion dollar craft?

As 76P approached Mars it began to enter the ecliptic. Remember the ecliptic is that plane that the planets pass through around the sun. It's not imaginary at all, but rather it is a demarcation of change of electrical charge from positive to negative or visa versa, depending upon the direction that you are passing through it. In the past we have documented a number of comets as they have passed through this wall of electromagnetic change. It used to be about a third of the comets that passed through the ecliptic broke up - today it is an even higher number.

In all of this there still remains no evidence either way that Phobos and/or Deimos are still in orbit around Mars or if they are not. There are no images showing the two moons in orbit around Mars.

After June of 2000, we watched and waited for any signs that there had been a change in Mars or its moons. The first change that came along was the most incredible dust storm ever recorded on Mars.

Anyone who reads this site knows that we do not trust the government and NASA/JPL to be specific. We have solid proof that they have been involved in clandestine adventures before - it's purely public knowledge, the kind of things they have been involved in. But this is over the top. Why? Because we are slowly and reluctantly coming around to the idea, that what we are seeing is not simply the fear of our government to protect itself from the destruction of a hit.

The encounter with 76P and Mars occurred on about the 4th of June 2000. Now we have two photos, one before the encounter and one after the encounter. But remember, the last image of Phobos in orbit around Mars was from MSSS and claimed to be on August 19th, 1998! What events had occurred between this last image of Phobos and the latest info? We had to go back to another very popular event in 1999 - the total solar eclipse over Turkey, when it was alleged that Phobos was seen!

Why Was Spin Necessary In The First Place
On March 21, 2000 United Press International (UPI) published an article by James Oberg titled "NASA Knew Mars Polar Lander Doomed". Oberg made numerous accusations against NASA and quoted sources close to a panel investigating the loss of the Mars Polar Lander (MPL) throughout the article.

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I think the threat of an impact event on earth is highly overblown, and I am much more concerned with electrical instabilities. The loss of so many Mars bound spacecraft is perhaps an indication that there are unmapped, highly energetic regions that are frying the crafts electronics. What can we do to protect against massive electrical storms? Not much. A secret agency hijacking spacecraft though, wouldn't suprised me.
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GaryN said: I think the threat of an impact event on earth is highly overblown, and I am much more concerned with electrical instabilities.
I agree totally. The electrical instabilities (CME's, etc.) will be great enough; who has time to worry about the likelihood of a a collision.

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Re: The Schumann Resonance

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Even though there's some interesting stuff I was unaware of, a couple things that irritate the hell outta me about sites like TMG are the lack of publishing dates on most of their articles (why?) and the absence of a contact portal, wherein one might inquire as to such things. Again, why?

Many times, over the years, I've been engrossed in an article only to eventually realize that it's many years old, and the "information" is completely out of date.

On the other hand, maybe I'm just blind? :oops:
It's all about perception.


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Sun Binary
On April 24, 2006 scientists were coming forward declaring that our Sun was indeed part of a binary twin set, based on the orbits of newly discovered planetoids Sedna and Xena. Note, like the outer planets of the solar system and 13 long period comets, these long eliptical orbits lean in the direction of Orion, where the Zetas state the dark binary twin sun lies.
The Binary Research Institute (BRI) has found that orbital characteristics of the recently discovered planetoid, "Sedna", demonstrate the possibility that our sun might be part of a binary star system. A binary star system consists of two stars gravitationally bound orbiting a common center of mass. Once thought to be highly unusual, such systems are now considered to be common in the Milky Way galaxy.
Others, including mainline astronomical investigators, have contended that our Sun has a companion brown dwarf companion star. We do likewise based on multi- source data and we call it Vulcan. Until now, only circumstantial evidence ranging from newspaper articles to ancient artifacts and even to postulated communications with extraterrestrial aliens have cited support this thesis. Our investigations have even lead to Vulcan's orbital parameters and modeled comet swarms forming with a 3:2 resonate period. Now, the computation of giant comet 2000 CR105's average orbital period has made it statistically certain that it is in just such a resonance with Vulcan. This is tantamount to the discovery of Vulcan itself.

Vulcan's theoretical period is 4969 years implying a corresponding resonate comet swarm period of 3312.7 years. Including Vulcan's mass and orbit in the solar system, CR105's period - averaged over two Vulcan periods - is 3319.3 years. Thus Vulcan's period is implied to be 4979.0 years. There are at least three other Vulcan related (Scatter Disc) objects which have yet to be analyzed in detail. Specifically, 2001 FP185 and 2002 GB332 appear to be in a similar 3:2 resonance and 1999 DP8 in a 4:1 resonance with Vulcan.

The implications of this discovery are astounding. (1) Earth at risk of frequent comet impacts from a passing comet swarms, but a passage of several clusters within this swarm may occur this century. (2) The first comet cluster may pass dangerously close to Earth around 2007. (3) Vulcan is near IRAS Object 1732+239. (4) The fringe web sites suggesting that a brown dwarf star exists within our solar system are generally valid. (5) Alien interactions with mankind warning of a comet threat and the existence of another major body (dark star) within our solar system are likely valid. (6) The unusual methods employed to compute the brown dwarf's orbit, employing the esoteric astrology of Avatars and the Dawn of Mankind, are correct.
Vulcan and Earth Catastrophism
Vulcan is the distant, yet to be observed, dark star companion of the Sun. It has flavored our collective culture, sparked religious wars, aided in the manifestation of avatars like Christ and Buddha and stimulated quasi-periodic bombardment of Earth by comet strikes, redirecting the course of human civilization.

Vulcan could be the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) object discovered in 1983, or it could be within 15 degrees in right ascension and 9 degrees in declination of this object. This and other data have been utilized to determine Vulcan's mass and orbit. Our research paper entitled "Earth's Bleak Future" estimates that Vulcan orbits the Sun in slightly less than 5,000 years in a very eccentric orbit that is highly inclined to the ecliptic plane. It is anticipated to be a Jovian-sized Protostar (called Vulcan by the Theosophists) 141 to 165 times Earth's mass, black or red in color and dense like Earth. Vulcan is very faint, about magnitude 21, comparable to the objects investigated by IRAS analysts.

We initially determined Vulcan's orbit with the aid of the Tzu Wei, a form of Chinese astrology, as well as other physical data. It is important to note that the Vulcan Team does not suggest that the dark star comes anywhere near the inner solar system but, rather, it casts comets from the Kuiper Belt into near Earth orbits. Vulcan never gets closer to the Sun than about 2.7 times as far as Pluto's farthest point.

Our online paper entitled "Vulcan, Comets and the Impending Catastrophe" indicates that Earth is vulnerable to quasi-periodic comet bombardment. These giant comets sometimes fragment while rounding the Sun and form comet swarms that pass through the inner solar system, some impacting Earth. We find that four (or more) comet swarms have formed at two distant (444 AU) locations separated by 13 degrees in Vulcan's elliptical orbit. (AU=Astronomical Unit, Sun to Earth)

Long-period comets may have struck Earth approximately 5,200 and 11,600 years ago, causing Noah's flood and our current warm interglacial period, respectively. The latter date coincides with Plato's date for the destruction of Atlantis. Sir Fred Hoyle, Britain's recently deceased royal astronomer, postulated that meteor strikes averaging 10,000 years apart are responsible for initiating and terminating Ice Ages. Warm interglacial intervals, lasting about 10,000 years, are found interspersed in the Ice Ages. This interval is loosely related to comet impacts when Vulcan is near aphelion; specifically, it is related to both the location of Vulcan and the periodicity of the Vulcan-induced comet swarms.

"Earth's Bleak Future" explores geo-climatological data (resulting from past comet impacts) over the past 14,000 years and correlates it with quasi-periodic impact intervals predicted by our theoretical estimates of Vulcan's mass and orbit. Vulcan's orbital period (and eccentricity) can also be independently calculated from this data. The combined analysis indicates that Vulcan's period is between 4969 (theoretical) and 4992 (geo-climatological) years. These procedures can also be used to approximately estimate when threatening comet swarms may next appear.
The Bible is full of warnings of future comet or asteroid impacts, most importantly from Christ as found in the New Testament. Peter 3:5-13 and Revelation 20:7-15 suggest a final cataclysmic event wherein the Earth is turned into a sea of fire and lava. (Such a catastrophe seems to have befallen Venus a few million years ago.6) Biblical sources (Matthew 24:21, Revelation 6:12-17, 8:5-13, 16:17-21 and 18:8-10,21 etc.) suggest that a smaller comet will impact a 'thousand years' (Revelation 20:1-6) before the final event.

Unconventional sources indicate the probability of multiple comet strikes or near misses within the next 126 years. Two independent sources indicate that these events may start as early as 2006-2007, with other impact events following in the next 6 to 120 years. At most, a five-month visual warning is anticipated.

Our research also postulates that extraterrestrials (ET) would be keenly aware of Vulcan, and could even use its gravity to slow their spaceships' trajectory as they settle into an orbit within the solar system, and/or "sling-shot" their spacecraft homeward when they leave. Precise knowledge of Vulcan's mass and orbit would be required for such maneuvers. This, combined with the localization of a threatening comet swarm by debris detection gear (postulated to be used by ET spaceships), would permit them to precisely know when the Earth would be at risk from a comet impact.

Crop Circle T367, which appeared near Cheesefoot Head in England in 1995, may represent an ET warning. The planets shown are disproportionately large but the orbits are to scale. The "small white spots" (four objects, one broken in two, totaling five) called "grapeshot" are depictions of meteors or comets. The "missing" Earth (its orbit is still depicted) signifies its devastation by the anticipated strikes. The relative locations of the planets and the precise location of their perihelion (closest orbital point to the Sun) define the date of this future event to within a few days.

A second source of impending comet strike data has been found in a new and unusual interpretation of the Hebrew Pentateuch called the "Bible Code."

The Bible Code's 2006 event is proximate in time to the Crop Circle T367 event of February 2007. The T367 crop circle image shown here is believed to suggest the range and the date when the next threatening comet swarm first becomes visible, but it could also indicate when Earth (India?) may be hit.

The orbits of Vulcan and the comet swarms are locked together. When Vulcan goes around twice, the comets go around thrice. Their periods are in a stable 3:2 resonance about ten thousand (9,938) years long. Alexander Tollmann dates seven impacts to approximately 7910 and 7810 BC, when the celestial geometries between Vulcan and the Sun were much like they are now. This configuration moves the inner solar system farthest from the Sun-Vulcan barycenter. The theoretically projected impact dates are 2028 and 2128, with seven double-sourced predictions of impacts or near misses occurring about: 2006-7, 2011-13, 2015-16, 2030-31, 2044-45, 2071 and 2120-30.

The real killer is predicted to be from a three-mile diameter comet that will produce a sixty-mile wide crater. Double sourced data suggest that it (and its fragments) will impact Canada, Ohio and/or New York around 2044-45 (other analysts suggest 2010-2013). It is believed that this impact will set off the Yellowstone super-volcano. Other impacts may follow, with coinciding predictions of 2120-2130, but humankind may be devastated by then.

Sitchin anticipates an object called Marduk in an elongated elliptical orbit reaching from deep space to the inner planets. Its 3,600-year period is close to our comet swarm's 3,313-year average period. We think the Babylonians knew of two comet clusters (within a comet swarm) and named them Marduk (a.k.a. Phaeton) and Tiamat. Marduk was recorded as a major astronomical entity with four "attendants" (five total, as depicted in Crop Circle T367) and Tiamat with eleven or more. An apparent "battle" occurred as Tiamat rounded the Sun and met incoming Marduk. A major comet, Kingu, is also shown. People living near Ardmarnoch in western Scotland may have seen this event about 10,000 years ago. They carved its (or Tiamat's) image on a large flat rock. Twenty-two comet-like objects are arranged in a cluster as if a comet had fragmented while passing around the Sun.
Project Wormwood
Planet X, its entourage being inbound, and its potential effects during passage are blatantly being revealed by our own US military/Pentagon studies and actions.

If you were one of the heads of the US military, had knowledge of Nibiru (Planet X's name from ancient Sumerians) and what direction it was coming in from, and wanted to study the incoming Planet X you'd go down to the southern hemisphere, say in Australia, and start a observatory project there with their government.

Now being US military you'd want to know everything you could about what you have to defend against. Defending the US is your goal. But, you are working with another government, so you might say that the project has to do with planetary defence of these incoming objects instead. In addition, if you were being rather honest about what was being studied you might name the project “Project Wormwood” (Planet X's name from the bible).


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Saturn, Jupiter and Venus

David Icke on Nibiru
I’ve come across a scientist friend in American who has been researching all this for 30 years, and he is convinced form a large amount of different evidence that actually something different happened. Not least because at a major corporation where he worked, the physicists did a study on what must have happened to the solar system. Because when you look at the planets and how they spin and how fast they spin and all this stuff, it’s very clear that some major disruption happened in our solar system. It affected not just the Earth but also the other planets. It was a major catyclysm. They came to the conclusion that basically supports the ideas of Immanuel Velikosky who in the ‘50’s who was ridiculed because he believed that what we now called Venus went careening through this solar system, devastated Mars, and almost destroyed the Earth. These physicists are actually supporting this theory.

What they believe as the result of their research is that the planet that we now call Jupiter came into this solar system not that long ago remarkably – 7,000 years ago maybe; something like that. 4,800 BC was the date I was given as the window of time that it happened; and it (Jupiter) collided with a planet that was in that area. Devastation unfolded and the Asteroid Belt was the result.

They also suggested that a great chunk of Jupiter, which is a colossal planet, broke off and careened through the solar system and devastated Mars. Interestingly the probes to Mars have suggested that the landscape of Mars is no more than 10,000 years old so something happened there that devastated it. It (Venus) came close enough to the Earth and was caught in the Earth’s field for awhile and did a couple of orbits; and that orbit when you look at the scientific suggestion of what that would have caused starts to confirm some incredible legends, traditions, and oral and written evidence from the ancient world from all over the planet that resulted in the Great Flood. One of the things that this “pass by” by Venus would have created is a 10,000 foot tidal wave.
Primordial Light
At one point in the narrative Dr Velikovsky hints that Jupiter must have previously wreaked havoc in our Solar System and that much of the confusion between Jupiter and Venus in the myths could be attributed to just this cause. It is his opinion that Venus was born from Jupiter; thus Jupiter would have been in collision with another of the major planets to cause the disturbances in the Solar System.

Dr Velikovsky leaves us with no doubt as to where he proposes the collisions took place within our System. And . . . "The large number of asteroids between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter suggests that at some unknown time another planet revolved there; now only these meteorites follow approximately the path along which the destroyed planet circled the sun. Possibly a comet ran into it and shattered it."

As to the origins of the instability within our System, he puts forward a few suggestions based on current theories. He mentions the double star system hypotheses of Lyttleton and of Russell: "A passing star crushed the companion of the sun, and out of its débris planets were formed."

A précis of this hypothesis and an analysis of how its problems may be overcome is being prepared by Sieff and may appear as a sequel to this paper. Sieff sees Jupiter as an invader of our System (then a double star system) - moreover, he sees Jupiter as having caused the disintegration of Saturn, the one-time companion to the sun. Dr Velikovsky has similar views, viz: "Also, some dark star, like Jupiter or Saturn, may be in the path of the sun, and may be attracted to the system and cause havoc in it."

Also, Mullen offers us Dr Velikovsky's opinion that Saturn went nova as a result of disruption by Jupiter.

The details of the early catastrophes affecting our Earth in Dr Velikovsky's reconstruction have yet to be filled in, but the general outline as hinted by Dr Velikovsky and his associates runs something like this:

1. Ours was a double star system originally, Sun plus (probably) Saturn.
2. A passing dark star - e.g. Jupiter - was attracted to the System and entered it.
3. It collided with or disrupted Saturn.
4. Some of the débris of this collision is marked by the asteroid belt of today.
5. Saturn went nova as a result of disruption.
6. Comets originate from the great collision.
7. But the Venus-comet was born of Jupiter, so did Jupiter acquire some of the mass of the disrupted Saturn, thus itself becoming unstable?
8. Some more of the débris from Saturn approached the Earth and was the cause of the great Deluge, whose waters were salty.
Recovering the Lost World,

A Saturnian Cosmology --Jno Cook
I was familiar with the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, and the subsequent work by David Talbott. Velikovsky, in "Worlds in Collision" (1950), described how Venus interacted with Earth in ca 1500 BC. Talbott, in "The Saturn Myth" (1980), established that in remote antiquity a large globe stood above the Earth at the north horizon.

At one time, and from its genesis, Earth was a planet in orbit around Saturn, a brown dwarf star. The Saturnian System intersected with the Solar System. Over the course of time, some of the satellites (planets) of Saturn were wrenched from their orbit around Saturn to end up revolving around the Sun instead.

During this last 10 million year period Saturn started scavenging its lost satellites, and perhaps Solar System planets, all in orbits close to the Sun. The possibility of a 'captured' planet again orbiting Saturn at its equator is virtually nill. Instead, the scavenged planets ended up in suprapolar and subpolar locations, the only locations which are dynamically stable, balancing gravitational attraction against electrical repulsion.

At about 11,000 BC or 10,000 BC the Earth also was captured, at first at the equatorial level of Saturn, causing months of darkness on Earth.
Over the next 5000 years the orbit of Earth was progressively depressed and, between about 6000 BC and 3100 BC, Earth became part of a strange configuration of stacked planets, a condition which provided long summers and a mild climate in the northern hemisphere. Planets, including the giant Saturn, stood above the pole and close to Earth.

In about 4200 BC Saturn dropped its coma (which had obscured Saturn and its companion planets), and in effect went nova. In a mass expulsion Saturn produced its rings and a new satellite, Venus, and lit up like a sun. To the humans of Earth, who had not clearly seen the Sun for thousands of years because of the enclosing plasmasphere of Saturn, this was the start of creation, the start of time, and the first showing of 'the land' and its resident Gods. Saturn was called "the sun."

In 3147 BC this configuration broke apart, with the large planets moving far away from the Sun, and the smaller planets assigned to a series of overlapping 'inner' orbits. The breakup produced a stupendous flood of the waters which had been held at the north pole by the gravitational attraction of Saturn for 3000 years.
Saturn & Venus ... post603621
During the Mesozoic, proto-Saturn orbited the Sun in what is now the asteroid belt. It was probably the only body orbiting the Sun, its immense size locking it into a binary system which astronomer's believe to be the more usual solar system formation. The Earth and other satellites orbited proto-Saturn which dominated the skies, almost to the complete exclusion of the Sun and other celestial bodies; in comparison, the Sun was an insignificant body, proto-Saturn being the main source of heat and light.

The Earth and original satellites of proto-Saturn separated some 15,000-20,000 years ago, and the Golden Mesozoic Age came to an end. Proto-Saturn separated into may parts, to form the gas giants Neptune and Uranus. Proto-Saturn became Saturn. Part of the smaller debris became moons of the outer planets, and much remained in the original orbit as the asteroid belt.
Saturn and Venus ... 378&page=7
The idea that Venus was expelled out of Jupiter is an idea first entertained (in modern times, as apposed to antiquity) by Velikovsky, and based on the Greek notion (in antiquity) that Athena (Venus) jumped fully armed from Saturn's skull or forehead. This was justified on the basis of the "red spot" of Jupiter which has been noted since about the 16th century.

Saturn is a much more likely source for Venus. The best estimate for when this could have happened would be about 4200 BC, as recorded in the Maya "Chilam Balam" -- and not once, but twice in different sections of the books.

This became the Egyptian tale of Osiris (Saturn) who was killed and dismembered by his evil brother Seth (Jupiter), his body parts strewn along the Nile River (more likely the zodiac, at that time cluttered with dust) and resurrected as Horus (Mars). Isis (Venus) is the sister of Osiris, who collected his body parts for burial and was instrumental in his resurrection as Horus. Other Middle Eastern sources have similar tales. St. Paul readily equated the death and resurrection of Christ with that of Osiris. Throughout the world (except initially in Egypt) Jupiter (the name translates as "youth" or "the younger") gains ascendancy to become the new primary god. In Egypt, Jupiter is identified as Seth, the evil killer of Osiris, but among some sects he was Osiris himself.

"One star he set there before all others as a guardian and watchman, the Dog-star (Venus)."

The "Dog-star" mentioned in the quoted text above is translated from Greek use of the Egyptian word "Sothis," which was used both for the star Sirius (the Dog Star) and the planet Venus, and meant something like "bright" or "shining." In Egyptian it takes the masculine form for Sirius and feminine for Venus, the difference being an ending d or t. The Greeks didn't differentiate, or didn't care. There is the additional confusion in the practice in antiquity of appointing stars as the 'spirits' of the planets, like every person (in Egypt) would be stellated after death. Sirius was the brightest star and Venus was the brightest planet. Sirius was 'the star of Venus.'

The word "Dog-star" is used in the English translation of Plutarch, who used "Sothis" as a translation of "Tishtrya" from his source, the Zoroastrian Zend-Avesta scriptures. "Tishtrya" could also be translated as "shining." "Tishtrya" is Venus.


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