Not a planet X fan, but can a Cosmo help?

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Not a planet X fan, but can a Cosmo help?

Unread post by SciRPG » Fri Jul 04, 2008 6:43 pm

Ok, I came across this information but I was wondering if anyone could explain what this is?

There is a youtube clip on this here:

I have Microsoft worldwide telescope, and I've seen this clearly as explained in the video.

Any guesses what this might be?

RA: 9h 47m 59s
DEC: 13 16' 27"

In normal DSS it shows nothing, however if you change to IRIS 12 to 100 microns, there is DEFINITELY something there that lights up quite bright.
I was just wondering if there is someone here who could investigate using the various filters.

The person is claiming it to be planet X, however I have no idea.
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