Quantum Vacuum origins of Big Bang?

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Quantum Vacuum origins of Big Bang?

Unread post by Zonei » Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:59 am

The recent TPOD article on Holes in Space made me revisit some articles and theories on quantum vacuum. My field is not quantum mechanics, it is statistics, so there is this question that I have and would like to pose it, hoping for any resident physicists to perhaps give me an answer. :D

So, statistically speaking, there has to be a "moment" in the "life" of Quantum Vacuum in which it is not a foam at all, but uniform and homogenic field with all the properties, in all the points of spacetime, being equal.

An analogy is this. Imagine you have a board with 10 rows of 10 columns of light bulbs. In each quantum of time, they are on or off, at random. Statistically, there exists a moment when all the bulbs are on, and another when all the bulbs are off.

And so my question is this. What would happen in the "moment" where the quantum vacuum is not a foam but uniform, homogenic field? What would happen in that quantum of time where all quanta of space (Planck's length) are occupied by virtual particles with same properties, ie. the pairs pop in simultaneously all get annihilated at the same time?

Could that be the so called "Big Bang" event? Could it be that "before" the Universe as we know it, the Quantum foam was just a vast sea of random fluctuation with no order, just pure mathematical random chaos. Then at some point, there is the flash of uniformness, non-randomness, the moment of unity -- the moment of resonance which resulted with virtual particles differentiating in the vast release of resonant annihilation of the particle pairs, differentiating into particles we know today. And entropy is nothing more but a tendency of that resonance to wind back into state of pure mathematical random chaos, with no form, no matter, no order we perceive today as quarks, atoms, molecules, molecular structures and upwards in scale.


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